Help While Grounded

BY : TheChemist
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It wasn't a good start to the summer vacation for Mandy Baxter. Her parents caught her in a lie...again. She told them she wasn't going to be drinking when she got together with friends. Not only had she drunk, she had gotten trashed. Then had sex with at least two random guys despite having a boyfriend, though her parents or Kyle didn't know that.

Her parents, Mike and Vanessa Baxter, did know that she was drinking when she came into the house like a bull in a china shop even when trying to be quiet. They knew she was drunk and punished her with a grounding for the weekend and limited car use for two weeks.

An added wrinkle to the punishment was when her stern, Republican father woke her up at 7am with a cow bell. If that wasn't bad enough he gave her a long list of chores to do before he left for work at noon. 

She made him a big breakfast, which was eaten by the whole family. Vanessa, her mother, had to leave shortly thereafter so Mandy had to do the dishes all by herself. Her dad didn't even allow her to use the dishwasher, she had to do it by hand and of course Eve, her younger sister didn't offer to help.

The day finally started to look up. While she was shining her dad's work shoes and Eve's military boots, she overheard her dad having a phone conversation with her mom. Apparently Vanessa was working on a big project and wouldn't be home for a long while yet. Mandy thought nothing of it and continued her work.

Later, while dusting the living room, Eve walked by her to the door. She said that she had soccer practice then was going to her boyfriend's Justin's for a big family lunch. She forgot to tell Mike and was running late so asked if Mandy could do it for her.

"Yeah sure, what do I care," Mandy responded as Eve left.

"Was that the door," Mike asked a second later.

"Yeah it was Eve," Mandy replied before noting the briefcase her dad was carrying.


"Just went for a jog. Said she'd be back in 20 minutes, warden," Mandy lied.

"Ok. Well I have to go in to work a little early. While I'm out, you don't get it easy but I figure even prisoners are allowed outdoor time. I want you to hand wash my classic Ford 1978..."

"The old green truck in the garage. Sure dad," Mandy cut him off.

"Less attitude too. It can sense bad moods," her father joked. "Be good and see you in a few hours. And Eve knows to ride you just as much as I have so don't think it's a vacation that I'm leaving."

Mandy may not have been book smart, but street smart was a whole different game. Due to her initial deception, she had bought herself hours of free time with no supervision while all she had to make sure she had to do was wash the truck. No easy task mind you since her dad was particular. 

However, the middle Baxter girl quickly went upstairs and got all the things she was banned from. The TV was started up and put on MTV, the brunette not caring what was one. The computer was booted up and immediately she started surfing the web. Her phone was turned one and she started chatting with her friends.

"Kyle," she said aloud.

The boy who had been with her for a year had text her cell over the last 12 hours. She decided he deserved a call and a confession, though that would need to be face-to-face. She owed him that much. She may have been a slut and a whore but Mandy Baxter was a good person with a loving heart, it was just lust was hard for her to deny.

"Hey Kyle...wanna come over," Mandy asked her boyfriend. "I have to wash my dad's car actually. Sure you can help but that's not why I called. Seriously you don't mind helping? God you're the best. See you soon sweetie."

It took Kyle about 20 minutes time to arrive at the Baxter's residence, a place he had been too often. Whether it was to visit Kristen, the eldest daughter back when they were dating, or to visit his boss Mike to ask him questions. Now he seemed to be over several times a week for Mandy, the girl who his heart belonged to. 

He pulled into the driveway and parked a good distance behind the old classic green pickup truck Mandy was lathering with hose water. Due to the garage being so far recessed behind the house, coupled with the high fence and now Kyle's truck, the neighbors of the populated suburb had no line of sight to them.

"Hey sweetie. Boy do you look smoking hot," Kyle said as he approached her.

He wasn't wrong, not in the slightest. Her back was to him so the sight that greeted the tall man was one of pure delight. The short, brown-haired 20 year old was dressed in super tight cut-off jean shorts that showed the bottoms of her large, meaty ass. She also wore a white tank top that was cut short to show off her womanly hips and flat stomach.

When Mandy turned around to see her boyfriend, he was able to observe her from the front as well. The middle Baxter child had a beautiful face that was natural most of the time, including now. It was framed by her shoulder-length brunette hair, however the thing his eyes went straight to where her tits. Large, perky C-cups, they were rivaled to be her biggest asset, along with her ass, making her a complete package.

"Hi yourself," she said, running and jumping into his arms.

"I'm gonna go throw my cell on the kitchen table so I'll be out to help in a second," he told her, patting her ass as he left.

When he came back no more than a minute later, Mandy had his back to him again as she was taking a sponge with suds on it to the side of the vehicle. Rather than announce his arrival, Kyle grabbed the running hose laying on the driveway and adopted a devious grin. He brought it to waist height then quickly flicked his wrist. The result was a torrent of water jetting onto the low back and ass of the hungover coed.

"What...the...hell babe," Mandy turned around, annoyed.

"Hahaha I'm sorry, did I soak you," he asked, still laughing.

Mandy took a break from washing, returning the sponge to the bucket and walked into the shaded portion of the garage. It was hot and getting out of the sun seemed important. Truth be told the hosing off wouldn't have bothered her in the past, but the combination of being overheated and annoyed with her punishment grated on her nerves.

"Yes I'm fucking soaked," she fumed.

"Don't be mad jelly bean, I was just trying to get your great butt," Kyle grinned, though he had stopped laughing. "Did I get it?"

Though Kyle acted aloof and like a total fool in public, in private with Mandy he was all red-blooded male. It surprised the equally dumb girl at first, but the tall man's sex drive was a real turn-on for the girl with a slutty reputation.

Rather then reply, Mandy simply turned around and showed him the evidence. She didn't know how bad it would appear, but her cheeks were thoroughly damp. It must have been visually as obvious as Kyle broke into more chuckles. Looking over her shoulder, Mandy saw that the majority of the material had turned a much darker shade of blue.

