Mandy Visits the Frat House

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For Mandy Baxter, middle child of Mike and Vanessa, life was good. Her home life was stable as always with parents that not only loved each other but her as well. They expected little from her, unlike the youngest daughter Eve who was the favorite and thus watched like a hawk.

There love extended to her scholastic life as well. Though she was never a bookworm like Eve, or even of normal smarts like older sister Kristen, Mandy did get accepted to state school UC Denver. Though her parents were worried about paying tens of thousands of dollars for their rather dumb child to go to college, once they saw how serious she was in a career in fashion they ponied up the money.

And already it was paying dividends. Mandy was running her own fashion store out of her parent's basement, where people were actually paying money to buy her self-made clothing online. It seemed to be growing nicely each month and giving her more and more pocket money. 

She also had a non-serious boyfriend Kyle who loved her dearly, but wasn't so possessive, which was a good thing because she was a free spirit when it came to her sex life. The boy may have been simple from an intelligence perspective, but so too was she.

As she walked along the open pathway of her college campus, lost in how great her life was, she nearly walked straight past on of her good friends from her fashion program. 

"Earth to Mandy. Earth to Mandy," Michelle said, waving her arms up high to get her attention.

"Oh hey girl. Sorry about that," Mandy replied before hugging the girl.

"Where the hell are you going looking so sexy?"

"Well since you asked...I'm meeting up with Dale over at the Sigma Theta Delta house," the bubbly brunette replied. "And what has you in such a grouchy mode sweetie?"

"Just this asshole professor and his stupid subject! I won't bore you with the details since you have a dick that's waiting to get wet in you," Michelle crudely came back with. 

Though Mandy was common to find walking around in fashionable clothing, it always was created to accent her amazing features. The brunette had it all in that respect. Genetically she was blessed with a classic hourglass figure that had men drooling and women coveting. 

Mandy was a cocky person but with a body like hers she was allowed to be. She was a stone-cold stunner to put it flatly. Her dark brown hair was worn down, cascading to her breasts with small bangs cut in the front to really amplify her old-fashion pin-up girl look she had going for herself. Her body was flawless, with large breasts hung saglessly in front of her chest in the prime of their life, an easy C-cup that drew most of people's initial attention. However, her other major asset, her beautifully plump ass that an ex-boyfriend once told her to give back to whatever black girl she stole it from, was also drawing attention due to the super tight pants and skirts she always wore to accent it. 

"Well to cheer you up I'll meet you in the student lounge at 7pm and share all my juicy details with Dale," the curvy Baxter girl told her friend.

And then there was the fact that Mandy had no problem allowing men, and occasionally women, to act on their lustful feelings towards her. To but it honestly, Mandy Baxter was a slut, pure and simple. She had been sexually active since 14, and in 5 years had slept with well over 100 different partners. 

Sex was something Mandy loved. She was really good at it and it felt amazing. She had learnt life lessons early in life having seen her older sister Kristen get knocked up and become a teen mom so she knew enough to avoid that. She also didn't care what people thought of her sexual exploits, it was who she was and if people didn't like that then they didn't have to be in her life. 

"Mhmm...that should be quite the story. Heard some interesting things about that boy," the friend commented.

"I've heard a rumor or two as well and I'm eager to find out for myself. Now I need to go so see you later tonight," Mandy said. 

"So you got the booty call from that ape again," Michelle asked. "Why you're wasting your time with him when you have a perfectly good guy already I'll never know."

"First, yes I am going to fuck his brains out right now. Second, Dale may be an ape but he's a hell of a lay and sometimes that's all I'm looking for," Mandy answered as they hugged goodbye. "Now I seriously need to head out. Don't want to keep my boy toy waiting."

* * *

"This place looks a lot different in the daylight," Mandy said to her friend-with-benefits Dale.

Mandy Baxter was standing in the Sigma Theta Delta frat house, walking in from the main doorway into the spacious living room. She had been there numerous times in the past, whether it was parties after pledging the sorority in her first year, or follow-up parties this past year. 

