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"I can't believe I'm actually doing this," Mandy thought to herself.

Mandy had just started college only a few weeks ago and already she was faced with the hardest decision of her short life. Despite knowing the limitations of entering college with a boyfriend, the slutty brunette threw caution to the wind and enrolled with a serious partner, that being Kyle.

However, after only that short time frame, Mandy found herself in a pickle. Her time was being stretched thin between friends, Kyle, coursework and then pledging the biggest sorority on campus. It was originally her mother's idea, but she thought little of it until the popular group approached her, begging her to pledge.

Mandy, always wanting to be needed, not to mention craving to be on top of the social hierarchy, quickly consented. Her initiation was a breeze and she was easily selected for the popular sorority, but now she realized things had to give. She began skipping class, while Kyle went in her stead as often as his work schedule from Outdoor Man allowed for it. 

However, even with skipping most classes, there was still too much going on. With the sorority her priority, not to mention that coming with a whole host of new friends, the only other thing in her life she could ditch was poor, innocent Kyle. That was a tough choice to make, but she desperately wanted to be part of the sisterhood of coeds since she was little.

Knowing what had to be done, Mandy told her parents she was going out, grabbed her keys and jumped in her car. Kyle's house was only a short drive away and she fought back emotion as she navigated the streets, a mixture of sadness and frustration being the prevailing feelings she was experiencing.

"You can do this Mandy," she told herself, steeling her nerves as she sat outside his house.

Mandy also got angry at herself for her attire. She was here to break up with the poor guy and yet she wore clothing that made her look smoking hot, though everything she owned would have accomplished the same. Colorado was cool in the fall so she wore black tights underneath her tight-fitting slim knit dress. Her reflection in her car window showed the dress hugging her curvy, hourglass figure like a glove.

Turning sideways, Mandy looked over her shoulder and viewed herself from this angle. Though any reflection of her was flattering, side-on view may have been the most. While the front and back showed her figure off, sideways demonstrated her amazing dual assets; her large tits and juicy ass. 

Her body was flawless, with large breasts that were bordering on a D cup and hung saglessly in front of her chest in the prime of their life, not even requiring a bra though she did indulge in the garment. Her booty had an ample amount of junk in the trunk as was all the rage these days, made to look all the more impressive due to how skinny her waist was. 

Mandy walked up the driveway and continued up the side of the house until she reached the backyard. As she turned the corner, as she had done many times in the past 6 months since they started dating, she descended the stairs towards his basement apartment. She stopped halfway down and looked through the window, getting to observe the long-haired man.

Kyle was sitting on the sofa with cue cards spread out on the coffee table in front of him. She couldn't make out the writing but it was no doubt for her, since she had the eager man going to class for her while she pledged the sorority. He had done it happily, trying his best to help the brunette girl as much as possible during such a busy and difficult time in her life.

Watching him made her sad, so Mandy gave a light rap of her knuckle on the glass pane to get his attention. He was expecting her so turned in her direction and flashed her his dopey but lovable smile.

"Come on in Mandy," he said, opening the door and giving her a kiss.

"Thanks babe," she said, returning the kiss and walking inside.

"Have a seat," Kyle gestured to the small sofa before he jumped into the chair across from her.

"What's all this," Mandy asked, waving her arm at all the papers and cue cards on the coffee table.

"Oh, these are your notes from astronomy class today, I was just getting them organized," the blonde-haired man told her. "I haven't sorted them out too much, but I have created a poem to help you remember the planet names and orders."

The boy was absolutely glowing, happy at the chance to help her out with her studies. Mandy could see the pride etched on his face that he was dating a college girl who was brave enough to go after a profession she loved. Yet she was here to break his heart. She was so consumed in her thoughts that she barely heard his poem for her to use as a study tool.

"That's awesome babe...but it doesn't rhyme," the curvy brunette pointed out.

"I know, it's free verse. That's something I learnt in your English class yesterday," he proudly stated.

