Kinky Little Clary

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"Hey babe." Izzy beamed as she slipped into Clary's room and closed the door behind her.

"Hey." Clary murmured softly, still deep in thought and nervous, and also just blinded by the other girl's beauty.

With another beaming smile on her face Izzy closed the distance between them and pressed her lips against Clary's for a brief yet passionate kiss before she pulled away. She then frowned at the expression on her girlfriend's face, and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Clary said quickly and unconvincingly, Izzy barely needing to give her a look before she caved, "Okay it's know I love you and everything we do together. It's just that... lately, I've been wondering if we could try... you know, some toys? If that's cool. If not I totally get it. I would never-"

Izzy cut off Clary with a kiss. She loved it when her girlfriend rambled, so much so she just couldn't resist just watching her go, but usually she bailed her out eventually with a soft, sweet kiss, and this time was no exception. Normally a soft, sweet kiss led to them making out, and the fact that this wasn't the case was really telling. Hell, Clary didn't even properly kiss her back, her lips just staying still, showing how nervous she really was. Which was of course ridiculous, because Clary should know by now that Izzy would do anything for her, but as she somehow hadn't quite got the message yet Izzy pulled back, smiled sweetly, and made herself perfectly clear.

"Sounds like fun." Izzy beamed.

"Yeah?" Clary grinned.

"Yeah." Izzy confirmed, "Besides, I would do anything for you. You know that right?"

"I..." Clary blushed, "Yes, but... I don't know what you're into."

"So ask. Or better yet, I will." Izzy grinned, before pushing, "So, what kind of kinks is little Clary Fray into?"

"I don't know." Clary blushed again, "I've never had a girlfriend before, so I thought we could maybe find out together."

"Oooooh, sounds like someone has a plan." Izzy beamed.

With a little smile Clary told her, "Look under the bed."

Quickly doing as she was told Izzy smiled widely and grabbed the parcel beneath Clary's bed, "Is this a present? Because you know I love presents."

"Open it and find out." Clary encouraged, before chuckling at how quickly her girlfriend tore off the wrapping paper.

"Ohhhhh, a strap-on!" Izzy exclaimed excitedly, before chuckling, "You're kinkier than I thought Fray."

"I, I thought that would be a good starting point." Clary blushed.

"Starting point?" Izzy raised an eyebrow, before leaning in with a chuckle, "Exactly what's going on in that pretty little head of yours? Huh? What's kinky little Clary Frey want to do to me?"

There was a long pause, then Clary slowly leaned in so their lips were almost touching, then she pulled out a pair of handcuffs from her pocket, making Izzy's eyes light up. Then before Izzy could ask any further questions Clary closed the distance between their lips, the two girls finally exchanging a kind of passionate kiss which was the norm for them. Another norm for them was Clary pushing Izzy down and getting on top of her, half because the tiny redhead was extremely good at taking her off-guard, and partly because the brunette allowed her too. Which was the same reason Clary was able to push Izzy's arms upwards and handcuff her to the bed post. That, and the kiss was really, really distracting.

For the next few minutes Clary either kissed her lips or her neck while sliding her hands all over her, quickly making Izzy regret allowing herself to be handcuffed. Fortunately she had worn the right attire for it, namely a extremely low-cut black dress which made it easy for Clary to pull out her full breasts so she could start massaging the bare flesh with those wicked little hands of hers. Then things got even better as Clary kissed her way down her body, wrapped her lips around a nipple and swirled her tongue around it before gently sucking on it. Clary then did the same to the other nipple, kissing her way up and down each boob as she did so to make sure the surrounding flesh got some attention.

Having matured early Izzy was very used to having boys going crazy for her big tits, but even the most boob obsessed guys paled in comparison to Clary Fray. Izzy remembered their very first time together being afraid that Clary was stalling because she had been unsure about going further, when Izzy's pussy had never been more desperate for attention. Partly because she had just gone down on Clary, but mostly because she had wanted this girl ever since she first saw her, and to have her but not receive a release would have been torturous. Luckily Clary had delivered, although it felt like there was an hour of foreplay first, which again made Izzy second-guess her decision to allow her girlfriend to restrain her, as this time might be literally an hour or more before Clary finally moved on.

