Why Own An Earp?

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Why Own an Earp?

The bus was on the middle of the road. 5 feet in front of it was “Welcome to Purgatory”. Smoke poured from the engine as the passengers waited for whatever was going to happen. The bus driver screamed at management into his cell phone.

“Fucking course. I come back here and the bus shits out 5 feet outside town limits” Wynonna says to no one in particular. The brown hair woman in a leather jacket grabbed her bag and began walking. “I should take this as a sign.”

“Miss, miss you shouldn’t be walking alone. The company is sending a replacement bus, should be here in a few hours.”

Wynonna flipped off the driver and passed the signed. “It’s my stop anyways. And mama needs a drink.”


Waverly stood in the bar basement. It was 3 hours before the bar opened. The day before her Uncle Curtis’s funeral.

“You sure about this, baby?” Nicole Haught asked.

“Of course I’m sure. Come on, not the first time we played this game.” The shorter girl walked over to her red headed girlfriend and quickly kissed her. “Please Haught, I need the distraction.”

“Ok, Waves. But remember your safe word.”

“Tacos are tasty. I got it.” Waverly smiled started to take off her clothes. Officer Haught entered the small closet to change herself. She carefully unbuttoned her uniform. She hung up her shirt, folded her khaki pants, and safety stowed her pistol and other accessories in the small drawer she had down here.

She pulled out the other clothes kept here. Nicole walked out of the closet as some weird dominatrix cowgirl hybrid. She wore an unbuttoned, brown leather vest with nothing underneath. Officer Haught’s “pants” was a matching harness. She had an empty thigh holster on her right leg. From her knees down were white cowboy boots. They matched the deputy hat she always wore.

Waverly just stared as her girlfriend walked towards her. Nicole stroked the purple, sparkly cock between her own legs. “Aww, sweet baby. You need help getting dressed?”

“Yes, Daddy”. Waverly struggled with the clasps behind her back. Her girlfriend came up behind her and helped. She then grabbed the headgear and placed it on.

“Open up, Waves.” The Earp did so and then closed it around the bit. “You’re so beautiful angel.” Nicole stepped back to admire her work. Waverly wore a rainbow bra without the middle that showed off her tits. A few straps went up into a collar. She had on a matching pair of panties that buttoned. She also had on pink high heel boots and leather cuffs around her wrists. A pink bridle on her face with a long white horn on her forehead completed her outfit.

“Now bend forward a little. That’s it.” Nicole slid the panties off a bit. “Such a pretty ass. You know, I’m going have to get you a tail one of these days. Will you like that?” Waverly nodded. “But for now, this will have to do.” Nicole grabbed small butt plug and some lube out of the drawer Waverly kept their play gear locked in. She generously coated the plug. “Relax”.

The youngest Earp moaned as her girlfriend slowly slid the butt plug in. “Now stand up straight” Nicole ordered. “Chin up.” Waverly obeyed on instinct. “You look so good angel. But I think you’re missing something.” Nicole grabbed a small silver bottle. “Stand still and close your eyes.”

Something brushed against Waverly’s cheeks. Then it brushed her boobs. She felt it again along abs. “Open your eyes.” Waverly looked directly in the mirror and saw the silver body glitter on her cheeks. She looked down and saw it around her nipple and a small “H” right above her waist. “I can’t have a unicorn that doesn’t sparkle, can I?” Nicole asked. She then playfully smacked Waverly’s ass. “Now get that top shelf ass of yours over to the hitching post.”

Waverly walked over to the small wooden poles with a third pole across them. She dropped to her hands and knees. “Such a good girl, baby. So obedient. Now hands  on the post.” Nicole grabbed the small chains on Waverly Earp’s cuffs and connected them. The deputy took then grabbed the rope on the hitching post to secure her girlfriend’s arms. “Is that tight enough baby girl? Too tight?”

“Perfect, Daddy, Perfect Nicole.” The words were a bit muffled from the bit in Waverly’s mouth but her girlfriend understood. Waverly Earp knelt there in a BDSM unicorn outfit with her arms tied in front of her. Officer Haught savored the sight before walking behind her and yanking down the rainbow panties.

“You’re so beautiful like this, baby. Bent over, tied up and helpless, trusting me to make you feel good.” Nicole twisted and played with the butt plug. It was only a few inches, designed more to prepare Waverly for the anal fucking than to stretch out that tight hole. “You like being fucked by this tiny toy? Well Waves, just wait til you got my real cock in it.”

Waverly gasp as the toy was pulled out of her ass. Her girlfriend kneaded the Earp’s butt cheeks with one hand as she lubed up the purple strap-on with the other. The bartender knew if Nicole wanted she could admire her ass for hours. But Waverly wanted more. “Please Daddy, please fuck me. You got me tied up and my pussy is so wet. So please hurry up and fuck my ass.”

“Aww, are you that needy? My horny little pony? Well, in that case, get ready. And feel free to moan, scream, beg and pray to your heart content.” Nicole lined the 8 inch dildo up with Waverly’s asshole. She spread her girlfriend’s cheeks with one hand and slowly glided the purple cock in.

