My Punishment

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My Punishment

The story continues from the finale of season five when Chuck and Blair have their last meeting in the casino where Blair wants reconciliation. Chuck speaks with Blair but does not forgive her. He has had enough of her trying to play with his heart. He doesn’t want her anymore. But Blair is Blair Waldorf. She knows what she wants and will get it no matter what. She knows she would have to take her punishment before she could hope for any kind of fresh beginning with Chuck.


Their fight inside the hotel suite was epic. Blair pleaded for forgiveness from Chuck but he was in no mood to forgive her. She had toyed with his heart. Thrown Dan at his face and laughed as he lay wasted in pain. Only he knew the fight he had to fight to keep it together as she flaunted her new boyfriend before him. She tried to come out as a couple before him. She rubbed in on his face when he was ready to be with her and as if that was not enough she kissed Dan in his bedroom. She had broken his heart when she chose Dan even after knowing that he was one who sent the video. She was ready to go to Rome with him for the summer. He was done with her! No more heartache. There wasn’t a heart to break now. There was only a piece of stone that pulsed inside him. His father had agreed to keep him on the board of directors only because he had said no to her and on his sheer hard work that he had put into Bass Industries. The board members had expected that Chuck would be a part of them. They knew his business acumen even if his father refused to acknowledge it.  He wanted to grow now. Chuck Bass the womanizer was dead. Chuck Bass the lover of Blair Waldorf was dead. Only Chuck Bass the businessman existed. Love was no longer for him. He would never love anybody ever again. He would never get hurt like that again. He had promised himself that. 

Blair had pleaded guilty. She was on her knees begging his forgiveness. She had agreed she had made mistakes. She did not love Dan but went to him to feel safe and strong. In control because with Chuck she was never in control. She felt weak…inadequate…not worthy of his undying love. She was escaping like he had done by running to the person least affecting her heart. She was scared of what Chuck was offering…their forever after. She could not do that. Everyone left her…her mother happy with Cyrus…her father happy with Roman…Serena had Eric in her life whom she could depend on…Nate had Chuck and Chuck had Nate…they were brothers for life…but she Blair Waldorf had no one…everyone left her. She chose Dan because his leaving would mean nothing to her. Sure it might hurt her a bit but not kill her. If that had been Chuck she would have died…that she was sure of…if Chuck left her…She would die. She could not risk that and so she left him instead. But she was wrong…the thought of Chuck moving on rattled her…the fact that Chuck might look at someone else other than her with all his love made her nauseous. She knew she would rather die than see Chuck loving someone else. He belonged to her and she belonged to him. The realization hit her like a ton of bricks. She knew she had to act fast. She would not …could not…lose him.


She was too late. Chuck was already lost. He was no longer willing to listen to her. His heart had been ripped apart when she told him that she did not break up with Dan in the morning and then came to him in the evening to declare her love. He was done believing her. He was done placing his heart in her hands. He took it back. It had turned into stone. She returned back to Manhattan broken hearted and exhausted. She had lost him and lost her will to live. She wanted to die…maybe go on her rooftop and jump. She could not bear the pain that was squeezing her heart like a vise. She had cried all the way to New York. Her eyes held no more tears. She saw her reflection in the mirror and then pitied herself. Blair Waldorf had been beaten. She lost. She lost the most precious thing in her life. How did that happen she reflected? She was lost…she was not the Blair Waldorf she knew she was. She smoothened her dress and frowned… where was this Blair Waldorf? and what had she done with her. She opened her closet with a flush and dug deep inside. The box was still there. The dress was still there. The headband was still there. She slowly undressed and wore the same outfit she had worn at Victrola. It was a bit tight but as she put the headband on she felt the same thrill inside her. A shiver went down her spine when she remembered the look he had on his face when he had watched her dance for him. Only him. Shown her who she really was inside. She had enthralled him to the core. She had shaken up Chuck Bass…and with a determined look at her reflection in the mirror Blair Waldorf promised herself. She would do it again!



It had been almost a month since she had been given the reins of Waldorf Designs. Her first show had been a success. Super elegant clothes that were trendy and unique with amazing shades of color. Her second show was explosive to say the least. The entire UES gasped as Blair Waldorf showed off her new inner designer wear…Garter stockings…netted inner wear…lingerie that was scandalous and would be picked up by every man in the audience for his lover. It was all that Chuck loved on her. The photos made it to every newspaper and Eleanor had been livid with rage but she could not deny the profits that just kept filling their coffers.  It was a runaway hit. Chuck raised an eyebrow as he saw the photos of models in extremely hot inner wear. He had avoided her invitation and missed the show. It was everything he would have loved on Blair. She was sending a signal and he chose to ignore it. She was his past and he had no present or future. Chuck Bass was done with women. 