Clary loved big boobs. It wasn't something she had been ready to admit about herself until she met Izzy, but the curvaceous bombshell had been just too much for her to resist, and now they were together it was hard for Clary to control herself at the best of times. But right now? Right now she had Isabel Lightwood handcuffed beneath her and helpless to stop Clary from spending all night on her big tits. Well, that wasn't true, as Izzy was never truly helpless, and could have probably got out of this if she really wanted too, especially with her legs free. Which just made Clary want to secure Izzy's legs and literally spend hours worshipping her girlfriend's amazing chest.

As incredibly tempting as that was deep down Clary knew she could never be that cruel to anybody she liked, let alone adored. But she couldn't resist entirely, which was why she tried to strike the right balance between indulging in her lust for Izzy's huge boobs and moving on before her girlfriend started whining. That included gradually increasing the force of the suction, digging her teeth gently into the nipples before soothing them with more licking and sucking, and even slide a hand down to gently caress Izzy's pussy through her predictably soaking panties. Which admittedly just made Clary want to move on almost as badly, but it got her what she wanted, namely more time with Izzy's big tits, even if she could never have long enough with them.

Then perhaps inevitably Izzy whimpered, "Clary!"

"Shhhhh, it's okay, I got you."  Clary promised as she kissed her way down Izzy's stomach, pulling her girlfriend's pants off as she went. Then when they were all the way off she had an extra wicked idea, then with a wicked grin she pushed those panties gently against Izzy's mouth and ordered, "Open up."

"Mmmmm, you really are kinky Clary." Izzy chuckled, before opening her mouth wide and allowing Clary to push her panties into her mouth, careful to make sure that they were turned inside out with the part that had been covering her pussy being the first thing to touch her tongue.

"Oh God." Clary gasped as Izzy first moaned, and then shut her mouth, before correcting herself, "I mean, by the Angel. That's what we say, right? When we can't believe something? Because I can't believe this Izzy. I can't believe how sexy you are right now, mmmmm, tasting yourself on your own panties. Letting me tie you up and gag you during sex. But then, I guess this is the only way to get you to shut up while I'm eating your pussy, huh? Mmmmm, yeah it is, because you're a talker. But not right now. No, mmmmm, right now you need to slowly clean those panties of yours, while I lick your pretty little pussy, until your panties are clean and you spit them out to beg me to make you cum. But if they aren't properly cleaned, I just may leave you tied up here."

She was tempted to add 'and you'd probably like that, wouldn't you', but they both knew that wasn't true. Sure Izzy would act like she did, but she quickly get impatient and find a way out of the cuffs, or worse be really pouty and upset that Clary had left in such a state. So Clary couldn't do that, no matter how hot imagining her girlfriend all wet and ready for her when she got back to her room would be. Besides, this was no time to think about that. No, Izzy had been so good, and it was time to give her the reward she so richly deserved. Well, maybe a little bit of teasing first, but just a little, Clary promised herself. After all, she'd had to move back up to push the panties into Izzy's mouth, and it would be a shame not to kiss her way down her body again.

To Clary's credit she didn't spend nearly as long on Izzy's boobs the second time around, but she didn't exactly skip past them either. She tried to settle on a happy middle by only spending a few minutes on them, and going right for the rough groping and practically frantic sucking, but that was more than enough to have Izzy writhing beneath her and whimpering her name through the makeshift gag. So soon she was kissing her way down Izzy's stomach until her head was in between her legs, at which point Izzy closed her legs tightly around her head, trapping her there. Not that Clary could really blame her, and she kind of liked being pressed close to Izzy's pussy, which she eagerly began licking.