"I'm sorry," Kyle said, though he didn't seem it.

Mandy tried to calm herself down, remembering why she had asked him here in the first place. She was about to break his heart and crush his soul while he was just having fun with gestures she normally would have found funny. However, her attention was broken when the man, still holding the hose, flicked it at her again, drenching her chest now.

"Kyle! Seriously," she huffed.

Her shirt was now soaked through, showing off her breasts beneath it. She was glad at this point that she didn't elect to wear a bra as it would have been one more thing needing to be dried. Besides she didn't need a bra, no one did when their tits were that perky.

"You know how hot you look when you come out of a shower," he told the vain girl.

"I do, don't I," she asked with a smile finally donning her face.

"You're darn right," he replied. "Now look how wet I got you."

Instantly he had stepped closer to the girl who was calming down. His hands touched her bare legs, slick with tap water and he noted her start to relax further. His other hand touched her meaty thigh of the opposite leg and the result was the same. This time he traced his hands up and onto her stomach, flat without the presence of any fat. How a girl with an ass that big and tits those large and round could have no belly fat was a mystery to him.

"I have to wash the car baby," Mandy finally said when he groped her tits threw the wet material of the shirt.

"How about I wash the car for you," he said looking down at her.

"So you wash the car and what do I have to do for you," Mandy asked, licking her lips.

"Let's see...I rinse the car and you..."

"I know how you work Kyle. So let's cut to it. You do that for me and I'll suck you off," Mandy bargained.

"Deal. You suck first then I rinse the car," Kyle said. "But about a show."

"What about the neighbors," Mandy asked.

Her words lacked any type of conviction however. Her tone soft and playful and she did nothing as Kyle's hands went to the waistband of her jean shorts. In the next moment the button was undone and he was folding the edges of the garment back. 

"They can't see anything. No show for them," he answered.

Already the red underwear she was wearing were visible for Kyle to see and he felt the first bulge of his erection hitting his own pants. Mandy hooked her fingers into the undone shorts and gave them a little shake before turning around to flash her barely concealed bottom.

"Do you like my ass," she asked over her shoulders before lowering them.

"Oh God yes! It's so amazing," he admitted honestly.

Mandy smiled so hard her nose crinkled and she gave in. It would have been the end of her world if any neighbors saw the little performance she was giving Kyle but at this point she was going to risk it. With a quick motion of her arms, she dropped the shorts halfway down her ass, exposing her red thong with white frills around the edge. However, in the next instance she had then pulled right back up.

"Damn," Kyle groaned. "I know this is just a tease but you gotta show me more of your beautiful butt."

His begging and appealing to her vanity clearly was the way to win over the guilty-feeling girl. Mandy smiled over her shoulder at him then slowly and seductively dropped the shorts, this time stopping only once her entire ass cheeks were shown.

Her ass truly one was to marvel at. Nice and round, her wide hips meant that it had great width while she was genetically blessed with thick muscles in the area. It was a top ass, very much so given the modern standard of any good booty needed to be big. She suppose she had to thank Jennifer Lopez for starting that crazy.

"I'm still a bit concerned with the neighbors seeing us. If they told my dad he would kill you and ground me for life," Mandy said, pulling them back up after a minute of drooling over her.

"No car in driveway, we're fine," Kyle motioned to the next door neighbor.

"Good point," she replied, feeling his hands on her chest.

"Show off your tits," he demanded. "You see them all the time in the mirror so I know you know how great they are."

"True," Mandy smiled.

She didn't get the chance to take the wet shirt off her body before Kyle reached in the top of her tank top and flopped out her tits. They were an easy C cup, large and meaty. The perfect companion to her big ass as it evened out her upper and lower body, plus gave men two things to stare at on her. It also gave her the classic hourglass figure that had freshmen creaming their pants when they first met her in the halls of high school.

"Take your shorts off, I'll put them in the drawer," Kyle offered, though his intentions were clear.

The taller man's hands didn't leave her recently exposed breasts as his fingers continued to pull lightly on her nipples, making them erect in the hot sunlight. Mandy was still able to let the short shorts slide off her great thighs and onto the ground, where they were picked up by the nice boy.

"Thanks," she said, folding them and placing them on the table top.

As she had bent over to put them on the table, a strong hand was placed on her back between her shoulder blades. She smiled and shook her head as she knew Kyle was doing this so he could get another long look at her great ass with her bent at the waist.

"Shake it for me," Kyle asked.

With them deeper into the privacy of the garage, Mandy was feeling braver. First she chucked off her see through top then did as Kyle wanted. Taking him through all her moves from the dance floor, Mandy Baxter wiggled, bounced and made her booty clap for the horny man. She dropped it low to the floor before finally bringing it back up, an inch from his face. At some point she had taken off her thong too, which was met by a low cheer from her boyfriend.

"Like that," she smirked.

"Yeah," he admitted. "Fuck you have me so turned on."

"I can see that," she said, observing his erection through his pants. 

"And what about you," he said, stepping right in front of her. 

His hand slid downward, starting at her pillowy breast which he knead for awhile. After tweaking the nipple like he was so fond of, he continued down over her flat stomach then where most girls had a triangle of curly hair that led to their sex. However, Mandy was proudly bald in that respect so his fingers went unimpeded to her pussy lips, already dripping in her arousal.

"Fuck," she tossed her head back and moaned as his finger entered her. After a minute of being fingered, Mandy finally spoke again. "Let me taste."

As Kyle withdrew and offered her his fingers, Kyle stepped behind her once again. Mandy didn't care, she was focused on getting the two digits that he used to penetrate her pussy into her mouth and suck her tasty cream off of. However, with his more coordinated right hand busy with Mandy's mouth around the fingers, Kyle used his clumsy left hand to reach back behind her to feel her sex once more.

