The Arrow's Apprentice

BY : BlackfireBurns
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Oliver Queen never froze. He'd always been too confident, too charming, too rich to let such insecurity impede his actions. Yet tonight, when he saw that rugged, familiar face scowling his way he did just that. He froze.

No. Correction. It wasn't Oliver Queen that froze. It was the Arrow.

Slade Wilson stood over the bodies of the fallen SCPD officers, clad in black business slacks and a white dress shirt, looking deceitfully like a normal man who'd just gotten off of a typical nine to five work day. Except for the black patch on his eye. Oh and the lethal scowl he was sending Oliver's way.

His heart stopped cold.


Felicity was rambling something in his earpeice. Nervous, frantic as usual but he couldn't bring himself to comprehend as his eyes fell on the man he'd killed years ago on that freighter just off that cursed island.

"Well look at you, kid. All dressed up to play."

Slade chuckled mockingly as he gestured toward the green hood and bow.

"Yao Fei's."

Oliver only stared, still not believing his eyes. His bow remained in position, arm drawn back with an arrow ready to fire. But when he'd seen his target's face all clarity had left him.

Slade Wilson was alive.

At the sight of him it all came rushing back. The island, Yai Fei, Shado...the training. He'd been just a spoiled little rich boy then, thrust into a dangerous survival game that he had no means of winning. His family's money meant nothing on Lian Yu. The Queen name was useless. Then Yao Fei had saved him. Slade had reluctantly taken him in and trained him. Had given him a fighting chance. Then Shado...

"What'd I tell you about hesitation, kid?"

He swallowed. No one had spoken to him with such authority in a long time. Even his mother knew not to try dominance with her adult son (guilt and obligation were her preferred methods). But Slade had always spoken to him that way, never quite seeing him as an equal. Even before the mirakuru.

"How are you alive?" he was finally able to make out.

He'd seen Slade die, thrust the arrow through his eye himself.

No, I didn't see him die. I left him for dead.

A wave of guilt hit him at the memory but he swallowed it down. His former mentor had given him no choice.

"Not happy to see me then?" Slade scoffed, making his way over.

His eye met Ollie's, dark and smug. Ignoring the weapon aimed at him. Knowing he would not fire.

"Get that thing out of my face."

Just like on the island, before the mirakuru, before Ivo and his men, before Shado, Ollie felt the instinct to follow instruction. The tone Slade now used, his authoritative presence, it was like those first days all over again.


"No, no you stupid kid that's a sure way to get yourself killed!" Slade snapped when once again Oliver failed at securing a new move.

They'd been training for days now, or rather Ollie had been getting his ass beat for days, and he still couldn't quite pick up what the ASIS soldier was teaching. It wasn't that he was some type of wuss. He'd once drunkenly punched a guy at a frat party. But this combat stuff was just something he was not used to. He'd never been much of a fighter.

Why throw punches when his dad could just throw money at whatever problems arose?

"I can't do it," he whined, not used to having to work too hard at anything.

"Can't we just go a little slower. I'm tired. I'm hungry. I haven't eaten since--"

Slade shut him up with a quick right hook before taking him down to the ground. The move was quick, twisting Oliver up on his stomach, Slade bending his arm backward. If he tried to make a move, the soldier could dislocate his entire shoulder.

"Ah, Slade what the--"

"Bam kid, you're dead!

His voice was gruff, ripe with irritation as he tended to be with Ollie. The younger tried to adjust to the heavy weight on top of him but Slade's grip tightened painfully.

"Ow, god!"

He wasn't used to this. To the physical exertion, the pain, the lack of adequate food and sleep. At least Yao Fei had fed him. The old man had even tried teaching him to hunt. But Slade was nowhere near as patient. Nowhere near as nurturing.

"Let me go, okay! You win!"

The mercenary growled before releasing his grip. He shoved Ollie's face to the ground in disgust before climbing off of him.

"I win? You think this is a fucking game?"

Oliver turned over on his back to look up at him. The glower on his face made him want to scoot back.

"You think when Fyers gets a hold of you, you can just go 'you win' and they'll let you go? They'll kill you kid. They'll torture you and get any information you have--including my location-- then they'll kill you!"

He stared up in horror as Slade suddenly pulled a knife from his boot. The man stalked closer and Oliver held his hand up in surrender.

"W-wait! Slade what are you doing?"

"You're useless, kid. Having you around is a liability."

Panic seized him and he began to scramble away. Still on his back, afraid to turn away, Oliver used his elbows and heels. He didn't want to die. God he didn't want to die!

"I-I can help! Please just give me a chance!" he pleaded.

Slade hovered over him.

"I gave you a week's worth of chances. You're no good."

When he came down to pin Oliver again, the rich boy tried to push him off. But Slade was much stronger, much more skilled in the art of subduing an enemy. With one painful twist of the wrist he managed to easily prevent the blond from movement.

If there was anything Oliver Queen didn't do, it was cry. Why shed a tear when he could shed money to drown away any sorrow or fear? Only since the Queen's Gambit disaster had he cried so much. His dad and Sara's deaths, the arrow to the back by Yao Fei, Fyers' men... He hated this island, hated everything about it. Everything it made him do. One such thing being to bawl like a little bitch.