Izzy was still annoyed that Clary seem to spend a few long seconds just savouring the moment or whatever, but it was all worth it when she could feel that wonderfully soft little tongue press against the bottom of her pussy and slowly make it's way up to the top. Clary even lingered on her clit, just like Izzy taught her. Of course Izzy taught her to linger for longer, and then linger on the clit, but Clary had a nasty habit of spending on time after that completely ignoring her clit in favour of long, slow licks to the rest of her pussy. Which was exactly the technique that Izzy used on Clary, but that was hardly the point, because Izzy was supposed to be the tease, and Clary was supposed to be the inexperienced but eager to please baby gay. Or baby bi, or whatever Clary was.

The point was that the tease had become the teased, and as much as Izzy adored Clary it could be really frustrating sometimes. Like right now, for example. Because honestly, hadn't Clary teased her enough already? Because Izzy already wanted to spit those panties out, or better yet start begging Clary for more through them, knowing that her girl had a soft heart and would probably give her what she was aching for if she asked for it. Of course she didn't want to take the risk, no matter how small the maybe, that Clary might make good on her threat and just leave her here, aching for an orgasm, forcing Izzy to wait for her surprisingly kinky girlfriend to return.

Which was also why she couldn't pass up the chance to close her thighs around Clary's head, just to make sure she wasn't going anywhere. It was totally misbehaving, but thankfully it caused Clary to giggle, clearly taking it as a compliment, and not forcing Izzy to squeeze her pretty head with her powerful thighs as the other girl tried to get away. Not that she could squeeze too hard, as she would never truly want to hurt her, but in her current state of arousal Izzy couldn't guarantee she wouldn't accidentally hurt Clary a little. Although no less than Clary was hurting her right now with her insistence on a slow, gentle pussy licking, which increasingly had Izzy whimpering pathetically.

Admittedly as frustrating as this was Izzy had to admit, Clary was really impressing her right now. Not only was she delightfully kinky, but she had played Izzy at her own game and handed the proud, confident tease a humiliating defeat. Albeit one which was incredibly pleasurable. Oh yes, if only the other defeats she'd received were this pleasurable. Something which unfortunately Izzy had to concentrate on to keep herself even slightly under control, along with thinking about other un-sexy things, like her brothers and her lack of approval from her mother, but even those extremes were having trouble working right now. Mostly because the brunette just couldn't stop looking down at the beautiful redhead in between her legs.

Clary looked up a few times which allowed the two girls to lock eyes for a few blissful minutes, which was something they both love during sex as it made it so much more intimate. It was especially fun for Clary right now, as instead of Izzy grinning confidently and wickedly down at her she just looked annoyed, impressed and maybe even a little pleading, with those panties still stuffed in her mouth. And the entire time she knew just passed those eyes Izzy's arms were restrained to the bed posts, leaving her powerful girlfriend helpless before her. Or at least as helpless as Isabelle Lightwood could ever be. Which she was only doing for her. Because she loved her, and wanted to make her happy.

Their relationship was perhaps a little too new to be throwing the L-word around, but at least in the comfort of her own head Clary could admit that she had been falling for Izzy since the day they met, and ever since they got together that metaphorical fall had rapidly increased in pace until she didn't think it was possible to love Isabelle Lightwood more, and yet she was proven wrong each day. This being a perfect example of that, as while Izzy would definitely be up for some bondage fun with others, and a certain amount of teasing, there was no way she would take this from somebody she didn't also love. Or at least have very strong feelings for. Which she was practically telling Clary every time they locked eyes.

Admittedly this could be just stupid little Clary getting ahead of herself, which was why she was trying to desperately hold back on just how deeply she felt for Izzy, and apparently failing dismally given what her friends had told her, but she didn't think this was one-sided. Well, either that or Izzy was scary good at faking it whenever she looked down in between her legs to stare at Clary. Which made it impossible for Clary to keep up the slow and steady pace of the pussy licking. She had to reward Izzy somehow, and she settled for lingering just a little bit longer on her girlfriend's clit, and beginning to tease her entrance every so often. Then she wrapped her lips around that entrance, although admittedly that was more for her own benefit.

