The Big Bang Theory: The Counseling Session

BY : Muhabba
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This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it

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The Big Bang Theory: The Counseling Session

By: Muhabba


     Penny panted in pleasure as her boyfriend climbed off of her, her blonde hair plastered to

her beautiful face and her large breasts sprinkled with sweat.  She looked over at the bedside

clock and giggled.  "Twelve minutes, a new record."


     Leonard put his glasses on and looked over at his beautiful, naked, post orgasmic girlfriend.  

"What can I say, you inspired me," he said with a cheeky grin.


     Penny snuggled against Leonard's chest and toyed with his wiry hair.  "I guess practice

makes perfect," she giggled.


     Leonard looked down at the top of Penny's head and spoke before thinking, "Just imagine

how much practice we'd get if we were married," and his grin slid into a frown as he realized

what he had done again.


     "Dammit, Leonard!"


     The argument started from there and didn't end for several minutes until Penny stormed

out of Leonard's apartment in her robe and slammed the door shut behind her. Angrily she

turned back and screamed, "And we're staying broke up until you can learn to stop proposing to

me!"  She stayed in the hallway for a moment glaring at her boyfriend's door, her chest heaving

and her unencumbered breasts pressed tightly against the short, silk robe.  The red robe was

gaping open, clearly showing her tan cleavage as she gripped the waist shut instead of tying it,

unintentionally showing one of her thick, golden thighs.


     Penny stomped her foot in anger, sending a jiggling wave through her abundant cleavage

before turning around and stomping to her own apartment, her robe flaring up to give a quick

glimpse of the underside of her round ass before her door slammed shut.  Not even bothering

to get into her pajamas she threw off her robe and fell naked into her bed, alone, sobbing into

her pillow.


     The next morning, bleary and puffy eyed, Penny got dressed in her waitress uniform dress

and headed to work.  The moment she was through the door at The Cheesecake Factory it was obvious to her co-workers that something was wrong with the usually chipper young woman.  

She walked into the staff break room to lock up her purse and spotted one of the waiters

standing in front of a locker.  Even with his back to her she could tell by his plump frame and

red hair that it was Lee and that he was getting ready to start his shift.


     As Lee stashed the last of his things in his locker he turned around at the sound of the

break room door closing and saw Penny, her hair a mess and her eyes red from crying,  "Hey,

Penny.  You look like something's bothering you."


     "Oh my God I must look like a mess," Penny said as she began sobbing again and threw

herself down in a chair.


     Lee spent five minutes calming Penny down and even helping her with her hair before she

finally told him that she and her on again off again boyfriend, Leonard, had broken up.  Again.  

He smiled widely and then quickly hid it with a hug before they both left to start their shift.  

Well, Penny started her shift, Lee ran over to the bar.


     "Stan, Stan," Lee whispered as loudly as he could despite the fact that it was too early for

there to be any customers.


     "You don't have to whisper, Lee," Stan said as he cleaned the beer glasses, "We're the only

ones here.  What's up?"


     Lee smiled widely again.  "Penny broke up with her boyfriend.  Again."


     Stan stopped what he was doing and smiled as wide as his friend as they both said in

unison, "Tequila night!"


     They both excitedly pooled their money and found out that they were just short of enough

for two bottles of tequila but with Stan being behind the bar that the it wasn't really going to be 

a problem.  Lee went and dragged Penny over to the bar while Stan poured three shots.


     Lee handed Penny a shot glass while he and Stan held theirs up high.  "Here's to the

people we love and the people that love us..." he began.


     Penny smirked at the boys trying to make her feel better.  "Guys, I appreciate this but I

don't think we should be drinking this early, especially since we're at work."


     "...and if the people we love don't love us..." Lee continued.


     "Nonsense," Stan said, "We're your friends and friends help cheer friends up."


     "...fuck those people, here's to us!" Lee finished and quickly downed his shot.


     Stan quickly did the same and Penny shrugged her shoulders.  "Here's to us," she said as

she followed and downed her shot.


