Eve's Football Initiation

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"Alright Eve, spill it," Mandy Baxter said.

The middle child of three girls, Mandy strolled into the bedroom of her kid sister Eve. As suddenly as she opened the door, she closed it behind her, giving the pair privacy to talk.

"Knock much," Eve replied with a snarky tone.

"Not really. But seriously, what's going on," Mandy pressed.

"Like you care," her younger sister replied.

"Well since we live under the same roof and I have to deal with you on a constant basis, it requires me to care," the middle child explained.

"Fine. You wanna know," Eve said, defeated.

"I do. You were all on cloud nine after making the football team and now you're all pissy," Mandy added.

"Okay so the guys accepted me well enough. They knew I was the best kicker, they hated the last one plus he cost them games so that's great for me," Eve started.

"Where's the problem then," the self-centered brunette asked.

"It's a tradition with the football team. An initiation," Eve said. "There is a precedence too that whenever a female has been on the team it's a sexual challenge."

"And you're a virgin so that upsets you," Mandy assumed.

"Pssff no. Lost my V-card last summer with Justin under the bleachers after the soccer team qualified for state championships," Eve said with pride.

"Hmm, good for you," Mandy replied, patting her 18-year old sister on the head. "So the issue is you're worried the hazing will get out?"

"No, the football team is really a tight-knit group. The initiations are never known to those outside the team."

"Ok I'm drawing a blank. What the hell is the problem then?"

"Right, forgot you are a giant ho and probably can't empathize but most people are concerned about having to perform unknown sexual acts on people they see on a regular basis," Eve informed her older sister. "I think I would have done whatever they want me to do in the past, but doing it on a random person is scary."

"First of all, I didn't miss the insult. Secondly, if Justin doesn't care that you're doing it then why not go with it? You like sex, don't you," Mandy quizzed.

"Well yeah. It feels amazing," the slim redhead confessed.

"And it'll remain a secret. And it'll be safe. I'm drawing a blank as to the negatives Eve," the brunette stated.

"I'm actually shocked to say this but I feel better after one of our talks," Eve confessed. "I'm still not excited about it and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have nerves but this chat helped. Thank you."

"Awh...Eve loves Mandy," she jested.

"Just get out of here. I got a couple hours before the event and I have to run a few errands first," the redhead replied.

"Where and when is this going down," Mandy asked, hanging in the doorway.

"I'd tell you but it's for the football team only. Sorry Mandy," Eve answered before closing her door.

"Football team only, huh. Then I need to see a football player," Mandy thought to herself. "And I know just the one."

* * *

To arrange the little rendez-vous was no trouble for Mandy Baxter. She had gotten his number from Eve's cell phone when the younger sister left her room for a shower. With her cell sitting in Eve's room unattended, it was easy for the brunette to slink in, go through her contacts and find him.

The phone conversation was slightly awkward, after all why would Eve's older sister be calling him. Once he got his mind wrapped around that concept, he then had to come to terms with her, a beautiful college girl with a less then pure reputation, wanting a get-together with him, a back-up member of a high school football team.

However, he agreed to meet the pushy college coed and now found himself waiting in an alleyway a few blocks from the Baxter's house. He knew the area well, after all it was along the way from school to Eve's house, a place he had frequented many times in the last few months.

"Justin! Glad you could make it," Mandy said as she appeared in the entrance of the narrow and secluded laneway. 

"Hi Mandy," Justin, Eve's boyfriend, replied with a dorky wave.

"Oh you are so cute," she told him while approaching the teen.

"Not to be rude or anything but I kinda have to be somewhere soon so what's up," he asked with nervousness in his voice.

"I'm actually here for that same reason. Listen, I know Eve have some type of initiation and she's worried about it," Mandy leveled with him.

"Yeah...I'm not too thrilled about it either but I don't have much sway with them," Justin conceded.

"Good, so you know what and where this is going down. Great, you'll take me with you," Mandy demanded in her light, pleasant tone.

"What? No I can't," the boy replied.

"Sure you can. I'm not going to stop it, I just want to be there for support. Same as you. We both know the challenge is going to be sexual, don't we," Mandy said, stepping closer and looking him in the eye.

"Yes...but not...intercourse," he answered awkwardly.

"Comforting for little Eve, though something tells me it wouldn't have been her first time...or yours," she assumed, stepping so her large perky tits were pressed against his chest.


"Shhh," she said, pressing a finger against his lips. "The choice is simple. You bring me to the initiation and I'll make it very worth your while. Hell, it's not like it's cheating with poor little Eve about to be pleasing however many of your friends and teammates."


"Do you know why I picked here? The privacy for one. But also for the thrill, being able to be caught at any second is exciting, isn't it," Mandy continued to push.

"Yeah, it is," Justin agreed.

"Now I'll ask one more time. Will you play ball with me," her hot breath was able to be felt on his face now.

Justin didn't trust himself to respond for fear of how cracked his voice would have sounded. Instead he simply nodded his head after a few moments of silence, an action that brought a big smile to Mandy's pretty face.

This time when Mandy edged closer she pressed her plump, glossed lips against his. He was ready for her and returned the kiss, tentative at first but as Mandy got a little more forceful he responded in kind. It broke him out of his shell to a degree, not to the level of the college guys she was use to or even Kyle, but passion was overtaking nerves.

"Are you sure, don't you have a boyfriend," Justin asked, still looking for an out of not cheating on Eve with her older sister.

