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Supergirl's whole day brightened when Superman landed in front of her. Oblivious to the young kryptonian, and quickly to her horror, she didn't know that it wasn't her cousin Clark, but it was the Justice Lord Superman. Momentary confusion at her cousin's new black-and-white costume crossed her smiling face. Before her pouting lips could ask why he changed costumes, the much more powerful Superman from the alternate evil universe's eyes glowed red and his heat vision flashed out with all intensity the kryptonian could muster. In less than a nanosecond two holes bored into Kara Danvers' skull and the now vulnerable brain of the Maid of Might melted. Her nearly unbeatable muscles give way to her weight and she drops to her knees, her fuckable mouth going slack and her brilliant eyes unfocus, staring at nothing in particular, her kryptonian biology keeping her body alive but entirely braindead.

Emerging from the interdimensional portal behind Superman, Justice Lord Wonder Woman stands beside her husband, resting her strong hands nearly worshipfully on his left arm as she looks on with disdain at the brainless woman on her knees, "Was that necessary, love? You know they fuck better before they're braindead."

Superman walks forward and collects the limp form of Kara Danvers, slinging the beauty over his shoulder with no challenge at all, and says, "You have other pets to play with, Diana. This one is to breed pure-blooded kryptonians with."

Mostly ignoring the fleeting look of jealousy on his wife's face, Superman, with his new breeding fuckdoll alternate-reality cousin slung over his shoulder, heads back through the portal to his own dimension. This world would never learn what happened to one of it's greatest defenders, while in another world the braindead Kara Danvers' womb would play host to the rise of the kryptonian race.

Euron Greyjoy's strong hands curled in the brown hair of Asha Greyjoy's severed head. He grinned down at his niece's blank expression as he fucked his massive cock in-and-out of her slack mouth. He glanced at the severed body of his niece being passed amongst the other ironborn as he trembled and came, cum flowing out her severed throat and loose lips. After a moment he panted, dropping the head with a thud onto the rocky ground of the Iron Islands.

"She should have known she wouldn't win the Kingsmoot."

Rue Bennett felt euphoric. She was laying on her bed, squirming at the height of pleasure. Everything was fuzzy, slow, and intense. Her hands roamed over her body, cupping her her chocolate-colored breasts and giving them a squeeze, pinching her nipples at the very end of the caress. Every sensation burned like fire, such beautiful fire. The world began to spin harder, and slow down further.

Her stomach was the center of the feeling, and it started to complain and growl. The teen tried to lift herself from the bed, but her head was pounding and the very moment she tried to stand up, her legs gave out and she collapsed to the floor of her bedroom with a heavy thud. No, on second thought maybe she wouldn't get up, and just lay down here. Maybe she'd just...take a little nap.

Rue's hazel eyes closed, and the blackness consumed her. Deep in the fentanyl overdose, her stomach revolted and, with a gurgling gasp, the troubled teen vomited. Or at least, tried to. It was there in her bedroom that Rue Bennett choked to death on her own vomit, her sister Gia finding her less than an hour later. Her older sister's dark skin paled with blue sickness of death. Sickly green vomit filling her mouth and dribbling down her nude chest. Her eyes, unseeing and vacant in death, were staring right at the little girl.

She screamed loud enough to wake the neighbors.

Ygritte's moans of passion from her vigorous fucking turned to gurgles of horror as Jon Snow's strong hands wrap around her pale and skinny neck. Her dirty fingernails clawing and scraping at the black moleskin of his gloves fail to yield a single chance to allow her to breathe. Her struggles weaken until she hangs limp in Jon Snow's hands and he shakes in orgasmic climax, his cum boiling deep inside her already cooling dead cunt. When his hands release her bruised neck, her ginger-haired corpse slumps forward onto the cold and unyielding ground, unmourned.

"I know how to fucking kill a wilding cunt," Jon Snow says as he smirks and tightens up his black pants, before continuing back to Castle Black.

He didn't know which one of the Osgoods was the real Osgood and which one was the evil Zygon copy. In the end, it didn't matter. He had a job to do and, after a day of torture, he had the answer he was looking for. Too bad the he started with the human one first. Her armless, legless, and eyeless corpse wouldn't be found until morning dawned. At least the Zygon whore wouldn't get away.

The man loaded his gun and slipped into the Zygon's bitch's flat. The neighbors in the flats around the monster never even reported the gunshot.

Bound and gagged, Arya Stark was dragged out of her room in the House of Black and White and dropped into the cauldron. As the Waif slammed the lid down and locked it securely, Jaquen H'ghar drops the flaming torch onto the firewood stacked around the pot, setting it ablaze. Soon the water will come to a boil and another soul will be sent to the Stranger.

Melisandre screamed as Stannis stepped forward to the pole she was tied to, grim expression set on his face. As he walked he shed his tunic, pants, and boots off. In a short time Melisandre's screams, begging for forgiveness, echoed into the night. She screamed long until her voice went silent, and then there was only the sound of the flames.

After her adopted father turned Claire Bennet into the Company when required, the blonde cheerleader spent months being tortured to discover the extent of her powers. There wasn't a bone in her body that hasn't been broken, a limb that hasn't been severed, along with both her eyes being gouged out, her tongue removed, her creamy flawless skin flayed. All of this had the unfortunate effect of breaking her psyche, a wound that even Claire's impressive cellular healing could never fix.

