The Mother-Daughter Marriage Act

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The Press Conference had been going well; Veronica Hastings had batted away questions on her views on transport, the economy and foreign policy (even if the State Senate had no role in the latter), but finally came the question she was dreading.

"What do you think of the Mother-Daughter Marriage Act, does it have your support?"

She had known it was going to be asked and so she gave her stock answer, "I'm a big supporter of the act, if I'm elected as your State Senator I'll certainly be voting for it."

Hoping it was enough she quickly added, "Next question," and looked towards another journalist.

However he could smell blood in the water, an ability journalists had as much as lawyers or sharks "You're opponent, Kristine Phillips says that your support is only skin deep designed to gain votes. She's dating her daughter and intends to get married as soon as the Act is passed. What do you say to that?"

"I'm sure they'll be very happy together," replied Veronica looking round the assembled press pack and failing to see a even a slight upturn of the lips on any of them. "As I said I'm a strong supporter of the Act. I have friends who will be wanting to make use of it," she quickly added thinking of her friends Ella Montgomery and Pam Fields and their daughter-lovers (though, if she was honest, she was unsure if either were planning to get married).

The journalist was persistent, "But having friends with daughters they're involved with isn't the same as being in a Mom-daughter sexual relationship yourself is it? You surely can't feel as strongly about this as Kristine, given the opposition from Federal Government how can we be sure that you won't put this aside for some nice little sweetener."

"I stand by my word, I'm a big supporter and will be voting for it," she replied, whilst silently cursing the idiot of a President who didn't understand that this was State business not his. "I know my constituents support it. Next question..." she pointedly looked at a third journalist, one who she knew was more friendly.


The Election Agent shut off the television and turned to Veronica, sitting on a couch near her youngest daughter, Spencer. He gave a shrug, "Well Veronica it wasn't terrible."

"It wasn't great either," Veronica said.

The news had barely mentioned her plans on educational improvement and had focussed on her views on the Mother-Daughter Marriage Act, though at least they'd tried to be fair by showing her say she supported it. However they'd then cut to a section with her main rival, Kristine Phillips, catching her arm in arm with her daughter (and she had recently let it be known, fiancée,), who had replied in response to questions about Veronica's support, "She would say that wouldn't she?" As a political cut-down it was brutally effective.

"It's starting to have an effect on your numbers, on everything else - education, crime, reproductive rights, you're ahead of Kristine, However on this, she's way ahead of you - everyone believes its something she's passionate about and that you don't care; for a lot of people it's a deal breaker." The Agent handed her a sheet with the latest polling and focus group results, Veronica had seen enough of them over the last few weeks to know to flick straight to the end.

She grimaced, "Two points behind, it was one yesterday."

"The risk is its cutting through, Kristine is dating her daughter, she supports the Act," and in the fiercely liberal seat they were contesting this looked like being enough.

"I've an idea," Spencer interrupted, who was sitting beside them nursing a coffee. Her Mother and the Agent looked at her keenly. The younger Hastings paused for a second and then continued, "So the problem is that Kristine is with Yvonne isn't it? What about if you were seen with me, on a date? All you'd have to do is laugh at a few of my jokes, perhaps touch my hand a few times over the table and hold it as we walked to the car. The Press would think we're dating; we wouldn't have to say anything - just let them assume it's real."

The Agent frowned, thinking, "It could work. We could drop a few hints about how working on the Campaign together had brought you closer."

"I don't know, won't it be a lot of a strain on you, pretending?" Veronica asked.

The idea did seem a good one, however, she had to admit and so she wasn't displeased when Spencer shook her head, "No, we're spending a lot time together and it's not like I'm seeing anyone at the moment. Anyway it's only until the election and then we can announce we're having a conscious uncoupling."

"It'd certainly blunt Kristine's attack line," the Agent said. "If you could name a restaurant I could get a friendly journalist outside to take a photo of the two of you going in hand in hand, to spread the message you're together."

"Let's give it a go," agreed Veronica.


Veronica waited outside the restaurant, deliberately ignoring the young man loitering with a camera nearby, he too pretending to show no interest in her either. Spencer had left the campaign headquarters early to go back home and get ready, saying it wouldn't look like a date unless she dressed properly. Veronica, aware that every second counted in a campaign, had remained in the office until the last moment, even getting changed there - from a serious trouser suit suitable for campaigning into a knee length dress for dating. She needn't have hurried as Spencer was unusually late

A cab pulled up and she could see Spencer's head in the back seat. Even though it was a warm night Veronica waited, a little impatiently for her daughter to get out, she'd have a very quick word with her about punctuality she decided, she could have had another thirty minutes in the office. The cab door opened and out stepped Spencer. She had certainly made an effort, wearing a sexy dress - the top a dark net so fine it was almost translucent and probably would have been if strips of patterned material were not sewn in, it fell down to a bottom which went half way down her thighs. Her hair fell loose over her naked shoulders and she had put on a bright red lipstick, which shouldn't have suited her, but did.

"You're looking beautiful this evening," Spencer smiled as she approached her Mom.

"You as well," said Veronica, looking at her daughter and deciding that it was worth the younger woman being late if she was going to appear like that.