It was at this point that Mandy had to end things with him before she caved in. He was so helpful and loving but Mandy needed to be selfish right now. It was her only chance for college and though she took the chance of losing Kyle for good, it was a risk she needed to take.

"Okay so you know how Pluto was a planet and then a few years back they decided it wasn't a planet anymore," Mandy said with a sad look on her face.

"Yes. We live in the golden age of astronomy," Kyle replied excitedly.

"Well maybe the solar system just needed a break from Pluto. Like they still loved each other and wanted to be with each other, but they both knew that it was best for them to have a little time off," the brunette explained.

"I feel like there is more meaning to this but we haven't gotten to metaphors yet in your English class," Kyle commented.

"Ok baby, I'm having a really hard time balancing everything right now. Between you, the sorority, my family and classes, I'm stretched really thin. And I really don't want to give anything up but..."

"Mandy, stop," Kyle urged, looking her deep in the eye with a rarely serious tone. "You have to focus on school right now. Not me, not the sorority. School is the important thing here. Do you know how lucky you are to go to such a good college when there are thousands in this country alone that can't afford that," Kyle reasoned.

"I just don't want to lose you because you are so special," Mandy told him, surprising herself by not crying.

"I know Mandy, me neither. And I'll do anything I can to help you do well in school, even if it means you need a break from me," he explained without even a hint of sadness or scorn.

Mandy was now flooded with a whole new set of emotions. Kyle had taken the break-up talk so well, and somehow managed to come out of it the knight in shining armor. Rather then being sad and frustrated, Mandy was now so unbelievably turned on. She needed to have the goofy man right then and there or else she felt like she would spontaneously combust.

Practically jumping off the couch and straight into his lap, but of course Mandy performed the movement as graceful as ever. Kyle was surprised but grateful, especially when their lips pressed against each other like they had done so many times before. He was a little conflicted with emotion currently, sad that they would be taking a break and yet his cock was hardening by the second.

"Let's go to the bedroom stud," Mandy said from atop his lap.

The brunette got to her feet and led him by the hand towards the room no more than 10 feet away. However, Mandy found herself pressed against the living room wall face first, a combination of Kyle pressing her there and her guiding herself into the position. Palms pushed into the painted drywall, the gorgeous brunette closed her eyes and relaxed in her standing, upright position. 

She could feel Kyle working behind her, pushing up the stretch material of her blue dress so it rested on the top of her plump, wide ass. She helped him by grabbing the top and tugging it to pull it tight and help get it out of the way. While she did that, the long-haired blonde hooked his fingers into her tights, his large hands running the length of her legs as he pulled them all the way down.

"Man I love this bottom," Kyle commented.

With only a thong being the only barrier between him and Mandy's ass, the brunette felt his smooth hands run along the outside of curvy rear. Reaching the midportion, he cupped her meaty ass then dug his fingers into the soft yet firm flesh, savoring the sensation for what could be the last time in awhile. 

"And it loves you," Mandy replied, pushing her ass out.

He normally groped her ass for half the length as he currently was, but Mandy wasn't about to complain. She moaned in her characteristic fashion as he squashed and pulled and lifted the large muscle, but got even more excited when his fingers worked into the band of her panties. She smiled and balled her fist even tighter around her cotton dress as she felt a fresh gushing flood her now exposed pink twat.

" me," she begged.

"Don't mind if I do have a bite," he replied.

From behind her on his knees, Kyle leant in and kissed each of her meaty cheeks. Mandy was ready for him to go between her massive ass, which men around campus described as a 'black girl's ass', but Kyle had different ideas. Instead of dipping his tongue into her moist pussy, Kyle dug his teeth into the thickest part of her backside.

"Kyle," Mandy protested while they both chuckled. "Please lick my pussy."

Her more specific plea seemed to be exactly the command that the eager-to-please man needed to hear. Her giggle was stopped dead with his strong hands gripping her ass hard once more and pulling them apart. She groaned as he swiped his thumb over her crinkled asshole before leaning in to replace it with his tongue.

