The Cooper Girls

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Polly Cooper tried to stay as quiet as she could, as she knew the walls in her home were thin, particularly between hers and her sister's, but no matter how hard she tried a few moans and whimpers slipped out. Masturbation wasn't something she dared to try when she'd lived here before, at least when the rest of her family was home, but she was currently nine months pregnant and desperately horny to the point where she just couldn't sleep if she didn't. All she could do was wait until everyone had gone to sleep, and do it as quickly as she could. So well after midnight she found herself with her eyes tightly shut, hammering a dildo in and out of her cunt, while using her other hand to paw at her engorged tits.

She was so close she could taste it, then she heard a soft, "Polly?"

This caused Polly to open her eyes and almost jump out of her skin, as her little sister Betty was standing right besides her bed and staring down at her with a strange expression on her face. It was a miracle Polly didn't scream, her desire to cum pretty much the only thing stopping her. Which was the same reason which allowed her to fight through her embarrassment to hiss at Betty to leave as quietly as possible. Or at least that was the plan, until Betty slipped into bed with her and pressed her lips firmly against hers! Her own sister! Her own sister was kissing her, Polly so shocked by this, and their pyjama clad bodies pressing so firmly together it took a few long seconds for her to break it in horror.

"Betty, what are you-" Polly began, before being cut off.

"Don't leave me!" Betty pleads, quickly explaining, "You're arguing with Mom and Dad all the time, and I, I just... I don't want to be left alone again."

"Oh Betty." Polly said softly.

"And, and I know you've been masturbating. A lot." Betty continued, blushing as she confessed, "I, I hear you every night in here, doing that to yourself."

"I'm sorry Betty." Polly blushed, feeling ashamed, "I'll try and be more quiet, it's just that-."

"You have needs. I know..." Betty whispered, grabbing hold of the dildo and pulling it away from Polly's pussy, "And I want to be the one fulfilling those needs."

With that Betty pulled the dildo up to her lips and slowly pushed it into her mouth, letting out a long, soft moan in the process which had Polly trembling with need. It was so, so wrong, but somehow watching her little sister sucking on a dildo covered with her juices was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. Something that Polly just couldn't help but staring at for a few long minutes as Betty pushed the toy surprisingly deep into her mouth, and even down her throat, before returning it to the older girl's needy twat. Thankfully Betty kissed her again, while penetrating her, muffling Polly's moans of pleasure. Oh God, what was happening? This needed to stop, now!

"Betty..." Polly tried to begin again, but honestly she wasn't sure what to say.

"Shhhhhh." Betty soothed, "It's okay. Ronnie has been training me to eat pussy. She says I'm really good at it. If you promised to stay I'll eat yours whenever you want. I'll do whatever you want. Be your little lesbian sex slave. Just please Polly, don't leave me. Don't leave me ever again."

Once again Betty kissed her, only this time Polly slowly started kissing back, the two sisters suddenly melting into each other in this ultra forbidden way. Part of Polly was screaming it herself to stop, but she just couldn't help herself. She was just so horny, and everything Betty was saying and doing was just pouring gasoline on the raging fire inside her, perhaps especially the idea that Veronica Lodge was teaching Betty how to eat pussy. Weirdly, that made her a little jealous too, but mostly the idea of her sister and the new girl in town, who was incredibly beautiful, fooling around, broke down the last of Polly's resolve. Well that, and to her shame, the idea of Betty being her lesbian sex slave.

Betty loved worshipping Veronica's body with her mouth and tongue, and Ronnie was constantly referring to them as sisters, even when they were alone together. So was it really so weird to want to do the same with her real sister? Especially when it could make the difference between Polly leaving again, and her staying. Oh Gosh, Betty would do anything if it meant that Polly stayed with her. Something she tried to prove by beginning to slide the dildo in and out of Polly's pussy, officially starting to fuck her big sister for what would hopefully be the first of many, many times. Which predictably was meant by enthusiastic moans, gasps and whimpers of pleasure from Polly, Betty's lips making sure they were nice and muffled so they could keep doing this.

