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Clarke groaned as she slowly returned to consciousness, frowning before she even opened her eyes about the unusual position her body seem to be in. Then her eyes did open slightly, and then they opened extremely wide when she saw exactly why she felt weird, because instead of lying down on a bed, or sofa, or even the floor her arms and legs were tied in a spread-eagled position, forcing her to remain upright, even if her head was hanging down. No matter how hard she pulled on those restraints nothing budged, and Clarke opened her mouth to scream and fear and frustration, only to stop herself at the last-second as memories slowly came back to her. Horrible, nightmarish memories.

It all happened so fast. One minute 100 18-year-olds were being sent down to an Earth which probably won't be inhabitable for another 100 years, only for their death sentence to be turned into salvation as not only was the Earth inhabitable again, it was practically a paradise. Especially compared to the cramped living conditions they were used too. Then after some debate they sent up a couple of fires to let their people know they were alive and it was safe to join them, then more celebrating, then just as Clarke was really making progress organising the camp they were overrun by a large force of people, who had beaten The 100 before they even knew they were in a fight.

The last thing Clarke could clearly remember was being knocked unconscious, thinking just before this happened it shouldn't be possible. No one was supposed to survive the nuclear war which had ravaged the Earth, so how were these people alive? And where were they now? And where was Clarke, for that matter? And what was this place? Where were her friends? What was going on? How could she get out of this mess? All those questions and more seem to echo inside her head for what seemed like hours, and then just as Clarke was beginning to think she had been left to die in some horribly undignified position the large doors in front of her opened and someone stepped in.

On the occasion that Clarke had imagined those doors opening it was two things. One, the others come to rescue her, and two, and the more likely option, it was one of those big burly men who had attacked the campsite and bludgeoned her unconscious. But no, it was just a girl. A really, really pretty girl, who was about her age, and... and Clarke didn't know why, but there was just something about her. Clarke couldn't put her finger on it, but she just couldn't look away. Maybe it was the fact that she was carrying water, but Clarke didn't think so. Oh well, at least the girl seemed taken aback too, before she lowered her gaze and cautiously approached.

The girl then softly asked, "Would you like a drink?"

Clarke nodded gratefully, and then after a much-needed sip of water she asked, "Thanks."

The other girl smiled, "You're welcome."

"I'm Clarke. What's your name?" Clarke asked softly, even though it was hardly the most relevant question.

"Lexa." Lexa answered simply, and then after a beat she asked, "Are you the leader of your people?"

"No." Clarke answered truthfully, and then when Lexa gave her a look she thought about it, then admitted, "Well, sort of. I mean, the Chancellor is still in space, but the others just wanted to party when we first got here, and nothing was being done, and I just... I tried to help by making some suggestions, and then people just started doing what I said, and it just kind of happened."

"Sometimes leadership chooses us." Lexa nodded knowingly, before quickly adding, "Do you believe in destiny, Clarke?"

"I believe we make our own destiny." Clarke said.

"Well said." Lexa smiled softly, "Our first Commander, she believed we were always destined to fight each other, but the current Commander has done the unthinkable. She has united the 12 clans and for the first time in our history we truly have peace. But it is fragile. The Commander knows this more than anyone. It came at a great personal cost to her, and while she is willing to continue paying it others are looking for the slightest excuse to break from the agreement, and you and your people are on the verge of ruining it."

"Why?" Clarke said defensively, "What have we done?"

"You invaded our land, took whatever you wanted, and destroyed the village I was born in." Lexa explained softly.

"What? How..." Clarke began, before realisation hit and she went pale, "The flare..."

"You mean the signal to the rest of your forces they should join your invasion?" Lexa quipped dryly.

"No, it isn't like that." Clarke protested.

"Then what is it like?" Lexa pushed.

Clarke swallowed, then explained, "I've lived my entire life in space. All of us have. But our resources are running low, and we needed to do something, otherwise we would all die."

"Interesting..." Lexa murmured thoughtfully.

"Can, can I speak to The Commander?" Clarke asked, "She sounds like a great woman, and it sounds like we both want the same thing. Peace."

"Perhaps, but..." Lexa trailed off, before further explaining herself, "We have a saying, blood must have blood. That has been the way it has been for centuries, and while The Commander is doing what she can to change that, the destruction of a village cannot go unpunished. Fortunately for you and your people no lives were lost as The Commander and her most trusted warriors were there, and were able to save everyone. You and I would not be having this conversation otherwise. Anya, the chief of this land, wanted blood, but under the circumstances The Commander was able to talk her down, and no one would dare move without The Commander's permission. But in return for your lives, The Commander asks a high price."