"Oops," he said at the same time she blurted. "Whoa."

Kyle's hand had accidently poked against Mandy's backdoor. He didn't need to be reminded that it was something they hadn't done before, but the brunette took the chance to tell him anyway. He knew better then to just go right for the backdoor before even talking with the girl, but Kyle was to horny so didn't want to admit it was a mistake.

"It's fine just relax," he told her, aiming lower and fingered her snatch.

An idea suddenly hit Mandy and the more she thought about it the more she liked it. It was a way to stop her from feeling guilty about drunkenly cheating on Kyle while at the same time not exposing her secret and breaking his heart. He got the opportunity to finally take her someplace he never has before, a pretty sweet offer on his part if she said so herself.

"Did you want to try," Mandy asked him.

"," he asked, grazing her puckered asshole with his thumb.

"Yeah...I mean we haven't done it before so I thought," she said before trailing off.

"I mean yeah I would love to!"

"Ok we'll try," Mandy confirmed.

"But first..."

"But first you want me to suck your cock so good you get to cum in my little slutty mouth," Mandy finished his sentence.

"Sounds perfect," he grinned wickedly.

Mandy gave one last look around to make sure that no one was around and that the visual access to the garage was blocked. Satisfied enough, the brunette dropped down to her knees, a position she found herself in commonly since 14 years old. 

His cock was already straining against his pants so Mandy had to be careful not to get stroke in the face when it was freed from his shorts. An impressive 9 inches, it was one of her favorite cocks she ever had between her lips. His smooth shaft was decorated with some small veins, while his cut manhood with exposed pink head looked so inviting to suck on. 

With a wicked grin on her face, Mandy licked her lips before guiding his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. The golden-haired man couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. Kyle was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

"Yes. Suck it babe," he moaned in delight towards the dirty coed.

"Mmmmm," Mandy moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

"Oh God, sorry I missed this last night," Kyle said, eyes shut.

"More then you know," Mandy said under her breath.

"Mr. Alzate needed me to work late then I was too tired to come to the party," he admitted.

"Kyle...shut up and let me blow you, okay sweetie?"

"Right. Gotcha," Kyle agreed before miming his lips being zipped.

Unfortunately she had to pull her mouth off his manhood to give him the answer, but he welcomed the break even if it only lasted a moment. The second after giving her replied the lips of the horny girl were wrapped back around his glistening cock, already dripping wet in her copious amount of saliva.

Sucking cock was something Mandy really enjoyed. She didn't understand how some girls wouldn't do it, or would only do it reluctantly yet they would love when their man went down on them. Boys loved head and they would do anything for a girl that would willingly and happily do it, especially if they were as good at it as Mandy was.

Mandy parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before Kyle moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging in to the top of her head. She enjoyed the affect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

"God I missed this cock," Mandy said as she licked his shaft. "I'm so happy right now."

"Me too Mandy," Kyle agreed.

Mandy wanted to give him a great blowjob for two reasons. One was that he was going to do her chore for her, which was a big bonus because she hated washing her dad's truck. And two was because she felt guilty for cheating on him, so by giving him a great sucking it would relieve some of that guilt. 

The fashion student pulled her mouth from his dick, now slick with her saliva and used her hand to feverishly beat his meat. She did this so that she could use her tongue to help corral his heavy sack to bring it into her mouth. 

Mandy took turns taking each nut into her mouth and giving it proper attention before she moved back to something more solid. She moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half. Using her free hand to massage his sack again, she could hear how much he appreciated what she was doing.

With her lips back around his dick and no more words needing to be spoken, Mandy could concentrate at the task at hand. Kyle couldn't help but look down and observe the slutty brunette in what looked to be her natural environment; on her knees with a cock in her mouth. 

After taking half of him in her mouth to get them both back into a normal tone for the blowjob, she planted her lips completely around him and bobbed her head back towards the tip. Her mouth felt warm and wet to him, and the way her plump lips dragged along his slick skin made his resistance to pumping her full of cum right then and there wane.

"I'm not gonna last forever Mandy," Kyle warned after a few more minutes.

Mandy knew exactly knew what that meant, having been hooking up with the boy for close to a year. If she wanted she could finish him in short order or she could pull off him and fuck him for awhile though he wouldn't last too long. However, the deal for washing the car was a blowjob so Mandy set her sights on making him cum.

The Baxter girl increased her suction and bobbed her head back and forth. Her speed was a sight to behold while her hand stroked the second half of his cock not occupying her mouth. With mouth sucking and hand jerking him off, Mandy felt his knees wobble some, while his hips hunched forward towards her skilled mouth. Taking these as telling signs, the slutty girl worked harder and faster to finish him off and get out of such an exposed position where a neighbor could stumble upon them.

The girl was too good and Kyle hadn't gotten any in a few days which meant he was never going to last that long when faced with her skilled technique. He reached his hand out to steady himself on Mr. Baxter's workbench as Mandy got more intense by the passing second. Kyle knew his girlfriend well and didn't have to vocally warn her about his imminent release. Unless in the shower he was to cum in her mouth and she would happily swallow the salty load, though when easy access to clean up he was able to cum on her tits or face, whatever he preferred.

"Cum for me baby," she pleaded, hand a blur on his cock.

"Uggghhhhh," Kyle grunted as her slutty words pushed him over the breaking point.

Mandy felt the first blast of his sticky load smack the back of her mouth shortly after his load groan. It didn't take him long to fill her mouth with his excessive amount of semen but the middle Baxter girl was equal to the task. She collected every drop he offered her until he finally ran dry. In one big gulp the horny coed swallowed down his warm salty load, loving the feeling of the thick liquid as it slid down her throat.