"Seriously love this ass," Kyle reiterated.

After using it to speak, the Outdoor Man employee returned his tongue to darting at her crinkled starfish. Knowing that she got a thrill from anal play, as did he, Kyle did a broad, long swipe several times before settling the tip of his wet muscle in the direct center of the brown eye. He didn't try to cram it inside, instead he wiggled it around her rim, eliciting a moan from his girlfriend.

"Mhmm...ohhh," Mandy released.

Releasing her hand from the balled-up fist around her dress, the brunette slid it down her stomach. She did cardio and ate well so her abdominals didn't have an ounce of fat, nor were they rippling with muscle, however all the matter was moving her hand quickly over it to get to her exposed sex. Where most girls had a mound of soft curls, Mandy was bare, moving over the waxed skin as she dipped her finger to run over her clit.

As she pressed two fingers into her dripping wet snatch and made them disappear, Mandy licked her lips while her boyfriend continued to lick her ass. Alternating between running his wide flat tongue broadly over the backdoor and circling the ring of muscle with the tip, Kyle had her in a constant stream of moans.

Mandy's fingers worked into her pussy, gathering slickness with each push while using her palm to rub her engorged clit. The pleasure coursing through her small but curvy body was immense, as was always the case when her and Kyle hooked up. It would be the thing she missed most as she forced them to take a break.

"Oh fuck," she screamed, surprised as his tongue pushed deeper.

Though they tried anal sex on occasion, usually reserving it for special times like his birthday, they both enjoyed ass foreplay. As Kyle's tongue burrowed into her plump rear, she pumped her two fingers into her own snatch with more fever. Mandy felt her cunt squeeze tighter on her digits as an electric current rocked through her body. Her legs shook but she ignored the pre-orgasmic tremor in favor of grounding her palm harder into her clit.

"Fuck...fuck, fuck, fuck," Mandy called out.

Kyle's cock was straining furiously against his jeans as he made his girlfriend scream out cuss words from tossing her salad. Ignoring his throbbing member, his mind was solely on making Mandy cum against the wall of his living room before sweeping her up in his arms and taking her to his bedroom. 

He briefly thought teasing her, running a trail of kisses along her inner thigh or back of the leg, but he knew it would only frustrate them both. Holding her back from cumming would upset her, and make the time he got his dick in her longer. As if she was reading his mind and sensing he was on the fence, Mandy pushed her curvy rear backwards to further embedded his face in her ass.

"Mhmmm," Kyle groaned while his tongue squirmed in her brown eye as he felt her firm ass cheeks press against his eye sockets.

As if all the body language wasn't enough of a sign, her free hand palming the back of his head and pushing him deeper into her booty was also a good indication. Re-doubling his efforts, Kyle focused on eating her ass until she came like a freight train. The combination of his skilled tongue, her grinding palm and the fingers pumping into her snatch was the right recipe she needed.

"Kyle! I'm..." she cried out.

As Mandy came, her juices coating her fingers that stopped thrusting into her pussy as a result, the brunette moved her hand from the back of his head. Bring it up to head level, she balled the fist and lightly pounded the wall as the standing girl shuddered with an intense orgasm. 

She tried flattening herself against the wall but he held her in place, continuing to fuck her asshole with his tongue. Whimpering like a schoolgirl, Mandy squeezed her thighs together and waited for him to stop since he had less access but he kept on with his original plan for as long as he wanted, Mandy had no idea how long.

"Let's get you to the bedroom," Kyle said, scooping her up in his arms.

Given the fact his apartment was only 500 square feet it took no time at all to go from the living room to the bedroom where he placed her down on his mattress. Mandy was moving right away, rolling onto her knees and pulling the man with the goatee down on the bed to join her. 