His absence sent her crying after the show. On one side she receives criticism but on the other hand her designs were a hit. She had expected to please him but he ignored her. So he was over her. And that killed her… as she toasted Champagne with her team her heart broke into a million pieces. She wanted to lock her bedroom door and wail like a five year old. And that is exactly what she did. She excused herself from her own victory party and locked herself in her bedroom and cried silently into her pillow till it had become damp with her tears and then hours later she was too exhausted to cry anymore. That night two people slept peacefully. Chuck Bass as he had filled his insides with so much scotch that he could feel nothing and Blair Waldorf who had emptied her eyes out and was dead tired to feel anything.


The next day Blair was off again. She had a goal that she needed to attain. She went into her office and updated her team with their latest assignment. She was busy with her work. Chuck Bass was busy with his. Bart Bass had been watching his son since he removed him from the CEO position. He had been glad when he saw him push the Waldorf girl away. He had finally achieved what he had wanted. A Bass without a heart! Charles would now survive the business world. He was ready to give his son a greater responsibility. The launch of their new Bass Airlines division! He had called his son to tell him about his decision. Chuck had deferentially nodded but did not show much enthusiasm. Bart felt the change in him. He looked different…his son was no longer a child. He had become a man. His poise…his mannerism everything spoke louder than words. He promised to keep his father updated and Chuck left his office with a smirk. His father had finally acknowledged his presence in his business. 


The tenders had been received and he was the first to be surprised to see the name. He had expected her to stay away from him. He had been ruthless to her even insulting the last time they had spoken. There had been no verbal communication between them. They stayed away from each other and they hadn’t seen each other for over two months now. He did not know how the company had been chosen to fulfill their order. It was a mystery as to why the board would approve when he had been given the reins of this project. It was then he realized who had done it! Father…this was his test. Test to see if Blair still had any affect on him. He rose to the challenge. He could bear to see her and talk to her without feeling anything now. He would show his father that he was no longer a kid in heat but a man who was serious about making his own name in the world.



He had not been prepared for this. He was with his project manager his accountant his team lead and his secretary. All men. He avoided women now. But he had not been prepared for this. As they all sat on one side of the huge Mahogany desk in walked Blair Waldorf in what Chuck would say was the most sluttish dress ever. He could feel the eyes of his team undressing her simultaneously. He growled inwardly. What the hell was she doing? The silk skirt was just below her ass. The blouse was a see through and the neck a bit low for his taste. Her coat was on her arm. He figured she had removed it for his benefit. He could not keep his eyes on her face as they travelled to her legs and her breasts. The blouse was too tight showing off his favorite black lace bra. He was getting a hard on and was sure every other male in that room was getting one as well. She pulled the chair too near to the desk disappointing those who thought they could stare at her long naked legs and more.  She smiled her sweetest smile as she greeted everyone at once. She then bent a little to show him her cleavage as he was at a full vantage point and then spoke about why she wanted to be a part of this project and why Waldorf Designs should get the contract to design the uniforms of Bass Airlines. By the time she was finished every male except Bass was drooling like a dog. However Chuck’s brain was running faster than hers. He knew if he chose her than her father would question his decision but if he could pull off the project without any scandal with her then his father would finally accept that he was over Blair and he would never be weak again. 


He got everyone’s input on paper and sent them away. Blair smiled her goodbyes and sat still in her chair. Chuck locked his office with a remote switch in his desk. Only few knew about the lock. She heard the click and smiled triumphantly but inside. Chuck rose and pulled her up. 

She was expecting a kiss instead he growled “What the hell are you wearing for a professional business meeting? Are you out of your mind?” 

Blair watched him intently. He had changed. The Chuck Bass she knew would have had his way with her by now. She slowly removed herself from his grasp and smirked “I think it is this dress that made it easier for your team to choose my company. I know on paper also it is the best choice but I did not want to take a chance. I need this project. I want this project.” Her eyes steeled as she spoke. 

Chuck knew there was something more to it. “So you decided to show off skin so that your chances improved. The Blair Waldorf I knew would never have stooped so low.” Blair smiled. Her eyes deadpan. Chuck flinched inwardly. 

She spoke quietly “The Blair you knew died long ago. This is a new Blair. The one with no limits. The one with no restraint. I want to win this one Chuck. So what will it take?” 

Chuck raised his eyebrows. Something had happened to her that he was not aware of. But why did he care? She was nothing to him. “So you want this project?” she nodded fiercely. “Fine but I have one condition.” She raised her eyebrows in question. “You will never wear such type of dresses to any business meeting ever from now on.” He demanded. She smirked. Had he been affected? 

She moved closer to him till they stood centimeters apart. She spoke whispering “Fine Master…but is it okay if I wear it elsewhere? Like maybe… my bedroom?” She mimicked the submissive partner in a Dominatrix relationship. 

Chuck hissed out his anger. She was baiting him “I don’t care what you do on your own time.” 

Blair relaxed. “Thank you for that concession Mr. Bass. See you at the opening ceremony of Bass Airlines.” Saying that she disappeared just like that from his office. He had unlocked the door just in time for her to go out unable to peel his eyes off of her tight ass.


