Clarke and Madi in Eden

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“I’m so Goddamn horny,” Clarke couldn’t help but think as she worked in the garden.

It had been several years since her whole life had been turned upside...again. The majority of Earth’s remaining population was in an underground bunker to escape the nuclear fallout as all the reactors exploded. Clarke wasn’t supposed to be in the bunker, instead she should have been one of 7 that was to take a shuttle up to the old space station to read out Praimfaya. Unfortunately, Clarke’s task took too long and the shuttle had to launch without her. However, since she had Nightblood, she was able to ride out the nuclear radiation without any adverse the cost of being alone. Or almost alone.

“Rabbit stew tonight!” 

Clarke turned in the direction of the young female speaker who wore a bright smile as she held a trio of freshly snared rabbits in her hand. Her name was Madi, a girl she first encountered roughly 2 months after Praimfaya. She was a rouge child at first, but the pair had nothing but time to get to know each other. Over months, they slowly grew into a friendship of sorts, with the wild child claiming to be 18 though Clarke had severe doubts. However, in Eden, this last piece of survivability land that once belonged to the Shallow Valley clan, Clarke was willing to allow Madi to be 18 if she wanted to be 18.

“I need a dip first,” Clarke called out to her. “I’m filthy.”

After looking the gorgeous blonde up and down, Madi finally nodded her head. “Completely filthy.”

As the pair stripped out of their clothing and threw on their swimming suits, Clarke couldn’t help but think about young Madi’s comments. Sure, if that was just a one-off reply then the blonde would think nothing of it. However, for the past several months, the younger girl had been making more and more possible sexualized comments. Nothing ever overt, but enough innuendo that it registered on Clarke’s radar.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg,” Madi shouted, already in mid-sprint.

Though it was going to be a losing feat, Clarke began running after her. With each stride, Clarke’s massive tits bounced wildly in front of her, threatening to give her a pair of matching black eyes. Keeping Madi in eyesight was the blonde’s aim, not for fear but for lust. Chiefly because the teenager had a fit body with an insanely fit ass. As they neared the water, Clarke savored the last few seconds of the meaty rump before it disappeared from sight underneath the water.

“I think they call this a win-win situation,” Clarke thought in regards to Madi’s plump ass before she too took to the lake.

“Wait. Why are you wearing your underwear like that?” Madi asked.

Looking over her shoulder like she didn’t get what the younger girl was talking about, Clarke observed her normally full coverage panties now showing the majority of her large thick ass. God, she really did have a great ass, Clarke thought. Back on the Arc, the kids would call her a PAWG - phat ass white girl. At first she thought it was an insult but she learnt quickly based on all the ‘accidental’ butt touches and gropes that the boys very much meant the comment as a compliment. 

“Oh this,” Clarke said, turning around to wiggle her great ass towards Madi. “It’s to help with the baby water snakes.”

“The what?” Madi half screamed, half asked.

“Super rare but they exist. Can swim into your underwear and up your...well, inside you,” Clarke lied. “In fact, you should be doing the same.”

Now this wasn’t exactly a complete lie. After all, one of the first creatures the original band of 100 encountered was some type of aquatic sea creature that bit Octavia and carried her about in the lake until they could rescue her. However, there was absolutely no evidence that it was 1) a water snake, and 2) that said water snake would worm its way up an orifice. Plus, why would a thong really prevent that was a whole other matter but luckily her younger ward didn’t quite consider that.

“Like this?” Madi asked after a few moments.

Turning her back to the older blonde, Clarke’s jaw dropped considerably. Though she was young (Clarke maintained that the 18 years of age Madi insisted she was, had been the truth), Madi had a truly great body. Her breasts were still budding and growing, but already she could fit a B cup which was more than enough for Clarke’s liking. After all, Lexa had been the same size. But the Little Nightblood had a perfect peach of an ass. In fact, it made Clarke stop caring about Madi’s likely true age, or how she was essentially Clarke’s adopted daughter. All the blonde girl could think about was the perfectly packed, tight round mound of flesh Madi was packing. And now, she got to view the booty in a thong no less.

“Um, yeah. That is perfect,” Clarke eventually managed to stammer out.

“Okay. Thanks for the advice,” Madi replied before diving under the water, leaving Clarke’s pussy wet not only from the pond…

*    *    *

“One more story. Please,” Madi whined.

“That’s what you said last time,” Clarke countered immediately, stroking the younger girl’s hair as she laid in her lap.

“But I want more Octavia,” the Little Nightblood argued, though it was through exhaustion with still shut eyes.

“We all love Octavia. Seriously though, bed time. Go,” Clarke told her younger friend. “You’re falling asleep and you’ll get a kink in your neck.”

With a reluctant sigh, the teenager rose from her cramped sleeping position and stumbled off to bed. Clarke waited several long minutes, at which point she silently crept to Madi’s door and listened closely. When she could hear the faint, steady breathing of the teen and no rustling, Clarke took that as an assumption that Madi was asleep. Opening the door to the outside, the blonde stepped out and latched it silently behind her.