She leaned forward to kiss her welcomingly on the cheek, but Spencer put her hand out, pausing her. "We're on a date remember," her eyes moving towards the photographer who was showing a sudden interest, "Kiss me on the lips." Even as she said the words she was leaning forward to kiss her Mom. It was all over in a brief flash, little more than a peck, their lips barely connecting, but Veronica felt something in her stomach, like a little jump. She hoped she wasn't blushing as her daughter pulled her head back and said, "Let's go in."

She reached down and took her Mom's hand, in a way she not done even as a child and led the older woman into the restaurant. "Spencer Hastings," she said to the Maitre d', who looked down briefly at his list of reservations before gesturing to a waiter to lead them  to their table. Spencer had picked the spot and had chosen well thought her Mom. It was dully lit, the perfect place for a romantic dinner, so no one could think they were out strategising. There were enough diners that some were sure to recognise them, and would be able to confirm to the press they'd seen the Spencers on a date, but not so many that the place was packed and noisy. And when she sat down and glanced at the menu Veronica saw that it was type of gourmet food she liked (she'd been secretly nervous their 'date' would be at the pizza place). Spencer was already perusing the wine list and choosing for them both. The waiter nodded obediently and went to get the wine, leaving the two Hastings women alone.

"I think this might work, I saw the photograph taking some pictures as we went in," Veronica said.

"Hopefully they'll be going viral in the hour," her daughter responded, before giving a quick conspiratorial look around. "We need to be careful what we say, if the waiter comes and we're talking about your campaign he's going to twig and the first people the journalists are going to talk to when the photos come out are the people who served us."

"Good point," Veronica conceded, "So what do we talk about?"

"Like we were on a date, getting to know each other, what we like, what we don't like, music, movies, books, whatever we want to," Spencer said. She reached out across the table to place her hand on her Mom's as the waiter approach, gently stroking it, "It's about relaxing and having a good time."

"Your wine, miss," the waiter presented the bottle to Spencer to approve.

"So what is your favourite book?" Veronica asked her daughter, as the waiter started to pour the wine.

Soon the two of them were engrossed in a conversation Veronica could never remember having before. Until now she hadn't realised that they weren't a sharing family, their previous conversations always keeping a distance as if their were secrets they shouldn't say - even if those secrets were nothing more than what was the first celebrity crush. But their pretend date had opened up the opportunity to have them and Veronica found it was fun to talk to her daughter, like she was another woman, one who she was interested in - in a non-familial way. The food was good and the wine excellent, the restaurant proving to be an inspired choice. At one point, between the main course and dessert, Veronica put her hands forward on the table, only for Spencer to place hers on top of them. The young woman began to almost sensually massage them, as she talked about her real feelings towards her Dad (not good ones, Veronica was pleased to find).

Unfortunately the meal ended, even with coffee and cheese and biscuits. "That was lovely," Veronica said, "The best 'date' I've been on for quite a while." The waiter was there, holding out the credit card machine for Spencer, but Veronica meant them for her daughter not him, it had been a great evening and for the first time since the campaign had started she felt relaxed and revitalised. There was also the bonus of connecting with Spencer in a way that was much deeper than she'd imagined possible, almost like they were moving away from being Mother and child to something different and more mature. "You don't have to pay for us both, I can make a contribution."

Her daughter just smiled, "It's a date, I'll pay, I'm sure you'll make it up to me."

"I'm sure I can," replied Veronica, wondering exactly how she could - it wasn't so much the money as the absolute wonderfulness of the evening that she wanted to pay back and she couldn't think of a way. "Shall I get call a cab?" Paying for that wouldn't be much but it would go a tiny way towards the debt she owed.

"It's still early, I know a wine bar near here we could have a drink," Spencer said.

"I'd like that," replied Veronica, pleased the 'date' wasn't ending yet.

The two of them picked up their purses and went to leave, Spencer immediately taking her Mom's hand as they left, smiling, "Remember it's a date."

"I wonder if the photos from earlier are up yet," Veronica said, looking for the photographer. He was still there waiting for them.

"We should walk closer together, so he's sure we're on a date," said Spencer. Veronica had no objections to that, allowing her daughter to pull her closer so that she was almost leaning her head on the younger woman's shoulder. She sensed the photographer was snapping away at them, but she wasn't really concentrating, suddenly swept to a different realm by the alluring scent of Spencer's perfume, her feet going automatically, as she allowed Spencer to lead the two of them.  She was brought back to the present by Spencer speaking, "Once we get to the bar, we should kiss outside."

"What?" Veronica had only half heard, but what she was hearing she found herself agreeing with.

"Outside the bar, we should kiss for the photographer, not for long or too passionate, lip to lip, to show we're on a date."

"That's a good idea," Veronica replied. It would be solid proof of her support for the Mother-Daughter Marriage Act and enough to gain her those precious points of support. And, a little voice was saying, Spencer's lips are so soft and sexy, you'll enjoy kissing the. Even as she was squashing that voice and reminding herself she was just doing this to support her campaign they arrived at the wine bar.

"Let's kiss," Spencer said, turning round to face her Mom.

A moment of magic happened as their lips met, whilst Veronica's toes didn't literally curl she felt as if they might. Nor was the magic dispelled by the touch of her daughter's hands on her waist, gently gripping at her through her dress and despite Spencer's words about just going lip to lip she opened hers enough that Veronica could almost feel the touch of tongue.

