In Another Life, In Another World

BY : Valaskia
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Here is a bit of smut with no real plot. Enjoy.


In Another Life, In Another World

Chapter 1


“Your dead men seem to have moved camp.”


He looked at the man and suppressed a choice swear. The knight was always so arrogant and smug. He longed to punch the man in his smug, satisfied face. He wondered why the highborn ass had bothered to join the Night’s Watch in the first place.


“Find out where they went.” The man said again.




They had split up, each searching the nearby forest for the man when they had come across…, them. Terrible creatures straight out of childhood tales, told by mothers to make children behave. Except these were real.


In a dark and wooded area, north of the wall, he raced through the trees, desperate to make it to the safety of the wall. What he had just witnessed was enough to terrify any man out of their wits, and he was no exception. “The White Walkers! They were real.” He thought with dismay verging on terror. He ran as fast as he could go. “I have to warn the others at Castle Black. If I can reach the wall, I will be safe from them, and I can let the Lord Commander know what has happened.” He thought to himself. “While he ran, he had another thought—a more disturbing one.


“Would the Lord Commander believe him? Who would believe him? And even if someone did, how could they stop the White Walkers? Creatures that hadn’t been seen for thousands of years and could raise the dead to do their bidding.” He certainly was not eager to fight them, and the odds were quite likely that he would be sent beyond the wall again, against his wishes. The outcome of this was likely to be his death. Just like his two companions on this journey. “No, thank you!” He thought with dismay. The words of his compatriot rang in his ears.

“You want to run away south, run away. Of course, the Watch will behead you as a deserter. If I don’t catch you first.” He shook his head clear of the voice, for it did him no good now. His brothers were dead. Killed by monsters, and he refused to share their fate. “Better to take my chances and flee south. I will be branded a deserter, but better that than the walkers. I must simply make it past the wall and find some new clothes. Who will ever know I was a brother then? By the time they sort it out, I’ll be long gone.” With that, he turned and headed toward a little-used tunnel that would allow him to travel past the wall undetected.




“Do you understand why I had to do it?” Lord Stark asked, facing him as he cleaned his sword.


“Jon said he was a deserter.” He said timidly.


“But do you understand why I had to do it?” His father asked again as he sheathed his sword.


“Our way is the old way?” He asked, uncertain.


“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” His father said quietly.


“Is it true he saw the White Walkers?” He asked, looking up at his father. His father’s face shifted slightly before his jaw tightened into a frown.


“The White Walkers have been gone for thousands of years.” His father replied.


“So, he was lying then?” He asked, feeling a slight sense of relief.


“A madman sees what he sees.” His father replied again, taking off in the direction of their horses.


Bran frowned uncertainly, his jaw setting, eerily reminiscent of his father as he followed, an odd weight setting in his stomach. Somehow, he did not feel all that reassured.



A few hours later, they returned to Winterfell carrying the litter of Direwolf pups they had rescued. Bran smiled slightly, petting his pup as Sansa cooed quietly over hers, petting it and naming it Lady. He shook his head at her choice of names. Sometimes he wondered whether there was much of the North in his oldest sister at all. Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, Arya had chosen to name her pup Nymeria after the Warrior Princess, who had led her people to freedom in Dorne. He shared a glance with his sister, a smirk crossing across their faces as they looked at each other. He was already planning another of their nightly excursions into the broken tower once the castle had fallen asleep.



They pulled apart and collapsed on the hard-wooden floor of the broken tower, panting and grinning like schoolchildren. Arya smirked and stood first, quickly pulling up her trousers, her brother’s seed leaking from between her cheeks as she winced slightly in pleasant discomfort. She indeed liked it when Bran got rough with her. They had been doing this for a few weeks now, after observing one of the stable lads thrusting into one of the kitchen maids in an empty stall.


“We better get back inside now, Bran, before we get caught out of bed.”


“I suppose you’re right,” Bran said, blushing crimson as he stood, dressing quickly and following Arya back into the castle.




It had all started like any other day during their journey north to Winterfell. He would ride with his father and the men for a few hours while his obnoxious, drunkard father and dwarven uncle boasted of all the whores they fucked, while he sighed in boredom, forced to listen yet again to his father’s tales of what made you a real man. Eventually, he would make an excuse and fall back towards the large wheelhouse where his mother and sister were riding, comfortably inside, enjoying the luxurious comfort it had to offer, amongst other things.


His father had called a halt to their journey for a while, presumably to fuck one of the many whores he had brought with him on the trip, and so he dismounted his horse, leaving it with a servant, while he discretely knocked on the wheelhouse door, giving the agreed-upon signal. A few moments later, the bolts and locks clicked inside, and Myrcella’s head popped out, her glorious golden curls framing her heart-shaped face, her emerald eyes shining as she spotted her older brother. He smiled slightly and slipped inside the wheelhouse with her, the locks quickly sliding into place before Myrcella turned to face him, her slender figure on display as she shook her gown loose.


Joffrey gave a smug grin, his gaze settling on his younger sister’s slender frame. Myrcella stood before him with a sultry smile; her small breasts and pert pink nipples simply begging to be sucked. Following his downward gaze, a smooth flat stomach and a light dusting of blonde fur covering the glistening lips of her pink slit as she smiled softly, noticing his staring, her gaze fixed on his trousers, the front fabric tenting with his erection.


“Mm, someone is happy to see me,” Myrcella cooed, smiling cheerfully at her brother, as she dropped to her knees and deftly worked to unlace her older brother’s breeches.


“Very glad to see you. Gods yes. Just like that.” Joffrey said in a breathy whisper as Myrcella fished him out of his smallclothes and began stroking him in her soft, warm hands. He opened his mouth to encourage her, but his words died off into a quiet whimper of bliss as her lips closed around his hard flesh. He sighed loudly in content, whispering her name as her tongue deftly teasing his head as her hand pumped his shaft, stroking his length as he stifled the urge to grab her head and ram his cock down her throat, choosing instead to let her go at her own pace.


Myrcella hummed softly, looking up at her brother, her emerald eyes sparkling with mischief as she hollowed her cheeks, expertly sucking him as she had done so many times before. She knew he would not last long at this rate. They had not been alone together safely for most of the journey with their oaf of a father demanding he ride with him.


Joffrey gripped her head, his knees buckling as he thrust into her mouth, his cock spurting as he flooded her mouth with his cum. She pulled back and looked up at him, her mouth open, proudly displaying his heavy load of seed before smiling up at him as she swallowed.

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