Aside from being a star on the field, Dale was a key cog of the frat. His athletic standing meant he was a big deal on campus and it was quite a capture by Mandy to claim him as the closest thing he'd get to calling a girlfriend. Apart from being a member of the biggest Frat on campus, Dale was also the football star who had fucked his way through half the girls at the school. Mandy was able to tame him due to her being the total package with a ridiculously hot body capped off with a great set of tits and the sexual desire of ten women.

"Yeah it's pretty awesome," he replied. 

"Here's the Wall of Shame you guys are so proud of," the brunette commented. "And here's my pic. I still look really good in it even after our epic sex session."

Mandy was standing in front of the large sectional sofa, looking at a collage of pictures. It was a fraternity tradition to take a picture of the girl you just bedded. Given how often that happened, the frat was consistently filling up in the wall, so at the end of the year they took the wall-sized corkboard done and stored it in the basement. 

"Totally," Dale answered as they took a seat on the couch. 

"What are those," Mandy asked, pointing to the wall in the corner.

"Those? They are the paddles we use for initiation into the Fraternity," he answered. 

"For spanking? I knew you boys were kinky but not to that extent," Mandy smiled. 

"How about I show you a demonstration," he suggested with a wicked grin.

Mandy knew she was about to have a new sexual experience and couldn't wait to start it. Looking her booty call in the eye, she did a big smile and nodded her head yes. He stood from the couch and walked around to the wall before selecting one of the bigger wooden paddles from the selection hanging. It had to be nearly 2 feet long and almost a foot across and it looked rather heavy. Dale tested out the tool of pain by slapping it firmly against his own hand, making the pretty girl jump due to how loud it was. 

"Now let's spank this sweet ass," Dale told the fashion student. 

Mandy was helped by the football star from the sofa and onto her feet. She didn't stay completely vertical for very long however as he clutched her around her curvy hips and spun her so she was facing the sofa then bent her at the waist so her fine ass was sticking up in the air. The brunette was wearing the school skirt but Dale yanked that off her waist and left her in only her black thong, which revealed a lot of her fleshy rump.

"Like your target," Mandy asked, giving a little wiggle.

"You really have a great ass," he replied. It was an honest answer from the man, and he could have continued his truth by telling her that the frat had voted her as having both the best booty and best body in the whole college. 

"Aww...thanks sweetie," the brunette replied, loving any compliment to her physical appearance.

"It's so firm...fuck I love rubbing this thing," Dale added. "It's making me drool!"

Mandy loved the feeling of his large hand rubbing and massaging her fine backside and was a bit disappointed when he stopped. She soon found out why he did when she felt the wooden paddle come smacking down on her left cheek. The only thing more alarming then the sharp pain was the way the wood smacking her tender flesh echoed about in the large room.

"Holy shit," Mandy swore out of shock.

"And that was only a super light one," he explained. "Think you can handle more?"

Mandy wanted to say no but the reason why Dale liked her so much was how sexually adventurous she was, which was also why she liked him. He pushed her sexually, a feat that was not often done to the sexually experienced 19 year old.

Having no choice she nodded her head once again and bit her bottom lip in preparation for the pain. This time the smack came onto her right side but hurt all the same as the first time. She had no time to regroup or collect her thoughts as Dale reared back his arm and thumped her again. Over and over he spanked her with the heavy paddle onto her ass for what seemed like an hour until she thought she was going to collapse due to the searing pain in her ass.

"And that's 5 whacks to each cheek. Newcomers to the Frat take double that," Dale explained. 

"Lucky them," she jested.

"Man your ass is so red right now! Makes me so fucking horny," the stud told her.

On her way back to standing straight up Mandy was able to steal a glance in the mirror and see how her ass really looked. Not only was it bright red, deeper than any color she'd seen before in fact, but the skin was so raw that it glistened due to the hundreds of broken blood vessels on the surface. The curvy brunette was relieved to see that at least the pain radiating from her backside did indeed match its appearance as bruises were already starting to appear.