Then it was over. "Shall we go in?" said Spencer taking her Mom's hand again.

As it was a weeknight the bar was quiet, a few couples or small groups huddled round tables and pair of bar staff gossiping as they weren't overworked. "What about here?" Spencer pointed to a table, it was next to the window so they could be seen through it, but away from any company - the nearest occupants well out of earshot.

Nodding Veronica took a seat, whilst Spencer remained standing, "I'll get you a glass of white wine, right?"

"You paid for dinner," Veronica protested.

"It's a date, I'm treating you," Spencer grinned, "Make it up to me later."

"Okay, I'll have a dry white," Veronica conceded. Spencer turned and headed to the bar, her Mom watching her go. Spencer looked so hot and attractive in that dress and all made up, that Veronica almost licked her lips, before shaking her head and pushing herself towards a more sensible place. She'd never thought sexually about either of her daughters before, and whilst she was doing that now, she had to remember it was just a fake date and that Spencer was just putting on an act to help her win an election. Thinking sensibly helped, at least until Spencer returned and sat opposite her. Veronica had to force herself to raise her head and look at Spencer and not at her round bosoms nearly visible beneath her dress.

The 'date' continued as well as over the meal, the wine relaxing them both so the conversation flowed easily and openly. Very openly as Spencer moved on the chat from guys she had fancied to girls, and then to her very first lesbian kiss (with Emily unsurprisingly). Veronica in turn found herself mentioning her first girl on girl encounter, with a fellow member of the Math Class, "We only got to second base" she giggled, "but it was fun."

"So first girl you went all the way with," Spencer grinned reaching out across the table to take her Mom's hands in her own, rubbing at the back of them slowly with her thumbs. It felt so natural that Veronica found herself smiling and easing out her foot to touch Spencer's even though no one would see it.

"All the way?" she said with a half-smile. "Should I be telling my daughter that?"

"We're on a date," Spencer reminded her. "I'll tell you who I lesbian fucked first," she added teasingly.

"Okay, go on, you first," Veronica said, blushing both with excitement and embarrassment as how much was being shared.

"It was Emily's ex-girlfriend, Paige, after she and Em had broken up. Em wanted to drop some things she borrowed off, but couldn't face seeing Paige face to face, so I said I'd do it. Paige was home on her own, feeling a little down and more than a little horny, and after we talked for a bit she went down on me, licking me out. Then after that she took me to her bedroom, strapped me up with a dildo and spread her legs for me to bang her, which I did."

"Oh," Veronica couldn't help but suddenly picture her daughter, naked but for a strap-on. It wasn't a displeasing image...

"You now," said Spencer mistaking the pause for shyness and squeezing her Mom's hands. "Your first."

"It was at college, she was a cheerleader and I was giving her some extra tuition, strictly as friends, though she was hot. Anyway she did well in a test and decided to reward me with tequila shots..." ["Mom" Spencer intoned with mock severity]. "Not many, just a few, but we ended up kissing and in her bed where she fucked me, I still remember it, it was so good. We saw each other for a month or so after, but we didn't really have much in common, so it ended."

"So have you had others since?" Spencer asked.

"A few," admitted Veronica, "but I'm not going to spill all of my love life tonight, a Mom has to have some secrets."

"Okay, but you're going to tell me on another date," Spencer said.

Veronica smiled and nodded, "Fine, I will." She looked at the clock, "We need to be going."

Her daughter nodded, "Sure. We can call a cab or walk, it's only fifteen minutes."

That would be an extra fifteen minutes with Spencer. "Let's walk, it's still warm out."

This time as they left Veronica reached out to take Spencer's hand, admittedly meeting it half way as Spencer was already trying to take hers. There was no sign of the photographer, but Veronica told herself it was better to be safe than sorry, she didn't want to be caught out by someone who'd be able to tell the press they'd seen them going home together not holding hands. Anyway Spencer's hand was so soft and lovely, her perfume so fragrant as Veronica leant her head on the younger woman as they walked home.

It seemed no time at all until they were at the house, Veronica unlocking the front door and turning on the lights. "I had a wonderful time tonight," she admitted.

"Let's have another glass of wine," said Spencer opening the refrigerator.
"Are you trying to get me drunk?" Veronica smiled, "Just one then."

"I'll bring them in if you want to sit down and relax," said Spencer as she pulled out a already opened bottle and looked around for some glasses.

Veronica nodded and entered the main room, kicking off her shoes and sitting down on the couch, her legs drawn up under her. It was moments before Spencer arrived with two glasses of wine, placing them on the table in front of her Mom and then joining her on the couch. "I had a great time as well," she said. "on our date..." Her hand reached out to sit on her Mom's thigh, the thumb gently stroking. Veronica gave a sharp intake of breath, her heart suddenly pattering as Spencer smiled and added, "It doesn't need to end yet."

"No..." said Veronica, her voice hoarse as she realised what was happening. She couldn't say any more as Spencer's lips were on hers. This time they were opening, pressing down on Veronica with a passion, her daughter's tongue easing out to press at her open lips and encourage them open. Veronica felt her lips parting and the touch of Spencer's tongue moving in, her own coming forward to meet it. Their mouths enclosed each others, their jaws trembling as they went up and down, kissing hard. Her daughter's hand was moving up her thigh, under the dress, squeezing gently at her flesh. In return Veronica's own hands were on Spencer's waist, holding her closer. They broke and Veronica smiled, "It doesn't need to end yet," she agreed.

