A Passion Born Of Ice & Flame

BY : Frau_Wilhelm_Klink
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Luftwaffe = The German name for their Air Force

Kommandant = Commander

Frauen = Women

Mutter = Mother

Danke = Thank you

Reichsmarks = The currency of Nazi Germany. (It was discontinued in 1948.)

Onkel = Uncle


June 21st, 1945, at their dining table…

Summer had arrived in Germany, and the weather had been pleasantly warm earlier that day. By all accounts, the two friends inside the house should have been outside a long time ago enjoying it. But fate had other plans for them. Inside their new home were two opposing military generals locked in an intense game of chess, which they’d been playing all day and now into the night.

They were General Robert Edward Hogan, of the United States Army Air Force, and General Wilhelm Friederich Klink, of the Luftwaffe. The match was their third one to determine who won the bet they had made, with the loser having to do a dare of the other’s choosing.

Knowing how competitive they both were, Klink had suggested they drink some schnapps while they played in order to relax them. Hogan had never been one to drink too often, though, so he didn’t have the older officer’s tolerance for alcohol. He wasn’t drunk yet…but the term ‘severely buzzed’ could be applied in this case.

And it didn’t help that his German counterpart had been telling the former senior POW officer about what it was like when he was at military school, because it only made his mind wonder about all the things he shouldn’t be thinking about. Things about Klink, for example.

They’d started out as the typical thoughts a person might have, such as: what had the tall German looked like as a young man? Then there were the more unusual ones, like remembering how toned his body his body had been each time Hogan had seen him shirtless.

He was also wondering if the way Klink moved back then in comparison to now was any different. Were his movements still as graceful back then as they were in the present day, or had he only developed that ability shortly before they’d met?

Even if some of those questions were perfectly innocent, none of them were helping to stamp down what his mind was churning out. Between his vivid imagination and his raging hormones, Hogan was going to do something he’d surely regret if these thoughts didn’t stop! He’d had a terrible case of raging lust since the night they’d had their wrestling match. And it had only intensified since then.

While he usually hated cold showers, they had come in quite handy to help stem the reaction those thoughts had on him. But despite what he did or did not want to do, Hogan had also had to interact with the former Kommandant at least once a day. That was due to rules of civilized warfare requiring him to give a report on the other POWs welfare and needs. Every time he’d seen Klink after that night, he was able to practice the art of getting rid of a ‘problem’ by sheer willpower.

Yet Hogan was no dummy regarding the feelings he’d developed. Though he usually preferred women, he still considered himself bisexual. He liked men just fine, but he also enjoyed getting lucky on occasion. Plus, he figured that sex with another man would probably hurt, seeing as logistics dictated that much. That was precisely the reason he’d never done more than causally kiss another man.

He’d had plenty of nights resulting in a sore rear end already from the older general, and it hadn’t been for something fun like sex! The former senior POW officer blushed when he recalled the many, many bare bottom spankings he’d received since the beginning of 1944. Each one had been for either something he’d personally done or that the men under his command had done.

As he’d been a full colonel at the time – and the only Allied officer at Stalag 13 – his life had been heavy with burdens. Hogan certainly didn’t miss the reason why he’d received those punishments, or the process of enduring them either. Since April of last year, he’d spent an agonizing evening over the tall German’s lap about once a week on average for one thing or the other.

If he was being completely honest with himself, he had enjoyed the end results of ‘surrendering his emotions’ immensely. Hogan had also enjoyed all the heartfelt talks they’d had afterwards, as well as all the teasing the two of them did with each other. It was then they’d slowly started to become friends, and the main reason he’d had made so much happen for Klink after the war.

He wasn’t the type to let his friends down, no matter what. And he knew everything he’d done since the liberation of Stalag 13 had seemed to make the older man unbelievably happy. Though of course, getting promoted to the rank of general after twenty years of being a colonel tended to have the effect.

Still, he’d never let on that he’d somewhat looked forward to the spankings he’d gotten. They still hurt, obviously. And they’d always made it hard for him to sit down for the next twenty-four hours. Sometimes longer! It all depended on what had been used to wear his butt out the night before. Yet at some point in the last year or so, the younger officer had become a person who reveled in the severe soreness to his tail that the former Kommandant had dished out.

His punishments might not have been designed to be fun, but that’s what they’d ended up being for Hogan. Hell, he already knew how much Klink liked warming up his behind for his perceived ‘insolence’. In turn, he didn’t mind having it warmed up! Everything had worked out for the best.

An unusual occurrence to be sure, but that was just how his life had always been. If something was strange or weird in any way, it was bound to happen to him. The American had just figured if he’d let on that he actually enjoyed all the spankings he’d gotten – despite his cries of pain and various protests – by the time the fourth one had transpired, his German counterpart might have stopped giving them to him. The older officer tended to be funny that way, and sometimes he could even be downright ornery.

Hogan was nothing if not ornery himself at times. But he liked the fact that his pouting and huffing had always made Klink smile, even causing him to laugh out loud on occasion. The American officer was a wonderful actor when he needed to be, even if it wasn’t his preferred career field. But his friend also appeared to have some sort of hang-up about causing him pain that he didn’t feel was warranted.

What the German general didn’t seem to understand was that there was a difference between the two types of people that existed. One of them was the kind to welcome the anguish, especially if they’d provoked it somehow. The other one was the kind who had it forced onto them against their will and hated every minute of it. In spite of every denial he’d ever made, Hogan was definitely in the first category.

True, there had been a few occasions when he’d been serious about his pouting. But mostly it was just for show. Which brought up the other question on his mind...when had he decided to acknowledge his feelings for the former Kommandant in more than just a passing thought?

The tall German wasn’t normally the type of guy he went for when he dated one. The few times Hogan had kissed a man, he’d preferred them the same way he did his women. And that was with dark brown or blonde hair, not gray. Yet there was just something about Klink that was so –

Hogan shook his head and stomped that line of thinking into the deep recesses of his mind. He knew that his self-appointed disciplinarian was straight, so it did no good to dream of the impossible. Instead, he focused on something else that had been bugging him. He wasn’t sure why, but it did.

The day they’d officially moved into their new home, they had settled the remainder of his transgressions from the war. The younger general remembered it very well, because he’d been mortified beyond belief at how it’d been conducted. He was aware that he’d been the one to tell Klink that being embarrassed and treated like a little kid helped the message to sink in better. But humiliation was still humiliation. It worked irregardless, no matter whether one requested it or not.

In addition, his butt had been sore for a few days after that night. However, that was the normal status quo after he’d been spanked so thoroughly! He’d felt lighter afterwards somehow, knowing that his slate had been wiped clean of all his past lies he’d had to tell in order to stay alive.

But other than the one time, the German general hadn’t punished him for anything. Hogan supposed it could be that he was just behaving better, but he doubted it. He’d always been one to buck authority and the rules. That wasn’t something he planned on changing any time in the near future.

Hell, Klink hadn’t even given him so much as a single ‘reminder’ spanking since the day they’d moved in. That had been exactly two weeks ago, which in turn had caused the American general to feel exceedingly frustrated by the lack of physical attention being paid to him. It was almost as it the older man was afraid to touch him for some reason, though Hogan couldn’t fathom why that would be.

The tall German had been studying his face carefully all night, his cheeks periodically turning red as he did so. And there was something else happening too. It was the strangest thing! Klink was only blushing whenever he glanced at his former senior POW officer. The older man also occasionally licked his lips during these brief glances...that is, when he thought he could get away with it and not be seen doing so.

Blinking, Hogan pushed that that thought from his head as well. He’d gotten used to doing that lately. It was nothing new. Knock it off, Rob! he told himself. You know it can never happen. Wilhelm’s always chased every skirt that came his way the same as you have. There’s no chance he likes you like that, okay? Just forget about it.

Despite that sound logic, there was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he was wrong in his assumption. The younger man bit his lip and pondered what to do about his conflicting feelings. Should he do something about them, taking a gamble that his intuition might be wrong? Or leave things be as they were and stay miserable?

He didn’t know, damnmit! Decisions, decisions. What he couldn’t figure out was if Klink were straight, then why did the former Kommandant keep looking at him like that?

Maybe he’s just got cotton mouth, his mind attempted to reason in a last-ditch effort to keep him from blundering into yet another disaster. But then why doesn’t he just get a glass of water if he’s thirsty? Why does he keep...

Ohhhh, the American general thought as the light bulb finally clicked on inside his head. A mischievous smile crept across his face as he decided upon his next course of action. It was the same one he wore when he was plotting something. Yep, this was going to be good.

“Hey, Wilhelm?” Hogan interrupted abruptly, halting the rambling story his friend had been telling him.

“Yes, Rob? What is it?” Klink said in a distracted tone of voice while he considered his next move on the board. He had been so wrapped up in telling his tale that he hadn’t noticed his former senior POW officer’s change of expression, preferring to look over his troublemaker’s shoulder than straight at him.

He had been trying all night to not stare at Hogan’s mouth as he spoke. He was also certain that he had epically failed. The older officer knew should have been annoyed at being cut off when he was talking. With anybody else, he would have been. But it was very difficult to feel that way when it was his brat doing it.

His friend’s eyes were just so adorable when he wanted something. That much the former Kommandant couldn’t deny. The other general’s brown eyes did that adorable puppy dog look so well, and Klink knew he was powerless against it most of the time. He’d even admitted as much to his troublemaker before.

Oh Wilhelm, you are in so much trouble if you feel that way, he thought. You know perfectly well that nothing good will come of these feelings. Robert chases women even more than you do, so what are you thinking? Just continue to suppress them as you have been doing all this time. Do not ruin this budding friendship for yourself!

And yet, the tall German was having a harder time resisting the concept of acting upon his desires each time the two of them were alone together. Which now that they were roommates was a lot more often.

He’d had that problem since the night Hogan had barged into his quarters at Stalag 13, intending to cheer him up after he’d been chewed out by General Burkhalter about ‘Battling Bruno’. The gesture had touched him deeply, he could admit that. It’d also ignited feelings that would result in an utter fiasco if they ever came to light.

Even though he loathed causing the American officer any type of pain, Klink couldn’t deny that he loved any opportunity to touch Hogan’s soft skin. And after each punishment he’d administered, he’d relished holding and comforting his troublemaker a lot more than he’d ever let on.

Whether he admitted it or not, he admired his brat’s carefree spirit and flippant attitude. Honestly, he even loved how insolent and disrespectful he could be at times. If nothing else, the younger man was both a joy to be around and someone who kept him on his toes. He’d never been afraid of Klink either. In a world in which everyone either kissed up to or tried to intimidate him, that was a nice bonus.

