All about the Money

BY : allen56
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Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Beverly Hillbillies nor the characters this is a erotic parody I make no profit from this

Jed Clampett was walking in the backyard when he looked through the hedges he seen Mrs. Drysdale she was bent over working with her prize roses , Jed seen her ass  as the dress strech across it his cock  began to stir  he thought if he could  fuck her she would change and maybe a little  nicer towards them .

Jed called  Ms .Hatawayasked if she could pick him up  he had some deallings at the bank  Jane Hathaway picked him  up Miburn Drysdale was the president of the bank  and the main control  of the Clampett account they shook hands  he asked  why he was here Jed said it`s about your wife , Milburn said what as she done now? Jed said nothing today  but it`s about her condition Milburn looked confused Jed asked when the las time  you and her  Milburn looked shocked that he would ask a personal question , Milburn tried to answer Jed shook his  head I see he said . 

Jed told  him  he like to fuck her  Milburn was shocked  and thought what was wrong with this man  i wnat to do this in my own way  you understand  Milburn said  you mean RAPE  Jed said if it comes to that  but i wont harm her  Milburn sat down  he had think on this Why Her? he asked Jed told i always thought she had something about her Then Jed told  if not I`ll take all my money out of your bank  Milburn jumped up  OH  NO Anything but  that  then we got a deal  Milburn shook his head yes.

Jed stood there he  had  a wicked thought, you did  say anything he took  Miss  Jane`s hand  told her to rub his cock  she did her eyes got big  feeling his cock grow  she dropped to her knees undid his pants he wore no underwear she held his cock  a full  ten inches long about two inches around  Miss Jane was stroking it  she began to lick the head come on Mr Drysdale Jed said Milburn knelt next to Miss Jane she held his  cock  Milburn stuck  his tongue out  lick Jed`s cock head  Miss Jane told   him  like this  she took  it  in her mouth she had plenty    of pracitce with  Jethro, Milburn opened his mouth soon he was sucking Jed`s cock  relax chief  Jed soon had his whole cock  in.

Miss Jane was holding his head while Jed fucked his mouth she was palying with his large nut  Jed could feel his cock swell he didn`t want to choke him  so he pulled out came all over his face Miss Jane was licking the cum  up  Jed pulled his pants up  told him not to fire Miss Jane  either  if so he`ll find another bank in fact let her  take  over his account Miss  Jane  was surprised.

So the plan was set Jed`s cock  was getting hard just thinking about he  waited for  her come out he saw her in a printed dress she wore a big hat to keep the sun  out and her gloves she wore for gardening Jed stepped thru the hedges walked up to her  Howdy  she  turned with a shock  she was still on her knees just where he wanted her  she asked in her snobbish tone what he wanted ? with that he unzipped his pants  pulled out his semi hard  cock she could see pre cum dripping out the piss hole  she was about to speak  he took  her head put his cock  in her mouth she tired to fight he was fucking her mouth she felt it going deeper down her  throat .

Jed pulled back  Margaret gaspped for air  but something happen she took off her gloves  took hold of his cock  began licking and sucking it  she took him deep again pulled it out  told  him to Rape her  the dress  was torn off  her her bra and panties next he soon was naked  she was on all fours  waiting  for  him  she  put her hands on her ass  pulled her cheecks apart Jed put his cock  into her asshole it burned going in  she thought she pass out soon  he was fucking her Margraret felt her pussy  was so wet  Jed then pulled out  put in her pussy

It had been so long her pussy gripped Jed picked up the pace  his nuts slapping against her clit  she laid on her back  her legs warpped around him  Jed sucking on her big nipples she begged for more she already came  twice she was building a third she screamed  as she came   Jed  let out a groan   as he came  deep inside her  she  sucked his cock  clean they walked into the house  into  the bedroom  she laid on the bed legs spread she opened her pussy Give Me Your Hillbilly Cock  Jed  did just that the bed creak as he pounded her pussy  and ass.

The days to come was somuch better for them Margrate attitude had  changed  for  she was getting aweekly dose of Hillbilly cock  Granny  was even  getting  some  from Mr.Drysdale.     

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