Hunting Humanity X

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Sam's eyes fluttered open and he could hear the sound of the car horn blaring. Liam was lying between the seats, his hand still firmly clutching Sam's arm, but his other hand was empty and Dean was gone. “Hey,” Sam shook the blond who came around with a soft groan. “You okay?”


“I think so,” Liam answered, sitting up. “But where's Dean?”


“No idea. He was there, and now he's just gone.” Sam got out of the car to silence the horn.


Liam got out too. “Well he has to be somewhere. Let's look for him.”


“Good idea,” Sam nodded. “But which way?”


“The same direction the black cloud was going,” Liam started off.


They walked for quite a while before finding Dean unconscious on the ground. Sam ran over to kneel down and check him. “Hey, you okay?” he gently shook his brother.


Dean's eyes opened and he sat up, looking around confused. “Yeah. Where's the car?”


“About a mile that way,” Sam pointed in the direction they had come from.


“What?” Dean couldn't believe it.


“Seriously? The darkness hit. You disappeared. You remember none of this?”


Dean went quiet as he tried to think. “She saved me.”




“The Darkness.”


“Wait a second. What do you mean she saved you?”


“You were there. When the storm hit, everything went dark.”


“Yeah, but you just disappeared from the car.”


“I don't even remember that.”


“Well, I don't remember some woman pulling you out.”


“I don't really remember much of anything,” Liam commented. “I remember feeling like I was kicked in the gut, and then I woke up still holding onto Sam. You were gone.”


“Well, what do you want me to say, okay?” Dean started getting testy. “I was in the car, and then I wasn't in the car. I was in the field, and she was there.”


“And she told you she was the darkness?” Sam asked, trying to get a sense of what was going on.


“No. She was wearing a name tag. What do you think? She thanked me.”


“For what?”


“Setting her free.”


“You didn't set her free. I set her free.”


“Does it matter?” Dean got to his feet. “I mean, yeah, you said the spell, but I had the mark, so lock and key.”


“So, what, now she feels indebted to you or something?”


“I don't know. She's a Darkness. Does she feel anything?”


“And that's all she said? Thanks?” Sam asked as they started walking back to the car.


“Yeah. She was weird. But she had this energy about her, this focus. But, yeah, not a talker. Well, we know what she looks like, and we know that she's evil. The question is, what does she know? I mean, she's been locked away since the beginning of time. Does she even know what a cheeseburger is? All I know is that we set her free, and we're gonna put her back in, no matter what it takes.”


“Why can't life ever be simple?” Liam mumbled.


“It is for some people,” Dean responded. “Speaking of which, we need to talk.”


“Not right now. I already know everything you're gonna say since we did this song and dance before.”


“But last time was a little different. Last time the mark was still on me, and that was a problem. We don't know exactly what the fallout is yet, but it's gone now.”


“And since last time I was put through even more hell. I need some time, okay? Plus, we do need to figure out what's going on here.”


“I get it, but we're still...?”


Liam rolled his eyes. “Yes.”


When they got back to the car they got the wheel out of the pothole and started driving. It wasn't long before they came to a construction site littered with dead bodies. “What the hell happened here?” Dean stopped and they got out.


They heard a sound behind them and they turned around. “Hello?” Sam called out.


A menacing looking construction worker started approaching them slowly. Dean pulled a gun on him. “Oh, that's not a happy sight. Hey, easy, buddy. Just stay cool till we figure out what's going here, okay?” The guy kept coming at them. “Kind of narrowing my options here.”


“We don't even know what he is,” Sam pointed out.


A shot rang out and hit the construction worker in the back. He fell and a woman in a police uniform revealed herself. “Weapons on the ground. Slow,” she demanded while aiming at them.


“Easy, officer. We're FBI, okay? We got badges,” Dean tried to assure her.


She pumped her shotgun. “Don't. Show me some skin.”




“All of you.”


“Is this like, a 'Magic Mike' moment?”


“Your throats!”


“Oh, you think we're...” Sam figured it out. “Look, we don't even know what these are.”


“I need to know you're not one of them.”


“One of what?” Liam asked.


“Let's go!”


“Okay, all right, look. Huh? See?” Dean said as he pulled down his collar to show her his neck. Sam and Liam did the same.


“Good. Let's see those ID's,” she was satisfied.


Dean noticed she was wounded. “All right, take it easy, okay? Bad guys?” he gestured to her injury.


“Rebar. I sought cover. I fell.”


“Okay. Why don't you tell us what happened here?”


“911 reported a family in distress. I arrived to find several hostiles attacking said family. Oh, god, it was horrible.”


“How long you been on the job, deputy?”