From a young age, of all 14 years old, Mandy understood quickly that boys and now men liked cumming in a woman. Could be her mouth or pussy, didn't matter, they just didn't want to pull out. She quickly learned to get use to the taste of cum and now after a half a decade of gladly swallowing load after load, she loved it. The salty taste was common to her, and she got pleasure from the way men loved it and how their member would throb before spilling onto her tongue, then wiggle around in her mouth.

"Not to rush you at all, but that car needs cleaning and I want sex afterward so maybe hop to," Mandy said, still on her knees with hand on his cock.

"Oh right," Kyle agreed.

The man stepped back and pulled up his shorts passed his softening cock that was still tingling in the after-orgasm bliss. Finding the hose left in the soil beside the driveway, Kyle ran the water over the entire vehicle, washing off the small section of suds Mandy had lathered onto the door.

"What are you doing," Mandy asked, still tasting his cum in her mouth.

"What do you mean? Rinsing the car like we agreed," Kyle answered, soaking the vehicle in water.

"No I haven't soaped it first. My dad will know the difference and I'll be in more trouble," Mandy argued. "You said..."

"Said I would rinse it for a blowjob. You did your job and I did mine. Washing the truck is a whole new deal, much bigger consequences," Kyle stated.

"Really," Mandy asked, her curiosity peaked. "Okay big boy. I hate washing the truck and will agree to anything. You do that, let me go hang out inside and then you can collect your reward."

"And my reward is," Kyle asked.

"Whatever you feel you deserve," the brunette replied.

Kyle was left to ponder her words, as after she said them she turned to go inside. Halfway towards the door she looked over her shoulder at him, wiggled her ass, gave him a sexy look then continued walking.

* * *

It wasn't the first car Kyle had washed so he set about the task in a deliberate manner that was found to give good results in as swift a time as possible. Though Mandy was waiting for him inside, ready to do whatever his disgusting, sexual mind could conjure up, he wasn't going to rush doing a poor job on Mr. Baxter's prized vehicle.

All and all, it took Kyle just under 30 minutes to get the car shining in its brilliant bright green color in the Denver sunlight. The shirtless man took a minute to appreciate his good work while sipping some soda before remembering what was waiting back in the house, no more then 40 feet from him.

Kyle entered the house through the garage and stepped into the kitchen. Whether it was during his tenure with Kristen or Mandy, he had many of meals in this room. He also had sex in the kitchen, bending Mandy over the counter and fucking her from behind while the rest of the family was at one of Eve's soccer games.

"All done," Mandy asked.

Kyle had just entered the living room and found the dark-haired fashion student laying on the sofa. She had her laptop on her lap and the TV on, but her big eyes flashed to the tall man as he walked into her visual field. She hadn't bothered to change, though her bra-less tits were pushed back into her wet white tanktop, while her shapely legs were completely bare. In fact, the only clothing on her lower body was her red lacy thong that she knew Kyle loved so much.

"Yup," he grinned.


Mandy closed the computer and set it aside on the coffee table in front of her. Swinging her legs off the sofa, she got to her feet and walked over to Kyle, who had made it halfway inside the room. She took his hand and led him towards the stairs, up the steps then entered the second room on the left.

Mandy released his hand as they went threw the threshold of the doorframe and climbed onto her good sized bed. Standing tall on her knees, the brunette turned around to face her boyfriend who had predictably followed her closely. Her arms immediately went around his neck as the couple kissed, slowly and tenderly at first before the passion started to ramp up.

The fashion student felt her father's assistant rub her back, traveling downward the entire time. When he reached the sexy curve of her low back his fingers closed around the hem of his tank and lifted it easily over her head and off her body. Kyle broke the kiss and took a moment to close his lips around each of her nipples in turns, getting them hard with his sucking.

"Fuck," Mandy swore, head tossed back and hands running through his long hair.

The coed only had her thong left on, but that proved no barrier for the horny man. Kyle went back up to Mandy's mouth, kissing her with his tongue pressing into her mouth with their bare chests pressing against each other. He loved the feel of her large tits with rock hard nipples pressing against the tight abdominals of his own physique.

However much he liked her boobs against him, Kyle wanted to do more then just kiss the slutty girl. Creating some space between them, the simple-minded man slid a hand down between them and under the waistband of Mandy's panties. Instantly his fingers were rubbing through her folds, collecting her ample amount of juices before penetrating two fingers deep into her sex.

" are still so fucking wet," Kyle observing, his fingers sliding in without friction.

"Well you teased me outside. Got me all hot with no follow through," Mandy pouted.

"Bend over and let me see your ass," he told her.

"Do you like my ass," Mandy asked, giving it a little wiggle.

"You know I do," Kyle replied as he rubbed it's soft flesh.

"You can play with it," she told him.

Though Mandy and Kyle were no strangers to sex with each other, the one act they never did with one another was anal sex. Mandy had a bad experience with a senior in high school when she was a sophomore, but had garnered the reputation of "anal girl" around the high school. For the rest of the year she was sodomized weekly by a different male student, as she was so vain as to not want to lose favor with the upperclassmen. However, it had soured her to the act and hadn't been taking it in the ass for three years.

"Whoa...mhmmmm," Mandy squalled at first before moaning.

She wasn't sure what she was expecting but he had surprised her. After lightly swatting each of her pale cheeks, an action he was doing with more regularity as the time passed, he stationed himself directly behind Mandy. Sucking on three fingers, he brought them forward then pushed them into her snatch in one stroke without warning.

Once she started to moan Kyle went about fucking her with the three digits pressed tightly together. His girlfriend was a slut and loved sex, but she was still surprisingly tight for someone with her reputation. However after a minute of getting finger blasted, she was cumming around his digits in the fastest orgasm of her life.

"Fuck. That was quick, even for you," Kyle complimented.

"Your fault, you're really good at that," she admitted. "But while I'm all relaxed from cumming, you should play with my ass."

Kyle was impressed by her gung-ho attitude towards the act that most girls hated, including Mandy herself until recently. Not wanting her to change her mind, the tall boy didn't hesitate and got ready by placing his hand towards his mouth.

