L.A.'s Finest - L.A.'s Finest Cum Dumpster

BY : Sammycolt
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L.A.’s Finest – L.A.’s Finest Cum Dumpster

By Sammycolt (sammycolt1@yahoo.de)



“Alright, alright, you look pretty enough!”


Detective Nancy McKenna rolled her eyes, but had to hide a little smirk at the snarky comment coming from the driver's seat as she checked her hair for the third time in the last three minutes in the car's side mirror.


She had to admit it: she was a bit nervous! She wanted to look good, even if her step-daughter Isabel was getting annoyed with it.


“Thank you!” she decided to take the compliment. Snide comments wouldn't ruin her generally good mood today and Nancy enjoyed the anticipation. Patrick had been gone for two weeks. Two long weeks of business trip, some stupid conference in San Francisco had kept her husband away from home and as his arrival got closer Nancy realized even more how much she had missed him.


The gorgeous woman shifted in her seat, peering out of the side window to the entrance of the airport where a steady stream of people went in and out. Her inner thighs rubbed against each other and once again Nancy realized which part of her husband's anatomy she had missed most.


“Will you relax? His plane barely landed five minutes ago?!”


Smiling, Nancy turned to face her step-daughter who glared at her with teenage angst. With the girl in a mood like this she half-regretted bringing her along to pick Patrick up, but she herself had made the decision to force Izzy, giving her some very important, supervised driving practice. It had been only after she had informed her of that decision that it had dawned on her that this ruled out any impromptu in-the-car fun that could have ensued otherwise.


Well, that would have to wait until they were home. Nancy's grin widened another bit when she thought about their arrival. She'd ride her husband like a rodeo bull... Damn, she needed to get laid! It seemed like after two weeks her body had decided that it needed a good mating session, to the point where Nancy found that it was almost hard to concentrate on her work.


Even Syd had noticed that she was not quite as methodical with her work as usual and when Nancy had informed her partner that she would take the afternoon off to pick her husband up she had gotten an earful of snide comments that rivaled Izzy's.


Nonetheless, with the return of Patrick and a good fuck imminent, none of that could impact her mood in the slightest as she had left work to pick up her step-daughter to get to the airport. She had even shaved her pussy completely smooth in the shower this morning as a surprise for Patrick, knowing how fucking his wife’s bald cunt drove him wild.


Now, she again shifted her thighs, enjoying the naughty feeling of soft smoothness between her thighs. For a second she wished she could have changed into something nicer, but the time had been too short to drive home and pick out something pretty. Instead, Patrick would meet her in her work clothes: blue jeans, a white tank-top and a white blazer.


It did not matter. She did not intend to wear her clothes for long. She could not wait to wrap her legs around her husband and forget all about-


“FUCK!” The stunning woman exclaimed as her phone vibrated inside her pocket. She glanced over at Izzy, whose lips curled into an amused smirk as her step-mom cursed.


“Shut it!” Nancy growled as she pulled out her phone and checked the display, confirming her worst fears. Syd had promised to hold up the fort until the morning, allowing her, Nancy, some much needed off-time to spend with her husband. That she called meant it was important.


“Yeah?!” she answered the phone brusquely.


“I found them!”


Nancy sighed. 'They' were the two bastards on top of the LAPD's Most Wanted list. Michael Wesson and Vincent Beretta. Elemental players of one of L.A.'s most notorious crime syndicates, both of them on the run due to Nancy's and Syd's investigative work. Wesson, more of a behind-the-scenes player, had used Beretta as his executioner for years. Numerous hits had been conducted in which one or both of the shady fucks had been involved while they had repeatedly slipped through the LAPD's fingers.


This had changed. Beretta had slipped up in a hastily conducted hit, leaving evidence behind to render both him and Wesson vulnerable. Now they had been on the run for days, presumably already in Mexico. At least that was what Nancy had presumed until now.


“Alright... get 'em, girl!” she tried.


“They don't hide together! I cracked it but I can only go after one of them!” Nancy could hear that her partner was running, apparently already on the move, “I am going after Wesson. Nancy, you gotta get Beretta!”


“Why me? There's hundreds of good cops on duty...” Nancy pleaded.


“Cause Beretta is at the fucking Milton's Motel, which is about a mile from the airport you are at right now! And time is of the fucking essence.”


“Syd... FUCK!” Nancy dropped her head back in frustration, her good mood gone, “Which room?!”




“FUCK!” Nancy shouted, unable to hold back her cursing as she had to focus her hardest not to smash her own phone against the dashboard. It took her two seconds to collect herself before she turned to Izzy, who watched her wide-eyed. “Get out!”


“Wh-what?!” the short-haired teen stuttered.


“Get out. Damned, Izzy!” Nancy shouted, already out of her passenger side door to run around the car, ripping open Isabel's door.


“But...” the girl protested, but complied nonetheless, knowing that Nancy's job took priority, “What about dad?!”


