Good Puppy

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“Hello puppy. You ready to play?”

The voice sent shivers down her spine. It was still the sweet voice she known for years but all the warmth was gone. Hope Mikaelson searched for any sign of Jose Saltzman still there. She stared into the black pools that were now in place of her big beautiful bright eyes. The cute pouty lips that Hope used to dream of kissing now were replaced with lips curled in a cruel smirk. Hope tried to hide all signs of weakness or emotions from her face.

“Don’t call me that.”

“Oh, don’t be like that. We know how this goes. You try to act like the big tough Mikaelson tribrid only to wind up naked begging to be my bitch and letting me fuck you any way I please.” Hearing Josie Saltzman say the word fuck still effected Hope in ways that it shouldn’t. She stilled herself to respond.

“That’s not… I won’t let… You’re wrong.” Hope strength vanished in an instant when she saw Josie conjure a collar out of nowhere.

“See I would believe you, but you came here all alone. You haven’t said anything to Lizzie or my dad and certainly not Landon. You still came knowing what I have planned for you tonight. What I promised you would happen tonight.”

“I came here to make sure you didn’t hurt anyone.” That was the truth. Well at least in the beginning, she knew something was off about Josie after getting out of the prison world and she finally confronted Josie about it one night. She tried to fight Josie but the brunette siphoner was stronger than what Hope expected and managed to get Hope tied up. That night still shook Hope to her core. She gave in to Josie’s advances and even when Josie released her bonds Hope remained a willing captive allowing josie to have her way with her body. Of all he ways she had thought about having sex with Josie, and she thought about this a lot over the years, Hope could never have imagined the roughness and how the brunette now black hair witch so thoroughly dominated her. Nor could she have imagined how mind blowing the sex would be. However, what was even more surprising was that in the morning Josie remembered nothing that happened the night before. Every night the dark magic took over Josie and Hope would give herself to Josie to unleash whatever dark fantasies she had then in the morning that dark magic receded and so did Josie’s memories of what she had done to Hope. Maybe Hope should have told someone or gotten Josie help somehow but there was a part of Hope that wanted to keep this private and also wanted to be the one to save Josie.

“Well if you don’t want to play puppy, I guess I’ll have to go find my other self’s new playmate. Seems like the sexy little vamp has ben wanting to move things further but my other self is too timid to give the vamp what she clearly wants. I guess I’ll see If she would like this collar.”

Fucking Jade! Oh, Hope was damn certain she would welcome any kind of affection that Josie would give her. She practically followed Josie around the school lapping up any attention Josie gave her. If anyone should be called a puppy it was Jade. There was something very dark inside of Hope that rose up at the thought of Jade touching Josie. There was also a great sense of relief at the thought that they haven’t had sex yet. Before Hope could dwell on these thoughts Josie began to turn to walk away.

“Wait! I can’t let you leave.”

Without turning back to face Hope, Josie stood in place. “If you want me to stay you know what to do. You know what I expect to see when I turn around in 3… 2…. 1.”

Josie turned and the smirk now turned into a predatory smile as she tilted her head. Her black eyes seemed to become even blacker as she looked at the now completely naked tribrid standing in the middle of the rom. Hope is glad that no one seems to know about this room or somehow Josie has hidden it but Hope could careless she just doesn’t want anyone to find them at this point. She can’t believe how weak she feels now. She is trembling as Josie walks around her lightly running a finger over her upper body. She can hear her heart beating louder and louder as she felt Josie stop behind her. Then she could feel Josie’s breath as her hand began moving over Hope’s body. Hope nearly jumped out of her skin as Josie’s other hand joined in touching Hope until each hand began groping Hope’s breasts.

“You have magnificent breasts puppy. Do you know how long that my other self fantasized about seeing them and touching them? Her first sexual fantasy featured them.” As the dark witch kept talking, she continues groping the breasts in ways that Hope wished Landon could learn. Soft moans started coming from Hope as Josie’s hands played with the sensitive nipples. “However deep down in the back of her mind she also had dirty thoughts about another part of your body.”

One of the hands that had been groping her chest now moved to squeeze Hope’s butt. Hope closed her eyes and could not only feel the growl deep inside of her but also her wolf senses could pick up a scent that she was becoming addicted to, Josie’s arousal.

“Please.” The soft plea was almost inaudible coming from Hope’s lips.