Dale didn't intended to have the sexy coed girl on her feet for very long after the paddling humiliation he just doled out. Clutching her on her rounded hips, the large man simply overpowered Mandy and moved her exactly where he wanted, which was kneeling on the plush couch with her upper body resting on the back of it, making her plump ass stick out back towards him. Mandy knew it was a mistake to wear any panties today and her decision was immediately punished when the barbaric man grabbed the satin thong and tore it from her body, tearing them beyond recognition.

"Fuck your pussy is so pink," he commented.

The football star was standing directly behind the middle Baxter girl with his hands back to groping her ass. He didn't notice Mandy wince every time his palms rub over her raw skin, inflicted by his brutal paddling moments before. 

Mandy was happy when his hands stopped moving over her brutalized ass and came to rest between her legs. Dale teased the big-breasted coed by pulling apart her pussy and looking inside, the Neanderthal practically drooling, then dipped a finger inside and probed the snatch.

" you're talking," Mandy cooed as her pussy began to be fingered.

One finger in her twat was soon joined by a second as Dale continued to deeply slam them into her with extreme force. Compared to the paddling, Mandy would gladly take the rough fingering from the brute then have her ass abused again. Every once in awhile Dale would comment about how big of a slut she was by how wet she was, or tell her how tight her pussy was, all while keeping up with his deep penetration, much to her pleasure.

"OOhhh...fffuuuucckk...yeeessss," Mandy screamed as the Sigma Theta Delta man hit all the right places, making her cum in the process.

Dale flexed his fingers a few last times to hit her sensitive G-spot and allow the brunette to finish her orgasm before moving on. When he was sure she was done cumming, Dale withdrew his hand but didn't go very far. Moving his fingers back in her crack by an inch, the large man extended one finger and rubbed some of her own juices around her constricted asshole. If the brunette minded then she hid it well as she didn't flinch at all, likely due to the frequency he played with her ass. 

"Finger your asshole," he told the girl.

One of the reasons why Mandy was his regular booty call and the closest thing he'd call a girlfriend was her willingness to please. He if said jump, she'd start hopping and ask how high. Or in this case, he'd tell her to put a finger in her ass and she'd do just that before asking how many.

The brunette, who was in a relaxed state after her early orgasm, snapped back to attention. Bringing her middle finger to her lips, she slid it onto her tongue and coated it in a good amount of spit. When she touched her pad to the crinkled starfish and pushed in, the combination of saliva and her own pussy juice made her digit slip in past the muscular ring.

"Mmhmm," she moaned.

Mandy flexed and extended her slender finger a few times, driving into her ass several times. It was one of the smaller things she'd ever taken in her beautiful booty so it glided in smoothly and without pain. 

"Let me taste," Dale finally spoke after a minute.

Mandy did as he wanted and pulled out of her tight booty. As she guided her hand to his face, Dale seized her wrist and helped her, opening his jaw wide and taking her middle digit into his mouth. She felt his lips close around the bone before he started to suck her essence. 

When he parted his lips and began taking it from his mouth, Mandy leaned into him and brought him in for a passionate kiss fueled by lust. Her tongue swirled around both his tongue and her exiting finger, giving her the briefest tastes of her own anus, not that she cared. Dale was a fan of watching her take his cock direct from her ass to her mouth so she had grown use to the taste, and actually enjoyed it, just as Dale did. 

When they broke from the kiss to suck in some air, it wasn't his tongue that made it's way back into her mouth but rather it was his own finger. Mandy closed her lips around it and proceeded to suck and bob along his much thicker digit, simulating her excellent blowjob skills. 

"That'll be my dick soon enough," he told her, before easing his sucked-on finger into her backdoor.

Mandy looked back over her shoulder to see her fuck buddy focusing fully on her thick ass and the finger he was inserting deep inside her anus. Dale realized she was watching him and he became even more turned on seeing her staring into her eyes as he fingered her asshole and see that she was actually grinning ear-to-ear and was moaning as well. Once he couldn't push inside her anus any further, Dale withdrew most of the way then slammed back in her bowels with more power.

"Mmmhm yes Dale...finger my tight bumhole," Mandy cooed.