"I'm willing to pay whatever price." Clarke reassured without hesitation.

"Are you really so certain?" Lexa questioned, bringing her face closer to Clarke's "Because The Commander has certain, appetites. Anya and other members of her inner council share the same appetites, and while you and your friends would not want for anything while under their care, and some of them would even be kind, your people would still be-"

"Slaves." Clarke finished for her, then exclaiming, "Sex slaves!"

"It would be the price of admission." Lexa said surprisingly firmly given the way she had been acting, before pulling back slightly and softly clarifying, "And it would not be forever. Just for the next year. Then your people would be placed into clans of The Commander's choosing, their debt repaid and their place amongst us earned."

There was a brief pause as that almost sounded reasonable, and then Clarke whined, "But sex slaves, really?"

"You would prefer manual labour?" Lexa questioned with a raised eyebrow, before admitting, "Well, most of you would have a choice in the matter, but not you. The Commander needs to make an example out of you. She intends on taking you in public, in front of her people and yours, as proof we can have revenge without spilling blood. But you must be willing. Show you understand the way things must be, and you are grateful for The Commander's mercy. Otherwise you and your people might not live to see another day."

Clarke gulped, then after a long pause asked, "Is there no other way?"

"My people are barely willing to accept this one." Lexa explained softly, before turning to leave, "But I understand what is being asked of you. Believe me. So you shall be given some time to think about it."

Lexa barely made it to the door before Clarke called out, "Wait!"

Lexa frowned, turned back inside the approach the other girl, "What?"

"I've... I've never..." Clarke stammered, blushing as she forced out the words, "I've never, you know, with a girl before."

"Oh." Lexa mumbled awkwardly, before finally stating, "The Commander is an excellent teacher."

"Right..." Clarke began, before gathering all her courage to ask, "Could, could you give me some pointers? Advice! I mean just advice. Like, tell me what she'll do, and how I can please her?"

There was a long pause and then Lexa confessed, "My people prefer actions over words, and I do not believe I can describe the act. It is beyond any words that could possibly do it justice."

"Oh." Clarke murmured disappointingly.

"But..." Lexa said hesitantly, before offering, "I could provide a practical demonstration."

"Oh God yes." Clarke said in relief, quickly trying to hide her enthusiasm at least a little as she added, "I'd love... I mean, that would be great."

Lexa smiled softly, "Good."

Lexa then slowly closed the distance between them, cupped Clarke's face gently and pressed her lips to hers. It was not her initial intention to do this, but it actually seemed preferable given where this was leading. Hiding her true identity at this point was even sort of amusing. And yet, Lexa felt bad about it for some reason. Although not as bad as working to enslave the sky people. Pushing the introduction of such a punishment was not what Lexa wanted to be remembered for, but she could not find a better alternative, and the slaughtering of an entire people was not the ideal way to begin an era of peace. So she would go through with this obscene plan, although hopefully not before making it easier on this beautiful girl, who was a very, very good kisser.

Under the circumstances Lexa was expecting her to be hesitant but it was exactly the opposite, Clarke kissing back with a worrying amount of enthusiasm. For a moment Lexa wondered if Clarke had somehow loosened her restraints, and was just trying to lure her into a false sense of security before attacking her. But no, she'd secured Clarke herself, and Lexa had confidence with her own abilities that Clarke would not be able to escape. Not unless she let her. But it was far too early for that. Besides, while it made her feel guilty under the circumstances, Lexa had to admit that Clarke looked really, really good in bondage.

Deciding to admit as much Lexa pulled back and softly said, "I am not permitted to release you."

"That's okay..." Clarke grinned, "I'm up for some bondage fun."

That strange phrase caused Lexa to frown momentarily, but she quickly shrugged it off in favour of closing the distance between their lips once again. Not that there had been much distance, Lexa's lips hovering over Clarke's throughout that little exchange, and this time when she leaned in Clarke definitely leaned in too. Then Lexa allowed her hands to start roaming Clarke's body, at first only a little in avoiding all the places she really wanted to touch, although it wasn't that long before her hand was sliding down to cup Clarke's butt, and then up to her breasts. Fuck, Clarke might have the best breasts that Lexa had ever seen, and certainly ever felt. They were just so large and full, and Lexa couldn't get enough of them.