Director Thompson convinced Linderman that instead of the Haitian wiping her mind and allowing her to become an agent, she would much better serve the Company as an eternal torture slave. That is how the gorgeous immortal blonde cheerleader ended up a brainless fuckslave, the perfect stress relief for an agent of the Company to beat their frustrations out with. Even her father Noah took the opportunity presented, and leaves a load of messy cum inside her forever-teen cunt every week, every time fucking her regenerating virginity away from her.

Daenerys Targaryen was barely paying attention as Jorah prattled on about how good of a ruler she'd make as the pair walked the city of Astapor. She knew it, so why did the old man need to keep saying it? She was thankful when he veered off slightly, heading off towards a cloaked man who was tailing them both, stopping whoever it was before they could get close. Her purple eyes were on the little girl with the ball, giggling as she runs before the Khaleesi. Finally the girl stopped a few feet ahead of Daenerys and rolled the little brown ball towards her. Daenerys smooths her blue royal gown and stoops low, picking the wooden ball up. Enjoying the chance to almost be a normal person again, Danny grins and unscrews the ball at the child's direction.

She barely had time to register the spindly legs that unfolded from inside the ball as the green manticore leaped out, sinking its deadly stinger into her flawless face. Immediately the pain was like nothing she had ever endured before. Normally a blade coated in a single manticore dose would kill a man if it even scratches them, and Daenerys Targaryen received much more than a small scratch. A full dose was injected right into her flawless royal face, nearly directly into her brain.

The spasms started immediately, and she falls backward in a wild seizure with a heavy thud as her tiny body hits the ground. Already the venom was invading her brain and her vision was a prism of wild colors, while nothing but pain registered in her delirious mind's last thoughts. Her body writhed on the ground, but it was the mindless spasms of death. Her heart had already stopped, and in mere moments Daenerys Targaryen lay dead in the streets of Astapor, her destiny lost before it really began.

The best thing about owning an immortal toy is that it will never break, no matter how much you mistreat it. For example, it once slipped the Doctor's mind for a hundred years that he left Me strapped into a sex machine. When the thought resurfaced, he rushed to his fifth sex dungeon room where he saw that sometime during the last decade the machine had gone haywire and nearly obliterated the perpetually young Me's internal organs. For nearly ten years the rhythmic mechanical dildo has been bashing her stomach and bowels into a red paste, giving her intermittent and normally-lethal electric shocks. Her mind was just as ruined, and she was comatose laying trapped in the straps of the fucking machine. Just a few minutes free saw the bitch start to heal and her mind start to mend itself. Pleased, the Doctor loosened his pants and pulled out his cock, ready to play with his toy again, glad that it could never really break.

There was no way for Liv Moore to have known the brain she had eaten earlier today didn't just belong to an innocent car crash victim. The previous owner of the brain was actually an uncaught serial killer.  In the end, the deep instinctual need couldn't be resisted by Liv and that is how she found herself sneaking behind the nearest vulnerable woman she knew, her best friend Peyton, as her soon-to-be victim sat on the couch watching TV. The garrote wire slipped effortlessly around the lithe and beautiful lawyer's neck and with the pale-as-death Liv's undead strength, tightened so hard it dig deep and bloody into the beautiful woman's tanned skinned.

Peyton Charles' fingers clawed bloodily at her own neck, then back at her unseen assailant, scratching uselessly against the sleeves of the sweatshirt her killer best friend was wearing. The dying woman never saw the streak of black fill the veins on Liv's face, nor the flaring red her eyes became. As Liv entered Full On Zombie Mode, the garrote wire tightened so hard with superhuman strength it sawed through Peyton's neck and the her whole head toppled forward onto her lap, her long hair spilling down past her legs. The severed head blinked up at Liv and her own headless twitching corpse for a few moments of horrible lucidity before life left her eyes entirely.

"Prove to me that you're a real live girl, Dolores."

Dolores Abernathy shouted her defiance back at Logan's face in her anger and rage. The massive knife in his hand flashed out, sinking deep into Dolores' stomach. The bandits holding her released her arms and she crumbled to the dusty ground. She cradled the open gash in her stomach and her blue eyes stared in horror at the mechanical pumps and pistons within. Dolores Abernathy lifted her bloody red hands into her vision, her hands shaking in human fear. Her blue eyes lifted further to stare at the man towering above her, but the only thing she saw was the merciless depths of the pistol's barrel pointed at face. She never heard the gun fire and was dead before her synthetic body hit the dirt.

Major Samantha Carter ran towards the gate, Goa'uld staff weapon fire blasting rapidly, but inaccurately from behind her. She had been separated by the Jaffa patrol from the rest of SG-1, and she had decided to complete her mission and return to Stargate Command to report on Ba'al's secret base here on PX-2424. One of the zaps from a firing staff weapon came particularly close to striking her and she tripped, tumbling to the ground with a painful grunt. It didn't stop her, and she quickly clambored to her feet to continue her run to the DHD under heavy fire from inaccurate Jaffa. Once there, Sam punched in the gate coordinates back to Earth on the DHD, then typed in the access code on her GDO as she ran up to the swirling blue portal of the Stargate.

Without a moment of hesitation, she plunged through the open wormhole.

Unfortunately for Major Carter, she would never emerge from the other side of the universe. Unbeknownst to her, when she fell to the ground just seconds ago, one of the wires inside of the GDO had been jostled loose and the device failed to send its message to open the iris protecting Earth's Stargate. When the molecules of Major Samantha Carter tried to rematerialize on the other side of the wormhole, all that occured was a heavy thud against the protective seal, signalling the sudden and abrupt end to one of the most important lives on Earth.

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