     Lee and Stan had their routine down pat for whenever Penny broke up with a boyfriend,

give her just enough tequila to keep her happy and relaxed during the day and then at night,

when the bar closed, she was usually up for finishing the bottle.  And then, when that bottle

was finished, she was up for another.  And then...


     Later that evening by the time the restaurant closed, Penny was in a pretty good mood

with only a slight sway in her step and only few slurred vowels in her vocabulary.  She saw the

last of the customers out, too buzzed to notice the man's hand cupping her thick ass before

locking the door behind him.  "Last ones are out," she called to Lee and Stan as she clicked off

the lights, "First rounds on me!"


     Lee and Stan had stopped drinking a little before noon and so they had no problem

whizzing through the last of the closing chores as Penny swayed towards the bar.  Stan lowered

the lights slightly and lit some candles while Lee picked out some music on the jukebox.


     As Penny stumbled onto the bar stool, Stan poured her another shot while Lee sat down

next to her.  "Aren't you boys drinkin'?" she slurred as she tilted back her glass.


     "Right, right" Stan said as he poured himself and Lee a shot of apple juice each behind the

counter while the drunken hot blonde wasn't paying attention.  "So, you and Leonard broke up

again, huh?" he said as he and Lee swallowed their juice.


     "You know what... what... what he did?" she mumbled as she swayed drunkenly on her

stool.  "He proposed!  Again!"


     "That fiend," Lee said as he sat next to Penny.


     "There's no excuse for behavior like that," Stan agreed as he sat down on Penny's other



     "I know, right?" Penny said as she poured three shots.  "What bottle is this?"


     "Who knows," Stan said.


     "Drinks are on us anyway," Lee said as he picked up one of the full shot glasses and handed

it to Penny.


     Penny hosted her glass up and shouted, "Here's to us," before downing it all.  She

slammed the small glass down and didn't even notice as Lee pressed another into her hand.


     "Here's to us!" Lee shouted and grinned as Penny automatically tossed the drink down.  

His smile widened as Stan pressed the third glass into her hand without her noticing.


     "Here's to us," Stan shouted and grinned as widely as Lee as Penny automatically drank

that shot as well.


     With Penny practically swimming in tequila Stan and Lee nodded at each other and placed

their hands on Penny's back.  "So tell us what happened," Lee said and Stan immediately

nodded his head and added, "Yes, Penny.  Tell us what happened."


     "Well, we were in bed..." Penny began before being interrupted.


     "What were you doing in bed?" Stan asked.


     "Cuddling," Penny said as she continued.  "So we were cuddling and I was congratulating

him and he said..."


     "What were you congratulating him about?" Stan asked.


     Penny didn't even think about answering she just blurted out the first thing that came to

her soggy mind, the truth.  "He lasted a whole twelve minutes in bed.  And then we were

cuddling and he proposed to me.  Again!" she sobbed.


     Lee and Stan each delicately grabbed one of Penny's small wrists and placed her hands on

their thighs.  Their erections slowly began to throb to life as they left her hands there and she

made no attempt to move them away.  They gave each other a thumbs up that Penny was

completely oblivious too as they poured another round of shots.  The blonde girl quickly drank

hers without realizing that the boys didn’t even touch theirs before going back to complaining

about Leonard.  Lee poured his shot into the drunk girl’s shot and she automatically downed

that one as well, slamming the glass down and missing Stan pouring his in next.  She took a few

minutes to complain some more before taking the next shot and continuing her story.


     By now Penny was completely oblivious to what the boys were doing as she continued her

complaints and they unzipped their pants, pulling out their hard pricks.  They slowly pulled

Penny’s hands to their laps and she automatically grasped their erect dicks without even thinking

about it, tugging on them absentmindedly and never even stopping her story.


     Lee groaned in pleasure as the hot blonde tugged lightly on his cock, never stopping from

her story.  Suddenly she looked at him and said, “... You know what I mean?”


     “Oh, yeah.  Sure,” Lee agreed as he poured her another shot.  She released his cock,

took a sip, then replaced her soft hand around his hard cock and went back to jerking him off.