“I’m sorry puppy, I couldn’t hear you. What was that?”


“You are going to have to be more specific puppy.”

Hope swallowed whatever pride was remaining as her need was too great.

“I need to taste you. Please let me taste you.”

Hope felt Josie step back and could hear the murmur of an incantation. “Alright since you asked so nicely. Turn around and get down on your knees.”

The tribrid did as she was told and got down onto her knees. She watched mesmerized at the sight of a now nearly naked Josie stepping right in front of her. The smell of Josie was so intoxicating that Hope felt her head spinning. Hope was given a perfect view of Josie’s pussy in front of her as the witch was wearing the most revealing lingerie that she had ever seen. Josie had on a sheer black bra with matching garter belt and stockings but there were no panties to block Hope’s view.

“Go ahead puppy get your prize.”

In what was a surprisingly bold move considering that she had never done this before, Hope grabbed Josie by her butt and pulled the witch to her. Hope buried her tongue inside Josie’s pussy desperate to get as much of Josie ‘s sweet nectar in her mouth as possible. She didn’t want to waste anytime fearing that Josie would stop her soon enough. In all their previous encounters josie had denied Hope to reciprocate any of the pleasure. At first Hope thought it was a blessing as it made it easier for Hope to deny that she wanted it but soon Hope kept wanting to taste and touch Josie all over but was always denied. Now Hope could fulfill all the fantasies that she had had about the witch even before they first started this. As her tongue was tasting Josie, her hands were shamelessly squeezing that very soft flesh of Josie’s butt. Any fear that she wasn’t doing something right went away as she heard Josie beginning to moan.

“Yes, that’s it keep doing that puppy. So good. You have no idea how… woah!”

Spurred on by the positive reaction Hope picked up the witch while keeping her face and tongue buried in Josie’s pussy. She blindly carried Josie over to where she remembered the bed being till finally, she stumbled on top of the bed. Somehow through the fall and bounce of the springy mattress, Hope refused to stop her oral activities. She had waited for this too long and she wasn’t going to stop till she made the brunette cum. Hope remember things that Josie had done to her previously and moved one hand around so that she use two fingers to start fucking Josie while she took Josie’s clit in her mouth and began sucking on it.

“That’s it right there puppy. Just a little bit… Almost. Yes!” Hope felt a great sense of pride when she reached a spot inside of Josie that created such a strong reaction. She continued hitting that spot with both fingers over and over even as she felt the walls constricted around them. Hope swirled her tongue around Josie’s clit. Finally, as the dark witch grabbed hold of Hope’s head and seemed to try to smother Hope with her pussy Hope added a third finger while she lightly grazed her teeth on the bundle of nerves in her mouth.


There was a discharge of magic and a scream that Hope thought she might be killing Josie but strangely she was the one who seemed to be losing consciousness.

Hope felt her mind lifting from a fog and soon the world around her began to clear up. She felt her arms above her head and couldn’t move them. She also could feel wetness on her thigh along with a warm object pressed against her left side. There was a painful twist of her right nipple. But most of all she felt a pair of lips and sometimes a tongue kissing and licking her face.

“Hello sleepy head. Sorry for waking you but you just look so hot covered with my juices that I couldn’t help but taste. Damn I didn’t realize how good I taste.”

Before she could agree, Hope’s mouth was attacked by a forceful kiss by Josie. She kept trying to move her hands as she just wanted to touch Josie again. Soon the kiss ended, and Josie pulled back. Hope got a good look at the black pools that still shone where Josie’s beautiful eyes should be.

“Don’t struggle puppy. You had your prize now it’s my turn. You remember what that is right.”

Hope eyes widen knowing exactly Josie was referring to. She nodded her head. However, that didn’t seem to satisfy the dark witch. She used both hands to pinch Hope’s sensitive nipples and then painfully twisted them.

“Say it puppy. Say what I going to do to you.”

Hope shook her head to deny this satisfaction to Josie. She hadn’t denied her anything up until this point. Somewhere in Hope’s mind she thought that maybe just this one thing would be a victory even if it as a pointless victory. But the monster in place of her best friend wouldn’t even let her have this moral victory. She wanted to completely break her. Hope tried to hold out but soon the pain became too much.

“Fuck my ass!” The pain was relieved. Hope could feel tears in her eyes as she knew she had lost again. She was unable to fight off the tears and continued to cry.