Dale was more than happy to oblige her request and kept up his speedy penetration of her ass. Once he felt like she could handle it, the football player pulled out completely in order to cram a second finger past her sphincter in order to finger-fuck her backdoor with more width. As his hand began moving in blur in front of him, he realized that her pussy was empty and that he had a free hand. Pressing three fingers together, Dale brought his left hand over to her pink slit and thoroughly surprised how wet the horny, one-time sorority girl was. 

"Yeah you like that double penetration you big whore," Dale trash talked the girl.

"Oh yes baby! Finger my pussy and my ass," the curvy girl replied while her holes were being pistoned into.

"I can't tell which one I'm more excited to fuck, your sweet wet pussy or your tight little asshole," Dale pondered with fingers still buried in each of her holes.

"Don't worry, you'll get the chance for both," the slutty coed replied.

"Here babe, have another taste," Dale told her. 

The horny man pulled his fingers that he was using to pump into her pussy and brought them to her mouth. Mandy smiled brightly then opened up to accept them and promptly began sucking her sweet juices from his digits. Both her holes tasted good, but her twat was more of the conventional flavor that was pleasing, not something that required growing accustomed to like her anus.

"Mmhmm mm mmm...I'm delicious," she stated seductively and proudly.

"Now this one," he demanded.

While still roughly prodding his fingers into her mouth and savoring the feeling of having them massaged with Mandy's tongue, he slammed his hand one last time deep into her rectum. Slowly pulling them out, Dale dragged his tips along her anal walls to collect as much of her insides as possible before removing them completely from her ass. Pulling his right hand away from her face, he swapped it out with his other. 

Mandy kept her sexy smile and maintained seductive eye contact as she closed her lips around his fingers, freshly removed from her own asshole, and began to suck on them like she had just done with his other hand. Bobbing her head and using her tongue to lick every surface and crevice of his two fingers, the brunette with the thick ass put on a real show for her superstar football booty call, sucking the ass taste off her fingers like she's discovered a new flavor of ice cream.

"Just as good," Mandy replied once he left her mouth and allowed to her speak after some time.

"Man that's hot," he said, feeling like his erection couldn't get any harder.

"Now why don't you let me suck something a lot bigger," she suggested, her big brown eyes flashing down towards his groin.

Dale consented so with lust in her eyes, Mandy kept her gaze straight at her frat fuck buddy while she slowly sunk to her knees in front of the eager boy. Dale was already rock hard so when the brunette undid his jeans and felt freeing to be released from the tight denim jail. As Mandy hooked her fingers into the waistband of both his pants and boxers to pull them down, as they cleared his groin his fat cock spilled out and slapped against her pretty face with a thud. 

"I like what I found," Mandy commented as she grabbed his stiff 8-inch member before adopting a fake innocent voice. "Now what do you want me to do with it?"

"Suck it babe and be really good about it," Dale instructed the gorgeous dirty girl.

With a wicked grin on her face, Mandy glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Dale couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The horny boy was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

Placing a big paw on the back of her head, Dale stood in place and allowed the big-breasted girl to do what she did so well. Gliding her lips up and down his cock, Mandy was easily taking most of his cock into her mouth until it touched the back of her throat then pushed her plush lips back up his shaft until only his tip remained in her moist heat. The coed needed no encouragement as to what to do or how much of his pole to suck on, unlike most of the girls on campus, which was probably why he chose to claim the brunette as his exclusive girlfriend.

Mandy was showcasing all her skill from her knees in the spacious living room of the fraternity house. She constantly varied her approach, sometimes using only her mouth to take as much of him into her mouth as possible. This would cause her to make throaty wet noises and result in long spit strings connecting her lips to his slick member.

"Yes, inhaled that fucking cock," he admired.

Mandy would lick up her saliva from him but it only served to make his dick slicker then before. Her dainty hand fit nicely around his width and within seconds she had it gliding along his shaft as a white blur. She knew this technique drove guys quickly towards orgasm so she didn't stay with it long, only enough for his hand to squeeze tightly around the hair he was holding.

Looking down, Dale was greeted to such an amazingly sexy visual. Mandy's face was as pretty as it could get, but her eyes flashed up to meet his gaze, holding eye contact with him while sucking him off. With each bob forward her shiny brown hair flung towards him, with every few seconds she'd use her hands to tuck the strands behind her ear.

