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"Just me John, can we chat for just a second," Kristin Baxter asked as she popped her head into her boss' door.

"For the best manager my restaurant has ever had? Yeah, I think I can spare a minute," John Baker replied, flashing his warm smile.

Kristin stepped into her boss' office and thought about how weird it was that this was her boss. After all, John was her age and she use to date him. Why she ever broke up with the driven, good looking man was a mystery, although 7 years ago he was still nerdy looking, slightly awkward and she had a sexual appetite that was only eclipsed by her younger sister Mandy.

"Great. So, as you know, our hostess Georgia is going on maternity leave for the next 6 months so we need to hire someone to replace her," Kristin started.

"I may be getting a little older but I can still remember conversations between my manager and I from only yesterday.

"I would like you to hire my sister," she simply blurted out.

"Eve seems a little young for work but she's rather mature for her age and quite intelligent. Sure, I think we can manage that," John replied.

"Wrong sister," Kristin replied.

"I was really worried you meant Mandy."

To say that Mandy Baxter wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack, or sharpest knife in the drawer would be fairly apt. However, it wasn't just that. She had the worst traits of these Millennials; was lazy, showed a lack of motivation and could be rather dismissive. All things that John despised in employees.

"I know she can have a bad attitude but she needs a job to pay for her true passion, which will keep on the straight and narrow. She really needs this John," Kristin pleaded.

"Kris, you're a good sister but I'm really not sure..."

"Please John," Kristin begged her boss. "I would owe you, like, so much."

"Okay, okay," the restaurateur finally gave in, hating to see someone beg him like this, especially someone he had such feelings for. "But I'm not promising anything. Only an interview with her."

"Great! Thank you so much John. I promise, you won't regret this," Kristin shrieked in joy. "Probably, anyway."

* * *

"Hello? Hello?"

John heard the sweet sounding, feminine voice being called out from his office and came out to investigate. It could only be Mandy Baxter, sister of Kristin, who was essentially running the day-to-day operations of his restaurant that he owned at the age of 32. He had been waiting in the dining section, but once the gorgeous high schooler was 20 minutes late, he gave up on her and retreated to his room.

"Mandy Baxter. Only 28 minutes late," John said in an annoyed tone.

"Yeah...sorry about that," the dark-haired coed replied, offering no explanation.

"Well come on back. I told Kristin I'd try and see if you were a good fit for this job, so let's have a chat."

Even though he was angry with the teenager's lack of professionalism, John was a gentleman and offered to take Mandy's long jacket. The dark-haired girl flashed him a smile that actually made his knees weaken for a moment before shrugging out of the coat once John was behind her. 

"Holy damn," John luckily only thought, rather than spoke aloud.

The comment was in direct response to seeing Mandy standing before him in only a form-fitting, short dress. To say that she looked stunning in it wouldn't be doing her justice. The combination of the tight fit and high heels made her already perfectly thick, large ass pop even more. Meanwhile, the dress was low cut enough that it offered up more than a healthy serving of her bountiful bust, which was larger than any jailbait teenager had any right of possessing.

John was luckily able to regain his senses long enough to lead her through the dining room and kitchen, giving the beautiful girl a tour of his restaurant before entering his office. For it being a fancy French restaurant, his office was by far the least appealing location. Relatively small, it possessed a simply wood with a comfortable chair on either side. John offered Mandy a seat on the close side before he rounded the table and sat down opposite her. 

"So you don't have any hosting or serving experience," John confirmed, back in business mode despite the large breasts only a foot in front of him. "Or job experience as a whole."

"True," Mandy agreed. "But I have the most valuable assets of all for a classy establishment like this."

"Oh? Please share the secret to running a successful restaurant with me," the middle-aged man said, unable to stop the mocking tone from creeping out.

"Well the hostess is the first person anyone sees when they come inside, and so it stands to reason that the girl at the front should be stunningly beautiful," the gorgeous Baxter girl reasoned. "So, when you asked for my qualifications, I would reply that my gorgeous face and the way I look in a little black dress are all that I needed for my resume."

John was taken aback by Mandy Baxter actually strong argument. He had been managing the restaurant successfully since it first opened 5 years ago, however this fashion student just taught him something about the industry. He wasn't so vain that he thought he didn't have anything to learn about being a restaurateur, but he didn't expect that lesson to come from Kristin Baxter's little sister.

"That is actually a really strong argument," John conceded. "But Melissa is also a pretty girl and has the experience. Several years of it."

"Yes...and a personality that is as rough as sandpaper. While it's true that I don't have the necessary training for this job, not like all the other applicants, I have what they don't. I perfect blend of cute, sexy and flirty," Mandy said.

John had found that he had been locking eyes with the stunningly beautiful high school senior for some time now. He didn't know when he began staring longingly into her big blue eyes, or had long he'd been doing so either. It was as if he was in a trance, so much so in fact that when he looked down, Mandy was actually rubbing her soft fingertip along his open palm.

"Well...awhh...yes I suppose you do possess that in spades," John said, readjusting his glasses in an effort to regain control of himself. "Why here though? Why this job?"