They did not meet again. She was busy making sure that her project was completed before schedule and he was busy doing the same. She ran between NY and Paris for her shows while he flew between a dozen countries to get the best for his Airlines.  If either had a thought about the other there was no evidence at all in their lives or on their faces. Blair was fast becoming the most sought after for her bold and distinctive designs. She had hired the top most designers from the industry. Chuck Bass was being called the Midas man because he had for once achieved the impossible. He got Bass Airlines ready ahead of schedule. A feat even his father could not but praise before the entire board. Chuck again simply smirked and thanked him. Bart Bass watched as his son walked away from the board meeting. He no longer needed his approval. He was coming into his own. He would soon be recognized as Chuck Bass’s father.  Though he did falter at the thought that Chuck had completed ignored his social life. He had no girlfriends no one night stands…in fact he had even ignored women who had danced half naked at a party set up by a Sheikh in Dubai. He was concerned that maybe…just maybe the Waldorf woman had broken him.  He had wanted his son to use woman not shun them. He shook his head as he realized his son still needed time to understand that women should not be given the power to make or break a man. Bart had allowed Blair to be a part of the project and what surprised him was that his son and she were never together at any meeting. In fact they both had kept their distance. The Waldorf woman had done a great job in designing the uniforms and the insignia on them. He had appreciated her as much but she seemed distant and her nod was barely caught by him. 




The big event was tonight. He had dressed himself as impeccably as always with his dark tux and bowtie. His hair perfectly styled and his Bass brand smirk on his lips. He was proud of himself. He held the same glass of scotch in his hand as he smiled at his competitors and board of directors alike. They were all warming up to him. He was going to make them a lot of money. He smiled politely at the ladies who were hovering around him.  One signal and they would have been all over him. However he completely ignored them. Nate had arrived and mingled with the ladies taking their attention thankfully away from him. He was in no mood to socialize. He was tired and all he needed was a night of peaceful sleep. He scoffed as if that was possible. He panned his vision across the vast ballroom. She was not there. He did not know if she would even attend or not. The invitations had been sent to everybody in UES.


There was a murmur and then gasps and then a ganging up of people. He sighed. She had arrived. She had even paled Serena by what she was wearing that night. Another slutty dress but still elegant. It was a bewitching sight to see a woman that covered and yet that exposed. The color translucent yet glittery. The length was short but not short enough. Every part was suggestive of something being revealed and yet being carefully hidden from prying eyes. She had every man panting. Chuck could not take his eyes     off of her. He tried to glance at her periodically hoping to see that she too had noticed him but that one hour and a half was pure torture because she hadn’t even acknowledged him let alone glanced at him. 


She was being worshipped by her followers. Ladies were throwing dirty looks at her and she was grinning her way towards the Bass directors who all rose to greet her one by one. Even Bart looked perturbed. The fashion industry was talking in hushed tones. Who was this Blair Waldorf? When did she turn from ice queen to sultry siren that enticed every male in the room? And who the hell was the leech beside her because leech he was. Latching himself to her arm to her waist and to her shoulders. He just could not keep his hands to himself. Chuck could see that the leech was non other than Thornton Wice the three time married man with dozens of affairs with his children’s nannies. Why was Blair here with him? Chuck silenced the voice that shouted ‘MINE’ inside his head. He was wiser now. Blair belonged to no one especially not him. She did however playfully remove herself from his grip in a timely manner just to prove that she was not that into him. Thornton as expected had latched his rear to the bar stool and started drinking. 


Blair met everyone in the room except him Serena and of course Brooklyn boy who had wandered along with Serena who dumped him amongst some writers. She walked up to Chuck and spoke with him. Chuck relaxed. He could be himself with Serena though he did not know why she went back to Brooklyn again and again. Blair took a flute of Champagne from the waiter while carefully throwing a glance at Chuck’s direction. What she saw made her blood boil. Chuck and Serena…both talking …smiling. So Chuck could be with Serena but not with her!  She glared at the pair. And then went towards another group of guests. Dan had been eyeing Blair from afar. He wanted to speak with her. He wanted to know why she had done what she had done. She had refused him… that he was sure of but why? He had devoted much time to their relationship and yet she refused him and now she was with no one. Except now with Thornton.  He walked towards her gathering courage. Chuck who had turned just then gripped his glass hard. Dan was moving towards Blair. And just then Blair turned towards Dan. He was just about to speak when Blair passed right by him as if he was invisible and smiled at another lady she knew from UES. Dan looked visibly upset and retreated to a corner. Serena smirked while Chuck chuckled. Dan had been given the cold shoulder Waldorf style. Somehow Chuck remained satisfied by Blair’s attitude towards Dan. Dan had dared to cajole her into a relationship by giving her an ultimatum and here he thought he was the master manipulator. He could never forgive Dan for what he had done especially with the video at the wedding.