After all, the last thing Betty wanted to do was be discovered by their parents, who were so very judgemental about the tiniest of things, and would no doubt see this as something ugly, and insist that they should see it the same way. But Betty didn't. She loved her sister, and wanted to be with her in this wonderfully intimate way, and for this amazing moment it felt like Polly felt the same. Why? Because she was not only passionately kissing back, but also pushing her hips upwards in time with Betty thrusting into her, making sure that the fucking was as deep and as hard as possible so she could make her cum. Oh fuck, Betty was going to make Polly cum! This was so great.

Most of the time she and Ronnie played together it was slow and gentle at first, and sometimes throughout, and Betty dearly wished she could give Polly the same treatment. But this was a huge risk on multiple levels, so instead she hammered that dildo in and out of her big sister's pussy, almost desperate to make her cum. She then rested her body firmly on top of Polly, so she could slide her other hand over those big, pregnancy enhanced tits. Polly always had nice tits, but being pregnant had done wonders for them. Hell, it looked like all she'd have to do was suck on them a little to get milk out of them, and for better or for worse Betty hungered for it. So much so that she actually broke the kiss in favour of going after it, yanking the other girl's nightshirt upwards, jerking her head downwards and wrapping her lips around a nipple.

This understandably caused Polly to cry out loudly, before she thankfully grabbed a pillow and shoved it over her face. Admittedly Betty barely noticed, as she was too busy frantically sucking the nipple in her mouth, while moving her free hand to the other boob and starting to frantically grope it, while the other hand fucked her sister with that toy. She then began moving back and forth between those boobs, becoming so lost in worshipping them she almost didn't notice when she made her big sister cum. Almost, but how could she miss it? Oh yes, this was Betty making her big sister cum for her, which was literally her darkest dream come true, which made this the most proudest moments of her life.

Polly also covered her face with that pillow because she was hoping it would allow her to pretend it was her beloved Jason Blossom doing this to her. That his dick was inside her, and he was all over her tits as usual, as he tried to push her over the edge of orgasm. But in reality the only thing she had of him left was their children, squirming in her womb as they were aware of something happening to her, but they didn't know what. Oh God, if they only knew. If Jason knew! Or even worse, the Blossoms. Or worse of all, the rest of her family. Which was horrifying, and yet somehow it was also another twisted turn on, especially because Betty had to be thinking about the same thing, but simply didn't care. And she could definitely feel the twins moving between them, and if anything, it only seemed to encourage her.

As much as Polly tried not to she couldn't stop thinking about exactly who was doing this to her, that her little sister was fucking her, that thought more than anything else pushing her over the edge of perhaps the most intense orgasm of her life. And Betty didn't stop! No, her baby sister fucked her through that climax, and then moved down so she could wrap her mouth around Polly's clit. Polly's pyjama bottoms already around her ankles, meaning that Betty got all the access she could want, using it to fiercely suck that clit and swirl her mouth around it, easily making Polly cum again, about a billion times harder than before. This one was so intense that the older sister just couldn't take it any more, and she pushed the younger one away to give her a chance to catch her breath.

That was a relief, but Betty pulled the dildo out of Polly's cunt in the process, and then once again bought it up to her mouth and sucked it clean, this time painfully slowly, while staring deep into the other blonde's eyes. Which just caused something to snap inside of Polly, and all of a sudden she was rolling over so she was on top of Betty and pushing her hand into her pyjama bottoms, where she found an incredibly wet pussy waiting for her. It should have been off-putting, as Polly had always thought of herself as straight, and this was her sister, but instead she grinned wickedly, and started to fuck her. Oh God, she started to finger fuck her own sister, something both sisters clearly loved.