"It's perfect for me. Position of power, able to turn people away, it's exciting for me. It's a nighttime job with flexible hours, meaning my parents don't know when I'm done so I'm able to come and go as I please without question."

"Makes sense..."

"Have I told you that I'm very driven as well. And would be very appreciative if I was hired," Mandy added.

As if her words, which were positively dripping in sensuality, weren't a big enough tip off, Mandy isolated his index finger of the hand she was still holding. Placing the pad of her thumb on one side and of her middle finger on the opposite, the doe-eyed girl began stroking the length of his digit.

Even from just the mimic of a handjob on his index finger, John was very aroused. His cock was already stirring in his tight slacks, causing them to bulge and for him to ache. He could only watch as his jaw slowly lowered more as Mandy, ever so smoothly, took her time in lifting his hand towards her face before opening her mouth and sliding his finger inside. 

"Awhh," John moaned audibly as her plump red lips closed around his digit and dragged along his skin. 

John had gotten lost in her gaze, which made sense. She had large eyes the color of ocean water with an intensity to them. Her lips slowly gliding up and down his thumb was mesmerizing as well, in fact it felt better than some of the handjobs and blowjobs he received in the past. Therefore, it didn't surprise him that while he was lost in her stare, Mandy had circled around the desk and was now standing crouched over beside him.

"Let me show my thanks for you giving me this job," the middle Baxter child told him.

In one fluid, practiced movement, Mandy flowed with the grace of a dancer. Her hands went down to his crotch, deftly unbuckling his belt before following suit with his trousers. As the fingers on one hand hooked into his boxers and pulled away from his surprisingly flat stomach, the other followed it up, snaking inside before withdrawing with his semi-erect cock in her fist.

"Not bad, and not even fully hard," Mandy complimented.

Before John could even think to reply, Mandy opened her mouth wide and swallowed the entirety of his cock. It was an impressive feat, but possible given that he was only 5 inches long at the time. However, after applying a healthy amount of suction and bobbing her head up and down a few times, John grew to his full 7-inch length, meaning Mandy couldn't deep throat him any longer. 

Mandy was the veteran of literally hundreds of blowjobs despite being only 17 years old so she knew a thing or two about them. Like now, knowing she wasn't in a rush, she could take her time. Once John grew to full mast, Mandy slowly licked over his tip, tasting the first dribbling of precum. Wanting more, she formed an O with her lips around the head and tried to suck it out of him the hard way.

"Oh holy Lord," John cooed, gripping the desk hard enough to make his knuckles turn white.

John couldn't help but tilt his head down and watch the show, which only heightened the enjoyment. Mandy truly was a pro because it had only been a minute of her bobbing along the half of his length and yet it was one of, if not the best blowjobs of his life. 

She didn't want to become too predictable, so after another 30 seconds she pulled her plump lips from his dampened cock. Her mouth didn't go far, as Mandy elected to stick out her tongue and run it along the soft underbelly of John's dick. Once she lick him up and down a few times she went back to swallowing him, but by cramming as much of his meat into her mouth as possible and holding him there until her face began to color.

"Glllk...gllkk...kkklllggkk," Mandy choked as she routine poked his tip against the back of her mouth, holding him there until her gag reflex would almost kick in. The result - a very slobbery cock to work with.

After about 5 long sucks on his member, Mandy would surface and attack his pole with her outstretched tongue. Sometimes the wannabe fashionista would rub along the sides, or his underbelly, but no matter what she did, Mandy had her gaze locked with John's eyes. She found from her own experience that men loved watching her with a dick in her mouth, and staring at each other made it all the better.

"God I like your cock," Mandy moaned before shoving his meatpole back down her throat.

Just like before, John moaned audibly as she started sucking him off with her brutal efficiency. At some point his hands left the desk and came to rest on her shiny main of dark hair, for which his fingertips were now digging into from the pleasure she was eliciting in him. 

As Mandy felt his hands clutch her head, she smiled, enjoying the affect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

"I bet my sister didn't suck your dick half as good," Mandy said as she licked one side of his shaft.

"Awhh...keep going," John demanded, ignoring the remark about his past relationship with Kristin Baxter.

The gorgeous high school student didn't need the advice when it came to blowjobs so she merely smirked at the horny restaurateur. John had brought his head back from resting over the edge of his chair so he could watch Mandy, in what was surely her natural environment. She moved with such grace and easy, supreme confidence in her craft. 


"Umm...wait," John said in a panicked voice, startled out of his pure bliss.

"Answer it," Mandy said unfazed, sticking out her tongue and running it down the underbelly of his dick, down towards his full balls.

"What?! Are you insane," the man 5 years her senior exclaimed in a whisper, before loosing another moan as Mandy's lips closed in around his nut.

"I'm blocked from view. Plus think how hot it'll be. Such a thrill," the dark-haired girl added before taking his other ball into her wet mouth.

After taking a steadying breath and sitting up taller in his office chair, John allowed himself one last grunt of pleasure before replying. "Come in."

