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The Hysterical Queen. (ncon, rape, reluc, MMMF) 

Tyrion frowned, shook his head, then looked down at his cup half expecting his wine to have been spiked. Never in his life had he heard anything so ridiculous, and just months ago he had been told that an army of dead men were marching south to wipe out mankind. 

Across from him Varys sat still, stone-faced, completely serious with the proposition he had just made. 

Tyrion shook his head in disbelief once again. "That's-" he paused and in one of the few times in his life he found himself at a loss for words. 

"It's what must be done, for the realm," Varys said in a half-whisper. His words were treasonous and he knew better to speak them openly and out loud where anyone might hear. 

Tyrion pinched his eyes closed and could feel the migraine begin to fester. "It's ridiculous, it's insulting, it's misogynistic." 

"You're an intelligent man my friend. It is a lot of things, I know, but it is also the truth and you know it. Our Queen is losing her mind and something must be done or we risk letting the realm suffer for it.” 


"I have kept a close eye on Daenerys Targaryen her entire life, you have not." Varys interrupted. "I know her better than most. Our Queen has lived a hard life. A young, beautiful girl being raised by a brother with little care for anything but his own needs. A brother who undoubtedly took liberties with his sister. But even during all that Daenerys was still a timid and kind girl." 

Tyrion drained his cup, the whole world had gone mad. 

"When our Queen was married to the Dothraki Khal she suffered under him, but she worked to save slaves, she was kind and just. But when he died we both knew what she did. She burnt a woman alive, and joined her in the flames." 

"That woman killed her unborn child," Tyrion retorted, but Varys simply rolled his eyes.

"And then she conquered three cities and killed thousands, torturing, and killing hundreds of noblemen."

"Slavemasters who had crucified hundreds of children," Tyrion interrupted. 

Varys shook his head. "Don't be naive, old friend, I'm sure some of those slave masters were kind and gentle souls and felt bad for murdering children. But it is what happened next that is important. She welcomed a sellsword into her bed and began working towards peace, offering fair trials and forgiveness. She made smart political choices, forged alliances with her enemies. And when she left that man in Meereen to come here she burnt the Tarlys alive and planned on doing the same to King’s Landing." 

"She offered the Tarlys forgiveness, to keep their lands if they pledged fealty to her, and they spat at her feet." 

Again Varys shook his head, "Killing those who won't follow her, and refuse to stop fighting her is going too far. I did not help bring her to Westeros with an army of Dothraki, Unsullied, and three dragons just so she could wage wars on her enemies." 

Tyrion gulped down the last of his wine, his alcohol riddled mind finally clueing in on what Varys was saying. He paused for a moment, not sure he even believed what he was about to say. 

"And then she met Jon Snow-" Tyrion continued Varys line of thought, "-and instead of burning down King's Landing she tried to make peace of Cersei." 

Varys nodded. "And now that Jon Snow is distancing himself from her she is unraveling once again. The pattern is there, it is clear, if we do not do something she will be a danger to herself and the entire world." 

"People don't go insane because they haven't had sex, trust me, I know," Tyrion pleaded. "Her oldest friend, Jorah, just died. We just won a war against an army of undead. You can't possibly think this just because she was sad at one feast?" 

Varys shook his head. "And dead men don't come back to life. And dragons can't fly from Dragonstone to the Wall in under a day. And you shouldn't care two shit's about your sister who keeps trying to murder you. And yet you do, and yet we are here." 

"It's just so ridiculous," Tyrion muttered but the defeat was evident in his voice. A few years ago he would have fought against the idea, he could have figured out a smarter plan, made a stronger rebuttal. His mind had been his sword, but that sword was now rusted and dull and turning to dust. He looked down at the cup in his hand and felt as empty as it. 

"Indeed my old friend, and an ugly truth, but an ugly truth is still the truth. There is a pattern in her behavior, Daenerys Targaryen needs to get fucked before she goes insane."

"And what are we supposed to do about that?" Tyrion pondered. It was a queer thought but he had to admit he and everyone around him seemed to be consumed with talking about and making joke about cocks lately. 