It seemed blasphemous, but there had been a time that Clary had been afraid she wouldn't like how Izzy tasted. Which would be 100% her fault for not being gay enough, because without a doubt Isabelle Lightwood's pussy would taste good to anyone who truly like that kind of thing. Thankfully it had only taken one lick for Clary to realise she was definitely gay enough to appreciate Isabelle Lightwood's pussy for the gift from the heavens that it was, as even her wildest imagination hadn't done justice to the taste. Or that of Isabelle Lightwood's girl cum, Clary finding it increasingly difficult not to do what was necessary to get it. She just needed to wait for Izzy to spit out the panties first, that way she would know she really wanted it, and she would win this little battle of wills that was going on between them.

Izzy was definitely a death before surrender kind of girl normally, her temper often getting the best of her when she should be looking for a strategic advantage. But by the Angel, she had never wanted to surrender more, especially as it would be such a satisfying surrender. Besides, she had surrendered so much to Clary already, that this almost seemed trivial. Including her heart, which was what made this so intense. No, there had been no surrender, Clary had reached into her chest and taken it, and now it was only Clary Fray's smiles and looks which were keeping her alive. Which was embarrassingly sappy, but Izzy was well beyond the point she could stop herself from thinking stuff like that. Especially given how incredibly hard it was normally.

It got even harder when Clary started lingering on her clit an increasing amount, until Izzy was glad of the panties, because they were probably the only thing stopping her from saying something embarrassing. The constant moaning, gasping and whimpering was bad enough, and Izzy wasn't sure how much more embarrassment she could take. Only she did, as deep down she knew she would take anything Clary gave her, which in this moment was truly scary. Although it was also kind of freeing, as Izzy just couldn't help the way she felt about Clary, those feelings forcing her to do things she wouldn't otherwise do. Like desperately beg to cum like a needy little whore after spitting out her own panties.

"Make me cum, make me cum, ohhhhhhh please, please Clary, mmmmm, make me cum!" Izzy babbled as soon as her mouth was free, "Make me cum in your hot little mouth and all over your beautiful face! Ooooooooh please, please Clary? Please? Tongue fuck me, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, fuck me with your tongue, yessssssss, oh fuck me, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssssss!"

Thankfully Clary prove she was more merciful than Izzy, only leaving her girlfriend to beg for a few long seconds before giving her what she wanted. Admittedly she did it agonisingly slowly, and increased the attention to Izzy's clit first so the initial tongue thrust wouldn't be so overwhelming, but that just meant Izzy got to savour the sensation of pure Clary Fray slowly entering her pussy. Clary Fray's tongue! Clary Fray's cute little tongue was sliding slowly inside her, making Izzy tremble with joy. Then shortly after it began sliding in and out of her Izzy went over the edge of a mind-blowing climax which had her head shooting back and screaming so loudly that the whole building probably heard her, and she couldn't care less. In fact, she kind of liked it, especially as possible ramifications were beyond her at that point.

Really the only thing in Izzy's world in that moment was Clary Fray's talented little tongue moving inside her, and of course the powerful orgasm she was receiving. Especially as it was followed by another, and another, and another, each just as distracting as the last. Particularly when she looked down her body to see Clary Fray in between her legs. By the Angel, how Izzy loved Clary Fray, and desperately wanted to do more kinky things with her. Ideally to her. Oh yes, Izzy couldn't wait to have her revenge by tying Clary Fray up and fuck her with her tongue for hours until her precious redhead past out from the ecstasy that Izzy would gleefully give her.