"It's not cheating if sex is for a good reason silly. Like fucking profs for better grades," Mandy told him.

Even as she was explaining her reasoning the brunette was busily working on undoing his belt buckle. It was on of the oversized ones that men liked these days, some type of car emblem, not that she cared at all. Once undone, she did likewise with his pants before lowering them down around his knees.

He was about to speak again so Mandy kissed him on the lips once more, this time cramming her skilled tongue into his mouth. After a minute they were lustfully making out in the quiet alley, until Mandy broke the kiss by dropping to her knees in a move she had done hundreds, if not thousands, of times in the past.

Once settled onto the concrete ground, Mandy tugged down his boxers slowly and seductively, pondering what his cock would look like. She was pleasantly surprised to find that he measured a serviceable 6 inches with medium thickness. He was still in high school so his dick still had time to improve and she no doubt believed that it would.

"May have to look him up in a year or two," Mandy thought to herself.

She was pleased that he was already erect, but that didn't stop her from reaching her hand out and clutching him around the middle of his shaft. She lightly stroked his entire length, noting how smooth he felt as though he bathed it in lotion. Even with such minimal contact, the boy was already grunting and balling his fists.

"Well he won't last long," she assessed.

Even with only a few strokes the sexy coed already observed a healthy amount of pre-cum oozing out of his slit and run down onto her hand. Lowering her head, Mandy stuck out her tongue and licked up the viscous fluid. She was happy to find that his pre-cum wasn't repugnant like some she had tasted in the past, in fact it was rather fruity. Lapping up the rest of the liquid from the source, she continued to use her skilled tongue on the rest of her sister's boyfriend's member until his entire shaft was glistening in the faded sunlight due to the light layer of saliva that was present.

"Oh my God Mandy," he groaned in approval.

Desperate to be fucked, Mandy was about to end the short blowjob so that he didn't get too far along, however she couldn't help herself. Opening her mouth, the college girl took nearly his entire shaft inside her moist opening before closing her plump lips around him. Making sure her tongue was the bedrock his cock was resting on, Mandy slowly bobbed her head backwards until only his tip remained in her mouth.

"Dear Lord," Justin shuddered. 

Mandy smiled still with this bulbous purple head in her mouth before pushing her head forward a little faster this time. She bobbed on his tool for a few passes until she really started to feel the poor boy really shaking on unstable legs.

"Okay stud, you're going to fuck me on this garbage can," Mandy told him.

The collegiate girl pushed herself off the dirty ground, whipping her knees off in the process, before marching over to the other wall of the alley. She had used this space many times in the past so she knew that the bin was bolted to the wall and sturdy. Also, it's owner must have had OCD or something because it's surface was always clean and never smelt.

Mandy had worn a dress for this exact reason, much like why she didn't bother with panties for tonight either. As she hopped her curvy body up onto the can, noting Justin's eyes staring at her jiggling breasts in the process, she beckoned him over with a finger. His pants were still around his ankles but he made the short trek in haste, waddling right in between the brunette's legs.

"I don't have a condom," he said in a resigned tone.

"I'm on the pill and you've only had sex with Eve...who's only had sex with you so we're fine," she told him, stroking his rock-hard cock with her right hand.

Just like always, the can was situated at the perfect height. Mandy wrapped her free arm around Justin's head and used it to bring him in for a kiss. At the moment his tongue pressed into her mouth, Mandy had lined up his tool with her snatch then guided him into her.

"Ughh...fuck," the mild-mannered boy grunted.

"That's better," Mandy groaned with a wide grin.

Despite her reputation around her former high school, not to mention her current college, Justin found the coed to be much tighter then he expected. She wasn't at Eve's level of tightness where it was almost painful to fuck her for the first few minutes, but the football player found Mandy's pussy walls to be hugging him snugly.

After pushing all the way into her snatch with his first stroke, Justin backed out most of the way. Though he had only been fucking Eve Baxter for a few months, he had enough sense to know not to go too quickly at the beginning despite what his urges wanted. Slowly and methodically the high school boy pumped into Mandy's twat, with her purring into his ear the whole time.

"You feel so good in my wet pussy," Mandy moaned.

As always she was the aggressor, now wrapping both arms around the back of his neck to pull him in good and close. She too was concerned of him blowing too quickly so she forced him to only work half his length into her, the least sensitive portion at that closest to the base. Her large, pillowy tits were pressed tight against his chest, but he still found a way to sneak a hand up her blouse to roughly knead her flesh.

"Great...awwhhh...boobies," the high schooler declared.

Neither party was under any disillusion that Justin was going to last very long tonight, but Mandy was hoping that he'd be able to hold off just enough to allow her to cum as well. Her and Kyle were in a dry spell due to his irregular work hours, which for them meant no sex the last 4 days which was a record low for the pair.

Already hearing his breathing becoming labored, Mandy knew that though the boy had endless energy, his ability to not cum quickly hadn't been developed. Still holding a hand on the back of his head, the curvy coed slid a hand down her flat stomach and down towards her sex. Her fingertips could feel his throbbing member as it pounded into her wet hole, but her fingers were instead being used to rub her clit furiously. 

"Oh yes Justin," she screamed out. "Just like that!"

"Shh...we're in public. Could get...ughh...caught at...ahhh...any second," the nervous boy said in between his own grunts.

"Then it's a good thing I'm almost ready to cum because I don't think I can be quiet," she replied. 