As she swung over Kyle's torso she was reminded that Kyle was very much an ass man but considering he just got a face-full of her great booty, it was time to spoil him by giving him a good helping of her tits now. Reaching down to steer him into her pussy, she sat down and engulfed half his member and as she started to glide back up his hands were already grabbing two big handfuls of her large boobs.

"Yes Kyle. Play with my tits," Mandy cooed as she sat all the way down on his shaft.

The horny coed rode his entire length a couple of times before declining all the way down so his cock was fully seated inside her as she ground against him. Pressing her knees into the soft mattress on either side of him Mandy lifted up, groaning as she felt his cock slowly leave her until there was maybe an inch or two still inside her. The fashion student paused at the top of her arc as her boyfriend gave a tweak to her nipples, eliciting both pain and a jolt of extreme pleasure before suddenly plunging down, taking him back into her to the root.

"Holy moly you feel great," Kyle said as Mandy started bouncing on top of him.

"Mmm," the dark-haired girl murmured as she worked half of his cock in and out of her.

Mandy put her hands on his shoulders, lowering her upper body closer to her soon-to-be boyfriend and stuck her chest out and lifted up. When she had a little more than half of his cock outside of her she leaned forward slightly and pushed herself back down. Moaning as she was filled up, Mandy swiveled her hips, grinding her crotch against him before repeating the process.

The slight change in position allowed her to get more of the grinding motion accomplished, which rubbed her clit on his stomach to elicit more pleasure. It also brought her large tits closer to Kyle's mouth, which he immediately seized the chance to flex his head forward and capture on her her pink nipples between his lips.

"Ohhhh," Mandy moaned, her hands going to the back of his head to clutch him against her pillowy chest.

Grabbing Mandy's firm ass Kyle palmed a large cheek in each hand. Helping to hold her in place he pressed his feet firmly against the bed so he could lift his hips to drive up into her. His hips raised completely from the mattress, Kyle kept his mouth latched onto one of Mandy's tits and pounded into her pussy from below.

"Fuck fuck fuck," the dark-haired girl gasped, clinging to him as she was rendered largely a spectator for the moment.

Kyle realized that going at such a hurried pace would lead to a quickie so while still holding onto her ass and circling her nipple with his tongue he went back to letting Mandy control things. He did help by using his grip on her phat booty to pull her down onto him with a little extra emphasis or to hold her against him as he shifted his hips to move his cock around inside her. For the most part though he let her dictate the pace and depth.

She kept it at the same measured speed but as the pleasure built inside her Mandy found herself unable to stay slow and easy. Feeling another orgasm starting to build the fashion student's urgency and momentum built right alongside it. Her bouncing got quicker and each time she impaled herself on Kyle's cock she slammed down with more force. She wanted to cum as many times as she could with him tonight while knowing Kyle well enough to know that he'd get there soon too.

"Fuck me, Kyle," Mandy urged into his ear as her movements became more and more ragged.

Knowing that she was close from her tone and body language, Kyle released his mouth from nuzzling her massive tits and pulled her head down to his to kiss her deeply. Still moving on top of him, Mandy moaned as Kyle's tongue darted into her mouth. They pressed their bodies tightly against each other causing Mandy to shorten her strokes, sliding along maybe a quarter of his cock but driving down with as much power as she could muster.

She knew it wouldn't take long, not with the sensual kissing, her clit rubbing against his stomach and his cock stretching her pussy out. Finally reaching her limit, Mandy felt her body explode with intense pleasure once again. Burying her face in the nape of his neck, the fashionista convulsed as she was wracked with wave after wave of ecstasy. Her pussy clamped down on Kyle's cock, squeezing and milking it as he continued to make small thrusts into her.

"Mandy...ughh...I'm close," Kyle warned with some urgency.

If this was going to be the last time they fucked for some time than Mandy knew exactly where she wanted him to finish. Although she was on the pill and loved the feel of his cum splashing deep in her pussy, she was desperate to taste him one final time.