The invading sexual thoughts of Madi, not to mention the fleeting memories of Lexa sadly, meant that Clarke had a new inspiration for her masturbation tonight. The blonde could so perfectly picture Madi’s teen peach of an ass in the thong swimsuit, glistening in the sunlight with rivulets of water running over her sun-kissed curves. With a shudder of pleasure, Clarke knew her pussy was a typhoon so she hustled to the veggie garden. Earlier, she had spied the perfect cucumber for what she had in store. It was still immature, meaning it was the right combination of length, slenderness and firm. 

“Far from perfect but it’ll get the job done,” Clarke commented as she picked the green vegetable from the garden.

Ever since Clarke had gotten off of the Arc and onto Earth, she had undergone something of a sexual revelation. She had always had a healthy sexual appetite, but living that first year without any parental supervision was transcendent for her. She had taken many lovers during that spell, both male and female. Though she tended to drift to more lesbian sex, she also couldn’t turn down a hard cock when she fancied it, which was regularly. Tonight though, she had thoughts on only one person.

From the garden Clarke made her way to the gazebo, mainly for the day bed it contained. She didn’t want to masterbate in the cabin she shared with Madi because several of her past lovers had told the large breasted blonde that she was quite loud when she came. Therefore, the gazebo roughly 100 yards from where Madi slept was the perfect location. It was also fairly sheltered, which was perfect because in order to properly masturbate, Clarke loved to be in the buff.

“Time to strip,” Clarke mused.

Clarke made quick work of her clothes. Her shirt was pulled over her head, before she set about unlacing and kicking off her combat boots. Her pants were now free to be pulled off her thick ass and down her athletic legs, leaving her in only bra and panties. After a quick look back at the babin she shared with Madi, Clarke reached behind her, found her clasp and undid it like she'd done countless times before. This time as the familiar weight of her surprisingly large tits was felt as the bra pulled away, she was exposing them to the crisp night air which instantly made her nipples hard.

“Good that feels good,” Clarke murmured as she rubbed her large tits, giving the nipples a little pinch as well.

After the brief fondling of herself, Clarke finished the job she stared by pulling off her thong. With her clothes removed and in a neat pile at the edge of the bed, the blonde climbed atop the mattress and settled her head on the pillows. She rested her freshly picked cucumber beside her, as that would come into play a little later. First though, she needed a warm up.

“God, it’s been so long,” Clarke moaned after she licked her fingers before bringing it down between her legs and touching her pussy.

An unforeseen consequence of undergoing a Nightblood transfusion was that from the neck down, Clarke was hairless. So not only did the treatment she got from Luna allow her to survive lethal doses of radiation, but it meant she didn’t have to shave ever again, which was great considering how sexy she felt when she had a completely bald pussy. Taking full advantage, Clarke rubbed her fingers through her dampening slit, working herself into a frenzy before taking the plunge into her hole with not one, but two fingers.

“Mhhmmm! Ohhhh!”

Clarke was on a mission. For too long lately she had been resigned to brief sessions, essentially just flicking her clit for a minute or two until an orgasm rolled through her. They were weak, but when she performed them nightly, they got the job done. But lately, that wasn’t enough. She needed a big orgasm. Clarke knew why. She was getting more and more attracted to her fellow Nightblood Madi. Though they almost had a mother-daughter relationship, and Clarke also questioned if she was jailbait to quote an old term, but the blonde was lusting after the teenager...big time.

“Oh God yes,” Clarke moaned as a third finger entered her cunt.

It felt so good to have something inside her once more. It didn’t matter if it was Lexa’s tongue, Octavia’s fingers, Finn’s cock or even that one drunken night where it was Raven’s fist. But having her pussy stretched, probed and pleasured was beyond words for Clarke. At this point, it was right up at the top of the needs pyramid with water, air and food. 

*    *    *

Madi didn’t know what woke her. She used to be a terrible sleeper, only getting rest in fragments throughout the night. But that was she she was alone. Now she had Clarke and the two had a proper home. Yet, here she was awake in the middle of the night.


No answer. 10 seconds and still nothing. Madi called out again and after half a minute and no one came through the door. A shot of adrenaline shot through the young Nightblood so she used that energy to roll out of bed and throw on her clothes. Before she left her room, she grabbed a set of throwing knives, as well as one meant for hand-to-hand combat. Satisfied, the Little Nightblood left her room.

Madi was as silent as Clarke had been earlier, which was to say practically a ghost. She knew the terrain well so avoided the areas with leaves and twigs, items that tended to snap and crackle. Therefore, Madi was able to quietly stalk towards the noise that a female was making off in the near distance. Closer and closer the teen stalked until arriving at the source. Easing her way around the perimeter, Madi finally got around to the entrance and was able to look inside, a throwing knife already grasped in her fingers.

“Oh shit. That’s Clarke...touching herself,” Madi observed.

