A New Adventure

BY : Snow
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Chief Regan calls his son Danny into his office.

Chief Regan says, "Danny I have put you on a special assignment today with detective Edwards.  I will be heading down to the location later with Sgt. Delgado once he is done with processing his criminals.  This case is to be kept top secret and you are not to talk to anyone about it.  Is that clear?" 

Danny replies, "Yes."  Then he goes to find Detective Edwards.

Danny goes to Detective Edwards desk.

Danny says, " Hi I am Detective Reagan and I will be work with you today.  The chief said he has a special assignment for us today and we need to go to his office for more details."

Detective Edwards gets up and they both walk over to the chief's office.

The chief lets them know that there has been a murder on the beach and gives them directions.  He also lets them know that he has book them a room for the weekend at the resort.  Danny knows he isn't getting all the details but knows better than to question the chief.

The detective drive over to the beach.  When they get there, they find out that it is a nude beach.

Danny says, "This cannot be right."

Detective Edwards replies, "Why don't we go in and find out."

They head into the resort and see a gentleman at the front desk.

Danny says, "Has there been a murder here?"

The desk clerk responds, "Yes, but I cannot allow you to enter the beach with your clothes on."

Danny says, “But we are cops."

The desk clerk says, "I don't care who you are the rules state that you cannot enter the beach unless you are completely naked."

Danny says, "Ok then why aren't you naked?"

The desk clerk states, "I am naked behind the desk."

Danny wanting to verify that the desk clerk is naked leans over the desk and sees that he is completely naked.

Detective Edwards is very comfortable with being naked but notices that Danny is not, so he decides to make a game out of getting naked.

Detective Edwards says, "Detective Reagan how about we make this a little more interesting the last one completely naked has to give the other person a hand job."

Danny says, "You're on and be prepared to lose."

Danny starts out stripping fast.  His shoes and socks fly right off.  Then he rips his tie off and pulls the police uniform shirt part and the buttons go flying.  He lifts his T-shirt off and shows his ripped abs.  His looks over and sees Detective Edwards has taken off his boots and socks and is carefully unbuttoning his shirt and thinks that he is going to win this easily.  Danny unbuckles and removes his belt and then he unbuttons and unzips his pants.  He then pushes them to the ground and steps out of his pants.  Suddenly Danny stops and gets caught in a daydream.  Detective Edwards is removing his T-shirt and revealing he is more muscular.  He unbuckles and removes his belt and then stops and looks at Danny who is still stuck in his train off thought.  Detective Edwards unbuttons and unzips his pants and then pushes them to the ground and steps out of them.  He then removes his black briefs that he is wearing and is completely naked.  He goes over to Danny and removes his boxes and slaps him on the butt.  This snaps Danny out of his daydream.

Detective Edwards says, " I win."  As Danny step out of his boxers.

Danny tries to complain but he knows that they have a murder to investigate. So, the head out to the beach. The walk over to the body and Danny notices that it is a congressman and that he is completely naked.  The medical examiner is there also naked except for a white lab coat.

Danny says, "Why do you get to wear close on a nude beach if I have to be naked."

The medical examiner says, "Fine!" and remove the lab coat not wanting to cause a fight.

Danny also notices that the chief and Sergeant Delgado have arrived, and they are completely naked.  He tries not to start but his seen neither of these men naked before. The chief and sergeant don't catch him staring because they are more interested in the murdered congressman.

The chief asks the medical examiner, "Do we have a time of death yet?  And have you determined what the cause of death was?

The medical examiner responds, "The time of death was about 4 or 5 hours ago, and the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the back of the head.  I am not sure what the murder weapon was yet."

They take pictures and walk around the crime scene look for more evidence.  Once they are done two EMTs come and help the medical examiner room the body.  Danny looks over at the EMTs and immediately gets an erection.

Danny says, "Detective Edwards can you finish up here I have something to take care of?

Detective Edwards responds, “Yes go ahead."  He notices Danny's erection.  

Danny follows the medical examiner and two EMTs out.  He asks the EMTs names and finds out one is named Bill and the other is Henry.  He gets their number and tells that he will meet up with them later.  Danny hangs around and watches them get dressed and head out the door.

Danny goes over to the desk clerk who notices that he has an erection.

Danny asks, "Where is the bathroom?"

The desk clerk says, "It is around the corner."

Danny walks to the bathroom but doesn't notice that the desk clerk is following close behind. Danny enters the bathroom first and then the desk clerk waits a few seconds and enters. The desk clerk goes over to the stall and knocks on the door.

The desk clerk asks, "Do you need some help in there?"

Danny takes a minute because he isn't sure how to respond.  He loves his wife, but he likes a little blow job or hand job from a guy every now and then because she is just too busy to do that.  He sees it as ok to do this because she won't find out. Danny unlocks the door and opens it and sees the clerk standing there and debates what to do next for a second.

Danny says, "Well what do you want to help me with?"

The clerk says, "Well that depends what are you in the mood for?"

Danny says, "How about a blow job and I will give you a hand job in return."

The clerk nods his head in agreement.  He goes over and puts his mouth on Danny's dick.  Danny gets a full erection in almost no time at all.  He goes up and down Danny's dick until he cums.  Then Danny grabs the clerks dick and strokes it and it takes about 2 minutes to get hard and another two minutes before he shoots his load all over Danny's chest.

The clerk says, "I am Richard if you need my services again."

Danny says, " I am in room 311 feel free to stop by anytime this weekend."

Danny cleans up and then heads up to his room.  He finds Detective Edwards on the couch.

Detective Edwards states, "It is time for me reward now."

Danny sits on the couch next to Detective Edwards who already has some porn on the TV.  Danny beings stroking Detective Edward's dick but notices that Detective Edwards is stroking his dick in return.

Detective Edwards says, "Let's see who can make who cum first. Loser has to kiss the winner on the lips." Danny think this could be interesting this is something I have never done before.  Each guy is stroking the other guy harder and harder.  The first one two cum is Detective Edwards. Danny cums about a minute after that. Detective Edwards French kisses Danny.  Danny thinks wow I didn't know that kissing another guy could be so great.







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