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FBI BAU Quantico, Virginia - December 15th, 2004 – Early Evening

"Pretty boy, I don't know what happened to you out there with him, but what was that in there?" Derek Morgan, Supervisory Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Behavioral Analysis Unit stares at him with something akin to concern and worry. The matter of the question refers to his interaction with the Unsub not even moments ago, and if they knew of how deeply involved he is with the man they wouldn't let Spencer see him to start with.

"Even if I explained it, none of you would understand or believe what I have to say." His gaze goes to Aaron Hotchner—who is watching him with a scowl of concentration—to Elle Greenaway—who merely looks saddened. "You're thinking I'm a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, but it's a lot more complicated than that."

"Reid, if it isn't Stockholm Syndrome then what is it? Explain to us what we saw you doing in there with Seth Gecko." Hotchner speaks this time, a plead for understanding in his tone.

Spencer's mind drifts back to ten minutes ago when he had just convinced the BAU team to let him go talk to their Unsub alone. Jason Gideon, Morgan, and Hotchner had volunteered to watch from the observation room, but their presence there hadn't been enough to dissuade him from what had occurred.

The lights in the room are brighter than normal, or so it seems to his now more sensitive than usual eyesight. Seated at the interrogation table, with his hands cuffed to the underside, is one Seth Gecko. A glare mars the man's features, which quickly softens into a look of concern at the sight of Spencer. "Are you okay, baby?" Is the very first thing out of Seth's mouth, his voice thick with emotion.

"A little bruised from earlier, but otherwise fine, Seth," Spencer speaks in a soft tone, his gaze flicking to the mirrored observation window. He notes the quick flash of anger that steals over Seth's face at the mention of him being bruised so he turns his full attention to him. "I'm okay, Seth. They haven't hurt me." Spencer adds quickly in that still soft tone.

"I'll rip them apart if they do," Seth promises darkly, shifting in his seat while his black gaze sweeps over Spencer's lithe form. He inhales deeply and after a moment a look of satisfaction replaces his anger. "Come here, baby."

It is an order, and he knows what will happen if he complies with it. Still, that doesn't stop Spencer from walking around the table to where Seth is. He can hear Hotch and Gideon behind the window, at first questioning what he is doing before the realization sets in. They won't have very long so Spencer knows he will have to make it count. Leaning down, he catches Seth's mouth with his own and kisses him desperately, hungrily.

There is a slight, almost unheard grating noise and then the chains holding the handcuffs together snap. Hands freed, Seth wraps his arms around Spencer's waist and pulled the lithe man onto his lap right as the door to the interrogation room bursts open. Vaguely aware of Spencer tensing slightly, he pays the two agents no mind and deepens the kiss, a hand shifting to tangle in Spencer's hair.

"Reid! Let him go, you bastard!" Hotchner orders, his gun drawn and aimed at Seth. The unit chief looks angry, and a bit confused. Gideon, however, looks lost while he also draws his gun and aims at Seth.

It is Seth who breaks the kiss, his gaze penetrating Spencer's while he touches their foreheads together. "I'll be fine, baby," he whispers, wishing that he doesn't have to let go of Spencer. He does so, reluctantly, and watches with an angry scowl as Hotchner pulls Spencer out of the interrogation room by his arm. Gideon remains behind, gun still trained on him.

"It was reassurance," Spencer finally says in a soft voice, his gaze downcast as he comes back to the present. None of them can understand, they are still under the delusion that he is experiencing Stockholm Syndrome. It is rather the opposite, the circumstances surrounding him and Seth are so complicated and so very unbelievable.

"Reid, how is that not Stockholm Syndrome?" Elle asks, that sad look still on her face.

Spencer flicks his chocolate gaze towards her for a few seconds then shifts to get more comfortable in his seat. "If I'm going to try to convince you of anything I will need to start at the beginning."

"When he first abducted you?" Morgan asks, to which Spencer gives a slight shake of his head.

"When I first met Seth Gecko and his brother."

Mohave Mental Health – June 23rd, 1995

If there is one thing that he knows it is that his mother needs to be committed, that she needs help. Everything is bearable for the time being, and while he is going to college at the age of fourteen—has been since he was twelve—he isn't legally old enough to live on his own, let alone get emancipated. Not that he has any desire to become emancipated in less than two years. He can wait until he turns eighteen.