Mandy could hear him wet his thumb as he stuck it in his mouth to transfer as much spit onto the digit as he could. She couldn't help but jump a little bit when she felt his palm contact the top of her ass, but she condemned herself for the irrational action. 

Kyle was surprised by her start so he waited for a few moments until her muscles melted into her more normal, relaxed tone. With her back to calm, Kyle slowly lowering his thumb downward, stopping when it was pressed against her tightly clamped butthole to rub her starfish and transfer the surface spit.

"Just be gentle," she pleaded softly. 

Nodding his head to answer her, Kyle started to apply pressure. He could tell that she was still slightly tense, but his own experiences were telling him it was still loose enough to continue. He was correct, and after applying a little more pressure he watched as her hole gradually expanded until finally the first part of his thumb disappeared inside her backdoor altogether.

"Ugghhh...awww," Mandy moaned as his thumb slowly was worked into her backdoor.

For the next few minutes no words were exchanged between the couple as Kyle focused on his task. He made small thrusts into her anus, getting more and more of his digit into her booty until it was in completely. Mandy reacted well so after that he made long yet slow strokes with his entire thumb over and over again. To both their delight, and Mandy's amazement, she was getting very positive groans as a result of his methodical fingerblasting her asshole.

"Mmm...yeah I like it," she admitted honestly with lust in her eyes as she looked back at him.

"How much do you like it," he asked, burying his digit all the way into her asshole.

"A lot...ahhh," she groaned. 

Kyle didn't want the act to get stale and he also wanted to keep making positive strides. It pained him to do so, but he pulled his thumb slowly and smoothly from her rear, watching as the starfish paused in that state before sealing back up tight. His middle and index finger were coated in copious amounts of Mandy's cum from earlier so his first finger had no problem making its way past her muscular ring in order to call her asshole home. 

"Mhmm," Mandy moaned, penetrated by a slimmer digit then before. 

Kyle allowed the juices to spread along the depth of her backdoor before he pulled back so only the fingertip remained in her booty. Pressing his longer middle finger alongside the first, the long-haired boy pushed forward. It was more of a struggle this time with the added thickness, but his determination won out and now he was fingering the middle Baxter child's asshole with two fingers.

"I think I'm turning you into my own personal butt slut," Kyle grinned at her after she started moaning from his attention.

"I think you might be right," Mandy smiled back.

"Now you do it," Kyle said.

He didn't know if Mandy would do it or not but he figured she would given how sexually liberated she was. As he expected, she brought a finger into her mouth to prepare it with saliva then reached back behind herself, overtop her thick ass then nestled her hand in the deep canyon of her cheeks. 

"I've never done this part before," Mandy admitted as her finger rubbed her starfish.

She seemed nervous about it but Mandy never met a sexual situation that she wouldn't try. With her wet finger already in position, the brunette pressed her middle finger against the center of her backdoor. It was surprising to her how quickly she relaxed and let her own finger inside her asshole, penetrating herself.

"Oh shit," Mandy screamed, knuckle deep in her booty.

She rested the finger in her backdoor for a moment then was curious. So far it didn't hurt, but that wasn't surprising given how Kyle's thicker finger had already been inside. However as she moved her finger in and out, only working two inches of a thin finger, but regardless it felt pleasing. It didn't hurt and the tightness and frequent squeezing of her muscular ring was interesting.

"Congratulations Mandy Baxter, you just fingered your asshole for the very first time," Kyle said in a game show host voice.

"Haha, shut up Kyle," she laughed. "Can I be honest? I'm really curious how I taste, you know, back there."

"Try it."

"Really? You don't think I'll be gross," she asked, wrinkling her nose.

"You love how your pussy tastes so may as well sample the other hole too."

Truth be told Mandy was going to do it regardless but it was nice having her man's support. Pulling out of her anus, Mandy brought her arm back around to a normal position before sticking her middle finger apart from the rest. Her eyes flashed over to Kyle and saw him watching her with intent so she smiled and put the digit in her mouth.

"Gotta admit, I really do taste great," Mandy said before going in and sucking her finger again.

"You really do," he said with a shit-eating grin.

"Now why don't you help me out again," Mandy said, wiggling her ass to emphasize her point.

"Actually I think you should help me out," Kyle said, eyes flashing down to his erection.

"Help you," Mandy asked, already turning around. "Get up here,"

Kyle was kneeling on the bed across from her in no time, but before his hands could start undoing his shirts, Mandy's hands were there. She gave him a tongue filled kiss as he felt her undo the belt first, before more pressure was relieved from around his waist as his button was undone. 

The brunette had made short work of his last remaining clothes and was stroking the cock she had sucked off 30 minutes prior to life. It felt smoother then before, likely the result of her saliva bathing him and making him slick, but it glided with easy in her hand, getting harder. It reached it's full height and thickness when she dropped down low onto knees and elbows and took his swelling head in her mouth.

Looking down, Kyle observed as Mandy stroked his long shaft a few times before parting her lips and engulfing the first several inches inside her warm orifice. The brown-haired coed wasted no time with pleasantries as she immediately got down to business. After taking a few long sucks at only the tip of his cock, using her tongue to lick his sensitive pee slit, Mandy pushed over half of his length into her mouth until his head was pressed against the back of her throat.

"Ugghhh," Kyle grunted his approval. "So talented with your mouth."

"And that's not all," Mandy said with a wink.

That would wait for now as Mandy went about getting him good and hard for more fun to come. She figured she wouldn't be blowing him for long, not that she would have minded of course. But given the promises of anal sex and how hard Kyle negotiated for it, she knew he'd want to get to business sooner rather than later.

Mandy held back a smile when Kyle groaned again when the brunette pushed her head down lower and took more of his cock into her mouth. She could imagine his mouth agape and eyes rolling into the back of his skull as he marveled at the ability she possessed to please with her mouth.