Justin was pleased to hear that she was close to cumming because he was nearing closer to his own orgasm. Luckily for him, he and Eve had gone for a role in the sack only yesterday, as without that fuck session he doubt he would have lasted even half this long.Plus, he had a huge swelling of pride sweep through his mind knowing that he was able to sexually please a girl as slutty as Mandy Baxter.

"Great. Need to cum really soon," Justin warned her.

"Ahhh...so close...cum with me," she encouraged.

He was already on the brink of cumming, but then he remembered he wasn't wearing a condom and that Mandy was practically begging him to cream in her cunt. In all his time with Eve, the slender redhead only let him cum in her if he wore a desensitizing condom. On the few occasions they fucked without a rubber on, Eve was too paranoid to let him fill her up despite the pill she took daily. 

So the combination of no condom increasing the sensation, plus the thought of unloading his seed into the curvy girl's cunt was enough to make him unload his semen quicker than normal. He was seconds away from release, but he did his upmost to hold out long enough to make the busty coed cream as well.

"Ugghhhhh...OH MY GOD YESSSS," Mandy screamed as she came.

The feel of her pussy clamping down tighter on his thick shaft was the last straw for Justin as well. Knowing he was bound to cum at any second, the football player reached further around his girlfriend's sister so that he could grip her squeezable ass firmly. Plowing into her a few last times quickly he pulled completely out of her drenched hole before slamming it back in as hard and deep as possible.

"Ooohhh shhhiittt," Justin grunted as he released his seed deep inside of Mandy.

The pair stayed silent and still for at least a minute after their intense fucking, in which they came nearly simultaneously. It was only after Justin felt his cock start to become flaccid that he became aware that they were outdoors, partly nude and potentially attracted attention with all of their screaming. Pulling out of her wet hole, the boy reached down and pulled his pants up to cover his lower body.

"So...my car's in the next lot. Let's hop in and go," the brunette told him. 

"I'm gonna get in so much crap for this...but...let's go to school," Justin answered. 

* * *

Russell, star quarterback and captain of the football team was originally going to go easier on Eve. In fact it was almost going to be funnier than sexual, getting her to go streaking through the empty school quad during a weekend. However, seeing the way that the slender redhead had developed from lanky and cute into a beautiful girl with long legs, perky ass and decent rack made him turn to a more sinister plot. 

The new plan was crafted with the help of some teammates, not to mention all of their collective watching hours of porn. They weren't making the initiation as extreme as some of the other times it had been done in the past, but that was because Russell was a genuine nice person. Also because she was dating a member of the team already plus he was in line for a college scholarship and didn't want to fuck that up with anything too crazy. Therefore he wouldn't make the younger girl do anything too extreme, but she was still going to do something degrading and very arousing. 

The first thing the star quarterback needed to decide on after picking the event was the location. It would get messy so he needed a place that could handle it. This greatly limited his choices, with one option being the great outdoors, but this presented an added challenge plus the greater risk of being caught. That's when Russell thought of the showers in the locker room, thus he needed to figure out how to gain access. 

Being slightly devious, the football player doubled back to the gym before it closed. Pulling open his familiar changing room door, he slid a piece of duct tape over the strike plate. Now, when the janitor went to lock the door, the lock wouldn't cinch into place, leaving it wide open for her use tonight.

Next was securing the necessary bodies required for his initiation stunt. Russell knew that it would be easy to find the needed amount of men, but he had to make sure that they would keep their mouths shut about tonight to their friends, after all he didn't want Eve to be slut shamed around school. Choosing to reward his closest friends first, Russell then picked other teammates that he knew he could count on the most, plus through in Eve's boyfriend. It would be awkward to see his girl in such a compromised state, but he figured it would be better he was there then not.

With everything set up now, including having borrowed the team's video recorder that the coach usually used to film their games, Russell was ready for the guest of honor. Pulling out his cell phone, the quarterback scrolled through his contact list until arriving on Eve Baxter. 

"HI Russell," Eve said after answering her cell.

"Hey Eve. All set up. Come to the locker rooms at the field, okay," he told her, noting her brief flicker of nerves as she agreed.

He kept the call short, ending it with less then a minute of his minutes used up. Russell sent a text to his best friend inside the change room to make sure everything was okay, which was answered quickly. He smiled, hoping that the only unforeseen event for the night was Justin arriving at the location with Mandy Baxter in tow. 

* * *

"Good timing," Russell said to the girl approaching the gym.

It was dark out by now, a quick look at his watch indicating it was right on 10pm and there was only sparse lighting around the back entrance to the field. Despite not being able to see so well, Russell could tell it was Eve approaching. The way her silhouette cut it's distinctive cut along the pavement and even the saunter of the confident albeit suddenly nervous girl meant that it could only be the slender redhead.

"Hey teammate. How's your night," she asked, making conversation.

"Good, but about to get better kicker," he answered, calling her by her new position on the football team.

Russell gave her a reassuring smile and opened the door he had manipulated earlier. The high school boy offered Eve to go through first like a gentleman, which she did before Russell took the lead again and walked her along the familiar path towards their changing room. However, shortly after walking into the hallway, Russell put in arm out to stop their progress.

"First, throw this on," the quarterback decreed.

"Okay," Eve replied with uncertainty.

The youngest Baxter daughter didn't know what the point of the blindfold was for, but she didn't argue. Securing it around her eyes to block her vision, she felt Russell take her hand and place it in the crook of his bent arm as he led her the rest of the way.

"We're headed to the locker room, then to the showers. You probably knew the first part but the second one might be new," Russell told the smart girl.

