To Cut a Long Story Short

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Disclaimer: I do not own 21JS or the characters. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. All characters and events in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is coincidental.


Five weeks later

The waxing gibbous moon sat low in the evening sky, the faint, luminous glow playing peek-a-boo with the band of cloud hovering over the horizon. Pulling up outside Joe’s Garage, Booker switched off the Caddy’s engine and sat for a moment, marveling at the orbiting satellite’s majestic beauty. He didn’t always take the time to stop and smell the roses. His sole existence consisted of a busy cycle of sleep, eat, work, rinse, repeat. But his fight with Tom had him rethinking his priorities. Slowly but surely, the dark-haired officer was beginning to make some changes. Some things were more important than his job, including his relationship with the man who had stolen his heart, and since making the decision to create a balance in his life, he was starting to feel the benefits. And while he still couldn’t bring himself to speak to Tom about his last case, he had managed to put what he deemed his atrocious behavior, into some sort of perspective. He’d done what he’d needed to do to arrest the perpetrators, and although not proud of himself, he’d achieved the required result. It was a pivotal turning point in his growth from a rookie cop to an experienced investigator. He was slowly coming to realize life wasn’t always rainbows and puppy dogs, and that was okay because sometimes, what came from those challenges were hidden life lessons.

With thoughts of Tom on his mind, Booker exited his vehicle and walked toward the dimly-lit garage. Friday evenings had become their official ‘music and Mustang’ night, where they cranked up the radio and enjoyed a few beers while painstakingly restoring Tom’s vehicle back to its former glory. It was a time to relax, and both men found it a therapeutic way to put the stresses of the weekly grind behind them. They enjoyed each other’s company as coworkers, lovers, and friends, and though they hadn’t moved past the pleasures of oral sex, both men were comfortable with how their relationship was progressing. The animosities of their past were nothing more than a distant memory, and neither officer held a grudge. They wanted their romance to work, and that meant, putting their grievances behind them and moving forward. It wasn’t always easy. Human nature dictated they both felt a certain level of moral justification for their actions, but neither man voiced their opinion. Life was good, and they were content to leave the past in the past and concentrate on a bright and happy future.

Pushing open the door, Booker sauntered inside. When he caught sight of Tom, a slow smile played over his lips. The young officer stood with his legs spread, his body leaning over the Mustang’s engine. Booker’s gaze lingered on the firm curve of Tom’s buttocks, and his tongue trailed over his lips in appreciation of the titillating sight. His boy was oblivious to his presence, and he enjoyed nothing more than observing his lover in secret. Tom had a rare magnetism, and part of his charm was his modesty. Unpretentious to a fault, his lover was genuinely unaware just how beautiful he really was. It was one of the things Booker loved most about him. That, and his altruistic attitude. All in all, Tom was the whole package, and the dark-haired officer thanked his lucky stars every night, for bringing them together.

With his eyes fixed on his target, Booker approached. Tom’s right foot tapped in rhythm to the high-octane strains of Van Halen’s, ‘When It’s Love’, blasting out of the radio. The low-quality, tinny sound echoing throughout the workshop helped mask the dark-haired officer’s footsteps, and he managed to sneak up on his lover unnoticed. Stopping just behind him, he took a moment to admire Tom’s rear end yet again before reaching out a hand and pinching his right butt cheek.

At the unexpected contact, Tom spun around, his raised hand brandishing a large spanner.

“Whoa!” Booker cried out, his arms rising in self-defense. “Jesus Christ, Hanson, it’s me!”

Lowering his arm, Tom’s lips twitched into a smile. “Never sneak up on a man with a spanner.”

“I’ll remember that,” Booker grinned and reaching out a hand, he lovingly wiped a smudge of grease from Tom’s nose. “You started without me. I thought we were going to do this together.”

“We are,” Tom replied, and turning back around, he continued tinkering with the carburetor.

The allure of Tom’s protruding backside was too much for Booker, and sidling up behind him, he grasped his hips and pressed his body against him. “Or, maybe we could do something else.”

Tom’s hand stilled and turning his head, he gazed over his shoulder and into his lover’s dark eyes. “Like?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Booker crooned, his warm breath tickling the back of Tom’s neck. “Maybe something like this?” and moving his hand, he lightly cupped his lover’s crotch.