Klink’s blue eyes dared to glance directly at his friend, but what he saw there made him wish he hadn’t. Oh bloody hell, is Rob blushing and biting his lip? the German general wondered curiously.

Yes. Yes, he was. Crap, that wasn’t going to help him keep his inappropriate thoughts under control at all!

Finally, Hogan came to a decision. It would probably end in a catastrophe, but he simply had to know for sure. He couldn’t bear to keep up this charade any longer. If Klink didn’t feel the same way about him, he would undoubtedly be hurt. But at least he wouldn’t have to pretend that he only held platonic feelings toward his friend anymore, even if they weren’t reciprocated. Not to mention that the alcohol in his system was making him feel bold, giving him an extra confidence boost he normally wouldn’t have at a time like this.

That decision made, he answered his self-appointed disciplinarian’s question. “Stop talking. I can think of something more fun for you to do instead.”

Then he kissed Klink on the lips. He was amazed at how soft and full they were as their mouths met for the first time, and frankly, he never wanted this to end. His kiss was full of fiery passion and hunger, but there was a slight snag in his plans. The former Kommandant wasn’t kissing him back!

Embarrassed, Hogan pulled away from the German general. He’d apparently been reading the signals he’d gotten all wrong. That was awkward. At least he had this one memory to indulge in later on! Sadly, now he had to figure out how to explain why he’d just done what he had. And he had to do it fast.

The very last thing the American officer wanted to do was destroy their budding friendship, which had an odd foundation to start with. Who had ever thought he’d find such a loyal friend leading an enemy prisoner of war camp? Just blame it on the booze, his common sense said. You’ve had a lot of it, so you can just say you weren’t thinking clearly. It’s your best shot at damage control.

The older man was about to give his troublemaker a scathing retort in reply when Hogan kissed him. He was completely stunned by the unexpected action, so he could do nothing but sit there and enjoy it. All of his brain cells had seemingly deserted him, leaving him unable to answer the clear desire in that kiss. Or do anything at all, come to think of it.

When his former senior POW officer pulled away from him, an astonished look appeared on Klink’s face. Then he tried to mentally digest what had just happened. Had Hogan really just kissed him? Him, Wilhelm Klink?

Surely he was dreaming, because he was never that lucky. Every time he had found someone he liked, they had never returned his feelings. And he had no reason to expect any difference in how things always went for him. But it appeared that his luck was changing now, which made him thrilled.

Meanwhile, the American officer’s hopes were utterly crushed. Not knowing the thoughts running through his friend’s head, he had misinterpreted the astonished look as one of rejection.

“Look, maybe I made a mistake,” Hogan began as he backed up, away from the table. How could I have misread the vibes I was getting that badly? he thought.

Normally the younger general was excellent at determining how things seemed to be going. He also he prided himself on his ability to read both people and various situations. Yet as the sound of his back hitting the wall told him he couldn’t back up any further, he started to have severe doubts concerning said abilities.

“I’m sorry,” he added. “I drank a lot of alcohol throughout the day. I didn’t mean to –”

Realizing he was about to lose out on this chance too if he didn’t act quickly, Klink rose out of his chair.

“The only mistake you made, Robert Hogan,” interrupted the former Kommandant with a mischievous smirk, “was waiting so long to express your feelings.”

Their contest was quickly forgotten as he stalked slowly toward his friend, his walk taking on a predatory gait when he moved. He could see that his brat’s eyes watched him carefully, but they held no fear in them at all. The expression his friend wore was more like one of anticipation. In return, he only smiled wickedly.

Did he dare show his troublemaker how dominant he loved to be in a relationship? Yes, but only a small taste at first, Klink reasoned. That way if we are not on the same wavelength, all is not lost. If we are, though, that sort of thing will come later on. Much, much later on. First things first.

“And just where is it that you think you are going?” he demanded to know.

His long legs quickly ate up the distance between them until they were standing chest to chest. At that point, Hogan had switched from looking at Klink to looking at his feet as he slouched against the wall.

Growling low in his throat, Klink grabbed a fistful of his troublemaker’s black hair and forced him to look upwards. That small action made their eyes meet again, the longing in the American’s brown eyes clearly echoed in the German’s blue ones. “If you think that you can kiss me like that and then merely walk away, you are so very, very wrong.”

Then he lowered his head and returned the kiss Hogan had given him. His nonverbal answer was just as full of passion as the unspoken question he’d been asked a few minutes ago. His lips eagerly met those of his brat’s, who had parted them slightly in surprise. And when Klink’s tongue found its way into the other officer’s mouth, they dueled briefly before the older man ended the kiss.

He pulled back slightly and raised one eyebrow. “I trust that we understand each other completely now?” Klink inquired with a knowing smile.

“Yeah, I think we do,” the former senior POW officer breathed in amazement.

He loved the feeling of aggressiveness Klink showed toward him. Somehow, it made Hogan feel like his self-appointed disciplinarian was claiming him for his very own. With that thought in mind, the younger general gave the older one his familiar, lopsided grin. “I really hope you’re being serious right now, or I’m going to feel so disappointed.”

With a shake of his head, the tall German bent to kiss him again. He needed to prove that he wasn’t kidding around, and another kiss appeared to be the perfect way to do it.

After they came up for air, he stated firmly, “I am very serious, Rob. But I would still like to sit down somewhere and discuss this new development in our lives. I have a feeling it may take a while.”

He gave his friend an impish wink and added, “Or maybe stretch out on the bed to have our conversation, like we did back at the camp. That was certainly comfortable enough for us to do,” he pointed out.

“Uh-huh, suuuuure. You want to ‘discuss’ this,” Hogan teased.

“You think I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘discussing’ something by now?” he asked as he made air quotes with his fingers. Despite his teasing tone of voice, his heartbeat had sped up in anticipation.

With a wink, his friend replied, “I am quite certain that you do know what I normally mean by that, Rob. However, this time I would prefer to have a discussion with my words instead. Are you opposed to getting comfortable for that?”

Swaying slightly when he tried to move away from the wall, Hogan responded, “Nope. I think I’ve got a pretty good buzz on from all the schnapps I drank, so lying down might be a good idea.”

Klink reached out a slender hand to steady him while he inquired, “Your room or mine, little brat?”

“Mine. I have the best taste in decorations out of both of us,” said Hogan playfully. “I’d rather have something nice to look at while I’m talking to you. Is that a problem?” he asked, only half-trying to bait the former Kommandant.

To his surprise, the older man shook his head. “No, because I will be looking at you. That is nice enough for me,” he said in a serious voice.

When they had reached where their bedrooms were, he carefully guided the American into his bedroom and toward the king size bed.

The former POW officer could feel himself blush at the unexpected complement, and for once he had nothing snarky to say in response. Instead he let Klink help him up onto the bed, being as he didn’t think he could manage too well on his own right now.

Then he scooted over until he was touching the wall, making room for the German general to lie down next to him. After they were both comfortable, he met the older man’s gaze questioningly.

“So…what’d you want to talk about, Wil –”

Which was as far as he got before Klink silenced him with another kiss. When he pulled back, there was a smile on his face.

“Will. I think I like the sound of that,” he murmured.

“You do, huh?” Hogan asked with a smile of his own in return.

“Indeed,” the German officer confirmed as he reached out to stroke his troublemaker’s hair. It was always so soft under his fingertips, and he was continually trying to find new ways to justify touching it.

With a laugh, the younger man responded, “That’s good to know. Remind me to send Carter a thank-you letter, by the way. He’s the one who made me realize that maybe this wasn’t a one-way street.”

“Only if you will include a letter from me in with yours,” his self-appointed disciplinarian said agreeably. “So how long have you had these feelings towards me, Rob?”

Hogan considered the question for only a few seconds before answering it. “Since the night we had our wrestling match. I went from being perfectly normal to having a bad case of lust for you instantly. It was the weirdest thing,” he confessed.

“Though I’ve gotta say, my feelings for you have definitely grown from mere lust since then. That’s why I was stammering so bad that day in London. My mind was conjuring up some pretty…um…graphic images,” he added, beginning to blush slightly again. “What about you?”

“Since the same night as you developed yours, I think,” Klink answered slowly as he thought back to that night.

“As soon I saw you remove your sweatshirt, that is when it happened. Feelings for you arose like a tidal wave in me out of nowhere. They took me completely by surprise, and I had to force myself to look away quickly. Otherwise, you would have noticed me…er…I believe the English phrase is ‘checking you out’,” he said, a pink tinge appearing on his cheeks.

“The thoughts running through my mind at the time were very inappropriate, especially considering the power imbalance between us that was in effect during the war. Yet they have only increased every day following that evening, I can assure you of that. By the time Captain Carter made his observation of our relationship, it was all I could do not to drag you back to the hotel room and ravish you,” the older officer finished as the pink tinge became a red one.

“Well, for once you remembered the correct phrase,” Hogan teased while his friend’s words sunk in. Then his blush deepened as he said, “I do like the sound of you ravishing me, though. You have anything particular in mind when it comes to that? Or are you someone who does things more on the spur of the moment?” he asked in a husky voice.

Klink gave him a wicked smile when he answered the question. “Both, but I think acting upon whatever we decide upon in the spur of the moment would be best for right now,” he responded.

“Good, because I’ve had a lot of time to think everything over since that night. It took a long while to come to this conclusion, mind you, since I’ve been busy denying it repeatedly for months now. But in the end, I decided that I’m in love with your stubborn self,” the American general announced out of the blue.

He gave his friend a slow, leisurely kiss to prove his point, smirking evilly when he pulled back a little bit.

Hearing the very last thing he’d ever dreamed to hope for, the former Kommandant could only gawk at Hogan after they’d ended the kiss.

“Rob…” he replied, his voice somewhat breathless. “Are you absolutely certain in that regard? I already concluded long ago that I love you. Make no mistake about that. Try as I might, I could not lie to myself about it. I tried to do so many, many times to keep us both out of hot water. But no matter what I did, I…”

He trailed off, struggling to find the correct words in English. “I just never thought that I would be this lucky,” he finally admitted, feeling like he’d chosen inadequate words to express his feelings.

“Also, you are the last person in the word to call anybody stubborn,” he remarked with a soft chuckle.

“Look, it takes one to know one,” Hogan replied in a cheeky tone of voice, giving Klink the lopsided grin that he loved so much. “And I’ve never been surer of anything in my life, but we can discuss those things later on. Now do what you’re always telling me to do…shut up and cooperate.”

Then he dipped his head to give the tall German another kiss, fully intending on cementing that statement so there would be no doubts at all about what he was saying.