"Figured as much," Eve said before stopping in front of the entryway to the showers. "Why'd we stop?"

"Time for you to strip," he informed her, immediately sensing her discomfort. "I assume Justin told you there would be nudity involved tonight."

"He did," Eve said, steeling her nerves.

Eve Baxter was a confident, some may say cocky person, but she was still young and not fully developed physically. However, she had grown over the last year, and though she wasn't at the physical perfection of her middle sister Mandy, she was pretty impressive known the less. In her senior year of high school, Eve was surprised and pleased to see all the lingering looks the boys gave her in the halls, not to mention the number of dates she was asked out on.

Russell watched as the blindfolded girl began to strip. First to go were her tight fitting jeans as she pushed them down her long legs. She wore a pink pair of panties, but the quarterback leered at her smooth limbs that seemed to go on forever despite her relatively short height.

With less haste, Eve hoisted her yellow golf shirt over head, Russell noting how her long red hair came back down to nestle on the bare skin of her back shoulders. She still wore a bra but the slim girl could be seen rocking a solid B cup, which was a perfect fit for her slim frame. Eve swallowed audibly before reaching behind her and unclasping her bra, the garment falling down to expose the perkiest set of tits Russell had seen, each capped with a small pink nipple already erect.

"Beautiful," Russell whispered, causing Eve to smile and visibly relax slightly. "Just one thing left, kicker."

Eve appeared to have taken the ego boost to heart so she quickly pulled down her panties to stand before the quarterback completely naked. Russell observed how the waistband of her thong expanded over her wider hips to expose her bare pussy, a revelation that surprised him, but in the best way possible.

"So what now," the naked, blindfolded girl asked.

"Follow me," he told her.

Taking her hand in his, this time he walked forward and Eve felt the flooring change. No longer walking on laminate floors, her bare feet felt the cool, harder surface of ceramic tiles, indicating they made their way into the showers of the change room. Eve could hear assorted hushed comments and low catcalling, making her acutely aware they were not alone in the large room.

"Take it off," the quarterback instructed.

"Hi Eve," Mandy said with a wide grin.

"What the hell is she doing here," Eve whined to no one in particular. "What type of sick assholes are you that you make me do this in front of my sister?"

"Easy killer, she was the one who demanded to be here," one of Eve's teammates replied. "She threatened to shut this down if she wasn't involved."

"It's true Eve. You're family, I wasn't going to let you do this unless I could be here looking out for you," the brunette stunner told her.

"Oh...wow. That's actually really nice," Eve replied.

"But there are no spectators allowed so she is taking over video recording," one of the boys stated.

"Yeah, that nerdy guy I replaced was super pissed about it. Apparently your desired at school here, who knew," Mandy explained, drawing a scowl from her sister.

"Ok fine you can stay, just don't look at me," Eve told her sister, embarrassed to have her naked body critiqued by her physically perfect sister.

"Why Eve? You look hella hot," Mandy reassured her baby sister. "After all, why do you think these pervs made it so you had to strip naked?"

"Well...umm...just shut up and stay out of the way," the redhead replied.

Though seeing the smiling face of her older sister was a shock, it wasn't the only surprise she was in for. Now that her tunnel vision at Mandy had burnt down, Eve was able to observe the rest of the party in the showers. Her mouth gaped open as she observed that a healthy amount of her teammates, 12 to be exact, were standing opposite to her, no more then 10 yards away.

"So we did promise that there wouldn't be sex involved and you agreed that anything else was game so you won't be fucking them...you're just gonna blow them until they cum all over your face."

"Oh a blowbang. How exciting," Mandy beamed, holding the camera still on her sister's face.

"Thanks Mandy," Eve said with scorn.

“Just ignore your slutty older sister," Russell told Eve before looking back over his shoulder and saying no offense to the brunette. "Now Eve, drop to your knees and open your mouth so we can get started. And Mandy, make sure you record everything...unless you want to join in."

"Yeah I'd love to paste that pretty face of yours with my cum," Ian, the vice-captain added.

"Tempting but I'll pass. Someone has to record this," Mandy replied to the offer. "But can I talk to my naked sister real quick, like super fast."

With a nod after a moment of contemplation, Russell consented to Mandy's simple request. The brunette gave her sister a curt wave with beckon her over then watched as the redhead attempted to cover her naked tits from view from Mandy.

"Seriously relax, I've seen hundreds of breasts Eve and yours actually measure up quite well," Mandy said, hoping to put her sister at ease.

"What do you want Mandy?"

"Ok I'll be short and sweet since we don't have time. Listen, this can be intimidating but don't let it faze you. It's a lot of cocks to go around but black that out and focus on the one in front of you. When you get more comfortable then use your hands to stroke two others...keeps them occupied and less pushy," Mandy lectured.

"Can't be surprised that you have done something like this," Eve commented.

"Shut up, I'm not done. Lastly, if you need help I'm right there. Give me a sign and I step in and stop this. Okay?"

"Ladies, let's begin. Mandy, to your place out of the way," Russell spoke up.

Mandy took the suggestion of Russell and backed up a bit, allowing the 12 naked men to form a circle around her kneeling sister. The camcorder was set on it's tripod for now, but Mandy picked it up and made sure the focus was right. She took aim and steadied her arm and prepared to catch all the action on the camera. 