A low moan rumbled in the back of Tom’s throat, and dropping the spanner, he spread his legs a little wider and braced his hands on the Mustang’s damaged front fender. “Yes,” he breathed, his eyes fluttering closed. “Something like that.”

With skilled fingers, Booker unbuttoned the young officer’s jeans and carefully lowered the zipper. Without hesitation, he pushed the heavy denim down until it pooled around his ankles. Although he could feel Tom’s body quivering in anticipation, he took his time exploring his boxer-clad erection before slowly dragging the soft material down until it too, gathered around his ankles. The cool night air brought goosebumps to the surface of the young officer’s exposed skin, sending an involuntary shiver down the length of his spine. He was in carnal heaven, and he couldn’t wait for Dennis’ talented fingers to work their magic.

Booker sucked in a breath, his eyes roving over the pale globes of Tom’s bare buttocks. He longed to feel the smooth flesh trembling beneath him and caught up in the moment, he unzipped his jeans and released his burgeoning erection. Pressing his cock against the cleft of Tom’s buttocks, he fondled the thick shaft stiffening in his hand. “Mmm, someone’s horny,” he murmured, his lips trailing light, feathery kisses down the column of the young officer’s neck. “Do you wanna get off, baby?”

Tom’s muscles immediately tensed, the unfamiliar contact causing a momentary paralysis. But when Booker started to grind his rigid penis against him, his limbs came back to life and grasping the dark-haired officer’s arm, he stilled his hand.

Surprised, Booker immediately stopped moving and releasing his lover’s cock, he stepped back, a worried frown furrowing his brow. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

Heat flared in Tom’s cheeks and turning around, he rubbed a nervous hand over his mouth. “Sorry, I wasn’t expecting you to…”

His voice trailed off, embarrassment twitching his lips into an apologetic smile. “I want it to be special, you know?”

A slow realization dawned in Booker’s dark eyes and moving forward, he pulled his lover into a tight hug. “Oh, Tommy, I wasn’t going to… I would never do that without your consent. I just wanted to feel close to you, that’s all.”

Feeling like a fool, Tom offered the dark-haired officer a sheepish grin. “I guess I kinda overreacted, huh?”

In an attempt to lighten the mood, Booker raised a questioning eyebrow. “You think?” But when Tom lowered his gaze to the oil-stained concrete floor, the dark-haired officer quickly realized using humor to deflect the uncomfortable situation had backfired. He mentally cursed himself for being a dick and cupping his lover’s face in his hand, he tilted his chin and tenderly kissed his lips. “Hey, I was only joking. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, it’s all right to tell me, okay?

“Okay,” Tom murmured, and bending over, he pulled up his boxers and jeans.

A flicker of disappointment shone from Booker’s eyes. Tom was calling a halt to their amorous play, and although his cock ached for release, he wasn’t about to guilt his lover into giving him a quick handjob. He respected him too much to stoop to that level of coercion, and suppressing a sigh, he tucked himself away, albeit with difficulty. It was an unsatisfying end to what had been a promising encounter, but such was life. He’d deal with it—if somewhat uncomfortably—because he loved Tom, and he was prepared to wait for the day when his lover trusted him enough to surrender his body completely. And when that day arose, Booker knew it would seal the final puzzle piece in place, cementing their relationship, thereby binding them together forever.

Not wanting Tom to feel any guilt, Booker draped a companionable arm around his shoulders. “So, what are we working on tonight? The carburetor?”

A look of gratitude passed over Tom’s face. He felt bad leaving Booker sexually frustrated, but the idea of a quick handjob no longer seemed as satisfying as it had a mere five minutes before. He was man enough to admit the feel of his lover’s cock pressing against him had terrified him, but it had also reawakened his desire to take their sexual play to the next level. Although their fight at the condo had introduced some doubt back into their relationship, he was once again mentally prepared to commit. For the first time since their disastrous vacation, the thought of Booker’s cock moving inside him excited him, but he wanted to do it right. A dirty garage was not the location he had in mind for such a momentous occasion. He wanted their coupling to be a magical and intimate experience, not just for him, but for Booker as well, and that took planning. And while his first attempt at wooing his lover had ended in a fist fight, he wasn’t put off. If life had taught him anything, it was to never stop trying, no matter how many times the hand of fate knocked you down. He was ready, all he had to do was work out a time and a venue, and hopefully, everything else would fall into place.

