Saving Eve's Virginity

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"Thanks again for dropping me off Justin," Eve said.

Justin and Eve had been dating for nearly a year, which was like an eternity in high school terms. The pair were faithful and very much in love, but unlike other teenage couples they had not sealed the deal yet. Not like the opportunity never presented itself, hell even tonight they had Justin's house to themselves for an hour.

"It's no problem at all," Justin said, licking his lips as the pair gazed at each other.

As the pair leaned in and kissed, they both thought about the fact they were bursting at the seams with sexual energy. Both wanted to be more physical with each other, as the furthest they got was third base, but they'd been stalled there for half a year and it wasn't seeming to do it anymore. 

* * *

"Mike, get away from that window," Vanessa scolded her husband.

"I'm just making sure that little punk doesn't do anything," Eve's father replied.

"First of all, Eve can more than handle him," the tall blonde countered. "Nothing is going to happen that Eve doesn't want to. Plus, didn't you and her make a promise to each other."

"Yeah, you're right," the older man said, stepping back from watching his daughter in Justin's car.

* * *

"I should be going," Eve said after another minute of kissing.

"Yeah, okay," Justin agreed.

"Thanks again."

"I'd walk you to the door but, you know..." Justin replied, his eyes flashing down to his erection.

Eve felt a wealth of emotion wash over her as she glanced down at his tented pants. She fought back a little laugh, wondering how men walked around with those things when they had little control over it. She also felt guilty. If Justin had been dating anyone else he surely would have been laid by now, but she'd promised her dead she'd stay abstinent until college. Eve also felt horny...wanting to help the boy with his medium-sized problem.

"I'll see you tomorrow," the auburn-haired beauty said as she closed the door behind her.

Eve walked the short walk up the walkway, noting the swinging drapery of the window that had a perfect view of the car still waiting on the curb. She only heard the car pull out and leave once the house door was closed behind her and she was out of sight of her teenage love.

"Boys these days don't walk their dates to the door anymore," her dad scolded.

"Be nice Mike," Vanessa came to Eve's defence.

"He got hurt at football is all," the slender girl replied.

"When? How? Did he fall in the shower because he sure doesn't get on the field," Mike laughed.

"I have homework," Eve said next, already headed up the stairs.

Eve hustled up the stairs, her leggy frame taking the steps two at a time until she was at the top and turned into her room. However the door didn't stay closed for long until the curvy form of her middle sister Mandy was standing in her room, already sealing the room shut behind her.

"What do you want Mandy," Eve said, throwing herself onto her stomach atop her bed.

"To help you baby sis," the beautiful yet slutty girl replied, sitting down next to Eve. "Now tell me what's wrong."

"I'm just really conflicted Mandy," Eve shared. "Conflicted means..."

"I know what conflicted means you jerk," Mandy cut her off. "But go on."

"Ok well Justin wants to take the relationship to the next level. So do I, I mean everything is going great and I think we're ready," Eve described.

"And you want to have sex but you are...afraid of losing your virginity? Worried about pulling a Kristen and getting knocked up? Think you'll disappoint dad for having sex?"

"Wow...kind of all three. You are good when it comes to this," Eve said, surprised.

"Come on, it's sex, who do you think would be more equipped to field these conversations," the brunette asked rhetorically.

"You are a giant slut so I guess it makes sense," Eve conceded. 

"Be nice or no advice," Mandy threatened.

"Deal. So what do I do?"

"Have you two gone down on each other. That's when your mouths..."

"Yes I've given him head and he's...eaten me out," Eve said in very hushed tones.

"Wow Eve. Good for you, you little slut," Mandy smiled then playfully slapped her younger sister on the shoulder, proud of her. "I do one on way to escalated without..."

"Staying a virgin," Eve finished.

"There is a loophole," Mandy added.

"Loophole," the younger sister asked.

"Anal sex," the brunette told her.

"Isn't that still sex," Eve asked after a few seconds pause.