Clary tried, she really did, but she just couldn't swallow all of Izzy's cum, even during that first climax. She did better than her first time, pretty much instantly removing her tongue and wrapping her mouth around Izzy's entrance, but she was still too slow, and there just seemed to be so much of it. Although on the bright side in her current position whatever escaped her cum hungry mouth ended up covering her face, along with Izzy's regular pussy juice, and Clary just loved having her face covered in girl cum and pussy cream. Especially Isabelle Lightwood's girl cum and pussy cream. Partly because it was naughty and hot, but mostly because it made her feel closer to her girlfriend, and prove pleasing Izzy's pussy was her job.

It was a job she took pride in, and while Clary had no doubt she had got better at it lately, even if during her first time, in which she had been very nervous, she had been able to get Izzy off. Of course she always wanted to improve on her training, and she knew there was one trick which worked wonders, even if it meant removing her mouth from where Izzy's cum was squirting into her mouth, directly down her throat and into her belly, a.k.a. where she most wanted it. So for a while Clary indulged herself by swallowing every drop of girl cum that she could before shoving her tongue back inside Izzy and starting to fuck her with it again, then repeating the process. But inevitably, she switched to what Izzy seemed to like best.

Namely replacing her mouth and tongue with her fingers, Clary pushing two straightaway into Izzy's cunt because she knew her girl could take it. Sure enough Izzy cried out in pure pleasure as she was penetrated, and then again when the redhead eagerly wrapped her mouth around the brunette's clit and started sucking it. Admittedly Clary switched back to the tongue fucking a few times, just so that she could swallow more of her girlfriend's cum, but mostly for the next few long minutes she pounded her fingers in and out of Izzy's pussy, eventually adding a third and increasing her suction to her clit so she could give Izzy one extra powerful climax. Which was unfortunately the last.

There was a big part of Clary which just wanted to continue until she fucked Izzy into unconsciousness, like the other girl had done to her during their first time together, but she really wanted to try that strap-on, and she was pretty sure that Izzy was reaching her limit. So reluctantly she slowed down the speed of the fingering and clit sucking before pulling away entirely to retrieve the toy. This initially made Izzy cry out in disappointment, but she was so exhausted she couldn't stop her with her powerful legs which had become loose around Clary's head, or even offer up any other form of protest. Which encouraged Clary to strap on the cock slowly to give her girlfriend plenty of time to recover, something which Izzy seemed very grateful for. It also gave her plenty of time to clean her fingers of Izzy's cum, Clary moaning shamelessly as she did so.

When Clary finally moved between her legs Izzy weakly protested, "Wait, don't... don't you want me to suck it first?"

"Oh, kinky." Clary grinned, before shaking her head, "And yes... but later. For now, this will do."

Izzy was confident that if she insisted Clary would let her, but she rather liked how forceful her girlfriend was being at the moment. And she especially liked the nastiness of Clary spitting on her hand after she had finished speaking and then rubbing it into the head of the toy, something she had been doing for the last few minutes, and it definitely enough considering just how wet Izzy's cunt was right now. So, Izzy was disappointed at not be able to show off her BJ skills. But before she could change her mind Clary... pushed her fingers back into Izzy's twat, causing her to cry out in pleasure and frustration, and then whimper and look pleadingly at her girlfriend.

When that wasn't enough Izzy pleaded, "Clary, please..."

"Shhhhh, just give me a second, okay?" Clary interrupted softly, "I just want to make sure you're ready for me."

It should have been obvious Izzy already was, and additional fingering was completely unnecessary, but Izzy just whimpered again and through her head back and Clary practically tortured her with her fingers. Then after a few long seconds of that Clary leaned down and kissed her gently, and nothing would ever stop Izzy from kissing Clary Fray back, not even torture. Thankfully shortly after that Clary replaced her fingers with the dildo, gently pushing it inside Izzy while muffling Izzy's cries with her mouth. Which continue to be the case for agonisingly long and slow penetration, which again was unnecessary and kind of torturous, but having this beautiful girl kiss her made it all worth it.

