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Disclaimer: Disclaimer; I do not own the Dark Angel franchise or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non-profit-I am not making any money from this.




Max/OC "Pairing".

This story contains hard F/M rape, preg + slavery.

'This' means someone is thinking.

Italics alone means the name of something, i.e. MANTICORE. Also a flashback.

Horizontal ruler (a line across the page) means a page break or large timeskip.

-X- means small time skips (like a few minutes) or a scene change, i.e. we start with Max in a cell, then we go to Max in a hospital room- a scene change from a cell to a hospital.

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Disclaimer; I do not own the Dark Angel franchise or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non-profit-I am not making any money from this.

Operations Report; Status Update, MANTICORE reconstruction.

Message header; security level; Cocytus Black, reading of this file of persons with security clearance below level nine will result in immediate termination. Possession of this file by any persons not of US government or military of security clearance ultraviolet or above will result in immediate termination.

Report written; Elizabeth Renfro, Project MANTICORE director, Security level singularity black.

To; Committee on Exotic Threat Defence and Operations.


I would begin by thanking the committee for the… freedom of governance you have given me and continued support despite the setbacks of the zero-niner attack of one week ago.

Our first success; MANTICORE scientists have uncovered the genetic fault with the X5 series that caused the original X5 interbreeding experiments under Project TYPHON (taking X5 sperm and inseminating into human females for maximum cost-effective enhanced soldiers) to fail, due to our analysis of recaptured X5-656. The genes that allowed for successful transition of superior X5 abilities have been identified, catalogued and spliced into X5's that lack them.

Under Project ALECTO, we have extracted eggs from female X5's, fertilised them with sperm from X5 males that are genetically determined as superior matches, then transferred the fertilised eggs to donor mothers acquired via Project SIREN.

Speaking of, the recently recaptured X5-452, survived the heart transplant surgery from X5-599 (body repurposed for Project BRIAREOS) and is expected to be combat operational in 1 week due to X5 healing. While the unit was undergoing the transplant, doctors under my order, harvested a significant quality of 452's eggs from her fully functioning ovaries for use in production of the next generation of enhanced soldiers.

On that note, it has been advised that the various… inadequacies of the human womb and supporting human organic systems may be responsible for many of the premature deaths, mutations and shortcomings of previous generations of enhanced soldier units.

This fact, coupled with the noted failures of previous Psyop conditioning regimes under the directorship of now fugitive Donald Lydecker, I do not believe it safe or wise to attempt to reassimilate X5-452 into MANTICORE general operations. Instead I believe she would be a perfect subject for Project ECHIDNA, the breeding of multiple enhanced soldiers carried by an enhanced womb and supporting non-human, organic apparatus.

At your approval, breeding shall begin between 452 and other X5 units, then continue onto impregnating with X6 and above as they enter breeding age.


MANTICORE facility, Unknown state, 2020…

Breathing barren recirculated air delivered via the reactivated cold war bunker the super soldier initiative now called home, Elizabeth Renfro sat in her new domain, looking like a mix between a CEO's office, a fascist military complex and a Bond villain's lair, cold eyes, looking over various folders on MANTICORE's various operations illuminated by the sickly yellow light of a too-old lightbulb connected to too-old electrical wiring.

Palming and manipulating a black and silver remote control, she directed a live video stream to the largest monitor in her office; a plasma screen TV longer than a man was wide. An indulgence, but such were the perks of her position even in a post-apocalyptic America.

On that screen no less nine different camera feeds played;

4 were from security cameras monitoring a room from upper wall corners,

2 of these 4 were standard image, colour feeds.

1 was a 360 degree colour feed showing a weird circular image reminiscent of space being warped by a wormhole or something equally fantastic and bizarre.

The fourth was a standard feed black and white camera.

5 other cameras showed a room at waist level with a sleeping figure laying on a bed. These showed far higher levels of detail than the corner cameras.

1 was an infra-red camera, showing a curvaceous figures alarming red and yellow body heat against chilling white and blue colds of the room she lay in.

Over a cold smirk, Renfro's eyes watched a man, a doctor in stereotypical mad scientist lab coat and related protective equipment, inject something into the sleeping figures neck. Hurriedly, he left the room and sealed the only exit from the room with a thick clunk.

Renfro checked her feed to ascertain that her minions were recording everything that was happening as she instructed.

Her phone rang. She put the feed on mute and calmly answered it.

