What Once Was Shall Never Be

BY : Demonized
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Sookie doesn't know what to do with the fairy artifact at first, even though it's ability to grant a wish had been explained to her. There just isn't been anything she can use the Cluviel Dor for, and no she will not use it to take care of Eric's marital problems. He had gotten himself into that fine mess himself, she thinks with bitter tears pricking at her eyes. She is over his womanizing ass, pardon her French, and there is nothing he can do to convince her that he will change his ways.

Then there is Sam. A good friend and her boss. He'd been killed, accidentally but killed nonetheless by Jannalynn. She thinks about using the Cluviel Dor then, to revive him, only something makes her pause. A niggling thought of that if it can be used to revive him, then what about Gran? What about all of those people who hadn't deserved to die? Why save one when she can save more, if not all?

Sookie traces a finger over the smooth, glossy surface of the artifact as she wonders about how she can accomplish saving them all. She doubts that she can use it to revive all of them. It will likely only work on one. So if she can't revive all of them then she can go back before any of them died. Another thought gives her pause though. All of her troubles stemmed from Bill Compton, a procurer for Sophie-Anne Leclerq. Well, technically Hadley is the cause of her problems, but Bill had been the one to manipulate her.

She has to go back before Bill had ever come into her life. That is the only way she can truly make a difference, but only if she remembers. Taking in a small breath, Sookie picks up the Cluviel Dor and closes her eyes. "I wish…" A small frown twists across her lips while she tries to figure out the right words to use. If she says it wrong, who knows what the Cluviel Dor will do. Licking her lips she exhales and opens her eyes. She can do this. "I wish to go far enough back before Bill Compton came into my life, with my memories of this life intact."

The Cluviel Dor pulses in her hands, bright sparkles flickering into existence around her. They begin to swirl counter-clockwise, slowly at first and then they start to speed up. The sparkles move faster and faster until she is completely enclosed by a bright, golden cocoon of magic. Just a moment of watching the spectacle starts to make her head hurt so she shuts her eyes and tries to press a hand to her temple. Tries being the keyword.

Sookie finds that she isn't able to move. Panic quickly takes hold of her and she opens her eyes to find that she is in pitch-black darkness. It is nearly suffocating and her breathing is on the verge of becoming erratic when a soothing melody begins playing out of nowhere.

"You must calm yourself, child," a gentle voice chides. "You have broken the laws of time by making such a wish, Sookie. This is a matter that cannot be taken lightly."

Sookie blinks in confusion, the darkness no less stifling, but now she is oddly calm. What is going on and what laws has she broken? More importantly, she isn't familiar with the voice speaking to her, but they seem to know her.

A soft sigh comes from behind her and then there is a faint shuffling. Stark against the darkness around them, a woman—old like her Gran had been—comes into her sight. She moves stiffly, her head kept bowed. Sookie can't make out the features of her face, but she can tell that the woman's hair is black, despite her supposed age, and it is worn contained within an ornate golden headdress. She wears a style of clothes that Sookie is unfamiliar with, but the way she is dressed seemed like it suits her. Glancing back at the woman's face, just as the woman lifts it, Sookie realizes with a startling horror that she has no eyes. She doesn't even notice the slight glow the woman gives off, nor that her mind is silent.

"I do not mean to frighten you with my appearance, dear child. I have been like this since before I was turned." The woman seems genuinely sincere, her voice softening as she continues to speak. "The Furies took my eyes, but they could not steal my Sight."

"Your sight?" Sookie asks automatically, her brow crinkling slightly.

"I am a seer, Sookie Stackhouse. The Pythia, or at least I was in my time as a mortal. The Sight does not depend upon eyes, thankfully, or I would have never foreseen you changing your own destiny." She gives a faint smile and turns away from Sookie, who finds that she could suddenly move. "Come, child. We do not have much time."

Sookie follows along, still a bit confused but she is accepting that this is in fact happening. She can now see the glow the woman gives off and it is brighter than Russel Edgington's had ever been. "Might I know your name…?" She isn't sure how she is supposed to address her. Does she have to call her Pythia?

"Aletheia, dear child. My name is Aletheia." Aletheia leads the way through the darkness, only now it seems more grey than anything.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Aletheia." This draws a brusque laugh from the vampire, which makes Sookie frown a bit more. "Did I-"

"No, no, child. Nothing is the matter. Your manners are quite refreshing, is all." Aletheia gives Sookie a warm smile and stops in front of a door that has seemed to suddenly materialize. "Now, don't worry about the laws of time, I'll handle that. What you need to remember, once you step through this door, is that nothing will be the same as you have known. You will not be human anymore, either, so you must master your fae powers."