     “I mean, I’m not a bad girlfriend am I?” Penny asked as she turned to Stan.  “Do you think

I’m a bad girlfriend?”


     Stan reclined in his chair, enjoying the feel of Penny tugging on his dick.  “No.  I think

you’d be a great girlfriend,” he said with a wide grin, his cock throbbing in her hand.


     Penny smiled warmly.  “Oh, you’re such a sweetie,” she slurred before leaning over to

give Stan a peck on the cheek.  She thought nothing of it when he suddenly turned his head at

the last moment and their lips me and Stan quickly slid his tongue into her warm, tangy mouth.  

He groaned in pleasure as she kissed him deeply, her hand never leaving his prick as he took a

moment to enjoy her moist oral attention.


     Penny broke the kiss and sat up as straight as she could, never realizing what her hands

were doing below the top of the bar.  She didn’t even startle as Lee bent over and gave her a

peck on the corner of her mouth.


     “I think you’d make a good girlfriend too,” Lee said and she nuzzled against his face.


     “You’re a sweetie too, Lee,” Penny said as Lee kissed her and began exploring the inside of

her mouth with his tongue.


     Penny allowed the kiss for a few moments before breaking off from it and reclining in her

chair, still not realizing what her hands were doing.  She was quiet for a few moments and

didn’t see as Lee and Stan looked at each other from across her.


     Lee and Stan knew that they had to keep the story going but they had each become

distracted by the feel of Penny’s soft, silky hands working up and down their shafts.  Her hands

would slid up their shafts to their sensitive tips, her palms sliding over them before sliding back

down to their bases and starting back up again.  Both boys were groaning under their breaths

as they raised their hips up to give her access to every inch of their throbbing cocks.  


     But now Penny was starting to go silent and that was never a good thing.  Lee and Stan

looked at each other, silently begging the other to think of something to keep her talking.  

Suddenly Stan spoke up, “So, doesn’t Leonard have some friends?”


     “Oh don’t get me started on them,” Penny blurted out before releasing Lee’s prick, pouring

herself another shot and downing it before returning her hand to his cock.  She didn’t notice as

they grinned wildly at each other or the fact that she was pumping their prick more firmly as she

started complaining about Leonard’s friends.


     Stan reached over and began slowly unbuttoning Penny’s top, revealing her powder blue

bra containing her straining breasts.  Lee helped him spread her top open to expose her chest

as she kept talking about some Indian guy she had given a hand-job too that wouldn’t talk to her.  

They both reached up and pulled the cups of her bra down until her tits sprung forth, her pink

nipples already hard and ready.


     Both of the young men bent forward and began sucking lightly at Penny’s breasts as she

haphazardly jerked their cocks.  She moved from complaining about Raj to complaining about

Howard, never noticing her two friends molesting her chest.  Her hands moved on automatic

pilot, sliding up and down their shafts, never missing an expert stroke as she continued

drunkenly sharing her problems with her two friends.  She had such good friends.


     Stan and Lee took turns feeding Penny drinks between licks and sucks of her wonderful tits.  

She continued complaining about two of her friends, Howard and Raj, and then started bitching

about somebody named Sheldon which was good, it kept her distracted from what she was

doing to them and they were doing to her.  The continued squeezing and sucking on her tits

until the firm, golden orbs were gleaming with their saliva.


     Lee released Penny’s tit from his mouth and looked over her chest at Stan.  “Hey, Stan,

how ‘bout we move to margaritas?” he asked.


     Stan’s head popped up from Penny’s chest and he gave Lee a thumbs up.  “Good idea,

buddy,” he agreed.


     “I would loooove a margarita,” Penny agreed as she released the cocks in her hands.  Stan

and Lee quickly shuffled over to the bar, their cocks still fully exposed and bobbing in the air, and

began making drinks.  Their margarita were basically Mountain Dews in fancy glasses but they

made sure Penny’s was mostly tequila.  She followed them slowly, swaying on her feet, her tits

wobbling on her chest with every drunken step, until she had joined them on the other side of

the bar.