"No because it's not in your vagina, it's in your bum and your hymen remains intact," Mandy quickly responded. "It's perfect, Justin will love it and you for it plus 0% chance of getting knocked up.

"Doesn't know...hurt," Eve questions, scrunching her face.

"No more so then losing your virginity. I do it...regularly and I feel fine after and it actually can be really great," the middle Baxter girl answered.

"Hmm...I guess this loophole would allow us to be intimate without any of the risks or guilt," Eve commented, more to herself then to her sister.

"Exactly! See, I may not be the smartest at school or whatever but I can still teach my baby sister some things," Mandy said, playfully pushing the redhead.

"It's weird when you call me a baby after we just worked out that I'm going to take a dick up my bum," Eve laughed.

"I figured you could do it here. Mom and dad have wanted to take us out for dinner for awhile now so I'll arrange it for tomorrow night if that's not too short of notice for you two," the middle child offered.

"Yeah totally. We were suppose to go to a movie but I can re-arrange to have a night in instead," the younger girl shared.

"Great. I'll hook you up with some lube, that shit will be like a godsend when you start," Mandy told her. "Plus I'll give you a little butt plug for you to loosen yourself up with. Just put it in tomorrow and wear it for an hour before he gets here. Then take it out and you're little tush will have a much easier time adapting."

"Ok. I see you have done this once or twice," Eve commented, shocked at her sister's knowledge.

"Maybe three or four," she replied with a wink.

* * *

"Hey Justin, come in," Eve said, greeting her boyfriend at the door.

"Cool, thanks," he replied, stepping past her. "I didn't see your dad's car in the driveway, is he working on it in the garage?"

"No actually him, my mom, Mandy and Kyle went out for dinner," Eve replied. "Have a seat on the sofa."

"Alright. By the way, you look amazing," he added.

Eve had come from an event with the cadets, but it didn't require the militant dress that she normally had to don for such an occasion. Rather, the auburn-haired beauty was wearing clothes that were most similar to that of a Catholic schoolgirl outfit. A black cardigan sweater over a simple white blouse, plaid skirt ending halfway down her thigh and completed with white knee-high socks.

"That's really sweet. So do you," the youngest Baxter girl replied.

"So no one is home," Justin asked, hiding the excitement in his voice.

"Right. Justin I have something to tell you," Eve said, mustering her courage.

"What's going on?"

"Well I was thinking and I found this loophole to the little dilemma we are having," the youngest girl started. 

"What loophole," he asked, curious and hopeful.

"Well you know that I want to stay a virgin until I'm done high school," Eve described.

"I know, and I'm not pressuring you or anything about sex," Justin added, though losing his hopefulness as it seemed sex was definitely not on the menu for this evening.

"Well Mandy, who is like a sex expert, said that if you have anal sex then it doesn't really count," Eve said, noting the shocked expression on her boyfriend's face.

"So we can have sex...with your butt," Justin phrased.

"Yeah," Eve nodded.

"This loophole sounds legitimate and awesome," the boy nearly shouted.

The pair had been together for over 6 months, which in high school terms meant a lifetime. With that much time logged together they had great chemistry, as illustrated when both leant forward, craning their heads to opposite sides so their lips could touch. 

Justin's hand instinctively came up to rest on the side of her neck, his thumb reaching up to caress her jaw line. Their kissing intensified with their lips parting and their tongues finding each other, starting their merry dance in the space between their mouths. Her hand was placed on his jean-clad thigh, which spurred him on to do likewise with her bare thigh.

"You seem hot," he said with a smile, breaking the kiss.

"Now that you mention it..."

Eve grinned at the horny boy, who was clearly excited that they were going to have a new and different form of sex this evening. Helping her out of her black sweater, he pushed the cardigan over her closest shoulder then watched as Eve took over. Shrugging it off herself, Justin jumped in to aid undressing her by pulling it off her altogether once she got it down to her elbows.