Waverly grunted as the cock invaded the forbidden hole. But she was soon moaning as Nicole rocked back and forth. “That’s it baby, you love my cock up your ass. Take it. Come on baby.” With each thrust Nicole pushed a few inches deeper into the brown hair girl. Soon her hips smacked into that perfect ass. “So baby, how do you want it? You want me to slowly fuck you to the edge of orgasm and right as you’re about to go crazy I shove you over the edge as you pass out from pleasure or do you want me to wreck this pretty little hole of yours from the start?”

“Rough. Please, Daddy Wreck your favorite hole. Pretty please, with a cherry on top?” Nicole began pounding harder and harder into the little unicorn’s ass. “That’s it, Nicky baby, Daddy, ride me rough Daddy.”

“A cherry Waves? Mm, sounds delicious. Maybe I should use that next time. Get some whip cream, some French vanilla ice cream and just turn you into my personal sundae.” Waverly moaned as Nicole withdrew her cock all the way out. “But you want it rough, Earp? You got it.” Nicole slammed into Waverly’s ass. The hitch post shook at the fucking. Soon the deputy was jack hammering away. The only sounds in the room were Waverly’s moans and Nicole’s thighs slapping against her lover’s ass.

Nicole took something out of her vest pocket. She leaned over her lover’s body and whispered in her ear. “You know baby, I love this ass of yours. Really top shelf. I could stare at it, lick it, worship it, and just fuck it for hours. But I neglect this perfect rack of yours. Nice, big C-cups that jiggle as you’re fucked. Don’t worry, I got them a present.” Waverly heard a small jingle in her ear before Officer Haught reached around and clamped the bells to Waverly’s sensitive nipples.

“AAHH!” Waverly screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure. She continued screaming as she came hard. Somehow all she could hear were the gold bells attached to her tits jingling. Waveryly began slamming her own ass back into the dildo as fast as possible. She leaned into the hitching post even more for leverage.  

“O yea Waves, buck for me. O yea, slam that perfect Earp ass on my big cock.” The sight of perfect little Waverly Earp slamming her own ass onto her cock while covered in rainbows and glitter was almost enough for Nicole to sit back and enjoy. Almost. But she knew Waverly wanted more. Nicole timed her thrusts with Waverly’s. “You want this ass to be gaping for the rest of the day? The week? Well you’re in luck, baby. I’m not stopping til you safe word, and we all know this ass is too slutty for that.”

Waverly couldn’t coherently answer her girlfriend. Her body was overwhelmed with pleasure. “AAHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD MORE!” Waverly felt her girlfriend’s hands all over her body. Nicole rubbed, pinched, and slapped all over her little unicorn. She dipped a few fingers into Waverly’s pussy.

“Mm, baby. You’re so wet for me. Now cum.” Nicole whispered those words into Waverly’s ear as began rubbing Waverly’s clit with one and yanked on bells attached to the Earp’s tits with the other.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” Waverly screamed through the bar. She almost pouassed out from orgasm. She had no idea how many she had or how long she was out of it. By the time she was aware Nicole pulling out of her and whispering compliments in her ear. “You’re so good, baby. So good.” Once Nicole saw Waverly regain consciousness and awareness she pulled out. The officer then returned to the closet for some more fun toys.”I’ll be right back.”


Wynonna finally made it to Shorty’s. The bar stood like an oasis in front of her. “I’m back. Well, at least I actually missed this place.” She walked in the front door. Technically the bar was closed but she knew she could flirt or talk her way into a drink. Half the staff was family last she heard.

Except no one was behind the counter. “Hello? Shorty? Aunt Gus? Waverly? Anyone here? Great, one day I show up and it’s a ghost town. But who left the door open?”

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” The scream came from the basement. Before Wynonna knew what she was doing she kicked in the locked door to the basement and was flying down the steps.

As she got down the step she saw some girl tied up with a unicorn horn. “What the hell is going on?”

Nicole Haught ran out to see a brunette stranger barge into the basement. She put herself between her girlfriend and pointed her gun at the stranger. “I don’t know who you are, but if I were you I’ll leave. And don’t go spreading what you see here around town.”

Wynonna did not like the tone at all. “O yea, ginger butch? And what exactly do you think you’re doing here? Trying to rob the fucking place or live out your Dear Penthouse letters?”

“Tacos are tasty, tacos are tasty, tacos are tasty” Waverly shouted out. She knew that foul mouth voice. “Babe, that’s Wynonna.”

“Waverly?!” Wynonna asked, looking at her baby sister tied up with a gaping asshole and nipple clamps. “Hey, you grew… your hair”

“Wy…Wy…on….na Earp?” Nicole said as realization dawned on her. Her weapon as now lowered.

“Well, looks like you already know the answer to that.” When in doubt Wynonna found a pun. “So, um, I’ll be upstairs trying to drink away this memory.” Wynonna was halfway up the steps when she shouted “Looking good baby girl. Although really, a unicorn? Couldn’t have made it any easier for me to call you horny?”

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