My Dad's Best Friend

BY : TheChemist
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"This is going to be so much fun," Lydia cheered as they walked through the front door of her friend's house.

"Yeah. You and Jackson, me and Scott," Allison agreed.

Though the two boys played on the same lacrosse team, they actually hated each other but the girls either were oblivious to it or were intentionally ignoring it. For Allison, it was simple; she was the new girl in Beacon Hills and Lydia was nice, and popular and friendly. She wanted to be with the hot, curvy ginger while Lydia found a girl that could keep up with her sharp mind and drive for boys.

"Okay so let's pick you an outfit," the redhead said once they arrived in Allison's room.

"I thought I might just wear this," Allison replied.

Allison felt a wave of anxiety having the most popular and fashion-forward girl in the whole school look her up and down. The tall brunette was confident in her looks and her body, but having the physically perfect Lydia Martin judging her was enough to make anyone question themselves. 

"The skinny jeans will do, same with those boots with the heels," the ginger critiqued. "After all, they show off your gorgeous long legs and tight teen ass. But we need a new shirt."

The tall brunette breathed a sigh of relief, having passed under the watchful eye of Lydia and escaped relatively unharmed. However, the disdain that the redhead used as she flipped through Allison's closet and pushed aside shirt after shirt made her more and more self-conscious. She was even starting to pass into the made category when Lydia finally pulled a black shirt from the rack and handed it to her.

"Hey Ally...and Ally's friend," Chris Argent, Allison's father, said as he entered her room.

"Dad! We talked about this," his daughter snapped without malice.

"Oh, right. Knock first," Mr. Argent answered. "Still a work in progress. It looks like you're preparing to go out."

"Yup, bowling with some other friends," the tall brunette answered.

"Certainly not," he retorted with finality. "There is a town curfew due to animal attacks. All minors in by 9pm."

Seeing how gorgeous her friend's father was, Lydia's hormones went into full overdrive mode. Lowering herself down onto Allison's bed, laid on her side with her upper leg draped over to plump up her already bubbly ass and used her arm to hold up her head. From her new lower angle her already big eyes looked more massive, while her tits, which were a full C cup despite her 16 years of age, looked impressive as well.

"Hi Mr. Argent," the redhead greeted.

The older man flashed her a welcoming smile before his eyes reverted back to looking at his daughter. Lydia was disappointed that her obvious ploy to get Allison's dad to notice her had failed, when all of a sudden she got a lifeline. While his daughter threw turned her back to him, Chris Argent looked over at Lydia and drank in her sidelying image that was so intense that Lydia actually got wet from it.

"Listen Ally, I hate to disappoint you but you and your friend aren't going bowling. But the reason I came in was to tell you I have to go tonight and won't be home until late. Your mother is visiting your aunt so call me if you need anything. Oh, and he's $40 in case you wanted to order pizza or anything."

"Well I'd be pissed at your dad for being such a buzz kill if he wasn't so damn hot," Lydia said after the older man had left the room.

"First off, gross. Secondly, we are going on that date," Allison retorted.

Lydia kept watch out the window, looking for when Mr. Argent left while Allison whipped off her shirt to change. The ginger made sure to check out her friend and she very much liked what she saw. Though Allison had smaller tits then herself, it fit her slender frame perfectly. Her stomach was flat and tanned to boot, making the new girl a very tasty morsel.

"Okay, he's pulling out," Lydia commented.

"Great. Let's go," Allison said with a wide grin.

* * *

"Man that was fun," Allison commented and Lydia drove them home.

"Yeah totally," the redhead agreed.

"I'm just surprised that you sucked just to make Jackson feel better," Allison said.

The tall brunette noticed that her friend let Jackson help her shoot, which more often then not led to gutterballs or at best a few pins knocked over. Later in the game, when she stopped using the lacrosse captain's aid, Lydia bowled 2 strikes in her last 3 shots. 

"I do a lot of sucking to make him feel better," Lydia replied, giving the new girl a wink to make sure she got the sexual undertone of the meaning.

"You naughty girl," Allison laughed. "Oh, kill the lights. We need to sneak back."

The popular redhead did as she was told as they navigated the last few streets in total darkness. The risk wasn't required as they pulled closer to her house and found her father's truck was still out. Lydia flashed back on the headlights and drove into the garage, parking the car for the night.

