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Chapter One

 It helps to have watched the show

Barbara Jean was from Friendly Texas where she was known as the “Biggest baby in Juno County” for many years. All smiles and teeth she had an affair with my ex-husband Brock that put an end to my marriage leaving me to raise my kids pretty much on my own.

She was also in my living room trying to get me to hold an adult sex toy party and invite all of my friends!

“C’mon Reba, it’s a Passion Party! It’s just like a Tupperware party, except you can have a lot more fun,” the buxom bimbo on my couch was comfortable talking about sex toys with me but I definitely wasn’t comfortable talking to her about them.

“I can’t have a sex party here, Barbara Jean! Are you out of your mind?” I said.

“Check it out,” she had a sample box and pulled out a big black dildo and began to wave it so that as one end went down the other end went up like a worm. “They call this the Carl Weathers!”

“Barbara Jean, that is just nasty! I don’t want to think about that, put that away before Cheyenne sees,” I said because my eldest daughter was in the other room.

Cheyenne had recently married her husband Van and moved back into the house with him because his parents disowned him. She walked in at that moment “Before Cheyenne sees what?”

“The Rejizzulator 3,000,” Barbara Jean was having a fun time with a plastic tube that goes over a man’s cock and apparently pumps all the air out of it to give him kind of pump.

“Oh my god, let me see that stuff!” Cheyenne got excited and started fishing through the box and looking at the sex toys despite my objections.

“Would you two cut that out? What will Van think if he sees you with that stuff?” I asked my daughter to show a little more class around the house.

Cheyenne held up a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a rubber butt plug. “I am hoping he is thinking he is in for a wild night!” she said lustily.

“Make sure you lubricate those really well before you use them on him, the butt plug not the handcuffs,” Barbara Jean laughed at her own joke excitedly. “I always forgot to lube it up before I use it on Brock and you should hear him scream! You probably do, we live right next door!” She laughed again.

“Barbara Jean, I do not want to hear about your disgusting sex life with my ex-husband,” I said as I was wondering how in the earth she talked Brock into taking that plug up his ass.

“What’s this for Barbara Jean?” Cheyenne held up a speculum device and opened and closed it like a pair of tongs with a puzzled look on her face.

Barbara Jean stuck it into her mouth and opened and closed it while saying “It’s why my initials are BJ!”

It was at that point my youngest Jake walked in and saw Barbara Jean talking with a metal speculum in her mouth. He pretended it was totally normal and kept walking through the house.

“Do you see why I don’t want a sex party in my house, Barbara Jean?” I whispered so that Jake wouldn’t hear after plucking the speculum back out of Babara’s mouth.

“He doesn’t know what these are. He probably thinks they are salad tongs!” Barbara Jean said as she opened them up and pretended to toss a salad.

“Yeah, he can toss salad, mom” Cheyenne grinned sheepishly at me. I knew that meant something dirty but I wasn’t going to ask my daughter to explain it.

“Look, I can’t hold the party at my house again. I’ve done it many times and our son Henry has been fine with it. I just told him that these were back massagers,” Barbara Jean promised. Henry was a lot younger than my kids and a lot dumber like his momma.

I held up the Carl’s Weathers realistic latex phallus complete with balls, shaft and cock head and waved it in her face and said “This is a massager?”

It was at that point my other daughter Kyra walked in and caught me holding the black cock in my hand.

“This is a Massager!” I insisted for her benefit and put it right back in the box. “It is a very realistic one and I am sure it’s a nice model but I am just not interested,” I made an uncomfortable face.

It surprised me a few days later to come walking in late from work and find Cheyenne, Barbara Jean and about a dozen of our friends in my living room sitting around watching a presentation on sex toys. Barbara Jean of course was standing up demonstrating. She was ever the cheerleader type talking about how the “Cockblocker 3,000” keeps your man in chastity and craving your body for hours.

I put my hands on my hips and demanded an explanation.

“You weren’t supposed to be home for hours,” was Barbara Jeans only explanation.

That was when my ex-husband walked into the living room from the kitchen holding a silver serving tray. He was wearing a blonde wig, and dressed like a burlesque dancer with a black corset and frilly pink panties and the Cockblocker 3,000 clearly visible. He nearly dropped the silver platter.

“Does somebody want to tell me what is going on around here?” I demanded.

My daughter Cheyenne tried to calm me down and explain that they were going to split the money and she was going to use it to help her move out – an idea I fully supported. I just didn’t want her to get the money this way.

“Are you comfortable seeing your father dressed like that?” I couldn’t believe how easily she accepted him dressed like a sissy maid.

“I mean, I get half of the take,” Cheyenne shrugged it off like she didn’t care.

“What if Van finds out you are doing this?” I knew if she didn’t care about her father’s perversions she’d care if Van found out.

That is when Van came wearing out dressed like Brock and with the Cockblocker 3,000 on as well. He was hunky, goofy and all fumbles. He dropped his silver platter.

