Arya and Her Beastly Encounters

BY : Tac
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It was the hour of ghosts in Winterfell. Everyone was asleep and there was silence throughout the castle and courtyard. The exception was little Arya Stark, who was practicing archery. She found the night to be the only time she could train with swords or bows without being pestered by her sister and mother who say it is unladylike. Earlier today Arya was stuck in knitting class with Sansa, while her brothers were practicing with swords and shields. She loathed being stuck knitting while her brothers trained. She wanted to join them but her mother says "It is unbefitting for a lady to handle swords." At this time, however, her mother was asleep and Arya was free to practice any martial pursuit.

She had just gotten her fourth bullseye, when she noticed Ghost, her half-brother's wolf, was free from the kennel and staring at her. Arya guessed Ghost had broken his lease, which wasn't surprising as Ghost was the strongest of the Starks' dire wolves. Arya went to him "What are you doing out here; why are you always such bother ?" Lately, Arya has been getting slightly irritated by Ghost because in the day, Ghost keeps on following Arya's wolf Nymeria and tries to "mount" her but she always stops him. Arya doesn't know why he does it but her brothers say that it is just a phase and it will soon stop.

Arya kneels and pets the wolf, "lets get you back to your cage." she says, when suddenly Ghost licks her face and his tongue touches her mouth and even her eyes. This caught Arya by surprise and she flinched and fell down, "Ugh you disgusting dog, why would you do that ?" While She was spiting out any of Ghost's saliva that got into her mouth, Ghost came closer to her and was between her legs. Ghost took a quick sniff of her crotch and then licked it. This caused Arya to shiver, part of her found this absolutely disgusting but she also found it pleasuring yet she did not know why. Ghost continued his licking and each time his tough touch Arya's vagina through the fabric of her clothes. Arya was in a state of bliss, she knew she should make him stop but it just felt too good.

Eventually Ghost stopped and then came even closer to Arya until his eyes could directly stare at Arya's, but he did not stop there continued going forward until his fully erect red penis was directly above Arya's face. Arya didn't know why but she had a feeling to touch it; she lifted her hand and began to stroke it, she noticed that Ghost really liked it so she continued. Both dog and girl began berthing heavily through their mouths. Ghost noticed this and suddenly plunged his dick into her month. Arya was taken a back by this but quickly began to like it, she liked its taste and its smell; she continued moving her head up and down the big red dick.

Soon she accelerated her pace. Ghost however had different plans, he pulled his dick out of her month and moved to the side of Arya, putting his paws on her waist. Arya was confused but she eventually found out that he was signaling her to turn over, which she did as her mind was full of lust. Ghost moved between Arya's legs again and then tore of a piece of her tunic covering the entrance to her vagina with his teeth. Before Arya could protest, Ghost plunged his dick into her, all at once a wave of pleasure shook Arya to her core. Ghost then made Arya pull her ass up and as a show of dominance, he used his paws to push Arya's face into the ground. Arya did not care to offer resistance and was fine with being fucked face down, ass up. Both dog and bitch started pant like animals.

After almost an eternity to Arya, Ghost released his seed into her vagina. He then finally dismounted her and returned to his kennel. When Arya finally came into her senses, her lust was replaced by guilt. She quickly got up and went back to her room, where she changed her clothes and tried to get some sleep and forget about what just happened. Unfortunately for her this is not an experience one tends to forget

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