Lydia was going to drive herself home, but after meeting Allison's dad, she changed those plans. Allison agreed it was totally cool if she slept over, in fact she couldn't have been happier. It had turned out to be a perfect night for the taller girl. She had a great time with her new boyfriend, and was growing closer to her best friend Lydia with each passing day.

"Your dad usually work this late," Lydia asked as they got ready for bed.

"Kinda. His job requires some late nights quite often," Allison replied as she pulled on an oversized t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

"Cool," Lydia replied as she stripped completely naked.

Allison couldn't believe how confident and brazen the red-haired girl. They had only known each other for a few weeks and yet here was the most popular girl in high school butt naked in her room. Like a moth drawn to the flame, Allison couldn't peel her eyes off of the gorgeous girl. Her tits were perfect; big, round and sagless. Her legs and stomach, sculpted from years of cheerleading were toned and oh so juicy while her ass was an adorable bubble.

"Never seen a ginger naked before," Lydia commented after a few seconds.

Allison's cheeks immediately flushed as she looked away. "No, sorry. Got caught up. Didn't mean to make you feel awkward. I'm not a lesbian or anything."

"Relax, I'm just joking," Lydia replied though made no effort to hurry up and change. "I'm fine being naked in front of others...for obvious reasons."

The pair were able to laugh off Allison's staring and settled into her queen-sized bed for rest. They started up the TV and watched some late night talk show before they fell asleep. Well, before Allison fell asleep. Lydia stayed awake, the coffee she had at bowling being one of the big reasons why, but that was for her plan.

An hour later, there was the subtle flash of headlights that peered through the window before the faintest sound of a car door closing. Lydia heard the front door near silently open before she made her move. Still hearing the light breathing of Allison, letting her know she was still asleep, she stealthy got out of bed, exited the room and headed downstairs.

"Yup, I'm looking as hot as ever," Lydia thought as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

The redhead may have been cocky but for a very good reason. She wore a plain white tanktop where her nipples were just noticeable through the thin fabric. Her luscious red hair framed her beautiful face while her lower body was covered in nothing but a blue thong, which made her amazing ass look even better.

Mr. Argent was in the kitchen, drinking from a glass. He'd taken off his jacket so wore a pair of jeans and a long-sleeve grey shirt. If he was surprised to find his daughter's new friend alone in his kitchen, well past midnight in barely an clothes then he didn't let it show in the least. 

"Can I ask you something Mr. Argent," Lydia said, twirling a length of her hair in her finger. When he nodded, she continued. "Have you ever fucked one of your daughter's friends?"

"What," he asked in shock, eyes bulging before he calmed himself and wore his usual mask of neutrality. 

Lydia stepped around the island so that she was leaning against it, no more than 2 feet away from the handsome older man. She was a good 6 inches shorter than him, so their closeness allowed him a great view down her tanktop at her mountainous cleavage.

"Come on Mr. Argent. I saw the way you looked at me earlier," the ginger explained.

Being bold, which she was very good at, Lydia stepped right up to him so their chests were touching. Going up onto her toes, the sexy redhead touched his face tenderly then pressed her lips against his. His stubble scratched her face, but she loved the feel of it, and after a few moments he returned her kiss. He was hooked.

The high school spoke truth, Chris had given her a very hard look in his daughter's room earlier that evening. She had a grown ups body but was a fresh-faced 16 year old girl. Not that he cared, in fact, the fact that she was sexually experienced turned him on. He intensified their kiss, opening his mouth and shoving his tongue into her mouth, which she moaned in response to.

"I want you to understand that if we do this, I'm not like those little high school boys you normally play with," Mr. Argent said with intensity.

"Clearly," the confident redhead replied, stroking his cock to emphasize that he was far from little in the cock department.

"I'm serious," he retorted, using his hand to tangle in her gorgeous red hair and tugged back sharply.

Lydia gave a squeak of surprise more than pain, though there was some of that as well. She could tell from meeting him earlier in the night that he had a look of mystery about him, but seeing him now, the redhead understood he was a dangerous man. And that excited her to no end. 

"So am I," she answered, looking him dead in the eye.

No more words needed to be spoken then. Leaning down, Mr. Argent pressed his lips back against hers, crushing her in a powerful kiss. Lydia was overwhelmed at first but recovered quick enough, returning the tongue-filled kissed with the man more than twice her age. She may have started out as the instigator for this evening, but it was clear that Chris was the one in charge now.