'Business before pleasure. And both when possible...'



"Unnhhh.. the hell was I drinking las-"

Maxine "Max" Guevara twisted, her body felt, heavy, weak, like she'd been sleeping for years.

She felt warm, soft bedding beneath her, and warm and-

She remembered;

The attack on MANTICORE with her Zero-niner family.

Getting shot!

By a clone of herself?!

Falling in the snow, feeling everything go cold and black.

Waking up in a hospital bed with that bottle blonde bitch… telling her she had been cut open and had Zack's heart…

She shot up to check her chest only to find she was trapped within… a straitjacket. She tested the garment, it should have snapped under her superhuman strength. It didn't.

'Wait, what the fuck?!'

This wasn't a normal straitjacket, besides being (probably) too strong, it lacked straps under her crotch, instead having thick straps over her thighs attached to heavy duty straps around her upper legs. She wrestled with the thick, itchy bondage device for several frustrating moments and found no way to shimmy out of the device using the brutal escapology training she had received from her childhood MANTICORE training.

Her heartbeat shot to inhuman levels as she realized her situation.


Dark, brutal memories exploded into her fear-froze mind; she remembered the hours of physical training that made even superhuman muscles tear, that broke preternaturally hard bone, that burnt above-human lung capacity. She remembered the drugs that never failed to disrupt her usually almost psychic awareness.

"All that was when I was a fucking kid… I'm a grown-ass woman now. I can handle whatever these bitches throw at me!"

Her voice trembled all throughout her monologue. She breathed deeply and slowly.

Blinking sleep residue out of her eyes, Max carefully studied the room. She sat on a bed, made of thick steel and held to the floor with huge bolts. Couldn't weaponize the bed frame.

Above her a bright light, sealed within a likely bulletproof bubble shone harsh golden light down upon her. It irritated her sleep affected eyes.

Surrounding her were white walls of thick padding, identical floors and ceiling. Without free hands couldn't rip away the thick material.

Four security cameras in each cell corner within no doubt bulletproof domes.

She stopped to glare at one large window- an observation screen for scumbags to peep on her. She could see her reflection in the material; the scowled in outrage as she saw the bastards had shaved her hair leaving her with a harsh buzz cut that briefly reminded her of that time Original Cindy had dragged to her to a Lesbian bar.

Her uncanny vision saw an outline of a door. The door had no handle and the hinges looked near airtight so she likely couldn't get her fingers inside.

Her body felt, off somehow, sluggish like she'd been drugged.

'Fuck… did they really cut me open and put Zack's heart in me? And… Zack…'

She looked up at one of the cameras.

"Hey! What happened to the others?! What happened to Zack?! I want to see that bitch Renfro!"

Her tirade was cut off as a collar of thick metal around her neck (under the straitjacket's collar) erupted to life, shocking her full of enough electricity to kill a human!

For an X5 it sent her to the soft, yielding floor in a convulsing heap. Over her senses being set ablaze, she heard a loud buzz rip through the cell. The heavy padded door to the padded cell swung open on huge, rusty hinges.

The door slammed shut and the shock collar sending Max into near white out agony, stopped. She gulped in lungfuls of air, feeling like she'd been internally barbecued, only to stare up in horror at her cells guest.

A young man, an X5 she guessed by his age, demeanour and physical beauty. He looked about her age, handsome enough to be a pop star, athletic enough to be a million dollar athlete. A common theme amongst MANTICORE super soldiers. The newcomer stood neutrally, body rippling in power. And she saw a lot of that body because he was naked from the waist down with an erection the size of a very in-demand porn star!

"… The fuck…" She breathed.

Dark eyes and luscious mouth as wide as bunker openings, Max leapt to her feet, immediately stumbling as her legs felt like jelly, forcing her to back against the padded wall behind her to avoid falling on her ass.

"NO!" Max shouted, terror taking hold as she frantically tried to break free of the straitjacket restraining her as the functionally naked male approached her.

Newly installed heart pounding in terror, she felt the large X5 grab her and hold her with terrifying ease by the reinforced straps surrounding her painfully binding garment. Yelling and cursing, Max felt herself manhandled across the room by the X5. She had little experience grappling with one of approximately equal strength to her and didn't know what to do. Her breath was knocked out of her as she felt her stomach crash into the bed frame, bending her over at the waist!

