Cersei Breaks the Stark Girls

BY : sidParker
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        In the Great Hall there are two marble benches facing towards the Iron Throne. At their base are iron rings, and chained to each bench’s ring by the foot are the two Stark girls, Arya and Sansa. Sansa wears her regal Winterfell coat where Arya wears a thin black outfit held up on her by two small strands of fabric over her shoulders. The girls sit collapsed and unconscious on the floor when they are stirred awake by the closing of the large front doors of the Great Hall as Cersei enters and walks towards them.

Cersei: Oh how I’ve waited for this day. Finally after all this time… after all I’ve suffered I will be able to get my revenge on house Stark…

        Cersei looks down their bodies.

Cersei: …And the beautiful Stark girls.

Sansa:  What happened? How did you capture us?

Cersei: Oh my dear child, it would seem you are not nearly as clever as you believe.

        Arya stares up to Cersei defiantly

Cersei: And it would seem you, my dear, aren’t nearly as sneaky as you believe.

        Arya reaches behind her to where her sword would be.

Cersei: Ah ah ah, are you looking for this, my dear?

        Cersei holds Arya’s sword Needle and gently glides it under her neck.

Cersei: Yes, I have heard many stories about your exploits. The story of “the girl with no name”

        Cersei uses needle to flick cut one of the straps of Arya’s outfit.

Cersei:  How about “the girl with no clothes”?

        Cersei flick cuts the other strap as Arya’s outfit falls to the floor revealing her naked body. Cersei devilishly smirks as she inspects the young girl’s naked body.

Cersei: Oh, ha ha, my dear perhaps they should call you “the girl with no tits”.

Sansa: What do you want with us?

Cersei: Shut up, whore, you’ll get your turn.

        Cersei undoes the strap on her own regal robe, more of her cleavage becomes visible. Then looks dismissively at Needle and tosses it aside.

Cersei: A pathetic sword for a pathetic girl.

Arya: You bitch I will kill you,  you will never---*mgph*

        Arya’s words are smothered as Cersei pushes her fat tit into Arya’s mouth.

Cersei: That’s it girl, this is what a real woman’s tit is supposed to look like.

Sansa: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Cersei: I said shut up WHORE! I… AH!

        Cersei recoils as Arya had bitten hard on her nipple, she immediately slaps Arya hard across the face.

Arya: How did your fat tit like that?

        Cersei is angry at first then regains her composure and wickedly smiles again

Cersei: I knew there would be some fight left in you girls… All the better. I’m going to love seeing that vigilance and determination leave your eyes as I finally break you.

Sansa:  You can kill us, but the house Stark name will live on. Even a monstrous woman such as yourself will never change that.

Cersei: Oh my sweet innocent child. You really think after all this time… After all I’ve been through, I’m going to waste it all by killing you? Aw… no no no, 

        Cersei walks close to Sansa and looks her straight in the eye.

Cersei: No I will put you two through the same hell as I have gone through.

Sansa: And what hell is that?

Cersei: Pain… Shame… Suffering…

        Cersei with one hand on Sansa’s throat, reaches her other hand and undoes Sansa’s dress, ripping it down to the floor and revealing Sansa’s naked body.

Cersei: …And so much worse… Because you were right about one thing…

        Cersei chokes Sansa’s throat harder leaving Sansa gasping for breath, gives a twisted look at the other naked stark Arya and then whispers in Sansa’s ear.

Cersei: I am a monstrous woman

        Cersei kisses Sansa on the cheek and drops her to the ground, Sansa collapses, coughing and gasping for air, Arya’s eyes betray her growing fear.  Cersei walks to the Iron Throne and sits on it, her partially opened robe exposing her large breasts.

Cersei: Ser Gregor! It is time!

        Cersei yells and in a few moments thundering footsteps echo through the hall. Cersei sips on some wine that was in a chalice on the throne. She smiles devilishly as the nearly 8 foot beast of a man walks into view. He wears his thick metal helmet and nothing else but a loincloth barely concealing a proportionally monstrous cock.

