Emma's Fantasy Turned Reality

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Disclaimer: I do not own Jessie nor do I make money off of the characters. This is just to entertain.

Emma opened the door to her Mom’s room to find a sight she couldn’t believe. Her Mom was ramming Jessie from behind, with the latter having her hair pulled. They just stared at each other for a moment of complete silence before Emma took a big gulp.

“We’re out of milk,” she said.

“We’ll go to the store later,” Christina said, “but for NOW-” *pulls her thick veiny cock out of Jessie’s ass* “-can I just say how beautiful you look, Emma?”

“Umm, thanks Mom.”

“I mean, damn! You look about as hot as me.”

“I’ll say,” Jessie concurred, pulling her hair out of her face.

“When you were my age?” Emma asked Christina.

“What do you mean “when I was your age?”” she replied.


“<cackles> I’m just teasing. But I will say-” *grabs Emma’s breasts* “-you’re tits are about as big as mine now.”

“<blushes> Umm, thanks.”

“Oh no need to be embarrassed honey. I know why you really came in here.”

“Yeah,” Jessie said with a grin

“That actually gives every reason to be embarrassed right now.”

Christina grinned as she told Emma, “Jessie told me how you were idoling her tits and looking at some of my sexy pictures-” *grabs Emma’s bulge* “-turns you on, doesn’t it.”

Emma simply gasped as Jessie came around behind her and rubbed her shoulders.

“Yeah,” Christina said as she was rubbing her daughter’s bulge, “I bet you want to fuck Jessie, huh?”

Emma nodded.

“And then you want to fuck me?”

Emma nodded.

“Help me undress my daughter,” Christina said to Jessie.

“Yes ma’am,” Jessie said eagerly.

As Christina began undoing Emma’s shirt, she said, “Jessie loves cock by the way. She loves it deep in her throat-” *undoes Emma’s bra* “-she also likes it rough, so don’t hold back.”

“I’m not sure, Mom,” Emma said, as Jessie took off her skirt and panties, “I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Oh don’t worry about it,” Jessie said, “When I first got pounded in the ass, yeah it hurt like hell, but I’m used to it now.”

“When was the first time you took it in the ass?”

“...5 minutes before you showed up.”

“What if someone hears?”

“Luke, Ravi and Bertram are having some “guy time” and Zuri is with Stuart. You have nothing to worry about.”

“Now just relax,” Christina said as they all sat on the bed, “and enjoy this fantasy turned reality.”

Christina and Jessie both sucked on Emma’s breasts, making her moan blissfully as she rubbed their heads. She then grabbed one of Jessie’s breasts and smiled happily as goosebumps ran across her body. She squeezed it and pinched the nipple as Jessie moaned. 

“So soft,” Emma whispered.

“Wanna fuck ‘em?” the redhead asked.

Emma nodded as she got on top of Jessie and placed her throbbing cock inbetween her tits. Emma sighed with joy as she fucked Jessie’s tits, squeezing her cock with them as she thrusted her pelvis back and forth steadily. Christina, meanwhile, came up behind Emma and played with her tits, making the young teen moan blissfully.

“You like it when I play with your tits?” Christina asked.

“Yeah,” she moaned.

“I like watching your cock in my tits,” Jessie said.

“Fuck ‘em faster,” Christina suggested, “and spray her face with cum.”

Emma obediently rubbed her cock with Jessie’s tits, making her moan louder. Christina then pinched Emma’s nipples and kissed the back of her neck, making the young girl tense up.

“Like that?” Christina asked.

“Yeah!” Emma moaned.

“You ready to cum?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Don’t hold back!”

Emma let out a faint cry as she jizzed all over Jessie’s face. The white spluge splattered in her mouth, across her forehead and on her cheeks. As Emma relaxed her body, Christina helped her off of Jessie as the latter licked her face clean.

“So tasty,” Jessie said, “I want more.”

Christina held her throbbing cock and said, “Come and get it.”

Jessie held Christina’s cock before shoving the tip in her mouth. She smacked her tongue around it before shoving it deep down her throat, much to Emma’s amazement.

