Mesodomina: Dino Thunder

BY : Dorothea_Dumm
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Chapter One; Red Intrigued, Blue Falters, Yellow Depressed


At Hayley’s Cyberspace, local high school soccer star Conner McKnight looked away from his friends. At his table; Doctor O, his teacher/mentor and Hayley the owner of the cybercafé complained about pop music, while Ethan his geek friend tried to lift their singer/songwriter friend’s spirits after a lacklustre response to her song. He looked up to see a face that had become familiar over the last few days. The first time he had noticed her had been at the Reefside Wave Open Soccer Tryouts, the day his new friend and brother in crime(fighting) had taken him to the cybercafé he was now sitting in, that had become his regular hangout after school.


She had long, straightened, hair. Brunette with brown eyes. She looked Latina. Actually, she kind of looked like a girl version of that artist Kira was swooning over. Trent. Just, you know, a girl. And fat.


The reason he noticed her had been because, well, she was a girl his age and about the only person there who was an audience and not a scout. And he had noticed that she’d perked up at his arrival. She wasn’t his usual type to flirt with; neither a Soccer Mom MILF nor a Cheerleader. She was a total chubster, but over the course of the tryout until he’d been called away by Dr. O, he had showboated a bit… okay a lot, for her. And while she was a fatty, her face was cute and her tits were huge, sticking out further than her gut.


Exiting his reminiscence, he returned his attention to Hayley’s, and while Ethan was checking out the Kylee Styles website after Kira’s claim she knew the pop singer before she was famous, his chubby admirer was ordering something… her fifth milkshake and a third helping of chicken wings?! There was no mystery to how she got her thick curves with an appetite like that. As she turned her attention back to what remained of her fries, she noticed his gaze and slowly, seductively, licked off some sauce that had gotten on her fingers.


Despite his preference for thicc MILFs and ditzy Cheerleaders with more athletic builds, Conner felt his mouth go dry and a stirring in his pants. There was something about this girl that pushed aside his “no fat chicks” rule. He even managed to find the way she devoured everything before her kinda hot.


‘I wonder if she’s as hungry for dick as she is for everything else…’


He had to know who she was. She was in his class with Kira and Ethan and he was more than a little ashamed of how much of an airhead he had been for so long if he had totally not noticed that blimp of a woman sat in the same room as him who was eye-fucking him with her gaze.


The only woman in recent memory that had come close to turning him on this much was Principal Randall when she’d delivered that amazing kick on the soccer field after giving him detention. He managed to catch Hayley’s attention while Kira and Ethan looked up where and when Kylee Styles was going to be during her Reefside visit.


“Hayley, knows all, sees all, please lend me your wisdom.” The Red Ranger of Reefside decided flattery was needed when asking a woman, any woman, about another woman. The redhead smirked and gestured for him to ask his question. “I’ve noticed a person has been appearing wherever I am recently and… she’s in my class and I have no idea who she is. Help me out?” And with that he moved beside her and discretely pointed out the girl, her plate of fries now empty and half her latest portion of wings gone. Hayley’s face became more clouded for a moment until she smiled and answered.


“That would be the sister of my new busboy. Her name’s Carmella.” Conner’s eyebrows rose, Trent has a sister? True, he had thought he’d seen a resemblance, but he thought that was just him being an airhead. The information was confirmed when a man dressed in grey and black showed up and both Trent and Carmella went over to him, both calling him “Dad”. Well, Carmella called him “Daddy” and pouted after she’d given the man in black a hug and kissed him on the cheek, saying she wanted to stay a little longer so she could finish her snack.


‘Her snack? All that?!’


Apparently she had her Daddy wrapped around her finger and went back to finish while the man spoke with Dr. O for a moment before leaving with Trent. Conner wanted to use his new knowledge to strike up a conversation but Kira was eager to prove her claim to fame and wanted to take Conner with her.


As he left, the proprietor of Hayley’s Cyberspace wondered why she had been happy to tell Conner who Carmella was. Everyone at the cyber café knew who Carmella was; the girl had been coming before her brother had even. She wondered whether she should have mentioned that Ethan was sweet on the girl as well, a love triangle was a bad idea. But as she watched Ethan turn off his computer and move over to where Carmella was finishing up her very, very large so-called snack, the same cloudy sensation from before graced Hayley’s mind and she instead resumed her work.




The hacker dressed all in blue watched his new friends leave, a little eager to see them go. It was getting hard to keep up his hacker smarts and gamerspeak when all the blood in his body was heading to one place. He was painfully erect as he sat down next to Carmella. Chubby girls just gave him such a chubby.


She looked over at him and her face was flushed and red. Her breathing was ragged and without warning, Ethan felt a hand rubbing against his trouser-clad crotch. He let a surprised groan escape his lips, some people turned to look at the two before turning back to what they were doing. Some looked a little worked up themselves. Ethan felt Carmella’s hand move to his fly and he had to grab her wrist. No. No he was not letting her jerk him off in the middle of Hayley’s Cyberspace.