Mandy rode herself down onto his cock a few last times, her heavy tits bouncing up before thundering down before she pushed herself backwards and off his cock. She caught his manhood with her hand before it thudded against his stomach and guided it into her mouth, swirling her head as she tasted her rather delicious pussy juices in the process.

"Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus," Kyle grunted through gritted teeth as Mandy essentially sucked the load out of his balls.

Kyle bucked his hips forward as his load was shot into the roof of the curvy coed's mouth. Spurt after spurt came out of his tip and Mandy was more than up for the challenge of collecting all of his thick goo on her tongue and savoring his flavor. When he was finally done Mandy released his member from the grip with her mouth and swallowed his cum down her gullet with an audible gulp.

"Wow Mandy. Just wow."

"Right back at you stud," Mandy cooed, still sitting between his outstretched legs. "By the way, do you work tonight?"

"No. Mr. Alzate has me coming in early in the mornings lately so a break from the evening warehouse shifts," Kyle replied, his hand reaching out to stroke her smooth legs.

"That was really nice," the dark-haired girl replied. "But we probably shouldn't do that again. Not with you needing your rest."

"Yeah it was great," he agreed, placing his hands back behind his head, not picking up on her subtle reverse psychology.

"What do you think stud? Up for some naughty sex," Mandy said as she swirled her index finger over her asshole. "Game for some anal?"

"Always," Kyle said excitedly. "It's my favorite game! Even more so than euchre."

"Wow. That's high honor," Mandy said, looking back over her shoulder and flashing him her widest smile as he searched in his nightstand.

Kyle retrieved a bottle of strawberry-flavored lube from his drawer and drizzled a dollop onto his finger before pressing it against her anus. She gave a little start from the cold sensation but settled, enjoying the feel of the slick digit as it made little rings around her puckered hole. His circles got smaller until his pad rested over the very center of her brown eye, at which point he pushed inside.

Mandy didn't even whimper as the thick digit slid into her tight ass. The lube was helping, but Kyle had a gentle touch and had prepared her asshole well when he rimmed her earlier. She barely felt as his finger pushed all the way into her crinkled hole, twisting and moving the finger around as he went in and out, loosening her up in the process.

"Ready," Kyle asked, her anal canal greased up for the first several inches.

"Go for it," Mandy said, buoyed by how it felt thus far.

Mandy heard the squeeze of the bottle once more as Kyle generously lubricated his cock up for their tryst. When he felt satisfied, Mandy felt the familiar lining up of his cock against one of her openings, the only difference was this time it was against her asshole.

"Remember to relax. Go to your happy place," he encouraged as he placed his tip against her anus.

She nodded then felt Kyle press firmly, yet still with a gentle touch. Her body resisted at first but she forced herself to loosen up, knowing it wouldn't hurt that way. Kyle felt her relax as well and seized that moment to push a little harder and this time it was successful. Her sphincter opened enough for his manhood to slide in past the crown.

"Shit," Mandy gasped, her eyes shutting wide open and her asshole resisting the sudden stretch it experienced.

"Relax," he reminded her, using his hands to stroke her sides, calming her as he left his dick resting in her ass. 

Kyle was the patient type and that was paying dividends now because after a few moments of waiting and caressing Mandy started to loosen up around his shaft. As she took another deep breath she could feel Kyle slowly pushed forward another inch. When she winced, the long-haired man immediately stopped to give her a little more time.

"Gotta play with my clit," I reminded herself, a lesson her older sister Kristen had actually taught her awhile back. 

Mandy reached down between her milky white thighs and touched her clit with her middle finger. As she circled the little nub with her finger she moaned, feeling the pleasure she was deriving from herself. Kyle felt her body relaxing before she actually pushed back against him, something he was hoping and prepared for as he took the chance to ease a little more into her.

"Is it hurting," Kyle asked, giving her only small strokes to get use to the motion.

"A bit but it's gotten a lot better," Mandy replied, coming to realize how true that was. "Actually it's just...odd, maybe a little uncomfortable...and really naughty."