Soon she wanted to see more, and perhaps more importantly feel more. To feel Clarke's bare skin underneath her fingertips. And most importantly of all, to taste it. But she also needed to make it clear to Clarke that she was in charge, and would not suffer any foolish attempt to attack her. So Lexa reluctantly pulled away from Clarke, grabbed one of the knives she had hidden away and held it up where the other girl could see it. This got the response Lexa was looking for, namely apprehension and fear, which certainly didn't go away as Lexa stepped forward and then removed the offending garments which were hiding what she so desired.

Clarke's heart hammered in her chest, and only got faster when Lexa stepped forward. Then she frowned angrily as Lexa began to cut away her clothing, Clarke opening her mouth to protest until she felt the blade gently caress her skin. Not enough to break it, but a clear warning to keep her mouth shut. Which had her looking nervously at Lexa, but weirdly the other girl gave her an almost playful look in return. Then Clarke's top and then bra fell apart, and Lexa was leaning down and, oh God! Lexa wrapped her lips around one of Clarke's nipples and gently sucked it, before moving over to the other nipple and doing the same.

For the next few minutes Lexa went back and forth between those nipples, gently sucking and licking them. Then she became a lot less restraint, not only increasing the force of her attention to her nipples but beginning to kiss the soft area surrounding them. In the middle of that she put her hands up to Clarke's tits and began massaging them, gently at first but with increasing greediness. Which all felt so amazing, but it was a little worrying having that knife still in the hand which was cupping one of her boobs. Especially as Lexa became increasingly rough, the other girl seemingly becoming consumed with her tits.

Just thinking that was really thrilling, but even as Lexa seemed to become lost in playing with her boobs it was still better than the one and only guy Clarke had been with. To be fair he had been just as inexperienced as her, while it was clear this woman had experience almost beyond her years, and certainly more than she would have expected from her given her initially meek demeanour. In fact it was like she was a whole different person right now, strong, confident and experienced, which Clarke couldn't help finding incredibly sexy. And with everything else Lexa was doing to her, God, she really, really wanted more, and she had no problem asking for it. Just as soon as Clarke could actually get the words out.

"Lexa, oooooooh Lexa, Lexa please, mmmmm fuck." Clarke moaned over and over again, before finally whimpering, "More! Give me more! Fuck me, ohhhhhh God Lexa, I want you to fuck me! Oh God Lexa, oh fuck!"

Thankfully it wasn't long after Clarke finally found the strength to ask that Lexa pulled back and brandished the knife again, but this time Clarke didn't care. No, she welcomed her clothes being cut to ribbons if it would mean that Lexa would just fuck her already. Sure enough just like before Lexa cut away her clothing, that knife gently brushing against Clarke's skin, although this time the blonde trusted the brunette not to cut her, and they even stared into each other's eyes through most of it. Then Clarke was wearing nothing but her shoes, and Lexa was kneeling in front of her, her face level with the area that Clarke needed attention the most.

"The Commander will not do this for you." Lexa said hoarsely, "It would be seen as a sign of weakness, even if someone saw her do this for you in private. But you must do this for her, in public, so everybody knows you're willing to pay the price of admission. And everybody knows that you're hers. So, pay close attention..."

Lexa had admired Clarke's amazing body, and her ultimate destination, a few seconds before and a few seconds after she dropped to her knees in front of her. She could have probably stared at that beautiful sky girl's naked body all night long, as she was practically a work of art. Which was yet another reason why despite how twisted this plan of hers was Lexa just couldn't let it go. There was just something about Clarke, like they'd met in another life or something, and she was just filled with this overwhelming urge to take this girl and make her hers. Which was exactly what Lexa intended to do. No, would do. She promised herself that.

However there was no rush. There might be later when there was a crowd, which would be filled with people more interested in a sacrifice than a sex show, but for now Lexa could afford to take her time and just enjoy the sweet anticipation of tasting Clarke straight from the source. With that in mind she leaned forwards while playing close attention to Clarke's face, without making it clear that's what she was doing. Although Clarke seemed understandably distracted and probably wouldn't notice anyway. Not with her eyes glued to Lexa. So she probably didn't notice the smirk which momentarily crossed Lexa's face as she reached her destination.