“You guys take a cab home! I will meet you there!” Sliding into the seat and slamming the door shut, the LAPD detective took off, leaving her step-daughter in the curb in front of the airport.



Milton's Motel was a damn shithole. A cheap, run-down ruin, which only had a right to exist due to its proximity to the airport. Three long, two-story buildings stood in a U-shape around a half-deserted parking lot, each looking dirtier than the next.


“Fucking prick bastard!” Nancy angrily cursed Beretta to herself for ruining her evening plans as she brought her car to a screeching halt, opened the glove box and pulled out her badge, handcuffs and her gun. Clipping her badge and cuffs to her belt she climbed out of the car and looked around to orient herself. Spotting the building with the rooms that were numbered in the twenties to her right, she gripped her gun firmly and approached, quickly, but carefully. “Alright, Syd, I'm at the motel!”


Her heart raced in her chest as she spotted the '23'. She wished that she had someone for support, but time was of the essence and she could not wait. It was not exactly by the book, but getting a man like Beretta was big enough to bend or forget some rules...




Hearing the high-pitched, female screams coming through the cheap motel room door, Nancy gripped her gun a little tighter and crouched, approaching the room with a mixture of hurry and carefulness. For a split-second she had thought that the piece of shit was abusing a woman in there, but a heartbeat later realization quickly had hit home that what was transpiring on the other side of this door was another kind of action.


“Pretty sure he's still there!” she hissed into her phone, “I'm going in, Syd. Talk to you in a minute...” With that, the LAPD detective hung up and quickly slipped her phone back into her pocket. Eyes trained on the door she took her gun in both hands. She took a few deep breaths, bracing herself for mayhem.


“AAAH! AAAH! AAAAH!” Hearing the cries of pleasure rise to a crescendo, Nancy picked her moment of offense. Hoping that a strike in the middle of the woman's orgasm would add to the confusion of her surprise attack, the Latina grit her teeth and rammed her shoulder, with her complete body weight behind it, into the door.






“LAPD! FREEZE!” Nancy shouted as the ramshackle wood of the lock splintered and the door slammed open, hitting the wall so hard the doorknob left a dent in the dry wall. Bringing her gun up, Nancy trained it on the couple twisted in a pleasurable pretzel on the worn down motel bed.


“AAAH!” the woman's pleasurable cry turned shrill. She had ridden the man in full gallop as it seemed, her back facing the door and Nancy blinked in slight irritation as her eyes were instinctively drawn to the Asian woman's tight ass and the thick shaft that stretched out the pussy just below that butt. Alarmed by Nancy's sudden entrance and ripped from her gleeful throes the slim woman jumped off the thick cock, gripping a discarded sheet and clutching it up to her chest for cover, staring at the gun-slinging intruder in wide-eyed shock.


His female partner's sudden dismount caused Vincent's cock to spring up and wetly smack against his own abs, thoroughly coated in female juices. Nancy, irritated by the absurdity of the situation despite having done the best to brace herself, had to fight an inner urge to watch the thick, bobbing manhood and instead keep focused on the job at hand as the young man instinctively made his move and dived towards the pile of clothes next to the bed, undoubtedly going for some kind of weapon.


“FREEZE!” Nancy shouted again, giving the threat emphasis by taking a further step towards the bed, her gun firmly aimed at the young man's chest. This got his compliance as he stopped his move almost mid jump, instead showing her the palms of his hands in an obvious gesture of defeat. His expression as he looked up at her was a mixture of a myriad of emotions, surprise, anger, fear, shock, the remnants of the pleasure he had just been robbed of...


However, he obeyed. The chaos was over. After a few moments of wild action, noise of sex and aggression and general confusion a silence took the room. Honed by years of training Nancy was the first to regain her composure.


“Vincent Beretta!” she loudly declared as she stepped further into the room, careful to keep her eyes trained on the suspect. “You are hereby under arrest for the suspected murder of James Bigby!”


Having heard that sentence, the young man slumped back into a sitting position on the bed. His hands still raised, he made no attempt to cover up his nakedness and all the emotions drained from his features, replaced by defeat.


“Shiiiit, McKenna...” he muttered soundlessly, “You couldn't have waited like half an hour?!”


Nancy smirked, the enthusiasm of victory washing over her, but she kept both her guard and her gun up as she approached. “Let's be real, Beretta. Half a minute would have been enough for you... but it was more than you deserved.”


Rolling his eyes, the criminal nonetheless kept quiet, albeit she could see a twitch of anger in the corner of his mouth.


Briefly glancing over to the third party in the room, Nancy assessed the situation. Pretty, early twenties, Asian and fit. High heels and a tasteful white sundress in a crumble at the foot of the bed. A hooker. It fit Vincent's MO. Young and brash, he'd risk getting away safely just to get his dick wet... She was not a part of this, probably just a college girl trying to get the tuition fees paid.