However much she enjoyed the feel of his hard cock in her hand while he throbbed between her lips, what Mandy wanted more right now was his prick in a different orifice. Which was why the next words that left his mouth filled her with happiness.

"Need to be inside you," Kyle practically demanded.

Mandy wasn't going to argue at that request and allowed the boy to grab her around her narrow hips and flip her over onto her back. Her face was now pointing skyward but still close to his body, so he leaned over her head and large tits, his cock dangling against the smooth skin of her breasts and flipped her around.

"Whoa," Mandy squalled, excited to be manhandled by the much larger male.

With her in position, Kyle waited no longer to get inside her. Clutching his cock around the base, the long-haired boy kneeled closer and plunged half his length into her snatch before stopping his momentum. Mandy moaned like a whore as he penetrated her sex, but then felt a longing to have him back when he pulled out nearly all the way.

"Damn," Kyle swore, plowing back into her.

"Mhmm...awwhh...much better," Mandy groaned.

This time when Kyle stroked back inside her wetness he went all the way, much to her happiness. By the next time the boy who worked with her dad repeated the action, her tits bounced up towards her face given the force he used. She loved it and begged for more, so the next time he plunged into her depths her boobs nearly smacked her in the face.

"Fffuuuccckkk," Mandy dragged out the curse word.

Mandy was in pure bliss at the moment as Kyle used her body as he wished. It was exactly what she was longing for, to be used by him, filled by him. Sure, any cock could be doing what his was doing, pistoning into her wet pussy like a machine, but it was the way he did it. The twist of his hips when he speared inside, the upward grind when buried deep to stimulate her clit and the rest of it. She hated that she cheated on him but was hoping to make it up to him now.

"God you feel so good," Kyle barked.

Mandy's smile and reply was stifled when the lanky man leaned down and kissed her the next time he thrust deep into her. He pressed his muscular chest against her pillowy tits, stopping them from bouncing and allowing her pink circles to dig against his slightly sweaty skin. His tongue filled her mouth and she moaned against it while his prick wiggled and poked inside her.

"How about I turn around and get on it," Mandy offered. "Give you a view of what you bought."

"Best idea I've heard all week, which is saying something because Mr. Alzate is so wise," the blonde man commented.

Mandy wasn't happy to have the thought of the old, tanned Spaniard flash through her mind, but the sight of Kyle's glistening cock, slick in her juices, broke her of that. She ran a hand over his rippled abs as he pulled out of her warm snatch before moving to allow him his turn to lay on his back on the bed.

"Now lay back and let Mandy do all the work sweetie," she told her boyfriend.

Kyle could have no complaints with that sexy comment, nor could he with the view he got as he watched his curvy girlfriend crawl to the level of his groin. Her shapely leg went over his waist before she sat back, not needing her hand to help as his tip poked around her lower lips before finding it's mark.

"I love how good you feel," Kyle groaned as his tool was engulfed in her moist heat.

Mandy flipped her long, shiny hair out of her face and descended all the way down his lengthy cock. She had her fair share of men the last few years but Kyle's cock was up there amongst her favorite. IT was long enough to reach all her sensitive places while thick enough to fill her twat nicely.

With her sitting on his lap, Mandy grinded back and forth to rub him deep in her pussy, hitting every zone possible. It also allowed Kyle the chance to have a breather after the energetic fucking he was performing on her minutes ago. 

However, with him that deep inside her, Mandy decided to give him a good show by raising a few inches up before snapping back down. The result was her thick ass crashing down to his lap while smacking against each other. It made an audible clapping noise as her luscious ass cheeks shock in a maneuver that made her boy stiffen harder.

"I knew you'd like that," Mandy said, looking back over her shoulder as his hands palmed her ass.

Up and down Mandy rode on his cock, all while Kyle's eyes stayed transfixed on her ass. Every since they started dating he had wondered about what it would feel like to travel her dirt road, and how it would compare to Kristen's. The oldest Baxter sibling let him put it up her ass frequently as she was so concerned with getting pregnant a second time, but never had he done the deed with Mandy.

Knowing that today he had a free pass to do whatever he liked, he was going to take advantage and finally make his move. Finding his courage, he grabbed Mandy's shapely hips and pulled them down towards his sex. She got the point after a few more bucks up his shaft and finally settled in his lap with his cock buried deep in her pussy.

Instinctively Mandy began grinding her hips in place, making him feel her velvety cunt around the lower parts of his dick. However, it was his action which was the more bold and surprising.

"Whoa," Mandy shrieked before calming herself.

His finger, wet in saliva after seconds of sucking on it, was placed against her backdoor. Much like he had done earlier, Kyle pressed it forward, gently yet firmly until her sphincter relented again. Unlike last time though, the brunette already had a big cock filling one of her holes, and even now she could feel his padded fingertip touching his tool threw the thin membrane separating them.

"Keep riding, nice and slow," he told her.

Mandy did as she was commanded after a second. Kyle didn't try to push his finger in any deeper, instead he held it firmly in her ass up to the second knuckle and allowed her to ascend his cock once more. By the time she crashed back down and started to raise up again, she stopped thinking of the digit in her dumper and was focused back on how good it felt to fuck her boyfriend.

Kyle watched on as his beautiful girlfriend became more comfortable with a finger in her ass. After another minute she was back to her original speed of bouncing on his cock, taking him deep in her snatch all while his fist clattered against her rounded cheeks.

"I think...I like it," Mandy admitted.

Kyle was going to tell her of his intention to double the amount in her bum but the way she was adjusted told him she'd be fine. With his free hand he had her slow down her reverse thrusts until stopping her completely. 

Mandy wiggled her ass, thinking she knew what was to happen. She was proven correct when a second finger pad was felt probing her starfish before pushing into her backdoor. This time she didn't skirt away or grunt in discomfort as the finger went in to join its neighbor without much difficulty.

