The Lonely Wolf

BY : lionmode
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Since defeating the Boltons, Jon Snow reigned at Winterfell, trying to balance antagonism by Queen Cersei, rumors of a dragon invasion, and the truth of a White Walker invasion. Despite all this responsibility, Jon still felt lonely. His relationship with Sansa was tense. He had no true companions. No one to talk to. And no one to lay with either. He hadn't been inside a woman in ages. And he needed it.

His sexual frustration got the best of him one day. He was in his bed chambers, staring out at the snow from his window. He wore leather slacks and no shirt, only a fur robe. He was barefoot, and his hair was unkempt. Beneath his leather slacks, his manhood was stiff, begging for attention. Jon had been pleasuring himself as of late, just to get it over with, but it wasn't enough for him. It needed a warm hole. 

As if a message from the Gods, his door opened a beautiful young servant walked in. Jon had seen her before, but never really looked at her until now. She had wavy blonde hair, pale skin, and inviting plump lips. Her breats were perky, and she had a nice figure. She smiled at Jon and bowed her head.

"Your Grace," she said, before beginning to collect some sheets and worn clothes to wash.

Normally, Jon would despise the idea of using his status for sex, but his boner was simply too uncomfortable to ignore. So he decided that he would claim his rights, and take this young girl on the bed.

"Come here," he said.

She walked over to him, and glanced at his partial nudity. 

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Joan," she replied.

"Joan," Jon began, "normally I wouldn't do this, but..."

He unbottuned his slacks and pulled them down to his knees, exposing his hard pink cock protruding from his waist. 

"Your Grace?" Joan gasped.

Jon silently walked up to her, cock waving between his legs, and starting to unbutton her gown. It fell away from her shoulders, and he crouched down to pull it to her ankles. It landed in a heap around her, and Jon stood back up, staring at her awkawrd nudity. Her nipples were pink and hard, and her pussy had a smalll patch of hair above it. Joan's face was uncomfortable but understanding. Jon wasn't dumb, he knew his own sex appeal, and that many women in his life had wanted him to give them what he had between his legs.

"Lay down," Jon instructed.

Joan slowly walked to the bed and laid down on her back. Jon shrugged off his fur robe and kicked off his slacks. Fully nude, he strutted up to her and pulled her legs apart. He knew if her cunt wasn't wet, it would be uncomfortable for him to fuck her, so he gently began rubbing his fingers across her lips. Joan shuddered, but Jon didn't pay attention. 

He dutifully stuck two fingers inside of her and began moving them in and out, to stimulate her just enough to get her wet. Joan breathed heavily but said nothing as Jon finger fucked her. Her breasts began to heave and her legs shook as Jon continued, and she whimpered ever so slightly. Jon's fingers became wet and her pussy clenched around them, and he knew she had cum. He felt nothing though, and was only concerned about his own satisfaction. 

He withdrew his fingers and rolled her around. She yelped as he pushed her onto her knees on the bed and shoved himself inside her. Standing as he began roughly fucking her from the back, Jon grabbed her by the hair with one hand and placed the other on her hip. He rhythmically began pounding her, drowning out the sound of her grunts and squeals as he forced himself deeper and deeper inside of her. 

She panted and moaned, but Jon could tell she wasn't going to cum again. And he didn't care. She was just an instrument for his own pleasure in this moment, her satisfaction was not of his concern. He pulled her hair and pressed her face against the bed. He wasn't being gentle with her, even though she was young, because he didn't care about her.

He rammed into her, appreciating the sound of their flash clapping together. He pinched his own nipple, a sensitive area on him, which helped to speed his orgasm along. After maybe 7 or 8 minutes of fucking her wordlessly, Jon knew his nut was at hand. He fucked her until the very last second, as his face turned red and his cock throbbed. Right at the peak of his pleasure, he pulled out of her.

He grabbed her by the waist and yanked her off the bed. Joan cried out in surpsise as Jon essentially dumped her on the floor. She scrambled to her knees in confusion, but Jon grabbed her head and held her in place. He lowered his cock to her startled face and began jacking his meat off furiously. 

"Open your mouth!" he roared, and Joan quickly held her mouth open.

Jon came at that moment, shooting a huge load of white, sticky, warm seed all over her face and into her mouth. He aimed for her tongue, but his cock had other plans, shooting across her forehead, into her hair, and later down her cheeks and her neck as well. It felt amazing, and gave him the relief he so desperately needed. He slowly stopped jacking off, as the cum began to drip down her face and into her mouth. 

"Clean yourself off," he instructed.

Joan groped around her for something to wipe the cum off of her face with. She found an old sheet, and roughly cleaned her face off.

"Get dressed, and go about your duties."

She silently got dressed, gathered up her sheets, and headed towards the door. Jon sank back down into his chair, fully naked.

"Come back tonight," Jon said, without facing her. "I'll be requiring you again."

"Yes, your Grace," Joan said, before leaving the room.

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