He Likes Control

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“What about Lindsey?” Rory whispered. She couldn’t believe that he was really here. How could all these feelings be coming back? They were overwhelming, drowning her, the room faded away and Dean’s wonderful face was the only thing that she could see.

“It’s over,” Dean mumbled. The space between them started to evaporate, no one was moving, but nevertheless he was definitely getting closer.

“It’s over” She echoed “I can’t believe this is…” Dean’s arm was around her waist, the other stroking her hair. “I can’t believe that we’re…” 

“I can” 

Then their lips touched and everything left her mind. All she could feel was passion and lust. They fell onto the bed, their lips never parting. Dean had never kissed her like this before, there was so much ecstasy, and heat. Rory’s hands were locked in his mane of hair, claiming him as hers. He explored her body with his hands, trying to pull her dress up to feel her legs. Rory lifted her bottom so the dress would pull up. Every time his hands touched a new spot shivers were sent down her spine. She released her hands from his hair and began to rub down his chest. Dean had always been fit but working construction the last few months had really done wonders to his physique. His muscles were so tight and rigid. One hand continued to move down until she felt the bulge in his pants. 

She felt him tense for just a moment, he pulled back and looked into her eyes. “Are you sure?” he questioned “I don’t want to take you where you are not ready.” She answered by giving him a smirk and  grabbing his cock through his pants. She then pulled him back on top of her with her other hand thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Dean took this as the consent it was and became lost in the pure lust. He yanked off her underwear and placed one hand over her opening. She knew he could feel the heat from it based on the look he gave her. She could feel how wet she was and pushed herself closer to his hand inviting it in. Dean began to stroke her clit and opening, moving her wetness around. Each stroke made the fire in her core build. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress. Dean used his free hand to help her out of it and her bra. He kissed and suckled on her breasts taking her breath away. 

Continuing his advances Dean gutted “Do you trust me?” 

“What?” Rory breathed

Dean pushed his fingers into her and repeated slowly “Do, you, trust, me?”

“Yes” she nodded.

Dean stopped what he was doing and sat up looking around. Rory groaned, wanting his fingers back where they had been, the heat beginning to wane. Dean spotted her scarves on the coat rack in the corner and grabbed two of them coming back to the bed. “I’ve learned a few things since we were together,” He said slyly “Give me your hand.” Rory lifted one of her arms and Dean took it bringing up her other wrist and tying them tightly together with the scarf. Rory gasped as he tightened it. 

Dean raised an eyebrow with a smirk “You still trust me?” 

“With my life” replied Rory not pulling away. Dean took the other scarf and tied her wrists to one of the bedposts, leaving her wrists tightly bound but hanging partway down the headboard. Rory pulled on them to test, they didn’t budge. “Where did you learn this?!” 

“Shh, I told you, I’ve learned a few things. And from here on out you will not speak unless spoken to.”  He gently yet firmly grabbed her chin and lifted her head so their eyes met. “Do you understand?” 

Rory  opened her mouth about to protest but decided against it nodding

“That would be where you respond with ‘Yes Sir”

Rory’s eyes widened but she whispered “Ye-Yes Sir”

She could see Dean’s eyes soften with love, but there was a firmness behind it as well. Rory’s heart fluttered in slight fear, but also excitement. She had never dreamed of something like this but trusted Dean not to hurt her. 

Dean had refocused on her torso and was milking the sight in, Rory somewhat self conscious of her body started to squirm. The smirk returned to Deans face as he lowered his head to her chest taking her nipple into his mouth. 

“Ahaah” this was too much for Rory. She had never felt these pangs below her stomach before. Each movement Dean made was an explosion in her mind. She heard him chuckle as a slight pain twinged from the nipple. “Did you just bite me?!” She yelped

“Did you just speak?” Dean asked, raising his head.  Rory’s eyes widened as she realized what she had done. 

“I’m sorry, I’m not used to this. You know how much I talk! Do you realize how hard it is for me not to talk? I talk 24/7; I can out talk my mother at times, believe it!”

“You’re only making it worse now. I would advise you to shut your mouth, unless you want your punishment to be worse.”

If Rory’s eyes could get bigger they would have. “Bi-bi….” But she cut herself off and pursed her lips together as he raised his eyebrows. He slipped his arms under her waist and hips and easily flipped her over. She was now faced down on the bed with her bottom exposed.  Now she understood why there was some slack in the wrist ties, so he could move her as he pleased. She turned her head to look at him again, while she had resituated herself he had found her hairbrush on her desk. She wanted to shout “What are you going to do with that?!” but she refrained herself. 

“I am going to go very easy on you this time. I am taking into consideration your newness to this. However that does not mean that this is not a punishment. Do you understand?”

She swallowed before saying, “Yes Sir, I understand.” She closed her eyes and turned her face back into the pillow. She may not have any experience with this but that didn’t mean she didn’t have an imagination. She was quite certain she knew where this was going. 

Dean began to rub her bottom, increasing in speed and roughness. Soon he began to grab it as he rubbed, Rory began to hope that he had become distracted and forgotten why he flipped her; when without warning:


“Ahh!” Rory cried out, more from shock than pain. Though there was a stinging left behind.

In a calm reserved voice Dean emphasised “I would like for you to count, help me keep track of how many welts you get. If we lose count, I will have to start over. We wouldn’t want that now do we?” Rory shook her head no, trying to figure out how she was going to survive the ones he was planning on, much less starting over. You are only getting 4 more for speaking out, bringing it to a total of 5” Relief began to creep through her but was quickly cut off when he finished saying “And 10 more for your little rant. I hope it was worth it.” 

Rory had never been so scared and turned on in her life. 