Then Lexa forgot about Clarke and just focused on the flavour lighting up her taste-buds the second her tongue touched the other girl's cunt. She had been expecting something good, but Clarke was literally otherworldly, Lexa let out a long moan as she slowly concluded that lick. That sound was drowned out by a sharp gasp followed by a moan which Clarke let out, and then she continued moaning, gasping and whimpering as Lexa slowly repeated the process, Lexa licking pussy at a slow and steady rhythm which clearly drove both girls crazy. And it should, as one girl was receiving this from a girl the first time. While the other was doing this for the first time in almost a year.

For a few long seconds Lexa stopped as she suddenly remembered Costia. There had been a time where Lexa didn't believe she would ever truly not think about it, as it was always on her mind while she had forced herself to follow through on her talks of peace. Then over time the pain had faded, but so had every other feeling until she felt cold and empty. Which was what she told herself she had to be as a leader, but for some reason she felt less cold and empty this time, the pain which returned hurting her a lot less. Which was honestly terrifying, but luckily Lexa was too busy to really analyse it. Or more accurately she wouldn't allow herself too, at least now there was such a yummy treat was directly in front of her face.

Clarke also found herself briefly distracted by thinking about her ex, and it was not a favourable comparison. Finn had been seemingly in love with the idea of her, but once they got together it was very clear they weren't compatible. And that was before she found out he still technically had a girlfriend, even if he thought he would never see her again. The fact he had been a selfish lover who had only done this to her once hadn't been the main reason they broke up, but it had definitely been a reason, and now it felt like it should be the main reason was given what Lexa was making her feel with just a few careful well-timed strokes of her tongue.

She wasn't even licking her clit! At least not after the first time, which was frustrating, but just meant that this heavenly experience would last that much longer. Clarke even grew to like being tied up. At least a little bit. To be robbed of her freedom was scary, and Clarke still had no idea what this Commander woman had planned for her exactly, and what little she did know wasn't exactly comforting, but to be at Lexa's mercy was thrilling. Oh yes, Clarke loved being completely under Lexa's control, the blonde pulling lazily at her restraints as the brunette continued to go down on her. Another girl! Another girl was going down on her for the very first time in her life, some combination of those words frying Clarke's brain for a little while.

It was actually a little embarrassing. After all, it wasn't like Clarke had been aware of her bisexuality, and sure, those kinds of relationships were frowned on back on the Ark as the goal had always been procreation when they thought they were the last few people alive, but Clarke never been good about following the rules. Not that she'd ever had the guts to ask a girl out, but she liked to think that if Lexa had been on the Ark Clarke would have definitely have hit on her. Or at least imagined it 1000 times, and drawn like a gazillion pictures of her. Oh God, Clarke wished she had her painting or drawing materials so she could try and do justice to Lexa's beautiful face, even if it would take her an infinite number of tries to get it right. Or how she felt about this wonderful pussy licking.

As the pleasure overwhelmed her senses, along with the mind-blowing fact that it was another girl doing this to her, a goofy smile crossed Clarke's face as she imagined an alternative universe where Clarke and Lexa were friends growing up on the Ark, laughing and sharing secrets when they were young, and then secret dates and kissing when they were older. Then sex. Maybe even eventually kinky sex like this, with Clarke tied up and whimpering as Lexa licked her pussy for what felt like hours. Then again, maybe they could still have that, once Clarke worked off her debt with The Commander and her people?

Then a growing need to cum bought Clarke to her senses. What was she thinking? Oh God, hopefully all that had stayed in her head and she hadn't done something embarrassing, like letting any of it out. Because come on, she had just met this girl. She barely knew anything about her, other than her being ridiculously hot, and amazing at eating pussy. Clarke deserved more out of a partner than that, and so did Lexa. And Clarke really, really didn't want to seem like a crazy person confessing her undying love for the first girl to go down on her, and the first person to give her some decent head for that matter. No, she needed to keep it together.

Which became increasingly difficult for Clarke as the desire to cum quickly turned from a wake-up call to almost painful torture. It was only really how badly she wanted this to continue which kept Clarke from saying anything sooner, and to her shame that wasn't just a physical thing. In fact, it was more about making this last longer because it was her first time having a girl doing this, and she weirdly wanted to make this special, and it was making sure that her eventual orgasm would be that much more powerful. Of course, there was a limit to how much anyone could take, and while Clarke did herself proud inevitably she begged for more.

