His birthday

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Dennis looked at Tom furtively who was reading a book and smirked before he moved closer to him and slid his hand along his thigh .

“Don't even think about it “

Dennis glanced at Tom an innocent expression on his face .


Tom turned with raised eyebrows at Dennis and rolled his eyes .

“You know what. . Trying to cop a feel “.

“Aww,come on baby ,I wasn't “!

Tom put his book down and exhaled loudly . “Don't’ ‘Aww,come on baby’ me ,Booker.  I know what you were trying to do “.

Dennis leaned back in the couch and sighed as he ran his hands through his hair .

“Yeah okay ,what if I was ? We've been going out for like what ,three months ? I would've thought by now that -”

“What ? That you would've gotten some ass ? I told you I don't wanna be just a notch on your bedpost .  You may used to screwing around , but I'm not “!

Dennis glanced at Tom angrily and stood up .

“Is that what you think ? Tommy ,you how I feel about you ,but if the way I show you how I feel offends you ,then I'm sorry”.

“Seriously ? You're gonna give me a guilt trip ? I can2 figure out why you can't respect my wishes ! You just seem to wanna fuck ! What else am I supposed to think “?!

“I'm sorry if I try to show you love. , even when all you do is push me away “

“I don't . You know I love you , but you just wanna act like a horndog “!

Dennis gave Tom a hurt look before he walked towards the door ,he turned to look at Tom .

“And you just wanna act like a cold fish . I'll be seeing ya “.

Tom gave Dennis a look of surprise as he stood up too .

“I'm sorry ? A cold fish ? Gee thanks a lot ,Booker “.

“Don't mention it ,Hanson . Oh and do me a favor . Don't call me ,please “Dennis opened the door and stopped as he heard Tom .

“What ? Oh come on don't be dramatic . we gotta celebrate your birthday . Remember it's in a few days “!

“Just forget it . I ain't celebrating it with you . Heh it's not we're doing anything anyways “. With that Dennis left slamming the door behind him .  Tom stood rooted on his spot as he stared at the empty space Dennis had been in earlier in disbelief . Why was Dennis acting like the victim when he was pressuring him into sex ? Shaking his head Tom sat down and picked up the book he was reading . He would let Dennis calm down and they would get over his little tantrum .

Dennis sat in his car as he seethed with hurt and anger . So Tom thought he just wanted to fuck him ? Did he think so little of him ? Dennis knew he had a reputation for sleeping around ,but that was all it was .  Dennis felt hurt that Tom would think that he slept around especially when Tom knew he didn't . All he wanted was to show how he felt , but Tom accused him of pressuring him into sex . A pained look passed Dennis’s face as he started the car ,maybe it was time he moved on . If Tom wasn't into this relationship as he was. , then it was time to move on . As hard as it would be ,Dennis didn't want to waste his time with someone who didn't want to be with him . Dennis loved Tom ,but he wasn't going to wait for him to decide what he wanted .  With a heavy heart Dennis drove off .


Tom put his book down and glanced at the door . He hadn't heard a word from Dennis

since he left . Tom was actually getting worried .His birthday was tomorrow and Tom was planning on making a special lunch for Dennis . Tom frowned as he thought back on the conversation , or rather fight they had the other day . Dennis wasn't actually pressuring him , and he may have overreacted a little , but Tom was scared of the actual sex and ,well he never told Dennis . They had only gone so far as oral and nothing past that . Tom really loved Dennis , but before he gave himself to him ,Tom wanted to make sure

Dennis wasn't just looking for a piece of ass .Thinking about it Tom knew Dennis well enough to know he wouldn't really pressure him into anything he didn't want to do ,and Tom couldn't complain .  Turning to look at the countertop that seperated the kitchen area from the living room ,Tom spotted the picture frame Dennis gave him for his birthday last year .It was a stainless steel frame ,with intratic swirls and then on the corner of the frame Tom was etched . Tom smiled fondly as he remembered when Dennis had given it to him ,the dark haired officer seemed so nervous and uncertain .Tom took one look at the frame and loved it . He smiled at Dennis who was waiting anxiously and told him how much he loved it and kissed him . Dennis relaxed and gave Tom one of those smiles he loved .The frame had a picture of the two of them drinking beer at a restaurant , A photographer passed by and took their picture saying they made a good couple . Tom blushed as Dennis smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek . Dennis then asked for a copy which the photographer obliged .

