Naz's Belly Button Interrogation

BY : Doomsley
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Naz followed the tall, brawny officer into a cold white room. The room was illuminated by a single fluorescent light, giving the area a haunting blue-white glow. The only thing in the room was a long table at the end with a ragged brown cloth over it.  

Naz gulped nervously, he shouldn't be here, he didn't murder that girl. His large brown eyes surveyed the rooms surroundings as the officer locked the door behind them.

"W-what is this place?" Naz stammered, backing up against a wall. The officer glanced at Naz with a withering expression.

"I'm the one asking the questions. Not. You." The officer pulled out a pair of blue latex gloves and stretched them over his meaty hands. "Its not that I feel bad for you or anything, if it was up to me, I woulda thrown you down to max in a heartbeat." The officer pushed Naz against the wall.

Naz stumbled back confused, but too terrified to say anything.

The officer stepped back "This is a cavity search, but not just any cavity search." He crossed his arms, "Take your clothes off."

"My..clothes?" Naz cowered.

The officer let out a long sigh, "Yes, your clothes, NOW!" He barked. Naz stumbled to take of his shirt, shoes and pants. He stood in the cold room arms wrapped around in only his underwear.

The officer cocked his head, "I think you forgot something there kid." He said eyeing Naz's red underwear.

Naz blushed and slowly dropped his underwear, leaving him completely naked. He gulped nervously, blushing as the officer inspected his body.

"Well well." The officer whistled. He trailed his eyes up and down Naz's slim, slightly hairy body. "Raise your arms boy, behind your head."

Naz complied, revealing dark tufts of hair underneath. He was shaking with anxiety, what's this man going to do?

The officer walked back and forth, eyeing the man's tan body and came to a stop in front of Naz. "You know how I said this was a cavity search, well this is a special cavity search. Lets see, there are a few cavities I want to inspect..." The officer grinned  

Naz gulped, his eyes wide with fear.

The officer brought his face close to Naz's, "But I've numbered them in my head, and I need help deciding." He sneered, "Choose a number between one and five, NOW!"

Naz stammered, trying not push the officer away "Uh, um, t-two, two I pick two!"

The officer raised his chin as if in thought "Two you say, what was two again?" The officer lifted one finger and waved it in front of Naz's face before ramming it into his navel.

Naz yelped as the cold latex digit entered his belly button, his hands trying to protect the sensitive hole.

"WHO TOLD YOU YOU COULD MOVE YOUR ARMS?" The officer punched Naz in his lower gut causing him to double over. Naz fell to the floor, sputtering incoherently.

The officer looked down at him with an annoyed expression and dragged him up by his arms.

Naz allowed himself to be pulled up, dazed by the gut punch. He heard a metal clink sound as his arms were locked above his head by a pair of large hand cuffed attached to the wall. He soon realized he was standing almost on his tip toes. The officer had managed to lift up his entire body.

The officer stepped back to admire his handiwork, and his handsome prisoner. He let his eyes rest on Naz's heaving belly. The man had a lean fuzzy belly with nice round navel right in the center.  

The officer bent down to Naz's stretched navel, "Now, I'm in charge of this place, you can scream, you can shout, no one will care, ya hear?"

"Officer, I've never done this before, please let me go!" Naz gulped. With his body stretched and his feet barely touching the floor, it was difficult to move.

"Sorry kid, but you chose to murder that girl, and you chose which cavity I gotta search. I need to write down a full report of your cavity so make it easy for me and suck it up." The officer dug his index finger into Naz's deep belly button, twisting and turning it around.

Naz scrunched his eyes closed and gritted his teeth as the officer violated his poor navel with his thick fingers.

"Hmm ok," The officer lifted up part of the brown cloth on the table revealing a clipboard and ballpoint pen, "Ok, cavity is his navel, description... round, about 1½ cm deep, black hair around it... yes that should do it for now." The officer placed down the clipboard.

"This is sick!" Naz spat.

The officer raised an eyebrow, "Oh so you wanna talk about sick do ya?"  

Naz looked away in shame, he didn't even know if he killed that girl, for all he knew they were both drunk.  
The officer removed the brown cloth from the table, uncovering a huge array of tools and toys. Naz's eyes widened at the sight of it and began thrashing about in his bonds.

"Lets begin with something light," The officer picked up what looked to be an electric toothbrush. "First test, how ticklish is your cavity?" The fibers on the toothbrush spun and vibrated vigorously as it buzzed on.