Usually, she'd have kept her there, for questioning just on the narrow chance that her testimony would bring something new to the table, but this situation was not usual. Knowing that she had rushed this, had come unprepared and alone into an unknown situation Nancy realized that she was lucky. She was outnumbered two to one here and it would be best to even the numbers. She could just be glad that Beretta was not a gangbang enthusiast or the situation could have turned even more messy.


“You!” Nancy addressed the girl, pointing her chin at her without taking her eyes off the suspect even for another moment, “Out!”


The girl whimpered and hesitated, causing Nancy to frown. “If you are going to ask for your money I will arrest you too, just for being dumb!”


That drove the message home. The girl scrambled to pick up her dress and heels and, still wrapped in the sheet, she hurried past Nancy, smartly making the decision to get dressed in the hallway. The detective circled clear of her to give her an escape route. Despite her assessment of the hooker being a non-threat she was not willing to take any chances. She only relaxed ever so slightly in regards to that part of the equation once the girl had left the room and pulled the half-broken door shut behind herself.


Vincent gave a defeated smile, nodding as he accepted his defeat and all it entailed. “Fine...” he muttered, “I almost had you though, McKenna... A few hours and I would have been gone with the wind, Cartel would have gotten me out of here.”


“And yet you didn't win” Nancy retorted, reaching for her belt and tossing the handcuffs onto the bed between the man's legs, “You are going away for a long time, prick. Put them on!”


Vincent looked at the cuffs, then at her with a small smirk. “You don't wanna put 'em on me? That kinda was a fantasy of mine ever since I first saw that tasty Latina ass of yours...”


Nancy winced. “Guess you’ll have that fantasy to keep you warm in all those years to come in prison!” she retorted before gesturing with the gun, “Now put them on...”


The young killer sighed, the smirk once more giving way to defeat. He picked up the steel cuffs and seemed to do as she said, slapping the first one around his left wrist when he hesitated. Looking up at her from his seated, submissive position he asked for one act of mercy. “Can I put my pants on, please? Don't really wanna swing my dick into everyone's face out there...”


The question left Nancy speechless for a second. This was a situation she had never been in. She wanted the man cuffed ASAP, sure, but his complaint was legit. Leading him out there butt naked did not really shine a good light on the LAPD, would make it look like she did not give a crap about the dignity of a suspect and dirty her name. On the other hand, she really did not want to dress him, the thought of having the man's thick, veiny cock right in her face as she pulled up his pants for him was a truly unsettling thought.


“Fine!” she conceded, taking a step back, “Put on your pants. Nice and slow though! No funny business!”


Vincent smiled. “Thanks, officer!” he nodded in a show of gratitude and slipped off the bed, still naked save for the cuffs dangling from one wrist and his watch on the other and bent down to his pile of clothes.


Nancy spotted the way his muscles tensed, curling like springs, at the last second as he picked up his pants, but it was too late.


“STOP!” she yelled, but Beretta instead flung the discarded jeans right at her face. Nancy staggered back, her field of vision occupied for a moment by the flying garment. She used one hand to slap it out of the way, but it was too late.


Using the distraction he had caused, the naked gangster had moved to attack. Making the most of the element of surprise, he jumped forward and smacked Nancy's gun hand, hitting the weapon out of her fingers and sending it flying into a corner. Then, using his momentum, the muscular six foot two man tackled the smaller woman, giving out a primal roar as he drove her back into the wall behind her.


“Ugh!” was all the sound Nancy could make as she felt the man's raw power. Then the air was driven out of her lungs and she was sure that she heard the wall crack from the impact of their combined body weights, leaving her stunned.


Taking advantage of Nancy's surprise, the Vincent pressed on. His face a feral snarl he pinned her against the wall using his superior body mass and delivered two vicious, short hooks to Nancy's lower ribs, further driving the air out of her. Her eyes bugged and she instinctively brought her elbows down to shield her body, giving her attacker the opening above.




Nancy's head flew to the side, but the slap across her cheek was humiliating rather than injuring with the added effect of bringing her wits into focus. “Fucker!” the Latina LAPD officer coughed as she tried to push back against the naked man, but instead found herself helpless, outmatched in physical strength by the bigger, heavier man.


Changing her approach and the aim of her attack, Nancy lifted her foot and viciously slammed her heel onto Vincent's bare foot. For once, the officer wished she had worn high heels instead of her tactical sneakers, but nonetheless the criminal howled in pain, even more so when she repeated the attack, hitting the same spot twice.


Grunting, Vincent reacted by moving his feet back, hoping to bring them to safety by pinning Nancy with only his upper body, but instead this leaning pose opened his lower body up for other attacks. Immediately, the cop pressed her advantage and aimed a vicious knee at the naked man's exposed dick.


“Humph!” was the sound the gangster made when, much to Nancy's chagrin, she missed her target, but instead her knee buried itself in the young man's chiseled six-pack. Using her momentum, Nancy made use of the clinch position by brutally dropping her right elbow onto his exposed temple.