     “Hey, Penny,” Stan said as he held Penny’s drink up and kept moving it out of her reach,

“Aren’t you hot?”


     Penny thought it over for a moment.  “Y’know, now that you mention it...” she began

before being interrupted by Lee.


     “Then let me help you,” Lee said and quickly began unbuttoning Penny’s uniform and top.  

He pulled her top and bra down one arm to free her hand to take Stan’s margarita.  She

grabbed the lightly green drink and took a deep sip, too preoccupied with the tasty treat to pay

attention to him sliding her top and bra completely off, leaving her topless between them.


     “Mmm, guys, this is sooo good,” Penny slurred as she sipped her drink.  When Lee and

Stan held their drinks up she did the same and they all called out “Cheers” merrily before

downing their drinks.  “Bartender, I’ll take another,” Penny called out gleefully.


     “Here, here!” Lee and Stan called out before quickly refilling the drinks.  The two guys left

their drinks on the bar as Stan held out Penny’s drink to her.  He kept it just out of her reach

again as she swayed back and forth until he slowly started lowering it.  Penny followed her

drink down as Stan slowly lowered it until she was on her knees on the floor.  “Don’t wanna

spill any,” he said before giving her the amazingly potent drink.


     “Good idea,” Penny agreed, taking the drink from Stan’s hands and taking a sip.  She

didn’t notice how the boys stood over her or that their cocks were even with her face, she just

looked up sweetly and said, “Thanks.”


     “So tell us about Sheldon,” Lee asked with a smirk.


     “Oh God don’t get me started,” Penny said before going into another diatribe about her

boyfriend’s friends.  Purely out of force of habit she placed her drink down and began

absentmindedly jerking on her friends' cocks again as they helpfully listened to her problems.  

She didn’t think anything about Stan pushing his cock towards her mouth, she just used her

tongue to draw it into her mouth and gave it a welcoming suck.


     Stan groaned in pleasure as Penny’s warm, wet tongue caressed his cock-head as she

sucked him into her mouth, bobbing her head a couple of times as she continued jerking him off.  

She took his prick out of her mouth and looked up at him, continuing her story as if she didn't

just have a cock in her mouth.


     Lee and Stan had discovered when Penny had first moved to California that her weakness

was tequila as far as alcohol was concerned.  She could drink wine by the bottle full and just

wake-up with a mild headache the next day but with tequila she could lose an entire weekend

and never remember it.  And they knew that for a fact after Penny had broken up with her first

boyfriend and spent an entire drunken weekend with Stan practically guzzling tequila.  Stan had

thought he had found a girlfriend but come Monday morning, with a hungover, Penny had

shown up to work she had no memory of their time together.  And the next break-up, Lee

found out the same thing.  And then came the third break-up and they had all three spent the

night behind the bar.  And now it had become a ritual for Lee and Stan.  Tequila night had

been born.


     The key to Tequila Night was cooperation between them.  Stan slid his hard prick out of

Penny's wet mouth as Lee held his right next to her face.  She complained about the Sheldon

guy some more as she jerked Stan off and then Lee slid his prick into her mouth.  She switched

between sucking them off and then complaining again around their shafts before they switched

positions again, both taking turns fucking her mouth and sliding their sticky dicks around her

beautiful face.


     Stan pulled his prick out of Penny's mouth and Lee quickly replaced him as Stan got down

on his knees.  He placed his cock in the center of her silky smooth cleavage an she helpfully

cupped her breasts together and he began fucking her large tits.


     Penny spit the cock out of her mouth and looked up at Stan.  "...can you believe that?"

she asked, continuing her story.


     "Um, no, no," Stan replied as he looked over at Lee.


     Lee got the hint and quickly refilled Penny's drink.


     As she continued pumping her tits around Stan's cock, Penny rolled her eyes in frustration.  

"I know, right?" she continued, "I mean, who likes trains that much anyway?"  She released her

hold on her tits and took the drink that Lee offered her.  "Thanks, sweetie," she told her friend

before taking a sip.  She placed her glass on the floor before sitting up straighter on her knees

and automatically wrapping her breasts around Lee's cock, continuing her story, "So there

Leonard and I were, on my birthday, listening to Sheldon go on about train schedules."