Naz closed his eyes, what harm could a toothbrush do to his belly button? Easy test, right? The officer lightly touched the rim of Naz's navel with the toothbrush prompting a slight squirm from the helpless prisoner.

Oh no, Naz thought, he never realized how sensitive his belly was. He shifted uncomfortably as the officer made circular motions around the belly-hole.

"I think its time to spelunk deeper." The whirling head of the toothbrush disappeared into Naz's vulnerable navel.

Naz's eyes widened, "AHAHAHAHAHA STOP STOOOP AHAHAHH PLEEEASSE TAKE IT OUT!" Naz screamed as the officer pushed and twisted the electric toothbrush inside his round belly button.  

"Ah, so your navel IS extremely sensitive, this changes everything." This officer stirred the toothbrush inside Naz's navel. Since Naz was tied up, his innie was outstretched making it easy to hit the highly sensitive base while still being able to enjoy it's deepness.  

The door to the room unlocked and a young handsome dark haired cop walked in, locking the door behind him.
"Sorry I'm late chief... Oh another prisoner."

Naz squirmed against the wall as his navel continued to be tormented by the evil toothbrush.

"Get over her Mark and hold this toothbrush inside his navel, don't give him time to breathe you hear?"

"Yes sir!" Mark nodded and quickly took up the officers position of following Naz's thrashing belly with the brush. The officer then pulled out two thin paintbrushes from under the table cloth.
"Yeah these will do." He swiftly moved over to where Mark was diligently digging and twisting the toothbrush into Naz's navel.

Tears were running down Naz's eyes. Each time he sucked in his abs, Mark just drove the toothbrush deeper into his tortured belly button.  

The officer held a paintbrush in each hand and began tickling the areas inside Naz's belly button that the toothbrush didn't hit. He rotated the brushes around the electric toothbrush, making sure the bristles teased the edges and the base of Naz's navel.

Naz now drenched in sweat screamed even harder. The three brushes continued to destroy his poor tender navel. The officer looked over at Mark who had his tongue out in concentration. An idea popped into his mind.

"Mark take that toothbrush out." The officer commanded, removing his own two paintbrushes.  

Naz slumped against the wall gasping for air. His belly button was now all pink from the brush torture but he was just relieved it was over.

"Now mark, I want you to trust me on this." The officer began whispering into Mark's ear. Naz eyed the two suspiciously, what were they going to do to his belly-hole now?

Mark look confused, but curtly nodded and bent down to Naz's sore navel. He then stuck out his tongue and licked the upper rim of Naz's navel. Naz recoiled and pushed himself against the wall. Mark stopped for a second, he seemed to be absorbing the flavor. He then started to close in. The closer Mark, the further Naz sucked in his belly.  

"Please don't, please don't, please don't." Naz pleaded quietly. Mark plunged his tongue into Naz's stretched navel.

Naz sucked his belly in and backed up, attempting to climb the wall to escape the warm, wet appendage swirling around in his helpless hole.  

The officer stared fascinated at Mark who had now grabbed Naz's hips and was hungrily lapping at the young man's belly button. Mark tongued and sucked Naz's sweaty navel as Naz giggled and made disgusted noises.

"Ah, ugh, stop haha!"  

Mark's tongue was digging into crevices Naz didn't even know he had. It looked like Mark was really enjoying it too. Mark then placed his hands on opposites sides of Naz's toned belly and stretched it lengthwise. Naz glanced down to see what the handsome devil was going to do to his captured navel.

The officer could now see what Mark was trying to do. Mark now had easy access to the most sensitive part on Naz's body, the base of his navel. Mark dragged the tip of his tongue along the belly button base, and then flicked his tongue in and out, jabbing at it relentlessly.

Naz writhed around as he felt an odd tingling sensation in his loins caused by Mark's rough tongue viciously stabbing the base of his navel.

"Oh god, oh god, no stop hehehe stoohohohohop!" Naz laughed as Mark flicked his tongue in and out of the hairy navel like a snake seeking prey.

"Ok Mark I think that’s enough of that, now we're gonna get to the heavy hitting stuff." The officer moved to the table to inspect the wide selection of torture tools.

Mark got up and walked over to the table, leaving Naz hanging, saliva dripping out of his pink, sore navel.

"This, is how we treat murderers here." The officer smiled holding up a needle. "This might hurt a bit."

To be continued...

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