Realizing he was under a constant attack the killer changed tactics, deciding space was needed to regroup. Nancy gasped as he used his grip on her body to rip her away from the wall and fling her across the room, roaring.


Nancy staggered backwards, fell, instinctively rolled and came up in a crouched position, her teeth grit as she sized up her attacker. For a brief second she considered making a go for the gun, but when the muscular man yelled out a battle cry and advanced she realized that she wouldn't be fast enough.


Swinging a wild overhand and a harsh uppercut at her, Nancy ducked the first and jumped out of the way of the second before retaliating with a jab that hit its mark, but apart from buying her half a second to get ready for the next attack, it did little damage.


Lifting their fists, the two opponents paused for a second, sizing each other up.


“Come on,” Nancy started a half-hearted attempt, imploring the young criminal to give up. She knew fully well that it was useless, but she only hoped to divert his attention, “You're only getting yourself deeper into this shit...”


The grin that spread on Vincent's face revealed that her punch had indeed bloodied his teeth and Nancy quickly darted forward and landed another quick jab before jumping back out of his reach.


Vincent shook his head, then tested his bruised lip with his tongue before his creepy smile came back. “You're a fast one, officer!” he conceded, “As fast as you are pretty. But are you-”


Taking a page from her playbook, Vincent tried to divert her attention with words and lunged forward mid-sentence and the powerful right hook would have surely dropped her if Nancy had not slipped back ever so slightly, letting his fist swish an inch past her nose before she countered with a kick to the side of his knee, bringing the man off balance and sending him staggering sideways and crashing into the wall.


The naked gangster gave her a surprised look, then the grin was back and he chuckled, coming back to his feet albeit stepping gingerly on his hit leg.


“Well, look at that... Seems like those nice, big, jiggling tits of yours have distracted me enough for you to land.” he mocked, “Nice one! But you know as well as I do, McKenna, that that fancy technique of yours ain't gonna save you if I land only once! One misstep of yours and I'll deck you!”


Nancy glared back, her chest rising and falling, out of breath from the scuffle. She knew he was right. She had felt his power. He was a brawler, fighting passionate rather than smart, but each of those punches he had attempted surely would have put the lights out. She was the superior fighter by a long shot, but nonetheless this was a dance on a tight rope.


Beretta pounced, wild hooks flying left and right. Nancy dodged and weaved, slipped the first two punches, flinched with pain when she had to block the third, but then grabbed the trapped arm, turned her hips, re-positioned her feet and executed a hip throw, slamming her adversary onto the floor, then letting go and dancing back before he could grab a hold of her and pull her with him. She needed to tire him out a little more before she could take him in close combat.


However, on his way down, the man managed to snatch a handful of Nancy's white blazer and the material stretched as it was pulled into opposite directions.




Nancy cursed inwardly as her blazer tore, but nonetheless she stumbled back free, leaving her assailant only with a handful of tattered fabric. Quickly she shrugged the remains off her shoulders and tossed them aside, giving herself a little more freedom and leaving her upper body only in a white tank top.


“And you know what, Officer Cocksucker?” the thug continued to prod as he struggled back to his feet, the grin still there despite everything, “I think you have an eye on my dick. I think you want me to throw you on this bed, and mount you like the fucking bitch that you are!”


She knew what his goal was. It was low-level taunting, crude and stupid. Nonetheless it worked. A twitch of anger on her brow, her mouth opening to give a snappy reply and her attention was just that little bit off.




Another slap to the cheek, humiliating and taking her mind off-focus and suddenly her wrist was trapped, gripped tight by Vincent's right hand. Shocked, Nancy pulled back instinctively, but instead of yanking her towards him he used that instinct and pushed, surprising her by once again pushing her up against the wall. Before Nancy could react, the gangster's left grabbed the free cuff and slapped it around her wrist, pulling it tight.


“Ha!” Vincent grinned, lifting their cuffed-together wrists for her to see, triumph in his eyes, “I gotcha, you little bitch, let's see you hop around now!”


Nancy replied by landing a powerful right straight to the towering man's face, snapping his head back and stunning him. As he staggered back she slipped past his right side and in a breathtaking display of agility she jumped on his back.


“Gack!” was all the man had to say as the Latina hooked her legs around his waist into a body triangle as her left arm looped around his neck, digging under the chin. Pushed off balance with the cop on his back the naked man stumbled against the wall, then crashed loudly on the floor as the rear-naked choke sunk in. His free hand came up to fight her off, but Nancy grit her teeth, knowing what depended on this action she pulled for dear life, using both hands to force the bones of her arm into his arteries, disrupting the blood flow. Vincent pulled desperately, but was in the significantly inferior position with vastly dwindling strength, soon only clawing at her wrist.


“Come on, you prick!” Nancy hissed through grit teeth. “Go out already...”


After what felt like an eternity, the hand-fighting stopped and the man's limbs went limp.


“Godfuckingdamned!” Nancy breathed a sigh of relieve as she let the hold go and rolled off her unconscious opponent and onto her back, staring at the ceiling, “I hate this job...”