"And here I thought you didn't like any butt play," Kyle asked, observing as she rocked her great booty back on his fingers and cock.

"What can I say, you bring it out in me," she replied with a sultry look over her shoulder.

"So, second thoughts at all," Kyle asked, not too worried for the reply.

"No. I wanna try," Mandy said firmly. "You just have to warm me up a little more. Your cock is bigger then a finger or two."

"Go on your hands and knees," he instructed.

Mandy was being 100% compliant and did as the tall man asked her. When she was in position she saw him go to her nightstand and grab a bottle of lotion. Expensive hand lotion but if it kept her asshole from screaming in pain as it was penetrated then it would be worth it. 

Kyle placed a big dollop of the pale cream on his digits when did likewise to the very center of his girlfriend's backdoor. Mandy wiggled as the cool cream touched her most taboo of places but a steadying hand from Kyle stopped her. Next she felt his soft padded fingers rubbing her crinkled ring...then discomfort.

"Ugghh," Mandy moaned as she pitched forward.

Though she was fine taking him minutes before, the difference then was the fact a big cock was pleasuring her twat. This time, the couple was overconfident and Mandy had learnt the lesson that when it came to taking anything up her ass, caution was the name of the game until she was more comfortable with the act.

Kyle had attempted to put two thick fingers into her asshole and things didn't go great. Her sphincter had relaxed and allowed him entry, however then shock of the penetration was too much for Mandy, but he wasn't going to give up.

"Relax," he told her. "Rest down."

Mandy did as she was asked again, lowering herself so her face and large tits were on her soft bed. Her ass remained up in the air right in front of Kyle, which was the worrying part since he had a determined look on his face.

This time before she felt his fingers she felt something softer, wetter. His tongue. Kyle was tossing her salad, licking her starfish, eating her asshole...and it felt nice. Good even. He did it for a few minutes, his oral sex always was great and lengthy then he slipped in a finger. It was gentle but was completely embedded in her ass and she barely registered it. 

"Mmm," she found herself moaning.

This time, when he added a second, she didn't buck to get him away or grunt in pain. Instead it was a seamless transition with the briefest flickering of discomfort that soon vanished. For the next little while, the long-haired man fingered the asshole of the beautiful coed all while she moaned.

"So," he asked, withdrawing after a while. 

"That felt...good," she surprised herself by saying.

"Rub your clit," he told her.

Mandy didn't waiver as her hand shot down, quick as a snake, to flick her sensitive bean. No sooner had it happened when Kyle pressed a third finger tightly against the others and pushed forward. The brunette felt her hole stretch then allow him access while any pain was pushed aside by the waves of pleasure.

"How many is that," she moaned.

"Enough," Kyle answered coolly.

Mandy felt the bed creak and shift underneath her as her large boyfriend moved around. She didn't have to look back to know that Kyle was moving directly behind her, which was true. His hard dick was in his free hand while his other was stop blasting his three fingers into her asshole.

Calmly, Kyle placed his cock right up against the digits in her ass then withdrew them from her anus slowly, as to not cause her pain. Once clear of her hole he acted quickly to take advantage of the gap that remained as he nestled his purple head against the hole then moved his hips forward smoothly.

" you're in my ass," Mandy screamed in a fairly low tone.

His thick cock had finally broke through the tightness of her sphincter and now his tip was penetrating the hole that hadn't been fucked in years. As if her words weren't enough of a tip-off, Kyle could feel her clench up with every fiber of her being, preventing him from moving within her though he had no intention yet.

Kyle was a patient man and loved the middle Baxter girl so was in no rush. He waited with his tool placed an inch within her bowels for Mandy to grow relaxed, however this took nearly a minute. Just like he knew she would, her breathing started to return to normal and he observed the tight cords of the muscles running alongside her spine lose their tone.

"Keeping touching yourself," Kyle reminded.

Mandy had forgotten all about that aspect, actually she had forgotten about everything the second his huge cock entered her rectum. The initial penetration wasn't very painful given the thorough work Kyle had done to loosen her up, however the fear and uncertainty of being sodomized again had overcome her.

Now hearing Kyle's calming voice and relaxed presence behind her, she returned to her original mindset of being determined to try anal sex again. The fact Kyle wasn't pushing the issue and attempting to blast through her defences really helped but her mind at ease.

"Mhmm," Mandy moaned as she found her clit.

Kyle also took her moan as a warning that she was ready for more. The beautiful girl touching her most pleasurable spot seemed to melt her hardness, more specifically he felt the iron grip of her asshole relent from squeezing the hell out of his member. He took advantage by slowly pushing the next inch of his cock into her backdoor, then stopped.

"Still good," Kyle asked, slowly retreating to his initial depth.

He wasn't going to push her too far too soon but he wasn't going to stop and stand still. Taking it easy, Kyle worked the very tip of his cock into her ass one inch at a time. The approach was working and soon he found that nearly half his considerable length was buried in her bountiful booty, however any time he tried progressing further his attempt was blocked by her clenching down.

Kyle figured she may need more then just kind words so he bent at the waist without thrusting more of his member inside her ass. He placed his lips against her left shoulder blade and kissed the skin, sensing a tingle rip through her body. 

Mandy moaned in response to his intimate touch then remembered to keep rubbing her clit. The combination was key as when Kyle brought his hips slowly forward he made half an inch more progress before reversing course.

"Awhh...ohh," Mandy grunted, more from pleasure then aggravation as he continued pushing more meat into her booty.

She tightened up a few more times but Kyle had the recipe for that down pat now. He would pause and start kissing her back, hitting her spine, shoulders or neck, it didn't matter. When she was relaxed again, Mandy would initiate and push backwards towards him, which made him so hot knowing she was essentially fucking her own ass using his cock.

"That's it, doing so good," he complimented the sodomized girl.