I stood in my living room not believing what I saw.

“Where is Kyra and Jake?” I demanded to at least know they weren’t exposed to this.

“Don’t worry, they are over at a friend’s house and won’t be here for hours,” Cheyenne shrugged that off as well.

Naturally, it was at that moment the door opened and in walked Kyra and Jake home early.

Jake took one look at us and went in the kitchen and Kyra asked if this was the massager party.

“I thought you were at a friend’s house?” I asked her.

“Yeah, but we came home early. I figured Cheyenne was up to something but this exceeds even my low, low expectations of what she is capable of,” Kyra reveled in the knowledge that her sister had arranged this kink party.

“Does no one have a problem with this besides me?” I asked and when no one said anything I realized they didn’t. Jake came walking out with popcorn and sat down in the living room.

We sat through the party and me with a red face the entire time. I tried to keep my wise cracks to a minimum as I watched my friends snap up sex toys. I had to admit there were a couple that perked my interest.

They don’t talk back, they don’t cheat on you, they don’t have sex with their dental assistant. 

I was particularly surprised by how obedient Van and Brock were behaving for the entire party, though.  I couldn’t get Brock to clean up his own mess and I could not get Van to even NOTICE he made a mess and now here they were serving, smiling and mingling like the hired help. It was kind of nice I have to admit.

“Well, you may as well know, Reba. Barbara Jean is a hot wife,” Brock said after the party while he cleaned up.

In twenty years of marriage he never cleaned up once and now he was doing it and doing it right for a change.

I didn’t know what hot wife meant and I assumed from Barbara Jean’s smile that it meant she was “Hot” and sexy. They felt the need to explain it further to me even though I did not ask.

“Hot wife means she takes other lovers, and I am her cuckold. I cook, clean, serve and pay all the bills, and in exchange she tells me all about her dates,” Brock smiled.

This was something I did not want to know.

“Sometimes I let you meet and serve them,” Barbara Jean booped him on the nose with her finger. I hated it when they get so snuggly.

“Jake, Kyra, I don’t think you need to hear this,” I insisted my kids leave the room.

“What’s the big deal mom? Barbara Jean has a female led marriage, and they love and trust each. Sex doesn’t have to be just between two people in a marriage,” Cheyenne actually defended them.

“I think your father and I know that. Sex was between him and Barbara Jean during our marriage,” I said in frustration.  “Wait, you aren’t thinking about being a hot mom or whatever are you?” I asked my daughter. She was tall, blonde and not all that bright but she knew better than that.

“No, I am not thinking about being a hot wife!” Cheyenne assured me before saying she WAS A hot wife. Van nodded in agreement. Cheyenne showed me a key around her neck that apparently went to his cockblocker cage he was wearing about his penis. This was way too much information for me.

“Mrs Reba, at first I was all against it and all but after seeing how it works. I like that Cheyenne is into BBC,” Van offered.

“Do I even want to ask what BBC is?” I asked rhetorically.

Kyra piped up to say that was obviously the British Broadcasting Channel.

“Yay, we can watch Doctor Who!” Jake said.

Cheyenne smiled and I knew BBC stood for something else entirely –I just didn’t want to find out right then and there. It turns out it means Big Black Cock – as in Cheyenne would only have sex with black men.

“Check out the tattoo,” Barbara Jean had an ace of spades tattooed on her ankle and the same kind of necklace around her neck. “I’ve got the tattoo other places but I would have to take off my clothes to show you,” Barbara Jean explained enthusiastically.

“That is quite alright, I’ve heard enough,” I said to the two of them. I just wanted them out of my house and out of my life right at that moment. I didn’t see any value in any of this and I made that clear to everyone.

Cheyenne pointed out that they made about 800 dollars in sales and half of that would help her move out.

I was a little more amenable at that point and since they had already done the one party I was willing to consider future ones as long as they told me in advance and Kyra and Jake weren’t part of them.

At first, the parties were pretty tame but after a while some of the other ladies started showing up with their men in cockblocker 3,000s. Barbara Jean said she had a “marriage counselling business” on the side and used Brock as a “model husband”.

“Ladies come over and see that I keep him in the cock blocker, I feminize him, and he babies and spoils me. I make him sleep in a dog cage and eat out of a dog dish, and spank him when he gets grumpy and our marriage works great,” Barbara said without an ounce of consideration for the fact he was my ex-husband. “They pay me to teach them that a happy wife is a happy life!”

“Well, perhaps if I had known putting a dog collar on you would keep you faithful I may have tried that,” I said to Brock sarcastically. I found it hard to believe my husband who went golfing on our anniversary was now an attentive puppy dog.

“Nah, I wasn’t in a place where I could accept my submissiveness back then Reba. I was too controlling. I finally have the patience to accept that Barbara Jeans calls the shots,” Brock smiled.

“Well, I am really happy for your both,” I lied. I wanted one of those cartoon anvils to drop on their heads at that moment.