"Lexa! Oh God Lexa, mmmmm, please, make me cum!" Clarke whimpered, "Please, please make me cum. Oooooooh fuck, I need it. I need to cum. Please make me, ohhhhh fuckkkkkk, make me cum."

Over and over again Clarke repeated some combination of those words, softly and deliriously at first, but then louder and more frantically as Lexa continued to deny her. Perhaps this would be something Clarke would have to get used to as The Commander's sex slave, and perhaps she would even learn to like this pleasant torture, especially as Clarke suspected this would make her cum harder later, but right now she just needed to cum so badly. And she was surprised that Lexa would torture her this way. Although again, she didn't really know the girl. Not that she focused on that for too long, not when she was busy trying to think of the words which would earn her an orgasm.

"Please Lexa, fuck me!" Clarke literally cried out in desperation, "Fuck me and make me cum! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, that's good, that's soooooo gooooooooddddddd, mmmmm, but I need more! Please? You, ooooooh, you said I needed to do this to The Commander, ohhhhhh, in public? Would she really want me to tease her like this? Wouldn't I get in trouble for it?"

Lexa paused, then pulled back with Clarke's juices covering her mouth, and answered, "No, you shouldn't tease her too much in public. But perhaps in private she would enjoy it. I know I would. But when she asks in public, you should always do this..."

As she said that last part Lexa slowly leaned forward, Clarke's heartbeat increasing the closer she got. Then when her lips were touching her entrance the brunette suddenly shoved her tongue as deep into the blonde's cunt as it would go, instantly triggering the most powerful climax of Clarke's life. It was quickly followed by more as Clarke desperately tried to keep enough of her sanity to remember what Lexa had just said. Of course that kind of backfired, because picturing herself in between Lexa's legs and teasing the other girl was enough to make the orgasms that much more mind-blowing, until eventually she just couldn't think about anything coherently.

Lexa had instantly loved the way that Clarke's pussy had tasted, but this girl's cum was truly out of this world. In fact, it was literally out of this world, Lexa thought with a smile as she rushed to swallow at the very least the majority of it. Luckily she had acted fast, pulling out her tongue and wrapping her mouth as tight as possible around Clarke's entrance. Unfortunately it had been a while, and as a top Lexa hadn't done this quite as often as she would like, and Clarke seemed to be cumming so hard that no matter how hard she tried she couldn't swallow every drop. Although at least what escaped ended up on her face, so hopefully Lexa could collect it later.

This continued to be the case as Lexa effortlessly made Clarke cum over and over again, initially by ramming her tongue back inside her as soon as she had collected all the left over cum and swallowed it. Sometimes that was enough, and when it wasn't Lexa would slam her tongue in and out of Clarke's cunt, literally fucking her with it. Which was wonderful, but the action of a bottom in Lexa's eyes. Yet she couldn't afford to exchange it for her preference until she was sure Clarke was out of it, and therefore wouldn't pick up any bad habits from it. And more to the point, she just couldn't pull her mouth away from Clarke's pussy at that moment.

Luckily by the time her mouth and tongue became tired Lexa was as sure as she could be that Clarke wasn't really aware of what was happening to her, at which point she pulled her mouth back and quickly replaced it with her fingers. At first she only pushed one into Clarke while wrapping her mouth around the other girl's clit and sucking on it, which was more than enough to make Clarke cum again. Although it wasn't that long before Lexa was pushing a second and then a third finger into Clarke and then frantically forcing them in and out of her, squeezing more orgasms out of her in the process until Clarke was literally a whimpering mess.

It was very tempting to fuck Clarke into unconsciousness, but Lexa wasn't quite done with her lesson yet. So Lexa pushed Clarke to the edge of unconsciousness, slowly pulled her down from her high by decreasing her finger thrusts, and then she pulled those fingers out of her and her mouth away from her clit. Which of course had Clarke whimpering in disappointment, in turn causing Lexa to smile as she got onto her feet. Then she cupped the other girl's face and kissed her gently, allowing Clarke to taste herself on her lips. And perhaps more importantly to taste pussy, a flavour this girl would have to get used too. Then she pulled back, smiled shyly, and did her best to get back into character.

"I must go now." Lexa said softly, before promising, "But I shall be back to bring you food and more water tonight."

Lexa then turned to leave, almost getting to the door before Clarke croaked, "Wait, you're just going to leave me like this?"

"I must." Lexa lied softly, turning away and smirking as she added before she left through the door, "Besides, this way I have a beautiful view to return too."

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