He managed to steer her to the back, trusting Hayley to watch their stuff. As they made their way to the toilets, his eyes watched Carmella’s fat asscheeks wobble and shake. The fat bitch was wearing obscene jean shorts that had more than three quarters of her ass exposed and a white tanktop. It was so tight he could see her large dark brown nipples as they strained against the white material. She was sweating it made the material virtually transparent. The four inch heels were sexy and made her ass bounce more as she swayed her hips for his viewing pleasure.


He pushed her into one of the toilet stalls and pulled her top up enough to let her fat milkjugs swing out. He pressed himself against her back and groped one tit while his other hand rubbed her belly. She groaned and tilted her head so he could lick and kiss her neck.


She writhed in his embrace and he wished he had more hands to play with her. He left her chubby belly for a moment so he could finish undoing her fly. Ha! She was such a chubby bitch she’s left the button undone! The zip went down and his hand plunged in, groping her shaved and soaked mound. Her juicy cunt was fat and swollen from need and she let out long moans when he pinched at her thick clit.


It took effort to pull her jean shorts down and when the tiny pair of shorts were finally on the floor hanging from one her ankles, Ethan was on his knees with his face looking square at a fat, round, soft, ass. He groped it with his hands and spread the cheeks. He licked and bit into the asscheeks to Carmella’s very vocal delight before licking her bare, dripping snatch.


“Mmmmnh! Fuck! Ethannnnn!” Her moans urged the Blue Ranger on, groping her soft thighs with his face buried in her huge ass. As much as he’s enjoying her pussy and her fat ass though, his dick needs attention and so he stands back up so he can line his dick up with her sopping wet cunt.


“Gonna,” he pushed his hard, long, shaft into her, her pussy tightening around his cock right away, “ngh! Fuck you till you can’t walk!” He growled and grabbed a tit in each hand, squeezing them hard as he started to fuck her roughly.


Sweat poured from Ethan as he worked to pummel his fat bitch with his cock. She had ridden him till he passed out last time and had been teasing him ever since. Now it was payback. He was going to break her. Even if he had to cheat.


His eyes flashed blue and ethereal blue scales temporarily appeared on his body. His strength, speed, and endurance increased massively, giving him enough muscle to lift Carmella up into the air with his thrusts, while his hands gripped her fat tits even harder. He pinched her thick and hard nipples, pulling on them until her heard long whines of pain, and then cruelly twisted them. Her incredible weight brought her down hard, pushing his cock even deeper and harder into her. He gritted his teeth; he wasn’t giving up until this fat slut tapped out.


He upped his assault. Relinquishing his hold on her tits so he smack her jiggling assmeat. She smelled so good, so hot. His head lunged forward and he bit down on her neck and she howled out an orgasm that shook the walls of the toilet stall. He came, spraying her insides with thick white cum. He forced her onto her knees and rubbed his sticky cock all over her face, coating her slutty features with his cum and her cunt cream. She rubbed and played with her tits while he used her face as a cumrag, the sight quickly restoring his hardness. He wanted her tits now.


Carmella held up her fat and heavy titflesh and it consumed Ethan’s cock. With her eyes on him now, he couldn’t use his powers to up his endurance, so he knew he wouldn’t last long. Warmth and softness covered his entire length, the movement was amazing and his whole body throbbed from how good it felt. The tip of his cock poked out and Carmella leaned her head forward to kiss the tip.


Each time his cock reached outside her fat udders, she kissed, licked, suckled on his cock tip. So good… it felt so! “FUCK!”


Fat dollops of cum smacked against her face and dripped down onto her tits, her tittyfucking not slowing in the slightest. The black Reefside student felt his legs growing weak and his hands searched out for a grip to keep himself upright. He was trying to catch his breath for the next round when he heard the familiar beeping from a gem on his wrist. Carmella, her face coated in thick cum, pouted.


“Need to go off on another errand for Doctor Oliver?” In the time since they first started hooking up, Ethan had been called away a couple of times. Sometimes it led to the Blue Ranger being blueballed, called away just when it was getting good. This time it was giving him the chance to make a tactical withdrawal so he could recover his strength. As it turned out, his plan to use his powers to fuck her ragged had not survived contact with the enemy.


“Yeah, do you want me to come over tonight?” He offered, sure that whatever the good doctor wanted wouldn’t take up that much time. She shook her head.


“I have some projects to type up tonight, and an appointment with a few of my favourite toys since you are leaving me just when I had gotten all warmed up.” She declined while also teasing him. While he had finished dressing, she was still shimmying up her jean shorts with effort, her bare tits shaking and jiggling with every movement. She was still dripping cum everywhere too and after taking a couple of pictures on his phone, he had to remind her to clean herself up before she left the toilets.


With that, the Blue Ranger of Reefside ran off to save the day while a fat slut scooped cum off of her face and tits and poured it down her throat.


“Thank you Blue Ranger.” She said after he left, a slight glow coming from her eyes.