“As my brat demands, so shall it be,” Klink responded softly as their lips met again.

He dearly hoped he wasn’t dreaming everything that was happening right now! Such a thing would be the cruelest thing he could think of, even considering everything else he’d ever had happen to him in his life.

The two generals continued to make out for the next hour or so, getting used to how the other one kissed. They were also having a lot of fun and would have continued doing it longer, but they had to stop when the American one began to get tired.

The alcohol from earlier was still in his system, which was making him exhausted as he rarely drank. So after Hogan managed to change into his pajamas and Klink changed into his nightgown, he looked up at the older officer sleepily.

“Stay here with me tonight, Will. You promised me a sleepover, and we’ve yet to have it,” the younger man requested sluggishly. He was struggling to keep his eyes open while he talked, but he was also quickly losing the battle against sleep.

“I suppose I can do that,” responded his friend with a sigh of mock resignation. “You will need to scoot over a bit more to make adequate room for me, however.”

“M’kay,” Hogan slurred sleepily before he did what he’d been asked to do.

After the older man had gotten under the blankets, he made sure they were both covered up so they would stay warm. The moment he’d gotten comfortable and stopped moving, his brat snuggled up next to him with a contented sigh.

“G’night. Love you,” were the last words the younger officer spoke before falling asleep.

“Love you too, little one,” Klink replied softly, a peaceful smile on his face as he drifted off to sleep.



The next morning…

The next morning when Hogan woke up and stretched, his arm hit something warm nearby. What the heck? he thought, wondering who was in his bed with him. Then he looked over and saw Klink lying there, already awake and staring at him.

The memory of last night hit the former senior POW officer and he groaned, sincerely hoping that he hadn’t dreamed the entire thing.

If he had though, that still didn’t explain why his friend was in his bed with him right now! Or had it all been real? Best to play it safe until he knew for sure.

“Uh, hey. Good morning, Wilhelm,” he said with a blush. “How long have you been awake?”

The tall German had an amused smile on his face as he spoke. “About ten minutes or so, Rob. I have been merely watching you sleep peacefully, enjoying how cute and unguarded you can be when you are not busy sassing me.”

Then he raised his eyebrows and stated, “But that is not a proper way to greet someone you claim to love in the morning. I will demonstrate a better way you can do that in the future.”

He leaned in and planted a lingering kiss on the American’s lips. “See? I like that approach far more.”

Hogan returned the kiss, breaking it after realizing that oxygen might be a good idea at some point. He gave his self-appointed disciplinarian a smile and inquired, “I’m gonna guess that last night actually happened, then?”

Looking confused, Klink responded, “Yes. Is that a problem for you?” He dearly hoped it wasn’t. There was no way he could bear to return to how things had been before last night.

“Hell no,” remarked the younger general as he shook his head. “Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Come to think of it, I’m still not sure if I’m awake. This seems too good to be true,” he admitted.

“Language, Rob,” replied the older man, giving his troublemaker’s behind a firm swat with his slender hand. SMACK!

“Hey!” exclaimed Hogan in surprise. “What was that for? I just woke up, so I haven’t even had a chance to do anything yet! At least give me a chance to earn it first if you’re gonna smack my butt.”

Despite the complaint, he was still smiling at his friend’s way of making a point.

“I thought perhaps a split-second of pain would prove to you that you are fully awake. I certainly was not going to pinch you, even though that is the typical way to cause said pain,” Klink explained reasonably.

“I also noticed that you did not rub your bottom that time as you usually do when I swat it. Am I losing my touch?” he teased.

“You might be,” replied Hogan sassily. “I mean, you haven’t spanked me at all in since the first night we moved in. I’d hate for your skills to get rusty.”

Narrowing his eyes, the former Kommandant asked, “Is that a challenge, Rob? Just because I am aware of how you feel now does not mean I will not discipline you for back-talking to me. You have been warned.”

“I’d call it more of an indirect request if I were to label what I’ve just said. But why not? Take it any way you like…sir,” the younger general said in mock defiance, ignoring the warning completely.

Klink shook his head and sat up, still amazed at his former senior POW officer’s unusual manner of doing things after all this time. Then he patted his lap and said, “Get over here then, you little brat. I am sure that you already know where you need to be by now.”

“How could I ever forget?” asked Hogan with a grin. He got off the bed and said, “Hang on for a minute, though. I’ll be right back.”

Then he left his room, heading into the one that was Klink’s long enough to get his hairbrush. As soon as he’d grabbed it off of the nightstand, he went back into his bedroom and handed it to his friend. “Here you go, Will,” the former senior POW officer said.

After that, he lowered his pajama bottoms and flopped over the tall German’s lap willingly. It didn’t bother him to do that anymore unless the spanking was a punishment one. Come to think of it, saying the word ‘spank’ didn’t bother him anymore either. Well, unless he was saying it because he was in trouble for something. That was a different story.

Klink had a puzzled expression on his face when he inquired, “Er…why did you hand this to me, Rob?”

“Well, I thought a pleasant experience with this thing might be a nice change,” his troublemaker patiently explained. “Both of the other times you’ve used it on me, things kind of went south on my end. But hey, third time’s the charm, right?”

Shaking his head, the German general smiled at the truthful answer he’d been given. “I suppose so. I have always had to practically wrestle you into place for every other spanking I have given you, yet now you are suddenly cooperative with me. Why is that?”

Hogan shrugged. “I’m pretty comfortable over your lap now, that’s why. I’d actually prefer to have any serious conversations with you like this if I’m being perfectly honest.”

“I repeat: why?” Klink said. What is he up to?

The American officer let out a long sigh before he answered. “Because out of any other position we’ve talked in, I feel the most comfortable and content over your lap in this way. And I do mean completely like this, bare bottomed and all. Remember, I even fell asleep here once because you were so comfortable!” he reminded his friend.

“This is also how I’ve been both discussing and resolving any problems with you for over a year now. I know that no matter how badly I screw up, you’ll always make sure to punish me for it. In return, you let me know by your actions that I’m forgiven for whatever dumb thing I happened to do. And that always makes me feel a lot better,” he added with a shrug.

“Only you could come up with something crazy like that, Rob,” said the older general with false exasperation. He loved how his brat felt comfortable enough to be candid with him. He could also admit that the younger man had a valid point.

Hogan grinned impishly up at the former Kommandant and said, “Eh, it’s my specialty. Somewhere along the way, I’ve gotten to like this sort of quality time with you. I seriously thought that you’d never touch me again in such a way, or that you were just scared of me for some reason. You haven’t called me any of the nicknames or other things that you normally do, either. Brat, troublemaker, insolent, mouthy…none of it until a few minutes ago. And when you didn’t smack my butt at all – in any way – for the last two weeks, I felt so neglected. You know?”

With a sigh, Klink looked at the family heirloom in his hand and then down at his friend. “It would seem I have given you a new addiction, Rob, as only you would call receiving a spanking having ‘quality time’ with me. Whatever I am I going to do with you?” he teased.

“I haven’t figured that all the way out yet, Will. But keeping me around and actually spanking me – instead of only talking about it – might be a good start,” his brat said cheekily.

Mmmmpf! You certainly are mouthy this morning, my little troublemaker. Since you appear to be so eager to have your bottom warmed, would you like a mere reminder spanking with the hairbrush? Or an emotional release one?” Klink inquired.

Hogan thought about that for a moment. “Well, it’s been a while since we’ve done this. So how about a reminder one now, and another reminder one later? Would that be okay with you?” he asked as a guilty expression crossed his face.

Being as he knew better than to hide anything from his friend by now, he kept eye contact with the older man and waited for him to speak.

“Rob, what did you do?” his self-appointed disciplinarian asked slowly after he’d seen the aforementioned expression. “You look as if you are expecting me to be upset with you at any moment.”

“Um, you may or may not be,” the American told him sheepishly. “I didn’t do anything bad, per se. It’s more of a…well, let’s just call it an omission of information.”

“Just tell me what you did so I can take of the matter appropriately,” Klink requested with another sigh.

“I might have actually enjoyed it every time you lit my butt on fire, starting the night of the codebook theft,” Hogan admitted. “At least until the end of the war. Normally, I would’ve liked those too, but I was too busy feeling guilty to be able to enjoy them. Besides, those were a lot harsher ones than the other punishments I’d had up until then.”

Blinking in surprise, Klink absorbed this new information. “And you did not tell me this until now, because…” He trailed off, letting the younger officer fill in the blanks.

“Because I didn’t want you to stop giving them to me. They were – and still are – helpful to my mental well-being, and I knew they were supposed to be a punishment. Logic dictates that if I weren’t supposed to like them – but you found out that I did – you wouldn’t do it anymore. I didn’t want that,” his friend informed him.

“Is that your big revelation for the day, little one?” the German general asked dryly.

“Yup, except for one other thing,” Hogan said in a cheerful voice.

“Rob, you are going to make all of my hair fall out one day,” Klink growled, massaging his temples.

To his surprise, his troublemaker began to laugh. “Please don’t say that. It reminds me of what I told our nephews,” he giggled.

“Do I want to know?” the older officer asked him with a wary expression.

“No, but then you never do. I’ll tell you what it was later on,” Hogan said.

“Fine, fine. So, what is this ‘one other thing’, brat?” inquired Klink.

“It’s nothing big. It’s just that in spite of my best efforts, I’m always going to cry out in pain and/or ask you to stop spanking me any time you do it. But it’s more of an instinctive reaction, because I’m enjoying every second of it. Unless it’s an actual punishment, of course. In that situation, what you’re hearing is my honest opinion of what’s happening to me at the time. Just so you know,” the younger general finished with a smile.

Shaking his head in bewilderment, Klink replied, “You are the strangest individual I have ever met, Rob. Yet that is valuable information to have. I am glad you have told me that.”

“Eh, I aim to please,” his friend said agreeably. “Anyway, is that going to be a problem for you? To do two reminder ones, I mean.”

The tall German responded, “That depends. Are you going to say cruel things to me afterwards like the last time if I give you both of those reminder spankings today?”

He remembered the event clearly in his mind. Even though Hogan had literally gotten on his knees to apologize that night, the memory still irked him.

“No, of course not. I already said I was sorry for that anyway,” Hogan huffed in annoyance. “Multiple times, if I remember correctly.”

“Then two reminder spankings it is, Rob. But I promise that I will kiss you and make it all better afterwards,” Klink told him in a playful voice.

“I hope you know that I’m going to hold you to that promise,” the American replied cheerfully. “Now hurry it up already! You’re making me antsy, and I don’t wanna start squirming around like I’ve done in the past. Having my legs pinned isn’t pleasant when you do this sort of thing. But that’s what always happens when I squirm.”