     "That sounds terrible," Stan said and was immediately rewarded by Penny releasing her

grip on Lee to start nonchalantly fucking him with her firm, tan tits.


     "I know, right," Penny agreed as she continued pumping her breasts up and down Stan's



     Lee playfully glared at Stan for a second and Stan stuck his tongue out at him childishly.  

"Penny, you are a saint to put up with those boys like that," Lee said as he gave her a pat on her



     "Thanks, Lee," Penny said as she switched from fucking Stan with her tits to fucking Lee

with her tits.  "It's just so hard to be surrounded by guys all the time, y'know?  Not like it is

with you two," she said with a sigh of frustration.


     "We understand," Lee and Stan said in unison as they took turns fucking Penny's tits.


     As Penny changed the subject from Sheldon to some guy named Stewart who owned a

store, Lee and Stan nodded at each that it was a good time to change themselves.  Lee reached

down and grabbed Penny under her arm.  "Penny, your knees look tired," he said as he helped

her up to her feet.


     "Thanks, Lee, I had a pretty busy day," Penny said as she stood up and then swayed



     "Easy there," Stan said as he reached around Penny, holding onto her breasts to hold her

steady, rubbing his hard prick against her still covered ass.


     "Thanks, Stan," Penny said sweetly, not noticing the way her friend was repeatedly

squeezing her tits and rubbing himself against her.  "I don't think this floor is even," she giggled.


     "Let's sit down then," Lee offered helpfully as he grabbed Penny's wrist in one hand and

her tight ass in the other.  He and Stan led her to a nearby table and turned her around, her

unencumbered breasts swaying on her chest.  "So tell us about this Stewart," he asked.


     "He is soooo creepy most of the time," Penny giggled, not noticing Lee unfastening her

tight slacks or Stan running back to the bar to grab her drink, "I can't believe I went out with



     "You went out with him?" Stan asked as he handed Penny her drink and Lee began pulling

her pants down.


     "Just once," Penny said defensively before taking a drink of her margarita.  She began

unconsciously rocking her hips to help Stan help Lee get her slacks and panties down.


     "And how'd that go?" Lee asked as he finally managed to get Penny's tight pants and

underwear over her thick thighs and down to her ankles.


     "It was okay, I guess," Penny said as Lee pushed her back onto the table.  She sat down

on the edge of the table, her feet dandling off the floor as she took another drink.  "But he's

gotten soooo much more creepy over time," she admitted.


     "Penny, you look thirsty," Stan said as he grabbed her glass and Lee pulled her pants down

off of one leg, "Let me freshen that up for you."


     "You are such a sweetheart," Penny gushed as Lee knelt down and his head poked up

between her thighs.  "Now where was I?" she asked Lee as he draped her legs over his



     "Stewart got soooo creepy," Lee answered as he wrapped his arms around Penny's golden

thighs.  He used his fingers to open her pretty pink pussy, stroking his fingertips up and down

her plump labia.  He extended his tongue and began lightly licking at her cunt, teasing her and

letting her get used to him before he went to far and perhaps snapped her back to reality.


     "He got soooo creepy," Penny continued as Stan handed her back her drink.  She took a

drink before setting the glass down and then reclining back on an elbow on the table.  Her

breasts were pulled slightly to her sides as she unconsciously wound the fingers of her other

hand through Lee's hair.  "And soooo depressing," she continued as she opened her mouth

obligingly to let Stan slide his cock inside.  She bobbed her head back and forth a couple of

times, massaging his shaft with her tongue before letting him pop out of her mouth.  "Did I tell

you he's living in the back of his store now?" she asked Lee.


     "Nuh uh," Lee mumbled into Penny's wet pussy.  No matter how many times they got

Penny drunk and took advantage of her, he was still amazed at how a woman could have sex

without realizing it.  It was almost involuntarily, like breathing.  A person was designed to

breathe automatically without realizing it and Penny was just made to have sex.  He nuzzled his

nose against her clit as he circled the entrance of her vagina with his tongue, dipping it in to taste

her slick juices.


