Experimenting, Workaholics

BY : MerecalMagical
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Disclaimer: I don not own workaholics and am not affiliated with them I do not know the person (or group), this is fiction, and I state that there is no money/profit made from this.

This is a trash oneshot fic, just warming up my skills to write again, I'd like to say the time line was before the end of the Workaholics series, but depending on the reader you can assume it's after the second season.


Blake came running into the house with a strange jar full of some pink milky liqid.

"Adam! Theres a gypsy outside selling magical potions, I bought some love potion! Thats supposed to make me irrisestable to women." He annunciated the irrisestable part with his free hand. 

The short brunette Adam,jumped up quickly from the couch he was sitting, ash falling from the joint in his mouth;

"Did you say there was a gypsy outside peddeling magic? First off thats very offensive, the term gypsy, not cool bro-" He said daking another drag from the joint and passing it towards,

Anders chose to swivvel around in a computer chair and chime in at this moment,

"Secondly, that was probably just a homeless old woman with a shopping cart, And that looks like a jar of shampoo." Anders sugested smugly taking the joint from Adam and taking a hit,

Anders handed the joint off to Blake, who shuffled the semi large jar into his other arm. Blake took a drag on the joint, and walked over  to the empty spot on the couch next to Adam, placing the strange jar atop a pile of magaze garbage attempting to peer through the translucent pink liquid.

"I don't know if this is a magic love potion or not...Do you think it works?"

Adam was leaning over the couch looking out the window , "I don't see any mystical, old, big tittied wizard Blake!" Adam said whipping his head around and the curtain closed, taking the joint from blackes hand and angrily inhailing.

The red head turns ,"Don't mock the gypsy Adam! She could be listening."

"Uh no she couldn't, because I looked outside, with my falcon like eye site, I looked up and down, and I didn't see any one; besides that one dog with the huge nuts, but more spacifically no old women. No magic potion shop, and no carts ." He said taking hits from the shrinking joint to emphasize.

Ders snatched up the jar with one hand, and Blake fumbled off the couch in an attempt to stop him,

"Hey don't manhandle a mans magic, man!." he stuttered,

Adam smooths his hair back, "I'm my own magic potion for chicks, called MAH BIG DICK!" he says laughing to himself and stuffing out the roach in an over filled ashtray, 

Ders holds the jar up a little higher so Blake stops trying to swipe it away from him,

"I just want to check it out before you go smothering yourself in acid or something, you can't trust a homeless womens mysterious jar of shampoo." Ders said skeptical.

He brought the jar down lower and evaded one more swipe by Blake before opening the jar and smelling it.

"Oh woah," He said suprised, taking another big whiff, "This is like the best smell ever." 

Anders deeply inhaled the fragrence from the jar again, evading Blake by stepping over the table, to where Adam was still sitting.

"Dude you gotta smell this, Its-amazing."

Blake attempted to step over the coffee table and fumbled, bumping his shin in the process, Adam inhaled the sweet fragrence deeply.

"Woah! Its like a strawberry orgasim in my nose." Adam said wide eyed,

Blake snatched the jar away from Anders and Adam and went to smell, but couldnt smell a thing,

"Great!" He exclaimed putting the lid back seemingly frustraighted "You guys wore it out or whatever, maybe it is just shampoo..."

Blake walked off towards the back of the house dejected,

"Hey buddy joints still rollin where are you going?"Adam shouted while picking up the tiny roach from the ash tray, he began trying to light the small piece of paper, Blake continued to walk away towards the bathroom,

"Im gunna try out my new fucking shampoo."


Blake took a large handful the milky pink slime, working up a rich soapy lather.He worked it through his hair, it made a pretty good body wash too producing lots of bubbles and making his skin really soft.

After througly wrinsing his hair, his curls seemed full of body, but not frizz, one of the better coming out of the shower times for the red head. Oddly enough he could not smell anything, opening up his deoderant he took a big sniff, He could he could definately smell , he coughed a little.

Drying off inbetween his legs the towel felt extra soft on his skin. Blake thought to himself, he should trim his pubic area just incase his luck should work for the ladies that evening.

His body felt hot and his heart was pounding as he reached for his cock to shift it out of the way, he gasped.

"Holy what the fuck."

Touching himself again he felt his whole body shivver as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. The pleasure was indiscribable, his hand trailed up his stomach to his chest where he squeezed one of his nipples letting out a deep groan.

His cock was hard from a tug and a nipple pinch?