"Such a gentleman," Eve told him.

The auburn-haired beauty didn't stop with just her sweater. Instead, her nimble fingers began undoing her blouse. She was halfway done the task when Justin pulled her close again and kissed her deeply, at the same time his hand wandered up her milky white thigh.

"Stand up for me," the blonde-haired boy told.

Much like when out in the field for an exercise with her cadet unit, Eve followed the orders she was given with precision. She immediately felt his hands on her shapely hips, allowing him to turn her so she was facing away from the excited boy. With one hand he lifted her skirt and held it against her low back so that he had a clear view of the small neon green underwear with little hearts she wore underneath.

"Such a nice little ass," Justin commented as his hand ran over her curve.

The boy wasn't lying, and though he hadn't seen another real life naked girl then Eve, it didn't make it any less true. Although she was relatively short, only 5'4, she seemed taller based on her model-esque body with legs that went on for days, molded from years of soccer. That sport was also responsible for her meaty backside, which was plump and curved despite having narrow hips.

Eve felt her boyfriend's hands running over both her ass and down her hamstrings and thighs as she still focused on her shirt. Undoing the last of the buttons, she pulled the blouse free from being tucked into her skirt and pulled it off her body. Knowing what was to come tonight, she hadn't bothered with a bra so stood topless in front of him.

"You were right, I was hot in here," Eve continued the joke, tossing her clothes aside.

This time Justin spun her around to face him, nearly at the same height as her tits. She was still in high school and athletic so her breasts hadn't swelled too large, but they were perfectly perky. Bordering on a B cup, her small nipples were already hard given the cool night in Denver. 

"Mhmm," Justin moaned.

Moving to the edge of his seat, Justin used each hand on her boobs to squeeze them before his mouth latched around the left one. After a quick suckle, the football player moved onto the other breast, not wanting to appear to play favorites.

Eve twirled her ponytail with one hand and rested the other on the back of Justin's head, holding him against her chest. He took the cue and continuing sucking and teasing her tiny nipple, getting it wetter and harder with each passing second. His right hand worked on her other tit, massaging it vigorously before using the thumb and forefinger to roll the nipple.

"Awwhh...mhmmm," she moaned.

Justin traced a line of kisses down her flat stomach until he arrived at her bunched up skirt. With his hands hooking into the waistline and pulling down, combined with Eve's wiggling, the tight fitting kilt was tugged from her slim body. The undressing caused her small panties to be partly pulled down as well, so Justin finished the task to leave the youngest Baxter daughter completely nude except for the knee-high socks.

"Have a seat," he instructed.

Justin guided her back to the couch where she was initially sitting, of course this time it was without any of her clothes. Spreading her legs wide so her closest one rest on his lap while the other was laid across the arm of the sofa, her bare pussy was exposed.

The football player loved how Eve always kept her sex shaven smooth, something that the girl did exclusively for his viewing pleasure. Licking his fingers, Justin brought them down to her bright pink pussy and began rubbing her mound. They glided easier with each cycle given how wet the moaning girl was becoming, her clit and folds constantly being pleasured by the high school boy.

"Ugh...yes...just like that," Eve begged.

"Well if you like that then I suppose you'll love this," Justin told her.

She knew what he was planning before he even slinked from his seat on the sofa beside her and dropped to his knees. Lifting her inner leg up, Eve allowed him to move between her legs where he replaced his fingers with his skilled tongue. For all his faults, there was nothing wrong with the way that the boy ate pussy and Eve was once again thankful for his performance between her thighs.

The boy wasted no time at all, not bothering with any teasing whatsoever. The promise of sex tonight had elevated his desperation and his pussy licking reflected that. His tongue slithered through her folds before his lips kissed over top her virgin opening before piercing inside with his tongue.

"Mhmm...yes," Eve moaned.