The X5 got behind her, wordlessly spreading her legs with his own, compelling the smaller female to panic flail her shapely legs around either side of the males athletic torso. She tried to force her bound upper torso up off the inadequate mattress, shockingly denied by steel hard, heavy hands on her shoulders, the grip felt even through the thick fabric entrapping her!

Her sleep encrusted dark brown eyes widened as she felt something rounded, hard and hot press into the opening to her sex!


The 20 year old woman was no stranger to sex-she had gone into heat and rode someone into unconsciousness three times a year for several years straight now, but this was different. Harder, thicker, than any human male dick she'd felt. Bursting with fury and fear, Max cursed and thrashed as the expressionless X5 behind her carelessly pushed into her.

"Bastard! You don't… you don't have (ah!) to do this (ah!)… whichever sick fuck gave the order (ah!)… TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF!"

The teenaged transgenic male behind her ignored her. The idea of disobeying orders literally never occurred to the engineered warrior. His only reaction was a twitching of uncannily attractive facial muscles as his also uncannily huge cock stabbed into her.

Uncaring to his fellow transgenics plight, he forced her to envelope more of his penis by yanking her flailing body back into him. In a brutal split second of action, 10 inches of inhumanly (literally) hard man meat shaft drove into the female chimera!



Max screamed, her vaginal channel (tight as a virgins due to X5 healing) violently widened. Only transgenic enhanced muscle elasticity stopped the beautiful woman's innards from tearing as she was thumped into so hard, the custom reinforced metal bed she was pressed against, screeched in distress! A human woman would have internal bleeding and likely fractured hips and pelvis from such a thrust! The invading dick was too large and wide and hard for safe intercourse: she yelled as something- his cockhead, she realised (hard to believe as literally felt as hard as a lumphammer) rammed into her cervix.

Max's whole innards roiled in disgust and horror as she felt her cervix being warped, being forced back into her womb! The shaved brunette tried to move her usually awesome powered legs to get a purchase on the bedframe she was crushed against. The idea was blasted out of her head when the lumphammer shockingly became a triphammer: the impossibly wide, impossibly heavy, impossibly hard dick inside her launched at impossible speed thrusting back and forth at such velocity the male X5's hips blurred like copter rotors as he thrusted in and out of Max's breached body!

The noise (a series of resounding and intensely loud SMACK!s) sounded less like repeated impacts of flesh on flesh as the unbreaking roar of an ocean or hurricane! At least to the super hearing of both penetrating and penetrated transgenic. The inhuman beauties upper body bounced back and forth. rubbing across the bed with enough friction it felt like a fire could start! Her wide thighs rippled like jello in response to the invading chimera super-soldiers machine gun speed motions. X5 superior lung capacity likely saved Max from asphyxiation as a human woman's breath would have been slammed out of her as each strike from the super soldier struck like rounded missiles from a cannon! And each withdraw felt like someone was yanking her insides almost out of her shapely body via vicious pulls on a hundred strips of well-attached duct tape!


Overseen by flat-faced scientists, machines documented the rape;

Visual devices captured X5B-452's pain from above, the sides, behind, and in front.

Sensors implanted in the recaptured units control collar detailed her sheer terror and pain levels of her current situation.

Audio sensors clearly took note of the exotic cut brunette attempting to threaten, beg, or just scream, but every word was knocked out of her by penetrating thrusts too fast, too hard, and too forceful to be human.

The X5 male (X5R-532), as shown by sensors placed under his clothing felt nothing though and continued his mission of violating the smaller X5 traitor.


For 30 hellish minutes, (X5R-532, was ordered to string the 09er's punishment out) Max suffered an unbroken rhythm of being force-fucked by something as large and heavy as an ogre's club while bent over and dominated by something as fast and unyielding as a well stoked locomotive! Her inhumanly flexible, durable and resilient body had released sexual fluid, wetting itself out of 'natural' survival. She had stopped crying out, knowing she was being recorded and refusing to give that bitch Renfro any more bragging points. Her alluring, dark eyes had dulled, then closed. Her face sank into the cheap, itchy bedsheet, attempting old, Manticore counter-interrogation training to escape the horrors of being so awfully violated by one of her own kind.

The X5 male felt his abnormally large testicles reach their limit, swelling up from slapping them against the Zero-niner's thighs and posterior at high speed repeatedly. He pushed yet harder, perspiration appearing on his forehead.