"I can try harder," his voice was thick as he wept in fear.

"Please don't kill me! I just want to go home! Please Slade, please!"

He wanted to close his eyes, to not see the pure hatred in the soldier's eyes as he gutted him but he found himself too afraid to look away. It didn't matter anyway as his own tears blocked his vision. Slade appeared fuzzy at best, his dark hair and stubble contrasting with his weather tanned skin.

But he could see the knife, feel it as it came to his throat. Then...

"I don't know why Yao Fei kept you around. But if he sent you to me then there must be a reason."

Slade paused.

"He trusted you, but I don't. I can't trust someone too weak to have my back. But...for him, I'll keep you around."

Relief didn't wash through him until the blade was removed from his skin. And even then he was still intimidated by the hulking man on top of him.

"This ain't no free ride though!" Slade warned.

"If I'm going to keep you around you'll have to contribute. Got it?"

Oliver quickly nodded. Anything to stay alive.

"I-I will. I swear!"

Slade only scoffed.

"You can't fight, can't hunt, can't even cook what I hunt. There's really nothing you can do for me, kid."

Fear had him by the balls as again the possibility of death permeated the air.


Slade had taken on a thoughtful tone now.

"I've been on this island far too long. I don't need to tell you it's pretty fucking brutal. Nothing but violence and blood and death. The only time anyone touches you is when they're trying to break your neck. Sometimes a guy likes to be touched in...other ways."

He settled on top of Ollie then, loosening his grip on his wrist. The rich boy sighed at the relief in pressure.

"You think you can handle that, kid?"

Oliver sniffled, not quite catching on.

"What do you want me to do?"

Slade shifted upward.

"For starters, quit your blubbering and clean your fucking face."

He allowed Ollie access to his own arms again . The simpering socialite wiped his tear streaked face with the sleeves of his shirt. He sniffled again, trying his best to control his emotions as Slade failed to lift off of him.

"You like to run your mouth. To bitch and whine," the mercenary's tone lowered to husky.

He shifted enough that he was straddling Oliver's chest. Calloused hands began to undue his military grade pants.

"Let's see you do something useful for a change."

Oliver stared up at him in disbelief as Slade scooted closer, his crotch now in his face. It began to dawn on him what the older man meant when he'd mentioned contribution.

"Wait, Slade--"

The mercenary pulled out his cock, just above Ollie's lips and began to fondle himself. A different kind of trepidation filled him at the sight. He wasn't gay. Never had been attracted to the male form save his own but when you looked like Oliver Queen who wouldn't be attracted? Still, he'd seen enough naked guys in gym class to know that dick didn't do it for him. He liked women. Always had.

Ollie imagined if he ever were to try a guy, the other would at least be on the receiving end. It wasn't gay if you didn't take it. After all a hot wet hole was a hot wet hole right?

But something told him that the battle worn mercenary (who'd only a minute ago had a knife to his throat )wasn't willing to receive anything but a blow job. He intended for Oliver's mouth to be the hot wet hole.

I never sucked dick before.

He couldn't bring himself to it.

Sucking cock was for women. For sissies. For people who weren't real men. He might not be much of a fighter on this island but he still stood up to pee.

"You want my help or not, kid," Slade groaned as his prick came to life.

The tip was just above Oliver's lips, large and circumcised. Apparently Australia had been more like the US during Slade's time of birth. He could smell Slade's sweat, the musk of his manhood as it hovered over his closed mouth.

"Your choice. You give me a reason to keep you around and I'll keep you alive. If not...

"The memory of the cold knife at his throat made Oliver shudder.

"I won't let you compromise my position," Slade concluded.

Oliver blinked, reality hitting him in the chest with heaviness. Of he wanted to survive he was really going to have to do this. The thought sent his stomach barrelling.

"I've never..." sucked cock, EVER, "...done this before."

"So you got your cock sucked plenty, I'm sure. Just do what you liked."

Oliver swallowed.

He could only imagine his friends, what they would think of him. Tommy, his best friend, what would he say. Oliver Queen, ladies man of Starling City lying on his back sucking some big Aussie soldier's cock. But if he didn't...Literally screwed either way, the blond leaned forward to take in the first cock that would ever grace his lips.


"Oliver? Oliver please answer me!"

Felicity was freaking out on the comm. But her words didn't connect as Ollie now stood face to face with the only man he'd surrendered himself to. Sladesmirked at his lowered weapon, the self-satisfied look of one who knew he would be obeyed. From Oliver, he expected no less.

"Long time no see, kid," he chuckled.

"I trust that you've been keeping your sunny side up?"

Flashbacks to the times he'd lied face down, ass in the air for his mentor.

"What are you doing in my city?" Oliver growled.

Slade was unintimidated. He took a step up, his breath now on the Arrow's face as he spoke.

"I made you a promise back on that island if you'll remember. And I keep my promises."

Before Oliver could respond, or even wrap his head around the memory of the promise, Slade's fist was in his face and he was out.

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