His whole body was shaking it was so sensitive. Wrapping a towel around his waist he stumbled into the hallway towards the living room dizzy.


Adam could hear the shower running from the living room, his high was just starting to get to that perfect place before munchies. Everything felt extra fuzzy and chill.

"Hey Ders you feelin this good buzz? Im feelin game for hitting the club tonight with Blake, see if his magic potion can whip my magic guns HYUH!" Adam went on to make a series of muscle man action poses while standing on the couch.

Anders took a large hit from the tiny joint roach and coughed while extinguishing it in a nerby ashtray.

"Yeah,I don't know,it seems like that last hit,has me really up in the clouds." He said inbetween coughing.

Adam plopped down onto his back and streached across the couch, simultaniously turning on the tv to some softcore porn.

"Awe nice! Minimal nudity is on again!"

Ders shrugged, "I've seen Minimal nudity so many times I can imagine perfectly what they dont minimize." Anders chuckled at his own joke.

The girl on the screen was really getting it, moaning,her head thrown back, tits exposed. Adams felt his body heat up, reacting to the tv. Subconsiously rubbing his cloathed erection through his sweat pants.

Anders rolled his eyes. "Your really turned on by this? I can count down to when the guy skeets Adam,  3-2-1" The woman on Tv moans "And boom goes the dynomite."

The girl on the tv screen moaned loudly as the man pulled out ejaculating onto her tits.

"More! Please! Fuck me!"

Anders felt it too, a twinge bettween his thighs.The scene switched, to a new girl, and a new partner.

...This was his favorite part, perhapse he could indulge...

Adam already had his cock out, roughly thrusing into his own hand,eyes fixated on the tv, the bottom of his tee shirt was being held inbetween his lips.

Anders slumped back into the swivvel chair and slowly unzipped and unbuttoned his khackes.

The blonde woman on tv was licking a mans thick purple cock like it was an icecream cone.

Anders touched the base of his cock slowly.

I wonder what its like to suck a cock, not in a gay way. like oh let me suck your dick.. But in a theoretical way does it taste bad? I bet it cant taste good...

Adam groaned from the couch "...oh baby yea I want you to suck it...yea suck my cock"

Ders stroked his cock faster.

"Do you like that? Ahhh.." the woman on tv moaned deep throating her partners's penis,

Ders eyes wandered to Adam again , their eyes meet and Adams shirt falls from his mouth.

"What do you wana suck my dick Ders?" Adam smirked playfully,

Anders looked away, back to the tv, as the woman on screen began stroking another man's cock while stil doing mouth work,


Adams breathing was heavy, He was close to cumming. It'd been awhile since he'd seen Ander's fully erect cock.

The first time it was an "accident", Adam jus happened to walk past Ders room when he was masterbating.

The Second time, it was out of curiousity, you know, is it bigger than mine? wondered Adam,

It wasn't.

Watching the foxy blonde on tv giving an awesome Bj made Adam moan,

"Yeah suck my cock..."

His body was extra sensitive,

I must be pumped to go out babe crusin, You know what they say take care of one earlier in the day, take care of the ladies all night.

Hearing some heavy breathing from the other side of the room, Adam peered over at his bro. Anders had a good cock, it was long and probably good at swimming in vagina. Anders kept his pubes closely shaven.

Shit I accidentally made eye contact with Anders..Gotta cover this up..

"Haha, What?You want to suck my dick Ders?"

Anders looked back at the tv with a strange expression and Adam smirked.

The shower turned off.

Adam bit his lower lip and worked his tip for a quick finish,working his thumb around the underside.He didn't want Blake to feel left out of the impromptu bro jerk session.


Blake stumbled back into the living room feeling half drunk. His body hummed he could faintly hear the moaning from the tv. The woman sucking two cocks on the tv was sensory over load, and Blakes cock throbbed painfully.


Blake looked over at his friend Adam who was angrilly masterbating on the couch.

His gaze shifted to a little left of the tv where Anders was pleasuring himself with his eyes closed tightly.

"You guys were watching minimal nudity without me? Did I miss the part where?"

Adam cut him off, "No, Your favorite scene hasnt happened yet."

Blake sat down on the couch by Adams feet. Adam paused breathing deeply, leaning, untill his nose was almost inside of Blake's hair.

"You smell fucking amazing, did you use that weard shampoo?"

Blake turned almost nose to nose with Adam, he shifted his legs slightly.

"Yea,I think the water was to hot,I feel like I steamed my brain."

Anders moved from his spot on the computer chair to the arm of the couch by Blake. .