Dressed in black, reclining in a throne-like chair, a clawed hand stroking his head, his ceraptopsian features like some amalgamation of helmet and crown, the saurian supervillain Mesogog watched the Invisiportal open and deliver a chubby schoolgirl. His saurian senses detected the seminal fluid of a human male with saurian DNA. Before his eyes, the girl changed and became something like a female version of himself. Taller though, and her already plus-sized form filled out even further. While some believed her to be Carmella Fernandez the adopted daughter of brilliant chemist and billionaire businessman Anton Mercer, she was actually Mesogog’s daughter. Mesodomina.


“Your progress?” A long, drawn out rasp filled the room as he stared down his progeny. She did not bow or mewl under his boot like his minions.


“The Blue Ranger is becoming more consumed in his desire to please me, the more he tries, the more he becomes akin to a lumbering, brutish beast for me to command. His aggression was already there, it was just a matter of fanning the flames. I anticipate an even greater spike in aggression followed by a drop into despair and entering eternal service to me as soon as I manage to ensnare the Red Ranger.” Mesogog nodded.


“The Red Ranger is receptive to your… influence”


“It was never a question. While I have not developed your ability to inflict telepathic pain, any creature possessing a reptilian brain or saurian DNA can be influenced by me. And with the Rangers’ connection to the Morphin Grid further strengthening their saurian selves, my pheromones and empathic projection make me the most fascinating female they have ever met.”


“And the female?”


“Though she has yet to actually interact with me verbally, I have already noticed her defer to me. For several of her musical performances I made her audience apathetic to her songs. She became so starved for positive feedback that today, before her performance at the cybercafe, she ate a veritable feast of food that I sent to her “as a supportive fan”. Maybe for the next part we can have Elsa engineer a cooking course at the school and I can fatten her up while getting credits for college?” Mesogog nodded and made a mental note to have his henchman slash test subject do just that.


“And what of your cover? I did not… appreciate having to bring someone here to give you a human identity.” Mesogog was understating things. While the mining expeditions using the Tyrannodrones had produced exciting new ores and minerals, and access to resources banished to the Abyss of Evil, he had not been happy with their encounter with the Morlocks of the Underworld.


The Morlocks were awaiting the return of their Master, so they weren’t an active threat. But they would become one. Mesogog had wanted to destroy them as soon as he realised this. But he could not. He was a single superior saurian scientist with a daughter and a fledgling force, and they were Legion. They also possessed magic, something he knew little of.


Mesodomina had eaten up the time of many of the Morlocks elite known as the Ten Terrors, and bonded with the toadlike titan called Hekatoid. The two enjoyed eating and she was intrigued by the options offered by magic. It had been him who Mesodomina had convinced to perform a unique memory spell on Reefside.


“Holding. None have questioned my presence; they act as though I have always been there. Some seem… uncertain why they never noticed me more, but that’s why I had Hekatoid add in the little burst of happiness into the minds of people who affirm their knowledge of me.” Her shoulders shrugged in a smug gesture.


“After all; why dwell on things when it feels so good to say they know me?” Mesodomina chuckled, her form jiggling from her mirth. “It would help if we had someone with some skill in computer information gathering, one who could seed the net with references to myself. But my identity appears to be accepted as fact.


“Indeed, when the ones most able to dispute my existence don’t,  then why would anyone else?” And she was right about that, Mesogog mused. Young Trent Fernandez truly believed he had always had a twin sister called Carmella. Mesogog found a small bit of sadistic glee to be had when his daughter reported that Trent had started pencilling many sketches of Carmella out of feeling guilty for the lack of pictures of Carmella about the house.


“The boy still believes the lack of pictures is from Anton Mercer disapproving of your… figure?” Mesogog drawled, his daughter’s larger figure made her very appealing to those with a more saurian mind, her body was large and fertile, prefect for carrying large clutches of eggs and birthing many, many offspring.


“If only Trent Fernandez knew. I am… tempted to expose him to some dinosaur DNA. Breakfasts in the mornings would be more… exciting that way.” Mesodomina momentarily lost herself in the daydream of a morning where after a large breakfast she was placed on the table and pleasured by both Trent Fernandez and Anton Mercer. She clenched her thick, fat thighs.


She was growing frustrated with the slow pace. Her body was craving attention. Mesogog drew his daughter’s attention back to him.


“Then if that is everything… I give you leave to process your… samples. I am placed that my progeny does not resemble my other generals… in failure.” Mesodomina nodded and made for her own wing of the fortress.


She felt uncomfortable and hollow after pushing the Blue Ranger’s seed into a container. It was worth it though as she watched the analysis of the sample line up with her prior work. New Dino-Eggs, and with them new Biozords, could be created and put to work for Mesogog.


After a few hours of work, she retired to her bedchambers and turned on her viewscreen. Intense, rough, breeding sex sounds filled the room and the saurian scientist fell to sleep with dreams of enslaving the Rangers as her sex toys.



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