"Don't forget about his two friends," Dale said.

Mandy's eyes flicked up to him as she didn't understand his comment. Seeing her confusion, Dale pulled her head away so his saliva-covered cock fell out of her mouth. Maintaining a hold of her head with one hand, the football player grabbed his slippery dick in the other and angled it upwards so that his full nutsack came into view. Flexing his arm, he guided the brunette's face back towards him until her nose pressed against the underbelly of his shaft and she took his balls into her mouth.

"Ummm....much better," he grunted.

Now knowing what her horny frat guy wanted, Mandy was more than happy to give it to him. She kept taking turns in popping one nut into her mouth and sucking on the oval shape then would swap it out with the other one. She did this for awhile, all while stroking his erect cock with her free hands, her palms gliding easily over the soaked skin. 

After popping the second ball from her mouth, Mandy extended her tongue and used to to swipe back and forth between the nuts. The real purpose was to pleasure the very base of his cock where all the veins and nerves entered the shaft, an area she found to be rather sensitive in men, Dale being no exception. 

After eliciting a few loud moans of bliss from the large man, Mandy got his member back into her mouth. Just when she had worked up to a fast speed and he was groaning loudly she would lick down his shaft and begin sucking his balls again. Variety while blowing a man worked well for her in the past, keeping the boys horny and lustful without getting them to pop too soon.

"Help me get this shirt off or else it's getting the same treatment as your panties," Dale told her as he was pulling up at the hem of her shirt.

Mandy was focused on blowing his dick and would have preferred to not have been disturbed, however more then that she didn't want to have another article of clothing permanently destroyed. Doing as he wanted, she lifted her arms up and pulled away from him just long enough for Dale to lift her shirt off her body then immediately went back down on him. 

The football player wasn't satisfied until the fashion major was completely nude in his living room so he reached down and unbuckled her bra all while she continued gobbling up his cock. She took her hands away from stroking him so that she could pull the slackened garment off her chest to reveal her firm breasts with small pink nipples. 

"What a body," Dale admired, wasting no time in reaching down and pawing at her big tits. "But I really need to get my dick wet inside you right now."

"Thought you'd never ask," Mandy mused as she climbed to her feet then took her old position on the sofa.

With her knees on the cushions and her back towards her strong man, the big booty girl had her plump ass facing back towards him. Dale was smiling widely as he approached his friend with benefits from behind, taking in the scene with glee. There was one of the hottest girls on campus with a bright red ass due to her nearly begging to be spanked and also was greeted by the sight of her cleanly waxed pussy without a hair in sight.

Mandy felt the couch buckled under Dale's weight as he knelt down right behind her and got into the best position to ram into her. Reaching back between her legs Mandy grabbed his cock, lining it up with her slick hole. 

"Do me big boy!"

The pair had been hooking up regularly for a couple of weeks and had been fucking every day since then so Dale didn't take much care in thrusting into her. Just like always, Mandy's cunt gripped every inch of his meaty cock that he fed into her. No stranger to a hard pounding, they both began moaning and groaning like carnal beasts. 

The curvy coed arched her back more to allow her stud to drive into her even deeper which he gladly obliged while holding her hip with one hand for power and using the other to palm her amply sized tits from underneath. He would pinch the small saucer between thumb and forefinger just hard enough for it to tease but not pain, all while her other large tit swayed from the rhythm of their groins crashing together.

"Fuck," Dale grunted in between her steady stream of moans.

With his hand still mauling her breasts, Dale continued to drive into her with even more force. His entire length was passing into her velvety folds with each time he fully inserted his pelvis crashed against her ass, making her shapely cheeks jiggle with each collision. Knowing how much she was able to handle, the football player reached even deeper into his reserve of energy to plow even harder into the horny girl. Of course this was coming at a cost as the increased pace and power of fucking Mandy was causing his orgasm to be not as far away as he had hoped. 

Still having a few more ideas planned before he finished up, Dale couldn't keep plowing into her like this for much longer. Without warning or even slowing down very much, Dale pulled out of her wet snatch. 