Tom and Dennis were celebrating becoming an official couple and decided to go to their favorite restaurant and bar . As Tom thought about the times he and Dennis had and he realized one thing ,he was the one who pushed Dennis away when all he wanted was to show Tom how he felt ,and not in a sexual way . Dennis was just being himself .Tom realized that he needed to fix things between he and Dennis . He stood up and left his apartment to see what he could find .


Dennis tossed the keys on the table and sat down on the couch with a sigh .He had just finished his latest case and informed Fuller of his results ,luckily it was a success and it didn't take long with Penhal backing him up . It wasn't long before they caught a serial mugger . Not much of a case ,and not something he normally did ,but Dennis wanted something to occupy his mind of his troubles . Namely Tom . Dennis wanted Tom , but not because of his body ,Tom kept Dennis on his toes and he liked the conversations they had . Tom stimulated Dennis on a level that no one ever had . It just killed him that he felt Tom had no interest in their relationship .

Trying not to let his thoughts get to him ,Dennis stood up and stretched , then he heard his phone ring . Picking it up Dennis saw that it was Tom who was calling. Dennis considered ignoring the call ,but decided to see what the other wanted.

“Hello “?

“Um... Dennis ? Can we talk ?”

“About what Tom? I thought we were clear on how you felt “.

Tom was silent for a moment then talked.

“That's what I wanted to talk about. Can you come over . Please” ?

Dennis was about to say no but the pleading tone in Tom’s voice had him agreeing.

“I'll be there in a little bit “

Dennis heard Tom expel a breath.

“Um...thank you . I'll see you then “.


Tom hung up and rubbed his hand over his mouth nervously. He had everything planned , all he had to do was wait and hope that Dennis would listen to him and accept his gift .  A heart shaped necklace that he picked out while looking for a gift for Dennis . After all the time he spent thinking and soul searching , Tom knew he wanted to do this , not only to say to Dennis how he felt but to show him too. Although he was nervous he was also excited. It was time he stopped acting like a child and man up . Tom turned to glance at the bag by his side and peeked inside with a blush . It had an assortment of things he might be using for the night , that was if he could get Dennis to forgive him for the way he acted . Poor Dennis deserved to have someone who loved him wholly .  Tom intended to be that person .A knock at the door snapped Tom out of his thoughts and he practically ran to answer it .

Dennis stood there in his usual jeans and leather jacket , hmmm,boy Tom loved that jacket , it just made Dennis look all the more sexier .

“You could've just came in “.

“No. I just came by to see what it was you wanted “.

Cringing at his cool tone ,Tom steeled himself for some serious ass kissing .

Tom motioned for Dennis to come in and closed the door .

“Yeah , um I just wanted to talk “.

“You said plenty the last time “.

“Booker....Dennis , I'm sorry . I acted like an ass , and well, all I can say is I'm sorry . You were right” .

Dennis gave Tom an incredulous look before shaking his head .

“What are you playing at “?

Tom shook his head

“I'm not.  I had time to think and it scared me to not have you in my life. Please forgive me ‘?

Dennis stared at Tom for long agonizing moments before he smiled and pulled him forward and kissed him .

“Oh baby , there's nothing to forgive”.

Before things could get heated Tom pushed away from Dennis and smiled nervously with a blush .

“Uh,I got you a little birthday present ,it's not much ,but I hope you like it “

Tom gave him a black box shyly and waited for him to open it. .

Dennis looked inside the box to see a silver chain attached to a anatomical simulation of a heart .  Dennis held it up to see it better and noticed the intratic detail it had. It even had the valves and veins etched on it .