It was almost over. The guests were enjoying the music after the opening speech by Bart and then the much deserved congratulations to team Chuck Bass was delivered with resounding applause. A grand dinner and music followed for the party to continue in an informal way. People were letting their hair down getting a bit wild as the music got hot. All the directors went to their homes with their wives that included Bart as well. Blair too walked towards the exit. Thornton had joined her again. This time as they walked together his hand slipped from her shoulders to her back to her lower back and was almost going to touch her ass. Chuck who had been watching all that had gripped his glass of scotch so hard that it had cracked. He was so mad that if Thornton had touched her ass he would have been thrown on the floor bleeding the very next instant.  He did not notice but he did let out a sigh of relief when Blair maneuvered   Thornton’s hand just in time to remove it from her side to his side. He sat there watching their backs disappear. He drank scotch…said goodbye to Serena…ignored Brooklyn and continued drinking for another half hour. 




With a ding his elevator opened towards his suite…the very one that he had redecorated and restyled just for himself. He had added an indoor swimming pool on a wimp. It was the coolest attraction. Nate moving out gave him more space to design. Though he still had an extra bedroom he made sure to add a few other things to make his suite cooler. All the extra time he had brooding was spent doing that. The pool was not too deep and not too big. It was just enough for adults to swim lightly and settle comfortably without drowning.  He spent some of his nights inside the pool when it was too hot. All the furniture had been changed to a more stylish design more ergonomic. He stumbled into his suite. The lights went on automatically. But the lights were dim. Again not too bright lest it hurt his eyes.  He walked towards his bedroom and something had caught in his foot. He looked down to see a black coat on the floor. It looked familiar but could not pinpoint whose and where he had seen it. He took the next step to see a dress seen not too long ago lying on the floor. Next was a bra…then stockings and then on his bed was black lacy underwear. He looked for her on the bed…inside his closet and then his bathroom.  He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not dreaming. It was difficult because he had too much to drink.


Then it dawned on him as he returned back to the living room and walked outside towards the balcony which opened to the pool. He slid the glass partition aside and stepped outside his suite into the balcony and walked towards the pool. He removed his shoes and socks with his eyes fixed on the vision in front of him. She was staring at the water with a glass of scotch in hand. She was standing inside the pool comfortably resting against the wall. The water reached her breasts and waves lapped against her chest.  She had been waiting for him for a long time. The party was her undoing. He had sat there so sad and forlorn that she could not stand it anymore and had left faking a headache. He walked slowly wanting to make sure that this was not a dream…a mirage…an apparition. That inside his swimming pool stood Blair Waldorf. He removed his coat tie shirt pants and boxers. He still saw her…Blair Waldorf in his pool… stark naked… without a stitch…fully exposed waiting for him.

She had lifted her eyes from the pool to him as soon as he slid the door. Their eyes locked and remained so till he was naked and inside the pool along with her. She kept aside her glass and walked towards him while he reached for her. His touch flamed the fire that was already burning inside her since she first saw him at the party. He placed his hand on her cheek and then put the other on her back and pulled her towards him. He leaned into her and kissed her delicately as if testing if she was real. His second kiss was a tad slow as his hot lips touched her soft ones…his tongue traced her lower lips asking her to open which she did willingly. Then he deepened the kiss clinging to her for air. As their tongues danced hotly against each other Chuck knew it was real. Blair Waldorf was in his arms for the night. 


She waited for him to make the first move which he did. He pulled her towards him so hard that their cores were pressed against each other now. He was fully hard and his cock was throbbing against her lips. He kissed her feverishly deepening his kiss each time. Claiming her lips her tongue with his. He pushed her to the end of the pool against the wall. She was giving him full access. He felt as if he had a right to it. He did not know from where his possessiveness had originated from maybe when he first touched her but she had been his since then. He caressed her core her stomach squeezed her breasts with his soft firm fingers making her moan again and again. She did not speak…did not say his name but simply enjoyed the sensation that was Chuck Bass.  Her smooth ivory skin was making him crazy. He wanted to eat her if that was possible. He wanted her in the most caveman way like tonight. And so he claimed her hiking her legs wrapping it around his waist and pounding into her like he was never going to stop. Blair clutched him as he moved inside her sending shivers through her spine. She was so erotically charged that she might have come at the first thrust itself but she held as best as she could. His pounding was bliss to her. She had missed this …his arrogance…his expert mating moves…his knowledge of her sensitive parts…his touch…his hot lips…his possessiveness…his caress. She wanted him at that moment…she wanted him like she had never wanted anyone in her life before. He kept thrusting fast then slow  then fast then slow and then in a different angle that pushed her past her limits of control and she came undone in the most sexual way possible. She cried out but did not say his name. She clung to him hard and breathless. He came just after her spilling himself into her and holding on to her like she was his lifeline. There was nothing but silence for minutes and their hard breaths then he started to cup her breasts and caressed them and then let her down slowly to kiss her nipples. Leisurely sucked them and teased till she was moaning again. He pulled her to him and turned her around. With her back to him he made her bend a bit as he pushed himself inside her. His aching throbbing member thirsting to be inside her once again. She was ready though. As much as the first time had been great it left her wanting more. She moved her legs to give him more access as she put her hands on the wall to support herself. They gasped in unison as their cores met again and fused. He started to fuck her slowly this time. They took their sweet time climaxing after a while. Her body completely burning because of his touch and his bites. He had sucked her in places she did not know felt so good to be sucked. The third time had been too much for both of them. As Chuck ravaged her with an all consuming hunger and finished spilling inside her again…her legs gave way and he had to practically support her entire weight as she felt the orgasm rip through her. After they both cooled down Chuck picked her up bridal style and took her to his bedroom. She was half asleep by then. He sat her on his bed and pulled a towel to dry her off thoroughly. 