“Ah, but I love to watch you squirm so much. It is very entertaining to see,” Klink deadpanned as he lightly ran a slender finger up and down his brat’s buttcheeks.

“Will! That’s not very – eeep!” Hogan squeaked in surprise.

He jumped slightly at the unexpected feathery light contact with his skin, the mere touch causing him squirm over the tall German’s lap anyway. “C’mon, don’t be so mean to me. What did I ever do to you?”

There was silence as Klink looked at him incredulously, saying nothing in response to that inquiry.

“Okay, recently,” he amended after seeing the look of disbelief on the older general’s face.

The former Kommandant stayed silent, continuing to look at his troublemaker with the same ‘you’re joking, right?’ expression.

“Fine! What have I ever done to you in the last week?” his former senior POW officer asked in a prickly tone.

“In the last week? Nothing,” replied Klink in a droll voice. “But before that? I can give you a list, should you really desire one. Would you prefer the events on it written in alphabetical or chronological order?”

“Ha-ha,” Hogan said sarcastically. “You’re soooo funny. Now, would you mind – argh! Damn it, your touch is way too light. It’s giving me goosebumps,” he complained.

“Language, Rob. Though I do apologize for the light caress. Let me fix that for you,” said the older general wryly, giving Hogan’s butt the first swat of this particular spanking with the hairbrush.

SMACK! Then he returned to lightly running his finger over the area he’d just smacked.

“It’s about…ooooh!” The American squirmed some more at the continuous feather-light touch, which was making his skin hypersensitive.

“Hey, why’d you stop?” he inquired curiously. He’d been hoping to get this show on the road, and yet the older man was merely toying with him right now.

“Why should I spoil my fun so soon?” Klink said playfully as he gave his friend’s behind another swat with the wooden implement, this time to Hogan’s left sit spot.

SMACK! Of course, he returned to touching the soft skin lightly immediately afterwards.

“Ow! Sir, please,” Hogan finally said in exasperation.

He figured that the formal term of address might make his self-appointed disciplinarian get the hint, which seemed to be the case. He watched a smirk cross Klink’s face and asked, “Is that what you were waiting for me to say? You could’ve just told me you wanted be addressed like that right now, you know.”

“But where would be the fun in that, little one?” the tall German asked while he delivered yet another swat to the bare bottom over his lap.

SMACK! That one had landed on Hogan’s right sit spot, after which he resumed lightly stroking the smacked area.

“Ow! Please, please just do it already,” Hogan pleaded, growing fed up with this game. He wanted to enjoy what was going to happen, and this wasn’t the way to accomplish such a feat. “Quit playing games with me! I don’t like it,” he added sulkily.



A morning warm-up…

“Alright, little one. Be grateful that you are cute enough for me to take pity on you,” Klink teased. Then he lifted the hairbrush up and then brought it down again, beginning the spanking for real this time.


“Ow! Thank you,” Hogan said, sighing in relief. While he could feel the sting of the hairbrush, it wasn’t overly bad yet. The reminder sessions never were. They were only designed to keep his butt sore for an hour or two before fading away.

“Are you enjoying yourself so far, Rob?” asked the older man casually while he delivered the much-desired spanking to his friend.


“Yup. Couldn’t be happier. Ow, oww!” his former senior POW officer informed him with a grin.

His butt was being warmed up pretty quickly after two weeks of not so much as a single swat, but it still felt amazing. Ever since he’d concluded that he was mentally ill for enjoying this sort of thing, it’d gone a long way towards removing any hang-ups he had about it.

“Glad to hear it,” Klink told him with an eyeroll. “I am also glad that I could be useful to you,” he added to his captive audience.


“Oww! Oh, you’re being plenty useful at the moment,” Hogan replied, squirming slightly from the swats to his rear end. “You’re doing a great job, you know. OW!”

“Whoops. Did that one happen to land on a sensitive area, my little troublemaker?” Klink teased while he continued to spank his favorite target.


“Owww, oww, ow! It sure did, and I know that you know it. That was one of my sit spots,” his friend retorted with mock indignance.

Smirking evilly, his self-appointed disciplinarian inquired, “Is that a problem for you?”


“Owww, owwww! Nope. Do it again,” ordered Hogan. He began to squirm around some more when the pain in his tail became more noticeable, still loving every minute of their bonding time.

SMACK! SMACK! “OWWW! Not that hard,” he complained.

“Then remember your manners and try that again. What is the magic word?” asked Klink in a sing-song voice.


Huffing, the American officer sulkily replied, “Fine, please do it again. Owwww! Was that any better?”

“Only slightly. You still sound a bit sulky to me, but I have an idea to fix it,” the former Kommandant told him after he’d delivered the final blows to Hogan’s sit spots.


“This I have to hear. Owww!” Hogan said while he waited for more swats to come. When there were none, he looked up at his friend with a raised eyebrow.

Klink saw it and remarked, “Go ahead and get up, Rob. Your bottom is sufficiently pink, so that is enough until I do this for you again later on.”



A promise kept…

“Owww, okay,” the former senior POW officer replied, following the directions given to him. Once he was standing, he immediately backed up and yanked up his pajama bottoms. And he had to admit that he was proud of the way he’d only let out a slight hiss of pain.

“Have you changed your mind about later on, troublemaker? That was the fastest I have ever seen you fix your clothing,” Klink remarked with a smile.

Hogan shook his head and replied, “Nope, I’m just trying to make sure that the heat from my butt stays trapped in my clothes. It makes the reminder last a little longer,” he explained.

“Oh, I see. That makes sense,” responded the tall German in an amused voice.

Folding his arms, the younger general said, “So you do you propose to fix my being ‘sulky’? Which I wasn’t, by the way,” he said, using a sulky tone on purpose.

“No, you were not. That word would indicate that you had ceased being so. Rather, you are still being sulky,” Klink pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

“Okay, but how are you going to fix it? That’s what I want to know,” Hogan told him.

The former Kommandant sat down on the bed and crooked a slender finger at his brat. “Come here and find out.”

Fighting a grin, Hogan took the few steps to the bed and sat down next to him. “I’m –”

Yet he was silenced by a kiss on the lips before he could say anything else. He made sure to enjoy the sensation until the kiss ended and he spoke again.

“Mm-hmm…I have to say I like your methods, Will. I might have to be sulky more often,” he stated.

“I thought you might enjoy them, Rob. So, has the issue been resolved? Are you still feeling sulky?” asked Klink with a smirk.

“I don’t know. I think I might be,” Hogan teased. “You’ll just have to kiss me again so we can find out together.”

“I would be happy to,” the older man replied before they did exactly that. He loved the taste of Hogan’s lips under his, along with the feel of the American’s broad shoulders under his hands.

“You seem to have cured the problem, love. But that was only to fix my being sulky. I thought you said that you’d kiss me afterwards and make everything all better,” said his troublemaker in a mock haughty tone of voice.

Klink pretended to think that over before deciding that he liked the affectionate title. “I did? Are you absolutely certain of that?”

“Yes,” Hogan growled, making sure that he took the initiative this time.

He nibbled on his self-appointed disciplinarian’s lower lip until he opened his mouth, taking the given opportunity to slip his tongue in and explore the area a little.

Yet while he was enjoying trying to play a version of ‘thumb war’ with Klink’s tongue, he still needed oxygen eventually.

“My goodness. You appear to be feeling passionate this morning, love,” the German general said cautiously, testing out the title in return once the kiss had ended.

Shrugging, Hogan replied, “I am. I’ve always been a passionate type of guy when I feel this strongly about someone. And I know it’s too soon to think about doing anything else, but that doesn’t mean I can’t kiss you. Or touch you, as long as it’s above the belt,” he added as an afterthought.

“Duly noted,” acknowledged his friend before he grabbed a fistful of the younger officer’s hair again. Then he guided the younger man’s mouth to his for another kiss.

“Ooh, you’re acting all forceful today. What’s the occasion?” Hogan asked playfully after they broke apart.

“There is no special occasion, but I am usually that way when it comes to things that could lead to the bedroom. Is that going to be a problem for you?” Klink inquired.

He hoped that it wouldn’t be, as so far his former senior POW officer seemed like he could be the perfect submissive in time. But everything was still too new for him to properly gage that yet.

Shaking his head, his brat replied, “No way! I liked it when you grabbed my hair last night and again just now. It made me feel like you were claiming me.”

“What do you mean, ‘were’? I did claim you. I am still claiming you,” Klink growled. His blue eyes were blazing with the same possessiveness he’d shown earlier in the month, when he’d defended the American from his older brother’s unprovoked attack.

“You are mine, Robert. My brat, my troublemaker, and hopefully my lover at some point in the future. Well, once we get that far. You are no one else’s but mine, and I do not share with anyone,” he declared adamantly.

Hogan felt a pleasurable shiver course through him at the possessive words as he spoke. “That’s good that you feel that way, because I don’t share with anyone either. So that means that you’re mine as well, Wilhelm. Got it?” he asked in a fierce tone of voice.

“Indeed, but do not forget who is in charge here,” the tall German told him, running his hands up under his troublemaker’s pajama shirt and pinching his left nipple. “You have been the one running the show for the last three years, even if it was behind the scenes. Now it is my turn.”

“Of course, sir,” Hogan said agreeably, more than happy to let the former Kommandant be the bossy one in their relationship. He’d had his fill of being the man in charge during the war, and obviously Klink enjoyed filling that role. It worked out perfectly. So why not, right?

“I’m glad to hear you feel that – ahhhhh,” he groaned.

“Do you like that, love?” Klink inquired with a mischievous expression.

“Yes,” said the American general with a quick nod of his head. True, it wasn’t something he’d ever thought he’d like. It was also something he’d never tried before as well.

“Hmmm, very interesting. What about this?” asked the German officer before he pinched the right one.

“Yes!” Hogan repeated breathlessly, arching his back subconsciously.

Huh, who would’ve guessed that those were one of his pleasure spots? That was something that he needed to remember for further down the road.

“Yes…what?” Klink asked him teasingly, pinching both of them at the same time.

“Yes, sir!” the younger man gasped in pleasure. He had to make sure he concentrated on controlling his breathing, or else he wouldn’t be able to remain calm.

“Good, good. I think we will have a lot of fun when we get that far, little one,” Klink told him in a smug voice. Then he began to lightly run his hands along Hogan’s chest muscles.

“With all due respect, you’ve gotta stop. You’re making it incredibly difficult for me to focus,” Hogan told him.