CRACK “ahh!” she cried again “O-One” 

“Good, though that was number two dear,”



“Three! Four!” Rory groaned sharply 

Dean began to rub her bottom again, giving it a short reprise. Followed quickly by 5 more in secession. Rory was trying to be good and keep up with the count. She wanted to make Dean proud; she wanted this to be over. Finally there was one left, her backside was burning from the abuse it had suffered; Dean paused to rub it more.


“Fifteen!” Rory gasped and released the tension she didn’t realize she had been holding.  

“Just so you know,” Dean started slowly turning her back over “It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad if you stay relaxed. Something to do with the muscles being able to flow with it or something.” He kissed her gently. Rory nodded, not sure if that was an acceptable time to speak or not; and NOT wanting to go through that again. Dean chuckled and kissed her nose. “Seems like you got the idea. Let’s continue where we left off.”  Dean brought his head back to her chest, this time focusing on her other breast and quickly biting again. After the initial pang of pain, she realized it actually felt a little good. As Dean continued assaulting her chest his hand made its way down her torso till he found her opening once again. 

“My, my” he began “If you weren’t wet before you definitely are now.” he raised his hand to where she could see the wetness. “I guess you liked that punishment more than it seemed” Rory’s felt her entire body heat up in embarrassment.

Dean smiled again and nipped her breast causing Rory to gasp again. “Don’t be embarrassed love, that’s a good thing.” He put his hand back and began massaging the outside of her vagina, while rubbing her clit with his thumb. Pleasure began rippling through her body as she lost herself to his touch. She closed her eyes and just allowed her mind to wander as the heat below her stomach grew deeper and deeper. 

Rory’s eyes shot open as her entire body tensed up and her pelvis raised from the bed. A huge release crashed through her body as she climaxed from the combination of what he was doing with his mouth and his hand. She began to shake and tense at the same time. It began to subside after a few seconds.  

Dean stood as the wave washed over her. She could see the pride he felt from bringing her to this place. She kept her eyes locked on him as he pulled his shirts off. Her eyes lowered to take in his chiseled chest; it looked as good as it felt. He then undid his belt and dropped everything else. Rory felt herself blush again as she saw his…. member fully erect. “Are you still sure?” Dean asked as he laid down next to her stroking her cheek. All signs of this new dominant side disappearing. “This has been a lot and I don’t want you to go through with this just because you think I want you to.” Rory opened her mouth then shut it back “All that is over,” Dean smiled “if you want it to be. Please, I want to make sure.”

Rory smiled and wished her hands were untied so that she could run her fingers through his hair. “Yes Dean, you have opened my eyes to so much tonight, and you’re right this has been a lot, and in a few ways overwhelming. But if you still want to, I do too. I want it to be with you, I need it to be with you... I love you” she declared reaching for him but getting caught by the scarves. “I would stroke you if I could but you have me a little tied up at the moment.” 

Dean chuckled “Very well, in that case,” he raised up and got on top of her, his eyes shifting again.  


Dean froze “What?” he asked, she could hear the tenseness and fear in his voice even though he tried to hide it. 

“I just want to be able to hold you through this part, please, please untie me now.” 


“I promise you can do it again later” she added softly.

“I’ll hold you to that” he said as he untied her wrists from the scarf. As soon as they were free she grabbed his hair and shoulder bringing him into a deep kiss. This rekindled any passion lost by the interaction as they found themselves entangled with each other. She could feel him repositioning to where she could feel him right outside her opening. He paused for only a moment catching her eyes. Rory pulled him into another kiss and lifted her pelvis to meet him as her answer. Dean responded by pushing in as gently as he could pushing through her blockage. A new pain struck through her and he stopped moving, allowing her to adjust. 

“I know, I’m sorry,” he told her. “There was nothing I could do about that, blame science or anatomy, something.” 

“Hush” Rory whispered, focusing on it subsiding. After a moment it was gone, and she nodded “okay, keep going” Dean began to move back and forth still slowly knowing that there would still be residual pain from the hymen breaking. Rory focused on Dean’s face, knowing that it was worth it, he was worth it. After a few minutes it began to feel so much better, she began to rock with him, trying to match his pace. Dean began to increase his speed, thrusting deeper as he went. He took her hand and laid it on her clitorus, “Rub it” he commanded falling back into his role. Rory started circling her clit, sending small sparks through her insides along with Deans work. That itch began to rise in her again. 

“Turn over,” he said after some time. Rory nodded and turned herself over, Dean pulled her up onto hands and knees reentering her. She gasped at the new angle as this had a whole new feeling, and went back to rubbing herself. The itch turned into a low burn, steadily rising in temperature. She now recognized it as an orgasm trying to come out, she just needed to keep what she was doing for a little while longer and she would feel that awesome relief again. Dean reached up and grabbed her wrists pulling her arms back as he continued to pound into her, both gasping for breath as their efforts exerted themselves. Rory felt herself on edge, she knew she was close to cuming again. 

“Dean” she panted as he thrusted into her “Please, I’m so close, please” 

Dean responded by pulling out almost completely and then shoving all the way in making her scream. He dropped her arms and Rory fell onto the bed, he grabbed her hips and pounded harder than he ever had. Rory could barely take it.

“Ahh! DEAN!!” She shouted as a title wave of energy overtook her body and she began to shake.

“RORY” he roared as he climaxed as well. 

They both collapsed together onto the bed panting. Rory turned around to him and they began to snuggle into aftercare with her head on his chest. 

After a few minutes of quiet snuggling Rory murmured, “I like what you have learned” and looked up smiling at him. 

“That was just the beginning, wait till I get you alone again.”

Rory closed her eyes and curled up closer to Dean as her mind wandered off into new fantasies of Dean taking control again. 

“I can’t wait” she sighed. 

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