How I wished it had Ended

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How I wished it had Ended

Introduction: The HBO series Game of Thrones diverged enough from the book series to be considered a different telling of the same story. This story is based on the HBO series and everything up until the end of season seven is canon. You do not have to have watched the television series to enjoy this story, but it helps. I strongly advise Google Search for some of the characters you may not know. One of the reasons for writing fan fiction is that the characters live within your head, and when the show producers put together an abysmal season eight, I felt compelled to tell it a little differently. This story picks up at the battle of King's Landing in the final episode but will cover what happened leading up to that moment. Some characters who perished in the television series are still alive as their destiny has not yet been fulfilled.


Daenerys streaked across the skies over the Capital of Westeros striking terror into the Lannister forces below. She was dressed in her finest silver and white Targaryan regalia. Her garment was embroidered with silks from Mareen and adorned with jewels and wealth. She looked every bit the Legendary Targaryan Warrior Queen striding atop the Dragon Drogon to turn the tide of battle in her favor and retake the city.

Her Dragon swooped down into the streets and grabbed a Mercenary from the Golden Company like a rag doll and shook him furiously before dropping him into the streets of Fleabottom below. Drogon's fiery breath was unquenchable and unending as Daenerys ordered him to purge the city below and punish it for its defiance.

It had stopped mattering if the forces below were Lannister. The citizens of King's Landing should have overthrown Cersei. The Lannister whore was not their rightful Queen come to return as their salvation. The very sight of a Targaryen on the back of a dragon should have made them jubilantly ring the bells of surrender hours ago and submit to her benevolent rule.

Instead, it was as if even the peasants were daring to ridicule her for coming all this way and doing so much to be their Queen. She had been sold to a Dothraki warlord by her brother and made to fornicate in front of his other concubines like a breeding horse. She had lost her firstborn child to a witches curse for the love she felt for the Warlord when she bargained with mystic forces to save his life. She had burned the Crone Council of Dothraki warlords and earned the respect of the Barbarians to follow a woman for the first time in their history. All to earn the Iron Throne that should have been hers by birthright. She crossed the Iron Sea and through her own cleverness freed an entire army of Unsullied Elite Warriors from their slave masters. They followed her not because she owned them but because she freed them. She freed city after city in Mareen only to be betrayed by the nobles who sought to continue the wheel of oppression that she came to destroy.

Once in Westeros, she put her war with Cersei to take back her Kingdom on hold to ride north to save the entire world from domination by the Undead Night King. If not for her dragons the battle would never have been won, but everyone cheered for Arya Stark and her brother Jon. Arya had slain the Night King, and she deserved praise, but it was only made possible with the aid of Daenary's armies and dragons! Jon Snow had ridden Drogon's sister Rhaegal into battle, and everyone praised him as a savior because he rose from the dead through some strange magic of the Red Witch Melisandre. She was jealous of their admiration for Jon. She too admired and loved him, but that was when she thought he was simply the valiant bastard son of a noble. She had been ready to declare him Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North for his service. She had been ready to consider him as her consort and marry him for the good of Westeros.

However, she learned he was actually her nephew and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Once this became common knowledge, his legend would only grow and the people would demand he sit upon the Iron Throne.

Daenerys had done so much and come so far, and now she was gripped with rage and jealousy.

Her Father Aerys was called the Mad King because he was going to burn the city of King's Landing during the rebellion against him before he would surrender. The taint on her honor of being his daughter was going to be removed when she returned as it's protector and defender and rightful ruler.

Now, she would punish the city for mocking her. Her brother Viserys had been gripped with a madness that drove him to make shocking bargains and sacrifices. She thought it was merely narcissism when she was but a girl, but now she believed her brother had been gripped with her Father's madness overruling.

It was said that when a Targaryen was born the God's flipped a coin in the air and one side madness and the other side greatness. Had she been tricked by the God's into thinking her side was greatness? Was this the prank of the ages by the Seven Divines?

Drogon swooped down to a marketplace and destroyed the tents and ramshackle carts with his breath. The people would pay for if she was mad then the mad Queen she would be. She had destroyed almost half of the city, and she would destroy the other half if it quenched her all-consuming rage.

An hour earlier the bells of surrender had sounded in King's Landing. The Lannister commanders seeing Euron Greyjoy's fleet destroyed and the Trebuchet on the towers burning had accepted their inevitable fleet and sought to save their own lives.

They had managed to bring down Rhaegal during the battle near its beginning. The Dragon fell in the city, and it looked like victory might still be within their grasp, but it was the loss of her precious Dragon that started Daenarys indiscriminately burning allies, civilians and enemies alike for a vengeance that could not be sated.