Lydia cooed as the older man hoisted her up by her underarms before setting her down on the countertop. He may have been lean but it was crystal clear he was a lot stronger than he looked, though it wasn't a great effort to lift the curvy student. They didn't break the kiss during him picking her up, but as his hands clutched the hem of her tanktop he pulled away slightly.

The ginger was about to lean forward in search of his lips once again but she was stopped dead in her tracks. With an explosion of muscular force, the older man tore her white tank right down the middle before throwing the ruined garment away. Now with her breasts exposed to the cool air, her nipples hardened as they became the sole focus of his.

"Mhmm...great tits," Mr. Argent commented.

The older man slid both hands to her large tits, far bigger than a girl her age should possess. Jail bait indeed. However, he didn't think about the consequences and stayed only in the moment. Her large boobs felt soft in his hands as he squeezed them before gripping each nipple between his thumb and forefinger before rolling them. He knew the pinch hurt her slightly, but not enough to take her out of the now.

"Awhh...yes," she moaned in response.

He moved his right hand off her fleshy globe so he could envelope her pointy nipple with his mouth, sucking on the small pink cap and twirling it with his tongue. His left hand went back to roughly kneading her large tit, the feel of the weighty breasts squishing between his fingers getting him extremely hard. 

As Chris switched his mouth to her other breast, both hands reached down and grabbed the waistband of her thong. The horny high schooler knew what he was after so as he began pulling the garment over her hourglass hips, Lydia lifted her meaty ass from the marble surface and allowed her thong to be pulled down her legs, rendering her completely naked.

"Oh my God!"

Chris licked her pink lips up and down then flicked out over the clitoris causing the vibrant redhead to quiver atop the kitchen counter. Not satisfied with just playing around the outside, the good looking man stuck his tongue as deep as he could inside her hole to sample her juices on the interior. The result was what he was hoping for as the taste was even sweeter than ever, not to mention he got off feeling the curvy girl squeeze his head with her inner thighs while screaming louder than before.

Lydia had been eaten out before, after all she'd been with Jackson for a long time now. However, no one had done so with as much practiced precision or skill as Chris Argent. Allison's father had a true talent and was making the much younger girl sing whether his tongue dances through her slit, plunged her depths or darted at her clit. 

"Yes...keep going," Lydia cooed, too wrapped up in her own pleasure to be embarrassed about how quickly she was being brought to orgasm.

Mr. Argent knew his way around a woman's snatch, having been between many of thighs in his day. Each woman was different so he learned quickly what moves got the biggest rise out of his horny lover then focused on licking all the spots she liked best. It didn't surprise him when after only a few minutes, Lydia was thrashing on the countertop, digging her hands through his sandy brown hair and pushing his face deeper into her pussy.

Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing redhead but she wasn't ready to cum just yet. Knowing he could accomplish that whenever he wanted, he decided to bring her to her orgasm sooner rather than later in order to save her energy for later. Having added a finger to pump into her twat, Mr. Argent latched his lips around the top of her clit and repeatedly flicked her clit with speed but with a gentle touch.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Lydia screamed in orgasmic bliss, though it was dampened by the older man cramming her own thong into her gaping mouth so she wouldn't wake his daughter.

Chris lapped up every ounce of her cum that he could with his tongue as it was one of the tasty lady cum he'd ever drank in his entire life. It had been a long time since he had eaten out a teenager and especially one so ripe as Lydia Martin. Once he was sure that he had every drop he could find, he got back to his feet with his cock pressing hard against his jeans. 

His dick didn't stay imprisoned long though. With one hand he pulled Lydia's head closer to kiss the younger girl, sharing her cum with her, while his right hand undid his pants. Using his strength he pulled the redhead from the counter, all while kissing her before breaking the lip lock to spin her around.

"I'm gonna fuck you now," he told her coldly.

Lydia simply looked back over her shoulder at her new friend's dad and smiled seductively at him. She allowed him to hoist her leg up so it rested on the counter, which gave the older man a better angle at her ripe teen pussy. She was completely bald down there, the style of choice for most girls her age these days.

He didn't know if the teen girl was on the pill, but the werewolf hunter was too blinded with desire to care. He had never met a 16 year old with such sexual confidence and he wasn't going to spoil that by tracking down a condon and diminishing his pleasure. Instead, he stepped out of his pants for better movement, dragged his unprotected head through her folds then pushed inside her.