The pale, leggy girl also felt like tonight was different. Though he'd eaten her out over a dozen times in the past few months, there was a new edge to his lip smacking this evening. 

Her mouth formed a perfect circle as his tongue snaked within her pussy, licking her inner walls with urgency yet still maintaining his high level of skill for someone so inexperienced. She stayed slumped on the sofa, almost reclined with her legs spread wide and his arm reaching up her slender body to clutch one of her perky tits. She gave a little extra scream as his fingers closed around her nipple and gave the erect bud a tweak, making it even harder.

"God you taste good," the boy commented as he came up for air.

As Justin continued his oral assault on her sensitive bare pussy, Eve found her hand placed on her free breast. Almost subconsciously she was mirroring Justin's action, kneading her left boob and teasing her small pink nipple, albeit with less force then he was doing.

Justin surprised her by hiking her legs higher up, hooking his hands under the back of her knees to spread her creamy thighs higher and wider apart. Her curiosity was suppressed when she felt his tongue wander further south past the entrance to her virgin pussy and onto her asshole. 

The sensation of having her other virgin hole licked was odd and nothing like she expected. Her starfish was more responsive then she had thought as with each pass of his wide flat tongue elicited another moan from her mouth. He didn't try to narrow the wet muscle and penetrate her muscular ring, instead he stayed on the surface and lapped at the crinkled opening, thoroughly enjoying herself.

"Shit...ohhh," Eve groaned.

Justin had never done this to a girl before but he had seen it done lots of times on videos on the internet. They called it a rimjob and the girls on screen seemed to like it, so he mirrored the performance from there and it seemed to be working. Going off script every now and then, Justin would allow his tongue to venture back up to her pink folds and lap at her sensitive clit before always returning to her bum.

He would have gladly stayed on his knees for much longer if they wanted but his cock was aching so badly from being pressed against his denim pants. Pulling his tongue back into his mouth, Justin stood up and made short work of his jeans, unhooking the belt and popped the button before yanking them down his powerful thighs.

"Sit," Eve told him, patting the sofa cushion.

While Justin was plopping down on the couch, Eve was pulling her legs shut and turning to face him. The boy pulled his shirt over his head with his erection pointing straight up at the ceiling while the redhead had a chance to get on her knees, forearms resting on his leg and bend down.

Like she had done many times to him and only him in the past, Eve wrapped her small hand into a fist around his thick member and stroked his length. After a few passes she opened her mouth and took his tip into her wet, warm orifice.

"Fuck," Justin groaned.

Eve used her hand and mouth as a partnership, both going up then down in combination to stimulate his entire 7-inch cock. She hadn't seen any other cocks about school but from gossip in the halls and change room, Justin was well above average.

Like he normally did, the blonde boy wrapped his own hand into her auburn hair, holding it in a messy bun above her head to limit distractions and to have something to squeeze when the pleasure got too great. Eve missed his hand running along her spine all the way down to her thick ass to grab a handful of buns, but it was convenient to not worry about hair getting into her mouth.

The youngest Baxter daughter was taking more and more of his lengthy dick into her mouth and Justin felt the need to help. Hiking his hips skyward, the football player slowly drove more pole into his girlfriend's mouth, being sure not to thrust too greatly.

"Ohh...fuck," he grunted, really drawing out the oh.

Eve appreciated the vocal compliment of her oral skills but her focus was solely on eliciting more pleasure for the lucky boy. Over and over she bobbed on his cock, taking a good amount into her mouth before her lips dragged along his pole on its retreat. On occasion she would pull off too much and pull her mouth off him altogether, at which point a loud popping noise was heard given the amount of suction she was using.

The auburn-haired cutie was a smart girl and knew that after the blowjob for foreplay it was going straight to anal. Feeling nervous, she decided to prolong her oral rampage by sliding off the sofa and getting onto her knees. Justin took the hint and stood up right in front of her, the schoolgirl getting his tip and first several inches back into her greedy mouth.