He shifted slightly in his seat, feeling the blood rush in his cock. Varys clearly wasn’t up the task, but he… he would be more than willing to fuck the sanity back into his Queen. He bit his cheek knowing it would never happen, but still his cock swelled. 

"We are going to make it happen, for the realm!" 

Tyrion looked up from his thoughts at Varys and wondered what devious plan the eunuch had set in motion. 


Daenerys shifted in her sleep, a sound from her chamber doors rousing her from her slumber. She gave a slight shiver as a cold breeze danced over her and she couldn't help but think how much she detested this Northern land. 

She rolled her from her side onto her back then froze, she was not alone in her chambers. Dark silhouettes of figures stood around her bed. Her sleep wary eyes unable to make out more than dark shapes, backlit by the half-dead fire in her hearth. 

"Guar-" she called out, but before silenced by a large calloused hand clamping down over her mouth. 

"Shhh--" a deep northern accented voice warned. "Ain't no one gonna hear ya."

Her eyes wide, she twisted immediately, thrashing her legs, kicking her blankets down and reached up to grab the hand on her mouth. The men around her moved as quickly as she had. Grabbing at her struggling arms and legs pinning them to the bed. 

"Your cockless guards can't hear ya, can't help ya," the man said again bending down closer to her. She could smell the stink of ale on his breath. 

Her eyes went to the door, closed, unguarded. Her Unsullied absent. 

He pulled his hand away, but before she could speak cold steel against her neck silenced her. 

"No point in yelling," the Northerner said, he licked his lips and let his eyes roam down her body. She breathed heavily, shuddering with the thought of what this man planned to do with her. The thin nightgown she wore clung tightly on her body, twisted under her, pulling tight across her breasts and stomach. "You can moan as much as you like though." 

She glared at the man, making sure to take in all his features, to remember who he was. The crooked nose, small eyes, yellow teeth. She glanced down at the foot and side of the bed to the others surrounding her bed. She would remember all their faces. 

"After all I did for you," she spat, neck outstretched to keep the steel blade from cutting into her skin. "I saved you all. You would all be dead without me." 

"Aye," the Northerner agreed. He let the knife slip from her neck, trailing over her collar bone, down to her gown, letting the blade catch on the expensive fabric. The silk gave easily against the sharp edge and split, and Daenerys trembled and hissed out a harsh breath between clenched teeth. 

The man's eyes locked on her breasts as the gown went slack, cut down the middle, the fabric held by place, caught on Daenerys hardened nipples. 

"You and your barbarians and monsters saved us and we are forever grateful," he said and then Daenerys heard the shuffling of clothes, and swallowed. The man reached inside his trousers, they all reached inside their trousers and began pulling their cocks out. "We are only here to show how grateful we are." 

Daenerys looked away, up at the cold stone ceiling above her. She hissed out a breath when she felt one of the men's hands press up against her breast cupping her almost gently, his thumb running across her nipple before his dirty fingers squeezed her. Another hand came to rest on her thigh, the rough calloused fingers pressing into her soft flesh, pulling her legs apart. 

She twisted abruptly, earning a few laughs but nearly as quickly as she moved more hands grasped at her, none of them gentle, and quickly pressed her back into the feather-filled mattress. 

She held her head up and stiff, her face stern. "You'll all die for this," she growled in defiance.

The man above her, their apparent leader chuckled, "I'm sure you'll be worth it." His hand was on her cheek, his cock bobbing in front of her face, he was long, thick, and hard. She grimaced and tried to twist her face away. 

His cock pressed against her mouth, rubbing against her lips, a trail of precum left across her cheek. She felt hands return to her thighs, pulling her legs apart, digging into her flesh, lifting and pulling her closer to the edge of the bed. 

She would kill them all, burn them to a crisp, her dragons would tear this entire castle down to its foundations. 

"Oh," she gasped as she felt the hard, long shaft of a cock flop down onto her lower stomach. She looked down wide-eyed at the man between her legs, his member bouncing between his legs, swollen, red and angry. She pulled her legs together, but he easily kept them apart. 