Cersei: This is where the fun begins, girls. As you can see my dear faithful servant Ser Gregor has a rather enormous cock, which cruel as I may be I don’t feel comfortable subjecting any of the local whores to. 

        Cersei takes another sip of her wine as she casually continues talking

Cersei: But now that I have two pristine… nubile… Stark whores, I do believe we might be able to help my dear Ser Gregor out.

Sansa: We will never consent to touching him.

Cersei: HA! Who said anything about consent?

Arya: Just let him try to lay a hand on me and I will break his neck.

Cersei: Ooh! Arya, it sounds like you are volunteering, caught your first glimpse of proper cock and can’t say no is it?

Arya: I’m not afraid of him, or you! I will kill him if he dares get close to me.

Cersei: My my… Sansa it does sound like your sister is volunteering.

Sansa: Just leave her alone! 

Cersei: Poor Ser Gregor has not fucked a whore in quite some time, and so he is going to have to fuck one of you.  So who will it be…? Sweet Sansa? Will you volunteer and to prevent your petite sister’s body from being split in two by Ser Gregor?

Sansa: I… 

        Sansa is trembling and looking panickedly at her younger sister.

Cersei: Or what about you little Arya? Will you put your so called toughness to the test and prevent your sister any agony?

Arya: You stupid cunt. Neither of us will ever—

Sansa: I volunteer.

Cersei: What’s this?

Arya: What? Sansa… no… we can fight.

Sansa: He’s too big Arya, he’ll destroy you.

Cersei: My goodness, you truly are a worthless whore.

Sansa:  I promise I will take no pleasure but if you spare my young sister…

        Sansa looks at Arya’s small petite naked body which is so dwarfed by the Mountain standing nearby.

Sansa:  If you spare her I will have him.

Cersei: You mean you will let him fuck you?

Sansa: Yes, so long as you promise no man will so much as touch my sister.

Arya: Don’t do it.

Cersei: You mean you will let him rape you?

Arya: Please sister, no!

Sansa: …Yes.

Cersei: Ok then, I promise that no man will lay a finger on your dear little sister.

        The daughters exchange fearful looks as Arya’s eyes well up with tears at the knowledge as to what is about to happen.

Cersei: Oh and Arya, do be sure to watch your sister get raped. I’m sure it will be quite the show. And remember… you could have saved her this agony.

        The Mountain moves closer to Sansa’s trembling body, he drops his loincloth revealing a thick cock nearly a foot and a half in length. Sansa’s nipples stand firm because of the cold room, she seemingly shrinks in the shadow of this beast of a man. Cersei smiles and closes her eyes to savor the anticipation, then takes one final big gulp of wine and turns to the Mountain.

Cersei: Alright, Ser Gregor. Rape her.

        In one solid movement Gregor grabs Sansa and throws her naked body to the floor in front of the iron throne. The force of the pull nearly snaps Sansa’s foot as her ankle chain breaks from it’s ring on the floor.  Sansa is on her hands and knees in front of the iron throne as she feels the head of the fat cock trying to push it’s way into her young pussy. Sansa looks up with horrible fear in her eyes as Cersei in the Iron Throne in front of her begins masturbating.

Cersei: I said RAPE HER!

        With a immeasurable force the Mountain shoves his fat cock into Sansa’s tightness. The first couple inches are pure agony for Sansa, but she tries with all her might to hide her pain.

Sansa: Ah… *wincing*

        But the Mountain’s strength is too immense and he begins sheathing his cock deeper and deeper into the Stark girl. Every inch is a violent struggle as his beastly howls echo through the halls and Sansa losing her composure begins screaming out in pain.

Sansa: NOOOOOOOOoooooo! Oh my god noooo! It hurts too much! I can’t! I just… can’t!
Ayra: Sister no! You horrid woman! You didn’t have to do this.

Cersei: Oh… but I did.
Ayra: Stop this now! Let me fight him! Let me face him! Just spare my sister.

Cersei: *Chuckles* Sweet little girl, it is too late for that.

        The freakishly strong Mountain clasps the waist of the squirming red haired Stark girl and must use tremendous strength to push her deeper down his shaft. With more and more force he continues turning Sansa stark into a cock sleeve for him.