"Im starting to think that stuff wasnt a potion or shampoo, but an aphrodisiac of some kind."

Adam snickered,

"A whaa? I thought aphrodisiacs were oysters and strawberries, stuff for chicks and getting pussy wet."

Anders leaned over Blake towards,Adam

"Theres lots of scientific fact behind it. Lots of things can have an effect on male libido"

Adam leaned into Anders,leaving Blake inbetween.

"Blah blah blah your big words make my cock soft..." Adam looked down; "Is what I'd say if that were true but it isnt... and why cant I cum uuuuugh!"

Adam threw himself into the end of the couch, Blake ended up in the middle cushion, Anders on his other side.

There was a new girl on the screen now with short red hair, she was wearing a corset that exposed her breast and no panties, she was straddeling a man whos arms were tied at the head of the bed.

Adam groaned pumping his cock,Anders shifted his erection around unconfortably and Blake attempted to hide how increadibly fast his heart was beating. Anders shoulder brushed against Blakes bare arm sending shivvers up his spine, the roughness of Adams sock scratched against the outside of his thigh below the edge of his towel, making his breathing hitch. Blake stood up breathing heavily.

"Dude you alright?" Anders asked grabbing his arm eyeing,Blake suspiciously as he stood u. ,Blake instinctively leaned against him

"I think I need to lie down..."

Anders stood up tucking his erection inside his pants,

"You dont look so good,"

Anders led Blake back to his room, Blake flopped down on the very edge of the bed his legs still hanging off , his towel came loose almost exposing him entirely but not hiding his erections outline at all,

"Ders its so cold in your room, I love it."Blakes skin felt caressed by the cool blankets on Der's bed, Normally he wasn't allowed on Der's bed or in his room at all.

Anders sat down next to him,

"Yea I keep the door closed, so the air conditioner actually works."

Blakes body was suprisingly built, girls would probably find him attractive if they saw him like this. Anders thought to himself,He also smelled amazing.

At that moment, Anders went from sitting to laying on the bed next to Blake. His hands buried deep into Blakes hair, untills his face buried in the thick damp red fluff, Anders inahiled deeply and moaned,


Squeeked Blake,startled by the sudden move,

Ders hands slid from Blake's hair down shis shoulders ,arms, and down his sides, to his the towel tugging it away from his engorged member,

Blakes entire body shook with pleasure.

"How much of that pink stuff did you put on yourself?" Anders breathly asked into the red heads ear.

Blakes body shuddered and his hands grasped at the sheet ,

"I dunno... most of it if not all of it?"

he panted, eyes squeezed shut as his body was assulted by waves of lust,

Anders blew a little air gently onto this friends neck, and Blake moaned unhinged, his cock throbbed.

"Fuck Blake your so sensitive, its like your whole body is a nerve for your cock right now."

Anders gently trailed his hands down Blakes hip bones and inside his thigh. The red head was breathing heavy his mind so blank from pleasure he couldn't protest or question.

Anders mouth was next to his ear,

"Was there any thing you ever wanted to experiment with? Not in a gay way but maybe just curious? Like what it feels like to touch someone elses cock or... taste it..."

Blake moaned, Anders' hand ran along the inside of his thigh, Anders breathy voice beckoned,

"Thats not gay right? Thats just curiosity and I know, were not gay bros but-"

Blake turned himself towards the other man, grasping Anders by the collar of his shirt.

He forciby pushed their lips togeather, tongues collided. Teeth were licked. Breathing was forgotten,

Anders hands roamed all over Blake's legs and stomach,a thousand hands everywhere but where he wanted them. Blake arched his body, his cock towards Anders begging for release,

"Just fuckin touch me already." Blake groaned biting Ders bottom lip.

The taller mans hand felt shy and embaressed wrapping around his shaft clumsilly.

Blake gasped, It had been a long time since someone else pleasured him. His body hummed and he leaned against Der's chest as his body shook.Wave after wave of pleasure, as his friends hand went up, and down.

Blake heard moaning, like a bitch in heat, like the girls in the porno, 

Who's moaning? Is it me?...

Ders hand gained more confidence and rythm. Blakes eyes rolled into the back of his head seeing stars.

"Fuck oh my god.nnnn."

Blake bit his own fist, panting. He felt Ders leave him and looked up finding his friend kneeling by the foot of the bed hovering above his cock, his face was beat red and eyes glazed. He shyly licked the shaft and Blake threw his head back assulted by the sudden sentation, his mind went blank,

"Ho-oly fuck."