Then they were kissing again. Veronica's mouth opened to meet her daughter's without prompting, her tongue curling round and meeting Spencer's in a passionate embrace. It hadn't been where Veronica had expected to be, she had thought they have a night together, mainly talking about the campaign and a few photographs on line to convince people they were dating. But she couldn't regret it either, the night had been so much more fun that she had been expecting, Spencer so sexy and hot. She briefly wondered if Spencer had deliberately planned it or whether her daughter was as surprised as she was at where it had gone, but then decided it didn't matter and all that mattered was that Spencer's tongue was in her mouth and her hands on her body.

Then her daughter's hands were behind her back. Veronica could feel her zip slowly being pulled down. Things were moving fast, she thought, but made no attempt to slow them down, enjoying herself too much. The zip continued down to halfway down her back before Spencer's hand slipped in under the dress, her palms massaging the Milf's back up to her shoulder blades and then down to her bra strap. Skilled fingers unclipped it. Still Veronica felt no urge to pause her daughter, even though she never went so far so quickly, at least in the few dates she'd had since the divorce. It felt so good and right, for Spencer to be kissing her, easing down the top of her dress, the bra falling away with it, leaving her tits out.

"These are so squeezable," said Spencer breaking the kiss and taking her Mom's bosom in her hands, to do exactly what she said.

"I don't normally get them out on first dates," Veronica giggled.

"I don't know why, they are lovely," Spencer said and leant her head into to run her tongue over the nipples. Veronica gave a satisfied groan, feeling the nubs stiffen as her daughter licks turned to suck, taking the teat into her mouth and tugging at it gently.

After a short while she switched to give the second tit the same treatment as its partner, making Veronica whinny in pleasure. "Oh, mmmmn, yes, Spencer, that feels so good." She couldn't believe how the twenty three year old made her feel, her nipples were hard and sensitive, the stroke of the tongue and the suck of the mouth sending little quivers of excitement coursing through her. It was making her pussy moist and horny, a sensual itch developing between her legs that would need to be scratched. "Ooooohh, that's so good, don't stop," she moaned again her own hands on her daughter's shoulders, massaging them. Spencer continued, switching from bosom to bosom, showing her Mom what a talented titty sucker she was, much to Veronica's delight.

"They are so lovely," eventually Spencer lifted her face and wiped away a trace of saliva from her lips.

"Yes," agreed Veronica, "you really treated them."

"They deserved treating," grinned Spencer. She stood up and straightened her dress, which had become rumpled. She smiled down at her Mom stretching out her hand, "Do you want to continue our date upstairs?"

It was obvious what was meant, but she accepted the invitation with a smile, taking her daughter's hand and standing up, "Yes. My room or yours?"

"Let me invite you to my room," Spencer said, leading her Mom up the stairs.

Veronica seldom went into her daughter's room, not because it was private (though it was), but because ever since she'd be little Spencer had kept it so neat her Mom never needed to come in and tidy. Entering it for the first time as her daughter's date, she saw it hadn't changed since she'd last been in, everything was precisely where it should be, with not a photo out of place or a book of the shelf. However she barely had time to take it in before her view was blocked by Spencer's face as her daughter came in for another passionate kiss.

Responding with enthusiasm Veronica pressed her body at Spencer's feeling her naked bosoms rubbing at the thin net fabric of her daughter's dress. Her hands were wiggling round, sliding over Spencer's rump, massaging and playing with it. The younger woman meanwhile had slipped her hands into her Mom's dress and was continuing with its removal. It went down over Veronica's hips and she felt it fluttering down her legs to land around her ankles, leaving her wearing nothing more than her panties. She didn't think they'd remain on much longer, as Spencer's thumbs slipped under the elastic. Nor did they as the younger Hastings pulled them down to her thighs, her mouth dropping from Veronica's lips to her tits as she bent. The older woman groaned again in pleasure as her daughter's teeth played gently, but pleasurably, at the teat. Spencer's hands were on her panties pushing them down to her Mom's knees and letting gravity take its course.

Then Veronica she was naked, in front of a still fully clothed Spencer. Her daughter stepped back, moving slowly towards the bed, her eyes slowly going up and down as she admired Veronica's body. "You look so sexy," she drawled, beckoning her Mom forward

"You as well," said Veronica sashaying towards her, her hips swaying gently from side to side as she put every ounce of sexuality she possessed in walking the few feet that separated them.

She paused inches from her daughter as Spencer reached round to undo her own dress, pulling it down. She wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples being covered behind the thin black material patterns which were sewn into the netting. Once exposed Veronica finding herself licking her lips as she stared down at the nubs, erect as Spencer ran her fingers round and over them. "I see you're liking," her daughter smiled.

"I do."

"Let's see how you like this," Spencer stood up, just long enough to push the dress the rest of the way down, before sitting down wearing just a tiny pair of panties. Before Veronica had a chance to say how much she liked them, Spencer was pulling them off, tossing them aside and lying on her back with her legs spread upwards. "You like that?"