“Focus? Focus on what?” the older officer asked in a confused tone of voice. Still, he removed his hands at the request.

“I’m trying to will away the…um…problem you’ve given me – which I’ve become incredibly good at in the last few months due to being around you a lot more – and you’re not helping at all by touching my chest,” Hogan told him. “We still have things to do today, and I need the blood in my body to be other places than where it’s currently at.”

Klink looked down and smiled when he saw the tent pole in Hogan’s pajama pants. “Ah, I see. Very well, Rob. I need to get dressed anyhow, but this was an enjoyable way to start the morning,” he said with a pleased expression.

Nodding, the younger general said, “I agree with that. Now, if I could get some privacy to change, that’d be great.”

Shaking his head in amusement, his self-appointed disciplinarian said, “You are certainly shy all of a sudden, but I shall give you your privacy anyway. I will be in the kitchen whenever you decide to come out,” he added before he left the room and closed the door behind him.

“Sounds good!” Hogan called out. He waited until the door shut to get dressed, his mind on what had just happened. So I wasn’t imagining things last night. Wilhelm does like me in that way, and he wants to be the dominant one in this relationship to boot. I can handle that, he thought, successfully willing away his current ‘problem’.

Once he was dressed, he opened the door and made his way to the kitchen. Hopefully, they still had something they could cook with. They hadn’t bought any food since they’d moved in, and that would royally suck if he had to do so on an empty stomach!



Talking things over…

True to what he’d said, Klink was in the kitchen preparing to make breakfast for them. “Would you like some German eggs, Rob? We need to go grocery shopping later on today, and that is all we really have the ingredients to make,” he explained.

“Sounds good, Will. I’ll make a list of what we need,” Hogan said causally, grabbing a pen and paper to write with. “By the way, I’ve got a question for you.”

“Is it something that will make me upset?” asked the older man in a wary voice.

“I hope not. If anything, my answer to it should make you very happy. But yours is something I need to know for my own peace of mind,” said the American.

“Alright, that sounds promising. What is your question?” Klink responded.

“I was just curious if you’re still going to try and date women? And if you are, how does work with this whole thing we’ve got going on now?” Hogan asked.

“No. I think I shall be perfectly content with you, and I am not the type of man to see more than one person at a time. Besides, I will need all of my energy just to deal with you, little one,” replied the former Kommandant with a half-smile. “What about you? Are you going to continue to seek out frauen for companionship and such?”

“Nope. How could I even think of doing that anyway when you’ve brought out my possessive side in full force?” the younger officer asked.

“I am ecstatic to hear that, Rob. As I stated before, I do not share with anyone,” Klink growled as he planted a kiss on his former senior POW’s lips.

“Just checking,” said Hogan with a laugh when they broke apart. “Like you, I’ll only date one person at a time. And that’s you until we get sick of each other, which means you’re the only one I’m interested in,” he said.

“Glad to hear you have realized that, love. It will make things much easier for both of us,” the tall German replied with a smirk.

“Yep. I guess my mom was right about us after all,” Hogan admitted. “That’s what she told me that night when she wanted to talk to me alone.”

“Surely you jest,” remarked Klink, his eyes widening after he heard that. “She told me the exact same thing. Oh, and she also suggested that we should not go to Palm Springs or anywhere else until we had sorted out how we felt about each other. Apparently, your mother was afraid that you might beat up someone for looking at me the wrong way.”

“She would’ve been absolutely right about that happening if we’d gone there. Let’s hear it for motherly advice,” murmured his troublemaker before giving him another kiss.

After they broke apart, the older man looked as if he were in pain. “Oh no,” he groaned after he’d facepalmed.

“What’s wrong, Will?” inquired Hogan in a concerned voice.

“It is my mother. She told me the same thing as yours did, and I am never going to live this down,” he said, beginning to blush.

“Seriously? Man, were our moms plotting together or something?” his friend asked incredulously. “The odds are a million to one of this type of thing happening!”

“That is highly unlikely, given that they have never met. Also, Mutter only speaks a few words of English,” Klink pointed out. “Trust the two of us to have such a rare phenomenon occur.”

With a shrug, the American general replied, “I know. That’s what makes it even more incredible, right?”

SMACK! His self-appointed disciplinarian gave him a single swat on the butt. “Do not be cute right now, Rob.”

Hogan jumped in surprise before asking sweetly, “Aw, why not?”

“Because we have things to do today,” Klink informed him in a stern voice. “Even if I would like to spend the day kissing you instead, it is not practical. And you know quite well that if you start acting cute, neither of us will get anything done.”

“Yeah, yeah. But I reserve the right to be cute later on, you know. You don’t have to be such a killjoy,” said his brat, using the term on purpose while he suppressed a smile.

As expected, it earned him another swat on the butt. SMACK!

“Rob! Be serious for a moment, would you?” the tall German requested in an exasperated voice.

“Eh, I guess I can do that. I was just reminded of a thought I had the night London dropped off those papers,” Hogan remarked.

“Which was what?” asked Klink curiously.

“After you’d smacked my rear end a few times, I was thinking that you’d found the perfect way to keep me in line. All you needed to do was make my butt extremely sore and then swat it whenever you wanted my attention. Simple enough, right?” said Hogan in a cheeky voice.

The former Kommandant smirked and replied, “That is an excellent idea, love. You can be quite certain that I will keep it in mind. Now, would you be so kind as to make up a grocery list for us?”

“Yeah. You want me to plan out what we’ll need for two weeks again?” Hogan asked.

“Yes, that would be acceptable. Danke,” Klink said as he began preparing their breakfast.

“You’re welcome,” his friend responded as he began making the list.

They were out of almost everything, so it didn’t take too long to do. Then he kept up a steady stream of chatter with Klink while he cooked, handing him ingredients as needed and stealing kisses on occasion. Their breakfast wasn’t that difficult to make, and they both ate it quickly but quietly at the dining room table.

“Okay, so we need to go grocery shopping first. Then we have a small window of free time before we have that cooking class,” Hogan stated as he cleared away their plates and washed them.

Since Klink had cooked, he got to wash everything. That was their arrangement: whoever cooked, the other one did the cleanup. It helped to keep the workload even between the two of them.

“I still feel like I’m forgetting something though,” he added after he’d put the dishes into the dish rack and returned to the table.

“That would be because you are, Rob,” announced Klink with a shake of the head.

“Care to enlighten me, love?” asked the former senior POW officer with a raised eyebrow. “Since I seem to have forgotten what it is we need to do and all.”

“We must go to a general store as well,” the German general told him.

Hogan looked at him with a ‘duh’ expression. “I know that much. We need stuff like toilet paper, laundry soap, etcetera. It’s all on the list.”

His friend returned the ‘duh’ expression. “And two picture frames.”

“Picture – oh, crap. I forgot about that,” the younger officer admitted with a groan. “It slipped my mind.”

“It did not slip mine, love. Yet it is now obvious why the Allies won the war,” Klink teased. “You were out of their hair by being locked up in Stalag 13. And all so you that could not forget something important to them.”

“Ha-ha. Very funny, Will,” grumbled Hogan. “At least I wasn’t in your hair either. Being as there’s not much of it left, that’d be a real shame,” he said playfully.

The older man looked at him for a moment before he chuckled. “I have to admit I left myself open for that one,” he admitted. “A nice comeback either way.”

“Thanks,” Hogan said, turning serious again. “I’m going to write that thank you letter to Carter for my drawing. You want me to tell him anything from you?”

“No, but I will write my own letter to him. If you would be so kind as to put it in the envelope with yours, I would appreciate it,” Klink said.

“You got it, love. One double-stuffed envelope coming right up,” said Hogan as he got up to grab an envelope, a few stamps, some paper, two pens and Carter’s address. Then he sat down again, handing a pen and some of the paper to the former Kommandant first.

Danke,” Klink said, tapping the pen against his jaw while he thought about what to say other than ‘thank you’ to the youngest member of Hogan’s team.

“You’re welcome,” Hogan responded. He stared at the blank sheet of paper for a while before he figured out what to say. Once he had it, though, he began writing.


Hi Andrew,

First of all, thanks for the drawing! Have you ever considered becoming an artist whenever you decide that you’re tired of blowing stuff up? Because I think it’d be a great way for you to make a living. Will said that you made him a drawing for a gift too, which was really nice of you. He also said that you gave him his first, so that it’d be extra-special. That was sweet of you to consider his feelings like that!

He told me that it’s really detailed and photo-like, just like mine. But he won’t let me see it until after we buy some picture frames to hang them later on today. Says he doesn’t want to take a chance on it getting ruined. Still, I can’t wait to see what you drew for him! I’m sure I’ll love it, though.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that we live together now. Being as we work together about three miles from our house, it was the practical thing to do. We’ve been busy as bees lately, and you wouldn’t believe how many of the American pilots here don’t speak any German at all. I’d think that would be a basic job requirement, but I guess not. The Army Air Force has us slaving away six days a week, except Sundays. Every other day, we’re pretty much moving around non-stop from 0900 hours to 2100 hours. Our time zone is Central European Time (or CET, UTC+01:00).

Other than that, life is going pretty good. Will and I are taking a cooking class! (Yes, it was my suggestion.) I figure that we’re two bachelors who can make like six dishes between us, so we either need to learn how to cook or eat out a lot. Besides, Frau Klink and her family seem to like me well enough. She’s an amazing cook, Carter. I’m telling you, a guy could easily get as big as Schultz pretty quickly if they ate her cooking every day!

Speaking of our Strudel King, have you heard from him? If so, how’s he doing? One of Will’s nephews (the eight year old) shares his first name…Hans. He’s got an older brother named Fritz too, who is nine years old. God, I love those kids! They’re clever, intelligent and they’ve got a great sense of humor.

We were playing pretend, and I suggested that we act like POWs trying to escape from Stalag 13. (Let me just say if we’d had them in Barracks 2 during the war, it would’ve been a lot of help!) It was the funniest thing, because they said they’ve heard Will’s ‘no escapes’ boast every time they saw him. Naturally, you know I had to mess with him a little bit when I heard they knew about our ‘country club’.

So I showed Hans how Schultzie used to shake his head and say “I know nuuu-thing!” and asked him to say it the next time Will asked him a question. It worked perfectly too! Fritz was dying of laughter, but Will was not amused. *evil smirk* The kids call me “Uncle Robert”, though of course they use the German word for ‘uncle’.

But man, you should have seen the way I first met Will’s older brother Wolfgang. The kiddos and I were unloading the car, bringing in the groceries. So far so good, right? Nope.

