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Chapter 1

Chapter Text

It's been forever since John had a girlfriend stay so long even with Sherlock's consent text during dates and when he's at her house, being a bit more than intimate.

She's a nice girl ,understanding and smart. She works in the microbiology lab in the clinic. She's also beautiful . Long fake curly blond hair that touches her full hips, sky blue eyes that change with her mood. She's a bit heavy but - the weight is in all the right places. Large breasted, thick thighs and a perky arse. She's a few inches shorter than John and about four years younger than him as well .

In the four months they been together she never actually met Sherlock but, says she wouldn't mind meeting the man . John always smiles at that . He never addresses the subject . He don't want Sherlock to mess this one up . John is  to happy with what he has .

He lays back in bed with a sigh. It been a long day at surgery and to his delight Sherlock was nowhere in sight when he got home .He might actually get some sleep.
He pulled his covers up ,  places his phone on the charger then snuggled down into his warm sheets...

Just as he closed his eyes -

His phone vibrates then lights up. He contemplates ignoring it. It might be important. He leanes over and grabs his mobile . There was a message from Leeanna. He smiles it's unusual for her to text so late. He opened the message . To his surprised he finds   a lovely picture of her . The perfect angle for a topless selfie....Her large breast where high on her chest, her delicate pink nipples were hard .He stared that the imagine. It was the first time she ever sent anything like this . He scrolled down and read the caption.

" Something to help warm you up. "

He can't help but to smile down at his phone . Warm him up hua?

He sits up and pulled off his night shirt turned the light back on. He held up his camera and took took picture of his chest from the neck down showing off his broad chest tight muscles and that soft little V where his pants meet his hips.

-he was proud of that V .
..When he got out of the military with his health ruined . He had worked hard to get that body back...He wasn't there yet but he still had more strength than most 20 year olds..He  smerks and sent it to her with a caption saying.

" What a treat . Heres one for you." -Jw

When he's about to shut the light off he gets another text. He opens it . Another picture , she was winking at him still topless in nothing but her cute panties.

"Awe that's all I get?"

John chuckles softly.  This time he lowers his pajamas just low enough to see his red pants tightly hugging his hips his soft blond happy trial of hair leading down to where he knows she wants to see. He smiles wickedly at the camera.

"Maybe.   What's in it for me?"-Jw

He lays back not bothering to shut the light off.... This might end up being fun. He lays down and instantly gets a reply.  John quickly opens the message . This time the picture is her facing the camera nude with the same wicked smile.

"Me. "

He saves the picture and smiles. Oh he really likes where this is going ..

"Well... well...well.. what did I do to deserve  all the treats tonight ?"-JW

The reply was instant.

"We haven't seen each other in a week. Between work and your cases ' I thought this might be fun "

Another picture came through.

John groaned, god this woman was a tease . At least he knew where she stood in this new ordeal.

She was laying in the bed naked hands between her thighs .
He licks his lips and pulls off his sleep trousers. Leaving just his tight red pants on. He adjusted himself slightly and took a rather flattering picture  of the nice bulge in his pants. He wasn't hard yet but still...he was impressive either way.....Another thing to be proud of- he  sent it with.

"This what you are hoping for? “-Jw

His phone buzzed with short video of her letting out a soft filthy noise.

"Let me see it "

He pulled his pants down and gave himself a few teasing strokes ...Arousal pulled at the base of his spine.  He could feel the blood rushing away from his brain , soft stroke, after soft stroke, slowly he brought himself to full hardness. Carefully he pulled his pants up just to cover part of his shaft . No way his pants could cover it fully erect anyway . He angled his phone just right and took another very flattering picture. He nodded to himself.   Proud , he's never been one for taking pictures-  before sending it we wrote.

"You miss me that much ?"-Jw

He reply - Oh well he quickly sent the picture knowing her game . She always played hard to get but once you gave her what she wants- she is  putty in his hands.


"See what you do to me ?"-Jw


Sherlock was digging around in a an old flat on the southern part of London. A dingy little place where no one really came beside the homeless and illegals.
...God he was going crazy a month  without a case higher then a three, John been with that girl and at surgery.
Sherlock felt like  ..... he's going mad...

Just one hit one will know....sample 7% solution. ...that's all....
Everyone thinks he's on a case and he got away from Mycroft's cameras hours ago..

Sherlock keep digging he knows he had a stash here...but where? Did he delete it ?
He knows he hit it here after John moved in ; before lestrade and his group came barging in claiming the drugs bust...They all think he's been clean and he has been..... He told himself he would only touch this stash if it were an emergency.. Well today happen to be one ....He was ancy his mind was like a train about to meet a mountain side....Ah ! he found it ! He dug out the small glasses case and opened it . With a trembling pale hand he slid his fingers over the sterile plastic hypnotic syringe.

His phone binged -

He felt like he just jumped out of his skin , scrambling for his phone he was surprised to see John texted it was late...didn't he know Sherlock was out on a 'case'?

Groaning he opened the message. it one twice...blinking at the small screen again and again the words never changing

"You miss me that much ?"-Jw

 Did John know about the drugs? 

His phone vibrated again ...this time a picture came though.... Sherlocks heart stopped . Suddenly his mouth felt like he ate a handful of cotton balls.He couldn't Look away...this had to be a way John would ever send him something like this...but here it was .... A beautiful picture of the one thing Sherlock's couldn't deduce about John.... He had his theories but actual evidence was way more then he could have hoped ever see.

"See what you do to me ?"-Jw

He sucked his bottom lip and nibbled....Eyes glued to the picture. less than half of his cock was covered by the small red pants John seems to favor. The fabric was straining against the girth....the foreskin was drawn back revealing beautiful shiny wet head that rested near his navel...

..He licked his lips again ....
His mouth filled with saliva

He swallowed and swallowed against the tightness in he throat. He licked his lips again ....God what it must taste like . 

_______________________ The drugs completely forgotten 





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