Once she had succeeded at burying every inch of the dildo into Izzy's pussy Clary paused for a few long minutes, which again was definitely completely unnecessary and torturous, but it was also kind of wonderful just to feel the other girl's naked body pressed against her own while they made out with increasing passion. Izzy took that opportunity to wrap her legs around Clary's waist, automatically trying to wrap her arms around her too, only to have an annoying and kind of painful reminder that it was impossible right now. By the Angel, she wanted to touch this girl right now. Oh yes, Izzy was determined to touch Clary every way she possibly could, so she bit down on her lip hard enough for the other girl to pull away, giving her the opportunity to ask for it.

"Uncuff me!" Izzy practically growled, before adding in a much sweeter and less demanding voice, "Please? I wanna touch you."

Clary glared at her for a few long seconds, before leaning in and telling her, "Be good, and you'll get your chance."

Robbing Izzy of another chance to protest Clary kissed her forcefully while slowly beginning to pull her hips back, causing inch after inch of dildo to slide out of Izzy's cunt. Clary almost reached halfway before thrusting back in and then repeating the process, albeit with shorter thrusts, quickly establishing a steady rhythm which proved that a strap-on was just another 'weapon' which Clary picked up very easily. Although waiting until your lover opened their mouth to cry out and then shoving your tongue inside was definitely something that she'd learned from Izzy, so in that way Izzy was weirdly proud of her. But she was also frustrated at being denied what she wanted, especially as Clary started taunting her by sliding her hands wherever she wanted. Which of course meant one place in particular.

Clary felt that Izzy should appreciate this level of teasing, because it was definitely something that her girl would do to her if the roles were reversed. Or perhaps more accurately, when the roles were reversed, as Clary couldn't possibly imagine that Izzy would let her get away with doing this to her without ramifications. And Clary had to admit, she had rather liked the idea of being at Isabelle Lightwood's mercy. But it now was a certainty, so Clary might as well earn her inevitable punishment. So yes, she took advantage of the situation, barely sliding a hand over the rest of her girlfriend's body before concentrating on those big glorious tits. Which surprisingly caused Izzy to giggle, especially when Clary broke the kiss and moved her lips to her neck.

"You really are worse than a guy." Izzy chuckled.

"Hey, it's not my fault my girlfriend has an amazing body, which deserves to be worshipped." Clary whispered into Izzy's ear.

Which caused Izzy to roll her eyes, "Such a line."

Lifting her head so she could look into the other girl's eyes Clary shook her head and insisted, "It's the truth."

Which also sounded like a cheesy line, but it was also the truth, which initially created some awkward tension which almost made Clary's stop. Almost. But no, she had been daydreaming about strap-on fucking Isabelle Lightwood since before they were together, and Clary wasn't about to let anything stop her. Especially when it only took another kiss to get them right back on track, which was always a favourite of hers. She then went back to Izzy's neck briefly before moving lower, down to those big tits she had been lovingly groping for the past few minutes. Of course Clary had to bend her head down awkwardly to give them the full treatment they deserved, but it wasn't too bad as she was really short. Which was very much the only time Clary could remember being happy about that.

She continued being happy about it as she went back and forth between Izzy's tits, taking one nipple into her mouth and licking and sucking on it before doing the same to the other, and cupping one nipple into her mouth while playing with the free boob with the other hand. Which she had done before during the foreplay, only there was barely a gentle build up before she gave Izzy everything she had, Clary practically going crazy for those tits even if she continued with a slow and gentle rhythm. Unsurprisingly this got a very positive reaction out of Izzy, but it wasn't long before she was demanding more. Just like Clary had planned her too.

"Please Clary, mmmmm, more!" Izzy moaned, "Fuck me harder! Ohhhhhh harder! Please baby, I need it. Oh fuck!"

"I thought you wanted to give me a blow job?" Clary teased with a wicked grin.

Izzy raised an eyebrow, and then pointed out, "That was a couple of requests ago."