This bonehead somehow gets the idea that I’m kidnapping his sons and knocks me to the ground out of nowhere. Then he starts kicking me in the stomach. The guy was wearing steel-toed boots, so it definitely hurt. While I’m in the middle of trying to get up off of the ground and kick his ass, Will comes running out of the house. (I found out later Hans had run to get him.)

Andrew, you should’ve seen Will! He was running so fast, I thought he was literally flying. Ooh, and he was pissed. For the first time in the three years I’ve known him, I got a glimpse of the tough-as-nails officer he must’ve been in World War One. Now I know how he became a full colonel if he was that kind of badass! I kid you not…he made Hochstetter look like a sweet, friendly bunny by comparison. *shocked expression*

He looked like he was ready to kill his brother just because he dared to attack me. (Like seriously, I thought he was going to strangle him to death.) If he’d acted like that as our Kommandant, there’s no way we would’ve been able to run our operation. It was both flattering and creepy at the same time. Now you know almost nothing scares me, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be his opponent in battle back then. Thank God he mellowed out somewhat by the time we got to know him.

But anyways, Will jumped on top of him in a flying tackle, calling him “a bloody idiot” in German. Then he socked Wolfgang twice, once in the nose and once in the temple. (He throws a really good punch too. Hard to believe, I know. But he does.)

Being as he was wearing his Luftwaffe general’s uniform and his monocle had fallen out, his brother didn’t recognize him. Then he punched him in the left eye (the one he wears his monocle in). That pissed me off, because he got hurt trying to defend me. So, I clocked him in the mouth. That was when he realized who he’d just hit prior to me and the fight ended.

But anyhow, I wanted to tell you something else. You’re an asshole for pointing out that Will and I both like-liked each other. You might’ve been right it, but that still wasn’t very nice. I was perfectly happy in denial, damnmit! *sigh*

Still, I’ve gotta admit it’s been pretty nice having things out in the open. (Let’s hear it for liquid courage providing that extra boost of confidence to get the ball rolling. *smile*) And being as you were the one who made me realize that this might be a two-way street, I’ve got to give you a genuine “thank you.” Seriously…thanks. I’m unbelievably happy that this all came to light!

He really is an amazing guy, you know. And believe it or not, he’s got a great sense of humor as well. Will’s a lot more intelligent than he ever let on, even outsmarting me a few times! (And if you tell anyone else I said that, I’ll deny it until the day I die.) He’s very protective of me too…seems to think that I go off and do stupid things without thinking first. I’ve got no idea where he got that notion from, because I’d never do that. You know that, don’t you? *innocent look*

If you wanna call either of us, our number is +49-159-5556-692. Do me a favor though…tell the others that you were right about what you said, would you? You can tell them I told you to if you want, because I’d rather not have to hear our resident pickpocket gloat about his bet whenever I talk to him again. Please tell Kinch, LeBeau and Newkirk I miss them too. Oh, and please give them our address and fill them in on the situation as well if you wouldn’t mind. (In all the craziness after the war, we didn’t get a chance to exchange them, and I’m not at that address anymore anyways.)

Your commanding officer and friend,

Robert Hogan


Hogan looked over his letter once more and nodded to himself, satisfied with what he’d written. Making sure to write legibly, he addressed the envelope and added the correct amount of postage for Bullfrog, North Dakota, USA.

Then he looked over at Klink, who kept alternating between writing and pausing. Not wanting to wreck his train of thought, Hogan folded his arms and put them on the table. He’d opted to rest his head on them while he waited, which would make the fact that he was looking at the older man not be quite so obvious. Not that he cared if it were, but he knew he could sense it when someone openly stared at him.

Meanwhile, the German general was having a hard time deciding what to say. He didn’t know the young captain that well, and he’d only interacted with him a few times. Finally, he just decided to write down what was on his mind and look it over after he was done. He could always get a new piece of paper to write an edited version of his letter if necessary.


Dear Captain Carter,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for your thoughtful gift. We have been quite busy here in Germany, Rob and I. Everything has been almost non-stop action, and so we have not had a chance to get any picture frames yet. Thus, we are going to go to the store today and pick up some tasteful ones to hang your artwork up on the wall.

As that last statement may have sounded somewhat odd, I should probably mention that we have decided to become roommates. Rob had the brilliant idea of buying my mother’s house from her. While it may sound like a strange concept initially, it was actually quite thoughtful. You see, she wanted to move somewhere smaller – along with my older brother Wolfgang and my two nephews, Hans and Fritz – to live out her golden years without having to focus on all the upkeep a two-story house requires. But money has been scarce for her, so it was not something she was able to do.

Well, not until Rob got wind of that information. Since we were still trying to figure out where we wished to live, he thought it was the perfect solution. I do wish you could have seen the look my family’s faces, however. Being as my family home is worth nine thousand British pounds, their expressions were absolutely priceless. Even more so because the value in German currency is twenty-two billion, five hundred million Reichsmarks with the current conversion rates!

I would venture to say they all thought he was mad, and with good reason. Even I thought he was mad, and I have known him for three years now. But do you know what your crazy commander did? (Keep in mind that I use the term ‘crazy’ quite affectionately.) He got on the radio to London and asked them to send over ten thousand, five hundred British pounds.

The amazing thing was that they agreed to do it, and in less than five minutes too! I am well aware that Rob can be persistent when he wants something, but that was an accomplishment even for him. General Walters must really like him, I suppose. Perhaps you remember the general…he was a corporal accused of being a firebug during the brief time he was at Stalag 13. It was such a ridiculous claim to make, and I cannot imagine who convinced me that it was true! *eyeroll and a smile*

He insisted on giving my mother the full value of the house, along with a thousand extra pounds to pay for moving expenses and help her get on her feet. And he would not keep the remaining five hundred pounds either, insisting instead that I take it. He has taken a real shine to my two nephews as well. Hans is the youngest at eight years old, and his older brother Fritz is nine.

Though I question his methods of entertaining children (he decided somewhere in that witty mind of his that pretending to be prisoners of war trying to escape my former camp was a fine way to play pretend), I cannot deny that they like him very much. They even call him “Onkel Robert” (‘Onkel’ is German for ‘uncle’) while the rest of my family has adopted him too. He even arranged for Sergeant Schultz to be promoted, which I do not if you knew about. He is now Second Lieutenant Schultz.

I am telling you these things because I know he will not do so. Rob is a humble man who oftentimes does not take credit for the things he should, but his friends deserve to know how sweet he can be. You may or may not already be aware of that fact. I do not know, as I rarely came to visit you in your barracks. That is something else he pointed out to me, and it brings me to my other reason for writing.

While I will not say that I appreciated the teasing that you and Lieutenants Newkirk, Kinchloe, and LeBeau did while your commander and I were in London, I cannot deny that you were correct in your observation of our relationship. *heavy sigh* It would appear that both of us were merely in deep denial when we last saw you.

I am happy to say that things have changed for the better, though, and I could not be happier. I feel blessed both to know Rob and to be able to share my life with him. He is my personal pain in the behind – make no mistake about that – but he is a joy to be around irregardless. His zest for life keeps both of us happy and laughing often. And he has made it his personal mission to be sure that I am never bored! *big grin* So I wanted to sincerely thank you for bringing to both my attention and his that we felt the same way about one another.

By the way, the look on his face when he saw your gift was one I wish I had photographed. He looked completely stunned. Even though I do not generally curse, I will make an exception this one time to tell you that his exact words were, “Damn Carter, you’ve got some serious skills.”

He has not seen the drawing you made me yet, because I will not let him touch it until it is safely in a frame. After all, I do not want it to become damaged. While I cannot speak for where in our home his gift from you will hang, mine will be on prominent display on the living room wall like I promised. I am quite certain he will not be amused at all when he finally sees it later on tonight, but that only makes things even better for me. *evil smile*

I hope this letter finds you well, and that your family is doing alright too. Should you choose to write back to me in addition to Rob, feel free to put the letter in the same envelope with his. It is also fine if you call me Wilhelm in that case, as I am no longer your Kommandant. (Nor do I want to be. I am utterly done with war and killing.)

He gets the mail, so I know he will make sure that I receive it. After all, international postage is not cheap. Or if you would like to call either one of us, our phone number is +49-159-5556-692. We work six days a week from 0900 hours to 2100 hours, Central European Time (or CET, UTC+01:00). And of course, we have Sundays off.

Best wishes,

Wilhelm Klink

P.S. Being as I know they do not like me much and most likely would not read a letter from me, would you please tell Newkirk, LeBeau and Kinchloe that I wish them well? I do hope LeBeau opened up a restaurant, for otherwise the world will deprived of a wonderful chef. You can tell him I said that if you would like. And if he did, please let Rob know about it so that he can tell Schultz. (Schultz will be his best customer for the strudel alone.)


After re-reading it twice, Klink decided that it sounded okay to him. He looked up to tell Hogan that and saw him smiling that lopsided grin of his. His chocolate brown eyes were soft and warm as he stared at his friend, and it made him grin in return.

“Enjoying the view?” he teased. He wasn’t expecting an answer to that, so it surprised him when he got one.

“As a matter of fact, yes. Take all the time you need, I’m not going anywhere,” the American told him with a wink.

The German officer blushed and handed him the paper after making sure that it faced downwards. Once Hogan had folded the papers together and sealed them in the envelope, Klink let out a wistful sigh.

“Something wrong, love?” his brat asked.

“No, not really. I am just wishing that I were that envelope right now,” his self-appointed disciplinarian told him, ensuring that it was Hogan’s turn to blush.

“Don’t say such sweet things right now or we’ll never get out of the house. As it is, we need to figure out where to go first,” his former senior POW officer stated.

Then he grabbed both the sealed envelope and the car keys before stepping outside. He made sure to hold the door open for Klink and let him exit the house too before he closed and locked the door.

He looked at his friend, who was studying him with an unreadable expression. “What is it? Is something wrong?”

The older general shook his head and silently grabbed for the car keys. Yet Hogan was too quick, managing to twist away from him before he could grab them.

“No, I wanna drive! I need to learn the roads around here,” he complained.

“Rob, please. I would like to live beyond the first signal light,” the tall German said with a dramatic sigh.

With a laugh, his troublemaker walked to the mailbox and put the envelope in it to go out the next day. He made sure to put the flag up before walking back to the loaner car they had until the end of June.

He got in the driver seat, closed the door and checked his mirrors before called out, “You’ll live, you oversized ham. Now get in the car.”

“That is the pot calling the kettle back,” Klink deadpanned, getting in and shutting the door. “I will be sure to spank you for this show of stubbornness later, you insufferable brat,” he added with a wink.