“Don’t cry puppy. Tell me you don’t want this, and we’ll stop.”

That only made Hope cry more. She had been trying to fight this for so long. Every encounter had been leading to this. Josie had made little comments every time about wanting to take her anal virginity especially when she realized that Landon had taken her other virginity. However, Hope would always tell herself that she was too strong to let that happen. She was the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and the world’s only tribrid she would never be taken like that. However, in this moment she knew that not only was it going to happen tonight but deep down she wanted this. She wanted to be Josie’s.

“it’s okay Hope we can stop.” Hope looked up and saw the beautiful eyes of Josie Saltzman looking at her. The ties that were binding her hands were gone. She was free but as she stared into Josie’s eyes, she never felt less free. No, she was Josie’s to have any way she wanted her. She wanted to be a good puppy for Josie.

“No don’t stop.” The whisper response sounded deafening in the room. Hope felt so small as she was offering herself to Josie in such an intimate way that she was afraid that Josie would actually turn her away. Instead the eyes reverted to the blackness and the smirk returned.

“There’s my good puppy. Now go grab your special toy from the nightstand and put it on me. Then I want you to get it nice and wet for me.” Josie got up from the bed and allowed Hope to go to the other end of the bed and grab the strap-on. This wouldn’t be the first time that Josie used it on Hope. Still the size of it and knowing where it was going sent shivers down Hope’s spine. However, she didn’t hesitate to grab it and then going around the bed and getting down on her knees in front of Josie. She helped get the strap-on settled as Josie’ step into the strap. Hope aligned it perfectly till plastic cock was directly in front of her. Hope grabbed the fake dick by it’s base and open her mouth wide to begin giving it a blow job. She looked up to see Josie continually smirk at her while offering encouraging words to her. Hope wanted to be disgusted by this but instead it just turned her on more.

“Oh, I have waited to see this look in your eyes. You have finally accepted that you are mine. Oh yes Hope Mikaelson the mighty tribrid, the daughter of the Hybrid is nothing more than my bitch. Isn’t that right?”

Hope was about to say something but before she couldn’t take the fake cock out of her moth Josie put one hand behind her head and forced her mouth to remain on her cock.

“There’s no need to answer. We both know the truth. Besides in a few minutes I’ll make it permanent. Now that’s good. Get on the bed.”

Josie let’s go of Hope’s hair and allows her to get up. Hope gets on the bed and remains on all fours waiting for the inevitable.

“While I love the thought of taking my puppy like the bitch she is. I want this first time to really be special. Lay on your back.”

Hope blushes as she is a bit disappointed that she wasn’t going to be taken doggy style. However, she followed the instructions and turned over onto her back. Then before Hope could even settle in Josie grabbed her by her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Hope felt her legs dangling off the bed for a moment before she found them being bent upwards resting on Josie’s shoulders. Hope was beginning to think that Josie was part vampire as with almost inhuman quickness Josie slammed the giant fake cock inside her pussy.


Josie began to fuck Hope’s pussy. Repeatedly the cock filled her pussy. Hope was grateful that she was so turned on as the giant cock slid inside of her with little resistance and Hope felt pleasure instead of pain. Well there was some pain, but it only spurred on the pleasure. The force of Josie’s thrusts was so great that Hope’s whole body was shaking. To her shame she could actually feel her large breasts practically slapping her chin with each thrust. Jose seemed to notice the same thing as she bent Hope’s legs forward and reached for those breasts basically holding them to Hope’s chin.

“Yes, take all this cock in your pussy! Take it! Take it!” The grip on her breasts were getting tighter and Hope could feel Josie’s nails digging in the soft flesh. Hope knew there would be more marks that she would have to cover up so that no one especially Landon would see but that could wait as all that Hope could focus on was the brutal fucking that she was receiving, and the orgasm that was coming. Hope was chanting something like yes or more or something intelligible, but she just knew it was increasing in how loud she was getting and just when she felt like she was going to burst Josie stopped.

“No! Please don’t stop.”

“Don’t pout puppy. You really didn’t expect that you could cum so easily. Oh no puppy you don’t cum tonight unless there is a cock in your butt. Now let’s get to the main event.”

Josie reached for Hope’s hands and took them in hers. She guided them to Hope’s breasts.