"Thanks boss," Kristin Baxter said, stepping into his office. 

"Kristin," John exclaimed, nearly jumping out of his seat. " can I help?"

"My sister's interview? How'd it go?"

" know what," John answered, suppressing a moan to the best of his ability. "She gave herself a great showing."

"Really? Oh wow, okay great," the eldest Baxter girl replied. "So you think you'll hire her?"

John really had to bite the inside of his lip rather hard to stop a loud grunt from being emitted, such was the amazing work Mandy was doing on her knees. After beating his meat while switching which nut she was sucking on, she decided to go back to wrapping her lips around his cock. The girl may have possessed an I.Q. under 100 but when it came to blowing a dick, Mandy Baxter was operating on a different level.

"I think she's great at, so, so good at jobs for sure," John admitted, all while Mandy gave him a silent blowjob right under her sister's nose. "So yes, I think so."

"Oh my God John! Thank you so much," Kristin cheered, stepping further into the room and making her way to come around the desk.

"No, it's nothing," her ex-boyfriend turned boss said in a panic. "Remember the HR talks about hugging and sexual harassment in the workplace."

"Right, right. Cool," Mandy's older sister replied. "Anyway, I was hoping to catch her before I started my shift but I guess no luck. I'll just run back to the car and grab my uniform and change. Oh, then we need to go over the wine list for tonight."

John held it together, nodding his head to Kristin's request, but the second she left the office, closing the door behind her, his facade dropped. He slammed his head backwards, rocking the chair in the process while simultaneously loosing a moan he had to suppress for the past 2 minutes.

Begrudgingly, John looked down at the horny girl and spoke. "You heard your sister. She'll be back soon."

"Then I better finish you before then," Mandy answered, seeming like it was the only solution available.

Part of John wanted to stop the jailbait teen, explain that this was rather illegal and they could be caught by her sister at any moment. However, the larger, louder voice in head won out, insisting for him to trust in the confidence of the horny dark-haired girl. In truth, he was very pleased that he listened to that part of his brain.

Mandy understood that there was a time for fun and a time to get the job done, and now was definitely time for the latter. Her blowjob earlier was patient with a slow build-up, but now time was of the essence so she had to make her future boss cum. Luckily for them both, she was really good at that

Still knowing that eye contact was huge, the doe-eyed beauty held John's gaze as she worked her hand and mouth in sync with one another. The result was immediate, as evident by the grip on her head increasing. Mandy's frenzied pace was just that, making her a pink-colored blur as her mouth worked on the first 3 inches of his slobbery cock while her fist glided smoothly along the remaining portion.

"Oh my God Mandy! Don't stop," John pleaded, his pleasure centers flooded beyond belief.

As if the feel and vision of the blowjob wasn't enough for John, the sounds alone was enough to keep him aroused. Wet slurping noises now filled the small chamber of his office as Mandy showed great energy to bob routinely on his dick. The curvy student would mix in the odd moan, which caused her tongue to vibrate on his cock, only serving to push the older man closer to an orgasm.

"Getting close," John warned his future hostess.

"Gllphff...gluckll...cum in my mouth," she said in a throaty, sexy voice in between choking on his shaft.

Mandy increased her suction and bobbed her head back and forth. Her speed was a sight to behold while her hand stroked the second half of his cock not occupying her mouth. With mouth sucking and hand jerking him off, Mandy heard his grunts increasing in volume, while his hips hunched forward towards her skilled mouth. Taking these as telling signs, the middle Baxter girl worked harder and faster to finish him off and get out of such an exposed position, where her sister could come barging in again at any moment.

"Cum for me baby," she pleaded, hand a blur on his cock.

"Uggghhhhh," John grunted as her slutty words pushed him over the breaking point.

Mandy felt the first blast of his sticky load smack the back of her mouth shortly after his loud groan. It didn't take him long to fill her mouth with his excessive amount of semen but the sexy highschool girl was equal to the task. She collected every drop her new boss offered her until he finally ran dry. In one big gulp Mandy swallowed down his warm salty load, loving the feeling of the thick liquid as it slid down her throat.

"Told you I could be very grateful," Mandy remarked as she stood up and fixed her long flowing hair.

There was a rustling outside the office door, but before it swung open, Mandy moved faster. Rounding the desk with athleticism few knew she possessed, Mandy threw herself down in the seat her interview originally started in. Luckily John had slammed himself further against the desk, hiding the fact his pants were wide open and cock was hanging out, though his erection was slowly shrinking.

"Mandy?! Didn't know you were here," Kristin commented, entering the office.

"Yes, John text me, letting me know I got the job and wanting me to come back for some orientation," Mandy deftly lied.

"That's right," John readily agreed.

"In fact, John was just giving me some money so I can grab a new outfit for hosting," Mandy added, looking over at the shocked boss.

"Right," her boss said with a twinge of frustration, knowing he was played and unable to do a thing about it. "Here is $100. You know the dress code. You start tonight, 6pm."

"Thanks boss," Mandy said, standing and taking the new hundred dollar bill with a smile. "See you too a little later."

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