She was pushed below the covers and he too followed her after drying himself off. They slept like they hadn’t for the past year. Deep and peaceful. It was four am when Chuck felt Blair move against him. He opened his eyes to find her hand moving on his chest towards his stomach and then on his manhood. He moaned. He was hard again. Removing her hand he moved between her welcoming legs as she opened her eyes to meet his. They did not say a word as he moved inside her slowly languidly and then teasingly. Blair threw her head back and arched her breasts towards him. He kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples till she was moaning against him urging him to move faster with her waist. Her legs around his hips pulling him closer and closer till there was no space for air. They made love again slowly…in a hot way that they both enjoyed… looking into each other eyes with intensity that shocked each other. They climaxed again holding each other tight and breathless to express their feelings. Their cries filled the room as they reached the crescendo and slowly floated down again. They slept in each other’s arms. 

It was seven am when Chuck felt the vibration. He opened his eyes to see Blair sleeping on the other end of the bed. She was facing the other side with her back to him. Her naked chest was heaving and he heard small sobs that she was clearly trying to silence. Chuck stayed still too shocked to do anything. The old Chuck would have reached for her and held her assuring her that everything was okay but the new Chuck was wary. He did not know what to do. Did she want him to acknowledge this? He did not know why she was crying. Was it because she slept with him? Was it because they did not speak about it? Was it because she thought she had lost something by coming over?  He could not believe that their night had such a sad ending. Now Chuck was wishing that Blair had never come here. He dare not ask the question lest the answer be that she thought this was a mistake. He wasn’t strong enough to handle it. He sighed and closed his eyes dismissing the tear that fell of the corner of his right eye. He acted as if sleeping. He could clearly hear her crying softly. After sometime she sighed and sat up. She wiped her tears with her hands and stood up. She quietly picked up her clothes went to the bathroom…took a shower and dressed. She then took her purse and coat and walked up to Chuck. Kissed him on his forehead and left without looking back. As the elevator doors closed and the bell rang Chuck opened his eyes and ran his hand through his hair. He did not know how what why all this had happened. He wanted to forget it because thinking about Blair was like a knife being put into his heart slowly painfully torturing him. He could not bear the pain anymore. He had to forget this ever happened.




A week had passed since that night. Chuck went back to work. Blair never spoke with him nor met him again. She was busy with her next assignment. She no longer had a project with Bass Industries or Bass Airlines. She went about doing her job till they both saw each other at the fashion show being held at the Palace. He had come alone and she had come with a guy whose work was being showcased in the show. She looked at him and he looked at her once and then they were busy doing their own things till the fashion show ended.  Chuck said goodbye to his business peers and she left the guy at the venue to go back home. Chuck went to his suite. He had already removed his coat and loosened his tie. He was a bit drunk again. As the doors opened he could smell her perfume. He followed it. He got rid of his shirt and pants and by the time he reached his bedroom the boxers were off as well. On his bed lay Blair reading a magazine…again completely naked and hair pinned up exposing her neckline clearly. He closed and locked the door and crawled on his bed like a predator as she looked at him kept the magazine aside and lay flat on her back beckoning him to come to her with her raised arms. He did not need a second gesture.

This time their love making was animalistic too. The bed creaked as they flung towards each other trying to melt into one being. Their cores meeting again and again. Their moans reaching a feverish pitch. Their tongues and hands expressing all that they could not through their mouth. They came again and again till early morning. They lay absolute exhausted and snuggled into each other’s arms. It was morning   and again Chuck could hear her crying at the far end of the bed. She did her best to be quiet but he could hear her clearly. She wiped her tears again as she slid out of his bed and went to shower. Chuck swallowed a lump that was forming in his throat. He still could not bring himself to comfort her. He did not know what was wrong with him. This was his Blair and yet they had gone so far away that they could no longer speak to each other. Sex had become their only language and they did their speaking using it.  He closed his eyes as she came out of the shower dressed and kissed him good bye and left. He threw away the covers to sit up then. He held his head in his hands cursing himself for slipping again. He would be careful the next time. This would not happen again but it did.