"Such a nice cock," Eve complimented after a few bobs along his length.

"Don't forget the balls," he said with eyes pasted shut.

Justin's hand was already taking control of his pole and angling it upwards and out of the way so that he could present his girlfriend with his sack. Moving a little closer to him, the soccer star opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, running the flat muscle along the balls while he slowly beat off to stay good and hard for her.

The high school boy realized early on in their relationship that the slender girl was a demon with her mouth. In order to extend more life from her blowjobs, Justin found that when she sucked on his nuts, it still felt fantastic but game him a chance to catch his breath and prolong how long he could withstand her oral skill before busting his load in her mouth. Though she had just started, the thought of what was to come this evening had him overly excited.

Though his stubbly hair decorating his sack tickled her tongue somewhat, Eve had no issue taking his balls into her mouth like some girls did. It could have a sweaty, salty taste to it sometimes but the slender Baxter girl got more from the act because of how much Justin enjoyed being teabagged. 

Unable to get both nuts in her mouth at once, the leggy teen took turns fitting one in her mouth then gently spitting it out and replacing it with the other. Once she had passed them in and out of her wet mouth several times, Eve moved back up and engulfed his cock once again, taking nearly half his length down in one shot.

"Ughh," Justin grunted. 

Justin briefly thought about popping a load down her throat in order to last longer when he got a chance to fuck the redhead. However, the thought of not being able to get it back up and losing the chance to sodomy Eve was too great a concern so he banished the thought. Instead he pulled his dick from her mouth and bent down in order to kiss her deeply.

"So should we do it here or..."

"Let's take it upstairs," Eve said.

On the short walk up the stairs and into her bedroom, his hands never left her body. Justin groped with one and beat off his rock hard cock with the other, wet slapping noises being heard given the amount of Eve's saliva on his pole. Meanwhile, butterflies were flapping around in Eve's stomach as she was moments away from losing her virginity, well her less special one anyway.

"Should I...umm...suck you off again," the redhead offered, her nervousness creeping into her voice.

"No I think you should just get on your hands and knees," he retorted, taking more of a lead now.

Before doing as he suggested, Eve hopped onto the bed and crawled up to her nightstand. Pulling open the drawer, she took out a small bottle of liquid and passed it to her boyfriend before getting onto her hands and knees close to the edge of the bed but facing away from him.

"Use this...lots of it," Eve said, handing him the lube.

The bottle and the advice came courtesy of her older, more experienced sister Mandy, whose brainchild this evening was. Eve thought it was brilliant at first but now she was questioning that, but that was just her nerves she told herself. This is what she wanted, and clearly Justin was 100% on board with it too.

As Justin took the bottle, Eve rolled over into the position that her boyfriend had instructed her to. She heard him pop the cap of the bottle but rather then hear him squeeze the plastic she felt his wet tongue back between her surprisingly meaty cheeks. She gave a loud moan as his tongue swirled around her crinkled asshole, licking the surface before dipping inside her restricted passage then it was gone altogether.

"Oh...that's chilly," Eve said, goosebumps decorating her skin as a dollop of cold lube was squirted on her backdoor.

Justin apologized to the girl as he soon found out how cool the fluid was when he coated his own sex organ with the slick lube. He rubbed it into his every pore before turning his attention to do likewise with Eve's ass. He thought of dipping his finger into her rear to help loosen her up but if she didn't like that or it hurt too much then he'd lose his chance to finally fuck her.

"Be relaxed," he said, lining up his tip with her hole.

" gentle," she crooked.

Justin nodded then gripped the base of his cock tightly, holding it steady. He knew it would be difficult to gain entrance into her backdoor but he didn't know it would be this hard. He pushed his hips forward but there was no progress made at all despite Eve helping by locking her elbows so she didn't get pushed forward too. Knowing he needed more pressure to overwhelm her insanely tight sphincter, he placed his free hand on her hip and used that to pull her backwards as his hips pushed forward with all this strength.