Veronica couldn't remember the last time she'd seen her daughter naked, it was a long time ago and she hadn't thought she was sexy then. But now, looking at her lying on her back, totally nude, not even a strip of hair to conceal her naked pussy, Veronica thought the young woman was the hottest thing on two legs - no Hollywood starlet could come close. "I'm still liking," she said, her voice hoarse with lust.

"You want to eat it?" Spencer giggled, surely knowing the answer to the question.

"Oh God, yes," Veronica seldom blasphemed and even less so in front of her daughters, but if there ever was a time for it, it was now.

Her youngest said nothing, but spread her legs further apart so her slit opened.

It was the invitation Veronica wanted. She was down on her knees and her hands pressing on the inside of her daughter's thighs as quickly as she could move. She began to kiss the skin around the slit, her lips pressing at her daughters. The young woman giggled and made no attempt to stop her Mom or say that they were going too far, too fast. She quickly opened her mouth and slipped her tongue out, following the pecks with a series of gentle licks, running round the mons and over the labia, feeling the thin, fleshy skin tremble as she ran over it.

"Mmmmnn, yes, do me good, mmmnnn, we both want it," Spencer moaned, confirming she wasn't unhappy about her Mom being between her legs.

Nor was Veronica, the pussy was the loveliest she could ever remember seeing. Not that she'd seen many, at least in live as opposed to on-screen, ten at most and probably only about half of those in the time since her divorce, the rest were college cunts. But even the young women she'd been with at college never had a pussy as lovely as her daughters. Her tongue rolled over the open slit and she got a dab of juice on her tongue, intellectually she knew there wasn't enough to taste, but her brain still seemed to translate the tiny touch to a zesty sweetness which she wanted more of. She pushed Spencer's legs firmly, encouraging her daughter to spread more. Spencer did and Veronica pressed forward, her tongue dipping into the hole to run over the pink softness within.

"OOoohhh, urrrhhh, go on, eat me, mmmmnn, tongue my twat," Spencer groaned as she shuddered in excitement.

Speeding up with her daughter's words Veronica slammed her tongue down at the tasty pussy. It got wetter and wetter with every slap of her tongue, the cum coated the walls, making them both slippery and wet, as well as adding a flavour that was undeniably Spencer's excitement. It was so yummy, that Veronica wished she could bottle it. But it was nothing as good as her daughter's reaction, Spencer gasping and shuddering, letting out little cries as her Mom found her hidden erogenous zones and pounded them with her tongue.

"OOooohh, yessss, yesss, fuck, yessss," Spencer swore and her Mom forgave her. "OOohhhh, that's so good, tongue fuck me to heaven.... ooooohhh."

That was certainly Veronica's ambition and she went ever harder and faster, hammering her tongue at Spencer's hot fuckhole. The younger Hastings shuddered again, her body trembling with uncontrolled passion. It got harder, like an earthquake as Veronica brought up some fingers to spread the sexy hole and push her tongue deeper. "Fucckk, yes, that's it, that's what to do," Spencer confirmed her enjoyment. Oooohhh fucking use that finger, yessss!"

Spearing forward Veronica rammed the fingers deeper, probing as deep as she could into the wet hole. The cum was warm and wet over the two digits as she slammed them, opening the tunnel and feeling the walls closing and clamping around them. she continued to follow with her tongue, slurping up the lovely juice almost as quick as Spencer could secrete it. Her daughter was squealing and vibrating in non-stop passion, her whole body shivering under her Mom's sensual assault. "AAAarrrghh, fuuuckkk, yessss, yessss, don't stop."

Veronica had no intention of doing so, not when the pussy was this good and her daughter was enjoying it this much. Instead she went harder, burying her face into the soaked fuckhole. Suddenly Spencer pushed her Mom's head back, moving herself into a sitting position again as Veronica looked up. She grinned, "That was great, time I returned the favour."

"I could eat more," smiled Veronica, keen to show Spencer she wasn't tired of her sexy pussy yet.

"We can both do, you ever sixty nined?" Spencer grinned.

"Not since college, but I'm pretty sure I can remember how to do it," Veronica licked her lips and smiled back.

"It's like riding a bike, or a dyke," Spencer said. She stood up, helping her Mom to her feet. "If you like on my bed, I'll get on top of you."

The Milf nodded her agreement. She was on her back in moments, spreading her legs open as Spencer climbed over her, lowering her still soaking cunt over her Mom's mouth as her own descended down. As soon as the pussy reached her Veronica was eating, going at it as hard and fast as she could, her hands reaching up to hold her daughter's buttocks, squeezing them gently between her fingers. Spencer was wasting no time either, her tongue speeding over her Mom's slit and up towards her clit.

Soon the two of them were getting into a passionate rhythm, filling the room with the sounds of their lapping and moaning. It had been a long time since Veronica had sixty nined with another woman, but Spencer was right, she didn't forget and she managed to keep her tongue going even as she was shivering in pleasure. Soon she found Spencer was going faster, the younger Hastings easing apart the slot so she could get to the meat inside, her skilled tongue pasting the fleshy walls and making Veronica lap with pleasure. It was a virtuous circle of cunnilingus; and Veronica knew her daughter was enjoying it as much as she was.