Again and again he found Blair in his suite naked waiting for him….wanting to speak to him in his bed on his couch in his pool . She spent entire nights telling how she felt about him but not a word passed between them. It was now a regular thing for them. She would not come for a few days and then all of a sudden she was there the entire night. He did not mind. He was too busy with his career to keep focus on her. 

They were still not speaking to each other. He was now an important member of the Bass Board of Directors. He had been given a second project of Brooklyn Hotels. He had them eating out of his palms as he made this one a success as well. It was a small but important project as Bass Hotels opened for the first time in a middle class area. However the success of the launch and the inauguration was enough to seal his place in the company. He was being respected for being Chuck Bass. His father looked at him with pride albeit with skepticism. He knew his son and nowadays he had seen him smile genuinely at people. He was becoming popular and yet he had no lady on his arm. He was curious as to how were his needs being met but Chuck had very clearly given instructions to not allow anyone near his penthouse suite. No girl had been seen near his hotel and he wasn’t eyeing anybody female in his office either. Chuck had indeed changed. Bart approved of this change however he needed Chuck to be a family man as it would be good for business and for him.

It had been more than eight months now and they were still not speaking. However there was a small change which was that they could now say monosyllable words during their love making. Single words like faster…fuck…yessss…hmmm…oh my…please… perfect…beautiful…more…again. Words like that. Chuck had no schedule for this neither did she… they did not text…they did not call…they just met and fucked like long lost lovers till dawn and slipped into dreamless sleep. Then something happened. Chuck came to his suite as usual. He did not know if he would find her there or not…not that he cared. She was not there. He shrugged his shoulders and went to sleep. The week had passed and still no Blair. He raised his eyebrows to the empty suite as if asking it the question. He waited but nothing came back as answer. He went to work as usual but his mind wandered. It was now two weeks and he had not seen her. They usually met at least thrice a week and it was the fourteenth day now and still no sign of her in his suite. He had become cranky for the past few days. He shouted at his secretary for something that was entirely his fault. He apologized afterwards though. Every time the elevator opened he looked up with anticipation. His eyes wandered towards the pool again and again hoping to find her miraculously naked waiting inside the pool. He got angry at his thoughts. She had left him again. He should have known that this was too good to be true. He had fallen for her again. She had broken his heart again. He pulled out his bowtie removed his shoes and socks and crashed on his couch to sleep. 

It was one am when the elevator opened and Chuck woke up rubbing his eyes to see who it was.  She moved like an angel…her sweet scent filled the room as she glided past him into the bedroom.  He could hear the shower and the rustling of her removing her clothes. She was in for about ten minutes and then came out rubbing her naked self aware of him standing at the door. He seemed angry and did not move to undress. She dropped the towel and walked towards him swaying her hips smiling. She tore his shirt open and proceeded to help remove his belt pants and boxers as well.  As she put her arms around his neck pulling him towards her she spoke softly for the first time against his lips “Paris assignment took longer than expected …took the earliest flight out.” Saying this she kissed him tenderly as if apologizing and then touched him massaging his hard on. He hissed somewhat assuaged by her explanation. Her eyes did not lie. He believed her. He picked her up as she wrapped her legs around him and crashed on the bed. He took her in an animalistic way…as if punishing her for being away so long. For not coming to him sooner…for making him wait. She took his punishment with pleasure. Her cries were evidence that she loved every minute of it as she moaned in pleasure kissing him and telling him wordlessly that she was not leaving him again. They made love as usual all night long. Drained they both fell asleep. 

Morning came and this time Chuck woke up as soon as he heard her. This had become a habit with him. Her first sob and he was awake. This time something made him move. He moved across the bed settled behind her and pulled her to him in one swift motion. She gasped at his touch. Her tears still flowing… her sobs still coming out. He turned her towards him and put his arms around her pressing her flush to him. She cried harder than before into his chest but slowly calmed down to say in a small weak voice “I am sorry.” It was all he had to hear to hold her tighter and kiss her forehead and make her sleep soothing her with his hands. She was quiet after a few minutes. Tears wetting his chest but he did not care. His eyes were wet as well. He was feeling again after many months…his heart was beating again…he felt alive. They slept holding each other. That morning she got dressed as he looked at her. She did not meet his eyes but kissed him on his lips and left. He went back to sleep.




The next week she was there almost every night. They made love in an unhurried way till dawn and she left early only because she did not want the paparazzi catching her. They spoke little and mostly was a yes or no question being asked…like are you cold?…do you want to use the bathroom first? Would you like a drink? Would you like to have dinner? But then again the night was different. Chuck was holding her in his arms and she had been sleeping peacefully. Chuck was awake. He caressed her naked back lazily feeling her warm body against his. He had noticed subtle changes in her. She seemed curvier…happier. There was a certain glow in her eyes and on her face. He was admiring her satin locks of hair when suddenly at six am she pushed him away and ran to the bathroom. He could hear her throwing up. She was there for quite sometime. Chuck’s first thought was the return of her problem but she had never been doing this before. She had a healthy appetite and was hardly under stress. Her success had made her feel more secure than ever. Even her mother was praising her. He could think of nothing that would bring the habit back. He waited as she came back into the bed room. Chuck noticed her…she was not worried. In fact she was calm and even …glowing! She did have this smile that she happened to smile every time he touched her stomach like she was ….oh no! Chuck knew it then as she slowly sat on the bed. He could not believe she would do that to him. He was right to not trust her.