“Okay, three weeks.”


“Okay. I'm Dean. This is Sam and Liam. Just breathe. Okay? Speak plain. What happened?”


“They killed them all.”


“Who?” Sam asked.


“Road crew. It was, they were like rabid dogs. I fired off a warning, but they didn't stop. They...”


“You killed all these?” Dean motioned around at all the bodies.


“I knew some of the boys, but they didn't look... Something was wrong. They were...”


“They're not human,” Sam said.


“Hey, look, I can stitch that up, but, uh, it's gonna be ugly,” Dean motioned to her injury again. “You got a hospital around here?”


“Up the road.”


“Alright, here we go,” Dean went to get back in the car and motioned for the others to follow.


They drove to the hospital, and all was eerily quiet. “Well, this is encouraging,” Dean said as he parked. “Wait here,” he said to Jenna as the men got out and Dean opened the trunk.


“So, what are you thinking?” Sam asked quietly while his brother started grabbing weapons.


Dean shrugged. “I don't really know what to think. And I don't know what to expect either, so I'm just gonna chuck it all in.”


“This is the Darkness, right? It's got to be.”


“So, what, she shows up and everybody goes '28 Days Later'? We didn't.”


“Well, we have...,” Sam looked to Liam. “We have some high connections, and we were in the car. You said she protected you. So, I mean maybe it wasn't her. Maybe it was the smoke, and anybody who was outside, like the road crew, they were exposed. I mean, you saw that. That wasn't human.”


“So, what? The smoke mutated them? Sure, why not? Just a couple hours ago, I killed Death. I'm pretty much open for anything. But mutated into what? Alright, you know what, one thing at a time. Let's just get her some help, and then we'll deal with whatever comes next.”


They walked into the hospital and there were more dead bodies lying around. It didn't seem like there was anyone left. “I got to call this in,” Jenna seemed worried.


Dean shook his head. “No, bad idea. More people, more bodies. We'll deal with this.”


“You know what, Dean, I'm gonna take a look around. You sew her up,” Sam said as he headed off on his own.


“Alright, you know this place?” Dean asked Jenna.


“This way,” she led them to an exam room.


“I got this,” Liam said as he started looking around for what he needed.


“The FBI train you to treat injuries?” Jenna asked curiously while she watched him.


“No, I'm kind of a jack of all trades.” He put on some gloves and got out a needle and thread along with a few more instruments. “You wouldn't believe me if I told you the whole story. I apologize in advance because this is gonna hurt,” he warned her as he started to disinfect the area.


She winced a little, but she seemed more bothered by the situation. “I knew those boys' sisters, their parents.”


“You did what you were trained to do. It's all right,” Dean tried to assure her.


“They don't train you to shoot your friends. I panicked. I could have...”


“Those boys weren't boys. They were monsters, and they were a threat. Anybody could have panicked. Not anybody could have done what you did.”


“Dean is right,” Liam added. “I've seen people who thought they were tough run from similar situations. You did good.”


“This job is supposed to be saving people,” she didn't seem to feel any better about it.


Dean couldn't help a little chuckle. “Yeah, well, it sounds better on paper, doesn't it?”


Sam found them and he had a man with a newborn baby in his arms. “This is Mike. I found him hiding in a supply closet with his newborn daughter.”


The man just looked down at his baby. “The doc said it was gonna be a tough birth, but Janie, she stepped up. The twister hit, the power went out. She just kept on going. No drugs. Just pushed out this little dewdrop like she was nothing. Then Janie started bleeding. They tried, but... You'd think they'd know how to stop something like that.”


“I'm so sorry, Mike,” Jenna offered her condolences.


Liam seemed a little affected by the story. “Yeah, that... Nobody ever expects it, and with the power out and everything...”


“You think you could tell us what happened here?” Dean asked.


“I went outside, after... To collect myself. A truckload of them pulled up.”


“The road crew?” Sam guessed.


“They didn't say nothing. They just went off, attacking folks like they were possessed. I tore back inside to get this little one. I found that supply closet, and you know, been there since. I could hear them though. Tearing through the halls. Doctors, nurses, they didn't care.”


“You said the road crew went nuts. Did any of them come after you?”


Mike nodded. “Yeah, a few of them.”


“Did they cut you or bleed on you?”


“They did.”


“I don't understand. What are you saying?” Jenna didn't like where the conversation was going.


“He's saying that whatever this is, it might be transmittable,” Dean explained.


“What? We don't even know what this is. Now you're saying it can be passed on?”


“He's right,” Mike looked upset. “I can feel it. Inside. Something's happening.”


“How long has it been since you were attacked?” Dean asked.