“Earth to Tommy.”

At the sound of his name, Tom’s eyes came back into focus, and he flashed his lover a smile. “Carburetor? Uh, yeah, sounds good.”

With an amused shake of his head, Booker picked up the discarded socket wrench and started undoing the carburetor bolts. He found the young officer’s shifting moods delightfully endearing and irritating, all at the same time. But he wasn’t about to complain. Tom was his everything, and as far as he was concerned, his life was pretty much perfect.


One week later

By the time Booker left Judy’s apartment, the late Saturday afternoon traffic had slowed to a trickle. Lowering the Caddy’s sun visor, the dark-haired officer mulled over the day’s events as he navigated his way through the near-empty streets of Tom’s neighborhood. He’d spent the past five hours helping Judy rearrange the furniture in her apartment, a task which was—in his mind at least—a pointless, and tedious exercise with little or no gain. But being a considerate man, and a good friend to boot, he’d agreed, if somewhat reluctantly, to assist Hoffs with her sudden strange obsession. It had surprised him she hadn’t asked for Tom’s help too, after all, three able bodies were better than two. He’d even tried to guilt his lover into lending a hand, but the young officer had smiled his beguiling smile and made some lame-ass excuse about visiting his mother. There was an untruthful edge to Tom’s voice that had Booker wondering what he was hiding, but his suspicion was fleeting. He trusted his partner, and if Tom felt the need to keep his Saturday escapades a secret, then he wasn’t about to make a fool of himself by behaving like a jealous lover.

Parking the Caddy outside Tom’s apartment building, Booker switched off the engine. After hauling furniture from one side of Judy’s living room to the other, he was looking forward to a quiet, uneventful night with his lover. Little did he know, the ultimate prize was waiting for him when he arrived home.


Smiling, Tom closed the oven door. By some miracle, everything he’d organized was going to plan, including the cooking of the roast. He cringed when he thought back to his conversation with Judy the day before. He’d approached her after work, when the chapel was almost empty, asking for her help. And so had begun the most excruciatingly awkward conversation of his life. He’d stuttered and stumbled, barely able to look his friend in the eye as he struggled to find the right words to explain his and Booker’s relationship. Without giving too much away, he’d nervously explained how he wanted to keep the dark-haired officer occupied for the afternoon so he could plan something special. But when Judy had placed a comforting hand on his arm, he’d found the inner strength he needed to finally meet her gaze, only to find her wearing a sweet I-already-know smile. Tom’s eyes had widened in surprise as his friend had calmly explained how after his car accident, Booker had confided in her, and she was the one who had left the dark-haired officer’s gifts on his desk. At that moment, everything made sense. Tom had never understood how Booker had managed to find the time to leave his presents at the chapel when he was working around the clock on the assault case, and Judy’s explanation had given him the answer. However, her confession also had him wondering if everyone at work knew about his affair, and passing a nervous hand over his mouth, he’d anxiously asked the question. But Judy had assured him that as far as she knew, she was the only one, and as Booker had sworn her to secrecy, she hadn’t blabbed a word.

The memory brought another smile to Tom’s lips, and with a quick glance at the clock, he mentally ticked off his checklist. When it came to preparation, he was nothing if not meticulous. Dinner was in the oven, there was Champagne chilling in the fridge, and for the first time in his life, he’d set a proper table, complete with cloth napkins and candles. He’d cleaned his bedroom from top to bottom, made the bed with fresh sheets, and secreted his stash of supplies in the bedside bureau drawer. He’d even placed several candles around the room, the thought of which, making him chuckle. ‘Tattoo You’—the first album they’d made out to—lay dormant in the CD player, waiting for someone to hit the play button and release Jagger’s unique voice into the atmosphere. At the thought, a shiver of anticipation ran down Tom’s spine, the recollection of their frantic coupling to the strains of Mick and Co. bringing a flush of excitement to his cheeks. He knew he’d gone a little overboard, but he wanted everything just right. Booker deserved the world and giving him the ultimate gift, was his way of finally showing the dark-haired officer how much he loved him.

A knock at the door brought the young officer back to the present with a jolt, and with one final glance around the room, he straightened his shirt and walked toward the door. His journey had begun, and he couldn’t wait to see where it would lead him.


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