     Stan ran his prick across Penny's face as he toyed with one of her large tits as she looked

up at him.  "That is really something," he agreed before running the tip of his prick across her

pink lips as he held the back of her head a pressed her forward.


     "I know, right?" Penny said before taking Stan's prick back into her mouth.  She

swallowed him deeply, letting his cock-head run against her cheeks before taking it into the top

of her throat.  She swallowed around his sensitive tip before bobbing her head back and forth



     Gingerly pulling Penny's legs off of his shoulders, Lee stood up between her tan thighs and

placed the tip of his prick at the entrance to her dripping cunt and gave Stan a wink.


     "Here, have another drink," Stan offered the naked, oblivious drunk girl and she gladly

took the glass.


     "Thanks, Stan, you're a real friend," she slurred before raising the glass up to her lips.


     As Penny drank down her margarita, Lee pressed himself forward into her tight cunt.  

With every swallow she took of her drink he slid deeper into her, her pussy parting around her

while gripping his shaft, his hands holding her legs apart.  She began moaning around her drink,

some of the liquid spilling out from the corners of her mouth and he could see her eyes

fluttering in pleasure as he filled her golden body fully.


     "Soooo good," Penny murmured through her drink before setting her glass down.  "Th...

thank yo... thank you, Stan," she groaned in pleasure, paying no attention to Lee as he started

fucking her slowly, only concerned with the pleasure she feeling that she attributed to the drink.


     "You're welcome," Stan smirked as he rubbed his prick across one of the drink girl's silky

smooth tits.  "So how's Bernadette?" he asked to get her talking again before she realized what

they're doing to her.


     "Oh my God," Penny exclaimed before gripping Stan's rigid prick and tugging on it before

giving it a small kiss, "She's totally getting married!"


     Lee began increasing his thrust enough that his dangling balls were slapping against

Penny's compacted ass and her large tits were wobbling in her chest.  "That's great," he said as

he released one of her legs and reached up to her chest and began playing with one of her tits,

"To who?"


     Stan slid his cock around in Penny's mouth, exploring it with the tip of his cock, shuddering

at all the different textures inside.  He reached down and began playing with her free tit as she

pulled his cock out of her mouth.


     "Howard.  Can you believe it?" Penny said before returning the cock to her mouth and

bobbing her head.  She swirled her tongue around the tip before taking the shaft farther into

her talented mouth and using her tongue to massage the shaft.  She reached under the hard

prick and began absentmindedly fondling the balls, causing Stan to shudder against her beautiful



     Lee held himself tightly against Penny's amazing body, grinding his pelvis against her and

making her groan around Stan's prick.  His friend looked over at him angrily and Lee smirked

back in response since if Stan came to soon it would leave him all alone with Penny.  He

shrugged by way of apology and began pulling his prick out to let his friends have a turn between

Penny's shapely legs.


     As her friends moved around, Penny took another drink, finishing it off before holding the

glass of ice up to Lee.  "Can I have something fruity this time?" she asked sweetly.


     "You can have anything you want," Lee said with a lecherous grin as he took her glass and

walked back to the bar.


     Penny paid no attention to the fact that her friends were both now pants-less much less to

the fact she was completely naked and getting fucked by them, she just scooted around on the

table to get more comfortable as Stan got between her legs like it was the most natural thing in

the world.  "And, I mean, Howard has changed so much since he started dating her, y'know?"

she said as she spread her legs up in the air.


     "I believe it," Stan said having forgotten what Penny had been talking about.  He gripped

her thick thighs and positioned the tip of his cock at the wet entrance to her cunt before pushing

forward and slipping his sensitive tip inside.  She groaned in appreciation as he slipped forward

slowly as she groaned and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head, her head hanging back

and her blonde hair sweeping the table as he filled her.


     Lee brought Penny her drink just as Stan got the last of his prick inside of the drunk girl.  