Slowly browsing over the pamphlet for the Mohave Mental Health facility, even though he has an eidetic memory and can already recite everything on the glossy foldout, Spencer Reid wants to be sure of the decision he knows he will have to make in less than three and a half years. Walking aimlessly down the halls of the facility as he reads and re-reads the words on the pamphlet, he is quite suddenly brought out of his thoughts when an arm circles tightly around his waist, and another is slid around his neck. Then there is the yelling.

"Let him go, Richard!" It is the voice of one of the orderlies he had passed in his wandering.

"No! He's one of them!" Richard frantically cries out as he tightens his grip around Spencer's neck. He forces them to back up against a wall, leaving Spencer no choice but to let Richard, who most certainly is a patient here at the facility, drag him along.

The pamphlet flutters to the floor where they had been standing, Spencer watching its descent for a moment. He reaches up to grab the arm around his neck, his gaze shifting from the pamphlet to the orderlies, nurses, and doctors that have come to try and get him out of this situation. 1nfolk It had been a few hours she knelt in room of the cabin, a bundle of clean towels in her nfolk It had been a few hours Everyone looks so distraught, he notes almost absently.

"Richie, you need to do as they say," a new voice warns, this one younger than any of the staff working at the Mental Health facility. The tone is one that brooks no argument from the recipient of the order.

Spencer shifts his gaze to the newcomer, a young man no older than twenty-one. His skin is tanned like he does work outside, but a glance at his hands reveals that they aren't very calloused from a hard labor job. Spencer pushes that detail aside as he observes the rest of the young man, clothed in all black, which is an odd choice for the time of year and the fact that they are in Las Vegas, Nevada. It certainly isn't a cool day out. The last important detail he takes in is the dark, almost black hair cut in the Roman style and a pair of intense black eyes that are filled with worry.

Richard's grasp on Spencer loosens enough for the fourteen-year-old to slip a hand between the patient's forearm and his throat. Even though he can now keep Richard from choking him, possibly at least, it doesn't help with the arm wrapped around his waist.

"But Seth, he's one of them!" Richard whines and retightens his grasp on Spencer.

"Richie, let him go!" The command is spoken in a sharp tone, anger flashing in Seth's eyes at the patient's failure to comply. "This isn't how we do things, Richie, now let the kid go!" The worry is back, most likely for the patient, Spencer deduces, and not for himself.

A long moment passes where nothing happens and then he is suddenly free, a hand roughly shoving at his back. Richard is unhappy with the outcome. Stumbling forwards from the force of the shove, Spencer is ready to brace himself for hitting the floor, an instinct born from constant bullying during his time in high school, when the young man shoots forward and catches him.

"Christ, Richie! You can't do shit like this!" Seth reprimands as he helps Spencer regain his balance, letting him go once he is steady. Richard merely gives him a baleful glare, betrayal in his expression as the facility staff swarms around him and proceeds to take him away. "Hey, kid, are you alright?" Seth turns his attention to Spencer, concern, and worry etched into his features.

"I'm fine," Spencer responds in a soft tone. "I've gone through worse in high school." It is the truth, but his statement seems to confuse the young man. "I graduated from high school when I was twelve. They picked on me because of how much younger I was than them, and because my IQ is 187."

Seth blinks at the new, unwarranted information, which actually explains a lot. "How old are you, kid, and why are you in a place like this? You seem fine…" Not like Richard, the patient, whom Seth seems familiar with. Richard is likely his brother.

"I'm fourteen, my name is Spencer, and…" Spencer goes silent for a few seconds, his gaze dropping to the floor. Under his foot is the pamphlet he had been reading. "I was trying to decide on a place for my mother to get treated at for when I turn eighteen. She has Schizophrenia." His voice drops down to a whisper as he states his mother's illness. "I don't think this is the right place for her."

Seth is blinking again, absorbing all of the information Spencer has given him, his expression becoming one of sorrow as he glances down the hall to where his brother has been taken. "I'm really sorry about Richie, Spencer. He's sick, and I…" There is guilt evident in his tone. "I never wanted him to come here. Our parents had him committed here after he had done some things… I don't think any of it is helping him though."

"The help won't work unless he actually wants to be helped," Spencer comments softly, watching a range of emotions cross Seth's face. "Talk to your parents. See if they'll consider giving you custody of your brother."

Seth pauses at that, a strange look on his face at the idea Spencer has given him. "I'll do that. Thanks for the advice, Spencer." With that, the young man turns and walks in the direction opposite of where Richard has been taken.

Spencer blinks then gives a slight shake of his head. Lifting his foot off of the pamphlet, even though he has decided against sending his mother here in the future, he bends over and picks the glossy foldout up off of the ground. He mentally crosses Mohave Mental Health off of his list. Next is the Bennington Sanitarium.

