Owning Claire Dunphy

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Manny was in New York for a college trip. His entire class was staying in a cheap motel but since Manny was used to the good things in life, he had decided to stay at the Marriott. The luxury hotel was so comfortable to stay in that even when the trip ended Manny decided to stay on for a couple of more days.

He went down to the hotel’s pool with a book to laze the day away. As he was lounging on a beach chair sipping a cocktail and looking around, he was surprised to see a familiar face. Claire was walking towards the pool area.

As she neared he was able to see her more clearly. He was absolutely stunned to see what she was wearing. Claire was wearing what could only be described as a micro-bikini. The thing only covered her nipples and her pussy. Her supple pert breasts were completely visible. As she passed him Manny hid behind his book as he didn’t want her to spot him just yet. The sight from behind was breathtaking as well. The lower-part of the bikini was just a thread between her asscheeks. Her amazingly fit ass was a sight to behold as her completely bare asscheeks jiggled as she walked. Manny was already hard in his shorts.

The next half an hour he spied on Claire as she took a few laps in the pool. Her body was gorgeous. She was really serious about her fitness and the results showed in her fit lithe body without a hint of fat.

Finally when she was headed towards him Manny decided to reveal himself. He put his book down and stood up.

“Hey Claire!” he greeted her when she was near enough to hear him.

Claire turned around and was shocked to see him. Manny could also see that she was seriously embarrassed. She immediately locked her arms around her chest and forced a smile.

“Manny!! What are you doing here?”

“I was on a college trip. What are you doing here Claire?”

“Oh, I was on a business trip. The deal went really well and I decided to treat myself by staying here for a few days. You know, unwind and have some fun...”

“Oh, I can see you are unwinding..” said Manny, glancing down at her body.

Claire turned red again.

“Well I should go to my room. Let’s meet up for dinner?”


Claire turned around and started walking away quickly. Manny enjoyed the sight of her amazing ass as she left.



When Claire entered her room, put on a bathrobe and lay down, the feeling of embarrassment finally started to die down. It was replaced by a tingling feeling in her loins when she thought about the sight she must have presented to Manny in her micro-bikini. She had been feeling really daring when she had decided to wear it to the pool. A mother of three, she was used to wearing conservative swimsuits but in this trip she had felt like doing something daring and exciting. The whole time at the pool she had been exulting at all the attention she knew she had been getting from the young men there. And now she realized one of the young men had been her ‘brother’ Manny.

The more she thought of Manny staring at her in that tiny swimsuit the more excited she got. Lately Claire had  been feeling sexually frustrated. Things with Phil had gotten really boring with neither of them putting any efforts to spice things up. She felt like she desperately needed some excitement and here was a perfect opportunity.

Another thing she had recently realized was that she was an exhibitionist. She got really turned on by showing off her hot fit body. This was the reason she had gotten the micro-bikini in the first place. Claire decided to have some fun with Manny while they were in the hotel.

In the evening she got his room number from the reception and called him to his room. When he knocked on the door, she opened it wearing a small towel that barely came down to her ass.

“Hey Manny. Why don’t you watch some TV while I take a quick shower. Then we will go down for dinner.”

Manny nodded and entered her room. Claire turned around and headed to the bathroom. As she walked the towel moved up a few inches exposing the lower part of her ass. Manny adjusted his hardening cock in his pants and sat down on the bed.

After a few minutes the bathroom door was flung open and Claire walked out completely naked.

“Let me just get dressed real quick,” she told Manny, being completely casual about her nakedness. Manny stared open-mouthed at her body. Even though she was over forty she had a body of a twenty year old. Her supple breasts stood proudly upright. Her pussy was completely shaved. As she opened the closet and bent down to grab something, her slender fit asscheeks separated to give a glimpse of her pink asshole and pussy lips.

Manny couldn’t control himself after that. He walked up to her grabbed her naked body. Apparently Claire was really horny as well as she immediately started kissing him. They locked lips as Manny’s hand went down to her firm asscheeks and squeezed. Claire moaned into his mouth. He brought his hands up to her breasts and squeezed them roughly.

Claire fell to her knees and started unbuckling his pants. She pushed them down and pulled down his boxers as well. Manny’s thick nine inches cock was standing in attention.

“Wow..” she breathed staring at his huge thick cock. She immediately put it in her mouth and started sucking on it hungrily.

Manny’s knees almost gave out. Claire was an amazing cocksucker. She licked and sucked on his knob like a professional. Manny grabbed her beautiful blonde hair and started fucking her mouth. When this only turned on Claire even more, Manny realized that she loved being treated like a whore and that she must like it rough.

He started fucking her mouth even harder. Claire’s mouth stretched over his huge cock. He started going deeper. Claire started choking on his cock as he fucked her throat. Saliva drooled from the corners of her mouth. Claire was in heaven. She was enjoying being used like a whore.

Manny took his cock out so that Claire could breathe again. Her mouth was covered in saliva. Manny rubbed it all over her face.

“On the bed on your hands and knees,” he commanded her.

Claire immediately got on the bed and presented her amazing ass to him on her hands and knees. Manny walked over and slapped her ass hard. “Higher!”

Claire cried out in surprise at the hard slap and raised her ass higher in the air. Her pussy was drenched and she was as horny as she had even been.

Manny slapped her ass again. Really hard. Claire cried out and clenched her ass in pain. Pink handprints appeared on her pale ass. Then in one swift motion Manny entered her. Claire gasped as she felt his huge cock penetrate her slick pussy. As Manny buried his cock into her pussy up to the hilt, Claire moaned loudly.

Manny grabbed her hair and started fucking her hard. His hips made slapping noises against her ass as he fucked her. Claire’s tight pussy squeezed around his enormous cock as he repeatedly slammed into her. He started spanking her ass as he fucked her. Hard smacks that made her asscheeks jiggle. Claire pushed back her ass like a whore in heat while Manny pulled her hair, spanked her ass and fucked her like a porn star.

Suddenly Manny stopped and pulled out. Claire who was close to cumming begged him to continue fucking her. Manny rubbed his fingers against her pussy and then lubricated her asshole with it.

“Oh God” moaned Claire, feeling his fingers rubbing against her asshole. “Oh yes Manny. Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass real hard!”

Claire’s pussy was absolutely drenched. Manny rubbed more of her pussy juice on her asshole and slipped two fingers in. Claire gasped as she felt his fingers enter her ass. Manny was in heaven as he fingered Claire’s beautiful sexy tight ass. He pressed another finger in to open up her ass. He pulled her hair and fucked her hard with his fingers. Claire screamed as she started cumming. Her ass clenched his fingers as he continued stabbing them into her ass.

Claire stopped cumming and simply lay there with her ass in the air. Manny took out his fingers as he figured her ass was ready for his cock by now. He grabbed her asscheeks, spread them apart and shoved his huge cock up her ass. Claire screamed again as she felt the huge cock stretch her ass open. Manny fucked her ass hard, slamming against her hips and thrusting his cock deep into her sexy ass. Her asscheeks jiggled as he slammed his hips against her ass while giving her the pounding of her life. While fucking her, Manny shoved three of his fingers into her sloppy dripping pussy as well. This was too much for Claire who started cumming again. And as her ass clenched his cock tightly he started cumming as well. Manny came deep inside her ass, filling her up with his cum.

Exhausted he fell on top of Claire’s sweaty naked body.

“Fuck” he groaned.

“God that was amazing” Claire sighed from under him.         


Note: The coming chapters will have Manny completely sexually dominating Claire in public and with other random strangers as well. Let me know if you are interested in reading more by commenting.


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