“Three, four hours. The real question is, how long till I become like them?”


“No clue,” Liam answered. “Since we don't know what this is, we don't have any answers. Do you feel it getting stronger quickly?”


“Yeah, it's... I don't know how to explain it.”


“Should he even be here with us?” Dean was concerned. “Well, you know where I stand,” he crossed his arms.


“No, you're not... You can't be serious,” Jenna didn't like that train of thought. “And if he goes out there, they'll kill him.”


“So, we just wait around for him to kill us? Oh, yeah, that's a plan,” Dean rolled his eyes.


“Or we just wait for him to die,” Sam suggested. “There was a, whatever you want to call it, a 'rabid' attacking the closet door, and he just died. These things have a shelf life.”


“But how do we keep him from infecting us?” Liam asked. “Tie him up?”


“I can't believe what I'm hearing here,” Dean shook his head.


“No, he's right. We lock him up, we find a cure. This is a hospital,” Jenna insisted.


“Yeah, well, call it a hunch, but I don't think you're gonna find this in the medical books,” Dean snapped.


“I didn't open up that closet door to find a cure,” Mike interrupted the conversation.


Dean turned to him. “Look, Mike, I'm sorry, but this is untenable.”


“I know. That's why I thought maybe we could make a deal. I'll go find somewhere quiet and lay low until this is over. And you save my baby girl.”


“Yeah. You've got yourself a deal.”


“And I thank you for that. I truly do. But I wasn't talking to you.” He turned to Jenna. “I know you. I've seen you in church since you were knee-high. Please.” He handed the baby over to her.


“I don't even own a Guinea pig,” Jenna was surprised at the idea.


“There you go, little girl. There you go. Thank you. Thank you all,” Mike said as he quickly left the room.


Dean watched him go. “Why do I get the feeling that that is gonna bite us in the ass? You good?”


“Oh yeah, aces,” Jenna answered.


“Alright, let's gear up.”


“That might be tricky,” Sam was looking out the window and a truck with more of them pulled up.


“What's he doing?” Jenna asked when Dean started checking his weapons.


“We made a promise,” Dean said as he started to prepare himself for a fight.


“To do what? Charge out there, guns blazing? We don't even know how to kill them,” Sam argued.


“She does. Chest, right? I'm guessing heart.”


“This is madness,” Jenna started freaking out again.


“No, that is madness,” Dean motioned out the window. “This is horse sense.”


“Save Mike's baby, but shoot Mike. Tell me where that makes sense.”


“Look, we can just wait for them to die,” Sam suggested again.


“And how long is that? And when they infect others, how long is that? No, we stay here, that baby dies. We did this, Sam. Okay? We broke it, we bought it. You know there's no other way.” Dean's phone started to ring and he answered it. “Where the hell are you, Cas?”


“I'm okay,” the angel answered.


“You don't sound okay.”


“Dean, I am fine. Besides, what I have, you can't help me.”


“What do you mean, what you have?”


“Just please tell Sam that Rowena escaped with the Book of the Damned and the codex.”


“Okay, forget Rowena. Where are you?”


“Now, you tell me, the mark?”


“Oh, really? You're worried about me after everything that I’ve-”


“Dean, is it gone?”


“Yes. I'm good. I mean, I'm not great.”


“Makes two of us. This is good news.”


Dean put his phone on speaker. “Okay, your turn. Talk to us about the darkness.”


“Why would I talk about the darkness?”


“Because it's free,” Sam explained.


“No, that can't be.”


“Removing the mark opened some kind of lock. Dean saw her.”


“The darkness is a woman?”


“Well, that's what we're asking you. We were hoping you could tell us what kind of defcon screwed we are,” Dean said.


Castiel was quiet a moment. “Goodbye. It may be some time before we see one another again.”


“Wait, Cas!” Dean cried as the angel hung up.


“FBI my ass,” Jenna mumbled.


“Fine, you got us,” Liam sighed. “We're... We deal with the crazy shit, and this definitely qualifies,” he motioned all around them. “But we need to decide what to do quickly.”


“I already told you what we're doing,” Dean insisted.


“Dean...” Sam sighed in frustration. “Look, I get it. I do. We're gonna save that baby, okay? And we're gonna find Cas, and we're gonna stop the darkness.”


Dean turned to his brother. “Okay, so what are we talking about?”


“The plan.”


“We have a plan, okay? It's the same plan as it's always been. In order to get out, we go through.”


“And? How's that been working for us?”


“So far, not good,” Liam commented.