"Request? Was that what it was?" Clary quipped with a raised eyebrow, before offering, "Well maybe if you fulfil my request, I'll fulfil yours? How does that sound?"

"Kinky." Izzy grinned, "Let's do it."

"Alright." Clary grinned back, pulling her dick out of Izzy's cunt, making the other girl crying out in disappointment. Then she crawled up her body and ordered something she could have never imagined actually saying, "Suck my dick."

The two girls stared at each other, then they exchanged a giggle, before Izzy raised an eyebrow, "It would be a lot easier without these cuffs."

"I bet it would." Clary said nonchalantly.

There was another pause, then Izzy rolled her eyes, leaned her head forwards as far as she could and wrapped those pretty lips of hers around that dick. She closed her eyes as she did this, and kept them closed as she initially began bobbing her head up and down Clary's cock, which obviously Clary couldn't feel like a guy would, but the mental high alone was amazing. Especially when Izzy opened her eyes and began staring up at her while giving Clary her first blow job. And sure, the position was awkward, but Izzy made do. In fact, she did better than Clary could have done in the normal position, going much further than the redhead had wanted her too, not that Clary was complaining.

Izzy wanted to show off so she could earn herself an orgasm, and well, honestly she just liked showing off. And making her lover happy. And honestly, she just loved sucking cock. Not so much that she would ever consider cheating on Clary, but Izzy was definitely hoping this would become a regular thing so she could still give regular blow jobs. Especially if it meant preparing a dildo for her pussy, or better yet suck it when it was covered with her own juices. Admittedly she'd prefer doing this after was to prove her devotion, but she was happy to do this just once. Hell, she even enjoyed the challenge of being restrained during it. Not that it was able to stop her from deep throating every inch of the dick, which put a pretty wonderfully impressed look on Clary's face.

So impressed that soon after that Clary returned her cock to Izzy's cunt and increase the pace to the point that the Latina finally thought she was getting what she wanted. But no, at the last minute Clary pulled her cock completely out of Izzy's pussy and then awkwardly pressed it against her lips again. This of course had Izzy glaring at her, but after a few long seconds a debate she just took this latest tease, and the dildo into her mouth. After all, it was definitely something she would have done. More to the point it was definitely something she was going to do to Clary when she finally got her revenge. And oh, that revenge would be sweet, Izzy would make sure of that. Something she fantasised about as Clary went back and forth between her mouth and her pussy for quite a while, until it became just too much for her.

"Make me cum, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, by the Angel Clary, make me cum!" Izzy cried out loudly, briefly pausing to swear in Spanish before continuing in a language which her girlfriend could more easily understand, "Please, please, pleasssssseeeeee, make me cum! I need it! I need to cum. Please Clary, oooooooh shit, make me cum on your cock! Oh please, ooooooohhhhhhh fuck!"

Leaning down until they were face to face Clary asked with a surprising amount of confidence, "You wanna cum?"

"Yes." Isabel nodded softly, briefly unsure what to make of this turn of events, before grinning as Clary finally began undoing the handcuffs.

"Then you do it." Clary ordered as she slowly remove the cuffs, tossed them aside, and then as the two girls exchanged a smile the redhead flip them so that the brunette was on top and then told her, "Make yourself cum on my cock! Ohhhhhh yessssss, that's it. Cum for me! Cum for me. Cum on my cock! Oh God, I love watching you cum! Please baby, look into my eyes as you cum for me. Yes, that's it, mmmmm, good girl. That's my girl. That's my Izzy, mmmmm, always so good for me. Always wanting to please me. Always wanting to cum for me! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, cum! Cum for me Izzy! Yessssssssss, that's it, ah fuck!"

Not needing to be told twice Isabel quickly started bouncing up and down Clary's dick, barely pausing to give her girlfriend a grateful smile in the process. Actually it might have been at the same time, but whatever the case Clary smiled back, and began to give her the most wonderful encouragement, which was Izzy's excuse for struggling to find a rhythm at first, but then she just found her girl so distracting. Then ultimately the desire to cum became too overwhelming to ignore, and she rapidly increased the pace until she finally got what she wanted, namely another powerful climax. The type of which she had only ever had with her precious Clary Fray.