"What about my…telepathy?" She cringes slightly as she brings up her gift, not wanting to have to go through rebuilding her shields to try and keep the thoughts of others out.

"Someone who is waiting for you will be able to help you master all of your abilities. He is not an easy person to learn under, so you must keep that in mind before accepting his help. Also, he may be a vampire, but he is unlike any other you have met before, and you will know why when you meet him." Aletheia is looking in her direction, though it is rather chilling to be stared down by eyes that aren't there no matter how nice she seems. "There is also one more thing you will need to do. There will be two men in need of your help on December Fifteenth in Quantico, Virginia. Your mentor-to-be can help you in aiding them, and you should consider hiring them as bodyguards for yourself."

It is a lot to take in, but Sookie understands that it has to be important if Aletheia is mentioning it to her. "Can I have their names?" The door in front of them begins to open, a bright ray of light shining through the crack, drawing her attention to it.

Aletheia backs away from the light, her form starting to become enshrouded by the shadows. "Your mentor is Kyrios. The young men in need of your assistance are…"

The door swings open fully, bathing Sookie in warm sunlight while Aletheia's voice fades before she can reveal the names of the two men who need her help. Sookie turns around to look for Aletheia, only she is standing outside of her house now with no trace of the former darkness or the ancient vampire. It is as if it had never happened, but she is quite certain it had. When she had made her wish it had been nighttime, and she hadn't been at home.

"Am I…" She turns around again, looking about her yard with a frown marring her features. There is a lawn chair set up, her usual tanning spot, with the reflective foldout for her neck and face laying on it. A glance downward tells her all she needs to know. She is in her two-piece bathing suit and her skin is already slicked up with a tanning lotion.

The tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand on end as a void quite suddenly appears behind her, in broad daylight no less. This void is the largest she has ever sensed, nearly as vast as the sky above her. Heart in her throat, because no vampire should be able to withstand the rays of the sun on their own, she slowly turns around to face the newcomer right as Aeltheia's words echo in her mind. Her mentor will be unlike any other vampire she had ever met.

He is tall, at least six foot one, so she has to crane her neck a little to look up at him. He is also extremely handsome, his skin darkly tanned, like it is his natural complexion, and he seems to be made of muscles. Staring into bright and curious hazel eyes she swallows unconsciously, her mouth oddly dry.

"Sookie Stackhouse, I presume?" His voice has a slight rumble to it and is a lovely baritone that makes her shiver a bit. His expression quickly becomes one of amusement and he chuckles low in his throat. "Sorry, but I had a wife a long time ago and have no intention of ever taking another female to my bed." It's like he can read her mind.

"Oh, shoot mister, I'm really sorry. It's just that you're so…" Mouthwateringly tantalizing and oh God, she is embarrassing herself. She flushes in embarrassment and looks away from tall, dark, and good looking.

"I seem to get that a lot." There is a slight note of irritation in his voice with his admission, but it isn't directed at her. She is able to tell that much.

Stepping back a bit, she glances towards him and notices that his hair is cut into a mohawk style, but he doesn't spike it up with gel. Instead, the hair is partially braided along the sides and brushed back. It suits him, she thinks. He is wearing a pair of black jeans, boots and a light grey sleeveless t-shirt. "I really am sorry about that," she apologizes again, to which he just smiles and gives a shake of his head. "And yes, I am Sookie Stackhouse."

"Well, Miss Stackhouse, I am Kyrios Stavros, and I am sure you were told about me?" It is like he is testing her, to make sure that she is authentic in her knowledge.

"Aletheia…" She says the name softly, to which Kyrios nods solemnly. "She said that you would be able to help me master all of my abilities and that you are not an easy person to train under." She doesn't need time to think about her decision. She knows that she has to be stronger this time. "I would like for you to teach me all that you can."

Kyrios remains silent, his expression becoming serious now. He gives Sookie a precursory glance over before he finally nods. "We will start with physical training first thing tomorrow. Right now there is someone you should speak to."

"Sookie? Who's that young man out there with you?" Adele Stackhouse's voice comes from the direction of the front porch, at which a shocked look immediately sweeps over Sookie's face.