Cersei: That’s right! Fuck that little Stark bitch senseless.

Sansa: I can’t… oh god… AHHH!

        Cersei begins masturbating more rapidly as the Mountain pumps Sansa up and down with increasing depth and intensity of his thick shaft. Sansa can nearly feel him destroying her insides with the depth of his shaft nearly 2/3rds in.

Cersei: Oh yes, my sweet girl is being destroyed. And I fucking love it. 

        Arya can’t bear to watch anymore and on the marble bench turns to look away with her legs curled up, trembling from both the cold and the horror she has seen. Her petite body and tight ass still chilled against the cold marble, and chilled by the increasingly broken cries of her older sister.

Cersei: Bring that bitch up to me, Ser Gregor. I want to look into her eyes as she’s being broken.

        The Mountain stands and walks to the iron throne, Sansa’s legs almost dangle as she is so impaled on the Mountain’s cock.  With Sansa’s face a few inches now from Cersei, Sansa deliriously speaks

Sansa: Is it over?

Cersei: Oh my dear it’s just beginning. SER GREGOR, RAPE HER WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH!

        Cersei watches Sansa’s eyes widen seemingly impossibly big and the Mountain begins slamming in and out into Sansa’s pussy. He somehow is pounding deeper and deeper getting his fat cock entirely into her hole. Cersei caresses Sansa's face which is dripping with tears.  Sansa’s moans sound incoherent as if her mind is broken.

Sansa: Ahhh I UGH I uhh…. AAHHH aaaa! Nough helpugh

Cersei: Such a sweet thing

        Cersei begins kissing Sansa on the lips and playing with her hair as she gets ravaged. Sansa body and huge tits are now being dragged against Cersei’s, as Sansa continues to get pounded. Cersei uses one hand to masturbate feverishly and the other to rub Sansa’s stomach to feel the fat bulge as the Mountain pushes himself deep In her, continuing to kiss her passionately as she does.


        The Mountain complies and the tits of the young girl are now smacking against Cersei’s tits as their nipples rub and Cersei masturbates frantically


        Cersei dumps her wine on the flailing body of Sansa, the red droplets run down her ass and across her amazing hips and down her tits to Cersei’s body below, their bodies now rubbing against each other it was as if the Mountain was fucking Cersei through Sansa. Sansa is fully delirious at this point, trying to make whatever noises her nearly feral body can make. Cersei arches her body and holds Sansa close as the Mountain lets out a beastly roar.

Cersei: OH GODDDDDD! YES!!!!! 

        The Mountain pushes fully into Sansa and begins unloading seeming buckets of cum into the young girl, as Cersei’s body quakes as she screams in orgasm and kisses neck of the broken stark girl who too lets out an feral mind broken shriek of pain and orgasm.


Cersei: My sweet Sansa

        Cersei's body is still trembling as she begins to play with Sansa’s hair and kiss her neck. Sansa’s body is limp and floods more of cum continue to pump out of the Mountains cock and overfill out of the red haired stark’s destroyed hole.  After a few more moments of passionate kissing and fondling of the broken Sansa by Cersei, she releases her and she falls to the cold floor.  With her ass facing back towards Cersei, Cersei can watch as all the cum she was stuffed with continues to leak out of her womanhood. At this point Arya turns back around to look to see her now broken sister.

Arya: Sansa?

        There is no response. Looking back at Arya are completely vacant eyes. Her sister’s body was alive, but her mind, the mind of her sister she had grown up with and known and loved, had been seemingly broken, and Arya could tell all this and more from the empty stare looking back at her. This filled Arya with such hate, but she was still cold, naked, and sitting balled up. Her foot still chained to the bench. 

Cersei: Wow, my goodness, wasn’t that fun? Ha ha. That will be all for now, Ser Gregor.

        The Mountain walks away. Cersei looks towards Arya with the same devilish smirk she had at the start of all this, as if she always knew just how twisted this encounter would become.  Arya stares back at Cersei with fiery rage.

Cersei: Well now… I think it’s your turn

(To be continued)

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