Adam sat up seeking tissues from the coffiee table near by, Minimal nudity's credits were playing.

Leaving his pants on the couch he wandered to the kitchen and took out a half drank gatoraid.

"Where the fuck did everybody go?"

Scratching the below the hem of his boxers with his free hand, he walked down the hall towards the bathroom.

Stopping at and giving himself a head nod he noticed in the mirror's reflection, an almost empty jar of pink liquid.


Blakes cock was hard, it tasted salty.

Everything was hazy and smelled like strawberries.

He could hear Blakes stifled moans, feel his fingernails digging into his shoulder.He could taste his friend's precum, and feel the shaft hitting the back of his throat,

Anders sat back coughing. Blake sat up sweating leaning back on his elbows. His words coming out breathy and strained,

"Whoah sorry..."

Anders and Blake made eye contact, and they both looked away.

The door behind Anders slowly opened, to revil Adam,hard cock in hand

"Dude I just came... So I went into the bathroom to take a shower and, I kinda wanted to go another round..."

Adam paused in the door way, a smirk forming on his face,

"Did I just catch you guys doing something incredably gay?"

Anders looked straight onto the carpet and Blaked mouth just opened and closed for a minute,his still hard cock standing upright and dewy with Ander's spit.

Adam scoffed, making various noises of suprise with a cunfused expression on his face,

"From the looks of it Ders was about to, or already giving a blowjob."

Adams head cocked to the side and he walked into the room closing the door behind him,

"Forget what I was saying earlier... I could really use my dick sucked, it hurts and I'm not about to pass this up."

Adam walked up to Ander's crotch level face and grabbed the back of his head with one hand, using his other hand to hold his rock hard erection.The scent of strawberries was strong, Adam was breathing heavily and his hand pulled roughly on Der's short hair.

"Cum on~"

Adam punned while thrusting the moist head of his cock against Ander's cheek. Blake shifted his position on the bed sitting upright, his legs were hanging off the edge of Der's bed. His cock wabbled nearly parallel with Adams thicker longer penis infront of Ders face.

Adams face was s smug, he had always wanted to see Ders submit to him. Probably because he always acted like he was so high and mighty, Or maybe it was because he was taller than him. Either way he had an unexpected situation to take advantage of.

Adam watched Blake shift positions and begin stroking himself.

"I-I'm so horny I don't give a fuck, I just want to cum." the red head muttered. Leaning his head back.

Anders mind felt foggy, the smell of strawberries and sweat was overwhelming, he felt like the room was spinning. His own cock twitched, unspent from earlier. His hand that was resting on the corner of the bed moved to unbutton his pants, fumbling with the button he hurridly freed his cock and began stroking with his dominant hand. He staired down Adam's gargantuan shaft,

It was big. Worth all the boasting he constantly did about it,

That pissed Ders off, the purplish tip leaked.Adam removed his hand and Der's replaced it with his own stroking gingerly,

Adams cock was slick, his hand started moving faster on its own.

"Were you masterbating...with Blakes mystery Shampoo?"

Adam grunted, Ander's hand moved faster.

"I'm not sure if that stuff safe let alo-"

Adam grabbed the side of Ders head, shoving his cock hard into the other mans mouth. Anders began togag and cough but Adam thrust harder.

"Don't you fucking puke on my huge dick dude."

The strange berry taste and rough thrusting on the back of his throat was unpleasant.He tried to cough but Adam shoved his dick farther down untill his gag reflex just gave up.

Ders opened his mouth wider letting go of his own cock and leaning against the bed for support ,The other man was bucking hardskull fucking him, Der's eyes watered.

"Yeah!!!unh. Don't bite me!, Your horrable at this."

Anders made a sound alot like,

"Gfumph u"

Adam moaned when his throat contracted,

"Yeah suck it Ders..."

Adam almost affectionately ran his hand through Anders hair, before pulling it hard jerking the brunettes head back and cumming all over his face.

"Haaaaa! Oh shit!-"

Adam fell backwards, forgetting his boxers were tangled around his knees.

Anders stood up fast,looming over Adam, his face actually dripped cum off his chin and ont the carpet.

Adam crawled backwards untill his back hit the closed door.

Ders carefully pulled his dress shirt and undershirt over his head at once, wiping most of Adams semen off his face and tossing the shirts aside.

"So lets see you do better Adam..."

Adams eyes were wide,


Anders eyes looked sadistic, he grabbed the belt from his robe.