Mandy barely caught the start of the action as the pack of horny animals didn't exactly wait for her to be ready to start filming. The men were assholes, at least the ones Mandy remembered from her time at high school were, so she knew that Eve was going to be in for a rough ride. The curvy brunette would ensure it didn't get out of hand, which was she stipulated in the first place that it was mouth only, no one was to fuck her baby sister.

It was only 5 minutes in and Eve seemed on the verge of being overrun with cock. However, as Mandy watched her gulping down dick after dick, she was able to keep up, much to her older sister's surprise and delight. It took a lot of effort but the slender redhead was accomplishing the task. No one had cum yet, it was too soon for that after all, but she wasn't overwhelmed yet, something that was truly remarkable.

"So much cock," Eve huffed before swallowing down the next one presented to her. 

"You're doing phenomenal Eve," Mandy told her honestly.

"That's because she's a slut, and known of us but Justin knew about it," one of the men said, Mandy remembering his name being Kelvin.

"You're damn right about that," Justin smiled, getting a round of cheers from his teammates, while his girlfriend moved onto the next cock she could find.

There were 12 cocks to go around and amazingly Eve was able to give each one attention. Mandy wondered if her athletic sister had done something like this before because she hardly seemed fazed. While her mouth was always bobbing on a penis, each of her hands were also on cocks, pumping their length. After a good amount of time sucking one dick she would quickly move on so that everyone had a turn.

Mandy held the camera as she fluttered in and around the action to catch as much of Eve's performance as she could. For the next 30 minutes, the fully clothed brunette couldn't help but be thoroughly impressed by the runt of her family. Eve's background as an exceptional athlete was proving to be a real asset as the dynamo cycled through the men's team with ease and a look on her face that showed that she was enjoying herself.

It was at this point that Mandy caught one of the men edging his way to the front of the tight circle enclosing her teammate. Given his urgency, his contorted face and the rapid stroking of his good-sized cock, Mandy assumed he was going to be the one to christen Eve's face with his spunk.

"Oh yeah, open your pretty mouth," Ian, the vice-captain, grunted.

His grunts were primal and coming in quick succession as he pumped his cock furiously with his fist. Finally the moment of release was upon him and he aimed his tip directly at the wide "O" Eve's lips had made. From only an inch away it was impossible for the athlete to miss, though some strands of cum still made it's way onto the slender girl's forehead and cheekbone.

"So good," Mandy said, observing the action from behind the lens.

Eve knew what was expected of her so she did an exaggerated motion of swallowing down the salty offering he presented her with. After having the cum slide down her throat and deposit it in her stomach Eve opened her mouth again and stuck out her tongue, showing the men none remained in her mouth. Ian took advantage of the pose by gripping his cock around the base and smacking it down hard on her tongue, the contact making a wet slapping noise.

Eve smiled up at the thumping football player then sucked his tip to be sure all the cum was extracted. Though Mandy was sure that Ian would have preferred to hog all of her sister's attention, Eve knew there was many more cocks that needed tending to. 

"Who's next," she said, already spinning in the direction of the nearest tool.

Eve bounced between a smaller pack of four men, always servicing three of them while the other got to watch and stroke off. The other men not in the circle were okay with the lack of time with Eve as they knew it would be there turn soon enough. 

"Fuck I'm close," a big linebacker named Drew groaned.

"Cum for me," Eve pleaded with her biggest eyes she could make.

The comment surprised both Mandy and Eve herself. The youngest Baxter didn't quite know what compelled her to say such a slutty thing. She was enjoying herself though, and having this many attractive men desire her was a real turn-on for the redhead.

"You finish me," he told her.

Eve didn't think twice about it. She pulled her right hand off of the cock she was beating to her side and gripped it around Drew's tool. She began pumping her tight but not too tight fist up and down his shaft as he continued to moan fairly audibly. Her forearm was now aching by this point but she put it to the back of her mind and just focused solely on making the next guy cum.

"Oh shit...here it comes," the tall man announced.

The words flew out of his mouth at the same time his cock erupted and cum began rocketing out of his slit. Her tired arm was no longer beating his pole in a straight line so the cum flew everywhere, decorating her face with streaks of white to her nose, cheeks and even some landing in her silky blonde hair.

"God you're already covered," Mandy observed. "And there is still so much more cum coming."

"You want my cum bitch," Jackson asked rhetorically.

"You know I want that spunk," the normally sarcastic girl replied.

"How about mine too," another man named Steve added.

Mandy held the camera firm as Eve shifted so she was in the middle of the two teammates. By this point in the initiation challenge, Eve had drained a number of the men so there was enough room for each athlete to stand on either side of the short redhead.

As the two men beat their own poles, Eve alternated between giving quick sucks to each of their tips. She did this while she fondled each of their nuts expertly with her hands, rolling each testicle with her skilled fingers. The combination of the balls, shaft and tip being stimulated was easily enough to drive both men to blowing their loads.

"Fuck," the newcomer Steve grunted.

Eve didn't react in time as she guessed the other man would grant her his spunk first. Steve's cum came pouring out of his cock and splashed across Eve's right cheek and upper lip. She turned to face him head on and took the second blast on her nose and eyelashes before he directed the rest onto her forehead.

"Oh yes," the other guy Jackson groaned.

It was a similar situation where the words were immediately preceeded by the cum shot. Eve didn't have time to turn towards him either in time as the first few squirts landed on her opposite cheeks, ear and forehead. She turned to him in time for the last few smaller blasts, which were aimed in her mouth which she gladly swallowed again.