Taking several moments to catch her breath and let her heart rate calm down the detective finally sat up, grunting with effort. She could already sense that getting up would be a bitch in the morning, but from what she felt it seemed she had gotten away with a few bruises.


“Fucking sonofabitch!” she muttered, glaring at her unconscious, prone foe while gingerly touching the cheek he had slapped twice. It felt a little sore, it stung, but it was nothing.


With the adrenaline wearing off, she reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out the key to the handcuffs. Swiftly she unlocked the one on her wrist when the naked man next to her stirred. Groaning he rolled to his side, his eyes still closed and before she knew it Nancy had gotten another eyeful of the thug's cock.


“God damn!” she mumbled to herself as she pulled Vincent's wrists together in front of him and cuffed him, “The dude is hung like a horse...” The gangster's cock had gone limp by now, but still, the size of the circumcised manhood was impressive. Thick, long, veiny... it was not hard to believe the hooker's cries of pleasure had been honest if he swung a tool like that.


“Enjoying the view?!” Beretta moaned, a hint of that arrogant smile on his face as he peered up at her through half-lidded eyes.


“What?!” Despite herself, the detective felt herself blush, “No!”


“Tell you what...” moments after coming to the young man's voice was still a bit breathy, “You let me go now and I will let you play with it a little bit... For a pig you're really pretty!”


“Yuck!” Nancy rolled her eyes and climbed to her feet, tossing the key to the handcuffs onto the bed before grabbing Vincent under his arms and pulling him up as well, then pushing him into the worn-out arm-chair in the corner.


The naked man landed with a grunt on his bare ass, then gave a throaty chuckle. “Bet I'd have you squealing like a piglet in a minute, skewer that tight juicy ass on my fat cock...”


“Shut up!” Nancy growled, giving the cuffed man her best 'disgusted face'.


Vincent continued undeterred, arrogantly grinning up at her from his seated position. “Come on, pig. I bet you like it in the ass! Bet you take it every night from a different dude!”


Snapping, Nancy stepped a bit closer, towering over her sitting captive and glaring down at him with a no-nonsense look. “Vinnie, if you don't shut up I'll go round 2 on your ass, right now!” she hissed, her voice icy.


That shut him up. She could see in his eyes that he had a snappy comeback on the tip of his tongue, but knew better than to test her. After a couple of seconds of intense staredown he lowered his eyes and Nancy allowed herself a triumphant smirk as she turned around, never noticing the man's appreciative look at her ass as she bent over to pick up her weapon that had landed in the corner of the room. Re-holstering it, she pulled out her phone and quickly dialed.


“Hey, partner!” she grinned as soon as she heard Syd pick up, feeling pride well over her, “Guess who just booked himself a trip 25 to life?”


“Congrats, Nancy! Good job!”


Just the sound of her partner's voice immediately brought her down from her high. She sounded flat. Disappointed. “What is it?” Nancy frowned.


“Wesson's gone.”


“Gone?!” the word hit Nancy like a fist to the stomach, the air of triumph leaving her. Wesson had been the sure thing, the easy snatch. Beretta was the fighter, hard but necessary to get. Michael Wesson was supposed to be easy to pick up, his intel was what was supposed to put a dent into the cartel's armor. “How?!”


“Your guess is as good as mine!” Disappointment made Syd's voice sound pressed, “I'm at the address. He isn't here. From the looks of it he has never been there...”


“Shit!” Nancy cursed, “Fuck!” Frustrated she kicked Vincent's discarded pants, sending them flying against the wall.


“Hey!!!” Beretta protested, amusement brimming over in his voice.


“Shut up, asshole!” she hissed at him.


“What are you going to do?” she asked Syd, regaining her composure, though her euphoria was well and truly gone now.


“Don't know, Nancy!” her partner replied. “I'm stumped... Looks like the sonofabitch will get away. I don't know what to do.”


“I... fuck...” Nancy began to pace up and down the room, oblivious to the smirk that Vincent watched her with. They needed Wesson, needed him bad. Beretta was a good catch, but Wesson was the money. Running her fingers through her hair she tried to find a solution. There had to be one!


“Alright, Syd, come on, we'll figure this out!” she finally said, “Maybe look around the place?! Could be you missed something...”


“Oh, yeah that sounds like a great idea,” came the sarcastic reply, “Especially since this is my first damn day on the job!”


Nancy felt the blood rush to her cheeks, felt a snarky reply on the tip of her tongue, but bit her lips at the last second. She was pissed. Syd was pissed. Resorting to bickering among each other wouldn't help the situation at all. Taking a deep breath she calmed herself.


“Wesson's gone, huh?!”


Twirling around, Nancy faced Vincent again. The young thug sat in his chair in a relaxed pose that almost made you forget that he was butt naked and his hands were cuffed in front of him. He oozed smugness. “Real weasel, that man!”


Nancy gave him a frown. “You know anything, Vinnie?” she asked.