Jaime Lannister had infiltrated the Red Keep with his brother's help. His intention was to talk sense to his sister. The twins were to escape in a boat and live out their lives anywhere, but King’s Landing as lovers and raise their child together.

Jaime had fought Euron Greyjoy to get to his sister. Euron considered himself his sister's suitor, but he was simply one of her many puppets. She may claim Euron had sired the child in her belly to make it legitimate, but Jaime knew the child like all of Cersei's children was his.

Euron fought valiantly and managed to wound Jaime Lannister. Euron considered it one of his greatest accomplishments because Jaime's prowess on the battlefield had once been legendary. He was a one-handed man now, and Euron was a skilled warrior. They were both wounded in the fight, but Jaime emerged victoriously. He did not stay to finish Euron and instead ran to his sister to convince her to leave.

Queen Cersei was watching the devastation of her city from a high tower with Qyburn her Grand Maester and the Mountain, her undead Captain of the King's Guard. She was in denial that the war was lost and had just been informed her fleet was burning in Blackwater Bay.

"We must leave this place," Jaime said to his sister while clutching his bleeding wound.

Cersei turned to him as if she expected him to be there in her final hours and wasn't surprised that he had risked his life against impossible odds to infiltrate her tower and find her. She had always assumed they would die together when the time came. "King's Landing is my home; why should I leave?"

"Sister, the city is falling! We can return one day and conquer it together. For now, let's get you out of here," he said.

Qyburn set to dressing his wound and caring for him while Jaime implored his sister to leave. Qyburn had already made contingency plans to escape if events did not go as he had hoped. He was not worried about dying because he had made contingency plans for that as well. He studied the necromantic arts and had taught his apprentices to revive him should it come to that.

Jaime could see that his stubborn sister intended to die here today as Queen and not to cower or surrender. She was so much like her Father that it made it impossible at times to love her, and yet at times it made her impossible not to love her. They were connected in a way that no other woman had connected with him.

He was one of the most handsome and wealthiest men in Westeros. He could have had any whore or noble born lady willingly without paying should he have desired, but he wanted his sister more than life itself.

Jaime had left the bed of the only other woman he admired to be here today. He left Brienne of Tarth crying for him because he knew his sister needed him. It had hurt Jaime to leave her. He told Brienne that he was a bad person as consolation. If she thought of him as the murdering, lying person, then she could not love him and spare herself the conflicted agony he was feeling about leaving her.

He simply had no choice but to save his sister and be by her side. She needed him, and he had vowed when they were children to come when she needed him most. He would kill the Mountain and Qyburn if it came to it to get his sister out of the Red Keep safely. He would kill the entire Lannister and Targaryen army if it came to it. He would sacrifice all of the people in Westeros for his sister if she would but leave with him. His arguments fell on deaf ears.

The Captain of the Golden Company dashed into the tower. His golden armor was impressive and ornate. His weapons not bloodied or dented with battle. He looked every bit as handsome and virile as Jaime Lannister himself as he strode towards the Queen with news of the battle.

"If it is news of the failure of your company failing to fulfill your obligations to the Iron Crown do not waste your breath," Cersei said scornfully as she stood behind the Mountain. The Mountain was an impressive warrior fully covered in articulated King's Guard regalia from head to toe. You could only see his dark, foreboding dead eyes behind the plated helmet staring back at him.

"My news is critical," the Captain said.

Jaime realized something was amiss when the Captain spoke. He had met this man once. He was a bore and a dandy. He was favored by Ser Loras Tyrell as a lover, and his manner was off. The Captain moved with a feminine grace, but this man moved like a soldier.

Jaime grabbed a candelabra and struck the Captain hard from behind just as they produced twin daggers to plunge into Cersei's heart.

The door burst open just as the attempt on his sister’s life was foiled. The Hound charged in with a two-handed sword. He wasn't coming for his sister he was coming for his brother the Mountain. The two had a long-standing history, and Jaime had no love for either man. He would let them fight and get his sister out of here.

He grabbed Cersei and held her close to him. Jaime had saved damsels in distress before, and he always looked dashing in the process. Unfortunately this time the Captain's gloved hand reached out and pulled him to the ground forcing him face down on the floor.

This man fought like no one Jaime had ever fought before. They had cat-like reflexes and were just as deadly. Jaime and the Captain traded jabs at one another, but Jaime had already been wounded and knew this warrior was far more than a match for him.