"Hey keep it to her face," Mandy ordered. "Makes for better film."

"I won't have a problem with that," a big burly lineman named Craig said.

"You have something for me," Eve asked hopefully, completely submersed in the challenge.

The big man had finally gotten to the front of the line so to speak and had his cock in Eve's mouth, who even though she had been sucking dick for the past 45 minutes, still seemed to have energy. Knowing that he was close, Eve stayed with him while her two hands reached out and clutched the two closest meat poles to her and stroked them.

After a good couple minutes of one-on-one time with her mouth, Eve still hadn't received her gooey reward. Knowing that there was more dick to please than just one guy, she moved on to the next one, taking his grateful cock between her lips. It didn't seem to phase the big man very much, as he stayed close by to Eve but stroking himself off.

"Ughhhh...fuck," Craig screamed.

The big man was a bit strange in Mandy's opinion. As she watched him prepare to cum onto her gorgeous sister, the curvy college girl couldn't help but think how rare it was to hear a man yell that loudly and theatrically when he was having an orgasm. What also struck her as different was the way he moved in closer to Eve so that his beating cock was aimed almost straight up in the air, directly above her face.

"Oh I get it now," Mandy murmurred. 

Craig's actions became clear to Mandy when he started to cum. Unlike most of his other teammates, the big man's jizz didn't come firing out horizontal from his cock with a force behind it. Instead his was the opposite; his white goo came spewing out of his tip but simply dribbled off his head and dripped down in a large volume onto Eve's face. The extra distance the goo had to travel made it splurt against her skin with loud slapping noise, causing the cum to spread out to cover her entire face.

"Holy moly that was a lot of cum," Eve celebrated with a smile.

"What do you say Mandy, how about you take my cum," Russell the captain asked her.

Mandy had been so focused on catching all the action involving her baby sister Eve that she didn't notice the tall, extremely handsome man approach her. He had a well sculpted body from years in the gym and his cock was beautiful as he lightly stroked it, keeping it hard.

"Sorry little boy, I'm with someone," she replied, not missing a beat with the camera.

"That didn't stop you from fucking my boy Justin earlier," the quarterback replied, his hand now cupping her ass through her silky dress. 

"Well that was for a purpose, meanwhile fucking you would get me nothing and help no one so would be actual cheating on him," Mandy reasoned.

"How about head? It's not really sex," Russell tried one last attempt.

Mandy through the idea around inside her mostly empty head for a few moments, considering his words. She did agree with him that it wouldn't really be cheating, plus how would the activity get back to Kyle's ears. None of these people knew who he was, plus everyone else was busy getting off by her baby sis.

"Yeah okay just hold on a sec," she said, giving in without much convincing.

Mandy remembered the tripod that the camcorder was originally resting on so she quickly fetched the stand and set it up so it was centrally located to catch all the action. While the curvy brunette was busy doing that, Russell was busy palming her ass still while his other hand reached around and squeezed her large, very round chest through her low-cut dress.

"Get on your knees and blow me," he commanded.

Mandy didn't exactly need instructions as she was already fully accepting of blowing the muscular man. She was kneeling on the tiled floor of the bathroom in no time, being sure to stay out of view of the camera. She wasted no time in getting started, opening her mouth wide and taking him inside.

"Have you heard the rumors," she asked him after a few minutes of sucking off his dick.

"I've heard many things about you sexually," he said, groaning as she sucked his nuts as he spoke. "You were a legend around here after all."

"What about my blowjobs," she said, taking his other nut between her lips.

"Your deep-throating stories are well recited in the dressing room," Russell replied.

"Rightfully so," she smiled.

Mandy gave his cock a long lick from his base all the way to the tip then planted a soft kiss to the pee slit. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she moved her head forward. Though Russell could feel his cock entering her warm mouth he still looked down to take in the action.

He watched and felt as his bulbous head touched the back of her throat. It was usually at this point most girls coughed a little bit then rapidly withdrew his dick from their mouth, but not Mandy. The college coed kept moving forward until his tip slipped into the tight confines of her throat. She continued to drive more meat into her mouth until her cute nose was buried in his trimmed pubic hair and her lips were wrapped around the very end of his pole.

"Sweet Mother of God," was all Russell could groan.

Meanwhile on the other end of the shower area Eve had another 2 men cum on her face while Mandy was helping herself and was on the verge of finishing another of her conquests. This time when he informed the beautiful redheaded girl that he was close, she pushed his hands away from his tool rather then just sit and wait. 

"You gonna cum for me," Eve asked, looking her cum-drenched eyes into his.

"So badly," he moaned.

Not delaying any further, the soccer player turned football kicker enclosed both her hands over the man's lengthy tool. Using both fists at the same time, she repeated flexed her elbows to pull him towards his orgasm. Eric, the skinny boy on the receiving end of the double handjob, looked down as the move made her small but oh-so-perky tits bounce continuously.

"Shiiittt," the gangly man swore.

The 7th load of cum now crossed the short distance between his tip and her beautiful face. Eve closed her eyes just in time as the jizz smacked against her skin, bathing her in the baby batter. She could feel the force of the liquid coating the bridge of her nose and the back of her eyelids, which would make it difficult to open her eyes in the future.

The other side of the tiled room was full of gurgling noises as Mandy was giving one hell of a blowjob to the captain of Eve's new football team. The talented brunette coed had gone from slowly and methodically taking his entire cock into her throat to ramping up the speed greatly.

"Fuck yes, take that cock," Russell swore as he pushed his hips forward.