Hogan returned it and started the car up. “Good, I hope you do. I’m looking forward to it,” he said as he backed down the driveway. Their first stop was the general store. That way they could bring everything home at once after they bought their groceries.



Running errands…

Once they’d gotten to the general store, Klink had checked his watch and reminded him of the time. Hogan had nodded before he’d rattled off which items he’d grab and taken off with a shopping cart, leaving the tall German with the list in his hand. He’d long since gotten used to memorizing sensitive information in a hurry, so a grocery list wasn’t that hard by comparison.

Mindful of the fact that they didn’t have endless funds, he’d made sure to check his prices to be sure that he was getting the most bang for his buck. The younger officer had compared the weight of the items he was choosing to the price of them as well. After all, bigger didn’t always mean better. Sometimes it was cheaper to buy enough little items to equal a bigger one if you wanted to save money.

His mom had taught him that much. They might’ve been well off, but that was how they’d continued to keep their money: knowing their prices. Then he’d met Klink at the checkout and explained what he’d done. Surprisingly, the former Kommandant had told him that he’d been raised the same way, so he’d done the same thing. Hogan could’ve kissed him for having the common sense that most men didn’t possess, but he hadn’t since they’d been in public.

Another surprising thing had been that they’d picked out the exact same style picture frame, but with contrasting colors. The American general had chosen one with black with silver designs, while the German one had chosen one with silver with black designs. Both would look good beside each other on the wall with the current paint color. Hogan had chuckled when he’d seen that before telling Klink that he’d explain what was so funny later on.

The next stop had been the grocery store, where they’d done something similar to what they’d done at the general store. Hogan had grabbed a cart and headed off to grab different foods and ingredients. It was a way to save time that should’ve been effective, had he not come back after every third item to drop things off in Klink’s cart and take off again. By the third time he’d done that, his friend had just shaken his head before handing him the list, deciding that it’d be easier to follow him around instead.

The former senior POW officer had been a whirlwind of energy while he’d compared the prices of various items, chattering excitedly to the older man the entire time they’d been there. And simultaneously, he’d managed to do price comparisons to find the best deal. It had amused Klink to no end to watch him shop for groceries, especially as he remembered the fuss his brat had kicked up about buying dress clothes. It had been obvious that he loved to shop…just not for that!

By the time they’d left the store, the former Kommandant had decided that he’d be happy to let Hogan do the shopping for them if he wanted to. While he didn’t mind doing it if it was necessary, his troublemaker had seemed to enjoy the task a lot more than he ever did. Then they’d stopped off at home to unload the purchases and put them away.

With that done, the two generals had attended their cooking class in the late afternoon. His troublemaker had expressed his frustration at how slowly things were moving along by muttering, “How many times are we supposed to go over basic kitchen safety? Geez, it’s been two weeks already!”

Things had slowed down slightly by the evening when Hogan had made them dinner, though it would’ve gone a lot faster if Klink hadn’t repeatedly distracted him by stealing kisses at times. On others, he’d lightly patted the American’s butt to remind him of what he’d asked for that morning. Really, he’d been lucky that his former senior POW officer had been able to keep focused at all to cook their food.

Once they’d eaten dinner and done the dishes, they’d both taken a quick shower. Hogan had gone first, followed by the tall German. Right before Klink had gotten in the shower, the younger man had asked him to grab his drawing from Carter when he came out. Then he’d put both of their picture frames side by side on the coffee table to look at again before he’d gone to grab his drawing.

After he’d dug it out and put it into the frame he’d bought, Hogan had smiled once more at the incredible detail. He’d been eager to see his friend’s gift from Carter as well. Fortunately, he hadn’t had to wait that long before he’d heard the water shut off and the bathroom door open a few minutes later. Now all he had to do was bide his time until Klink to come out here to sit next to him on the sofa.



A sleeping aid…

“Hey, Will. Do you have the drawing?” Hogan inquired. He tapped the picture frames that were on the coffee table. “I’ve already put mine into the frame I bought.”

“Of course, Rob,” said his self-appointed disciplinarian told him, sitting in his nightgown on the sofa while he talked. He had a piece of thick canvas paper on his lap as he picked up the frame, carefully inserting the drawing into it. He grinned at the image once it was safely in the frame and shook his head.

“Ah, I will treasure this gift until the day I die. Captain Carter has a wonderful sense of humor,” he chuckled.

“Can I see it now?” asked his brat impatiently. “It’s got to be pretty good, considering the way you’ve kept me from looking at it.”

Still grinning, Klink nodded and handed over the picture frame. “Here you go. I have decided to hang it on the wall across from where we are sitting. That way I can view the image often.”

Hogan took the frame and said, “Thank you. What could be – aww, man. Carter!” he added with a facepalm.

In the picture, Klink was leaning back in his desk chair with his arms crossed and smiling smugly. Hogan was in the picture too, in his usual chair in front of the desk. His arms were also crossed to indicate that he was upset. Judging by his expression, he was obviously sulking about whatever he’d been denied, and they were both in their old uniforms that showed they were colonels.

Handing it back to his friend, he said grumpily, “I see why you like this drawing so much. Did he have to draw me looking so sulky? And you look entirely too happy in the picture as well.”

“I know,” the German general said smugly, mimicking the expression he had in the drawing. “I thought it was quite thoughtful. Carter got the expression on your face correct as well, Rob. You are even wearing the same one right now. Clearly he had seen that look enough to recreate it,” he teased.

“Aw, knock it off,” his former senior POW officer said with a frown. “Nobody likes a gloater.”

“Nobody likes a sulky brat either,” Klink retorted with an eyeroll as he set the picture down on the coffee table.

“I know you do. After all, you’re the one who gave me the nickname,” Hogan replied, nudging his friend’s shoulder.

“I cannot deny either one of those facts. But I have a proven method to make you un-sulky,” suggested Klink.

The younger man licked his lips, remembering the last time he’d been told that. “Mmm, I see. Is it the same method you used this morning? I liked that one a lot,” he said with a laugh.

“Given your body’s reaction to it, I gathered that much,” the older officer responded. He cupped his troublemaker’s face in his slender hands and kissed him. The kiss was soft and sweet, but it was also over far too quickly for Hogan’s liking.

“Maybe you should’ve become a doctor after all, love. That’s what I call a successful remedy,” said the American general. Irregardless, he was smiling like a fool from the former Kommandant’s newfound way to cure his ‘sulkiness’.

“I shall pass, thank you. I already have my hands full with the one patient I have,” Klink informed him with a wink. “Although I happen to be dating him as well, so that does make things a bit simpler.”

Returning the gesture, Hogan asked, “That’s a shame. Is it anybody I know?”

“Perhaps. You would be hard-pressed to miss him,” said his self-appointed disciplinarian thoughtfully. “He is one hundred and seventy-seven centimeters tall (five feet, ten inches). He has a broad chest and shoulders, though somehow still has a slender build. And he is a Caucasian, American male in his late thirties with black hair that feels like silk.”

He could see the younger officer was still smiling at him while he talked. “There is this one piece of it that lies atop of his forehead. That is the part I love to play with the most. Ah, and his eyes! They are the most gorgeous chocolate brown I have ever seen. They are always dancing with some sort of mischief,” Klink finished.

Hogan’s smile morphed into a loving, lopsided grin. “Sounds like a pretty attractive guy. But I’m taken anyway. You should see the guy I’m dating, though. He managed to snag me without even trying! I never had a chance to resist – or do anything else – before I was caught in his net.”

His friend cocked his head in curiosity at those words, wondering how Hogan saw him. “Really? What does he look like?”

“Like your boyfriend, he’s five feet, ten inches tall. He’s got a broad chest and shoulders too, and his build is kinda lanky. He’s a white German guy in his late forties, which makes him a little bit older than I am. Sometimes I like to tease him about his age because it’s fun to watch his reactions, but I’d never do it just to hurt his feelings. That’s a really mean thing to do.”

Hogan studied the older general’s face, observing that he was paying close attention. “His eyes are such a pretty blue, though. I wish you could see what an amazing color they are. They look like they’d blend in with the ocean water, and I get lost in their depths every time I look at him. Oh, and he’s balding, because what’s left of his hair is dark gray. But he’s still sexy to me anyway. You should see the way he looks wearing only Luftwaffe uniform pants and boots. Just…wow,” he said with a wistful sigh. “I’m a lucky guy.”

Klink chuckled and kissed him again. The kiss lasted until they needed to breathe, making them reluctantly part. “You have quite a way with words, love. I am honored you see me that way.”

“Yeah? Thanks, Will. I could say the same about you,” Hogan said, interlacing his fingers with his friend’s while they talked.

“So, what did you say to our wonderful nephews about me that you did not want to mention this morning?” the tall German inquired.

The former POW officer studied him for a moment, the aforementioned mischief appearing in his eyes when he shook his head. “Nice try, but you’ll have to be a better interrogator than that to get any information out of me,” he said playfully.

“What – oh,” Klink said, smiling as well after it clicked that his troublemaker wanted to make this into a game. “Well, we have ways of making you talk.”

Hogan snorted and said, “That’s the cheesiest line I’ve ever heard. Come on, you can do better than that.”

“Hmmm,” remarked the older man thoughtfully, reaching out to play with the American’s hair. “I will need to think about how best to do this.”

“Don’t strain yourself, sir,” replied the American in a cheeky voice, relaxing under the German general’s touch. “That’d be – hey! That’s cheating!”

While he’d been distracting his friend by messing with his hair, Klink had slid his other hand up under Hogan’s pajama top and flicked his nipple with two fingers.

“You call it cheating, I call it a successful distraction,” he pointed out. “Now tell me what I want to know.”

“No,” the younger officer groaned, his tone one of happiness. “I’ll never tell you!”

“I do have another method to gather information, you know,” the former Kommandant told his charge with a raise of his eyebrows. “Though it does involve your ability to sit down.”

Grinning, Hogan let go of his friend’s hand before getting to his feet. “You might as well try it, because your other way isn’t going to work,” he said, trying not to laugh.

Klink reached out and yanked down his brat’s pajama pants in the back before swatting his butt once. “How about now? Have you changed your mind yet, you troublemaker?” he inquired with a chuckle.

“That’s slightly more convincing, but I’m still not sold on the idea,” Hogan responded, crossing his arms and looking away just enough to give off a defiant illusion.

“Dear me, you are a resilient one,” his self-appointed disciplinarian commented before he yanked Hogan over his lap to begin spanking him like he’d requested that morning.


“You shall give me the information I want at once,” Klink ordered, giving him a smile to show he wasn’t being serious.