"I yield, I yield!" he brought his sister down to her knees with him as he presented his sword to the Captain. "Please do the honorable thing and accept our surrender. King's Landing is yours!"

Qyburn quietly escaped through a hatch he had prepared into the bowels of the red keep while the Mountain and the Hound fought an epic battle pitting their strength against one another.

"Honor?" the Captain removed her face to reveal it was Arya Stark. She had discovered the secrets of the Faceless God and infiltrated the castle. She looked annoyed that Jaime had discovered her deception and prevented her vengeance. "You speak of Honor, King Slayer? Why should I accept your surrender when I came here to kill you? I have no honor, and neither do you," she said.

She would have killed them both, but the battle between the Hound and Mountain crashed into her and forced her to sidestep the two lumbering combatants with an acrobatic dodge. She swiftly swept the Mountain with her foot and pushed him out of an open window into the fire below to his presumed second death.

"Why did you go and do that for? I almost had him," the Hound asked somberly.

Arya smirked at him impishly. She had left the Hound for dead once, but she didn't abandon the man who had protected her across all of Westeros this time. They had met inside the tower, and the Hound had warned her against throwing her life away. Arya said she thought the Hound should heed his own advice.

"Too damn stupid to take my own advice," the Hound said gruffly.

"That makes two of us," she smiled as she slit the throat of a Golden Company Captain. They had found him buggering a boy half his age. He knew he would not survive the day and was having his last moment of pleasure when she passed the knife across his throat and took his face.

They could still Cersei now that the Mountain was dead, so all was not lost.

Except that Jaime had knocked his sister unconscious, and it was far less satisfying to kill her while she was not awake to see the knife plunge into her heart.

The Hound carried Jaime and Cersei out of the tower to signal that the war was over.

It was over, and King's Landing belonged to , and everyone at the battle knew that. All except for Daenerys herself who was gripped by a kind of madness usually reserved for Gods and Kings. She was burning the people of the city like a petty child might burn ants just to watch them burn.

Jon Snow had managed to get his forces from the North in order, but he could not control the Dothraki and Unsullied forces. The Dothraki were raping and pillaging because they knew no other way. The Unsullied were executing prisoners who had already surrendered because they saw no reason to keep their enemies alive.

Jon tried to intervene but Daenarys's commander Grey Worm refused to obey him. Grey Worm was loyal to his Queen in all things. He had been there when the people of King's Landing cut his lover Missandrei's throat and dropped her from the battlements as a sign of defiance. There would be no mercy, and there would be no quarter.

A sentiment that had gripped Daenerys as she destroyed what may have once been a stable with fire and burned only the horses that were still stabled inside.

A pale white horse emerged from the stable unscathed from the fire. It seemed impossible, but it walked slowly away from the fire as if it could not be burned.

Daenerys had a moment of clarity as she recalled a prophecy given to her by Quaithe and repeated recently by the Red Witch Melisandre. It included a pale white horse. Daenerys was still full of hatred and vitriol, and the adrenalin of flying and killing had been a greater ecstasy than any she experienced with a man or a woman in the bedchamber.

She landed the Dragon in the burning square and stepped off Drogon's back and approached the horse.

The horse was calm despite the fire around them. A fire that could not affect Daenerys because she could not be burned. She could hear screams of agony around her as burning survivors fled the sight of the Dragon that had brought so much , but she paid no attention.

She reached out her hand to the horse ever so gently to pet her beautiful mane.

The horse whinnied and moved away instinctively.

Daenerys withdrew a dagger from her belt and plunged it into the neck of the noble creature and killed it without thought. She stood for a long time watching the blood seeping from the creature. If it had only accepted her touch, then it would be alive.

She had been having sleepless nights and horrible dreams for weeks leading up to this night. She dreamt she burned her Master of Secrets Varys for his betrayal. She dreamt of Khal Drago her Moon and Stars returning to her to tell her she was not the rightful Queen and to join him in death with the Council of Crones that she slew. The old Dothraki Queens were standing in the fire grinning at taunting her to join them in the endless fire.

Daenerys dreamt of making Cersei surrender King's Landing but not of killing her. She had heard of the ritual of atonement that Cersei had performed for the High Sparrow. It was an ancient rite to punish, humiliate, and shame a woman publicly for either adultery or whoring. The custom is usually performed as both a punishment and a way to degrade a woman and rob her of her pride and power.