Van came down stairs wearing nothing but Cockblocker 3,000 and a dog collar as Cheyenne chased him with a peacock feather.

“No Cheyenne, that’s too much! Please not that,” he danced around as she chased him playfully. He was fine with being spanked, wearing a butt plug, and being whipped. I know this because he told everyone at the party that but he drew the line at being tickled.

“C’mon babe, if you give up your control, I’ll let you wash Tyrone’s car when he comes over to bang me,” she promised.

“I’ve been asking someone to wash MY car for weeks. The one I use to take you to all you’re appointments, and go to work to support everyone in?” I said but Cheyenne and Van weren’t listening.

“Don’t you think he should put some clothes on? All he has on is that metal cage!” I warned her.

“No Ma’am, I have a thong as well!” Van pulled his ass cheeks apart so that I could see the lacy little black thong between his butt cheeks – at least I hoped it was black.

After a few more parties like that the men started to come over and undress at the door. I recognized some of these people. They were neighbors and friends I had known for years and I was surprised to see some of the ones you least expect to be into submissiveness being submissive.

“Barbara Jean, can’t you do this at your house? Why do you have to parties at my house?”

“Duray, my pimp is using our house tonight, Reba,” Barbara Jean explained that Duray ran several girls and needed a place to hold a little orgy. “If you’d rather him host the party here, we can go back over to my house?” she offered as if I would possibly ever go for that.

“No, I don’t think I want Doo-ray  your pimp to come over,” I replied bitterly.

“He is a nice guy and he isn’t just a pimp,” Cheyenne defended him. I didn’t want to know how she knew him. I stood there in silence and raised my eyes at my daughter that she couldn’t be serious. “He probably deals drugs and other stuff as well. Anyway, he is actually a nice guy though,” Cheyenne said.

“You guys talking about Duray?” Van walked over to where I was standing and interjected. “He is a solid guy. I played football with him in High School. I never thought he’d be more successful for him but now I work for him, funny how life works out?” Van said as he continued serving the women at the party with his silver tray.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to know how he “Worked” for Duray.

“I know what you are thinking and Van isn’t a prostitute,” Cheyenne assured me. I was about to tell her that actually I didn’t want to think about that at all when she volunteered that she and Barbara Jean was the prostitute and Brock and Van just did odd jobs and chores for him.

“Yeah, that wasn’t what I was thinking at all,” I shuddered at the thought of my baby going out and hooking on the side of the road.

Cheyenne explained that it was better than giving it away for free and Barbara Jean explained that being a selective hot wife is hard. “You have to know when to swipe right or swipe left, it’s all so confusing” she mimicked having a cell phone in her hand.

“Yeah, I can see how that would be very confusing to you, Barbara Jean,” she seldom picked up on my searcasm or if she did wouldn’t acknowledge it.

“So Duray picks our clients for us, and in exchange we earn a little money,” Barbara said.

“How much do you have now?” I wanted to kick myself for asking Cheyenne but she told me $6,000 dollars. That impressed me and I wondered why she hadn’t moved out yet and that is when she told me that Duray was ‘holding on to it for her” but would give it to her when she got out of the game.

“And just when do you plan to get out of the game?” I asked her.

Cheyenne avoided the question and began trying to sell a cock extender to a neighbor I used to play bridge with for years.

“You should really meet Duray, he’d like you,” Barbara Jean assured me after Cheyenne walked off.

“Oh I am sure he would,” I said – being sarcastic.

That is when Brock commented “Reba? Nah, I mean he mostly likes blonde women. How do you feel about being blonde, Reba?”

I wanted to knock his block off for the suggestion I become Duray’s whore and Brock could tell.

“Can I whip him, Barbara Jean?” I was kidding but Barbara Jean handed me a riding crop and told me to go to town.

Brock even turned around and lifted his plaid mini-skirt enthusiastically.

I didn’t want to spank him but I will be honest with you – it was kind of fun. I probably enjoyed it a little too much.

“Make him count, Reba!” Barbara Jean suggested with an aggressive tone.

I was suddenly aware everyone was watching me smack my husband’s bare heiney red.

“Count one for every year of our marriage, Brock!” I said.

“Yes Ma’am! One was the first year of our marriage, and we fell in love and had Cheyenne,” Brock said between smacks. I made them sting too and Cheyenne even taught me how to flick my wrist to put a little spin on there.

“Two! Ouch, you worked while I went to Dental school,” Brock recounted every single year of marriage through the birth of Kyra, Jake and up to the point he started cheating on me with Barbara Jean. She was actually surprised to learn that he cheated on me with someone else before her and gave him one more when I was done.

I was wet, turned on and excited. It was empowering and my hands were shaking and like nothing I had ever done in my life.

“I need some alone time with Carl Weathers,” I said without looking at anyone and grabbed the big black dildo, headed upstairs, locked my door and got busy with the one person I could count on - myself.

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