Love and Comfort

BY : Valaskia
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It was close by. She could smell it. She was running on all fours, her face close to the ground, chasing after the scent of a deer. Her mouth was watering. She could already see it just a short distance ahead. She was closing in fast. Suddenly to her left was the sound of twigs snapping underfoot. It was a human. She had gotten caught up in the chase and hadn’t noticed until it was too late. There was a twanging sound and then pain. As she collapsed on the forest floor, unable to breathe, her life slowly fading she wondered at how she had suddenly gone from predator to prey.


Arya’s eyes snapped open, and she jolted up in bed, panting, her heart beating fast in her chest. It was just a dream, but it had been so real. She was sure she was dying, but it was just a nightmare. She looked around her bedchamber and slowly climbed out of bed, dressed in a woolen nightgown and headed towards the door before wandering down the hall, creeping on quiet feet towards her favorite brother’s bedroom. Her mother hated him because he was a bastard, but she loved him. He was always kind to her, and he always had time to spar with her. Whenever she had a nightmare, he was there late at night to comfort her. As she crept into his room, she closed and bolted the door behind her before creeping into his bed and tapping his shoulder while whispering his name.


“Jon…Jon wake up. It’s me. I had another nightmare.” Arya said as Jon slowly came to, turning onto his side to face her, his eyes adjusting to the dark. He pulled back the bed covers, and she climbed in, snuggling up against him as he held her, kissing her cheek, his fingers carding through her hair. Jon held her, his arms around her, cradling her against his bare, muscled chest. His body was sculpted from hours of training, every day. Jon kissed her hair, his rough, calloused hands moving down, tugging at the hem of her nightgown, his fingers trailing across her bare thighs, gently pushing them open, his fingers teasing her smooth flesh before trailing up, over the crotch of her panties, finding her already wet for him. Arya nuzzled her face into his chest, purring softly, her hips arching up, pressing her damp sex against his fingers.


“Will you make it better, Jon? Like you always do when I have a nightmare,” she asked, a slight whimper escaping her lips as his fingers teased her moist slit through the fabric.


Jon smiled, laying her back against the pillows on his bed before scooting down beneath the covers, lifting her small legs up over his shoulders, his fingers hooking into her panties, pulling them down, only the top of his head visible as he leaned in, his tongue swiping across her slit, teasing the soft, hairless lips, tasting her sweet juices, licking, teasing, tormenting her as fiery hot waves of pleasure shot through her body, her hands grasping handfuls of his hair, his tongue flicking across the sensitive nub at the top of her slit, his rough fingers pressing gently into her hole, finding her dripping core, thrusting gently in and out as she bucked and gasped, whimpering softly. She bit her bottom lip to stifle her moans, so nobody would hear as her breathing grew quicker, heavier, as her pleasure built. Waves of ecstasy flooding her as her stomach knotted then burst, her hips bucking wildly, body shaking as she buried her face in the pillow next to her, her hands holding Jon’s head tight against her until her orgasm faded, her mind coming back to earth as she panted.


Slowly, she let go of Jon’s head, and he smiled, looking up at her, his face slick with her juices, glistening in the moonlight shining in through the window. He held her in his arms, rocking her gently as her eyelids fluttered closed, she slowly drifted off to slumber, and Jon scooped her up, carrying her quietly back to her room and tucking her in before heading back to his room, licking his lips, his boxers tented. He would have to take care of that before he would be able to get back to sleep. He entered his room, never seeing the face of his other sister, peering out at him through a slightly open doorway…

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