She looked at him expectantly. His eyes told her that he knew why she was throwing up. She had known for a week now and wanted to tell him. He shook his head in anger and said “This has to stop Blair. You have to stop this. You cannot make me come back to you like this.  If this was a game between us then I would have been okay but there is a new life now. How could you bring our child into this? Did you want to own me so bad to stoop so low?” 

His words were a slap to her face. She did not know how to react. She had expected him to be happy angry but happy. Her face fell when she understood the implication. She stood up in front of him and asked in a weak voice that shook “Do you want me to get rid of ...?” 

Chuck looked at her anger coursing through his veins as he almost hit the wall beside him “Blair enough! This is our child we are taking about.” 

She nodded scared at his action but no longer wanting to wait for him to realize. She needed to explain “Chuck…do you really think I would want this to happen this way? I plan everything Chuck but I did not plan this. I simply forgot to take my shot because I was too busy working. I admit it was my mistake but this…this did not happen by purpose...I swear Chuck. Please believe me.” 

Chuck looked as she clutched her stomach…tears running down her cheeks as she looked at him pleading to trust her. When Chuck did not speak she went on “and about owning you…who owns whom Chuck? Do you think I, Blair Waldorf, like wearing slutty dresses? Do you think I like parading myself half exposed at parties? Do you think that the Blair Waldorf whom you know so well would come to a man in secret at night to make love to him and sleep with him again and again when he doesn’t even want to speak to her? Do you think this is easy for me to lay beside you to have you kiss me to take me all night but not say a word of how you feel about me even once. For eight months Chuck I have been coming here telling you what I feel about you and you have never once acknowledged it. Do you know how it feels to… to not be stopped even once when I leave because you got what you wanted and now I can go? For months now I have felt like a cheap slut who loves you but cannot tell you because you might stop me from coming near you again. And the worst thing is that I am okay to be treated like a slut but cannot… cannot bear the thought of being away from you…Chuck do you think I own you…or have you owned me for these past eight months? I can… I think I can take it if you don’t want me but to not want our baby…Do you not love us at all? Blair burst into tears and fell on the bed unable to keep her feelings inside anymore. She hated herself and hated loving Chuck so much. 

Chuck stood still as he saw her body shaking as she sobbed on the bed naked. She sat up after sometime when he did not say a word. He simply took a soft shawl from the closet and covered her and held her in his tight embrace on the bed. Blair stiffened but then relaxed against him. 

“How far are you?” he asked softly. 

“Almost two months. I came to know last week. I wanted to tell you immediately but did not know how you would react.” 

He pulled away to look at her tear stained face. How did they end up here? He shook his head again in disbelief “We messed up again Blair. When will this stop? We have a child now and we still can’t be honest with each other. I have been hiding my feelings for far too long now. I was hurt Blair. What you did to me by going to Humphrey almost destroyed my belief in our love …in my love. I died when I said no to you in Monte Carlo. I thought if I told you what you wanted to hear at the casino hotel then you might get scared again like I was forcing you into it. I did not want you coming to me because I told you I was moving on. Just like the last time we spoke about being together. This time I did not want the decision to be mine. I wanted it but I wanted you to make the first move …to be clear in your head that you wanted me and me alone and that too forever. I don’t think I can survive another heart break Blair. I cannot live without you…I don’t want to live without you. And so when you came to me I put my anger first…my disbelief first but never my love. I have been so blind in getting you to speak first that I missed the fact that every time you came to me …every night you spent with me…you were speaking to me…apologizing to me…telling me how much you loved me. I am such an idiot! Forgive me Blair please…and I forgive you for the past. I want to bury this forever and have a new beginning. A clean slate. Let us forgive each other and begin our lives afresh from this point with our child and our love. What do you say?” 

Blair looked at him. Tears were forming in his eyes. He was touching her stomach tenderly and pleading to her. She smiled and nodded “yes Chuck Bass I would like that very much. I want us to start again with a new chapter that has our family in it.”