"Please dooo...awwwhhhh," the ginger replied.

Within a few thrusts, Chris Argent was sawing his entire 8 inch member into her daughter's best friend. Just as he expected, Lydia was as tight as any pussy he could remember fucking. She was far from a virgin, in fact she had been fucked in the men's washroom during bowling no less than 3 hours ago, but she was a teenager and her pussy felt like a velvet vice around his thick cock.

"Feel so good," he grunted.

His hips started to pump into the 16 year old girl faster, little by little but his hands were working overtime. Originally both were groping her cushiony ass, which made the pale flesh turn red in short order. However, he remembered her best feature; those pillowy tits that were unbelieveable for any high schooler to possess, let alone a sophomore.

Needing to feel them once more, Chris ran one hand up her back and onto the back of her head. Once more he got a good grip of her thick ginger hair before pulling back sharply. Lydia cried out, a slightly more discomforted noise mixed in with her constant stream of moans, as her head snapped back. With her chest heaved up in the air, Mr. Argent reached around and roughly kneaded her large chest all while fucking her even harder.

"Holy're so big," Lydia cooed as he crushed her large boobs with his hands. "And so deep."

" like my big dick wrecking your tight teen pussy?"

"Yeah. Keep going, just like that," the redhead found herself saying, using her arms to shove back onto his dick.

Content to do just that, Chris brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into the teenager's hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy girl, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response.

To his delight, the harder he fucked her, the more Lydia seemed to respond. It was clear to him that his daughter picked a real sexual deviant for a best friend here in Beacon Falls, and he was the one reaping the benefits. Whether he was jabbing his cock as deep as possible into her, mauling her tits or slapping the hell out of her pale ass, the ginger girl moaned all the louder because of it.

"Come here," Chris said.

Lydia didn't know where he wanted her to go, but she was game. She felt his dick pull out of her cunt and she immediately longed to have him back inside her. Rather than guide her by grabbing her hand, he once again bundled up her hair and pulled her along behind him as they exited the kitchen into the hallway, passed the living room then entered what was a spare bedroom. It was further from the stairs and he closed the door behind them, ensuring his daughter wouldn't get woken up as he continued to ruthlessly fuck her best friend.

Never in Lydia's relatively short sexual life had she been treated so roughly...yet she really enjoyed being submissive to the very dominating man. It was clear that she may have been the one who initiated the tryst, but there was no doubt that Mr. Argent was the one in charge. Which was why when he sat down on the bed and stopped her from climbing up with him, she knew he wanted her on her knees and she did just that.

"That's it. Put that mouth to something good for a change," he insulted as she got down on her knees in front of him.

The sight of the gorgeous teen with the round face and big eyes on her knees before him aroused Chris to no end. Struck with an inspirational idea, he clutched his cock and pulled it away before she could wrap her plump lips around it. Tilting her face up and holding her in place by grabbing her hair, the werewolf hunter repeatedly smacked his dick on her adorable face, the thudding noise filling the room.

Lydia swallowed down all her feelings towards Jackson and thoughts of what it meant that she was getting off on being treated like shit so she could focus solely on pleasuring the older man. Once recovered from the big cock smacking her in the face, she stroked him a few times before lowering her head and taking half his length into her mouth in one go.

"Mmmmm," Lydia moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

For a girl who looked as innocent as the redhead did, especially with her cute dimples and youthful appearance, Mr. Argent was pleased to find she could suck dick with the best of them. He normally preferred more eye contact so he could see the cock passing in and out of their lips but her face was pointed straight at his groin as she feverishly bobbed on his length.

Wanting her to know exactly what he wanted, the next time she plunged down his length he pushed her head further down, making her take him as far into her mouth as possible so that his head poked the back of her throat. With 5 of the 8 inches of manhood lodged in her mouth at that time, Lydia couldn't help but make a wet gurgling noise but she was too practiced of a cocksucker to gag.

"GGkkkk...gllllkkkk...gllllll," the redhead gurlged as she pulled back only to ram back against his cock.

Lydia was allowed to pull completely off his rod and show the man twice her age her handiwork, namely the large amounts of spit strings decorating his veiny member. Kneeling even higher, the horny redhead spit some more saliva on the top of his shaft so her hand could pump along him at a mind-blowing pace while she collected her breath.

"Look at me with those pretty eyes as you choke down my dick," Chris demanded.