Their lithe tongues hammered each other's hot holes, slamming down and in, drinking at the juice. Their bodies pressed against each other, naked tits squashed against stomachs, the nipples hard and erect as they scraped at the other's skin. The moans of passionate pleasure interspersed the slurps of eager tonguing. It wasn't how Veronica had expected the night to turn out, but she was so glad it had - being here in her daughter's bedroom giving, and receiving, a cunt licking, was so exciting and thrilling she could squeal.

And she did....

"Aaarrrggghhh, yes, Spencer, yesssss," she dropped her head down momentarily from her daughter's sweet pussy to scream out her orgasm as it hit her like a runaway express train. "AAaaarrgghhh, yesssss!"

Spencer wasn't stopping in providing the pleasure, so after a few seconds to cry out her and then regain her equilibrium Veronica was back in, tonguing hard at Spencer's sexy slot. If anything this made Spencer speed up more, driving her Mom almost insane with excitement, the older Hastings wriggling and squirming under the oral assault and loving every second. Her daughter's soaked pussy dripped down on her and Veronica slurped down the tasty juice, at the same time as she went in hard and deep.

"Ooooohhh, urrrrhhh, aaaarrgghh," this time it was Spencer's turn to cry out loudly, her body shaking with pleasure. And just like her daughter Veronica didn't even pause but continued to tongue the orgasming younger woman, so that Spencer's cries became even noisier and passionate, "AAaarrrghhh, yessss, aaaarrggghhh."

Her head flopped down, kissing at her Mom's pussy, before licking. It was slower than before, but equally as passionate, the firmness of the touch making up for the lack of speed. Veronica gradually pulled back her own pace to match her daughter's, the truth was her tongue was starting to ache a little anyway, you couldn't lick pussy with the intensity she'd been doing, without starting to get a little sore. Together they licked in and lapped, pressing their tongues in and making the other shudder and giggle, until Spencer moved away sitting up.

Rolling and sitting up on her knees Veronica came up next to her daughter. Spencer grinned and without warning kissed her, open mouthed. Veronica was far from minding, her own lips coming apart so they could mould together. The saliva that swapped between them must have contained plenty of Veronica and Spencer's juice and Veronica briefly contemplated that she was tasting herself. But she was also tasting plenty of Spencer as well and that was the loveliest thing imaginable. Her daughter's hands were on her, exploring her and stroking her back and sides, before one of them moved down to stroke the older woman's still wet pussy.

"I want to have sex with you, with my strap-on," Spencer smiled, looking her Mom direct in the eye.

"Yes," Veronica said, "I want you to bang my cunt."

Spencer gave her one more kiss before getting up from the bed. Her Mom watched as the naked teen walked over to her drawers and opened the middle one, reaching beneath a pile of seldom worn pullovers to pull out the toy. As she didn't tidy Spencer's room she had never known where Spencer kept her sex toys, but it was typical of her daughter to keep them somewhere safe, but unimaginative - if Veronica had been looking she'd have found that spot in a trice. However she didn't think about the location of the toy for long as her eyes focussed on the dildo. It was a big one, ten inches with a pointed head and swirls of plastic round it like a screw. She licked her lips in automatic anticipation as Spencer began to eagerly do up the straps, with a practised ease which suggested that this was far from the first time she'd used this particular toy.

Once ready Spencer moved to the foot of the bed, before pausing, hand on her hip to allow Veronica to admire her sexy body. The Milf did, scarcely believing she had birthed something so perfect, slender but with round tits and sexy smile, her hair tossed back over her shoulder and a stomach that flat without being muscular; the ten inch dong, swinging between her legs just added to the beauty.

"Come and fuck me, I'm ready," Veronica purred,

She dropped backwards onto the bed and spread her legs for her new lover. From that position she couldn't see Spencer get onto the bed, but she felt it move before Spencer appeared above her, looking down. "You are so hot and sexy, Mom, I'm going to enjoy this."

"Me as well," said Veronica, before Spencer cut off further words by kissing her sexily, her naked body rubbing over the Milf's. Their mouths opened and closed passionately, their tongues touching like two electric wires. Spencer's tits slipped over her Mom's, the two pairs of bosom's bouncing together. Veronica could feel her excitement mounting, it was what she wanted, in fact it was what she needed - until tonight she'd not noticed her desire for her youngest daughter, but now she had she felt like she was a small dam holding back a raging torrent. Continuing to kiss her daughter, she reached for the strap on. It felt thick and stiff in her hand, even more as she gripped it tightly, squeezing it in a way she'd never have done with its real life equivalent. She guided it into her hole, shuddering with excitement as it went in.

"Oh yes," Spencer murmured as she began to move up and down, fucking her Mom.

At first Spencer went soft, allowing her Mom to get used to the cock, but soon she was went harder even if she remained slow, driving the dildo all the way into Veronica's waiting twat. The Milf shuddered and gasped, her legs closing back in to squeeze her lover in place. Her hands reached up to Spencer's back, placed just below the shoulder blades, feeling them move up and down with Spencer's thrusts.

"Take me Spencer, take me good," Veronica moaned. Above her Spencer grinned and as she came down opened her lips to kiss her Mom. There mouths lingered together as Spencer's waist continued to do its work, heaving and down to hammer the dildo in. Veronica could feel herself shivering with ecstatic pleasure, her palms slipping over her daughter's back and her belly moving up to press Spencer's every time the younger woman came down. Their tongues spun round like snakes in a sack, their lips opening and closing like they were in conversation, though no words were coming out. Then Spencer's head was lifting again leaving Veronica free to voice her desire, "Fuck me Spencer, oh I want that cock so much..."