December 15th, 2004

"You inspired Seth Gecko to go and murder his parents?" The question comes from Agent Hotchner, his face creasing with a troubled frown.

"Well, yes, I suppose I did." Like he'd have known then that Seth's intentions would have been to murder his parents just to get custody of his brother. He'd certainly been old enough to get custody of his brother, which the age requirement was that the person seeking custody of someone who wasn't their own child be twenty-one years of age or older.

"Why didn't you say anything about having met him when we started this case?" Elle asks and the sad look in her eyes is replaced with one of irritation. "It would have helped our profile!"

"Agent Greenaway," Hotchner turns to her, a note of warning in his voice and his posture. "Go get some air."

Elle opens her mouth to argue then snaps it shut and casts a glance at Spencer. He stares back, his face unnervingly blank. "Fine," she intones curtly, tearing her gaze away from Spencer before she turns on her heel and leaves the conference room.

"While it would have helped in building Seth's profile it wouldn't have helped us to track both of them together. Yes, he was protective of Richard, but that only went so far." Spencer speaks quietly now, his gaze going from Elle's retreating back to Hotchner and Morgan. "Things changed."

"Okay, pretty boy, what changed so that Seth was no longer protective of Richard?" Morgan sits forward in his chair, a hand reaching across the table for Spencer.

Spencer eyes his hand warily then shifts his chair away from the table. "In order to understand everything you need to hear what we both have to say. The answers to all of your questions will be there, but you need both of us to fill in the gaps."

"No," Hotchner says immediately. It is understandable, considering the interrogation room incident. Still, it is necessary.

Spencer opens his mouth to say something, anything, to convince Hotch otherwise, but immediately shuts it as the BAU Section Chief Erin Strauss strides into the conference room, a grim expression on her face. Everyone turns to look at her, an unreadable expression on Hotch's face.

"Agent Hotchner, we cannot hold or question Spencer Reid and Seth Gecko. You need to let both of them go immediately." A look of anger flits across Strauss's face as her gaze passes over Spencer as if this is somehow his fault. "Probationary Agent Reid, you are hereby fi-"

"You cannot fire Agent Reid," a curt voice interrupts, everyone's gaze going to the doorway of the room where a blonde woman in a business suit stands. Her piercing blue eyes study Spencer for a moment then she gives him a condescending look. "That will be for the Council to decide."

Spencer blinks, not understanding what is going on, nor does he understand the strange vibe he is picking up from this stranger. There is something off about her, but he can't quite place his finger on it.

"Chief Strauss, who-" Hotchner starts to speak but is suddenly cut off when the woman gives him a sharp look.

"Nan Flanagan. Everything else is classified and need-to-know, which none of you here need-to-know." Her tone is snide and her expression arrogant, and the look she gives everyone is as if she thinks them all beneath her. "Agent Reid, go acquire your lover and bring him with you to the lobby."

Spencer stares at Nan, trying to figure her out when she narrows her eyes in irritation. He quickly gets up and leaves the conference room, leaves his former team and friends behind. He reaches the interrogation room to find a morose Gideon standing outside of the door. Gideon glances at him then quickly looks away. "Gideon, I-"

"Just take the Unsub and go, kid." Gideon's tone is flat as he moves away from the interrogation room door.

Spencer finds himself suddenly blinking back a few tears at the coldness from Gideon. Swallowing forcefully, he opens the door to the interrogation room to find Seth sitting in the chair opposite from earlier looking smug. "Seth…"

As soon as the man hears his name he springs up from his seat and approaches Spencer. The traces of tears doesn't go unnoticed and a scowl twists Seth's features as he pulls Spencer into his arms. "What's wrong, Spencer?" There is a hint of a growl in Seth's already gravelly voice, his body going rigid with anger. He rarely uses Spencer's name anymore, so the young Agent knows just how serious Seth is.

"Nothing, Seth. Let's just go." Spencer hates lying to Seth, and he knows the man can tell when he is lying, but thankfully Seth lets go of the matter. He starts to pull away from the man but finds himself suddenly getting scooped up.

"We'll talk about it later then, baby." Seth gives him a piercing look, to which Spencer nods, then proceeds to carry him out of the BAU. They only stop to meet up with Nan in the lobby, who sniffs at them condescendingly then jerks her head towards the exit.

"Thanks to you two we have to push back our plans by a whole goddamn year so we can look into the mess you two made and clean it up," Nan mutters hotly while she leads them outside to where a long black limousine is waiting for them.

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