Claire's Halloween Fuck

BY : TheChemist
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Claire Dunphy loved Halloween. Not because of free candy but for the terror she could install in the hearts of children and adults alike. Her gorgeous 18-year-old daughter loved Halloween for a different reason. There was nothing the beautiful teen loved more than dressing up sexy on a regular day, but on Halloween she could go completely slutty and it was both accepted and encouraged.

Her mom had already made Haley change her costume once as her black cat costume was deemed too sexy. It was a far comment given that it was a skin-tight lingerie with a tail and cat ear headband. Coming down the stairs, Haley announced her presence to her mom who was hanging decorations. Dressed in a skimpy white latex nurses’ outfit that showed ample cleavage while barely concealing her ass. 

“Are you trying to get candy or Japanese business?” Claire asked, her mouth open in shock.


“Upstairs. Change. Much less slutty. Now.”

“Uggghh,” Haley scoffed. “Just because you couldn’t handle the power of a sexy outfit doesn’t mean I should be punished.”

*    *    *

The kids were off to school while her husband was at work. Claire finished the laundry and was upstairs putting them away when she found the nurse outfit laying in a heap on Haley’s bed. She thought back to her daughter’s comments to her earlier and an idea formed in her mind. Though Claire was now a perfect housewife, before becoming a mom she was rather...wild. Wild to the point of making her very slutty daughter look tame. 

“I can handle a sexy costume. Hell, I was the ultimate sexy costume wearer,” Claire thought, remembering her youth.

Right in her daughter’s room Claire stripped out of her clothing and put on the skimpy costume. It was tight, short and revealing. In other words, it was perfect. It helped that she had the body to pull it off - though 20 years older than Haley, Claire was in phenomenal shape. Flat stomach, ageless face, high and tight booty and small but sagless tits, Claire was still beyond gorgeous.

“God...I look hot,” Claire thought as she checked herself out in the mirror. 

She snapped several pictures to send to her husband the next time he earned a treat then went to undo the costume. After all, she had several errands around town to perform and she couldn’t do it looking like such a whore. However, the zipper was jammed and unmoving despite how much effort she put it in. She would have cut it off but she knew it was a rental and it would make for an awkward conversation with Haley. Just then, her phone rang.

“Hi Phil...oh you forgot the new business cards. Okay I’ll swing by your office. Maybe we could have some afternoon delight...oh you’re in the Canyon all morning? Okay, next time.”

*    *    *

The drive into Phil’s office was swift and luckily only one car was in the parking lot. This suited her perfectly as that meant less people seeing her in such a slutty costume. Though she was pulling it wonderfully, she was still embarrassed to be dressed as a sexy nurse. As she entered the building, the door chime went off.

“Hang on...I’m coming...oh Claire! Wow!” Gil Thorpe commented, his eyes bulging in amazement. 

“Eyes up here,” Claire told the hulking man.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been jealous of Dunphy before,” Gil added.

“What? Really,” Claire blushed.

“I mean...damn!”

“Oh stop it,” Claire gushed, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“I have a crazy idea,” the big man said as she stepped directly in front of the tiny woman. “No one’s here. I say I lock the door and we have yourselves a little Halloween fun.”

“Gil...I’m married. To your friend...well, co-worker,” the blonde said in anything but an assured tone.

“Phil’s a beta. I’m an alpha. And you’re a fucking smoke show.”

“You really think so…”

Before Claire could finish her question, Gil’s meaty hands gripped her shoulders. The height difference was over a foot between the 6’4 male and the tiny 5’3 blonde MILF so Gil had to bend down in order to crash his lips against hers. Claire showed no apprehension in returning the kiss, meeting the man’s tongue as it pushed into her mouth with just as much vigor. 

“Need to fuck you,” the man grunted with urgency.

“Thought you’d never ask...whoa!” Claire commented before the man reached down and lifted her into his arms. “Thanks for the ride.”

“Not the only ride you’ll be getting tonight,” he practically hissed in her ear.

After a quick stop to lock the front door, Gil continued down the hall to his office. With a swipe of his arm the files went flying and he settled the married woman onto the wooden surface. The kissing was fantastic but became more escalated when he got his hands onto her. He rubbed down the skin of her back down her spine until his fingers clutched her small but bubbly booty. She moaned again with that as his other hand started at her jawline and traced down her neck until reaching her breasts.

As good as his kissing was, she was happy when he broke the lip lock simply because of the end result. His lips planted small puckers down her jawline until he reached the side of her neck where the combination of his moist touch and hot breath was so arousing for Claire that she couldn’t help but moan loudly in the office Gil shared with her husband.

“Bend over the desk,” he told her.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that,” Claire asked, though already turning around.

“So I can lick your cute little asshole,” he answered.