The look on his face was answer enough.


“Where is he?”


Beretta laughed. “Sure. Let me just do your job for you. I enjoy assisting pigs. That's generally very well-received where I am going!”


Nancy thought for a second, biting her lower lip. “Syd, I'll be back in a bit!” she said, hanging up before her partner had the chance to reply. A small revenge for the bitchy comment.


Tossing her phone onto the bed, Nancy turned her full attention towards her captive. “Where is Wesson?”


Beretta snorted. “Why would I tell you?”


Nancy paused. She did her best to keep a calm exterior, but her heart raced. Time was of the essence. Every second wasted here was increasing Wesson's chances at getting away. “Cooperation could get you some benefits... Maybe a reduced sentence, a nicer cell...” she offered. Beretta wanted something and she hoped that something was not just “pissing her off”.


“Benefits? Are you serious?” the gangster laughed out loud, “Sure, why don't I shank myself right here and save all of us some time. People inside see me getting treated well, they know I cooperated. They know I cooperated then... well, let's say my time in prison will be dramatically reduced.”


Nancy felt her mouth twitch with anger. “Alright, what then?” she hissed, her fragile mask of calm breaking to bits, “Want me to find a phone book and go old school on you?!”


The threat hung in the air for a second, but when Vincent leaned back in an ostentatiously relaxed pose, folding his cuffed hands behind his head, she knew it was useless. “Sure,” the criminal mocked her, “I bet you I can hold out until that slimy fuck is in the wind. Then all you have is an internal investigation on your hands...”


The Latina scoffed. “Still worth it!” she mumbled, loud enough for the young, smug fuck to hear, “Alright, Beretta, enough playing around! Tell me what you want or I'll take you away!”


The smirk turned into that chilling, blood-smeared smile again. “Show me your tits, pig!”


Nancy's jaw actually fell. “Wh... what?!” she gasped, incredulous.


“You heard me!” Beretta leaned forward again, the grin devious, “You want that sleazy fuck? I know where he is. You want me to tell you?” He gestured towards her. “Show me those big titties!”


Taken aback, Nancy gaped at him. “You're going to rat your buddy out if I show you my... my breasts?” she quizzed, taken on the wrong foot.


“No wonder they made you a detective...” Vincent chuckled and to her utter disgust she could see his cock swelling slightly between his legs, “Wesson is a piece of shit I could not care less about. I am done. Let's be real here, you already said it: 25 to life! Several times probably. Might as well buy me another memory to take me through those long, cold nights in there... And I know YOU won't tell anyone, so nobody will ever know that I spilled on Wesson.”


Opening her mouth, Nancy closed it again. Her mind raced. The situation had taken a turn that completely overwhelmed her.


“Come on, Officer McKenna!” the gangster prodded with a grin. “How bad do you want him? Nobody is going to know you did it! It is so easy...”


Gritting her teeth, Nancy snarled at the young man. She knew what he was doing. That this was stupid. Nonetheless, the point stood. Her instincts told her that the twisted, little shit was not lying, that he in fact knew where Wesson was.


“How do I know you won't fuck me over?” she asked finally.


Vincent shrugged. “Then you'll know where I am for the rest of my life to make me pay...”


Thinking hard, the point rang true to her. Ignoring the inner voice that screamed at her to stop this nonsense she nodded. “If you don't live up to your promise...” she threatened as she grabbed the hem of her white tank top.


Vincent's grin just widened as he sat back in the arm-chair again and watched with a triumphant expression.


Clenching her jaw, glaring at the man with murder in her eyes, Nancy slowly pulled her top up, revealing her slim, golden stomach to the man. For a moment the tight fabric caught underneath her breasts and lifted them along before it slipped past, revealing her plain, white sports bra.


Vincent let out an appreciative whistle as Nancy pulled her top over her head, leaving the LAPD detective standing in her bra in front of the suspect. “Wow, Officer!” he grinned sleazily, “Those are some damn fine tits you have there...”


Nancy scowled at him as she dropped her shirt onto the bed. His dick stood at half-mast now and she couldn't help but notice how... sizable he was. No wonder the prick was full of self confidence.


“Bra next, McKenna!” Beretta urged, motioning with his hand, “Come on, time is a factor here!”


Nancy opened her mouth, looking for a reply but coming up short. Besides, he was not wrong. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed her bra with both hands and quickly pulled it up.


Vincent was fully hard as the gorgeous detective complied with his demands and her full, round tits bounced free. Completely exposed for his viewing pleasure. He could see the faintest tan-lines of triangular cups where she must have gone sun-bathing in a skimpy bikini, the color of her skin a slightly lighter bronze than the surrounding areas. He also could not help noticing that the detective's little nipples, proudly sitting on dime-sized, light-brown aureoles, were jutting stiffly into the room despite the humid temperatures.


“Are you cold, Officer?” he mocked and laughed as her cheeks blushed. He could see her hands twitch, instinct telling her to cover up, but she didn't. Instead, the hot cunt cast her eyes down.