She turns to look at her Gran for the first time in what seems like forever, her eyes moistening with tears. She is certain now that she is definitely in the past. Her wish had worked, and her Gran is alive. Without even thinking, she bolts up the stairs and wraps her arms around Gran.

"Sookie, dear?" Adele is taken aback by her granddaughter's sudden hug, but she returns the embrace.

"I'm fine, Gran. I'm just so happy to see you right now." Sookie pulls back after a moment and smiles tearfully up at the Stackhouse matriarch. "It feels like I haven't seen you in forever."

"You've only been outside for a few minutes…" Adele trails off, a frown worrying her weathered face. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm better than okay." Sookie wipes away the tears threatening to spill and she looks back out at Kyrios. "Gran, I'd like to introduce you to a new friend."

Kyrios takes this as his cue to approach and holds out a hand that Adele takes to shake. He surprises her with a quick kiss to her knuckles. "Kyrios Stavros, Mrs. Stackhouse."

"Now, now. None of that. You call me Adele, young man." Her tone is gently chiding and she gives Kyrios a warm smile.

"As you insist, Adele." Kyrios returns her smile with one of his own and lets go of her hand. "Shall we get out of this heat, ladies?"

"Absolutely. Come in and make yourself at home." Adele ushers both Sookie and Kyrios into the house, bustling in after them.

Sookie glances at Kyrios in wonder, as he hasn't received a formal invitation to enter the house, yet he is able to cross the threshold with no problems. She can only wonder just how much different this day walking vampire marvel is. Leading the way into the living room, she sits down on the couch while Kyrios takes a seat on the chair opposite the couch.

"Would you like something to drink?" Adele makes her way into the kitchen, pausing in the doorway to look at her granddaughter with a sharp frown. "Sookie, go put on some clothes."

Sookie blinks then looks back down at her bathing suit, a blush quickly pinking her cheeks. She bolts up from the couch and out of the living room to go upstairs for a change of clothes. Within minutes she was back downstairs in a pair of shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt. "My apologies," she mumbles slightly as she sits back down on the couch next to her Gran. There are glasses of lemonade set out for all of them, and she automatically begins to reach for her glass.

"Fae are allergic to lemons," Kyrios says it quite suddenly, which makes both Stackhouse women pause. Sookie looks confused while there is shock on Adele's face. "You are full Fae now, Sookie, so it would be wise to avoid lemons and iron."

"H-how?" Adele has a hand pressed to her chest while her gaze darts from Kyrios to Sookie and back. "You shouldn't be more than…"

"A quarter Fae?" Sookie withdraws her hand from her glass of lemonade, her own gaze going to her Gran.

"How do you know, Sookie?" There is worry in Adele's tone and a tinge of fear.

"You should tell her the truth, Sookie," Kyrios says it softly, his gaze fixed on Sookie. "Even if it is painful, she should know."

"Gran, out on the porch when I said it felt like I hadn't seen you in a long time… It's because I used the Cluviel Dor in the future. I wished to come back here so…" Sookie pauses here and takes a deep breath as tears prick at her eyes again. "iThe time that I came from, a lot of people, innocent people, died. You were one of them. I hadn't known about the Cluviel Dor then, hadn't found it until much later. It wasn't until Sam Merlotte was accidentally killed did I think about using it. Only, I couldn't just wish back one person… I wanted to see you again too. I wanted to change things for the better."

"Oh, Sookie." Adele sweeps Sookie into a tight hug while she gives a short sob. "My poor baby. You should have told me immediately. Whether you're the same girl who woke up this morning or the one who wished herself here, you're still my granddaughter."

Sookie returns the hug and lets her tears fall, her head coming to rest on her Gran's shoulder. "There's more, Gran. I don't know when, but vampires are going to reveal themselves to the world. It's supposed to happen in the year 2006, and I don't know how close that is."

"Vampires?" There isn't any disbelief in Adele's tone, probably due to her involvement with a fae that led to her descendants having Fae blood. "What will they be like?"

"We drink blood and do not age. That is a common thing among the many different types of vampires. The ones Sookie speaks of are unlike me, however. I can shift my form to one of fourteen different forms I have. Most are the forms of animals, while one is of something I would never show to any other who is not a vampire. Some can shift their shape, but to only one thing, and others cannot shift at all. I can day walk, which only a very few of us can do. All other vampires cannot enter the daylight. There are differing reactions for the others. Some will explode, others burst into flames and some do burn, but they can heal if they are old enough." Kyrios picks up the glass of lemonade in front of him now, drawing their attention to it. He takes a long draught from the glass, emptying it almost halfway. "The day walkers, like myself, are capable of eating and drinking human food and beverages, while all others are required to drink only blood. I can be severely injured and even killed by fire, and in most other cases it would outright kill lesser vampires. Again, for some of them, their age does play a factor. I can be staked, but that would require knowing where I keep my heart."