This time when the high school student bobbed on his dick it was faster, but still going just as deep. She made those same wet noises as she sloppily blew him, doing as he asked as well by being sure her eyes were looking up into his own. His expression was all pleasure, alternating between staring at her as she inhaled his cock or having them shut in wonderful delight.

"Oh yeah suck that cock bitch," the Hunter groaned.

"You like how I suck your fat dick, Mr. Argent," Lydia asked with cockiness in her voice.

After speaking and having to take her lips away from his pecker, Lydia changed things up. Bending down lower, which was tougher then you'd think given how her hair was being periodically yanked on, the redhead licked the underside of his shaft. It brought a groan of pleasure from Chris, especially after she used her tongue to lick repeatedly at his tip.

This time when she repeated the feat she crouched even lower to get her tongue to swipe slowly at each of his nuts. After taking turns putting each in her mouth and giving them a brief suck, she licked back up the underbelly of his shaft, feeling his main vein throbbing before popping the first half back inside her wet mouth.

"Get those balls in your!"

This time when she repeated the feat she crouched even lower to get her tongue to swipe slowly at each of his nuts. After taking turns putting each in her mouth and giving them a brief suck, she licked back up the underbelly of his shaft, feeling his main vein throbbing before popping the first half back inside her wet mouth.

"How about I show you what else I can do," the redhead said.

She started to climb slowly to her feet and when she didn't get any physical resistance from Chris she stood up straight, but not for long. Instead she spread her legs and straddled his waist, her hips lined up over her ass. She could feel his cock right benether her pussy and as she went to sit on it, Chris stopped her. 

Chris had every intention of letting the ginger teen ride him, but he had a different idea in mind. Reaching around to grip his cock, he pulled away before her pussy could swallow him back up and tilted it so he was pressed against her crinkled asshole. He had no idea if the teenager had had anal sex in the past, but he didn't care either way.

"I want to fuck you in the ass now," he told her firmly, holding himself at her anal entrance.

"Oh...yes," Lydia replied after only a millisecond of indecision. "Yes, yes, yes."

The redhead wasn't an anal virgin, having lost it several times to multiple partners, Jackson being the the most recent and most often of them. However, they were not as thick and physically intimidating as her best friend's father. However, she had come this far and she was not going to back down now. 

"You wanna fuck your daughter's best friend? Her jailbait best friend in the ass," she said, dirty talking him as she tried to sit further on his cock and break her rectal resistance.

"Yeah. I'm gonna stretch you wide open," he replied, his arm wrapped around her waist helping to pull her down until his head popped inside her anus.

"OH...oh my God," Lydia screamed as she sat on his first 2 inches of cock in her ass.

Chris may have been dominating and pushing the much younger girl all night, but he understood that when it came to sodomizing her, it was best to have her take the lead. Well, at least for the initial stages. Allison had picked a good friend though, as the slutty redhead immediately started to grind her hips in a circle, making her tight asshole rub his few inches of dick inside her.

Lydia continued to make little rings around his cock without actually dropping any more onto his massive length. The wiggling bought her time, allowing her to get use to the big dick stretching out her rectum while also giving the older man the pleasure he was after. Her move was a good one, as it was less than a minute before the sting of having her bowels stretched to her limit was she ready to take more.

"God! Each hole is tighter than the last," Chris grunted in her ear as she started sinking lower and lower with each drop.

"Yes! So tight," the teen replied, now well over half his length piercing her bowels.

"And you love it. Don't you? You're my little butt slut now, aren't you," the older man pressed, a few more inches now hugged by her tight asshole.

"Your little butt slut," Lydia repeated, lowering herself until her ass dropped against his thighs.

"You must be a anal whore because only they can take such a big dick completely into their ass," Chris commented as she started riding back up until only his tip remained inside her tight confines.

"Such a huge cock," she echoed once more, plummeting down his cock faster and faster now.

As good as it felt to have the high school girl rocketing up and down the complete length of his shaft in her asshole, Chris didn't like giving his submissive mistress the upper hand for very long. Wanting to remind her who was in control, the older man once more yanked back hard on her flowing red hair while simultaneously thrusting his hips into her, his ass raising off the bed to drive with more force into her bowels.

"OHHH...MMMYYYY....GGAAWWDDD," Lydia screamed, the pain of having her hair pulled and ass abused actually boiling over to feel arousing. "Harder!"