"Not much more...I can take," Mandy said through grinding teeth.

Kyle couldn't help but laugh. "Really? Because that's all I have to offer."

Mandy couldn't believe her ears, that she had successfully taken all nine inches of Kyle's thick veiny cock in her tight little ass. But when he swiveled his hips she felt him against her, his wiry pubic hairs tickling her plump ass cheeks.

"Holy crap," Mandy gushed in pride. "I'm one bad ass anal chick now!"

Kyle smiled but was more interested in fucking his beautiful curvy girlfriend in the ass rather then be proud of her just yet. Pulling half of his length from her rectum, Kyle stopped then pushed all the way in, stopping only when his groin smacked her cheeks with just enough force to cause them to ripple.

"Easy cowboy," Mandy warned as her hand sprang backwards and was placed on his stomach in order for him to take it easier.

"Should I stop," he asked, concerned he went too fast too soon.

"God no," she swore. "Just a bit slowly stud."

This time when Kyle took greater care to slide in and out of her lubricated asshole, Mandy couldn't believe the feelings she was experiencing. For a girl who had as much sex as she did by 20 years of age, she was shocked to find a new act that could feel so good. It wasn't as pleasant as regular sex, but when she rubbed herself strong enough and he hit into her a certain way, it actually was more intense.

By now Kyle was stroking his whole length into her backside and the pain was all but gone. If he went to suddenly forward or was too jerky withdrawing then there would be a flash of discomfort, but by and large it was feeling good, damn good actually.

The feeling of a cock in her ass, fucking her with his whole meaty shaft was hard to describe. She felt so completely full and that gave her an oddly pleasurable experience, while her fingers which continued to friction her clit added an extra layer of bliss.

"Tell me if you like it," Kyle told her, growing confident.

"So much. I like it so much," Mandy moaned for him.

She was enjoying herself so Kyle decided to push his luck by using more power. It was a slow increase but he was using more force to thrust into her all the same. He only used half his length until he was sure she was able to handle it, then steadily used more of his shaft until his pole from bulbous head to his thick base was sliding into her backdoor.

"Fuck me," Mandy swore, head swinging between her arms. "Fuck my ass."

Kyle grinned like a demon when she begged for him to continue sodomizing her, but the smug look was whipped from his face when her anal hole winked around his shaft. Going tit for tat, Kyle decided to stimulate another sensual zone on his lovely girl by using a hand to reach around her back and find the nipple of one swinging breast.

She lowered her face to the mattress and bit into the sheets, stifling a moan in the process. Kyle was now fucking her ass, tweaking her sensitive nipple all while she rubbed her own clit. All in all, much to her utter shock, Mandy was getting pushed closer and closer to a second orgasm of the night, one that would easily surpass her first in magnitude of intensity.

Meanwhile while Mandy felt her orgasm building up within her wet core, Kyle was moving closer to one of his own. Working his entire cock into such a tight ass was taking an unbelievable toll on his resistance even though he had cum in her mouth in the family garage less then an hour ago.

"Hot darn that's a tight ass," Kyle groaned in his typical corniness.

"Oh shit...oh shit...I think I'm gonna cum," Mandy shocked herself by screaming.

Though it had been coming for a little while, her pending orgasm was still shocking for Mandy to experience. Given how painful her failed attempt last time at anal sex was, she was hoping that this time wouldn't hurt much. Never in her wildest dream did she expect her bumbling boyfriend to ass fuck her to cumming.

With a loud shriek of utter delight, Mandy creamed all over her wildly rubbing fingers. It caused her whole body to stiffen, then start to twitch and she was only vaguely aware of Kyle slowing his thrusts to a crawl until she was completely spent, orgasmic bliss washing over every nerve fiber of her body.

"Nngghhhh," Kyle groaned.

His goal was to ride out her orgasm with only the slightest stroking into her then take advantage of the relaxation of her afterwards. Though it almost drained him completely, Kyle withheld and was rewarded with feeling her asshole loosen up significantly.

"Here it comes," Kyle said, more to himself.

This time when the long-haired boy thrust into her, he did so with a new power, cranking the thrusting force up significantly. He pulled his hand away from pulling her nipple and used both to grip tightly onto her curvy hips and hold her still. Over and over he reared back his hips, only to bring his cock deep into her ass with a new savagery.

"Ohh shit," Mandy swore with his new approach.

His new thrusts were harder then ever before but not painful so Mandy didn't complain. She knew there was no way for her to cum again so she figured she would let him use her body however he wanted to get his own climax. 

"Cum for me baby," she encouraged her savage man.

Kyle wasn't going to last much longer but he certainly was going to go for as long as he could. He thought things had gone extremely well for their maiden voyage into anal sex as a couple but still, the deed was not the most comfortable for the girl all the time so Kyle didn't know the next time he'd be fucking her ass.

However, her great tush was proving too much for him. He pushed in a few more times, taking only a second to do so, then felt his balls start to tighten up. One last deep thrust, Kyle appreciated the feel of her curvy bottom against his thick patch of hair before pulling out. 

"Fuccckkkk," the normally dopey boy roared.

Mandy felt and saw him move like a blur through mostly shut eyes. She found herself on her back, the comfortable mattress sunk in underneath her, with the hulking figure of her boyfriend straddling her tapered waist. He barely stroked his cock once before the tip erupted, cum firing out. It took 10 seconds but in that short amount of time her large boobs were covered in his plentiful load, streaks and droplets coating both pillowy twins.

There was silence for a few minutes, in which time Kyle had tilted over to lay on his back beside Mandy. They both drank in deep breathes as they recovered their energies and their wits, though even combined that wasn't much. 

"Totally worth not having to wash the car," Kyle finally asked.

"Oh you better believe it," Mandy smiled as she spoke. "Shit! Eve's gonna be home soon. You gotta go!"

"Alright sweetie."

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