He could tell that she was still rather tense, but his own urges were making him press on until he started to see that the hole was starting to gradually expand until finally the wide head of his cock disappeared inside her backdoor altogether.

"Ugghhh...awww," Eve groaned as he took her anal virginity.

"Good tight," he grunted as he felt his cock clenched relentlessly.

"Very tight," she swore, as she was consumed in the pain that came with stretching her asshole around his healthy-sized dick.

Eve knew it was a good thing that Justin stayed gripping her narrow hips tightly because if not she may have squirmed forward and freed her rectum from him. However, she wanted to have sex with the blonde boy so she bit down harder and pushed back towards him after a few moments, the sign that she was ready for more.

Justin was lost in his own world of pleasure that he didn't even realize that the sexy girl wasn't enjoying being sodomized. Eve was prepared for this and tried to relax her hole as she bit her bottom lip hard while her boyfriend made some gentle thrusts within her bowels. He wasn't giving her too much shaft as he was working in only 2 inches total, all she kept doing was a whining moan as her virgin hole was stretched.

"Fuck...awwhh...mhhm...ouuww," Eve said in a steady chorus, unable to form words as she was taken in her dirt road for the first time.

She was so tight that Justin wasn't able to get any power or depth to his thrusts. He had stopped making any progress into her rectum after only 3 inches which wasn't even half his length. However, the tradeoff was that even though he couldn't get much speed the sheer grip of her muscular ring was milking him as he would eventually learn that only an asshole could.

Eve eventually remembered more of Mandy's advice when her brain started to clear itself after the initial burst of pain. Reaching forward into her drawer again, she pulled out a small vibrator that her older sister had lent her earlier that evening. At first the thought of sharing a sex toy with her own kin disgusted Eve, but know she was singing a different tone.

"Holy shit! This is the tightest thing I've ever felt," Justin grunted with the first third of his cock inside her asshole.

"Yup...agreed," Eve groaned in response.

Eve looked over the small device then found the switch and flipped it one. Instantly a low buzzing filled her room as she snaked her hand between her legs and pressed the vibrating toy against her sensitive clit. Almost instantly she felt a change occurring in her body as a burst of pleasure was spiked in her brain and the discomfort coming from her rear lessened significantly.

With each passing second that the vibrator pressed into her folds, she felt herself release a bit more. Sensing the same thing, Justin pushed forward and got another inch into her rectum until she tensed up again. Holding firm within her, he waited a minute for her to loosen up again, which she did. Driving forward, this time he was able to get another two inches into her so that she now contained far more than half of his 7-inch length in her asshole.

"Keep going...I can take it all," Eve said.

Her competitiveness was rearing its head again for Eve and now she was determined to not only have anal sex, but to conquer it totally. Delighted to hear that she was so into the anal sex, he gave the leggy girl what she wanted and plowed the rest of his shaft into her until his hips slammed against her curvy ass cheeks.

"Oh shit," she groaned in a combination of pain and pleasure as he stayed balls deep in her tiny hole.

"You okay," Justin asked after hearing her sharp yelp.

"I'm good. I can take it," Eve told him confidently. 

He would have stopped if she wanted him to, but Justin was over the moon that she didn't ask that of him. Unhurriedly, the football player pulled most of his shaft from her bowel before slowly working it back in. His hips touched her ass cheeks at a much lower speed then the last time he fully entered her ass, much to her liking.

"Oh feel amazing," Justin grunted.

It hurt, especially the times when Justin would pull completely out of her rear. However, with each pass into her bowels was getting easier and easier. It was no doubt aided by the copious amounts of lube they used and frequently re-applied, as well as the vibrator that never left her folds. But all that mattered was that Eve was actually feeling pleasure from being sodomized.

"You feel so good in my tight ass," Eve encouraged, engaging him in dirty talk.