“Nice boobs, McKenna!” he grinned, “Those look damn fuckable!”


Nancy felt humiliated, on display. Reduced to her outer appearance like some common slut, something she had dedicated her whole life not to be. And now that her looks were what was focused on she was shocked to realize that it excited her a bit. Her nipples were hard and she felt her pussy moisten inside her pants.


“Now come on!” Vincent chuckled, drawing a circle into the air with his finger, “Give me a twirl! Nice and slow. I wanna see that booty!”


The topless detective swallowed hard, glaring at her captive. In her mind she was scrambling for a witty retort, but came up with nothing. To Vincent's amusement, he watched the corners of her mouth twitch several times before they tightened in grim acceptance of defeat.


“You sonofabitch!” she hissed as she complied with the gangster's demand and slowly turned, a sour, angry look on her face.


The insult only served to heighten Beretta's mood. Gleefully, he watched as the gorgeous Latina slowly turned. Her jeans were tight and well fitting, clinging to her strong, athletic thighs and as she turned around he admired the way they hugged her firm, round ass.


“Hold it right there, detective!” Beretta stopped her just as Nancy was facing away completely from him, her ass right in front of his nose. For a second, Vincent considered tackling her right now, close the couple of feet of distance and ram his shoulder into her, but he discarded that plan a moment later. For one thing, he was restrained now and weakened, having just been choked out. Also, the detective had annoyingly proven herself to be a more formidable opponent than he had expected. Additionally, right now he was having a fun time, the well-shaped Latina ass right in front of him making him forget about his impending fate.


“Alright,” he finally continued after several long seconds of admiration, “You can drop those pants now, McKenna!”


“WHAT?!” Nancy exclaimed, her head whipping around in indignant anger, “What the hell do you think yo-”

“Sssssh!” Seeing the cocky expression on the lowly thug's face as he put his fingers to his lips and dared to shush her, Nancy wanted to slap him, “Can't force you to do anything, Detective! If you don't want to do it that is your decision. Wesson's gonna be gone though if you don't get naked now...”


“Listen, you little punk...”


“I'll count to five.”


“If you think you can...”




Stunned, her thoughts a mess, Nancy froze. Nothing she had ever learned or done had prepared her for this kind of situation and her usually calm-under-pressure mind raced to find a way out of her predicament.




“Alright!” Unable to find an answer, unable to see a way out of it and feeling Wesson slip away, Nancy's fingers went to work almost on their own, scrambling to unbuckle her belt.




Beretta's grin was so wide it almost hurt his cheeks as he watched the panicking detective hook her thumbs into the waistband of her pants and shove them down, taking her panties with them. Her golden booty was a masterpiece and his jaw fell for a moment as the succulent, big, firm cheeks were exposed to him. Countless hours of physical training, running and fighting, had shaped the woman's posterior into something an Instagram model ten years her junior would be jealous of.




“Fuck!” Exclaiming in stress, Nancy bounced on one foot, attempting her best to shove the tangled mess of jeans and panties off along with her sneaker and sock, which slowed her progress, but finally she succeeded. Her shoe fell with a 'thud', her foot was free and Nancy hastily went to work on the other foot.


The sight was comical to say the least and Vincent would have chuckled when another emotion won over, his eyes widening as the detective bent forward in her fight with her clothes and for a moment, the thug accidental received a show of a pristine, bald, caramel-colored pussy, peeking out at him.


The quick, inadvertent flash bought Nancy the extra second she needed to wrestle free of her pants, the other shoe dropping, followed by the rest of her clothes and leaving the proud LAPD detective stand in her birthday suit in a cheap motel room in front of her captive.


“Satisfied?!” Nancy shot, glancing back over her shoulder. When she saw the hungry, predatory look in Vincent's eyes as he fixated her ass she blushed.


“Bend over!” Beretta ordered, ignoring her. He was rock hard now. He had always been a playboy, his good looks, money and the aura of danger were potent panty-droppers that all kinds of gorgeous girls had succumbed to, but the detective was different. Not only was she a strong, smart, proud woman and worthy adversary, she had even beat him. Outsmarting him by catching him, choking him out him in combat... she wasn't just his equal, she was his better! And yet here he was in control...


“Now hang on! We never-” Nancy protested.


“Bend over, bitch! Show me your cunt!” he interrupted her, glaring into her eyes. Nancy looked back, her own brown eyes wide, and there was a moment of intense staredown between them.


This time, Nancy looked down first.


To her own utter shock, the will-strong detective found herself unable to hold his gaze and after only a few seconds she couldn't bear it any longer, her eyes lowering in defeat. Turning her head back to face away from Beretta and hide her shame, she slowly bent over, further and further, until her upper body was parallel to the ground, her big, full tits hanging beneath her chest.


