Phil's New Experience

BY : Snow
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Mitchell calls up Phil because one of his friend's is having a hard time with a break up.

Mitchell says, "Phil would you mind watch the game with my friend Dave?"

Phil says, "Sure but I am going to have see Dr. Sendroff first, but I am going to have a few people over so one more is cool."

Mitchell asks, "Who is coming over for the game?"

Phil says, " Mr. Jennings, Terry, Bo Johnson, Rainer Shine, Dom and my dad."

Mitchell says, "Well Cam and I are going out to a play otherwise we would do it."

Phil says, "No worries. Clair and the kids are out of town till next week."

Mitchell asks, "Why didn't you go?"

Phil responds, "I had a mandatory relator meeting I couldn't get out of. Just tell Dave around 7:30pm we might play a little poker too."

Mitchell says, "Ok. And Phil try to stay away from the margaritas because you get a little crazy when you drink them."

Phil says, “No I become Fun Phil. Bye"

Phil hangs up the phone and gets ready for his doctor's appointment.

After Phil hangs up the phone he heads up to the bathroom and he leaves the door wide open since no one else is home.  Phil strips down to his underwear and then he does his morning ritual where he kicks his underwear with his foot and tries to catch so that he will have a good day. Phil tries to grab his underwear and falls flat on his face. Then he gets into the shower.

In the meantime, downstairs Dylan comes in using the key that Haley gave him.  He goes into the kitchen for a snack and then heads upstairs.  He hears he shower and thinks that it is Haley, so he waits outside the bathroom.  Dylan notices clothes on the floor in the bathroom so he cleans up the clothes on the floor and takes them down to the laundry.

 As Dylan is coming back up the stairs he hears the shower turn off. Phil is dries off with the towel and then notices that his clothes are missing.  Phil thinks what the heck no one’s home so he gets out naked.  Phil doesn't notice Dylan coming up the stairs because he is admiring his body. Dylan gets up to the bathroom and as he does Phil turns his way, so he gets an eye full of naked Phil

Dylan says, "Mr. Dunphy can you please put that thing away and put on some clothes?"

Phil turns towards Dylan and says, "Sorry I didn't think anyone was here."  Then he closes the bathroom door. Phil think boy that was embarrassing that Haley's boyfriend saw me naked.  He grabs a towel and wraps it around his waist.  He heads to his room to get dressed.

Dylan starts laughing as he heads for Luke's bedroom so he can take a nap.  Phil comes out dressed and looks around for Dylan. He finds Dylan snoring away in Lukes bedroom.  He closes the door on the way out. Phil heads downstairs and decides to strip down because he wants to dance around like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. He moves his shirt and tie.  Then he lifts of his T-shirt and undoes the button on his pants.  He then unzips he pants and pulls them down to the ground.  He steps out of his pants and then places all his clothes on the couch.  He goes and turns on the stereo and make sure not to turn it up too loud.

He is dancing around and having fun until he hears the doorbell.  He answers the door.

The guy at the door says, "I am Bill your wife hired me to clean the drains. Can I came in?"

Phil says, "Sure."

Bill turns and looks and Phil and says, "Nice pants." and then starts laughing.








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