A Midnight Visit

BY : FairyLights
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She’d never been pleasured before. He could tell in the way her body bent to his touch. He’d come into her bedchamber seeking the one thing he always desired: her. She’d been a child when he saw her last. A soft, sweet-smelling little bird who sang songs and did what they told her. Now, she’d become a woman; a strong woman who ran her own stronghold without a man beside her. She’d have a man tonight. He thought she might protest. He thought she’d push him away and force him from her room. She didn’t. In fact, her womanly ways told her what he wanted. The moment he closed the door, she let her underclothes fall to the floor. Her body amazed him. Slender, long and pale, he spotted scars where her late husband abused her. Were he not already dead, Sandor would run his sword right into Bolton’s bastard himself.


Rough fingers delicately ran up and down her body. He savored her skin in hungry kisses, starting on her pink lips and ending on her pert nipples. Milky breasts filled up his palms as he rolled his tongue over each one. She didn’t push him away. He thought she might as the scars on his face grazed down her stomach. But instead, she pulled him closer with her legs. His name fell from her lips in soft gasps; her hips pushed into his stomach needily. He heard her breath hitch once he buried his face between her legs. Hands still massaging her chest, he lapped at her soft cunt. She tasted as good as she smelled. He didn’t mind her pushing herself into his face; his beard brushed on her creamy thighs and his fingers tweaked her nipples. The nub right under the hood pulsed on his tongue. The longer her teased it, the louder she moaned. He growled at her insistence, constantly pushing into his face and on his mouth. She’d never expected he’d be this good. This amused him. She grasped his hands on her when his tongue whirled around her folds rapidly; the obscene sound of her juices and his tongue reaching her.


Her mouth felt as equally good. As big as he was, she forced him onto the bed and took him. His stiff cock grew even stiffer between her lips. Her tongue continuously brushed his underside; her lips suckled firmly and teased his head. She didn’t mind when he took a fistful of hair and forced her further down. In fact, she loved it. She stayed still as he fucked her mouth, only gagging when he went too deep. Outside this room, she’s Sansa Stark, Lady of Winterfell. Right now, on top of him with his cock in her mouth, she’s his. When they both couldn’t stand it anymore, she climbed on top of him and mounted him. Her hands on his chest, her eyes focused on him, she rode him desperately. Long strands of silky auburn hair hanging over one shoulder, lust darkened her blue eyes, a rosy tinge crept on her cheeks, she was beautiful. He’d have her like this forever. Grasping her hips, he guided her along his length. Her wet walls tightly clenched him each time their hips met. She didn’t feel as light as before. Adulthood made her heavier, her breasts bigger and her body filled out. He loved it.


“Fuck me,” she pleaded in a whine. “Please, fuck me.”


And so he did. He flipped her over onto her back with ease, wrapped one around around her waist and propped himself on the other. He didn’t hold back. His hips snapped down onto hers, his balls banging against her wet cunt, and her breasts bouncing in front of him. She locked her legs behind him to keep him close, while dainty hands clawed at his strong shoulders. Ecstasy contorted her face and made her eyes roll back at every thrust. Her bed began hitting the wall behind them, though neither cared about the noise. His cock throbbed inside her; his balls swelled at the prospect of being emptied. When he knelt up, putting both knees over one shoulder, his length and girth became more noticeable. She loved it. She pushed back onto him using his forearms as a handle. Once he felt her sex begin tightening, her body shaking in his gasp, he went even faster.


Her blissful orgasm nearly brought on his own. Her back arched against the bed, her nails digging into his skin, Sansa climaxed all over him. He felt her juices covering the tops of his balls where they smacked into her. She begged him to keep going, to never stop, that his cock felt too good. Not even whores in Kings Landing said that to him. Sandor continued until he pulled out. Though, before he could jerk himself, she rolled onto her front and forced him back in. He watched her work him, her smooth bottom rippling in every bounce. He reached around to her front where her swollen sex begged to be touched. In a few rubs and thrusts, Sansa came again. This time, he pulled out and spilled his seed over those firm buttocks and back.


He’d give it to her two more times before she finally settled down beside him. Their bodies glistening in sweat, hair matted on their foreheads, neither thought about washing up in that moment. He’d missed her, he realized. She asked if he’d come back tomorrow night. He said he would. He’d return as many times as she liked; he didn’t care who knew. All he cared about was hearing her come for him over and over again. As she drifted into sleep, he thought of marrying her just to have this forever. Marriage was something he’d never considered until Sansa made him come so hard he didn’t want anyone else.


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