Naturally Mandy groaned in protest at having his sizable cock no longer bringing her intense pleasure but knew he must have had something else in mind. Before she had time to complain verbally or even think of why he stopped plowing her pussy he aimed his cock a bit higher and started rubbing the tip of his member on her puckered butthole.

"Ready for the good stuff," Dale said.

"Thought you'd never ask," Mandy told him.

"Tell me then."

"Give me that good anal sex," Mandy obliged.

"More, more detail," he said in a sexual frenzy.

"You are going to fuck my tight little ass really hard," she described. "It's yours, your property. So claim it big boy."

Though there was a good amount of natural lubrication already smeared on her crinkled hole, Dale figured more couldn't hurt. Rather then just slam into her rectum, the frat boy got down behind the brunette and buried his face in her thick ass cheeks. He was swallowed up but even without vision he knew where he was going.

Mandy moaned as his tongue licked around her muscular ring before he dipped inside to taste her. His tongue was wet and warm, both sensations a welcome thing for the fashion student. Dale may not have been book smart, but when it came to sex he was a scholar. By tossing her salad he could feel the tone in the sphincter relenting, which would mean he'd be able to stroke his length into her as hard as he wanted sooner rather than later.

Standing back up, Dale took advantage of the good work his oral sex had done for her, not to mention the natural lubrication smeared over the crinkled surface and inner walls, Dale lined it up against her hole and applied enough force until his head disappeared inside her muscular ring. He gave her a few moments to adapt to the thick intrusion up her ass before he pushed more of himself into her tight hole.

"Oh God," Mandy moaned as the initial pain began subsiding and was replaced with the slightly uncomfortable yet pleasing sensation.

Feeling her body loosen up Dale knew that the curvy girl was ready to handle more. Having both hands on her hips now for the added stability, the football player began making small thrusts into her bowels. The strategy was sound as he was now able to work most of his member inside her at a good speed while she was able to enjoy the sodomy as well.

Hands still on hips he would pull out of her so only his tip remained in her dry opening then he would pull her back to him while simultaneously slamming his pelvis forward. The result was Dale being able to drill his fuck buddy's ass as deeply as he could, causing her to gasp and groan at the sheer force.

"So damn good," Mandy moaned with one of her hands now rubbing her clit as the other now tweaked with her sensitive nipples. 

"Show me that tongue," Dale requested.

It was an odd thing for him to ask for in the middle of anal sex by Mandy obliged his wish. She tossed her hair to one side then looked back over her shoulder in the most sultry way she could. She felt like it was effective as she immediately felt his thrusting became harder, not that she minded now that she was loosened up.

"This tongue," she asked, doing as he wanted.

"You gonna do ass to mouth for me later," Dale asked, one of his favorite acts.

"I'll be tasting that dick after my ass gets fucked," Mandy said in the sluttiest way possible.

"Fuck I love dirty talk," Dale groaned, spearing into her even harder. "Not as much as I love your tits or ass, but it's right after that."

"Oh yeah? Well after your done fucking my asshole, so fucking deep too, then I'm gonna lick all my tasty flavor off your big thick cock," Mandy continued. "But first, make me cum again baby!"

"Deal. A got practice later and don't want to be too tired so you ride my cock afterwards as payback," he proposed.

Mandy simply nodded her head to agree to his proposition even though Dale would have been happy to make his anal-loving booty call cum without any deal in place. Mandy was getting close with all of the forceful fucking her man was doing, not to mention her own pleasuring activity. 

"Holy fuck that's deep," Mandy bellowed, and loving every second of it.

She felt his hands leave her hips and take up residence on her large tits to knead and pull on them, which made her be pulled into a more upright position with her back now pressed against his sweaty chest. This changed the angle his dick slammed into her ass, plus with the simultaneous rubbing of her clit with one hand and rolling her nipple with the other seemed to do the trick as Dale felt the fashion student's body start to quiver.

"HOLYYY SHHHIT," Mandy screamed loudly into the semi-occupied Frat House.