Since he and Stan had started drunk-fucking Penny during her break-ups he had discovered that

he was kinda a voyeur.  He got off on watching the hot blonde get fucked and decided that he

was definitely going to record them fucking her next time.  She took the drink and swallowed

half of it before setting the glass back down.  He was a shitty bartender and had just grabbed

whatever three bottles were closest to him and dumped them into a glass before squeezing a

orange in after but Penny seemed to have no complaints.


     "...I mean, I'm not complaining," Penny continued with he legs outstretched and bobbing

in the air, "I'm just saying it's no secret that Bernadette coulda done better and Howard lucked



     "No doubt," Stan added, grunting in pleasure as Penny's tight pussy gripped down on his

prick, rippling along his shaft.  He knew the babbling drunk girl was on the verge of an orgasm

and nodded to Lee to get in there before she popped.


     "I absolutely concur," Lee said picking up on Stan's signal.  He lovingly stroked one of

Penny's large breasts before slipping his cock into her mouth and face-fucking her.  She began

moaning around his shaft as his cock-head bumped the back of her throat and she began

bobbing her head back and forth.


     Penny's toes began to curl inside of her sneakers as her orgasm rose up inside of her body.  

It rolled through her like a warm, comfortable wave and she felt the boys holding her so she

wouldn't fall off the table.  They were so sweet to take care of her and listen to her problems.  

Her entire, luscious body shivered as waves of pleasure coursed through her making her moan

deep in her impressive chest.


     Stan held himself deep inside of Penny's spasming cunt, holding on firmly to her hips as

she came, wrapped around his prick.  Her tits jiggled slightly on her chest as her body stretched

out like a contented cat.


     Lee held his cock halfway in Penny's gasping mouth, keeping himself steady as she began

coming down from their orgasm.  He slowly pulled himself out of her mouth and let her lay

down flat as Stan pulled himself out of her pussy and set her legs down on the table.  Then they

waited.  Whatever mood Penny was in would decide what they did next, continue having sex or

finish real quick and get her dressed before she sobered up.


     As Penny slowly got control of her breathing she sat up on her elbows and smacked her

lips, tasting the fruity alcohol on her lips as she stared with bleary eyes at Lee and Stan.  "Not to

mention Sheldon and Amy..." she began.


     "Yea!" Lee and Stan whispered excitedly, she was still in her snit.


     "Gah!  This table is hard," Penny whined as she struggled to stand up.


     "Let me help," Lee and Stan said in unison.  They helped the struggling waitress to her

feet and kept a hold of her as she swayed dangerously.


     "I don't think this floor works right," Penny complained.


     "Well, let's stand over there," Stan said before he and Lee led Penny to the bar.  

Everything they had been using to make drinks was spread out in front of Penny and Lee noticed

her eyeing it suspiciously.


     "So what about Sheldon and Amy?" Lee asked hopefully.


     "Oh, don't get me started on those two," Penny began as he started mixing herself another

drink.  "Seriously, they've going out for, like, ever..." she began before taking a drink.


     Stan held out his arm to Lee, presenting Penny's upthrust ass to him to signal that it was

his turn.  Lee nodded magnanimously before shuffling up behind Penny as she complained

about her friends.  He slid his hands over her thick, golden ass before parting her cheeks with

one hand and aiming his cock at her drooling cunt with the other.


     Stan leaned against the bar next to Penny and tried to keep the conversation going.  "So

not even first base?" he asked.


     "I don't think they even know what sport they're playing," Penny complained as she felt

Lee nudge against her wet pussy.  On reflex she arched her graceful back to push her ass out

farther and groaned in satisfaction as her tight hole was slowly filled.  "Seriously, I've never

even seen them hold hands," she continued.


     "That is so odd," Lee said as he slowly parted the hot, tight, velvet walls of Penny's pretty

pink pussy.  He held onto her wide hips as he pushed himself forward, burying as much of

himself inside of her amazing body as possible.  He held himself there for a moment with his

balls pressed against her wet pussy-lips, relishing the feel of her body wrapped around him.  He

slid his hands up her sides and then to her chest to her large breasts, squeezing them as hard as

he dare.  "Really, not even hand holding?" he asked as he pulled himself out an slid back in,

fucking the gorgeous, oblivious waitress.


