I Like It Rough

BY : miss_mystery
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Clara Taylor had been in love with Damon Salvatore for over a century now and she was bored. Not of him, she loved him, she was bored in the bedroom. They had good sex, he always gave her an orgasm, but she was just craving more. That's why they were standing outside of the sociopath himself's house, Kai Parker. "Are you sure?" Damon asked her. "I want this, you agreed to let me pick someone to add to the mix, and I picked him." She turned her body away from his and guided it towards the door. She laid down three simple knocks before the door was opened by the sex god that was Kai. "Are you ready to do this?" He asked Clara with a cheeky grin. "As ready as I'll ever be." She responded. All of a sudden, she got a vibration that started at the top of her head and went all the way down to her nether regions. She let out a small moan as her vampire boyfriend gave Kai a questionable look. "What?" He asked with an innocent look on his face. "A little magic never hurt to change things up a little." Kai dragged her in the house and towards the bedroom as Damon followed. The vibrations in Clara's body stopped as she wined at the comfort that disappeared along with it. "Get on the bed." Kai ordered her. "Now." She did as he commanded and plopped down on it. Kai turned around to get something as Damon leaned forward and heavily started to make out with her, causing another whimper to fall from her mouth. "Okay you two, knock it off. I got something to kick this up a notch." Kai reappeared, this time with a bundle of rope in his hand. He took the rope and tied her arms to the bed frame, before moving down to her legs, tying them as far apart as they would go. She soon felt a shiver go down her entire body, before she realized her clothes had vanished. She was butt naked in front of the two, most possibly sexy men in the world, and she couldn't think of anything better. Damon moved his mouth back to her lips as she greedily kissed him back, with probably double the fever. More whimpers fell out of her mouth as she felt an intense amount of pleasure down at her bundle of nerves. Damon just kissed her ever harder to muffle her moans before moving down to her neck. She didn't know who was giving her more pleasure, Kai or Damon. At this moment, she honestly didn't care. She saw Kai remove his pants and his rock hard member pop up. It was almost as big as Damon's (9 inches in length) but it was thicker, which made up for it. He used his magic to continue her pleasure on her clit as he forcily shoved himself into her, no warning needed. Her body eagerly accepted him, her tight walls stretching to accommodate him. Being a vampire, she was able to heal quickly, making her pussy virgin tight anytime it was fucked. She knew Kai was enjoying himself as well, as she watched his eyes roll into the back of his head and a string of curse words leave his mouth. She had almost forgotten about Damon, until she felt his familiar cock press at the side of her mouth. She eagerly opened it and he shoved it in, causing her to take his 10 1/2 inches all at once. She gagged at his size, but happily swallowed the precum that had gathered on his tip. The pleasure was becoming immense as the two men used her body, rough, just how she liked it. Her first orgasm came and rocked her whole body, causing her to temporarily black out, but she quickly came to as she continued mouth fucking her boyfriend. Damon cumed in her mouth, as she happily swallowed his salty seed, loving the taste of it. He pulled out and made sure to dump the rest on her face, as she loved the look of a cum loving slut. "I wanna try something new." He informed her. She didn't even let him tell her what before she hungrily nodded her head, needing more. He whispered something to Kai, who was quick to agree, as he pulled out of her as well. She whined at the emptiness they had left her with, before the two men flipped her over, laying her belly on the bed. Kai used his magic to fix her restraints, and conjured a ball gag into her mouth, which she gagged on in suprise. Soon, she felt Kai renter her pussy as Damon slid his fingers up and down her ass crack. "I promise, you'll love this baby." Then, he plunged a finger into her backside, causing her to yelp in pain, before her body once again became overwhelmed in pleasure. "Please, more!" She yelled out as Kai continued to fuck her faster, while Damon ignored her. "Beg for it." He whispered in a voice only her vampiric hearing could pick up. "Please, Damon!" She begged. "Please fuck me in the ass! I need it! I need to be fucked like an anal slut! Please!" Soon, Damon complied to her requests and plunged himself in, despite her protests to stop. "Nope, you're gonna take this like the slut you convinced me you are!" He continued to plunge himself in, until his balls touched her backside. The pain was once again replaced by pleasure as her moans grew 100 times louder. Kai took this as incentive to magically enlarge his dick to 12 inches, she could feel it, as another mind-numbing orgasm encased her body. "GOD!!" She yelled out as she felt cum explode out of both her pussy and her ass. Damon and Kai each followed closely behind, Kai dumping his seed in her pussy, using his magic to give him way more cum then needed, as Damon exploded in her ass, giving her exactly what she needed. The two men pulled out as she rolled over to the side, completely exhausted. "Round two?" Damon asked Kai, who nodded his head. Clara didn't think she could take anymore, but the men refused to stop. They used her repeatedly during the night, never giving her a chance to rest, until every part of her body was covered in cum. "This was what I was talking about when I said I wanted to spice things up." She told Damon before passing out cold, feeling completely and utterly satisfied.

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