Dale felt her ass clench down on his cock, which made thrusting a real challenge, not to mention threatened to push him towards his own orgasm. Needing to remove himself from the vice-like grip of her anus on his swollen member, Dale let her flop down onto the back of the couch as he pulled out of her now gaping hole. Now free of her grasp, the football player didn't remain on his feet for long as he took a step to the side then flopped down onto his back beside Mandy.

"Oh shit," she swore again as she ran a hand through her slightly dampened hair.

Remember her deal during their dirty talk session, Mandy didn't dally too long to recover from her orgasm. Pushing off the back of the sofa, the curvy coed got to her feet, but rather than straddling her man's lap, she had another idea. 

Turning around, Mandy allowed Dale to have the view of her meaty ass to stare at while she rode him to completion. With a look over her shoulder, Mandy flashed her brilliantly white smile as she squated down lower with legs pressed together. Her hand held steer his bulbous cock between her thick cheeks until she hit the target, that of course being her recently fucked asshole. 

"A bit dry," Dale commented, pulling his tip out of her ass. Bending down over her backside he parted her cheeks and spat right into her rosebud then used his finger to rub it around and inside. "That should do it."

This time when Mandy bent her knees his slippery cock passed into her gaped hole with ease, albeit added with her hands pulling her ass as wide as she could. Dale watched in utter happiness as his purple tip disappeared completely, followed by half his length. She was still holding her cheeks out of the way, giving him an exceptional view of half his length being engulfed with regularity by her tight asshole. 

"Oh yes...mhhmmm...awwhhh," Mandy moaned.

With her back to being use to his mammoth size, Mandy released the grip on her booty and sank down until her meaty backside was resting against his long pubes. The big breasted brunette gave him a cute wiggle while resting on his lap with his cock completely buried up her ass before standing back up and leaving only the last quarter in her hole. This process was repeated over and over again as the young coed worked up a sweat, which made her skin glisten in the dimly lit common room of the house.

" good...faster," Dale encouraged, swatting her thick ass in the process. "Faster."

"Ohhhh...your big dick's in my ass," Mandy said, doing as he ordered.

"Fuck slut, that booty is eating up my cock," he spat, grunting more then ever.

"How's the ride back there," Mandy asked with a big smile while skewering her ass with his pecker for the umpteenth time.

"Oh my God, you're gonna make me cum," Dale hissed.

"Don't want to make a mess," Mandy said as she stood off his cock.

The slutty coed instantly dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around his dick without care of where it had just come from. With her mouth working on the top half of his cock, which tasted exactly like her ass, while jerking off the other portion with her hand. She had grown accustom to the taste of her bowels and it no longer put her off so her tongue was now used to lick the underbelly and take in even more of her flavor while tilting her head enough to look her man in the eye while she sucked him off.

Mandy's expert mouth combined with the lengthy ass fucking they had done had worn away all of Dale's resistance. Gritting his teeth, the Frat boy felt every muscle in his body tense up as he felt his semen rising up from his balls threw the shaft then erupted out the end. 

With a loud grunt Dale bucked his hips forward as his load was shot into the roof of the leggy coed's mouth. Spurt after spurt came out of his tip and Mandy was more than up for the challenge of collecting all of his thick goo on her tongue and savoring his flavor. When he had finally stop she removed her lips from his member and swallowed his cum down her gullet with an audible gulp.

"Fuck you're really good at that," Dale huffed as he laid exhausted on the sofa.

"You're pretty damn great yourself," Mandy replied from between his legs. Checking her watch, the brunette realized that their sexual tryst had lasted a lot longer than she had thought. "Shit I gotta run. I have to get together with my boyfriend tonight."

Mandy was like a Tasmanian devil unleashed in the living room as she grabbed up her clothing and got dressed. Her hair was a bit of a mess and everyone would be able to tell that she had just had sex but she could have cared less. She already had a pretty big reputation around campus of being a slut, plus she was a member of the biggest and horniest Sorority so most people already had a good idea the type of girl she was.

"Remember we're throwing a big party tomorrow night. Make sure you're no need to wear panties under that skirt anymore. Easier access," Dale said before seeing her nod and leave the house. "Fuck I need a beer."

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