The oral sex had shifted from Mandy having full control to being a 50-50 split to now being fully in Russell's court. His monstrous fist was gripped tightly around her long brown hair, holding her firmly in his control. He was dictating how fast and how much of his pole she was taking into her throat, which was all of it at a crazy fast pace.

Mandy knew she had to meet up with her boyfriend Kyle later that night, then probably go home to her parents so she couldn't afford to be messy. The hair would be a quick fix but she couldn't have drool all over her nice dress she made herself. She was still able to give the man a sloppy wet blowjob, but she had to spend a considerable amount of focus to continuously slurp back her own spit.

"Fuck I'm close. Tell me...tell me what you want," Russell groaned through strained eyes.

"Your cum...give me your cum," Mandy begged, loving the taste and how cum felt on her tongue.

"Then take it," he spat.

Russell drove his cock deep into her mouth one last time, savoring the feeling of her lips around the base of his cock while her throat tightly squeezed his organ. He allowed himself to cum the first squirt in this position, looking down to watch her body reflexively recoil in surprise. 

"Gglllck," Mandy choked but held the cum down.

After that Russell withdrew from her throat and rested the tip of his member right on her tongue. His cum came dribbling out into her mouth, smothering her taste buds in his salty goo. After what felt like forever but in reality was 10 seconds, his balls were drained completely and a large load of cum rested on her tongue.

"Now take it down the hatch," he instructed.

"Yum," she replied, swallowing the entire load in one big gulp.

"Damn sweetheart...the reality definitely matches the myth," Russell said, slumped forward on his feet.

"Fuck that hit the spot," Mandy thought to herself as she got to her feet.

She looked sideways and saw that Russell was practically out on his feet as he stayed rooted to the place he had shot cum into her mouth over a minute ago. Mandy got to the camera and picked it off of the tripod she had set up so she could drain the captain of the men's team and went closer to the action. 

Eve was thoroughly drenched in cum on her face at this point. Currently, 8 men had already cum, 7 onto high school girl's flawless skin and one down Mandy's throat. The majority of the white sticky goo was emptied onto Eve's pretty face, though a good amount was clumped in her hair, dribbling down her neck and some had even made it onto her small but perky tits.

Mandy wasn't exactly a cinematographer but she had an idea to change the view of the camera. Currently Eve was sucking off one of the smaller men on the team, one of the wide receivers for the team named Andy. As things were, he stood only 5'9, which allowed Mandy in her high heels to go behind him and hold the camcorder over his shoulder and look down on the action.

Eve was still obviously on her knees sucking Andy's cock this time, but with a new and different technique. Her arms had grown very tired but she still liked to use them to get men off. Therefore she held her two hands together forming one large fist around his meaty pole and had her lips pressed fairly tightly right behind them. 

"Oh yeah...let me fuck your face girl," Andy groaned.

Though it wasn't exactly like the facefucking that Mandy had experienced at the hands of Russell as the hand around his cock stopped Andy from pushing too deep into her throat. As things were, Andy was heaving his narrow hips towards her to drive his tool between her lips as she made loud slurping noises.

"You're close, aren't you," Eve stated, feeling his cock start to tremor.

Eve quickly returned him to her mouth and allowed him to push himself over the edge using her hands and mouth in combination. His hips continued to fuck into her and Eve only moved her lips from his cock when she felt the first blast of cum smack the back of her throat. She moved her head back so that she could take the rest of his population pudding to her face, as per her initial instructions.

"Beautiful," the fully clothed Mandy commented, noting her handiwork of the bird's-eye view shot.

"Get this on camera slut," another of the men said.

The demand for Mandy's attention came from a muscular man of above average height to the immediate right of the kneeling form of Eve Baxter. The slender girl had been giving his hog a lot of attention throughout the blowbang, likely due to Eve having a physical attraction towards the handsome and ripped footballer.

"You got your cum ready for me," Eve asked, fully embracing her role in this scenario.

Though she didn't have the most sexual experience in the world, the youngest Baxter daughter was smart enough to deduce that her crush Ben was close. Facing him head on she bobbed her head towards his cock, which he was stroking furiously. Though his eyes were mostly closed, he saw her approach so narrowed his jacking off to just the half of his tool closest to his body. This allowed the cum-covered girl to get her well-used lips wrapped around his bulbous head and apply suction, literally trying to suck the jizz from his nuts.

"Shit...yeah...just like that," the man cried, getting closer.

The multi-tasking Eve didn't have her attention solely on Ben though. Another of his teammates, a much taller but leaner sophomore had moved closer. Mandy had only remembered seeing him occasionally throughout the shower room orgy, his personality being an introvert explaining that though. But now that the crowd had thinned out he had moved to Eve's immediate left, ready for more action.

Mandy was about to speak up and tell Eve about the man that had moved closer to her but her red-haired sister was already on it. Her left arm shot out in a slow manner, her hand first cupping his balls and allowing her fingers to gently roll the full sack. 

"Sweet Jesus," the shy Jonathan groaned. 

The cum-soaked girl felt that Ben had enjoyed enough of her time, plus he seemed happy to rub his own orgasm out, so she removed her talented mouth away from his tool. Her jaw wasn't shut for very long though, as she pivoted 90 degrees on her knees so she was directly in front of her next conquest, parted her lips and took Jonathan into her wet warmth.

"So good," the shy boy grunted in approval.

"Oh yeah...play with my nuts," the muscular Ben applauded.