Chuck pulled her nearer and kissed her tenderly at first and then at her chiding deepened the kiss till she was left breathless and aroused.  He laid her on the bed and looked at her lovingly “I can’t believe we are going to be parents. But before that I need to apologize to you for making you cry so much. I cried too but I shouldn’t have let this go on for so long. Blair please forgive me. I am so sorry…he kissed her eyes…so sorry…he kissed her nose…so sorry…he kissed her lips…so sorry…he went down and kissed her stomach…kissing his child and apologizing again and again until Blair pulled him up and they made love this time talking teasing kissing touching moaning and telling each other how much they loved the other. Noon came and Blair was ready to go. Only this time Chuck went with her. She had a doctor’s appointment and he wanted to be there with her. Their photo was taken and put in every media outlet. The gossip soon began in UES. Chuck and Blair back again. Serena was the first to call her. She shouted her congratulations without malice and just like that she got her best friend back.  Chuck proposed to her the same week and Blair Waldorf carried the eight carat diamond on her finger. She was the most talked about person now. Dan was perplexed as usual. He did not see that coming. He tried to speak to her and that she did. She told him the difference between him and Chuck Bass was that Chuck will always be her love while he was a mere distraction. That left him speechless. Serena was even more excited when she came to know about the baby. 



However Bart Bass was disappointed in his son. He was now making rounds to make sure Chuck was removed from the board of directors but it was turning out to be a formidable task than he had expected.  They clearly preferred Chuck. Chuck was saddened when he came to know about his father’s plans but he did not say anything. However Blair sensed it. Their wedding was a fortnight away and the   duo had still not made up. So she had to do something.  Their doctor’s appointment was over and they got the sonogram and the sex of the baby. They had decided the name mutually. Chuck was in his office taking care of work when Blair left him. 

Instead of going down to the limo waiting for her Blair took the elevator to Bart’s office. She met with the secretary who did not have the guts to say no to Blair Waldorf soon-to-be Bass.  Bart raised his eyebrows when she was announced. He had not been expecting her. Blair smiled at him and told him about the impending wedding. He nodded saying he got the invitation. 

“Are you coming?” she asked point blank. 

Bart had always admired her guts “Blair just because you get to boss my son does not mean you can boss me around. I may give your wedding a miss.”  

“Does that mean that you will still try to get Chuck removed from Bass Industries despite his stellar work for the company?” 

He sighed “Look Miss Waldorf I understand that you had hoped to come into more money through Chuck but I really need not explain my actions to you. Chuck is weak. He needs to be taught a lesson.” He looked at her stoically. 

Blair burst out laughing. “Oh! Mister Bass…do you really think that Chuck would still need you to get rich? I can bet you that by the time he is thirty he will make his first billion. That’s how good he is and it is so sad that you can’t see this even though your board of directors can. So I don’t know what kind of lesson you are going to teach him. Anyway I just came to tell you that if you don’t make up with your son before the wedding then I will make sure that your grandchild will never get to know you ever!” She raised her chin challenging him. 

Bart looked at her surprised “Grandchild! What do you mean grandchild? Are you…how long…why didn’t anybody tell me?” 

Blair smiled “yes I am four months pregnant and I will make my threat come true. And you would have known that had you taken an interest in your son’s life.” 

Bart looked at her suspiciously “Well done now you are carrying the heir to the Bass throne. Not a bad move Blair.” 

Blair shook her head. “This was not planned. It just happened like Chuck and I did. We did not plan to fall in love. It just happened and we were too stupid to understand just how powerful it was until we almost lost each other. I love Chuck Mr. Bass and if you do not make up with him then my son will never see his grandfather again ever. Is that understood?” 


Bart looked at her shocked “Son…I am going to have a grandson…so soon. I can’t wait to see him.  Of course I will make up with my son. I meant to only shake him up not put him out of the company. He is too valuable here.” He confessed. 

Blair smiled and answered “In that case there is brunch tomorrow at Lily’s please find time to talk to your son. Because I want to see my son see his father love his grandfather.” Bart nodded accepting defeat. Blair left after saying goodbye.

Chuck was massaging her swollen ankles in their penthouse which was being emptied as they were moving to their new place in UES.  They were alone.  Bart had made up with Chuck at brunch. Chuck was surprised to say the least but realized who had set this meeting up. He agreed for the truce to please his to-be wife and his son. 


“So what would we name him?” he asked. 

Blair looked at him and replied “Henry Charles Bartholomew Bass.” 

Chuck paused “Feels too European. Why can’t we name him simply Henry?” 

Blair glared at him “No way! my child is not going to be without a middle name. You choose… should it be Charles or Bartholomew?” 

He thought a while and replied “Let it be Bartholomew. Father was kind of hoping we would give him his name. The middle name would be a consolation prize for him. He is getting too excited for his first grandchild.” 

Blair laughed “I know. He is planning to buy him all kinds of stuff. I am scared that he might overwhelm our son.” 

Chuck nodded “That is entirely possible. He has changed somewhat.  And speaking of change…how are your hormones holding up?” he asked winking at her. 

Blair frowned as he was teasing about her feeling horny a lot. She just smiled sweetly “Just know that you have your work cut out for the entire month. Remember our nights in the pool and your bed…well…think of that as a trailer and what I want is the whole movie.” 

Chuck looked at her in mock horror and replied “That was your punishment and this is mine isn’t it?” Blair laughed nodding as Chuck pulled her to him kissing her starting his punishment early.


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