Justin could only smile wider than ever before in his life. Not only did he successfully bed the girl of his dreams, but he was also making her an anal-loving slut who couldn't get enough of his cock. With that knowledge in tow, the football player seemed to double his efforts in sawing into Eve's asshole. At a pace that surprised both of them, the boy was flying into her hole with such speed that he knew he couldn't keep up for long, so he needed to change something.

"Wanna go for a ride?"

It felt weird to not have his dick filling up her rectum, she actually missed feeling full. Eve shook that thought from her mind and pulled the vibrator from her pussy as she rolled off the bed and allowed Justin to make himself comfortable on her mattress, his head in her pillows. She swung her legs around his waist and leaned down to kiss him while she lined his bulbous head with her ass again.

With him pressing against her puckered hole, she sank down on her knees further until he reentered her butt. Unlike the first time he pierced her bum, this time she kept taking more and more until he was almost completely embedded in her rear. After riding his pole to the top she descended again but this time got every last inch of flesh inside her.

"Oh. Mhmmm...yes," Eve moaned.

As she started to rise and descend on his entire length, this time he watched as she only used her fingers on her slit rather than the buzzing toy. Justin took it as a sign that she was enjoying herself more, as he did with each pass into her rectum she seemed to gain speed until she was a blur atop of him. He had no idea how she could bounce on him so quickly, especially since they had been having sex for quite some time already. Her body was covered in a layer of sweat that made her creamy skin glisten in the dim lighting. 

"Wow...I think I'm cumming," Eve screamed as she continuously rode his long cock.

The orgasm was the most surprising and strongest of her entire albeit short sexual life. It seemed to spring up from nowhere after riding his cock for only a few minutes but her fingers on her clit and the feeling his cock provoked while gliding in her ass was what she needed to reach her climax.

"Oh my God," Justin grunted due to his amazement at her orgasm and his own imminent one.

"Yes babe, cum," Eve begged.

"Where," he asked, hips still thrusting up.

"Ummm...Inside me," she returned.

The combination of the evening's events and the re-tightening of her anal sphincter from her orgasm made his need to cum urgent. Rearing back his hips one last time, Justin spiked his hips forward and buried his entire length in the girl's asshole for the final time that night. 

The auburn-haired girl was impaled fully by his dick one last time before she felt him begin to palpably spasm against her inner walls. It was an odd sensation but she could actually feel his warm cum spewing out into her surprisingly receptive colon as she sensed three large blasts paste her.

When both their orgasms subsided in a few seconds both sets of their muscles gave out and they collapsed down onto the mattress with Justin sandwiched between the bed and the very naked Eve. Her small perky tits felt great against his skin and he realized his tool was still impaled fully in her ass. After a minute she felt his member begin to soften which triggered Eve to roll off of her boyfriend and lay beside him.

"," Justin said, almost in disbelief.

"I'm glad we found that loophole," Eve responded with a smile on her face.

" night Saturday? Swing by the trail along the bay and find one of the secluded beaches," he suggested.

"100%. Now you need to get out of here so I can shower and be ready when my parents get home."

* * *

Eve was waiting for her parents and Mandy when they got home 30 minutes after her shower. The hot water felt great cascading over her youthful body and she got a perverse thrill as she felt the cum leak out of her asshole and run down her leg. 

"How was your night Evey," Vanessa asked her daughter as they hung their coats.

"Amazing," the youngest girl replied. "I mean, got done a lot of homework, scored 5 straight penalty kicks then found a documentary on the idiocracy of the Left Wing loonies."

"My favorite," Mike smiled. "No offence Mandy."

"None taken," the middle child replied.

* * *

"So...details," Mandy asked with excitement, a wide smile plastered on her gorgeous face as the pair finally made it upstairs together.

"I came. I came as my...bum," eve admitted with a blush.

"Oh my God," Mandy gushed. "Only huge anal sluts can cum with a cock in their ass," she teased. 

"Then apparently I'm an anal slut," Eve laughed.

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