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Summer was coming to Hazzard, the late spring days were transforming into long hot hazy days that had everyone feeling lazy. Hazzard pond was a favorite hang out around this time as people, cooped up too long over the winter, came to soak up the rays. Bo and Luke had finished their farm chores early and taken off for the Boar’s Nest, where daisy was serving lunch.


Luke readily ate the meatloaf and mashed potatoes that Daisy had one the menu today. He was excited about the coming season, “I figure we’ll take General over to Cooter's and see about a tune up after wea eat. Can’t be too careful with that race coming up.”


Bo didn’t respond, He was holding his fork, loaded with meatlof that had not yet journeyed to his lips. His blue eyes were affixed on something at the bar.


Luke raised a brow, his gaze following his cousin’s. There was a man, about their age, leaning on the bar talking to Daisy. The guy had a killer smile and seemed to be amusing her with his flirting. “Bo? Bo!”


Bo jerked away as if waking from a dream, then replied before shoving meatloaf into his mouth. “What, Luke?”


“I swear your fixed at that guy like a pointer on a phesant. What gives?”


“We don’t know him, Luke. He could be trouble.” Bo kept his eyes on his food as he ate, still a little embarrassed he’d been caught staring.


“Well, he’s new in these parts for sure but he’s probably just passing through.” Luke shrugged. “Why are you so interested?”


“Just don’t like him talking to daisy is all,” Bo mumbled.


Luke chuckled, “It’s her job, Bo. She flirts with these men to get them to buy drinks. Simmer down. Ain’t like you got cause to be jealous over Daisy nohow, she’s your cousin and she’s made it plain she can take care of herself.”


Bo gave his cousin a glare. The thing was hat his feelings for daisy weren’t just those of a cousin being concerned over his girl- cousin. Since the last year in high school, which they had been in some of the same classes, he had become jealous of the boys she attracted and even occasionally went out with. All but Enos Strate, he thought the boy too goofy to actually do anything.


Luke rolled his eyes, he was slowly catching on to the secrets. “Come on, let’s go see about the damn car before you start a brawl.”


“I ain’t gonna start no brawl, Luke.” Bo followed his older cousin outside and slid into the passenger side window.


“The way you been acting, I’m starting to think you feel more for Daisy than just cousins,” Luke said offhandedly as he pulled away in a shower of rocks. “You were mean mugging Cooter the other day when he was fixing Dixie’s starter.”

“Cooter had always had the hots for her,” Bo sighed and watched the scenery fly by. “He’s a good friend, you know, I don’t think he’d ever ruin that by dating Daisy, do you?”


Luke decided not to mention how he had seen them kissing at the hayride at the Boar’s Nest a few months ago. Of course, they’d both had too much to drink. In fact, he decided to end this conversation here and now, so he turned on the radio. “Oh hey, Waylon.”




Cooter’s was busy as always, the smell of gas and motor oil surrounded the place and was evident before you even pulled in from the road. Cooter himself was busy with an old car that had a busted radiator. Mister Elms brought the car in at least every few months with something new wrong with it, but it had belonged to his wife before she passed and he could not bring himself to part with the piece of junk.


“I’ll be right with you, boys!” Cooter called from under the hood. He was in a chipper mood today,but he nearly always was.


“Would ya look at that?” Bo nudged Luke to look at the sidewalk by the courthouse.


Roscoe was walking along the sidewalk with Miss Mabel from the phone company daintily holding onto his arm. Both of them were smiling like idiots. Luke scoffed, “Bout time he asked her out. Ain’t they cute?”


“Let’s go say hi,” Bo snickered, smiling in anticipation of annoying Roscoe.


Luke followed him, and the approached the happy couple, who were clearly headed to the memorial park for a picnic lunch. “Hey there, Roscoe! Miss Mabel.”


She giggled as the boys gave her a nod, “Oh hello, boys. Tell your cousin Daisy I have some canned pickles for her if she stops by the office after her shift.”


“Will do!” Bo nodded. “Ya’ll off to a picnic?”


Roscoe looked annoyed, but he always did. He puffed himself up slightly. “Ain’t none of you Duke’s business where me and Miss Mabel going but since you’re so interested- yes, we are. Now see here, I don’t want none of your duke shenanigans while we eat neither. You just go along your way.”


“Don’t worry,” Luke smirked, “We wouldn’t want to ruin your chances at finding love with someone other than Boss Hogg after all these years.”


“Nope, enjoy your meal!” Bo moved quickly and pushed Roscoe's hat down over his eyes as he and Luke bolted away from the irate Sheriff and the giggling operator beside him.




Meanwhile, over at the phone office, Gertrude had taken over for Miss Mabel, Gertrude was Mabel’s older sister. She sat placidly behind the switchboard reading Better Homes and gardens. Her reading was interrupted by the bell on the door. Turning in her seat she met the young blonde lady and young dark haired man with a polite smile. “How can I help you?”


“Oh we are in the wrong building,” the lady exclaimed in a southern accent that somehow seemed exaggerated.


“What building are you looking for, honey?” Gertrude stepped away from the board to hear better, her hearing had faded over the years.


“Me and Carl here- we wanna get married. Today! We just can’t wait any longer. Where do we go?” The lady looked like she might cry.


Gertrude pursed her lips, “Well, if you’re in a rush you need to go over to the justice of the peace across the way there and down on the corner.”


“You mean the brick building?” The young lady went to the door to point out the building she meant.


Gertrude joined her, “No, the one that’s white there. Go to the last office and you’ll find J.D. Hogg, the justice of the peace, Oh, but he’d on lunch right now till at least three.”


While the women fussed over the details, the man who had come in leaned across the counter and stuck a small listening device on the back of the switchboard and just above the office CB radio, which every office in Hazzard had. Finally the woman took the hint the job was done and she practically drug the man out the door and down the street. Gertrude shut the door and went back to the switchboard, slightly frazzled at the energy that young lady had.



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