Adventures in the Godswood

BY : Valaskia
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“Hodor, I’d like to go to the Godswood for a while. Would you please help me?” He asked, motioning for the large man to come and aid him as he raised his arms into the air.


“Hodor,” The slow but kind spirited man said, a toothy smile on his face as he walked over and lifted Bran up onto his shoulders with strong as steel arms.


“Thank you, Hodor.” He mumbled awkwardly from his perch on Hodor’s back. He shifted uneasily as the lumbering giant of a man carried him out of the Great Hall of Winterfell, where he had just broken his fast, and out into the courtyard, making slowly towards the gates of Winterfell’s keep.


“Hello, little lord. How are you feeling today?” A familiar voice called out from behind him. Turning his head, he spotted the dark-haired wildling woman smiling at him. Ever since she had been brought to Winterfell, she had been a constant presence in his life. At first, he had simply told her to return to her duties when she wandered across his path. Memories of their first encounter in the Godswood fresh in his mind, where he had nearly been killed by her companions an unpleasant reminder of her wildling status. Still, despite this she had become a stable presence in his life with his Father dead.


For reasons unknown to him, Robb had spared her life and put her to work in the kitchens. Still, she always managed to be underfoot when he left his room in the mornings, to visit the Godswood after another night filled with disturbing dreams. His dreams had only gotten worse with Robb’s absence. The Lannister’s had taken his father prisoner and cut off his head, forcing Robb to call his banners and march South with Mother and Theon to seek vengeance, so he had become rather lonely. It was nice to have someone else to talk too besides Maester Luwyn who was old and Rickon who was just a toddler.


Ravens came in with reports that the Northern host had secured a string of victories forcing the Lannister’s to reconsider their approach to the War. But there was nobody for him to celebrate with. He was alone. So with little reluctance he chose not to send Osha away this time.


“I’m fine, thank you.” Bran said, sparing the woman a glance as Hodor trudged through the trees into the Godswood before setting him down a short distance from the deep pool beside the massive Weirwood tree.


“More weird dreams again, little lord?” Osha asked as Hodor lumbered away into the trees, to do whatever it was he did during these trips to the Godswood.


“I don’t dream.” Bran lied as he shifted on the ground.


“Everyone dreams, little lord.” Osha said as she began inspecting the ground beneath her feet.


“I don’t,” Bran stubbornly insisted. He could tell she didn’t believe him though.


Plucking a plant from the ground she held it up for him to see. “Boil the leaves of this plant into a tea and drink it little lord. Makes all your pains go away.” Osha said.


“I don’t have any pains.” Bran said in a sullen tone.


“Is that right? Can you feel anything at all?” Osha asked as she bent over to wash the dirt off her hands in the large pool, her rear on display in front of him as she spoke, the soft splashing of the water just loud enough to be heard.


Bran let out a surprised gasp, a pink hue filling his freckled face. “N-no. Nothing.” Bran managed to say as Osha stood, raising her dress over her head before diving into the large pool.


Surprised, Bran could barely think let alone speak, his gaze fixed on Osha as she surfaced. “W-what are you doing?” Bran managed to utter out at last.


“What does it look like, Little Lord? Bathing. Don’t tell me you southerners don’t bathe.” Osha snorted.


“O-of course we bathe. And I’m not a southerner.” Bran snapped, his gaze fixed on Osha as she lazily swam about in the pool, enjoying the water.


“You’re from south of the wall, little lord. That makes you a southerner to me.” Osha replied before standing up and walking out of the pool, the water dripping off her toned form, pale white skin dotted with the occasional scar across her torso. He paused to stare at her chest, revealing a modest bust with dark nipples capping them. His tongue darted across his lips as he admired them before his gaze swept further down. Osha had a surprising amount of muscle for a woman, in Bran’s opinion. He supposed that came from a lifetime North of the Wall. He let out a surprised gasp as his eyes moved to the juncture of her thighs, a thick patch of dark hair covering the part of her body that he had once overheard Theon drunkenly refer to as “The One True God.” He was not sure why his brother liked Theon so much. He spent most of his free time drinking or visiting the brothel in Winter Town. His mother had often yelled at him for his use of “lewd” language. It was no secret she was not fond of the Iron Islander. In truth, the only person she seemed to dislike more was his brother, Jon. Though she scowled whenever he referred to Jon that way.


Osha chuckled, facing him as he snapped out of his thoughts and quickly looked away, embarrassed, knowing he had been caught looking. “See something you like, little lord?” She said with a swish of her hips.


He was embarrassed but managed to stutter out a quiet, “n-no,” unable to meet her gaze. Osha scoffed and knelt beside him, quickly reaching forward to cup the front of his breeches which, to his mortification, tented with his hard cock.


“Really? Because your cock begs to differ, little lord.” She laughed.


“Y-you shouldn’t touch me there. It’s unladylike.” Bran mumbled unconvincingly.


Osha snorted before speaking in a mocking tone. “I’m no lady, little lord. Don’t tell me you’ve never touched your cock before. Never imagined fucking all those pretty Southern girls back in Winterfell.” She teased.


Bran remained silent, his cheeks reddening further still as Osha shifted so she could find easier access to him, deftly unlacing his breeches. “Let’s see how big you are, Little Lord.” She said.


Bran opened his mouth to protest but her soft hand found his hard cock, stroking it as he had often done before his fall, silencing him before he could speak. To his amazement, a delicious feeling of pleasure shot up at his spine at the unfamiliar touch. It seemed he could still feel some things below his waist after all, he realized


Osha clucked her tongue at him, stroking him faster as his cock twitched, spurting his load against her hand. “That was quick, little lord. That’s quite a load. Been saving up have you?” She laughed.


“I didn’t realize it still worked. Y-you know after the fall. I couldn’t feel anything.” He muttered unable to look at her.


“So, you never tried to wank after your fall? That explains why you were so quick. We’ll have to see what else you can feel later, little lord.” She laughed, washing her hands in the pool.


“W-what else… What do you mean?” Bran asked dumbly.


“I mean the fun is only just beginning, Little Lord.” She said fixing him with a predatory grin.




Author’s note. More chapters may or may not follow. I’m not sure yet. But for now, enjoy.

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