Claire was too stunned to reply as never in the 20 years she’d been with Phil had her husband ever been so bold as to speak like that, let alone perform that action on her. Gil helped her out of her shock by pulling her off the desk and back onto her white high heels before spinning her on the spot and bending her over the desk. Her tiny nurse outfit pulled halfway up her fit booty before Gil shoved it the rest of the way.

“No panties. Naughty Claire,” Gil laughed.

In truth, the pantie lines were too obvious when she wore the costume so it was an easy sacrifice especially since she didn’t think she’d be fucking her husband’s rival. She was going to make that point when something else escaped her lips.

“Oh…my…God,” Claire swore as he licked through her folds.

Rather than go straight for her butthole, which he could now visually confirm was cute and tiny, Gil aimed his attention at her twat. It was already a honey pot brimming with nectar and he liked the taste of her, even dipping his tongue deeply inside her pink hole to sample more. However, he really wanted to rim her asshole so that’s exactly what he did next.

It had been years since her asshole received any attention, and it was more than a little exciting for Claire. The anticipation proved worthwhile as Gil swiped over the clean, puckered hole, Claire grunted in pleasure and even snaked her hand back to help press her face further into her firm cheeks.

“Ohhh,” she moaned.

Despite the loud moan, one hand holding his head and the other pushing on the desk to get more of her ass in his face, Gil switched tactics. Now he swapped from simply lapping around the edges of her butthole to poking and cramming his tongue against the centre of her asshole.

“Feels great,” Claire moaned before adding. “You’re so fair inside me.”

As much as Claire enjoyed his oral treatment of her ass, she was going to like what he planned to do next more. Getting up to his feet, Gil did a long lick down from her asshole, down her crack, over her pink hole and hitting her clit one final time. The MILF screamed her appreciation as he got to his feet, his pants around his ankles already. His 8-inch cock was already hard, and though he was dry as a bone, Claire was gushing. Guiding it towards her sex, Gil gave a last glance downward at her spit covered asshole and glistening twat.

“Fucckk…yes,” Claire groaned.

Gil pushed half his length into her pussy in one shot. He reared his hips back so only his tip remained in her wet confines before thrusting forward and this time he was successful in spearing the slender MILF with his entire manhood.

“So tight,” he grunted his appreciation.

Gil was fucking her hard, there was no two ways about it. With each thrust forward his cock head guided back into her pussy, tunneling all the way in while the front of Claire’ thighs pressed harder against the desk. His hands were busy, one hand kneading the curvy flesh of her firm ass while the other one was used to slap her bottom, using it to ripple and leave a red handprint.

“Fuck me,” she begged.

Claire continued to use her hands to push back towards him to meet his thrusts. She was pleased that he wasn’t being gentle with her, like Phil always did. Gil had no qualms driving the whole thing deep inside her time after time. He made her even happier by ramping up the speed even more. It was 20 years worth of sexual frustration built up inside her, with only partial releases through small orgasms from her husband.

“Yeah? Like this,” he asked, doing several slow but extremely hard thrusts.

“Ughhh…yes…awwhh…please,” Claire begged.

Sweat was already developing a thin layer on her pretty face as she continued meeting his thrusts with as much force as she could while both his hands seized on her narrow waist to help rear her backwards. He kept up his crazy hard force, slamming into her at a pace of once her second with her ass shaking in response. Based on the desperation in her voice and look on her face, Gil was able to put it together that she needed to cum soon, and he’d happily give it to her. As if on cue, she screamed loudly.

“Make me cum! Cum all over your huge dick,” Claire begged.

“Only if I get to cum in Phil Dunphy’s wife’s pussy,” Gil countered.

“Yes...fine...whatever,” Claire panted. “Just make me cum Goddamn it!”

Gil didn’t change his approach as he maintained pounding into the gorgeous MILF with everything he had. He was nearing his own climax and it was only a question of which one of them would cum first at this point. Remembering back when he was munching her tasty pussy and tiny ass, the big man ran his hand down from clutching tightly on her rounded hips and moved towards her clit. Flicking the nub proved too much for Claire as he felt her go rigid, no longer pushing back at him while her back arched as the orgasm smacked her hard.

“OOHHHHH GGOODDDDDDD! YESSSS,” Claire screamed as she came.

Her pussy gripped so tight onto Gil’s cock bringing him past his point of no return. With a dozen more thundering thrusts, Gil drove one final time before depositing his load deep in his rival’s wife’s pussy. He couldn’t be sure, but Gil thought he heard Claire have a mini orgasm as his seed bathed her pink inner walls.

“Needed that…badly,” Claire huffed.

The blonde housewife straightened up from the desk and fixed her costume. A look in the mirror showed the blonde sex hair but there was no helping that for now. Instead she left the office without a look back at Gil’s smug face and luckily made it to the van without encountering another soul. Which was fortunate since cum was leaking down her inner thigh.

“I couldn’t handle it,” Claire hung her head in defeat.

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