Jess Mariano in the flesh: A Gilmore Girls Erotica

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Luke always seems to feel like he's picking up the slack for his sister and future brother-in-law. It seems like they can barely take care of themselves, let alone Jess, and it's taking a toll on him. He really wants his family to succeed, but you can't help those who don't want to help themselves. 

The other day, Luke overheard Miss Patty gossiping about Jess to Babette. "I've smoked my fair share of weed back in the day, but holy shit, I've never seen someone that stoned constantly," she whispers as Luke enters the diner. "Every day, he puffs on 3 or 4 joints in his car by the school, then heads off to God knows where. Then he hits a couple more when he 'gets back to school'."

"I never liked him," Babette stutters as sweat drips from her forehead. "You think Rory's smoking it too? I hope not! She has to get into Harvard!"

Miss Patty lets out a laugh that could be heard from Chilton. "Honey, Lorelai would take that joint away, smoke it herself, and tell her to go to her room. That's not happening!" She continues to cackle louder and louder, "Ohhhh, Rory smoking weed. I could only imagine!"

A couple days later inside Luke's Diner, Jess hurries to the door with his empty backpack as he is "going to school". He hasn't done homework for weeks, since he refuses to listen to teachers condescend to him. "If I'm going to be treated like I'm stupid by adults, I might as well get paid for it," he argues in his head.

"Hey Jess, come here real quick!"

Jess turns his head slowly, looking into Luke's intense icy blue eyes. Luke's stare always puts Jess in a sort of trance. "Yeah Luke?"

Luke swiftly walks towards Jess and gets in his face. "Are you going to school? Us Weekly over there is saying you're always skipping," Luke barks as he points to Miss Patty and Babette outside the diner.

"Who gives a damn what Us Weekly is saying??" Jess barks back, then gets locked into Luke's eyes again. "Yes, I'm going to school. I need to go now. I'll see you later." Jess walks out the door, and Luke follows him.

Jess barely glances over at Luke's because he "never gets caught", opens the rusting car door, and turns over the ignition. As he dashes away, Luke blankly stares, shocked and disappointed. Luke gets back in the diner and says to himself, "What the hell am I gonna do with this kid?".


As Jess runs to the break room to clock in, his manager James is standing by the time cards, sternly glancing at his watch. "Jess, you know company policy. Be here 5 minutes early," James reminds him for the 20th time.

"James, you know I can barely get through my shift without getting high. I need to smoke, and it takes time to smoke," Jess complains.

"You know I'd give you a smoke break. I give all my employees smoke breaks, but I like you, so I'd especially give you one," James flirts. Jess seems to miss the cue, being all-consumed with his anger.

He raises his voice, "Haha! You're a funny guy! Is that why every day when I ask for one, you never let me go?"

James explains, "Well, if you came to work early, I would. Madison gets less done than you, but I still let her smoke because every day she's early".

Jess rolls his eyes as his shouting resonates throughout the Walmart, "That's bullshit and you know it! That makes no sense at all. If I get more done, why can't I go on break?"

James' eyes widen while listening to Jess. "This guy NEEDS to calm down," he thinks. "Jess, let's talk," said with an inviting voice as he locks the door to the break room. 

Jess didn't care for most of the managers, but he did like James. Since Jess was so used to being in defense mode with his family, he would lash out at him. He liked James though, a lot. James had a similar build and was slightly taller, with short, kept-up ginger hair. His almond-colored eyes had a warm presence, which contrasted his porcelain skin and shining white teeth. James was the first gay man Jess really got to know, and it changed how Jess saw gay people. His mother, Liz, always made fun of gay men, calling them faggots and saying they'd go to hell. Jess always was curious about men but felt too ashamed to act on it. James changed that. James kind of lined up with the gay stereotype, but Jess didn't care. Yes, he had a high-pitched voice and listened to Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, but James' no-bullshit yet empathetic personality was refreshing. Jess told James everything about his toxic family and never was judgmental. Even though James was just a manager, he was the first person to "get" Jess. Jess was extremely attracted to that.

"James is so perfect," Jess thought. "I could be around him for the rest of my life". Jess never felt so attracted physically and romantically to anyone like this before. He knew, and James knew. Being with Rory was nice, but James was special. He was like a big brother, but they felt like equals. Soulmates, maybe. 

James walks a little closer towards Jess, so Jess can only focus on him and his gorgeous face. "I'm always here for you, Jess," he whispers as he looks into Jess' eyes. "If there's anything you need to tell me, you should tell me now. I want to help you."

Jess impulsively leans in to touch James' candy-colored lips. All the pain and frustration from his world melted away, if only for a moment. How heavenly. He then starts to hyperventilate because he realizes what he's just done. Jess nervously looks down, shifting his eyes back and forth at lightning speed. He deeply exhales and mutters, "I think I'm bisexual."

James starts playing with his hair and smiles invitingly. "Jess, let's talk about this later. But we're good. I'm always here for you, Jess. Now get to that register. Madison's way too slow."


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