Feeling the club-thing pillage deeper than ever before into her, Max's exotic features, creased in horror and pain. Her uncannily attractive face inched off the bed, eyes and mouth painfully wide and unfocused in distant horror, feeling a truly horrifying invasion of her all-too-human uterus by the boiling hot club! Max's devastated cervix and besieged inner organs (no appendix- X5's weren't designed with vestigial organs) collapsed in so violent a fashion that she nearly fainted. Illegible sounds escaped from her involuntarily gaping wide mouth over loud, pain-filled gasps of breath.

532's vast testicles pressed against her thighs- feeling like lead balls as they smacked- no smashed against her pain taut muscles. Max's labia paused in its torment of being tugged back and forth and stuck callously held open by something that felt as large and unyielding as a tank cannon.

A human definitely would have blacked out from this pain- or gone numb. But Max's super-senses were fully operational for this entire torment.

The 'cannon' felt hotter than earlier. A hiss through teeth from the X5 male and he dispassionately climaxed.

Max nearly screamed when she felt a blast of seeming boiling hot X5 sperm splash its target, spattering all over Max's uterine walls. Her lovely face warped in indescribable revulsion as she felt pulse after pulse from the huge dick shoved into her. Stream after stream of multi-species seedfilling her humanlike womb. Maybe she was imagining it but she swore her enhanced hearing was informing her of a disgusting 'SPLORT' sound as the oversexed zombie violating her blew his load inside her. And a 'SPLOSH' as she imagined thick paste-like goo spattering all over her torn up insides.

The scientists watching via multiple cameras didn't know if it was because of X5 having 'powers' beyond combat or the fertility drugs X5R-532 had taken before the operation, but the male's viscid stream shockingly continued! His sperm filled 452's womb, flooding it full and threatening to permeate into her fallopian tubes! Instead the X5's uterus revoltingly changed shape, expanding to take the overflow seed within her!

On an infrared camera watching the vile assault taking place the heat sensors showed 452's uterus. Appearing to inflate unnaturally and grotesquely... like a balloon filling up with air?! Changing to shapes both alarming and unnatural as the male atop her kept single-mindedly bucking against her.

X5R-532 took several breaths while Max lay face down on the bed, analysing the horror of what had just happened. This wasn't like the heat episodes which shamed her so- this was worse and hurt worse. Her innards felt poisoned and heavy. No human should- could be filled like this.

The X5 male pulled out, a device in his ear stating 'mission complete' though Max didn't hear. She did hear a truly revolting 'SLURP' sound as the massive, still twitching cock yanked free of her and a shocking 'SLOP! SLOP! SLOP!' sound of... his fucking jism dripping to the floor... or erupting out of her stretched out, probably ruined sex hole?

Without a glance at Max or the sperm-leaking aperture he'd created of 452's vagina, he strode out the door, limp cock-still remarkable in size flopping as he mechanically marched out the unlocked door.


"Time; 00;48 hours, first day of chaotic variable breeding, subject X5R-532 has successfully completed aggressive copulation with X5B-452. No issues noted. Time taken for copulation; 46 minutes. On this timetable it is theoretically possible for allocated twenty X5 males to successfully copulate with 452 within 24 hour time table. X5R-457 entering room now."


X5-452's cell/chaotic breeding implantation chamber…

Max jumped in shock as the door buzzed and unlocked again.

The desecrated brunette was slowly stretching, trying to get the foul rapist jism out of her quivering body with ballet dancer worthy splits, saw a new male- another X5- she recognised instantly. And like the previous transgenic, he was naked below the waist and hard as a rock with a pornstar worthy sized cock.


She lashed out with a panicked, weak kick the stranger caught easily. He strode forwards forcing Max to hop backwards. He carelessly flung her back on the bed.

At blur speed, he got atop her, forced her legs open, pushed Max's knees back so that her knees pressed against the specialist straitjacket she wore and her feet touched the sides of the brunettes head and drove his dick down into her, beginning a fresh round of rape with him on top, sawing in and out of her spasming body, without a flicker of remorse or passion or even lust in his eyes, mere inched in front of hers as he violated her.

As it would continue for the rest of the day, Max Guevara, X5B-452 would be raped by one X5 after another…


One month later…

Operations report, Project report, Project ECHIDNA.

Message header; security level; Cocytus Black, reading of this file of persons with security clearance below level nine will result in immediate termination. Possession of this file by any persons not of US government or military of security clearance ultraviolet or above will result in immediate termination.