Walking quickly over to the other man. Adam turned to escape but Anders grabbed him by his ankle.

"No Anders don't rape my butt! Im not gay! I wont tell anyone you loved sucking me and Blakes off!"

Ders pressed his knee onto Adams back, to stop his attempts to get away,

"For your information...I stopped before I actually you know..With Blake."

"Stuck it in his butt?"

Anders roughly grabbed Adams hands and tied them togeather tightly with the robe cloth.

"Sucked his dick you ass hole!I-I only licked his!! That was rape! You raped my mouth!"

Anders grabbed Adam by the back of his T-shirt flipping him onto his back, sitting on his chest he positioned his penis to Adams mouth.

Adam glared at him defiantly,

"I will bite your dick, if you try to make me suck it."

Anders frowned grabbing Adams hair and tugging it backwards till the back of his head hit the floor, resting his whole body weight on the other mans chest. He could hear the others shaky breath.

Ders frowned, Standing he stepped off the other man instead draging him to the be by the back of his shirt. He tossed Adam onto the bed with Blake. Who was still masterbating furiously at the foot of the bed. His eyes following them.

Anders stormed out of the room angrily throwing the door open. Adam staired at Blakes naked back. Blake really looked like a chick from behind, thin like a twiggy chick with a muscular back, maybe it was the hair.

Adam struggled with his tied hands, seeing if he can free himself and wa unsuccessful. Ders walked back into the room, naked this time his engorged cock swayed freely.He still looked angry and in his hand was the mysterious jar now almost empty.

A mischevious smile came to Ander's lips as he glanced in Adams direction.

"It seems like this pink stuff makes you impossibly horny when it comes in contact with your skin, seeing as I am not a rapist."

Anders glared at Adam as he struggled to flip off the bed. using his legs.

Anders walked over slowly and stopped infront of the pantless Adam.

Who kicked once at Ders but stoped when the other man firly  grasped his cock.

Adam gasped letting out a high pitched whine,"It's sensitive!"

Anders streached his fingers into the jar scooping out the remainder of the pink liquid, and presumed to smear it all over Adams genitals. Sliding his slimy hand up under Adams tee shirt smearing his nipples with the pleasant scent.

Anders stood up smirking, rubbing his cock with the remaining liquid left on his hand.

"I'll leave you with your hands tied, I'll only free you, if you beg to suck my cock." Anders smiled sadisticly and walked away as Adam made another kick at him, Blake shouted in frustration,

"My dick is broken!!"

Anders walked over concerned,

"Your dick is broken?"


Blake seemed near tears his entire body was dripping with sweat, the tip of his cock was purple and throbbing visually along with his heart beat.

"I cant cum! I dunno if its because I'm freaked out by all this, or if that gypsy cursed me!?" he exclaimed panicked, looking at his two friends.

Anders sat next to Blake on the bed pullin their two naked bodies together. They sat face to face in the middle of the bed, criss cross apple sauce. Blake got a little freaked out, instinctivly wrapping his arms around Ander's neck . Their cockes rubbed togeather slightly and Blake went to flinch bakwards but Anders pulled him tighte with one arm around his naked back, pushing their hips togeather with his free hand he grasped both their shafts and stroked. Blake leaned heavily against Anders shoulder gasping in suprise feeling like all the air had been ripped from his lungs.

There was an over abundance of precum oozing from Blake mixing with the slick pink liquid. Blake circled his legs around Anders waist and rolled his hips into the other mans.

"Don't stop, dont stop."

Blake pleeded resting his sweaty forehead on Anders neck. The slick pressure of their cocks rubbing togeather and Ders clumsy hand felt good but it wasnt enough, the sensation was overwhelming,enough to make him want to cry, but so pleasurable he could almost black out.


Adams masterbation skills were at maximum level he could cum, cum a second time,and in about a half hour get hard,cum a third time.

While watching his best friends grind cocks,he broke his thirty minute time and came to a full flag staff in just a few minutes. By the time Anders bucked his hips into Blakes cumming all over his hand and both of them Adam was panting.

Blakes mouth was wide open moaning, His cock made slippery noises as Anders stroked it with a mix of their cum and the mysterious lubircant.

Adam despertatly tried to free his own hands. Ders looked over to Adam, out of breath a glassy look in his eyes and a smirk on his lips.

Ders shifted behind Blake proping him up on his knees.He grasped his fiends cock from behind. Blake leaned his back against Anders chest bucking into his hand.