This was really happening. Queen or not it did not matter. Her armies did not matter, her dragons did not matter. She was as helpless as she was the day her brother had sold her to her first husband.

She twisted in one desperate attempt to free herself, but the men were too fast, too strong. Hands grabbed her arms, one went around her neck, all of them forcing her back down into the bed. 

A soft whimper escaped her lips as she felt the man's fingers trace along the slit of her sex. She trembled, then gasped as she felt the bulbous head of his cock push up against her. 

She leaned up, looking down between their bodies, not knowing why she wanted to watch them defile her, why she needed to see. Filthy hands held her thighs open, dirt-filled nails digging into her pristine pale skin, his cock was thick, his foreskin pulled back, the head weeping precum as it pressed against her folds. Teasing her, teasing himself. She watched transfixed as the muscles in his stomach flexed in anticipation and she felt herself mirror it. 

They would fuck her, they would rape her. They all would. Her mouth, her cunt, they would use her as they saw fit and she could do nothing to stop it. But before she could witness him defile her she was pulled down again, her head pressed against the bed. 

"Open your whore mouth," a cock pressed against her lips, pushing past them then rubbing against her clenched teeth. The hand around her neck tightened until it became difficult to breathe. 

They would choke her to unconsciousness before she would taste that man's cock. 

"Ahh," she couldn't stop herself from moaning as the man between her legs pushed into her, her body spreading, cunt stretching wide as she was penetrated slowly. At the same time, he pressed his thumb against her clit making small circles against the bundle of nerves there. 

It was enough to make her gasp and with her mouth open the cock pushed through and she groaned, the man standing above her head joined her, his hand tangling in her silver-blonde braids. Her senses were flooded with the taste of his cock, salt and sweat and things she did not wish to think off. 

Her cheek bulged, the force of his cock stretching her skin. Her cunt clenched around the man fucking her, his hands dug into her hips and he thrust forward, pushing more of himself inside of her tight body. She cried out a moan vibrating around the cock in her mouth. Her tongue pressed against him trying to force him out of her mouth. She twisted her head, but he just forced more of himself down her throat until she gagged and felt tears spring to her eyes. 

More hands were on her breasts, her legs, feet and hands, groping her, feeling and pinching. What was left of her nightgown was torn, left in tatters wrapped around her waist. 

She hated it. Hated them, hated how the cock inside her bulged, stretched out her cunt. She hated how tightly her body squeezed him, how warm and wet she felt. She hated the blush she could feel spread across her face and cheeks as she was taken, raped, fucked. 

She hated the sounds she made as she moaned around the cock. How good it felt to be filled. 

She wasn't a Queen, not there and then, not in that moment. She was a no more than the helpless girl she had been growing up, no more than the sex slave of the Dothraki horse lord, no more than a sexual plaything for an arrogant sellsword. She was a thing to be used, a thing to be fucked and she hated that deep inside some part of her liked it. 

She moaned, twisted her head, rolled her hips enough to force the man to slip from her cunt. 

"Still got some fight in ya aye," she heard one of the men say, before more hands gripped her, his cock once against pressing against her cunt. 

He drove into her with steady, hard thrusts and she couldn't' help but gasp and whimper with each one. He found a steady rhythm, thrusting himself in and out, fucking her. She squirmed, and whined, and whimpered, but she refused to let them see her cry, or beg. She refused to acknowledge the warmth spreading from between her legs, the tingle of pleasure building at the base of her spine. 

Her body tensed and struggled to fight the feeling back. Her legs spread wide, the man is sweating on top of her, his slick flesh pressing against her own. Her cunt aching, her nipples hardening, tightening into small pebbles of oversensitive flesh. 

"Please," she whimpered in a rare moment when her mouth is free of cock, but before she could say anymore her mouth was filled once again. 

She groaned and began to suck on the man, twirling her tongue around the head of his cock. Her head bobbing back and forth in a barely noticeable movement. Hands went dug into her hair, dirty fingers digging under her braids, guiding her head intensifying her movements back and forth. 