Report written; Adam Singleton, Head scientist, MANTICORE Gamma facility, Security level Singularity Black.

To; Director Elizabeth Renfro.


As you know from study of X5-562 we discovered genetic facets of her design which resurrects concerns regarding former MANTICORE director Elias Sandeman; that he had no interest in serving to advance American interests but in fact wished to create nothing less than a replacement for humanity itself.

X5's like 452 and three other loyal female X5's we have discovered have a remarkable genetic/physical trait; indefinite production and replenishment of viable eggs. With no menopause and a longer lifespan, in addition to overall X5 physical superiorities, X5's likely could replace humanity as the dominant species on this planet.

Regarding Project ECHIDNA;

Over the course of the last month X5B-452 has successfully copulated with 120 X5 males.

Her behaviour has gone from violently rebellious to subdued and generally unresponsive.

Medical examinations have proven that 452 is indeed pregnant as per project goals (see attached medical file).

As you have requested, no tests were done to ascertain the identity of the father.

Project ALECTO goes as planned; MANTICORE's recent purchase of HOSSMAN WOMEN's PENITENTIARY AND DEBTORS PRISON has provided a sizeable pool of surrogate mother candidates.

Of the prison's 2,988 female population (past capacity);

1,907 were viable for implantation (drugs and physical damage were disqualifiers).

Out of the 1,907, 962 accepted Manticore's offer, 53 had to be eliminated for security reasons.

Of those 962 they were further separated into genetic groups;

Group A (X5-452's eggs fertilised by X5 male sperm) 242 implantations. Chimera designation NEMEAN

Group B (X5-452's eggs fertilised by X6 male sperm) 240 implantations. Chimera designation ORTHUS.

Group C (452's eggs fertilised by X7 sperm) 240 implantation. Chimera designation HYDRA.

Group D (452 eggs fertilised by humans of 'superior' physical and mental abilities) 240 implantations. Chimera designation LADON.

X5-452 will be monitored during her pregnancy and all aspects of the child-bearing process and all scientific data will be shared and compared against physiological information from the surrogates in Project ALECTO to ascertain validity of superior effects of enhanced womb and life support systems.

Regardless of the results of this experiment, I agree with your earlier recommendation that X5-452 be continued for breeding operations.



Did this story as I got the idea when going through old DVD's and found the Dark Angel season 1 boxset, frankly given Manticore's canon inhumanity and brutality this is what logically should have happened to Max in Season 2.

Also been mulling over doing an impreg fic for a while as i don't like doing the same things over and over and felt it would be a challenge.

This chapter was much longer, if there's interest the second chapter would have Max's pregnancy in depth and her being used to breed again after being raped by X6's who aren't... exactly like the X6's in canon.

X5-656; Tinga, the 09er killed by Renfro in the vat for unknown reasons in season 1.

X5-599; Zack, shot himself to give Max his heart in season 1 finale.

BRIAREOS; My name for a MANTICORE related project for cybernetic augmentation. In mythology one of three 100-armed, 50-headed Hecatoncheires giants. Also a reference to a cyborg character from the manga/anime Appleseed.

PROJECT ECHIDNA; In greek mythology a monster, half-woman and half-snake, who was the mate of the fearsome monster Typhon and was the mother of monsters, including many of the most famous monsters of Greek myth.

PROJECT ALECTO; One of the three Furies of Greco-Roman mythology. Her name means "implacable one". She punishes moral crimes, such as those to anger and lust. My original spin on the breeding program in season 2's first episode 'Designate This', the program involves taking sperm from male X5's and above and implanting into human women.

PROJECT TYPHON; Renfro and Lydecker made reference in season 1 to experiments to cross breed humans and X5's resulting in "extraordinary mediocrity" for the "successful ones", this is my take on that.

PROJECT SIREN; Where did the women who acted as surrogate mothers for Max and the other X's come from or go? Getting them from prison (and sending them back or killing them when used up) makes sense especially given the real life abuses of private run prison's and the probability that no one would care if the surrogates disappeared or wound up dead.

ELIAS SANDEMAN; I hated the second season trying to bring supernatural elements in; to me it seemed like they were trying to leech off the success of shows like Buffy and Angel. So in my headcanon Sandeman was just a mad scientist who felt humanity were a deadend and wanted to create something better.

X5R; Designation for Transgenics reprogrammed in response to the breakout in 09.

X5B; Designation for female transgenics assigned for breeding operations.

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