Where he keeps his heart? Sookie sits up, pulling away from her Gran, while she stares at Kyrios. "Your heart is not in your body?" Can other vampires do this? Can Bill do this?

"It is not. This capability is rare, however, and not something even we elite share with others." Kyrios stares back at Sookie now, noting the look of fear that is in her eyes. "I can assure you the vampires you know of are not capable of removing their hearts from their bodies."

It is a relief to hear that. Sookie slumps back against the couch and closes her eyes. Only a few seconds pass when a thought enters her mind. "Can another vampire, say like the one kind I know of, become like you?" She reopens her eyes and lifts her head to gaze at Kyrios.

"It is certainly possible, and I can tell you that I wasn't always this way either. I earned it, but those are details that you do not need to hear." Kyrios sets his glass down and leans back in his chair.

"Oh, this is all so interesting. You don't look very old, but how old are you now?" Adele looks rather excited, enthusiasm lighting her face up.

"I am four thousand and thirty years old. I was born in Ancient Greece, seventh generation in my tribe of escaped Thracian slaves. I was thirty-three when I started to become a vampire after an incident with neighboring tribes that resulted in my father's death. He was the chief of our tribe." There is more to the story, but Kyrios doesn't say anything further.

"What were vampires like back then?" Sookie asks this question, because if there are different types…

"Most, if not all back then, did not have a human form. I believe I was one of the first humans to become a vampire, but that didn't make me the oldest one. The ones that came before, though, I completely eradicated after my wife was abducted, tortured, raped, and killed by a neighboring village that was harboring an Old One." His expression becomes a little cold here, his memories obviously resurfacing.

"Oh, I'm so sorry…" Sookie knows then that it is a sore subject. He had mentioned having a wife out in the yard, but for her to have such a brutal end…

"It is in the past, Sookie, and I had my time to mourn her passing with our sons. She fought, but they had overpowered her in the end." A glimmer of a smile passes over his face and afterward his expression shifts to neutral. "Her name was Phaidra."

"That's a pretty name," Adele comments sincerely. "And your boys?"

"Iairos and Arastos." It is obvious that they had been his pride and joy with the way his expression softens as he spoke of them. "They grew well and had children of their own. They ruled our tribe and helped it prosper, it was more than I could have ever hoped for."

"They sound like they were fine young men." Adele beams, her eyes slightly misting while she studies Kyrios. "Now, Kyrios, what is your interest in my Sookie?"

Kyrios glances over to Sookie then back to Adele. "I have no romantic interest toward her, just to be clear, so you will have no worries there. I was asked to train her and help her master her fae powers by one of my progeny. Sookie knows that I will not be an easy person to train under and has accepted my offered services. For this training to take place, however, she will need to leave her job and stay with me for quite some time. I can make allowances, for her to visit with her family, but not much else than that. I understand that this will put a considerable financial strain on your family, Adele, so to make up for the loss of her income I will gladly provide for you and your home. This is not charity, so please do not mistake what I will give you for compensation as such."

Sookie opens her mouth to argue, but she quickly shuts it with a look from her Gran. She can't leave her job! But her training takes top priority.

"Her training will be intense enough that she can't work," Adele concludes, nodding to herself as she thinks everything over. She doesn't like Sookie having to work so hard for what she is already making at Merlotte's, and she knows that Sookie deserves so much better than what Bon Temps can ever offer her. "I would like to see her every Sunday if you don't mind."

A smirk lifts the corner of Kyrios' mouth and there is a gleam in his eyes. "Adele, she will be here for the weekends, and she will receive five thousand a month for giving up her time to me."

Sookie is at a profound loss for words, her mouth dropping open in utter shock. Five thousand a month? For training? It is unbelievable. "I… I can't accept that much."

"Sookie, don't argue with the nice man. Five thousand a month is a perfectly reasonable amount," Adele cuts in. "Now, young man, could you show us one of your forms?"

"Certainly," Kyrios says with a smile, his tone amused. Just as quick as they can blink he is gone from his seat and in his place sits a dark brown wolf with hazel eyes.

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