Adam finlly got a handle on his center of gravity enough to an upright sitting position stairing at the leude scene before him.

"Anders,your Hand job skills are as weak as your Bj skills." Adam mocked.

 Blake turned to look at anders with a frustrated look when the man stopped touching him. Adam attempted to make a suck it gesture with his hands behind him, and ended up just thrusting his cock in the pairs general direction.With a frustraighted glare Adam demanded,

"Untie me."

Adners scowled,

"Blake is suffering, from your middle school reach around skills,"

Adam said smugly,

Ders sat back moving away Blake, he used both hands to nudge him towards Adam on the bed.

Blake's hands gripped the top of the head boar in a white knucked grip. Leaning over Adam's face his cock swaying he looked back toward Ders pained,

"I dont want Involved in your weard fight right now, I might need a doctor. We're all acting very strange!" He exclaimed in a breif moment of clarity,

Anders brought his hands around Blakes body and began roughtly tweaking adams nipples through his shirt. He squirmed to get away but was trapped by Blakes cock,that was being smashed against his face.

Adam gasped as one of Ander's hands moved south grabbing his twitching cock.

"Ah damn." moaned Adam, biting his lowe lip, his whole cock tingled, he'd never felt pleasure form having his nipples tweaked, bit Der's was roughly pulling at them through his shirt, causing some sort of feeling in the pit his stomach and cock,

Moving under Adams shirt Ders began rigerously torturing Adams left nipple untill it was fully erect. Moving onto the right one pinching it and rolling it roughl between his index and middle finger. He could see Adam struggling with the waves of euphoria.

"Adam,if you suck Blakes cock you dont have to say to me, 'i wana suck your cock'"

Adams eyes opened and quickly shut, as Ders leaned more heavily on Blakes back, the gingers shaft rubbed against his nose.

Anders breathed into Blakes ear heavily. His face was smug as the red heads cock moved towards Adams mouth. Adam squeezed his eyes shut tightly and opened his mouth with a tight expression.

Blakes eyes were wide open his breathing ragged, what has he gotten them into, he never should have brough that weard jar home or talked to a gypsy. Blake moaned leaning his chest against the headboard as he face fucked his best friend.His cock engulfed in the warm moist mouth, making him feel pity pleasure and regret.

"Oh god Adam..."

Blake's breathing shortened he grabbed ahold of the back of Adams head he couldn't help but thrust into the other man. Adams tongue swirled around the base of his dick. His mouth was soft and tight. Adam was better than Der's with no hands.

Blake thrust his hips forward wildly, he could feel Adams gag reflex kick in when he came. When he pulled out of the brunette's mouth he coughed spitting up his cum.

Blake was stunned. Adam was coughing up some mix of semen and saliva. The three sat there quietly for a moment.

Anders moved and untied Adams hands. Adam leaned against the headboard rubbing his wrist he looked down, at some point he came. It was probably when Ders was still rubing his cock. No body made a sound for the longest time. Untill Anders stood up smacking his thighs.

"Alright so... that happened."

Blake curled up into a small ball grabbing the towel that was barely hanging on the bed trying to cover himself his mind finally free of that hot hazy feeling. Adam was still naked from the wast down but just trying to take it all in, Der's put on a robe anf tied it with the rope that once held Adam, seemingly un able to actully tie the belt with his fumbling hands,

"So none of us did the butt stuff?"

Adam questioned wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. Anders sat on the bed then stood up again his hand covering and uncovering his face as he tried to piece himself togeather,

"No,me and Blake were just...I dunno..."

Adam picked up the now completely empty mystery jar from the floor, blake was still sittingo on the bed seemingly panicked

"This is one hell of a drug,we should find that gypsy,and use it on like chicks we'll become sex goooods."

Bake shifted  wrapping the towel around his waist he went to walk out of the room but Adam moved infront of the door still pantless Blake stood there opening and closing his mouth a few times at a loss for words feeling suilty, Adam opened his arms signiling for a hug,

"I don't hate you man, infact if there was any cock I'd suck I'm glad it was yours."

Blake teared up jumping into Adams arms hugging him tightly 

"I love you man!"

"I love you too...but you know..."

Anders sat on the foot of his bed,

"None of us did the butt stuff so yeah thats not gay its just...experimenting?

Adam nodded placing his hands on his bare hips,

"Yeah exerimenting with crazy sex drugs, only to be done with chicks." he nodded to himself, 

Blake rubbed his face with his hands trying to erase the last of the drug's effects,

"Just experimenting..."


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