“Here hold on to these. I want you to start playing with them.” Hope closed her eyes as she began to massage her own breasts. She then could feel one of Josie’s hands rubbing her clit. The combination is building the pleasure back inside of Hope. Suddenly a cool liquid seemed to fill her rectum and she realized that Josie must have done a spell. “Oh, I am sure your wondering why I had you suck my cock if I had a spell to lube you already. Well I just loving seeing those pretty lips wrapped around my pretty plastic cock.”

Hope was about to make a comment, but any thought died on her lips when she felt the tip of the cock pushing against her asshole.

“Puppy you are going to need to relax or this is going to hurt.” Hope tried to relax. She played with her nipples and focuses on the pleasure coming from the constant rubbing of her clit that Josie had been doing. Slowly she could feel her asshole expanding to allow the cock in. The slow stretching was becoming too agonizing for Hope.

“Just shove it in!” She had no idea where she found the courage to say this but Hope just wanted to get this over with.

“Are you sure puppy?” Hope nodded. “Okay get ready.” The head of the cock that had been pushed in was almost pulled all the way out. Hope wanted to remain strong and didn’t want to scream out loud, so she tilted her head slightly and bit down on one of her pushed up breasts. The soft flesh muffling her cry as the Josie took her anal virginity in one swift thrust of her hips. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was like a shot in the night. It rang out so loud to Hope.

“I thought nothing would look hotter than this cock buried in your ass but fuck if you being able to put your own tit in your mouth isn’t the hottest fucking thing ever. Don’t stop.”

Hope could barely register the words that Josie had just said as she felt her ass full and a sharp pain where she bit down on her breast. However, there was something pleasurable about both. She licked the marks that her teeth had left as she felt Josie pulling out of her ass again before she thrust the cock back in her again. Hope brought the nipple of her other breast to her mouth and sucked on it. Her nipple hardening as she lavished it with attention. She kept sucking on the nipple as it was a distraction from the repeated thrusts.

“Yeah keep licking those big tits while I fuck your big ass. I love how someone so small has such a big set of tits and a nice big fuckable ass.” Hope could not believe she was hearing such vulgar words with the sweet voice of Josie Saltzman. Yet Hope couldn’t deny that it turned her on. She continued licking and sucking on her breasts loving the sensations it was creating along with the surprising pleasure that was starting to come from her ass being fucked. Josie has stopped rubbing her clit as she was putting more effort in every thrust.

As the pleasure was began to build, Josie changed positions again by practically bending Josie in half as she siphoned magic from Hope. The added strength allowed Josie to start fucking Hope’s ass with even more brutal thrusts that if Hope wasn’t also supernatural would have overwhelmed a normal person. Instead to Hope’s shame the harder Josie fucked her ass the more Hope’s pleasure increased. The more the pleasure from her ass began to build the harder she was squeezing her own breasts. The pain sending pleasure to her untouched pussy. She could feel herself getting wetter the longer this whole process continued.  

“Yes, suck those titties. Suck em! Suck em while I fuck your ass!” Hope sucked harder and as she felt her own orgasm getting closer. Josie could also sense this and siphoned even more from Hope to keep the brutal fucking going. The room was filled the loud smacking of flesh against flesh along with Hope’s moaning as she continued sucking on her breasts. “Cum for me puppy! Cum! Now !”

Hope knowing, she was close added one last stimulation as she bit down on her nipple causing a seismic ripple to travel through her body. Her mouth detached from the nipple as she screamed out her pleasure in what could only be described as a howl that she was certain the whole school could be heard. Hope’s scream continued as Josie was still fucking her ass even through the orgasm was racking her body. Soon Hope could no longer hear her voice as it seems either her voice was gone, or she was passing out.

However, she realized it was the former as the thrusting stopped and the aftershock of the most powerful orgasm of her young life still rippled through her body. Soon the cock that was in her ass was pulled out. Hope’s body which had been so alive a few moments before was almost lifeless. Josie moved up onto the bed as she moved Hope around till Hope was on her side with Josie behind her.

“Oh, puppy we are far from finished.” Hope allowed Josie to lift her leg slightly so that she could slide the fake cock back into her ass. This time it slid in somewhat easier and less painful. However, Hope didn’t think she would ever get used to the sensation of her ass being stuffed with such a big thing. Finally, Josie’s body was flush against Hope’s. In this new position it felt so different as Josie slowly fucked her ass. There was no brutality in this fucking. Instead it was a maddingly slow and gentle fucking which was worse as it left Hope with nothing else to do but think and feel about every inch of the cock sliding in and out of her ass. Josie’s words were now clear and being etched into her mind.