Eve hadn't forgotten about her crush who was less than a foot away, standing beating his cock with his tip aimed at her face. The favorite child of Mike Baxter didn't want Ben to have all the glory in having his orgasm so she used her right hand to fondle his balls, a maneuver that apparently was well received.

"Who will come first," Mandy thought aloud. 

To make sure she didn't miss any of the action, the coed with huge tits had zoomed the camera out to get both men and the kneeling Eve in the same frame. Mandy had her answer within minutes as finally Ben reared his head back and his hand went still for the first time in a long while. 

"Oh yes...here it is," he said with a scrunched up face. 

Eve didn't have time to look at him, instead she went on her business of blowing Jonathan. She felt the first of his streaks splash across her right cheekbone causing the gooey juice to splatter in the vicinity. The second and third jets of cum were directed higher, smacking her around her right eye socket and her forehead, which was a common destination for what was her 10th load of jizz in the hour she'd been working over the selected members of her new football team.

"Impressive load," Mandy commented slack-jawed.

"Thanks," the exhausted boy replied.

To her extreme credit, the cumshot that had covered the top half of the right side of her face and eye didn't seem to faze Eve too much. All while she was being splattered in the muscular man's baby batter, Eve continued to blow the introverted footballer in front of her, albeit slowing down to allow Ben to hit his target.

"Your amazing," Jonathan complimented as Eve stroked his slim but long cock with her lips.

"If he thinks she's good his poor little mind would be blown getting with me," the confident Mandy thought.

"You're so sweet, but less compliments and more cum," the assertive girl ordered.

The combination of her good oral skills, one-on-one attention and the sluttiness of her words seemed to push the boy over the edge. Though he was in the thralls of possibly his best ever orgasm, he still had the wherewithal to remember that tonight was about coating the girl's pretty face in as much cum as possible.

"Ughhh...yessss," the boy exclaimed.

He backed up just enough to pull his entire tool away from Eve's mouth and took rough aim at her face. His eyes were clamped shut but most of his load found the target apart from a stray blast that jetted onto the kneeling girl's neck and dribbled down onto one of her adorable chest.

"Wow. That was a lot of cum," Eve commented, noting the fresh load decorating her lips, jaw and chin.

"It really was. Good job stud," Mandy celebrated.

"Is that everyone," Eve asked in a mixture of eagerness and disappointment.

"12 pop shots and still begging for more," a semi-flaccid Russell commented while his hands softly kneaded Mandy's ass through the silky material of her dress.

"Good job Eve and welcome to the team," one of the exhausted boys congratulated while Mandy zoomed in on Eve's face, every inch of which was glazed in cum.

Though her eyes were effectively pasted shut, Eve still attempted to open them as she gave the camera a last smile. Though her slits were barely cracked open, the red-haired high schooler could see the shining red light go out to indicated that her big chested sister was no longer recording the proceedings.

"So should I shower now or what," Eve asked.

Actually, as I specified to Mandy, the other condition of her being present for your support was for her to help in the clean-up," Russell added.

"I don't understand, I can wash my own face," the naive girl replied.

"I meant with a personal touch," he added, sticking his tongue out to help give the hint.

"But she has a boyfriend and I'm her sister you sicko," Eve shot back.

"Firstly, having a boyfriend didn't stop her half an hour ago from blowing me. Secondly, this isn't sexual between you two, hell, there isn't even any kissing," the captain explained.

"It's okay Eve, just relax and sit still," Mandy told her.

Mandy had already lost the argument hours ago so she was hoping her sesigned words would get her sister on her side. Eve too realized that it was an argument that she was unlikely to win since it was 13 against one, so she stopped her protests. She watched through barely opened eyes as Mandy placed the camcorder away then walked across the crowded showers towards her. On her walk back over to Eve, the 12 men in the shower cheered and cat called, a gesture that made the slutty brunette smile in appreciation. 

Mandy wasn't exactly tall so even while kneeling, Eve was still tall enough so all the brunette coed had to do was stand in front of her and bend over at the waist. With her beautifully plump ass pushing out behind her, she placed her hands on the sides of her sister's head to hold her still. There was cum everywhere on Eve but the clothed girl found areas to the side of her head that were clean and placed her hands there to hold her steady.

"Eat some spunky baby," one of the men cheered, spanking her ass in the process.

Though she protested initially, Mandy would be lying if she said that she didn't want to taste more cum. She had a taste for it now after going almost a year with only Kyle's to satisfy her, so the 11 loads on Eve's face would go along way in satisfying that need. Holding her still, Mandy craned her head further towards her naked, apprehensive sister and extended her tongue. 

Licking all the cum from Eve's face took Mandy a good deal longer then she expected, especially since her sister was constantly wiggling away from her. Her first lick went along the younger girl's jaw line towards her ear, at which point she had to stop and swallow the full load in her mouth. It took her a good 30 licks of her sister's face to get most of the cum into her mouth, all of which she swallowed into her belly.

"That was so fucking hot," Russell said.

"Good. Now get the fuck out, you served your purpose," Mandy ordered.

"Man my jaw is sore," Eve groaned as she and Mandy were left alone in the showers to clean up.

"Yeah...it'll be like that for a few days," Mandy told her, watching as her sister rubbed the muscles surrounding her jaw. 

"Thanks for being here just in case I needed you," Eve conceded.

"I'm your big sister...it's my job," the brunette replied. "Now wash up, get dressed and I'll give you a ride home."

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