“It opens up “.

Dennis smiled at Tom ,and discovered that it did indeed have hinges on the side, he opened it and saw some writing .

My heart --Dennis

“I know it's not much , but it supposed to represent my heart . Me giving you my heart ,and yeah it's cheesy, but-”

“I love it ,baby . It's perfect “.

Dennis was touched by the gift and pulled Tom for a hug .

“I hope you like it “.

“I do like . Thank you . I kinda forgot it being my birthday”.

“Well I didn't, and uh I got one more thing “.

Tom took the necklace and box from Dennis and grabbed his hand and the bag on the sofa then led him to the bedroom .

As they stood by the bed Tom looked at Dennis with what he hoped was sincerity in his eyes .

“Dennis I I ,take me.  Show me what I'm missing “.

“Tommy are you sure ? If you're afraid that I'm gonna leave you because you don't wanna sleep with me “.

“I want this , and I'm sure “.

Dennis saw no doubt in Tom ,in fact what he saw was trust and love .

With a smile he peeled off his clothes as he watched Tom do the same. They climbed on the bed and Dennis wrapped his arms around Tom and kissed him , he ran his hands all over Tom ,lightly pinching sensitive nipples .

“Mmm,I wanna make you feel so good “.

A moan was Tom's’ only answer as Dennis explored his soon to be lovers body and delighted in the moans Tom made. Soon touching Tom wasn't enough for Dennis and he gently pushed him down and began to kiss his throat ,giving little nibbles, Dennis became fascinated with the body beneath him . As he touched a particularly sensitive spot ,Dennis smirked when he heard Tom squeal , the brown haired officer went cherry red ,just as he was going to say something ,Dennis curled his fingers around his cock and gave it a tug . A moan came out instead .  Dennis crawled downward and took the cock in his mouth. Tom search for the bag until he found it and grabbed it and tossed it to Dennis . Distracted by the crinkling of the bag , Dennis glanced at it then Tom .

“Open it “.

Dennis noticed how red he turned and peered in the bag .  He frowned and flipped it over and raised his eyebrows at the contents . Several tubes of lube , flavored lubed .

“I didn't know what to get “.

“”I'm partial to cherry “.

Dennis said it with such an innuendo that Tom covered his face . “I can't believe you said that”!

Dennis chuckled before he took a random tube and unscrewed the top and poured a generous blob and coated his fingers .

He worked a digit in then a second , Tom meanwhile let himself relax , the weird feeling beginning to go away . Then the third finger joined the other two ,and Tom felt a slight discomfort as he began to tense up .  He took deep breaths and made himself relax .

The mouth sucking him helped as he gripped the bed cover and his hips moved up . Just when he thought he would explode ,Dennis stopped and used more lube to stroke his own aching cock .

He grabbed one of Toms’ legs and draped it on his shoulder and gripped his hips. He guided his length inside of Tom.

Tom felt that discomfort but now with a burning. Wincing he held onto Dennis , who leaned in for a kiss and stayed still as he waited for Tom . He whispered words of love and endearments to Tom. After a while he did relax and gave Dennis a shaky smile and a nod. .Sure that Tom was ready Dennis moved slowly not wanting to hurt him. To Tom this wasn't that bad ,it still hurt ,but not that bad. Then Dennis shifted and hit something that made him see stars .

“There ! More “!

Glad to have Tom enjoying himself. , Dennis did as told and with a shove of his hips went in balls deep . He found himself in heaven as Tom moaned out his name. Dennis had one leg over his shoulder while the other he had  to the side as he kept Tom spread open , he looked down and saw as his cock disappear inside of Tom ,the look of bliss on his face ,it had Dennis coming sooner than he wanted. He gathered Tom in his arms as he moved against him and felt him shudder with a long blissful sigh .

Dennis held Tom as they both caught their breath .

“Happy birthday “.*


This is for one of my favorite writers.Hope you like it openpage 

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