“I didn’t think she could take all that,” Emma said.

“Wanna see her take two at once?” Christina asked with a grin.


Emma held her cock in front of Jessie, who wasted no time before shoving it in her mouth. Drool got all over the bed as she held both cocks in her mouth. She bobbed her head slightly as she sucked both cocks, making Emma and Christina moan blissfully.

“Oh wow,” Emma said, “she’s so good.”

“You should fuck her ass,” Christina said, “ It’s MUCH better.”

“Seriously? Now I wanna fuck her ass.”

“What are you waiting for?”

Emma pulled her cock out of Jessie’s mouth and scurried over to her ass. She spread the redhead’s cheeks apart and poked the anus with her cock. She slowly penetrated Jessie’s asswhole, making the redhead grip the blanket as she yelled with her mouth full. Emma meanwhile quivered as Jessie’s ass compressed around her cock. 

“Feel’s good, huh?” Christina asked with a grin.

“Oh yeah,” Emma replied.

“Yeah, now give that ass a pounding.”

Emma obediently began to fuck Jessie’s ass with a hand frimly gripped on each cheek. Jessie moaned loudly as she sucked Christina’s cock. 

“Oh fuck,” Emma moaned, “she’s so tight.”

“Oh yeah,” Christina concurred, “Fuck her harder.”

Emma just did that, smacking her pelvis against Jessie’s ass with as much force as she could. Emma and Christina moaned in unison as they tag teamed Jessie. Their hearts raced and their cocks began to expand as orgasm was nearing.

“OH GOD!!” Emma yelled, “I’M CUMMING!!!”

Emma let out a cry of ecstasy as she blasted her semen in Jessie’s ass. Christina grunted as she pulled Jessie’s head forward, releasing her load down the redhead’s throat. Emma then popped her cock out of Jessie’s anus as Christina pulled her cock out of Jessie’s mouth. Jessie coughed intensely before collapsing on the bed, much to Emma’s concern.

“Oh my God,” Emma said, “Jessie, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Jessie said, “I just need a moment.”

“Let’s let her rest for a few minutes,” Christina said as she stepped around Jessie, “In the meantime, Emma, you wanna fuck your Mommy.”

“Yeah,” Emma nodded.

Christina turned facing the head of the bed as Emma came up behind her. As Emma caressed her mother’s ass, she snickered a little.

“What?” Christina asked.

“I’m about to become a literal motherfucker,” Emma said.

Christina burst out laughing as Emma spread her ass cheeks apart. Emma drooled on her cock before shoving it in her Mom’s anus. Christina grunted with pleasure as Emma thrusted with full force.

“Oh yeah,” Christina cooed, “Fuck me hard.”

“Oh God,” Emma moaned, “You’re so tight Mom.”

Emma grabbed Christina’s tits and squeezed them as she fucked her mother. Emma moaned in tandem with her Mom as the latter’s cock stiffed up. 

“Ooh,” Christina cooed, “You’re making me so fucking hard.”



Jessie looked up and smiled as she saw Emma fuckning her Mom vigorously. She placed her hand between her legs and started fingering herself as the two blondes moaned together. Emma then laid her head on Christina’s hair as she began moaning louder.

“I’M GONNA CUM!!!” Emma yelled.

“Don’t hold back!” Christina exclaimed.

Emma then shot her load deep in Christina’s ass whilst they both cried out in ecstasy. Emma rested on Christina’s back for a moment before pulling her cock out of her ass.

“I think,” Christina began, still catching her breath, “I think we should clean up.”

“Can we do this again?” Emma asked eagerly.

“Sure, whenever I’m off.”


“I second that,” Jessie said.

“Can I join?” Zuri asked.

Jessie, Emma and Christina gasped in unison as they saw Zuri standing at the door. She was smiling innocently while everyone else was utterly speechless.

Emma broke the silence asking, “How long were you-”

“The whole time,” Zuri finished, “the door was open.”

There was a brief pause before Christina said, “Sure, you can join.”

“Yes!” Zuri said with excitement.

“But don’t tell anyone,” Emma said.

“Not that they’d believe me anyway.”

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