In fact, it was that naughtiness now that she was focusing all her attention on. How filthy it was for a girl to take it up the ass. How much a girl had to really want to push boundaries to take in in her butt. She visualized her sphincter spreading wide as Kyle fed his cock inside her and her enjoying it. 

"Ohh...awh," Mandy moaned as her middle finger continued circling her clit faster.

"Do I need to stop," Kyle asked, though he already knew the answer. How else but her asking him to continue would explain how he was able to have fit his entire length into her.

"No! Keep going," she pleaded, free hand going to her exposed breasts to play with her nipples. "Keep fucking my ass."

Kyle started pulling out, noting how tightly her ring hugged his dick while being just loose enough for him to move within her. He was glad she was enjoying it, the first time she actually wanted him to continue to sodomize her after getting this far. He was going painfully slow, but was able to stroke the whole shaft out and then back into the moaning girl.

"You like this, don't you," Kyle asked after sawing into her a handful of more times.

Kyle kept to his task, building on his slow pace by upping the speed after every few thrusts. He had to fight the urge to just latch his hands onto her hourglass hips just ruthlessly pound her into the bed, instead he shortened his strokes but added more power while maintaining a faster speed.

"Yeah...ahhh...mmhmmm," Mandy replied, now pushing her fingers into her cunt like she did earlier while he rimmed her.

It had gotten a lot tighter when she slipped one then a second finger into her pussy, her anus squeezing Kyle with even more pleasure. She had to change position since both hands were busy, lying on her chest with her face turned to the side so that Kyle could watch her gorgeous face contort in pleasure from his cock being shoved up her ass.

"Oh Kyle! Mhmm," Mandy moaned, breath growing more ragged.

"Holy crap," Kyle said, his cock slamming into her over and over again. "You're gonna cume again!"

"So close," she answered, bring her hand that was on her tits down to massage her clit while she still fingered her pussy.

Mandy would have been more amazed about having an orgasm while being fucked in the ass if her mind wasn't clouding over with her inevitable climax. Everything was arousing to her; the feel of his dick entering her asshole, her pussy frictioning her G-spot. The way her clit was getting rubbed. And it all led to a hell of an orgasm.

"Ohhhh...Lord," Mandy said, squeezing her eyes shut as her orgasm struck like a typhoon.

As her ass clamped down of Kyle's cock, he was mid-pump and his momentum kept him moving until he was back balls deep in her backdoor. Everything came together for him too at that point. The relentless glide of his dick in her slippery anal canal. The imagery of watching his manhood disappearing fully into her ass. And the feel of her thick ass pressed against his stomach as her face was awash in pleasure.

"Mandy! I'm cumming again," he warned at the last moment

"Ahh...yes...cum in my ass," Mandy answered, her voice sounding extremely dreamy. 

All Kyle could do was tightly clench his girlfriend's wide hips and press himself deep into her lubricated asshole for the final time. Tossing his head back, the Outdoor Man employee buried himself in the dark-haired girl for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his love gun had emptied at which point the exhausted man withdrew, leaving his sticky reward deep in her asshole.

"Mhm...I want to taste your cum again," she demanded, still completely awash in pleasure.

Kyle crawled up the bed, taking one last look at her gaped asshole now dribbling his white cum, and stopped next to her head. As she turned her head and opened her mouth Mandy lifted her head so she could get her mouth around the first several inches of his manhood. 

At first she only sucked, draining the last drops of cum from his slit before bobbing and taking more into her mouth. Sucking more of Kyle's cock into her mouth Mandy suddenly realized where his dick had just been. Kyle, who was aware of that fact the whole time, was in absolute delight at the slutty action, even more so when she resumed and gave his manhood another more cautious suck.

"Oh my God...I actually like that," she commented after finishing cleaning his dick of all remaining lube and ass juices.

"I am very happy," Kyle said, completely spent. "But I think I need a shower."

"Maybe I can join you? One last shower," Mandy asked with a wolfish smile on her face.

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