"You're so sexy," murmured Spencer, before returning her mouth to her Mom's. Veronica wasn't complaining, especially as her daughter continued to drive her dildo deep even as they made out with a passion Veronica had never experienced before. Her tits were squashed down every time Spencer descended, bouncing up like springs as her daughter returned. The nipples were hard and sexually sensitive, enjoying the touch of Spencer own as the younger Hastings rubbed at her. Again Spencer lifted her head, "MMMnnnn, I can't believe my dildo is in you."

"I never want it out," moaned Veronica passionately, if unrealistically.

"Yes," Spencer nodded, her gaze directed at her Mom's eyes, "God, yes, I want to fuck you forever." It had no more realism than her Mom's statement, but it was equally heart-felt and to confirm it she kissed the Milf again, whilst racheting up her thrusting a further knot, making Veronica shake with passion as her tongue battered against Spencer's. Their bodies pressed together, warming each other with the heat of the sex, their mouths going like crazy as they clung to each other, Spencer's waist moving up and down whilst the rest of her was glued to her Mom.

They continued to fuck for what seemed both an eternity and just moments, Veronica lost in a timeless void of pleasure, always on the cusp of cumming but never quiet tipped over. With each thrust she shudder and shook, rolling her hips to meet Spencer's down coming dildo. Her hands clasped her daughter's back, her palms massaging, as her fingers gently scratched and gripped, holding on like she was riding a horse. Spencer and her kissed often, breaking to moan and giggle, their gazes meeting as they looked into the other's eyes. It was as near perfection as Veronica had ever been, the best sex she could remember, and she never wanted it to end.

"Let's swap positions," Spencer pulled herself up, still smiling, "If you get on your hands and knees, I can do you doggy style."

"I'd like that," Veronica replied, trying to think when the last time she'd done in that position was. She couldn't remember, but it was a long time ago. She quickly got up and swung round so she was kneeling down, opposite the bedroom mirror and with her behind pointing towards her daughter. She could see Spencer's face filled with lust in the reflection as the younger Hastings took the soaking cock in one hand and entered her Mom's pussy again.

"Mmmnnn," Veronica let out a purr of satisfaction as her daughter's thick dildo pushed into her pussy, the ridges running over her wall and stimulating her. Spencer held the toy for a few moments, making sure it was going in, before letting go and grasping her Mom's waist. If before they'd been doing slow and sensual love-making this time Spencer was doing hard and fast fucking. Veronica gasped and squealed, she wasn't sure she didn't enjoy it even more, the pleasure quickly rising in her as the toy rammed back and forth.

"Yes, yes, take my strap-on dick," grunted Spencer, slamming home. Her tits jiggled violently as she went at it as fast as she could, her hair whirling over her shoulders. Her fingers dug deep into her Mom's waist, using the older woman as both a lever and target.

Not that Veronica had any complaints, she was already gasping out her pleasure, as the orgasm rose and tore into her like a series of tidal waves battering at her dam. The ecstasy was overflowing, making her pussy drip so much cum it was almost a constant stream. "Ohhh, yes, ooohhh this is so good. Ram me Spencer, fill my cunt."

In the mirror she could see her daughter grinning widely as she sprang forward, enjoying fucking her Mom as much as the Milf was enjoying being fucked. She hammered forward, driving the dick in all the way, so she crashed against her Mom with a bang. Veronica gave another orgasmic cry, her entire body shuddering as the ecstasy poured through her like molten lead, "Yessss, aaaarrghhh, yesss, don't stop, please keep fucking me!"

The bed shook and shuddered as Spencer rammed as hard as she could. Her hands moved from her Mom's waist to grasp her round buttocks, kneading them and grasping them. After a few moments Veronica could feel Spencer gently prying the cheeks apart, one of her thumbs moving down the open crack to gently touch the older woman's rosebud. The pressure was light, but it drove Veronica wild and she squealed loudly, rocking herself back and forth with enthusiasm, stabbing her cunt down the toy and her rosebud on the thumb. In the mirror she saw Spencer's grin widen and at the same time she felt the pressure on her seal increase as the younger woman pushed her thumb at the anal ring. "Oooohhh, fuuucckkk, yessss,oooohhh, yesssss," moaned Veronica in return.

Behind her Spencer grinned and pushed harder, opening the hole enough so that her thumb tip was denting the backdoor. "Your ass is so sexy, I bet it's so tight and fuckable," she grinned, twisting her thumb round and hammering her dildo forward.

It wasn't often that Veronica had anal sex, whilst she wasn't a virgin, it wasn't something she'd been really turned on by so if it wasn't just a birthday treat for her ex-partners, it wasn't a regular par of her sexual repertoire. But here was Spencer obviously wanting to take her there and Veronica found herself wanting to do it for her daughter as well. What gave her pause was that she'd certainly never done anal on a first date, she had to be into a committed relationship before she allowed entry there. Did this mean she wanted this to be more than a one night stand? Or was it just that Spencer was so hot and sexy, that Veronica was more turned on than she'd ever been. Her thoughts were curtailed as Spencer pushed the thumb forward, edging it into the tunnel, "I love this butt. It's so bangable."