“That's it!” the cuffed man smirked as he got a better look at Nancy's sexy, plump pussy. The woman must have shaved or waxed very recently, as her snatch was baby-smooth and perfectly hairless, the thin, slightly darker inner labia peeking out  between luscious, soft outer lips. It was the most inviting cunt he had ever seen and the circumstances on how it had come to him getting to see it only made it all the hotter. Grabbing his rock-hard cock, Vincent began stroking himself slowly to the sight.


“Are we... is that it?!” Nancy asked after a few seconds. She could feel the young man's greedy eyes on her butt, on her pussy and felt her face flush with embarrassment. She had no clue what was happening to her, going from kicking ass a minute ago to this FUBAR situation, bent over to give a show to this lowlife. However, the most shocking thing was: she felt a damn tingle! This, being under the control of this sick fuck, turned her on. The realization terrified her.


“You know, I have always wanted to fuck you in the ass, McKenna!” she heard the creep behind her say and the crude words took her breath away, making her grimace, but to her shame she also felt a shiver between her legs. Her hole felt all creamy. “I want to hold you down, mash your face into a pillow and go to town, no mercy. Just use your asshole as my personal cocksocket. Turn you into my squealing, little cum dumpster...”


Nancy grit her teeth, simultaneously suppressing a moan and the urge to kick the prick's face in.


“So that's what's up, whore!” Vincent hissed, eyeing Nancy's bare butt, “Show me that tight, little backdoor. Give me a nice, long look if you want my info...”


“You little bastard...” Nancy growled. Turned on or not, the way this arrogant jackass dared to talk to her – while wearing HER handcuffs nonetheless -  got her blood boiling.


“Show me your asshole!” Beretta cut her short, his voice as hard as his cock.


Nancy's mouth twisted in indignant rage as she battled with herself to keep all her instincts in check. A lewd, horrible voice in the back of her mind constantly urged her to give in, telling her that she wanted this and even reminded her of the stakes of this mission. Absolutely unable to cope with the situation and pushed for action, Nancy reached back. Her fingers shook terribly as she grabbed a buttock in each hand.


Her trembling did not go unnoticed by the cuffed man in the seat behind her. He watched with an ear-to-ear grin as the gorgeous LAPD detective complied with his demands and pulled her buttocks wide apart, shamefully spreading her cheeks for him and allowing him a clear view of her asshole.


A droplet of pre-cum formed at the tip of Vincent's cock as he admired the tight clench of Nancy's off-brown anal opening. The tiny, wrinkled hole flinched under his gaze, shyly puckering up even tighter as Vincent doubted that anyone had made the strong-minded woman debase herself like this before. He would cherish the image for the rest of his life:  the stunning Latina detective naked and bent over in front of him, her fingers prying apart her buttocks to reveal two perfect, glorious holes as her soft, bouncy tits hung beneath her chest.


Nancy closed her eyes in shame. She felt her sphincter clench tightly underneath the thug's gaze, wishing to stop this as it made her feel even more vulnerable, but she couldn't. Instead, something else happened that made the whole encounter even worse. While her pussy lips initially had been sealed together tightly, now she was spreading her butt-cheeks and to her horror she felt how that pull slowly broke that seal, her pink cunt opening like a rose to reveal her creamy inner wetness to her tormentor.


“Wow, damn, detective!” she heard Beretta gloat, making her wish the ground would swallow her up, “That is a dripping cunt if ever I have seen one! You really are a dirty fucking slut, aren't you, detective?”


“Shut up!” Nancy whispered, her face burning.


“To be honest, I can hardly decide which of your holes look better,” Vincent continued to tease, “I mean, just look at that asshole! Look at how cute and small it is... I bet you just go crazy whenever someone eats that glorious ass, don't you?!”


“That... is none of your business!” Nancy pressed out between grit teeth, indignant with rage.


 “Oh, don't act all high and mighty...” Vincent reprehended her, “I can see your pussy. I know you like me treating you like this!”


“I do not!” Nancy twirled around, her eyes blazing in righteous fury, her big tits jiggling with the motion, “You're a-”


Her angry tirade was cut short, stopped dead in her tracks when she caught sight of the thug's erect cock, jutting thick and proudly into the air, with him stroking it slowly.


“I...” she stuttered, rattled by what she saw, her wide eyes glued to the man's dick. Somehow she could not bring herself to took away, much to Vincent's amusement.


There was a moment of silence with Nancy utterly thrown for a loop, frozen in place while the cuffed criminal appreciated the sight of the stunning woman in her birthday suit, a full-frontal view of her big, soft tits and smooth pussy.


“You want that info?!” Vincent finally broke the silence, his voice unusually soft now, but still firm.


Nancy finally managed to tear her eyes away from his cock and looked at him, reminding him of a deer in headlights. She nodded quietly.


“Alright!” he smiled, “I'll give it to you. I just need you to do one more thing.”


Nancy nibbled on her full lower lip. She had a suspicion what he wanted. She did not need to be a detective to guess that...


“I want you to suck on this big cock!”


To be continued...

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