     Penny groaned as Lee's cock began sliding in and out of her.  "I know, right?" she moaned,

"I mean, she's done everything but paint arrows on her legs but Sheldon has no idea."  She

began unconsciously rocking her naked body back with every thrust, getting every inch of her

friend's cock inside her as possible.  "I mean, even Leonard wasn't that clueless," she grumbled

as her heart shaped ass rippled with every one of Lee's thrusts as he grunted behind her.


     "That is so interesting," Stan said as he watched Penny being fucked.  His pants were

around his ankles and his cock was pointing straight at the hot blonde as her amazing body was

rocked back and forth.  "Please, tell us more," he offered as he laid his chin on his fist with his

elbow on the bar.


     "You two are the best," Penny cooed.  She continued talking about Sheldon and Amy's

relationship not even noticing as Stan pulled one of her arms down and wrapped her hand

around his shaft.  She paid no attention as she stared jerking him off while rocking her ass back

against Lee.  Her hand started to fumble her friend's cock as another orgasm began to rise up

inside of her and she started to moan as she talked, "Shel... Sheldon has... has no idea what...

what to... to do with a girl."


     "And... and Amy's fine... fine with it?" Lee panted as Penny's pussy gripped down on him

and rippled around his shaft.


     Penny nodded quickly, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the pleasure she was

feeling.  "I... I think Amy has... has a crush on... on me actually," she panted.  An instant later

her body seized up, her toes curling, and her fingernails digging into the cheap wood of the bar

as she came.  Her juices gushed out and covered Lee's groin as he held himself still inside of her

while she rode out her orgasm.


     Stan held Penny's twitching body up as Lee pulled himself out of her spasming cunt.  The

both lowered her to her knees on the floor and stood on either side of her gasping face.  Her

hands raised up on autopilot as she took both of their pricks and began jerking them off.  She

continued complaining about her friends until she came back to Leonard.


     "It's all Leonard's fault," she pouted before taking a suck and lick on Stan's dick, "I mean,

I've never really had friends that smart before," she went in before sucking on Lee's prick, "And

now I just can't stand to talk to a regular person," she complained before circling the tip of Stan's

cock with her tongue, "Except for you guys."  She licked around Lee's cock-head before bending

over and running her tongue around Stan's balls.  "I mean, I can't even remember what I liked

about my old boyfriends," she whined before licking Lee's balls, "Sure they were good looking

but they had total bricks for brains," she continued as she brought both cocks closer to her face.  

She stuck her pink tongue out and rested her friends' cock-heads there, tugging furiously in their

shafts.  "You know?" she finished.


     "Oh yeah!" Lee grunted as he came.


     "Totally," Stan moaned as he came.


     Both Cheesecake waiters erupted all over Penny's beautiful face, their thick loads raining

down on her face and hair before dripping down onto her tits.  She looked up at them with a

dopey grin before releasing their softening cocks.  "Thanks for listening, guys.  I really

appreciate it," she slurred.


     "No problem," Lee and Stan said in unison.  It was the last thing Penny heard before

passing out.




     Penny woke up with a sour taste in her mouth that was kind of familiar and kind of fruity

but she couldn't place it.  Her face felt kind of strange like there was some kind of film on it.  

She scrapped some off with her fingernail and inspected it.  It was white, flaky and crusty and

didn't have any kind of smell.  It looked familiar but she couldn't place it either so she just

shrugged it off.  She she shrugged her headache roared to life and she suddenly remembered

drinking tequila at the bar after work and wondered if maybe she spilled something on herself.


     She slogged to her bathroom and began taking off the uniform she had slept in and

inspected it but couldn't find any of the white flaky stuff on it.  She looked into the mirror and

saw that her entire face was covered with the stuff as well as the top of her chest.  Her hair was

stuck up wildly and pointing everywhere like she had dunked it in a vat of styling gel.  "What

the hell did I do last night," she asked herself as she started her shower, "I'm never drinking

tequila again."


The End.

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