"I want you to fuck it," Veronica said, deciding to go with her gut and not think what she was saying or what it meant. "I want you to ride it with your big strap-on."

She could see from Spencer's grin that it was the response her daughter wanted. The young woman was pulling the dildo out of her Mom's cunt, spitting down saliva onto the hole and rubbing round the entrance and into the dent where her thumb had been. Veronica stopped rocking and gripped the bedding hard, her eyes fixed on Spencer's reflection so she could her daughter take hold of the dildo again and guide it forward, but this time to another hole.

It was strange to feel her rosebud being pushed in and then feel the stretch of her anal passage as the dildo went in. At least it was still wet with her pussy juice so whilst it stretched and ached, it didn't feel like it was burning or ripping anything; plus Spencer was careful slowly easing the toy in so that it wasn't going harder than the ass could cope with. It still felt a little sore and uncomfortable, as Veronica couldn't think she'd ever actually had a cock this big in before, her ex-husband was no more than six inches and her previous college girlfriends who used her butt had always used smaller toys than her daughter. However even as she grimaced and gripped the bed hard, trying to control the pain, something else was coming with it. It was only a ripple at first, barely noticeable compared to the sore stretching, but as Spencer worked the toy in and out it became a more and more noticeable, a wave of sexual pleasure rolling through her.

The toy was going in deeper, but at the right pace and with just enough power behind it to open the hole. Spencer's abilities suggested it wasn't the first time she'd butt-fucked another woman, and Veronica felt relieved that she was in such expert hands, but just  jealous that she wasn't the first her younger daughter had fucked. Spencer had let go off the toy confident it was encased deep enough within the Milf butthole it wasn't going to slip out. With one hand she held her Mom's waist, using it for balance, whilst with the other she wiped her hair out of her eyes as she jerked forward and back. "This ass is even hotter than I thought it would be, it's so tight and bangable."

"Urrrhh, you're doing it so good Spencer, I love have your dildo in my butthole," Veronica moaned in response. It was true, the pain had gone from bearable to ignorable to non-existent whilst the pleasure had crept up from nice to great to divine. Her entire body seemed to be like a ringing bell, vibrating and chiming as she was pounded. Spencer was starting to go faster, pushing the toy in deep until it could go no further and her thighs started to slap rhythmically against her Mom's buttocks. Veronica gave another groan, "Ooooohh, fuck me Spencer, fuck my ass."

"Yes, Mom, I will," grinned Spencer, pounding harder and faster. A goofy grin spread across her face, it was un-Spencerlike as she was normally so serious looking, but Veronica knew her own face looked nothing like it usually did either - scrunched up one moment, open the next as she let out an orgasmic groan. Her daughter pounded faster and harder, both hands on her the Milf's cheeks, squeezing and holding them as she rammed the cock between them. The young woman's tits jiggled and you could see her sweat in the mirror as she went for it, slamming in harder and harder. As she went for it she began to pant and grunt, exerting herself for her Mom's orgasmic pleasure.

It was appreciated. "AAAarrrghh, yesss, aaaarrghhh, please don't stop Spencer, don't stop ever, " Veronica cried out.

Spencer showed no inclination that she was planning to, her body driving forward like a knight at a joust, her lance a dildo, the charger her bed. Veronica squealed and shuddered as she was hammered, her own shield's splintering as her armour gave way to a torrent of ecstasy. "AAaaarrrghhh," she shrieked so loudly her throat hurt, "AAaaarrrghhh, yeesssss."

It was hard to remember that only earlier this evening she had no thought of her daughter sexually, the date was purely political. Now she was desperately in the throes of passion, her entire being burning with desire for Spencer. It had been the best date she could remember and she hoped that it was the first of many. She screamed again as she came, her hands gripping the bedding as if without it gravity would reverse and she'd float away on a breeze of orgasmic pleasure.  The thudding continued as Spencer rammed vigorously, grinning and panting as she pounded, panting "Huh, huh, take it.... so tight... so hot...fuck... yes, huh, huh."

"Aaaarrrghh, yessss, yessss, you're making me cum, aaaarrrghhh I am cumming so much," Veronica shrieked, every nerve on fire. She could sense herself loosing all control as she climaxed, her screams incoherent and her cunt leaking cum like she was a holed bucket. "Aaaarrrghh, yessss," she screamed again, her arms giving way so she fell face down onto the bed. It muffled her screams, but didn't stop them as Spencer carried on pounding, even more brutally, slamming the dick in like it was a hot knife and Veronica was a slab of butter. "AAAaarrrghhh," the Milf yelled into the quilt, "Ooohhh my fuccccckkk...aaaaarrghhh."

Her brain seemed to explode into a zillion slivers of glass as she flew into another dimension - one which had no mass or material or intellectual thought, just sheer overwhelming pleasure.

Then it was over and Spencer was pulling out the dick, panting and trying to get her breath back. Veronica remained in situ herself for a few more minutes, like her daughter trying to recover from the intensity of the sex they had just had. Then she realised Spencer was helping her up, kissing her gently and slowly.

"I hope you enjoyed your date," the younger woman teased.

"A lot," admitted Veronica.


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