“We're here, aren't we?” Dean argued. “We can't save Cas if we're stuck in some hospital, okay? Just like I can't strap on a time machine, go back, and tell Cain to shove that mark up his ass, or stop you from releasing the darkness. Now, have we made mistakes? Yes. Hell, yes. And we can analyze each and every one of them over a couple of frosties when we're old and farting sawdust and out of this room! Right now, all I can do is I can gear up, I can head out, and I can save that freaking baby, which is exactly what I'm gonna do.”


“When did we forget how to do this?” Sam wasn't giving up.




“Dean, if we don't change, right now, all of our crap is just gonna keep repeating itself.”


“That's what I said when you told me you didn't destroy the book,” Liam grumbled. “I told you you were making the same mistake all over again.”


“You did,” Sam admitted. “I stand by my reasons for not listening at the time, but... This kill first, question later. What happened to us? Hunting things, we're good at that. Sure, we're great at that. But that's only half of the bumper sticker, man.”


“Sam, I am trying to save that baby,” Dean wasn't in the mood for arguing.


“And what about the others out there?” Sam motioned out the window.


“You mean the ones trying to kill us?”


“I mean the ones that are sick, the ones that are dying.”


“Yeah, who won't rest until they've infected us all.”


“So we just forget about a cure?”


Liam raised an eyebrow. “So, we don't know what we're dealing with, but you're gonna cure it in the next ten minutes? Sam, it doesn't work that way, never has.”


“There is always a cure. You just have to want to find it.”


“Yeah, how are you gonna find it if you're dead?” Dean pointed out. “And around and around we go.”


“Saving people means all of the people, Dean. Not just that baby. Not just each other. I unleashed a force on this world that could destroy it to save you.”


“And I told you not to.”


“And I'd do it again. In a second, I would do it again. And that is what I'm talking about. This isn't on you. It is on us. We have to change.”


“So, basically, you're on a suicidal mission because you feel guilty,” Liam said. “That's not much better than unleashing the damn thing in the first place. Won't solve the problem either.”


Sam shook his head. “No, that's not it. I want to get back to the way things used to be, like when we helped you. You were a vampire, but helping you was the right thing to do.”


That seemed to spark something in Dean. “What are you thinking?”


“Get Jenna to the car. Get her and the baby somewhere safe.”


“Without a shot. And what are we gonna do about those things on our tail?” Dean was skeptical.


“They won't be on your tail.”


“No way,” Dean could tell what his brother was thinking.


“You said it, Dean. We broke this.”


“Yeah, we broke this, okay? We did.”


“I heard it in your voice when you agreed to take that child. I get it. You do what you do. But you've got to let me do what I do too.”


Dean looked to Liam who shrugged. “You know Sam better than I do, and even I can tell he's set on this.”


Dean sighed. “Fine.”


Sam went out into the hallway and got the rabids to chase him. “Come on,” Dean motioned to the others as they made a break for the exit.


They stopped when they ran into Mike who was completely turned. “The baby,” he mumbled.


Dean pulled his gun, but didn't fire. “No. We're not gonna hurt you, Mike. As long as you leave that baby alone.”


“Amara,” Mike struggled to get out. “Her name is Amara.” They watched as he collapsed and died, and they ran for the car to get out of there.


They drove for several miles before stopping at a gas station. “You good?” Dean asked Jenna as she got out of the car with the baby.


“Yeah. Baby. Poop. What could go wrong?”




“I have no idea what I'm doing.”


“Neither did we once upon a time, but we figured it out.” Liam tried to assure her.


“You guys have kids?”


“Yeah, well, Sam does. When we're off doing what we do, their mother takes care of them.”


“Listen, I know things might seem dark right now, hell, call it pitch black,” Dean was trying to assure her as well. “And you may not be able to see it, but your way back is right there. You and her. You're gonna help each other.”


Jenna gave a little smile. “Joy comes in the morning. My grandma leads a Bible study.”


“Ah. Well, let's go with that.”


While Jenna went inside Dean pulled out his phone to check on Sam. “Hey, you good?” Sam answered.


“Yeah, about forty miles outside of town. As far as I can tell, it's isolated to Superior.”


“Well, that's something.”


“How about you? You okay?”


“What'd you expect? Like it or not, I'm gonna find a cure.”


“Yeah, I know you are. Man, things are screwy right now. I know we don't have any answers, but at least we got one win, you know?”


“I hear you.”


“Alright, I'm gonna run Jenna up to her grandmother's. Shouldn't be more than a few hours. Then we clean up that town. We find the Darkness, and we kick her ass.”


“Yeah, that's great, Dean. That um, sounds like a plan.”


“I think he's in trouble,” Liam commented when Sam hung up.


“I think you're right,” Dean put his phone away. “But not much we can do now besides trust him to figure something out until we get there.”

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