An extremely naked Clarke was laying on the bed, her legs spread wide with her fingers pumping in and out of her hairless pussy. Her other hand was up on her left breast, her huge left breast at that, massaging the jiggling globe and occasionally tweaking her nipple. Her mouth and pouty lips were held open in a constant O shape as moans flooded forth, while her normally brilliant blue eyes were screwed shut.

“I should go…” Madi reasoned before a single word made her stop in her tracks and reverse her decision.

“Mmm...Madi,” Clarke moaned as the cucumber plundered her asshole.

“Did she name? As she pleasured herself?” Madi wondered.

Any thoughts of leaving were off the table now, as the Little Nightblood needed to know if Clarke said what Madi thought she heard. Instead, Madi tucked the throwing knife away and got into a position that made herself harder to be spotted, as well as much more comfortable. This decision was justified a moment later when Clarke opened her eyes just wide enough to find the cucumber she had brought with her. 

“What in the world is that for?” Madi wondered.

The green vegetable was clutched in the blonde’s left hand and was brought to her mouth. For a moment Madi assumed Clarke got hungry and was going to have a snack, mid-masturbation, but instead the blonde began to suck on the cucumber. Madi’s confusion would soon grow even more as Clarke parted her legs even wide and reached down with her right hand. Rather then drive her digits back into her wet pussy, Clarke overshot that hole and instead rubbed the fingertips around on her crinkled asshole. 

“Is she rubbing her butt?” Madi thought before watching as Clarke isolated her middle finger and shoved the pussy-juice covered digit past the anal ring and into her asshole. “Wow.”

“Oh fuck! That’s the good stuff,” Clarke cooed as she began fingering her asshole.

Madi was transfixed. She was watching a masterclass in female masturbation. One finger up the butt became two as Clake pushed them all the way in and gyrated several times before pulling them out. This pace started slow but gradually became faster. The speed definitely picked up even more as Clarke held the cucumber in her mouth through gravity alone so that her left hand could reach down and rub her clit, stimulating two zones at once.

Never becoming too predictable to herself, Clarke was constantly changing her habits. She pulled both fingers from her asshole at one point and actually lightly slapped her slightly gaping hole. Not hard, but hard enough, Madi thought. As she swatted her anus, Clarke was using two fingers on her free left hand to pillage back in her cunt, but after a minute she pulled those slick digits free in order to go back to rubbing her clit as her right fingers returned to blasting her butt.

“So many moving parts,” Madi gawked as Clarke moaned loudly in front of her. “And!”

Little did Madi know that things were only just ramping up. The fingers were just foreplay for the main event. Pulling both sets of hands away from her well fingered holes, Clarke took the dry end of the cucumber into her dominant right hand. After Giving the other end a last swirl of her tongue, the blonde reached the veggie down towards her sex.

“Is she about to have sex...with a cucumber?!” Madi thought in shock.

Lower and lower Clarke brought the veggie until it was rubbing through her slit. However, just like before, her pussy wasn’t the ultimate destination for the cucumber. All it was doing near her slit was gathering more juices to act as natural lubrication. Instead, the end of the vegetable was brought lower where it butted up agaist’s Clarke’s back door. The blonde knew how to pick her veggies to act as butt toys because with little effort, the cucumber had breached her anal ring and was a good 2 inches into her rectum.

“Oh fuck! Yes!” Clarke screamed, almost cumming right there and then.

As her left hand rubbed her snatch, her right hand plundered the makeshift dildo in and out of her ass. She was only using 4 inches of the cucumber, but it was having the desired effect of stretching her sphincter and stimulating her asshole with the repetitive fucking motion. In fact, it was like riding a bike if the bike was a dildo you grew in your garden and riding was fucking yourself. Oh, and if riding the bike was hurtling you towards an utterly epic orgasm.

Madi didn’t know when she started touching herself, but she became aware of her hand grinding over her pussy through her pants. She immediately stopped, leaving her pussy a swamp in the process as she didn’t know what it meant. She loved Clarke, but she didn’t know if she loved her like that. And yet, her little pussy only grew more damp with the sight of Clarke fucking her own asshole with a cucumber as her insanely large and perfect tits jiggled with wild abandonment.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the Commander of Death shrieked, orgasm drawing nearer. 

Oh how she wished that Lexa was here so she could be attacking Clarke’s clit with her skilled tongue. Hell, even Niylah would do. Though not in the same class as Lexa, at least she had a true hunger for eating pussy. And she worshipped Wanheda so Niylah was desperate to show her worth to Clarke. Or even better. If she could somehow recruit and groom Madi to become her new lover…

“YESSS!!! Fuck! Madiiiiiii!!!!!” Clarke screamed without thought or care of the volume of her voice. All that mattered was her orgasm, the orgasm she was imagining Madi delivering to her.


“Madi!” Clarke shouted in surprise, her large tits bouncing wildly as she sat up quickly and gathered her clothes. “Oh God.”

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