“That’s it, your Grace,” she heard the man speak through a moan as she sucked on him, licked at his shaft, swallowed his cock. Drool spilled from the side of her lips, and she gurgled as the head of his cock pushed against the back of her throat only to gasp as he pulled back. She sucked in a deep breath, her tongue lashing against the underside of his glands before he guided her head and pushed himself deep into her throat once again. 

Like the man fucking her cunt, he found a steady, all three of them did, moving in unison, fucking each other. 

She wouldn't let them win, she pushed back, lifting her hips, meeting that man fucking her. She wouldn't let them see her as weak and helpless. Her tongue pressed against the man's cock in her mouth. 

They were laughing at her now, urging her on, calling her names, "whore," "slut," "wench." Hands were everywhere, every bare piece of flesh, rough calloused fingers groping and pulling and pinching. The sensation was overwhelming. She was pressed into the bed, rough and hard, the cock pounding into her cunt punishingly fast. The sound of their bodies joining sickening in her ears, the feel of the cock in her throat, the taste of him. 

She felt the cock in her mouth throb and was rewarded with a flood of warm bitter seed coating her teeth and tongue The taste, the disgust, the desperate need was enough to send her spiraling. She swallowed the man’s cum then gasped as every muscle in her body tightened and tensed, then released, and spasmed again. 

She held back her moan, not wanting to give them the satisfaction. But she knew they knew what had just happened. That they had made her cum. The way her body shook, her eyes pinched close, her cunt convulsed and squeezed the cock inside her. 

She gasps silently, barely feeling another splash of cum squirt across her face and that moment she didn't care about anything but basking in the feeling of her own release, a release from her worries, the stress, the anger, the hate. She could see stars behind her pinched closed eyes, white bursts of light matching the bursts of pleasure roaring through her like dragonfire. Her body went limp, defeated, unwilling, and unwanting to fight it anymore. 

The sound she makes surprises even her, a wanton, whorish moan of need escaping her lips as the man inside her continues to fuck her, drive his cock into her aching cunt with rough hard strokes. His body slick with sweat, dripping onto her, they're bodies grinding together. Her body rocks with each movement, each thrust making her gasp. She's surrounded by them, by it, a need for more. 

She reached up, burying herself under him hiding, her hips moving up to meet him. She was still riding high, but she could cum again if she just-- 

"Fuck me," she moaned softly, just enough so only the man inside her can hear. And he does roaring to life, he fucks her like he hates her, like she needs to be punished, and the rough debasing treatment is enough to make her cum again and this time she does not hold back, she cries out loudly, a wail of pleasure as every muscle in her body clamps down on the man fucking her. 

He swears as he joins her release, jerking wildly into her crushing his cock into her cunt. She feels him swell inside her tight wet cunt and her body follows suit, clenching down around him, her legs squeezing him close. He empties himself inside her and she cums again, her cunt convulsing around him, milking his cock for it's worth. She can barely think, her body acting of its own according, thrusting her hips up with clumsy trembling movements as she continued to whimper and moan under him. 

He collapses onto her, and she welcomes the pressure of the weight of him but in no time he's being pulled off her. Daenerys watches in a daze as his cock slips free of him. She feels empty, she feels his seed drip from her but she can't think too much on it as the Northerner is replaced with another. She keeps her legs spread for him. 

This time they roll her over, grab her hair and force her to arch her back. She lifted her hips with a moan and sank down onto the cock below her, impaling herself on him until he was nestled tightly inside her body. 

Hands go to her breasts, cupping and pulling on her nipples as she shudders and gasps, lifts her hips relishing in the feeling of her cunt stretching around his cock and begins to ride him. She was soaking wet, dripping over his shaft. She squeezed her thighs together wanting to keep his cock inside her as she moved faster, harder, moaning, lost in her own little world of lust. 

She felt the hands first, large long fingers grasping her ass, then warm liquid splashed over her butt, between her cheeks, then she felt it, the first probing test to the tight ring of muscles. 

"Gods," she groaned, then felt the man press against the bulbous head of his cock first, then his shaft sliding up between the valley of her ass, between her cheeks. He pressed himself into the cleft, squeezing her ass together before pulling himself down, trailing the head of his cock against her skin, lower and lower until he stopped over the tight ring of muscle. He gave a slight shove and she felt her body give way slightly, opening to the man. 