Death would not be good enough for Cersei's defiance. She would order her to an endless walk of atonement. She would walk from one side of Westeros to the other and perform her walk in every city, village, or dung heap along the side of the road. Daenerys had kept her advisor Missandrei's original slave collar she wore. It was simple pig iron and was no special torment. It was meant for keeping a slave on a chain and nothing more. Daenerys planned to craft it into a crown for Cersei to wear as a fitting an ironic form of justice as the Lannister bitch paraded naked for the remainder of her wretched life.

Daenerys was the rightful Queen, and it would serve as a warning to any who thought otherwise.

The only other atonement in recent memory for a noble she knew of had been when Tywin Lannister's Father Tytos died. Tywin found his Father's mistress trying on one of the gowns of his late mother, Jeyne Marbrand. A common-born woman and the daughter of a chandler, the mistress had dominated Tytos utterly, ordering the household knights about, dismissing servants, and helping herself to Jeyne's jewelry. Expelling the mistress from Casterly Rock, Tywin had her stripped naked and forced the sobbing woman to walk through the streets of Lannisport into exile at the docks, confessing to every man she met that she was a thief and a harlot, but even she had been permitted to end her atonement after a year and a day.

In rare cases, woman chose this fate to seek forgiveness for their transgressions but more often then not they were made to do this walk by the judgment of the High Septon. Daenerys would choose a High Septon willing to sentence Cersei to a life of atonement.

It took some time for Daenerys to realize she had won and the city was hers that she would be choosing a High Septon, A Grand Maester, and a Master of Coins as well.

Jon Snow was the first to approach her. His gentle touch on her shoulders had sent shivers down her spine. She almost turned upon him to kill him like she had the horse. He would most certainly rise from the dead again as the Prince that was promised, and his legend would only grow stronger. She dropped the blade and put her arms around him lovingly.

"Am I still your Queen, Jon Snow?"

Jon was beside himself with grief for the suffering and unnecessary bloodshed of this battle. He hated himself for consoling her, but she was his Queen, and he loved her. He wasn't sure if he could forgive her for what she had done. He had seen children burned in the arms of their mothers, and the memory was fresh in his mind. Jon wanted answers as to why she would do this. He still didn't believe she was capable of such excessive violence.

"Yes, you are my Queen now and always," he answered her. He loved her, and while he hated what she had done, he could not deny his love for her was deep. He knew she was Aunt, and that made him uncomfortable, but he had been in her bed as her lover long before he had that knowledge. Incest in noble families was considered scandalous in southern Kingdoms but had been relatively common. The nobles were the equivalent of soap opera stars and celebrities to the peasant folk of Westeros. Their indulgences and scandals were always exaggerated in plays about their lives to the common folk. It was an open secret that Jaime Lannister was his sister's lover and something even he no longer denied publically.

In the North, it was a different matter. A peasant might shag his sister for warmth in their hovel, but a noble simply did not marry a member of his own family. When Jon had discovered Craster's Keep beyond the wall, he was horrified to find Craster had bedded all of his many daughters and gave away all of his son's to the Night King. Craster was wicked and evil in Jon's mind, but to Wildlings an ass was an ass, and they'd as soon fuck their own mother as they would a stranger's mother. Jon's first lover Ygritte was a red-haired Spearwife and Wildling. She told him she often fucked her brother Longspear Ryk when nights were cold. Jon had been uncomfortable with her stories of wanton orgies with family members. Ygritte would scold him and told him he knew nothing because in the far North a cock is a cock, and if you want your cunny hole filled with one then you ask for one or wait to be raped. It doesn't matter which because sooner or later you'll have one or the other when you are a female wildling. Ygritte had lost her maidenhead as a youngling and sex was as natural as washing her own ass after a fresh shit in the morning to her.

Jon had deep doubts about what she was saying , but Dany felt good in his arms. He had just watched her slaughter an innocent horse. It seemed like madness. Yet, She was vulnerable and afraid, and that was a side she rarely allowed anyone to see of her. He was in love with her and yet he wondered if he really knew her at all now that he had witnessed this horrifying and needless attack from the skies and what she did when she landed. Jon had watched Rhaegal tumble to the ground when the battle started with bolts through her noble wings and neck. He assumed that Daenerys's rage was related to the loss of the irreplaceable Dragon. Drogon was a male and the last of his kind. It hadn't hit him yet, but that meant the end of every Dragon, and he realized Daenerys was still processing what had happened.

She had not told him about the nightmares and curses. He had laid awake at her side, listening to her babble in her dreams and knew she was wrestling with them, but he had no idea to what extent.

They had dealt with the Night King and won the battle of King's Landing. Victory belonged to them, and she was in his arms. That was all that mattered at that moment.

"Am I your Queen?" She asked again.

He kissed her passionately as his answer.






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