“Ow! Never,” the younger general replied with a shake of his head. “It’ll take more than that to get me to talk.”


“What about now?” asked the German officer, landing the last four swats to his sit spots.

“Ow, oww! Okay, I’ll tell you,” Hogan finally relented, shrugging at his friend. “Guess I can’t handle your methods of interrogation.”

“I already knew that much, Rob,” Klink replied with an eyeroll before he returned the shrug. “Now talk to me. What exactly did you tell them?”


“Oww! Not much,” his troublemaker began cheerfully. “I just told them that my goal was to see how fast I can make the rest of your hair fall out. I also said that the Iron Eagle can become a bald eagle instead if that happens. That’s why they were both giggling when I was explaining about us doing improv, and when I called you the ‘Bald Eagle’ before I corrected my accidental slip-up.”


“That was no accidental slip-up. Surely you meant accidentally on purpose,” deadpanned the former Kommandant while he delivered more swats. “You have corrupted those innocent children.”

“The moment they were born, those young men weren’t innocent,” Hogan stated with an eyeroll. “Ow, ow! They’ve got you for an uncle, so how could they be?”


Mmmmpf! Very funny, little brat,” Klink replied, making sure that each of those swats landed on his former senior POW officer’s sit spots for his cheeky remark.

“Oww! I thought it was,” the American pointed out, wiggling his body on purpose. His friend would have to grab him around the waist if he didn’t want him to fall, which was he was counting on.

“Why are you wiggling about so much, Rob? I thought that you wanted your bottom warmed up again tonight,” teased his self-appointed disciplinarian while he held Hogan in place securely.


“I do, but – ow! – I wanted you to grab me as well. Ow, ow! I like it when you do that,” Hogan responded sheepishly. “Oww, owww!”


“You do? Very interesting. So, are you having fun being spanked, little one?” asked Klink in an affectionate voice, tightening his hold on his friend.

“Oww, ow! Yes, of course. Oww! I’d like to stay here and do this forever. I know it’s not possible, though. Mostly because of your weird hang-up about ‘permanent damage’,” said his troublemaker with a sigh. “Ow!”

The tall German frowned and delivered the next swats to Hogan’s sit spots again. They were extra firm ones since the younger officer appeared to think so little of his own safety.


“It is not a ‘weird hang-up’, Rob. It is a valid concern!” scolded Klink.

“OW, OWW! Not really,” Hogan protested. Then he told the older man of the thoughts he’d had yesterday about the two different types of people and how they reacted to pain.

Ending the recap, he stated, “I’m in the first category when it comes to you, Will. OWW! I have been since the first punishment that – OWWW!– happened after I’d gotten the belt.”

“You must be bound and determined to send me to an early grave, love. You know I worry about you and your recklessness,” Klink remarked.


“OWW, OWW! Nah, not an early grave. Mummies have to – OW! – be a certain age before I can donate them to the museum, so you have – OWW! – at least another decade or so before – OW! – you have to worry about that,” said his former senior POW officer with a laugh.


Mmmmpf! You are such a brat,” his self-appointed disciplinarian mock-scolded him, smiling as he continued to spank the American general.

“OWWW! And you wouldn’t have it any other way. You know that as well as I – aargh! Okay, that was a good one,” Hogan replied. The last swat he’d been given had landed on a tender spot, causing him to jerk in surprise.

“Alright, alright. Get up, love. I should think your behind is warm enough for you by this point,” stated Klink, releasing Hogan’s waist and giving him a barely-there shove.

“But I don’t want to,” his brat whined. He didn’t move, looking up at Klink and giving him his best puppy-dog eyes before requesting politely, “I’d like some more swats, please.”

The German officer shook his head. “No, Rob. Your bottom is pink enough to be noticeable right now. I do not want to hurt you.”

“Please? Pretty pretty please with cherries on top?” Hogan wheedled in his sweetest voice. “Just a couple more, Will. It’ll be perfectly fine.”

Sighing in exasperation, Klink gave him two hard swats, making sure that each one hit a sit spot. SMACK! SMACK!

“There you go. Now get up,” he repeated firmly.

“OW, OW! Wait, was that it?” his former senior POW officer asked in surprise.

His friend shrugged and pointed out, “You said a couple. A couple is two, so that is what I gave you. Come on, up you get.”

Hogan groaned, but he still got to his feet anyway before beginning to pout. “When I said, ‘a couple’, I didn’t literally mean ‘a couple’, love. It’s just a saying.”

With a smirk, Klink informed him, “While I find your pouting immensely cute, there is no call for it. The night does not have to be over just yet if you are not tired.”

“Really? What’s on your mind?” asked the younger general while he fixed his pajama bottoms.

“You,” replied the German officer without hesitation.

Then he blushed faintly and added, “Er…I meant we could stretch out on one of the beds and continue this conversation. I did promise you a sleepover. I know I slept in your room last night, but you were drunk on schnapps so I am not counting that.”

Hogan grinned and studied his friend for a minute before he started to laugh. “I can’t help but remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” he explained between giggles. “I was Papa Bear, as you know. I’ve also had a bed that was too hard and one that’s almost too soft since I’ve been in Germany. Does that mean yours will be ‘just right’?”

Shaking his head, Klink replied, “I suppose so. Are you asking me if you can spend the night in my room then?”

“Are you offering me the chance to?” his brat countered. “You’re the one who brought up the idea of a sleepover.”

“I might be. Are you planning on becoming an octopus impersonator again, little one?” inquired the former Kommandant in a sly voice.

“Nope, but I guarantee you that you’ll become my teddy bear,” Hogan admitted shyly. “Is…is that okay with you?”

Klink considered that idea for a few seconds. Fall asleep with his face buried in Hogan’s neck and have his friend holding him as well? “I am not opposed to the idea. Rather, I think that would be rather enjoyable to experience.”

“What are we waiting for, then? Let’s go!” said his friend eagerly.

Then he grabbed Klink by the hand and pulled him towards where both of their bedrooms were. Meanwhile, the tall German let himself be swept up in Hogan’s obvious excitement and energy while they walked.

“Do you normally sleep by the wall or on the edge of the bed?” asked the American when they got to the older officer’s bedroom.

“The edge of it. I like to be able to react quickly should there be an emergency,” responded Klink. “And you?”

“I like being by the wall better,” Hogan answered. “Once again, we seem to complement each other perfectly. Just like with the picture frames.”

“You did mention something about them earlier at the store,” Klink said in a curious voice. “What exactly were you talking about?”

As Hogan crawled into the bed, he explained what he’d observed about them choosing the same frames, just in opposite colors. “It’s like the Chinese say: yin and yang. You’re the light to my dark, and we both have a bit of the other inside us.”

“It is possible,” the German general told him with a yawn. He took the opportunity to slip his arms around his troublemaker and pull him close. “Wait a moment…how am I the light one? You must have confused that somehow.”

The American officer made himself comfortable and held his friend in return. Then he placed one hand over the dueling scar on Klink’s side, tracing the line with his fingertip while he talked.

“No, I know what I said. I’m the dark one because I signed up to lead my operation, Will. I willingly joined the military because I wanted to participate in the war and do my bit to help out. You, on the other hand, were drafted into it. Nobody gave you the option of refusing to fight this time around, not unless you wanted to die a coward’s death.”

“Correct, but I fought in the first war as well. That one I did sign up for,” Klink said with a confused expression. Where was the younger man going with his line of thinking?

“I think everybody that was physically able to do it went and signed up for that one, love. According to what I learned in school, there’d never been any conflict that big before then. A lot of people were curious and just wanted to see for themselves what all the hub-bub was about. Others felt it was their duty to help their country,” he said with a shrug.

“I would’ve done it too if I’d been old enough at the time. My dad told me everybody was all gung-ho to fight, eager to prove that the United States wouldn’t let themselves be pushed around after a few of our ships were sunk by the Germans. President Wilson wanted America to remain neutral up until that point,” added Hogan.

He tilted his head up to steal a kiss, as well as to study the tall German’s expression after hearing how he saw things. “But if you really think about it – when you take everybody’s allies and motives for choosing a side out of the picture – it was ultimately a problem between Serbia and Austria-Hungary. That whole mess with the Treaty of Versailles at the end of the first war didn’t help either. Neither did the fact that Germany somehow took all the blame for everything while her allies got a slap on the wrist. We just got done seeing the results the resentment and hatred of that thing caused the world.”

Klink sighed and shook his head after he’d returned the kiss. “You do see things differently than most people do, love. That is one of your more endearing qualities.”

“One of them? What are the others?” the American asked playfully.

“I will not tell you. You do not need a swelled head,” his self-appointed disciplinarian teased.

“Aww, you’re no fun,” pouted Hogan. He stuck out his lower lip in a full pout, which was ruined when he felt a gentle swat to his rear end. SMACK!

“Ow! Hey, no fair messing with me like that,” he complained.

Klink gave him a calculating look and raised his eyebrows. “I was not messing with you, I was attempting to redirect your attention.”

“Sounds like fun,” Hogan said. He smiled and asked, “Where are you trying to redirect it to, though?”

“To the sound of my voice,” the former Kommandant replied. “For once in your life, cooperate with a directive when I give it to you. Said directive is to put that witty mouth – and tongue – to better use by kissing me instead of talking.”

“Yes sir,” his brat responded with a grin. Then he did exactly that, trading kisses with Klink back and forth until both of them were sleepy.

The tall German reached over to turn out the light before grabbing his pillow and sliding down the bed somewhat. Then he buried his face in Hogan’s neck and gave a small sigh.

“Ah, this is nice. I shall sleep like this tonight,” he decided.

His former senior POW officer smiled and placed his chin on top of his friend’s head before closing his eyes. He gave the older general a brief hug and said, “Goodnight, love.”

“Goodnight, my little brat. Be sure to have pleasant dreams,” replied Klink after hugging him back. Yes, happiness was indeed a nice change from the years of bloodshed and anguish he’d already been through. And hopefully it would last a long, long time.


A/N: Thumb war is a game kids play when they clasp hands and use only one thumb. The object is to pin their thumb with yours before they can do it to you. The matches generally commence with “One, two, three, four. I declare a thumb war.”

I know the nipples aren’t typically a sensitive area for men, but I’ve met some that are unusual and do have that as a ‘hot spot’. The two generals have never been normal in any sense of the word, so they got to be part of that group. :) That will also be one of the primary ways of how they cause each other to experience pleasure in further chapters.

I used a fake phone number generator to get the generals’ phone number.

Cars weren’t required to have seat belts until the 1970s, so the ones in 1940s Germany wouldn’t have had them.

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