She whimpered, her cunt clenching around the man below her. 

Daario had loved to fuck her ass, have her ride him raw until she had was left a quivering mess of flesh that could barely think. It was demeaning, disgusting and she had loved it. But she had never taken two men at once, let alone three. Never had felt the feeling of being filled completely with cock. 

She pushed back, her eyes closed. the man below her reached up cupping one breast then sliding his teeth over another. She sank down on him, spearing the entire length of his cock inside of her, delighting in the pain and pleasure of it stretching and filling her.  She held still, breathing ragged and waited for the man behind her to force himself into her ass. 

The first inch hurt, making her cry out, quickly silenced as one of the free men took advantage of the opening, and offered his cock for her mouth. She took him in, sliding her tongue around his cock, her lips sealing around his shaft, bobbing her head back and forth like a Fleabottom whore. 

She wheezed, gasped, the gagged as the cock pushed into her throat, and two others began to fuck her. 

She had never been taken by three men at once, never used to thoroughly. She moaned, pushed back, and lost herself in the feeling. She wanted to scream at them, demand them to fuck her harder. 

For the first time since she had come to the North she forgot about her problems. About the man she loved ignoring her. About the Northerners that hated her and her armies that had come to save their lives, the armies of the dead to the North, the armies of the living to the south. All forgotten in a moment of pain and pleasure, of pure instinctive fucking. 

She came hard, crying out around the cock in her mouth. she hissed a sharp breath then sealing her lips around him and sucked. Her cunt and ass clenching around the men impaling her. 

Warm seed explode into her mouth, coating her tough and teeth, splattering against the back of her throat, she swallowed greedily never tasting anything so sweet. She whimpered and trembled as her orgasm washed through her. He pulled out from her, another spurt of cum splashing out against her cheek, nose and eyes.

She had barely any time to rest before a hand was in her hair wrenching back on her head. Her head forced up another man waiting, cock hard and ready. 

She whimpered, her mouth opening as she took him next, swallowing as much as she could. She flexed her legs, driving herself harder onto the man below her, arched her hips giving the man in her ass more leverage to fuck her. Her hands dug into the man's chest as she desperately tried to hold onto anything, she heard him cry out but she did not care. She would use them as they were using her. 

They continued to fuck her, use her, fill every hole. When one man finished, another took their place. She made sounds undignified for who she was. Her braids that once signified her victories in battle used like reins on a horse to better ride her. She begged them to never stop in High Valyrian. She came over and over. She blacked out for moments at a time, only to come too to laugher and cocks being slapped across her face. 

By the end her body ached, covered in her own sweat and the semen of a dozen men.  Cum leaked from her cunt, ass and mouth as she laid in her ruined bed exhausted, sated, and content as her attackers finally slipped out of her chambers. And for the first time since Jon had shared their bed she slept peacefully and without worry. 


The Unsullied were an amazing group, Varys thought to himself as he watched the small group of satisfied Northerners leave the Queen's chambers. Loyal to a fault, unquestioning in their orders. Come to think of it they were barely people at all, more mindless drones that would have made the Night King envious. 

The Unsullied knew he held power in their Queens court so they did not question him when he removed the guards guarding the Queen's chambers. They did not question him when he told them to wait. And most importantly they did not question him when he ordered them to follow each of the men who left their Queens chambers and kill them in their sleep and dispose of the bodies. 

It was his duty to protect the realm and the Queen. To anticipate her needs before she knew them and it was in no one's best interest for the world to know how much of a crazy whore Daenerys Targaryen actually was. 

Authors Notes: Hope you liked it. forgive any mistakes I missed in the editing process and yeah I suck with story titles lol. 

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1. Daenerys is taken as sex slave in Astapar instead of freeing the Unsullied. 
2. Drogo decides to share Daenerys with his bloodriders
3. Femdom story where Dany takes Jon captive at the end of season 8
4. A post series Sansa story where she is forced into a political marriage to keep power in the North. 
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