“You are the perfect pet, puppy. Your big ass was made for my cock and your big fat tits feel so good in my hands. Oh yes there isn’t going to be another night where I’m not going to be fucking your ass while I squeeze these big juicy tits. You hear me puppy your body is mine.”

Hope’s mind was screaming at her to stop this. She was a Mikaelson, she wasn’t meant to be anyone’s puppy, but her body craved this. Her ass continually stretched with such painfully mind breaking pleasure. Even if she could find the strength to deny Josie from taken her again there was a part of Hope that feared that Josie would just accept it and turn her attention and affections towards someone else. Hope’s heart broke at the thought of Josie being with anyone else especially that bitch Jade. The thought of someone else being Josie’s puppy actually made Hope angry and soon she was moving her own ass back to meet the slow thrusts of Josie.

“I see my puppy wants to play. Tell me puppy who do you belong to.”

The war in Hope’s mind between who she thought she should be and who she wanted to be ended with one simple word.


Or as the word escaped her lip Hope realized there never was any doubt. This was who she was always meant to be and who she wanted to be.

“Who’s body is this?”

“It’s yours!”

“More tell me more puppy!”

“I belong to you. My ass, my pussy, my tits and my whole body belong to Josie Saltzman!”

“Who’s my good puppy?”

“I AM!”

“Say it!”

“I’M YOUR GOOD PUPPY! I’M YOUR PUPPY! I’M YOUR BITCH!” Now it was Hope moving at a brutal pace as Josie changed their position again. Siphoning some more energy from Hope, Josie was able to maneuver so that she was on her back and Hope was now riding in the reverse cowgirl position. This change of position allowing Hope to bounce herself up and down on the cock. Hope closed her eyes and gathered whatever strength she had remaining as she brutalized her own ass as she bounced up and down on Josie’s cock.

“I have changed my mind. Good puppies don’t talk like humans. Good puppies bark like the bitches they are. Are you my good puppy?”

“Woof!” Hope didn’t even hesitate this new debasement. All that mattered was pleasing Josie. If Josie wanted her to bark, well Hope would bark like she was part dog instead of wolf.

“I couldn’t hear you. What as that?”

“Woof! Woof! Woof! AWOO! AWOOOOOO!”

The tribrid began howling aloud as her orgasm took over her. She continued howling until her orgasm subsided. Hope continued mewling like a weak little puppy as Josie once again moved Hope into the little spoon position without her cock leaving Hope’s ass.

“That’s my good puppy. You made me so proud. Now it’s time to make this official.”

Hope couldn’t understand what more was needed to make this official but then Josie’s hand was in front of her with the collar she had earlier. Hope hadn’t looked at it before but now she could get a good look at it. It was a simple leather strap with the word ‘Puppy’ etched on it and ring in middle where it was obvious a leash would be attached.

Sensing some hesitation Josie broke the silence. “Don’t worry it’s spelled to look like a choker to anyone else. Only you and I can see it when you have it on.”

Slowly Hope pulled herself away till there was a pop when the cock was out her ass. Hope was surprised  that cock being pulled out left an empty feeling. Oddly this empty feeling made what she had been planning to say even more obvious.

“No, it’s not that. I want to wear your collar. I wouldn’t care if it was spelled or not. I just wanted to look at you while I put it on.”

Josie’s black eyes returned to their normal color and the smirk seemed to become a genuine smile. Both girls sat up and Josie gave Hope the collar. Josie reached up and gathered Hope’s hair away from her neck allowing the tribrid put the collar around her neck and then secured it in place. She straightened it out till that the word puppy could be seen. Josie said another incantation and the strap-on was gone. She took Hope in her arms and once again they were lying together with Hope as the little spoon. Josie wrapped her arms around the smaller girl letting Hope know that she was hers.

“Time to sleep puppy. You have had a long night. You need your rest as your training will continue tomorrow. I mean sure you took my cock in your ass like a good puppy, but you left a mess. Yep, puppy is going to need to be trained to clean up after herself. Tomorrow night after we stretch out your asshole again, we begin training you to be an ass to mouth puppy.”

Hope whimpered at the thought but also began resigning herself to the fact that she would be tasting her own ass tomorrow night. She was a good puppy after all, and she would do whatever her owner wanted.

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