Chris didn't expected to hear that come from the curvy 16 year old girl, but he was more than happy to follow through. With his hand a fist by the back of her head, causing her gorgeous face to tilt up towards the ceiling, he leaned in a captured her nipple between his lips again. For a high schooler, it should be illegal to have such perfect tits, not that he was complaining as his hips slammed up time after time.

"Yeah. You gonna cum for me you ass slut," Mr. Argent deemed her.

" close," the redhead shrieked, making him pump his dick into her plump ass even harder. "Just like that...yes...yesss...YYEESSSSSS!"

Chris surprisingly rode out her orgasm but it meant that he had to slow his thrusting up into her tight asshole to a crawl. However, the damage was done and his own orgasm wasn't going to tail behind hers for very long. He would have preferred to spend the entire night with the magnificent redhead, but that was a fantasy at this point. However, he had a few last experiences left to degrade the popular girl with.

Once Mr. Argent was sure that the horny ginger was done cumming, he grabbed her by her hourglass hips and lifted her up off his cock. It felt weird to no longer having her anal sphincter strangling his manhood, but he had to take solace in the fact that this was only the first of several sessions he'd have with the 16-year-old.

"Suck," he instructed.

"But that came know," Lydia protested, finding herself seated beside his lap now.

"That's right, your pooper. And I want you to lick every inch of my cock, tasting every last drop of your own asshole. Savor the taste of your filth," Mr. Arget further explained.

Lydia had come so far tonight, first starting with seducing her best friend's father then letting him fuck her in the ass. Why not take it a step further, pushing her well and truly outside her comfort zone. Pushing aside her nerves and disgust, Lydia bent down, parted her lips and took half his length into her mouth.

At first she barely tasted anything. Getting more brave, she let her tongue glide on his shaft as she slowly bobbed on his length. It was far from gross, a faint unusual taste, maybe a bit metallic but nothing bad. And the fact it felt so wrong made her want to do more. Bobbing faster, she swirled her head so her tongue ran over more of his veiny surface, tasting more of her asshole.

"Tell me how it tastes," he demanded.

"Tastes so nasty," Lydia answered, knowing the demeaning replied he wanted to her. "Love sucking this dirty cock."

"Good...keep going you filthy slut," he demanded.

Lydia had been with enough boys to know when they were fixing to cum. Mr. Argent may have been older than her usual conquest, but she recognized the hints of urgency in his voice as he ordered her to blow him again. Knowing that, she used her hand and mouth in tandem with each other, stroking the portion of his dick not getting blown between her lips.

"Fuck...need to cum," he warned no less than a minute later.

"You can cum in my mouth," Lydia told him. "I like swallowing."

"No. Wanna cover your face," Allison's grizzled father retorted through gritted teeth.

Lydia didn't have time to react to his statement as she found herself getting moved with ease by the lean man. The room tilted and she felt carpet against her naked back as she stared up at the ceiling. That view became blocked as Chris kneeled over her chest, his rapidly beating fist stroking his dick, which was right in front of her face.


He was only inches away and given the massive quantity of jizz the older man had, he absolutely covered her beautiful round face. Lydia had the presence of mind to close her eyes and open her mouth with tongue sticking out, which ended up being the landing pad for the last few squirts of jizz, which she happily swallowed. 

After a few seconds, it was clear that Chris was done painting her face as they both got to their feet. Lydia was only able to open one eye, her left one was closed with cum landing on her eyelid. Looking around she located a box of tissue, and as she grabbed a few she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. The horny man did well to streak her face in three strips of white goo, one on her left cheek and eye, another one upper lip and over her nose and a final one on her forehead.

"That was a lot of semen," the redhead panted, catching her breath after the marathon sex session.

Chris was already fully dressed and recovered as if nothing had happened. Straightening up his shirt, he addressed the beautiful high schooler. "Make sure you make yourself a guest over here as often as possible."

* * *

"You awake Lydia," Allison asked several hours later, sunlight peering in through the window.

" now," the redhead replied.

"How'd you sleep," the taller girl asked.

"Like a baby," Lydia answered with a knowing smile.

"Not that I'm judging at all, but didn't you go to bed with a shirt on," Allison asked, observing how her guest had her tits spilling out over the blanket.

Lydia remembered back to last night when Allison's father ripped her tanktop from her body, leaving the shirt in ripped tatters. She smiled before telling Allison she was mistaken.

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