It was so incredibly shameful, but Polly even started thinking of ways that she could make Betty cum. Or more accurately make her cum as hard as possible, because at this point it seemed an orgasm was inevitable for the perverted little bitch. Then it came to Polly as soon as Betty tried to remove the dildo from her mouth and say something. Seizing the opportunity Polly grabbed a firm hold of the dildo and shoved it deeper into her kid sister's mouth, and even down her throat, making her gag. Which was exactly what she deserved, the little incest loving freak. Betty also clearly enjoyed it, meaning she was even more of a freak than Polly originally thought. And of course, it silenced the sibling, who was being loud enough without being muffled by a cock stuffing her throat.

Betty was in heaven right now. She had imagined just about every way this could go, including this one, only this one was most unlikely. At best she thought she could talk her desperately horny sibling into letting her worship her amazing body, and using this dildo to get her off, while Betty frantically fingered herself beneath the bed sheets. Instead Polly was now on top of her, her big sister now hammering two fingers in and out of her pussy, and fucking her face almost just as roughly with her dildo. Plus the entire time she stared at her with such an intense look it was almost enough to make Betty cum on it's own. Then just as she didn't think it could get any better, it did.

"You like that, you little slut?" Polly said quietly as she could, "You like being fucked by your sister? Oh my God, you do, don't you? Ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk, that's so nasty. Who would have thought sweet little Betty Cooper would be such a little incest loving freak! But she is, mmmmmmmm, she's a dirty little sister fucking whore. Cum for me whore! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, show me what kind of a girl you really are."

Dirty talk was one of Betty's favourite things ever, and as much as she loved it from Veronica it was even better from Polly, as her big sister quickly realised she loved being reminded of their relationship. That more than anything else sent her over of the edge of a powerful climax, Polly getting as close as she could to her ear so she'd whisper those filthy things into it, so she could not only make her cum, but do it over and over again. Which was overwhelming, but Betty just couldn't help it. God, it was like she was being fucked three different ways, her mouth and pussy receiving one hell of a physical assault, even though it was nothing compared to the onslaught her poor mind was receiving. Oh yes, Polly was fucking her mind even better than Veronica did, and it was sending Betty off like a fucking rocket.

"That's it you little incestuous slut! Cum! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, cum for me! Cum for big sister." Polly moaned into Betty's ear, truly on a roll now, "God Betty, ohhhhhhhhh, you're such a whore. Such an incest loving slut whore! Oooooooooooh yessssssss, cum for your sister! I love it when my perverted little sister cums on my fingers! I love it! It feels so good, mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, soooooooooo gooooooooooddddddddd, oh God! Oh God yes, fuck me, fuck me just like that, oh you bitch. Oh fuck! YOU SISTER FUCKING WHORE! Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss, AH FUCK ME!"

As much as Betty loved those words, and wanted them to continue forever, she needed to make her sister cum even more. So she pushed two fingers straight into Polly's welcoming cunt, barely taking a moment to savour being inside her sister while her sister was also inside of her, before beginning to fuck her. Oh yes, Betty Cooper began finger fucking Polly Cooper, while Polly was fingering her, and it was glorious. Which unfortunately, and predictably, bought an end to the dirty talk, Betty probably waiting too long to cover Polly's mouth with her own, resulting in some rather loud words escaping. Fortunately it didn't seem like they had been heard, which was a good thing, because in their current state the two Cooper girls were probably too lost in fucking each other to notice if they were discovered.

Either way unfortunately they couldn't last all night long, although it felt like they gave it a decent try. Ironically considering how they started it was Polly who had the last laugh, because she let go of the dildo when Betty started to finger her, allowing the teenager to spit it out, the older blonde then grabbed hold of the toy and suddenly shoved it into the younger one's pussy, rendering Betty incapable of doing anything but squirm under the affections of her sibling. Hell, she very much lost the ability to think, for quite a while her last coherent thought being that she could feel the twins squirming between them, and somehow that just turned her on even more. Then suddenly they were both on their backs, gasping for breath while Polly looked incredibly guilty.

"Please..." Betty croaked hoarsely, "Please don't leave me."

"I..." Polly began, but before she could think of how she wanted to respond exhaustion caught up with her sister, causing Betty to slip into sleep, while poor Polly just stared at her.

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