It was extremely hard to keep her eyes open during that climax. In fact Izzy initially failed, her eyes drooping closed as the ecstasy flooded her body. But then Clary begged for her to open her eyes, and what could Izzy possibly do but obey? Which was hard, but so worth it, especially as Izzy was able to push herself through that initial climax and onto several more, even if it did make her Runes for strength, speed and stamina all glow brightly from the effort. Fortunately Clary had the same Runes, because they soon began glowing a short time later as the tiny girl began helping, first from the current position they were in, then from simply taking over, both things making Izzy love her even more, if that was possible.

Clary was in need of some rest after doing all the work for so long, and she tried to be 'good' and just watch Izzy go, something no doubt anyone interested in girls would kill for. But she hated the thought of holding back, at least at this stage. Oh yes, she had been holding back most of the night, playing Izzy at her own game of teasing, and now she just wanted to give her everything she had. Which was a desire which steadily grew as she watched her girlfriend cum for her. Cum on her cock! Two things once Clary could have never actually imagine doing outside of a fantasy, but with Izzy it was somehow easy. Everything was easy with her, as she just loved her so much, and wanted to find new and wicked ways of making her cum just like this. Especially when she could look deep into Izzy's eyes like this.

As an artist, or at least a wannabe artist, Clary fully believed the eyes with a windows to the soul, and she was looking deep into Isabel Lightwood's eyes right now and seeing the wonderful person she truly was beneath. More importantly she was seeing the love she had for this woman reflected back at her, making this moment special. Although maybe just as importantly she was seeing just how much pleasure she was giving her girlfriend right now, creating an overwhelming sense of satisfaction inside of Clary. That more than anything made Clary also go over the edge, although the constant bashing of the other end of the dildo against her clit also had a lot to do with it.

That first orgasm for Clary came soon after Izzy's first, which took her completely by surprise. She heard she might cum, but she hadn't thought it would be so fast. Thankfully Izzy was doing all the work at that point, so it didn't really matter, as Clary was able to just enjoy the pleasant surprise. But not long after that Izzy started slowing down, which was unacceptable. Oh yes, this had to last for as long as it possibly could, so Clary flipped them back over so that she was on top again, this time using every ounce of her supernaturally enhanced strength, speed and stamina to squeeze as many orgasms as she could out of them both. The two girls also fell into an incredibly passionate kiss, mostly because staring into each other's eyes had just become too intense for them to continue that and the pussy pounding.

Honestly it was hard to tell just how long they kept doing that, but it probably wasn't that long before they collapsed in an exhausted heap, both whimpering and gasping for breath. Then Isabel gently kissed her cheek, and roll Clary off of her. Clary thought that she was just trying to snuggle in a more comfortable position, but to her amazement Izzy somehow found the strength to crawl down her body and clean her cock again. Only this time Izzy was cleaning it of their own cum, and of course the blow job was that much longer, deeper and more passionate because of it. Clary even regained some of her strength while watching Izzy grinning up at her, at least enough so that when Izzy crawled up for another kiss she could at least somewhat return it.

Then after a long slow kiss Izzy pulled back and grinned, "Is it my turn now?"

"Now?" Clary raced an eyebrow.

"Uh-huh." Izzy confirmed with a nod of her head, and another grin, "What? You think a little tiredness is going to stop me from doing everything to you that you just did to me? Please! There's no escaping my revenge, Fray."

"I don't doubt it." Clary admitted with a little blush, "But, later."

"Awww, spoilsport." Izzy whined petulantly.

"What? We're both tired, and I want cuddles." Clary pleaded.

"Cuddles, huh? Yeah, I can do that." Izzy admitted with another grin, before the two girls snuggled together for a much needed rest.

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